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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyAs the regular season approaches, Fantasy coaches are putting the final touches on their teams until the official team lists are released on Tuesday.

A high number of ‘cheapies’ and fill-ins are expected to be named due to the staggering quantity of players that are currently either injured or suspended. Anyway, let’s take a look at my selections and why I’ve decided to pick these players.

Hooker: Jake Granville

The explosive hooker looked outstanding in 2015 playing in his premier season at the Cowboys. He’s around 90k cheaper than Cameron Smith and should be more settled in his second season in Townsville. Granville may only play 60-65 minutes, although his price and proven attacking potential is very attractive.

Front Row Forwards: Paul Gallen & Aaron Woods

To be honest Gallen makes me a bit nervous, especially with a price tag of half a million bucks. He’s also injury prone and at the back end of his career. While fit, Gallen will provide base stats that outweigh most player’s total score which makes him a safety pick and reliable captain choice each round. Aaron Woods was a very attractive purchase due to his price tag of 369k and been given the captaincy of the Tigers. He supplies good base stats and I’m hoping he slightly improves on his 2015 average of 58.

2nd Row Forwards: Corey Parker, Trent Merrin & Sam Burgess

Parker was an easy choice for me. He looked excellent while playing in the UK over the weekend and he has the bonus of being the goal kicker in a strong team. His consistent off-loading on top of his good tackle and hit-up stats have earned him the SuperCoach name ‘God’. Merrin will be playing for his new club the Panthers. At this point he’s either playing at lock or even prop, but Merrin has said it won’t bother him as he’ll be doing a similar role either way. He’s a proven SuperCoach performer with a reasonable price tag of 385k. ‘Surgess’ was also an easy pick for me. The 2014 SuperCoach gun has a discounted price due to missing a year of NRL last season, which means Super Coaches can grab him without worry that he’ll lose any cash, even if it takes a few rounds to find his feet again. He also has the added bonus of not being eligible for State of Origin.

Halves: Johnathan Thurston & Jackson Hastings

Originally I decided to run with Cherry-Evans and spend the money elsewhere, but I soon came to my senses and chose Thurston. JT offers plenty of attacking stats and averaged 77 PPG last season.  Lock him in and expect some scattered 100+ games throughout the season. Hastings is currently the most selected player in 2016 SuperCoach and I’ve decided to make him my starting five-eighth. Spending bottom dollar on an on-field position has given me some extra cash to spend elsewhere. Additionally, there are a range of bottom dollar halves to choose from this season, so why not take advantage of that by throwing three of them in there? Hastings has had a solid pre-season and should show some leadership while being the most experienced halves while Pearce is absent.

Centres/Wings: Josh Mansour, Konrad Hurrell, Kyle Feldt & Kirisome Auva’a

Mansour is a very attractive buy. He’s under-priced due to his injuries last season and is usually considered one of the best centres in SuperCoach. Hurrell is in a similar circumstance, only priced at 266k and is usually up there with the best centres. An alternative to Hurrell is his team mate Kata who is also priced around the same. Feldt is my POD. He plays for the club I support and is priced really well due to playing only a handful of games last season. For me, he’ll be a stepping stone to a gun centre/wing unless he has a monster season. Auva’a is a great value pick at 170k and has shown great form during the pre-season. If named, he’s almost certain to make a good amount of cash and can also be used as a stepping stone to a gun centre/wing later in the season.


Fullback: James Tedesco

Slightly cheaper than Tuivasa-Sheck and had a 2015 average of 74. Although he has earned the name ‘Glass Man’ due to his frequent injuries, ‘Teddy’ played more minutes than any other player last season. The Tigers also have an attractive run of home games at the start of the season which is potentially great for his points, although price irrelevant if you’re going to hold him for the entire season.  Set and forget.

Bench: Kane Evans, Russell Packer, Agnatius Paasi & Pauli Pauli

Evans should be the beneficiary from the Waerea-Hargreaves injury. He has looked great in the pre-season and should make the extra cash needed to upgrade once JWH returns. Paasi is priced at 244k but he’ll need to be monitored as there’s a chance he could be moved to bench after a few rounds. He has shown excellent pre-season form which if he continues should hopefully secure the starting spot. Along with Paasi, Pauli and Packer will need to be closely monitored. Pauli is very cheap so there’s not too much risk involved, but Packer is 214k and the money could be spent better elsewhere if he doesn’t perform.


  • Jayden Nikorima (Hooker) – possible replacement for Mitchell Pearce
  • Ben Henry (2nd Row Forward) – starting from the bench
  • Ashley Taylor (Half Back) – front runner Titans half
  • Jaelen Feeney (Five-Eighth) – possible full back at the Knights
  • Dale Copley (CTW) – replaces Jennings as starting centre
  • Brad Abbey (CTW) – possible inclusion due to injuries to Hopoate and Morris
  • Curtis Scott (CTW) – possible Storm winger
  • Latrelle Mitchell (Fullback) – possible starter for the Roosters

Like most coaches I’ve filled my final eight spots with cheapies that I’m expecting will play. Come ‘Team List Tuesday’ I’ll be making sure these players are named while checking the latest injury report to ensure that those covering injuries and suspensions will play enough time for my cheapies to make a decent amount of cash. In the worst case scenario I’ll swap out those who aren’t named with those who are. If there aren’t enough cheapies to cover the vacant positions in my team, I’ll have to find alternatives and possibly downgrade my other selections.

Cowboys NRL Supercoach Team

Over to you community – what are your thoughts?

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Is that a negative or positive 'Wow', Fiddy? What are your thoughts on the team?

Don't Blush Babbie

Don't like Hullelcanes chances of being selected , Thursto too expensive and will get rested throug , I've gone for Twinlkes Toes Milford instead. Like the Granville selection, could be a good POD


Definitely mate. The Hurrell choice is subject to selection. JT is bloody expensive isn't he! He looked to control a high number of plays at the WCC and I'm happy to spend the money on him. Milf would've been my second choice for sure. I haven't seen too many people selecting Granville due to his split duties with Kostjasyn, but he has massive skill and is around 90k less than someone like Smith – I don't mind spending that extra cash elsewhere. May coaches are going for a 80 minute hooker which is also a great option.


Love it Cowboy. Absolutely Love it. Especially aroused by the Granville selection


Arousal levels are high, Jock. Very high!!

'Don't Blush Babbie'

When are we having a team reveal ? As you know teams get announced Tuesday PM, there's only 5 rookies that I know that coaches have confirmed that will play, it's an absolute raffle unlike AFL NAB where you get some idea


It's so frustrating waiting for TLT isn't it. I'll comment on this thread with any unexpected team and rookie changes if you like? Once TLT comes out, there's still the annoyance of coaches naming extended benches 😛

'Paulie Walnuts'

Hooker – C.Smith, (J.Nik)
FRF – CP13,A.Fifita, (A.Woods, K.Evans)
2nd Row – P.Gallen,Surgess,B.Cartwright (P.Pauli, B.Henry,J.Aloliai)
Halfback – J.Hastings (C.Walker)
5/8 – A.Milford (A.Taylor)
Wing/Centre – Croker,Mansour,Gordon,G.Eden (C.Scott.L.Mitchell,N.Davis)
Fullback – J.Feeney, (J.Rankin)

Gone hard in the Forwards & Centres looking for value on other lines where I believe I can make more money

I've taken Caspers advise on Croker but i still can't fit AUBUSSON in, he's barred for life in Supercoach

Apologies to J.Bird, obviously changes will be when teams announced on Tuesday


Nice Team Paulie!! Very strong forward pack. Mate, very risky fullback set up you have there but I can see why you've done it. I cant for the life of me have Gordon though. Love the milford pick!!! Re: Aubusson, it should be in the commandments, "thou shalt not pick Aubusson"!!! BUT with the injuries at the roosters his minutes will go up and if he averages 55 up till origin time he has done his job.
One bloke I will be watching with interest in the first few weeks is Paul Vaughn, if he can get more game time he will an awesome pick. Massive points per minute, dual position, great bye coverage. Chance he could play near 60 minutes now with Shillington gone but there appears to be a forward log jam at the raiders at the moment.


VERY solid team there mate! I hope your high risk Fullback selections pay off. If they do, you'll have a successful SC season for sure! Hell, even if they don't you'll still score well.


Interesting Team Cowboy and thanks for sharing! I think the days of having Parker and Gal as musts are sadly over. With their Age, Origin commitments, being rested I really think you are over paying for them and the fact Gallen hasn't played more than 16 games in the last 4 seasons are a worry. Im avoiding that whole headache this year. I wish I had the $$ to get Teddy in, he is joy to watch that bloke, superstar!! Granville is a risky pick but it takes a few risks to reach the top!! Feldt and Hurrell's main issues will be cementing their places in their teams!


It's a hot topic isn't it Casper! Gal makes me nervous but I'm feeling comfortable with Parker. SCers are split whether to have none, one or both Gal and Parker. I'd love to choose, say Fifi over Gal and spend the extra cash elsewhere. Feldt is my POD – chose him because I'm a Cowboys fan ;). He should be OK keeping his spot, love the massive discount due to lack of games played. Hurrell is a worry – to be honest I can't see him keeping his spot in my SC team come round 1. It's looking more and more likely he won't be named with so many backs in contention.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I believe all serious SC player should go Gallen ,This will be his last year IMO, if he doesn't come off he will be a massive downgrade after R2, cheers


Barring injury, Gal with be a safe captain choice week to week. Not selecting Gal is a big risk, although more SCers than ever are second guessing the Gal pick. 14% ownership is a bit surprising isn't it mate!


It's a bloody risk that's for sure Cowboy! The byes was where I lost it last year coming 32nd going into them. Want to avoid having to worry about covering parker and gal when they most likely get rested in the games between origin. I think if you can balance your teams in other areas you can play without them this year. Guys like Fifita, Burgess, Thurston, Tedesco, Cartwright I reckon will be the high point scorers this season. Still undecided on Merrin. If he got me minutes he would be up there with the best.


Definitely Casper, I agree. Wow solid start to the season mate! That Origin period is make or break isn't it.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

This time tomorrow we will have the teams out, the good thing about NRL they get their teams announced on Tuesdays and you get 'some sought' of an idea of who's playing of which helps with the planning process.

I see the Knights look like fielding 5 Rookies , I won't be getting all though,maybe 2