NAB ANALYSIS: Richmond v Hawks

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Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwardsIt’s only preseason but Tigers fans should be excited.

The boys were running around as a well-oiled machine. The Hawks had a couple of players that might have put their hands up for our fantasy teams including young Tim O’Brien. There’s some injury news and a fair bit of fantasy relevance in todays game so let’s get into it.


$569,300 Dustin Martin (FWD/MID) is overpriced (in my opinion) and spent a hell of a lot of time in the forward line. But he has the ability to tear the games apart and he started doing that today. Had a lot of touches and worked his way into the game nicely. Think we just need to have him in our sides.

$541,100 Brandon Ellis (MID) seemed to be in everything. He’s an outside player who loves to link up with a few handballs. At $540K he’ll certainly be a POD but it looks like he’s taking over Cotchin’s role as the main man around stoppages. Coach King gun.

$538,600 Trent Cotchin (MID) just refuses to reach his potential these days. Looked to be struggling to get into the game and honestly looked lost during the early stages of the game. Want him to be great but don’t think he will get back to the form of years gone by. I’m thinking we need to avoid him for now. Kicked some late goals to boost his stats.

$526,100 Anthony Miles (MID) is a pretty good footy player, not premo yet but gets his job done. Was locked into my side after last year but as things have evolved I’ve decided not to select him. Had the ball a lot today and is always pretty efficient with it. I think he’ll get a more defensive role as the season goes on so I don’t think we can chuck him in our Supercoach teams but he’s a nice POD for Coach Kings.

$523,700 Alex Rance (DEF) did Alex Rance things. Got the ball at will and was used as an outlet in the defensive half. I do think his asking price is too much in Supercoach but we should look for him in Coach Kings.

$516,100 Bachar Houli (DEF) was prolific out of the backline in the first half. Had plenty of the ball and was very good by foot as per usual. I’m not quite sure I want to invest over $500K into a guy who will average 85 for the year but will look to pick him up later on. Coach Kings lock most weeks

$514,900 Ivan Maric (RUC) didn’t show enough to be considered for long form. The Richmon faithful were screaming for another ruckman during the offseason and it’s because Maric can’t take over games like the best ruckmen in the game. Needs to find his own ball and didn’t do that today.

$493,000 Jack Riewoldt (FWD) looked really good early and was sharing the ball nicely. Is prone to a quiet game but today wasn’t one of them. I think it’s reasonable to be watching him for our sides. One of the few key-forwards I would consider. As the game went on he pushed higher and higher on the wings but did go missing for a while…tempting.

$492,800 Shane Edwards (FWD/MID) played pretty much exclusively as a forward. Looked lively for the Tigers and I think it’s his best position. If he can do what he did tonight every game he’ll be a great forward option and hell, Crouching’s Tigers might win a final.

$410,100 Nick Vlastuin (DEF) had a few marks but is a role player and won’t score enough for us, better options available.

$398,800 Troy Chaplin (DEF) only had the three touches, not going near him.

$363,200 Kane Lambert (FWD/MID) is another one of my favourite players. My Richmond people tell me that he’s by far the best trainer of the young blokes at Richmond. Have tried to fit him into my side and if he plays like he did today again, he’ll be bloody hard to ignore. Not sure how Ellis, Menadue and Lambert all fit into a full Richmond side.

$362,000 Taylor Hunt (DEF) is another defender whom we need to avoid. Might be a decent Coach Kings option, is capable of good games.

$350,700 Kamdyn McIntosh (FWD/MID) seemed to play a defensive role and didn’t do anything of fantasy relevance.

$304,000 Ben Lennon (FWD) kicked a couple of goals but didn’t do anything beyond that. Should be a good third or fourth option for the Tigers this year but that doesn’t make him fantasy relevant. Maybe worth a look against weak backlines in Coach Kings.

$302,200 Jacob Townsend (MID) had the first clearance of the game and followed it up with a solid effort all around the ground. Set up some shots at goal for his teammates. Looked the goods early but is priced similarly to Libba so I don’t think he makes our teams. Coach Kings gold right here.

$297,300 Jake Batchelor (DEF) minimal impact, one of those defensive players who isn’t going to score points for our teams.

$284,100 Reece Conca (FWD/MID) loves a contested possession and today was no different. Played above his price tag but I’m starting to think we just need to go Guns n Rookies rather than back a player like Conca. He’s capable of big things though, love to hear your thoughts on this kid.

$270,800 Dylan Grimes (DEF) looked nice coming out of the backline. Would only consider him if Houli was out and he became the defensive outlet. Not for me.

$267,600 Andrew Moore (MID) came over from Port and had a decent game with around 15 touches. Not going to get into our fantasy sides though.

$261,700 Steven Morris (DEF) didn’t go near the ball, a clear no.

$193,400 Corey Ellis (FWD/MID) is one of my favourite young guns in the league. Unfortunately with youth comes inconsistency and today he was below the level we need him to perform at. Wants to get involved in the game but ended up having minimal impact on the game.

$157,800 Daniel Rioli (FWD) looks like he’ll be a really streaky player who could sneak a few goals but on the back of today we can’t bank on him as a reliable scorer.

$155,400 Connor Menadue (FWD/MID) is a special player. I’m not sure what it is but I just get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about him. He was able to impact the game from the start and slotted a few goals to go with his impressive efficiency around the ground. Need him to break into the best 22 (which he should) and if he does he’ll be a great moneymaker for us.

$117,300 Oleg Markov (FWD) came on late and did nothing. Not a rookie option this year, maybe in the future.

$102,400 Mabior Chol (RUC/FWD) athletic as hell but well off AFL level. Might get a game later in the season if injury strikes but not worth a selection at this stage.

Notable absentees: Brett Deledio, Tyrone Vickery, Shaun Grigg, Ben Griffiths


$555,200 Jordan Lewis (MID) butchered the ball today but he did manage to rack up a decent amount of disposals. Tackled hard and got a few clearances but honestly didn’t do enough to warrant his price tag. We really need him to clean up that disposal before the season proper.

$521,300 Liam Shiels (MID) thrived with Hodge and Mitchell out of the side. Did the dirty work with plenty of tackles and contested possessions. Unfortunately I don’t think he can be the main man in a full Hawks side. Pick him in Coach Kings when one of the guns doesn’t play, Supercoach he’s a POD but one that I’d avoid.

$500,800 Cyril Rioli (FWD) had a slight tweak to the calf in the second quarter, won’t have a long-term effect on his scoring ability. I know a few coaches have him locked in and I actually support that, has had a good last 24 months.

$489,200 Josh Gibson (DEF) pushed up the ground a fair bit today, similar to last week. Was also used as a focal point for the switch around the ground but I’m concerned he’ll go back to being a lockdown defender come the season proper. If he plays NAB 3 and racks them up again then maybe it’s a role change for the better. Watch list.

$465,000 Grant Birchall (DEF) didn’t want us to have any easy defensive selections. Didn’t live up to last games hype and has me questioning his selection. Didn’t run the ball out of defence much and really had a limited impact on the game. Time to reassess I think, despite Hawthorn not trying I’m concerned.

$456,700 Shaun Burgoyne (DEF/MID) was one of the Hawks better players today, seemed to pick up Birchall’s slack. The old man looks to be a solid option with DPP status in 2016 but I need to see who plays where in Hawthorn’s full side. Watchlist.

$452,200 Ben McEvoy (RUC) had a pretty tight contest with my Croatian brethren today but they largely nullified each other. I’m not looking at either one for long form and I’m only looking to Big Boy in matches where he HAS to stand up i.e. finals for Coach kings.

$424,100 Bradley Hill (MID) played as a small forward/winger type role. Once again didn’t do much to push a fantasy selection. Game style doesn’t translate to Supercoach points.

$409,300 Paul Puopolo (FWD) is paid to impact the scoreboard and he didn’t do that today. I’m avoiding this bloke at all costs.

$403,800 Taylor Duryea (DEF) worked his way into the game late with some really strong tackles. Limited amount of disposals hurt his scoring output. Not a Supercoach player but looking forward to seeing how he scores in Coach Kings.

$339,500 Ryan Schoenmakers (FWD) was apparently on the park but didn’t do anything to draw my attention. Avoid.

$319,600 Billy Hartung (MID) was really disappointing after last week. Needs to add consistency to his game and clearly needs Hawthorn’s guns to carry the brunt of the load. Want to watch him in a full Hawks side, still have hope that he can be something special.

$311,800 James Frawley (DEF) went to Riewoldt after the first quarter. Managed to slow Riewoldt down but did nothing for his own fantasy scoring. A key-back that I’m steering well and truly clear of in 2016.

$265,800 Daniel Howe (DEF) found himself up around the half forward line at stages through the game. I think he has earned himself a spot in the best 22 to start the year. It’s up to him to hold onto it. If he can keep taking some strong marks and improve his kicking accuracy then we can certainly consider him for our fantasy teams.

$234,500 Jack Fitzpatrick, (FWD/DEF) will fill a role for Hawthorn in 2016 (and did so today) but this role won’t include scoring a lot of fantasy points for us. Hawks will turn him into a decent player but can’t be considered in our teams. Inured late, bad news.

$231,100 Angus Litherland (DEF) was another cheap Hawk who didn’t take their opportunity by the scruff of the neck. Didn’t do much today and don’t see him playing more than a handful of games this year.

$230,400 Jonathan O’Rourke (MID) didn’t have an impact on the game at all. Look elsewhere.

$222.900 James Sicily (FWD) has some good pace about him. Also a great size for that medium forward role he’ll be looking to take up. Will play some games in 2016 but not enough to warrant a long-form selection. Pick him at a discount in Coach Kings when he plays.

$198,300 Brendan Whitecross (FWD/DEF) will have tempted a few coaches today. Certainly improved on last week’s game as he ran through the midfield. Was good around the stoppages but not sure that he can play that role with Mitchell and Hodge back in the team. He’s still on the watch list.

$126,300 Kieran Lovell (MID) played as a small forward running through the midfield. Shortest bloke on the park but didn’t look completely out of his depth. Is part of a long term plan, won’t play too much senior footy in 2016.

$123,900 Dallas Willsmore (FWD) had a handful of possessions but missed a very gettable goal in the fourth quarter. Won’t play much senior footy in 2016.

$123,900 Kaiden Brand (DEF) went back with Jack Riewoldt during the fourth quarter. Looked like he didn’t have enough time or composure to put the ball on his boot. Not going to be fantasy relevant any time soon.

$123,900 Marc Pittoney (RUC) came on late to have a run in the ruck, not going to play senior footy this year.

$123,900 Teia Miles (DEF) came on late and barely touched the ball.

$123,900 Tim O’Brien (FWD) put his hand up to fill the Roughead role in the short term. Looked solid marking the ball both inside and outside the forward 50 and had a nice set shot late in the fourth. Could be a nice F8 option for us.

$117,300 Blake Hardwick (FWD) had a few touches and showed some flair in front of goals and kicked one late. The Hawks have long term plans for this kid but he won’t be playing in our fantasy sides.

Notable absentees: Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, Jack Gunston, Luke Breust

Let me know what you made of today’s match community.









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Join my league would much appreciate it – 184687


Agree with ya about Menadue and Corey Ellis mate. Both look like real players but not quite sure they're the best cash cow options at this stage purely cos the Tiges team won't be easy to break into.


If Menadue plays rd1 he is in my team. Cant have Ellis though.


I need the fwd/mid link so Ellis is firmly on my radar. If he’s a slow burn I can take it, but hope he’s in the 22 regularly.


houli just shot up my watchlist !!!!! Thinking a switch with Yeo could be in order,, maybe even Bartel due too concerns of resting


Shaw and Aaron Hall or McVeigh and Wingard?


I'm going with the second pick Shaw up later on cheaper


agree, almost a no brainer


Mcveigh and Wingard


Swan & Sheil or Rocky & Parker?


Rocky and parker, again almost a no brainer in terms of value.


Yeah agree but everyone going for Rocky this year! POD only


I'm seriously considering JPK over Rocky. Shark move


Not a stupid move Derek based on consistency over the last 5 years. Cant deny that Rocky does have a bigger upside though.


Rocky and Parker


100% rocky and parker

No question.


Rockliff and Parker no doubt.


Rocky and Parker for sure


Any 2 out of the above?


Essendon league 898317




Jack Riewoldt 153

Anthony Miles 124

Dustin Martin 118

Bachar Houli 116

Alex Rance 113

Trent Cotchin 109

Jacob Townsend 108

Shane Edwards 107

Brandon Ellis 105

Connor Menadue 101

Kane Lambert 81

Ivan Maric 78

Dylan Grimes 76

Andrew Moore 75

Daniel Rioli 60

Reece Conca 59

Ben Lennon 56

Nick Vlastuin 52

Jake Batchelor 50

Troy Chaplin 37

Corey Ellis 34

Kamdyn McIntosh 28

Mabior Chol 28

Taylor Hunt 15

Oleg Markov 9


Liam Shiels 92

Taylor Duryea 88

Jordan Lewis 86

Josh Gibson 85

Shaun Burgoyne 84

Brendan Whitecross 76

Ben McEvoy 74

Paul Puopolo 70

Daniel Howe 64

Tim O’Brien 58

Kaiden Brand 54

James Frawley 53

Jack Fitzpatrick 52

Cyril Rioli 50

Grant Birchall 49

Blake Hardwick 46

James Sicily 46

Angus Litherland 41

Kieran Lovell 41

Dallas Willsmore 36

Bradley Hill 33

Jonathan O’Rourke 32

Marc Pittonet 30

Billy Hartung 27

Ryan Schoenmakers 23

Teia Miles 8


Cheers BVC!


Just made a public league
For experienced players
feel free to join


I've actually ended up with Liam Shiels in my side at some point last year and the year before. He's capable of going on incredible scoring streaks, I got on him last year and he then went 124, 87, 126, 132, 124 and 121. The problem is he'll have that 4-6 week purple patch, but can't sustain it for a prolonged period. His next 7 games after that he only went 100+ two more times. As Lek said, that makes him a really good CoachKings pick, but i'll stay away in Supercoach, unless someone like Lewis gets a long term injury at the Hawks.

Game hasn't changed my opinion a ton, I was gonna run with Martin regardless or how he went in the NAB, though I have been tempted by Shane Edwards. Started last year averaging 104 over his first 8 weeks, but then got injured and struggled to regain that form. I'll just stick with Martin at this stage however, Edwards is an underrated player, but there's a good chance he'll slot back into that 90's average range again.


Entered a second team with a different strategy for the gags
KK, Yeo, Suckling, Dea, Hipwood, M.Brown (essendon) (Otten, Broad)
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett (c), Pendles, Hannebery, Priddis, Rocky, Libba (D.Cunningham, Keays, Mathieson)
Currie, Grimley (Cox)
Dusty, Barlow, Greene, J.Martin, B.Kennedy, Kerridge (Sumner, Petracca)

I rate would be appreciated


You may not have a ruckman playing. None are certain starters.


I know but it's not my team just a team i made for the gags
cheers mate

Canny the Manny

I'm changing my team to this as we speak!
Set and forget rucks / 10
Libba at M8 / 10
Gags / 10


What a waste of time


Agreed Lek, some questions are being answered. FWIW I reckon we'll see more of Menadue early and be similar to how KMac started in 2015.

Considering Rance again. Managed 113 despite 5 clangers


Would you pick Menadue in that case Kev? 155k for a 60 something average probably most years would be fine but I reckon there's plenty of value FWD this year. DPP is nice though.


G'day Phil. I'm about 70/30 on him at this stage mate. Tigers play better when they have a settled 22 so I reckon if he's there round 1 he'll stay in.

A good user of the footy (went at 100% d.e today, 75 last week). Would like to see him get a bit more of the pill


Thoughts on my team…

D: Laird, K.Kolo, Docherty, B. Smith, Fantasia, M. Brown (Ess) Bench : Hartley, not sure about D8 tossing up between broad and Bonner at this stage

M: Pendles, Gaz, Rocky, Parker, Libba, De Goey, Crowley, Kerridge Bench: B.Kennedy, Menadue, Hibberd

R: Goldy, Gawn Bench: Cox

F: Chopsticks, Barlow, D.Menzel D.Wells, J.Simpkin, Petracca Bench: Grimley, Tipungwuti

I've got 158k leftover Thinking my forward line could use some work, possibly upgrade one of Menzel, Wells or Simpkin to a suckling maybe?? Thoughts appreciated, thanks


With that cash leftover, downgrade Crowley, Wells, sub De Goey fwd and trade Menzel to a premo mid via De Goey.


Don't know about u guys but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game. There's only 1 team we haven't seen yet and I reckon they're the most fantasy relevant. Good to see Cuningham get his first hit out too, hopefully Byrne plays a full game.


true phil. Only one position im looking at and that is the Essendon rookies backline. the ball will be down there for most of the season. if we do get some rookie options down back, i think peoples structures will change majorly.


Any news on McVeigh?


Not that I've heard SCB.

Next update will likely come this Thursday when the Swans NAB2 squad is announced.


Hey guys, im starting up a 10-man league for 2016, please only join if you averaged upwards of 2k last year, im looking for a very fun and competitive league. 😀 Code: 521547, apologise for the league name, couldnt think of a good one


Duryea scored 88 and you think he's not SC relevant? Not so sure me old China.


WIll play the lockdown role when coming up against a good small forward.


I don't have him, but he's relevant. Hawks shuffled the deck somewhat down back and duryea had a Stella finals series. Can ton. Watchlist for me.


Why does he need to upgrade De Goey?


Hi community,

Any thoughts?

Def: Shaw, Bartel, Smith, Brown (Ess), Byrne-Jones, K.Collins. (Tucker, Hartley)

Mid: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Liberatore, B.Crouch, Menadue (Mathieson, Polkinghorne, Cuningham)

Ruc: Goldstein, Gawn (Wyatt)

Fwd: D.Martin, Wingard, Barlow, B.Kennedy, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, Kommer)


Love it, wouldn't change a thing.


Cheers SC Beast. A few of the rookies are likely to be adjusted throughout NAB Cup. But I am confident my side will generate points and cash.


3 onfield rookies in defence is a big risk. I feel worried about having 2


I like risk.

In SC, the defensive line is generally low scoring anyway. Hopefully, my backline rookies will generate me cash whilst other bolstered lines offset this by getting extra SC points. Its early days though.



true tophawk. id be more concerned about the donut you might get as there will be a good chance that some woild be dropped. if you keep this structure, id use Brown (WC) as a D8. he wont score well but at least you know he will be playing.


Couple players i;m on the fence about Smith & Wingard but in general this looks a cracking team, maybe Crouch (assuming not named R1) down to a rookie and upgrade Smith


Hi Leeds.

Wingard is a bit of an injury concern.

If he does not play (or spuds) in nab cup rd 3, I will replace him with Zorko the magnificient!



everyone going for ollie wines but i've chosen miles instead, he will not cop a tag finds the footy lays tackles and has been consistent last 2 years same prices as wines but i reckon he will be a great pod and average 105


Fair enough


which option is better
goldy and gawn $47k left

martin and mumford $125k left


If you can afford it I think Goldy and Gawn. If you need cash to strengthen other lines, Martin and Gawn would be the way to go. 145K left!
Just picked you up 20K. Cheers


I like Fantasia as a POD, showed glimpses last year and from all reports has been burning up the track up at Tulla, will see how he looks tomorrow and reassess anyway.

Before today I had Ollie Wines and Lobbe but after today's games traded for De Goey and opted for the complete set and forget with Gawn.

I probably will downgrade some in the defence, I really like Laird though too…… Hmmmm tough year this one


i like the defense mate. dont simply jump on the bandwagon just because people say to much invested. The defense is the most unreliable this year in relation to rookies. you have 6 starters who will play all year and I like the Fantasia pick. Still unsure of Smith and even Yeo ifyou consider.A lot of money to invest on players who you are hoping will have breakout years. Good luck mate


Peoples thoughts on De Goey at 318k?? from 10 non sub games last year averaged 68 with scores of 103 and 90 towards the end of the season. bucks says he wont hold De Goey back, scored 95 last night but will be interesting if he gets as much mid time with pendles and treloar to come back.


He's not a keeper. He's not a cash cow. He's not even that cheap compared to getting crouch for $300k.

Collingwood have been the same for the past 3 or 4 years. Pendles, swan and Sidebottom top the SC every week with someone else popping up each week as well. Outside the top 3, they are very inconsistent.

'Paulie Walnuts'

copy that Derek


Yes if Crouch or JOM play Rd1 I reckon you'd be hard pressed to pick De Goey over them.


Thinking similar lines Jaffa.
There is a changing of the guard a foot at the Pies and I see the likes of Adams, DeGoey, Treloar, Greenwood all moving in for significant mid minutes.
They will need Swan up fwd to cover Elliott and then there's Pendles…
Yikes, am i even questioning his relevance?
Pendles had a down year in 2015, is this a minor blip or the start of a trend?
Comparing his numbers from 2014 (124 avg) vs 2015 (116 avg) there isnt anything glaring that stands out as a symptom of this 8 pont drop. However his rebound 50s did dive a little, but more notably his clearances dropped.
Now clearances don't count for squat in SC but there are some flow on stats that do. Contested possies and frees for.
Pendles dropped off in both of these areas last year and I reckon for good reason. Young up and comers getting more run on the ball.

Now this wasn't meant to turn into a Pendles expose' /roast. Shit he's still a good selection, I just feel he'll be sharing points a bit more from now on.

Back to De Goey. The most significant piece of data out there on him is…


(I'm tipping he'll be in the top 10 fwds by yr end)


Exactly. Dpp is enticing. I'd have JOM first and crouch 2nd though, squeeze in de goey up fwd. He's a former pick 5. Can play – will score!
I've got him in the mids though cause JOM might not play rd1. (Completely contradicting myself…)


What is the communities thoughts on cripps? Will be one of the top disposal getters and I am seeing a huge comparasion to Gary ablett. Cripps has averaged 96 points in his first year community, with 4 of his last 5 games breaking the ton. He averaged about 3 or 4 more points in his opening season then ablett in his opening season, and what did Ablett do in his second year? Average 114. I have a gut feeling that cripps will be an absolute weapon and even after this post not many people will have him. Just want to know your thoughts on the kid community


Cripps is on my radar….with big eyes. We should get a look at Crippsy tomorrow against the bombers. This match will have a huge impact on SC teams. The banished bombers will have many new rookie players on field. Pick wisely…..


Cripps is on my radar….with big eyes. We should get a look at Crippsy tomorrow against the bombers. This match will have a huge impact on SC teams. The banished bombers will have many new rookie players on field. Pick wisely…..


as a carlton supporter, we dont have a great midfield, i see a lot of attention from opposition put into Cripps. He will be a great player but noone should be compared to the great one in Gazza. He will just miss out on my team as ive gone with Titch instead. If you end up going with Cripps, i hope he does well for you.


Cripps is on my radar….with big eyes. We should get a look at Crippsy tomorrow against the bombers. This match will have a huge impact on SC teams. The bombers will have many new rookie players on field. Pick wisely…..

Canny the Manny

Hawthorne's backline is giving me the shits.
If they were to pick one exlusive rebounding defender then they would be a certain lock, whether that be Birchal, Gibson or Burgoyne!
Due to the constant changing of roles each game, I don't think I can pick any of the three.

Also, I reckon Bachar Houli could reach a 95+ average this season rather than the suggested 85. I'm just worried by his consistency at times and Yarran's potential impact on his scoring capacity.

The backline is the only line I'm struggling with. It will divide the good from the great in 2016 Supercoach, no doubt about it.


Currently have Aish as my D5, but seriously thinking about Whitecross instead ($77k cheaper), or Howe ($10k cheaper). Thoughts?


WhiteX has struggled to make it onto the park last 2 seasons. Howe scored 73 and 88 last two games of the year, so maybe his nab performances shouldn't be a total shock. Looks like he'll get an opportunity to nail down a spot. It's out of Aish or Howe for mine. Few more games for Aish and another one for Howe to go, see what happens


I would like the communities feedback regarding my midfield as I am weighing up TWO options, I understand I don't have Dangerfield but at this stage that isn't my concern. Which of the TWO options do you prefer, any feedback is appreciated.

Option 1
Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, O’meara/Crouch, Mills, Kerridge (Gresham, Mathieson, MacPherson)

Option 2
Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Wines, Menadue, Mills, Kerridge (Gresham, Mathieson, MacPherson)

Option 2 clearly has no Libba but has Wines and also no O'meara/Crouch, as Menadue takes either ones position.
I like what I have seen from Menadue and I'm certain he will make money however whether he can score consistent 70's is my concern. I'm pretty sure Crouch or O'meara will score 80+ consistently – Although O'meara looks like he'll be out for round 1


Option 1 – Libba and Crouch over Wines and Menadue for me. Although, I am still spitting at Wines after his game today!


Tossing up between 2 teams:
Option 1
DEF – Simpson, Bartel, Rosa, BSmith, Whitecross, Hibberd (MBrown, Broad)
MID – Fyfe, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Parker, Libba, BCrouch, Mills (Keays, Mathieson, MacPherson)
RUCK – Martin, Gawn (Cox)
FWD – Martin, Barlow, Wells, Simpkin, Kennedy, Kerridge (Petracca, Beech) – have enough $$ left over to go Kennedy to CBird if looks alright in NAB

Option 2
DEF – McVeigh (depending on availability), Bartel, Yeo, Rosa, Aish, Hibberd (MBrown, Broad)
MID – Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Parker, Libba, BCrouch, Mills, Mathieson (Keays, Polkinghorne, MacPherson)
RUCK – Goldy, Martin (Grimley)
FWD – Martin, Barlow, Franklin, Wells, Simpkin, Kerridge (Petracca, Beech)

Main difference in Fyfe in the mids in Option 1, but have Goldy in Ruck and Franklin in FWDs in Option 2. Loving Option 1 (particularly the mids), but concerned the FWD line is too thin and the backs are too mid priced. Would appreciated any comments ppl may have. Thanks!


Terrible maths – need to downgrade Whitecross to a basement rookie to get Bird instead of Kennedy


I like option 1, Cozza, but with some tweaks. Wells is not F3 material, if you drop WhiteX and/or Crouch for rookies turn that position into someone more reliable

Mr. Booby-buyer

Nice teams, prefer option 1 but not sure of Rosa, I would go Laird instead…


thoughts on Steele Sidebottom as a nice pod


Some discussion about him in the Geelong v Collingwood thread. Few doubts if he'll be a top 8 mid

Grahame Lebroy

Lobbe 389k , Nicholls 439k or Z Smith 425k for a R2 spot?? Or is set and forget the way to go
Does anyone know who the No 1 ruck job will go to at the Bulldogs this year?


I would say set and forget. But in saying that, Zac Smith looked good against the Pies, only trouble is he is sharing the ruck load with Stanley.


Bevo said recently he's using the nab to trial his ruckman. I'd stay away from picking any of them.

Out of the three you mentioned, I'd go Smith then Nicholls

Grahame Lebroy

I will most likely end up with a set and forget selections and take the extra points it will generate but i feel that there is alot of value to be had with the ruck 2 spot. Trouble is picking the right option


I have a 10 team league with spots to fill 251711


is it bad not to have libba in my team




Hes a certain lock with Goldy, Gaz, Rocky IMO


I don't think so Bill, we haven't even seem him play yet. At that price, given he's taken a precious MID spot, he'd have to average at least 100+, maybe 105+ to be a worthwhile pick and play nearly every game.

Are these things 100% certain for a guy coming back from an ACL?


Agree with Phil here, if he doesn't suit up for the nab and get some decent TOG, I'm gonna have to chop him. You can't carry guys in your mids


What a absurd comment, in 2014 Libba was the #1 Midfielder FFS, even if he doesn't play in NAB but is called for Round 1, then you would be crazy not to have Libba at $357k

Oh and he doesn't have to Average at least 100 to 105+ to be a worthy pick. He is currently priced with a average of 66, however im hoping he averages around 100 and if so he stays as a M8 for the whole year.

I'm betting Libba will be the most popular selection this season.


Thoughts on my team please.

McVeigh, Simpson, KK, Aish, Brown, Tucker, Broad, Collins
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Gresham, Cuningham, Keays, Mathieson
Goldstein, Gawn, Wyatt
Martin, Zorko, Barlow, Kerridge, Hunt, Petracca, Grimley, Adams.

56k in the bank.


Battle between Gawn and Nic Nat at r2 at this stage. Did have Shaw, but needed dosh to upgrade to get Danger.


No pendles ?
I would try and get him in if you can, maybe instead of Parker if you can find the cash.
Other then that it looks great, very similar to mine.


Looks alright, Beast. Question marks over D3/4, not convinced on those guys yet. Need further nab study.
Mids look good, though you're one short?
Rucks: Tick. Keep Gawn over Nic Nat
Not sold on Hunt yet, Lek seems bullish about him because he's been at the dees for a while. Takes more than that to convince me


Got Hopper in the middle too – forgot about him. I had Pendles but traded to Danger. Reckon Pendles output will be decreased by a little with the inclusion of Treloar as well as all the other blokes like Aish, Adams, Sidey, Swan and co running through the guts.


Definitely not a mid short, most are overloading and it's cost them cash in the long run.


thoughts on my team

laird, simpson, murphy, sheridan, k.collins, tipungwuti (hibberd, bonner)
dangerfield, ablett, beams, ward, sidebottom, boak, mills, greasham (cuningham, mathieson, macpherson)
martin, gawn (cox)
dusty, barlow, Greene, kerridge, petraca, brown (grimley, adams)

i've got $34k left in the bank, as you can see i havent selected rocky or libba, you may think thats crazy but i feel not selecting them and putting some POD'S in my midfield will set me apart from a lot of players and push me up the ranks


Few nice POD's there. I like the Beams selection a lot!. Not too sure on Boak, with Wines, Gray and Ebert taking points off him. Sidey played well, but remember Treloar and Pendles weren't playing.


O'Brien might be worth a look with Fitzpatrick being injured.


Is anyone else considering Anthony Miles? People are all jumping on Parker and Wines but I really like the look of that kid.


Definately! The kid could become anything. Pumped out 124 SC points yesterday. He averaged 100 in 2014 after getting his chance for the tigers at the half way mark of that season. He hasnt looked back since. Averaged 98 last season after playing all but one games. He could have a break out season this year and nudge 110 average. Is on my watch list big time. Cheers,


I'd have Parker before him, but he's not a bad option SCB. Averaged 6 clearances a game last year, avoids the tag and rarely goes missing. Goes at 75% d.e over his career compared to Wines' 64%, which has Miles slightly ahead of him for mine.

That said, 14 games under the 100 mark last year, which is a few too many. Nine of those games were between 80-99, so if he can push those games into low 100 scores, I'll look at him after the byes

Grahame Lebroy

like him too, reckon he would be a great POD. but i would start Parker before that price range i like Lachie Neale too.


Do you guys think Boak or Gray will get the tag this year?


It has traditionally gone to Boak. It has worked for teams in the past, they know he struggles with the extra attention. Can't see the tag moving off him


Holy Browns!!!!


Darcy Parish, Mitch Brown, Michael Hartley had good games for the bombers today. Jonathon Simpkin was OK with 17 touches. Most of the Carlton rookies very ordinary. Only Jacob Weitering can hold his head up high. Great first game for the blues.


need spots to be filled in league 784413