NAB ANALYSIS: Port Adelaide v Melbourne

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Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwardsMelbourne tore this game a new one and it all started with the great bearded one, Max Gawn.

Port had a lot of passengers today and not a whole lot of fantasy relevance. It was nice however to see the Demons get a win.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at who played…


$595,900 Robbie Gray (MID) looked really good today. Has a deft touch and can just read the play better than the other blokes out there. Forced his way into my side last year after an impressive NAB appearance, may have done the same today. Love the kid.

$545,700 Hamish Hartlett (MID) is a guy who always seems like he’ll breakout. Today he didn’t look that way. Didn’t get too much of the pill and didn’t take advantage of his opportunities. Too pricey for what he’ll deliver.

$535,200 Travis Boak (MID) was best on ground for Port. Played a typical Boak game floating between halfback and the midfield. Won’t be a bad selection in any form of the game but I think there is more value elsewhere.

$525,100 Ollie Wines (MID) was really quiet by his usual standards. Really didn’t show me enough to warrant a selection. In fact he didn’t attack the ball like I’d expect him to. People will disagree but I don’t think he’s a great long-form selection. Coach Kings may be another story.

$523,200 Brad Ebert (MID) loves to kick the ball and it’s what makes him fantasy relevant. Was very effective when he had the ball in his hands today. I don’t think he fits in our long-form sides, Port have a few too many players around $520K that share the points. Pick him nine times out of ten in DFS.

$510,900 Justin Westhoff (FWD) played centre-half forward today. Is his best position in my eyes but will likely return to a halfback role when Dixon returns. Price will probably plummet and when it does we’ll have a discussion about him.

$480,800 Sam Gray (FWD/MID) attended a number of contests in the middle and racked up some clearances and certainly got his hands on the ball. Is an exciting prospect up forward in our fantasy teams. Should come under some serious contention, price tag is high for someone with his limited experience but he looked really good.

$449,900 Matthew Broadbent (DEF) looks like a 55 year old but is still Port’s most dominant defender. Loves a kick and pushed his way up the ground a fair bit. Is on the watch list but I don’t think he’ll make the Supercoach cut. Coach Kings offers him a chance to score highly I think.

$434,400 Jasper Pittard (DEF) showed some real signs today. Despite Port playing poorly he was one bloke that stood out to me. Could end the year as a $500K+ defender. Will watch closely from here.

$401,700 Jay Schulz (FWD) favoured the tackle today, really went hard to try and cause some spillages. Was typical Schulz in providing a nice forward option. Might be a decent Coach Kings selection but won’t do enough for our long-form teams.

$389,500 Jack Hombsch (DEF) had a rough day at the slots. Didn’t touch the ball much and didn’t use it well at all. I’d be avoiding this bloke in most fantasy forms.

$389,500 Matthew Lobbe (RUC) got thrown around by the big bastard Gawn. Despite his price he doesn’t look like he’ll provide us with much fantasy value at this stage. Potential trap.

$334,100 Brendon Ah Chee (MID) has been touted as a potential breakout for 2016 but did nothing to give me an indication that it will happen.  Had a chance to stamp his name in our minds today and let it slip.

$328,00 Matt White (FWD/MID) was bloody efficient when he got the ball but at his price just doesn’t have enough upside for our fantasy teams. Might be a cheap Coach Kings options on a good day.

$313,000 Jake Neade (FWD) had a lot of ball running through space. Is very exciting to watch but don’t think we can trust him to be reliable for the whole year. Like most small forwards he’s just too up and down for my liking. Pick him in Coach Kings when Port play against clubs who can’t defend small forwards.

$312,000 Tom Jonas (DEF) might have missed the bus to the game. Was ineffectual all game. Avoid him at all costs.

$305,400 Cam O’Shea (DEF) was grumpy all day, probably because he was getting towelled up all day. Playing for his spot in the best 22 and didn’t do himself any favours.

$304,300 Jackson Trengove (DEF) was another guy who barely touched the ball and when he did it was on the wing and really didn’t achieve much. I like him as a player and he will be selected most weeks but that doesn’t make him fantasy relevant.

$303,000 Jared Polec (MID) was really inefficient with his disposal. Kept getting caught in tackles and having to handball to nothing in particular. I know he’s reasonably popular this year but I’d be steering clear community.

$289,000 Jimmy Toumpas (MID) the Toump had a very nice day out against his old side. He was allowed to just run on the outside for much of today. Used the ball well when he had it. Not sure how we fit him into our long-form teams but might be the perfect price for Coach Kings and the like.

$282,900 Karl Amon (FWD/MID) like many of his teammates, didn’t impact the game. Probably not in the best 22 in 2016. Avoid.

$282,500 Jarman Impey (DEF) was a player I didn’t even notice out on the field. Has potential to go for nice runs with the ball but didn’t show up today.

$253,100 Aaron Young (MID) came out sporting a ridiculous man bun type hairdo, is not good enough to run around with that mop. Can’t select him on principle. 

$235,300 John Butcher (FWD) looks like he’s slowly learning how to kick. Has a similar issue to Carlton’s Levi Casboult, looks good up the ground but still struggles in front of goal. Don’t see him in the side when the dead man Charlie Dixon returns to the side.

$123,900 Darcy Byrne-Jones, (DEF) did enough to confirm his spot on my bench. Had a few nice touches in not much game time. Should be on everyone’s fantasy bench.

Notable absentees: Chad Wingard, Tom Clurey, Charlie Dixon, Patrick Ryder, Angus Monfries


$550,800 Max Gawn (RUC) was massive early for the Demons. Towelled Lobbe up for most of the game. Has to come into consideration for our ruck departments if he hadn’t already. Hi Lek here again, just letting you all know that Gawn is now my R2 he absolutely dominated all around the ground.

$517,500 Tom McDonald (DEF) didn’t do enough to justify his price tag for mine, still had some nice intercept marks and booming kicks but a little pricey to start the season. Will be looking to jump on after a price drop.

$497,100 Jack Viney (MID) picked up where he left off in 2015. Had a large day out collecting the pill at will and going in as hard as we’ve come to expect him to.  Will take control of the Melbourne midfield this year, a very good option at under $500K in Supercoach. Will be a Coach Kings lock for me most weeks.

$446,600 Lynden Dunn (DEF) hasn’t “Dunn” very much today. Look he’s a solid player for the Demons but looks like he’s playing a more lockdown role this year. Didn’t leave the deep defensive 50 very much. Not a good selection for mine.

$431,000 Dom Tyson (MID) got hit in the head almost instantly after Brayshaw went down in the first contest. Got back into the game and looked a little sheepish, missed a couple of handballs that he should have hit.

$422,200 Jesse Hogan (FWD) had a very nice goal in the second term. Will be the number one man for Melbourne again this year. Has a beautiful kicking style and man can he take a grab. I actually think there could be some value for those bold enough to select him in long-form. I wouldn’t tell you to do it but he does have the potential to end the year as a $500K+ player.

$414,100 Jack Grimes (DEF) didn’t do anything to excite me. Melbourne were switching the ball through the midfield rather than chipping it around the backline in previous years. I think this will affect his ability to gather possessions.

$406,200 Aaron vandenBerg (FWD/MID) was played as a forward for most of the game and scored a beautiful goal late in the third. Love the way he goes about his footy but that doesn’t necessarily translate to long-form fantasy. Interested to see how he scores in Coach Kings, could be a very solid selection when Melbourne plays.

$399,300 Christian Salem (DEF) played off halfback again today and drifted forward for some shots on goal.  Doesn’t look like he’ll be running through the midfield in 2016 and as a result doesn’t excite me fantasy-wise.

$381,000 Jack Watts (FWD/MID) looked better than I remember him being last year. Still missed some really easy handballs and kicks but was a target in the air up forward. Doesn’t offer any value in fantasy footy though.

$380,400 Colin Garland (DEF) likes to kick it more than handball, which is good, but unfortunately he just doesn’t see enough of the ball to be a solid fantasy selection.

$353,300 Angus Brayshaw (FWD/MID) got injured in the first contest of the game, looked like a knee. Nothing more to report at this stage.

$363,300 Jeff Garlett (FWD) is another small forward who I don’t consider fantasy relevant but it is nice to see him back to his best. Chase down tackles, goals and forward pressure saw him become one of the most dangerous forwards on the ground.

$343,400 Cameron Pedersen (FWD) was pretty quiet playing up forward and pushing onto a wing. Isn’t a prolific ball winner and won’t change the course of a game. Not for me.

$320,100 Tomas Bugg (DEF) was reasonably impressive in this match. Looks like he’ll hold down a nice defensive position for the Demons this year. Doesn’t translate to Supercoach in my eyes but might be a solid Coach Kings midpricer.

$293,700 Neville Jetta (DEF) didn’t really impact the game at all. Enough Demons had good games around him that it didn’t matter. Supercoach scoring doesn’t suit his game anyway.

$292,700 James Harmes (FWD) had a few shots on goal, but had minimal impact on the game. Another one of those awkwardly priced players who probably won’t play 20 games in the seniors this year. Solid role player but not fantasy relevant.

$207,300 Clayton Oliver (MID) was one of my favourite players in the draft, really wanted Carlton to pick him. Looked comfortable playing at AFL level, big-bodied kid who attacked the ball. Stark contrast to Jack Watts first game for Melbourne where he was a skinny kid out of his depth. Oliver will be a player, could do worse than select him in your long-form or DFS side.

$252,100 Billy Stretch (DEF/MID) another middle-of-the-roader. Didn’t do enough to warrant consideration. All the best to him though, great last name.

$251,200 Matt Jones (FWD) had a decent chunk of the footy and went at a high disposal efficiency. Ran through the midfield and played up forward as well. Not sure that’s he’s fantasy relevant when the demons field the other Jones who will take those midfield minutes away from him. Interesting Coach Kings choice.

$232,000 Dean Kent (FWD) looked too hesitant to go for goal at times and didn’t want to bend over too much after his previous hamstring injuries. Doesn’t find his way into any of our fantasy teams.

$217,600 Sam Frost (RUC/FWD) was one I was looking forward to watching. Didn’t actually do anything. Put a line through his name, look for that RUC/FWD swing elsewhere.

$187,800 Ben Kennedy (FWD/MID) was dubbed “The Rock” by community member Chicko. Looked big for the Demons, took some nice contested marks and collected the pill. Will watch hard for the rest of the preseason but looks like he could be a solid F5/6 for your Supercoach teams. Watch-list.

$155,400 Oscar McDonald (DEF) played on Schulz for most of the game. Is a key position defender so won’t score too much but if he can secure a spot in the best 22 (which I think is likely if Frost is up forward) he’ll be a safe bench scorer.

$123,900 Jayden Hunt (FWD) is on my bench, only had a few touches but I think he’s just finding his feet. Been in the system long enough to get some games. Watching him closely.

$121,900 Josh Wagner (DEF) didn’t touch the ball very much. Don’t expect him to play much in 2016.

Notable absentees: Bernie Vince, Nathan Jones, Chris Dawes, Heritier Lumumba

So community, who stood out for you today?

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Nice again, Lek, is was hoping that we selected Clayton Oliver aswell. Think that Lobbe is a trap? Whats your thoughts on Jack Martin?


Not necessarily a trap, Deccas. Just adjust your expectations of him accordingly. Even though he's the lone ruckman don't expect him to smashing out 110+ every week


Or any week


Great Post Lek!!

Ive had Gawn as my R2 since day 1! I'm a Robbie Gray fan as well……still not sure if I can fit him in on my side? Losing the DPP has swayed me away from Gray!


Was hoping Gawn at R2 was going to be a bit of pod.


Yeah me too but I don't think so anymore. He's been on my team for the last 3 years…….mostly bench loophole til last year. Knew he was going to be my R2 from the start of SC.


Reckon Wines was taking it easy today. Wouldnt read too much into it


I was thinking the same to Tom. Still worries me a bit…..I kind of wanna get him so hopefully he picks it up in next NAB Challenge??? He's on the fence for me right now…..its him Parker or Danger based on other performances of others in the NAB?


Kevin Skywalker

I think there was talk Wines had groin issues. Really want him, but he'll need to show more before Rd 1


Yes Kevin that seems to be the word on the street and the first Ive heard of……..Hopefully Wines can do something in the next few weeks but he is on the outs right now??? I want him to but need to see more!


Has an injury concern.


Agree Tom. i think this talk about wines with a injury concern is rubbish. if he was doubtful, why would they play him? he is to valuable to risk. He simply ran through the motions. It also didnt help that Gawn dominated the ruck and gave melbourne first use of the ball.


Just remember the Dee's said they'll approach the Nab cup hard as they want to hit the ground running by rd1.
Can't say the same for port. Wines not attacking the ball is a sign, to me anyway, port ain't worried about the nab.

Biggest relevance is Gawn v lobbe, you're right in saying Gawn must enter our calculations – lobbe had 3 fa's too, so his score might be skewed. Gawn lock, lobbe pending. Maybe the old leuenberger might rear his head up by rd1…….


2 spots left in my league if anyone want to join 853059

The mongrel punt

I have read that wines is carrying an injury.
Could that explain his poor game?

Kevin Skywalker

Groin issues or something similar


Wines had a minor groin complaint,
FYO Carlton put out a tweet to say that Cripps had a knee knock in a practice drill and received bruising to the knee.



Lobbe looked to small to be a decent ruckman. He did takle a lot, but I'm thinking a reshuffle of my rucks might be needed


I've had Goldy and Gawn locked away since the start. They will finish top two rucks.


Me too Kano!!!!


Gawn is a gun. The only reason I haven't got him is i have gone the select and forget in the rucks. so to me that means pick the best 2 for the season. ive gone goldy and martin. I would not be at all surprised though if Gawn is close to Martin by seasons end


I actually enjoyed Melbourne winning that match. Im still not going near Gawn due to durability, and no where near touching Jimmy Toumpas (in his debut year we all got sucked into his NAB Challenge). Got a few questions so i hope I can get some advice.

Now I know most have chosen Ollie 'Quads' Wines and are hopefully expecting him to become a full premium, but like I am, i'm not quite sold on him. Other than another popular choice in Luke Parker who else may be an option around this 500-570K price range.

Also would love to have suggestions on whom people are choosing at F4, with the likes of D.Wells, J.Simpkin and D.Menzel or more expensive options like A.Hall and J.Stringer.

Lastly just one more quick question – G. Birchall or B.Smith?

Thanks for your advice. Vinny.


For that premo mid around 500-570k not a lot of talk around Sloane, Steven, Ellis, Vince, Cripps are all player I see being able to improve their averages. For the F4 position, I only have a rookie there at the moment, depending on your structure, I like Hall at this stage with the Suns injuries but we need to see how Simpkin goes. I like Menzel as well. For your final question, you know Birchell will pump out consistent 80-95's whereas Smith is a little less consistent but with Jaensch retiring, could help Smith improve his average. He will go huge some weeks and won't be seen other weeks. Hope this helps.


Thanks this helps plenty, any advice is appreciated and utilised.

Kevin Skywalker

Sidebottom is 562k too


what are your thought on liam shiels? Didn't realised he averaged so high. At just over 520 K and turning 25 this year, surely something there?




For me, I've been struggling to decide wether to go Gawn or Nic Nat at r2. Gawn hasn't done himself any harm at this stage, wanting to see how Nic Nat goes.


Whose the best mid premo??? Outside the big four in pendles, Gaz, Fyfe and Danger as well as Rocky
Is it now Grey?




Id say JPK. simply for durability. he may not average quite as much as the ones mentioned but he will outscore most by seasons end due to playing more games.






So who are looking like the must have rookies so far?

Reckon only Mathieson, Mills, Collins and Kerridge have shown anything so far


Tucker, Menadue?

Really need a full nab cup before selecting rookies. Hard to know if they are playing for a round 1 spot or if the are just there because the big guns are being rested


I was disappointed with Hopper's score the other night, didn't see the game. How did he go?


I hardly noticed him at all – played the whole game but think he got most of his touches in the second half and kicked a goal – played on the Bont in the first half. He's a good size and has been a gun at junior level, but was a very quite game – watch for NAB2 and 3


Which Collins ?? Freo or Dogs ??


Dogs I assume


Thoughts on Matthew Boyd?


Tooth Length.


Yeah agree – he'll probably play 16-20 games – missed a few last year with general soreness, still a great player though!

Average Joe

Is Craig Bird an option or what?


See how he goes tomorrow. A lot of mid price options emerging at F4


He hasn't left my team yet Joe, I'm very bullish on him this season. I'd like him to go well tomorrow, but not too well. Haha


Gawn was against Lobbe lets see him against a decent ruckman first before locking him in


Good Point! But I still have him as my R2.


I really liked the look of Ben Kennedy currently got him at D7 and fighting it out with Cory Ellis


Sorry F7


Try that again 🙂 F5


With 90 SC points to his name – lock him in

Average Joe

Also best ruck option other than Goldy, Stef Martin, Lobbe, Nic Nat and Gawn? Just not sold on Lobbe, Nic Nat and Gawn, and don't think I can afford to have stef martin and goldy in the same team


Just so you know Nic Nat and Gawn have the same bye week.


look no further than Jacobs or Blicavs.


Waiting to see how Callum Sinclair goes for Sydney.
Zac Smith went okay for Geelong, I think he was burnt out early at the Suns and with the move to Geelong I think we may see a different man. Risky but keep an eye on him.
I have Goldy and Sinclair in my team ATM but that could quite possibly change.



How many keepers should be in our starting squad?


14 or 15 is pretty solid


I currently have 13 – not counting Libba as a keeper.

Kevin Skywalker

Was looking to go Blicavs or Nic Nat as R2 now Gawn has gone to the top of this list


He did look good, but I will be interested to see how he goes against a real big ruckman like Martin, Goldy, Jacobs


Travis Boak 135
Jasper Pittard 107
Jimmy Toumpas 90
Brad Ebert 87
Hamish Hartlett 86
Matthew Broadbent 86
Robbie Gray 82
Sam Gray 80
Justin Westhoff 65
Jackson Trengove 62
Aaron Young 61
Matthew Lobbe 54
Jared Polec 54
Matt White 51
Karl Amon 51
Jack Hombsch 51
Jake Neade 46
Brendon Ah Chee 42
Tom Jonas 42
Ollie Wines 38
Darcy Byrne-Jones 36
John Butcher 35
Cam O’Shea 32
Jarman Impey 28
Jay Schulz 20
Max Gawn 138
Aaron vandenBerg 136
Jack Viney 123
Jeff Garlett 120
Matt Jones 95
Jack Watts 91
Ben Kennedy 90
Tomas Bugg 80
Tom McDonald 77
Dom Tyson 76
Colin Garland 75
Cameron Pedersen 71
Jack Grimes 63
Jesse Hogan 63
Christian Salem 62
Dean Kent 61
James Harmes 57
Clayton Oliver 54
Neville Jetta 54
Lynden Dunn 47
Jayden Hunt 41
Billy Stretch 38
Sam Frost 23
Oscar McDonald 21
Josh Wagner 17
Angus Brayshaw 3


I got Ben Kennedy, he didn't get much game time with Collingwood. especially last season…. so I think he could be a due for a break out year

Grahame Lebroy

What a magnificent win for the Dees. Glorious even .


wrong match I know … But houli shooting up my watchlist !!!!!!!!!


Agree, he looks good and only 2 clangers!


True. my only concern will be when Yarran plays. Will Yarran take some of Houlis role coming out of the backline.


My sneaky POD Edwards is tearing it up


Part of the potential problem with Wines is the talk of him continuing to add more outside game. He's a contested ball king, that's his #1 strength, and I think going away from that is a bit of a diservice to him. I see a bit of an obsession with Hinkley wanting lots of mids being outside runners. They like to attack on the slingshot, which works well if they can get it going, and makes them really dangerous with guys like White, Polec, Ebert and Hartlett on the outside (Toumpas will add to this), Boak and Gray are two way runners too. But if you're then trying to get Wines out there then it's going to make it even more difficult when teams deny them the corridor and make them contest for the pill. Port arguably have the better midfield than the Dees, but got beaten in clearances and contested ball today.

Now if Sam Gray is being chucked into the middle to be more of a contested player, that really boosts his potential, even more so because we can pick him as a FWD.

Jack Viney as well, if freed up from a more defensive game could be a good bargain too instead of Wines. 10 clearances today, which was double of what the next best Port bloke (Sam Gray) managed.


i like the research Barron.


Option1 –

DEF: D4:Smith D5/D6: Rookies
MID: M5: Libba M6:Crouch M7/8: Rookies

Option 2 –
DEF D4: Francis D5/6: Rookies
MID: M5: Wines M6:Libba M7/8: Rookies


Canny the Manny

Option two, personally, I'm not going near Brodie Smith this year.

my name is Earl

Grundy scored 86 points in a game where he shared the ruck with Witts and Cox


Would any body consider suckling, Libba and de gory keepers. If not what are the cut-off points as keepers


Keepers are people that will average in the top 15 of their position by the end of the year. If libba plays, he is a keeper and will average 100+ minimum. Suckling and De Goey are not keepers but good POD's and could have good seasons this year averaging 85.


Keepers are the ones you want in your team if money was not an issue. Therefore the best 8 mids etc

Libba not a keeper

Suckling will be lucky to be in Bulldogs best 22. As a hawks fan I never rated him and last year he was poor and was dropped a couple of times only to be saved by late outs.


If Libba averages 105- 110 he's a keeper. Can't see it being any less.


agree. It really depends on how he comes back from his knee. but if he is still fit by the mid point of the season, he will stay in my side as he has proven he can average 110


Yep agree – he could be a keeper either as M8 and M9, just depends how he goes.


thoughts on Steele Sidebottom as a nice pod


Is cockatoo a player to consider in the forward line