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Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwardsG’day community, Lekdog here with my Supercoach team reveal for 2016.

Now it’s a little early in the year so expect my team to change but as it stands I’m pretty happy with my structures.

2015 was a pretty good year for Lekdog’s Puppies and saw us finish in the top 1% of the Supercoach fraternity. One thing that last year reaffirmed for me is that our initial team selection is the easiest part of the season, the hard bit comes after that when we have to trade (or not trade) our way to victory.


If you have a look below you’ll see that only 14 players from my initial team survived the whole year and one of those was Mr. Loophole Tom Read.


Supercoach team image 1


Supercoach Team Reveal 2

This told me a few things..

..injuries are a bitch, POD’s can work and premo’s generally stay that way throughout the year. And with that in mind I present to you the 2016 iteration of Lekdog’s Puppies.


Lekdog Supercoach 2016 Team Reveal

I would consider this side to essentially be Guns and Rookies with a couple of exceptions in Smith and Hall but I think they’ll do what I need them to in 2016.

My Strategy

I’m starting strong this year community, I’ve decided that much. My powerhouse ruck combination coupled with a really strong midfield output should see me win some early games and climb the ranks reasonably quickly. I’m paying overs in the ruck department because I can’t be bothered tinkering and wasting trades during the season proper. To offset the large investment in my rucks I’ve selected Ablett, Rockliff, Parker and Liberatore in the midfield, all players who I believe are criminally underpriced yet also have massive ceilings for that early season push.

Fyfe and Pendlebury speak for themselves really, both often consistency and permanent captaincy options, a must in 2016.

In the defence I’ve selected players whom I think represent value as well as consistency. The Docherty, Bartel and Birchall selections are all players who should have a consistent 2016 as well as pumping out 80+ averages. I have also selected Brodie Smith who is too cheap to ignore after a strong finish to 2015, he’s in the Crows best 22 and should provide some scores that out-weigh the risk in his selection.

Up forward I’ve selected the overpriced Dustin Martin, I almost went without Dustin this year but I think he’ll be a forward line pillar once more and who knows maybe this year will be the year he breaks through the 120 average barrier. Coupled with Martin is the powerhouse in Barlow. Paying $500K for a guy who has averaged at least 93.6 in all but one year of his career is too easy, lock him away.

Rookie-wise I’ve selected three players who probably won’t appear in too many teams. The first was Corey Ellis, a player who I’ve loved since I broke the news he was debuting (selfless self-promotion), but one who I think can have a breakout year in a strong Richmond side. The second was Callum Mills, the kid is an absolute jet and I see no reason why he doesn’t play most of the season. I need to see him in the full Sydney side but believe me community this kid can play. The third is Mitch Brown (WCE), this one is simple community he’s going to be my Nathan Brown for 2016. He’s going to play, probably not score very much but hey Nathan Brown won me a game last year.

I’ll mention this here, Robbie Gray, I want him. Not sure how I’m going to get him, will keep you posted.

Finally I’ll discuss the elephant in the room, Aaron Hall. I love the kid, I’m not sure how he goes in a full Gold Coast side but I have a gut feeling. He averaged 114.4 in the last seven games of 2015 and I think he can continue that form for my side in 2016. I also think some of the risk in taking a forward POD is nullified by the strong rookie selections we have in Kerridge, Brown, Grimley etc.

So there it is community, it’s nothing groundbreaking but I think it’s a solid side to go into 2016 with. Love to hear your thoughts community and keep in mind that we have some time until the season proper so my team might change a bit before then.




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Not even close to finishing my team so well done Lek!


G'day Lek, like your backline. You know what your getting – consistency, and thats vital. Especially with defence being to bare, I think consistent scorers are the way to go! Unlike Yeo, KK you can guarentee a solid score week in week out from Birch, Docherty the only one I'm concerned on is Bartel. You think he will miss many games? Any concern that Goldy and Martin share the same bye rounds?


Yes LEK, knowone has mentioned that Bartel can get to the 300 club, im with you the pussie's will get him there… I don't see him getting rested much at all either, 2 games tops

Rosa Time

Why is everyone drinking the KK Kool Aid!? It's a massive gamble have a look at last years scores – heaps of 50's and 60's. That's hardly worth 480k!


No Petracca?


A.Hall is a burn man. Did finish last yesr like a house on fire but he spent that time in the guts when GAJ, Swallow, JOM and Prestia were all out. Doubt he'll see much mid time in a full side.

But a good side overall, I like the rookie picks, similar structure to myself



A certain someone KEEPS telling me not to go with Doc and he sucks. I wanna go with him but they keep tearing me away? Can you tell me why he is a good selection. The certain person keeps telling me he comes in Big for 100 and then a 44. I know you a Blues fan but convince me to take him?? I kind wanna but flip flopping!

Great Post!



And he's only 23yo ? Looks older. He's a big break out contender


Thats what I keep saying! hedeski! Thanks for reassurance!


Who is d.cuningham?


Don't mind your team. Cuningham was on my radar until I saw his TAC cup numbers. He averaged 91. Yes, he will make money but I reckon there are better options there.


Am in disbelief how similar this is to my team, thinking very much alike


Agreed, only a handful of different players and very similar structure.


DEF: simpson, kk, bartel, aish, tucker, bonner (broad, hibberd)
MID: fyfe, gaz, pendles, rockliff, wines, libba, mills, petracca (gore, mathieson, macpherson)
RUC: goldy, lobbe (loersch)
FWD: gunston, barlow, greene, hall, wells, kerridge (grimley, kommer)

I have 51k and i want to do guns and rookies but for some reason i think there is an overload of underpriced players this year so i have decided to go with uber mids, and goldy and then pick kk, aish, greene, hall and wells because i beleive they should improve.

BTW what are you guys thinking about joel selwood, michael johnson, jesse stringer and daisy?


I may downgrade hall to daisy depending on the other nab gamed and then upgrade Greene to dusty maybe but my main issue is trying to put Josh Gibson in my side. I loved what he did against Carlton but I can't see him doing it the whole season.


agree with lekdogs advice on the injury prone except for Jelwood. has played at least 20 games each season since 2008 except 1. i like the Jelwood selection but as there is so much value in the mids this year, not sure too many will pick him.


I'm thinking of somehow finding a way to fit selwood in because he has averaged at least 115 for the last 4 or 5 years I think so Imo he is severely undervalued and somehow will be a great pod.


Jelwood has always had interrupted preseasons, yet will always come good at the start of the season. It was only last year that we saw the effects of him carrying the team, something which shouldn't happen this year. If he's named round 1 against hawthorn i'm putting him in!


Nice work Lek, hanging it out there for sure.
Perhaps 1 too many mid pricers for mine, but the die roll could reap great rewards.
I would expect most will have Mills and a reasonable amount gamble on Brown squared.

What's the oil on Cuningham? Will we see him before rnd 1? I want to pick him!

Wyatt is the ideal R3 looper. Lock.

Ellis is inspired I reckon, that guts is lean at TIgerland and I can't see Townsend and Moore being saviours.

Love the Parker pick, will be in my team.

That's one huge friggin elephant mate!
Its a bloody long line up for the bus to the Suns Engine Room with Lonergan, Hallahan and Miller waving their tickets not to mention your Garletts, MacPhersons and Ah Chees sniffing around the mudflaps.
Admire your nuts here. Could be a masterstroke though if all the ducks line up, Gaz moves fwd, Risky struggles with injury and JOM cuddles up with a cottonwool teddy.

Thanks for sharing.


Looking for 3 more people to join my SuperCoach Draft League JR Community Draft for tonight at 9:00pm Melbourne time. Must be committed to go for the full year. Thanks. Code is 498709


1 spot left.


That's ok mate maybe next year!


anyone have god leagues to join finished in top 1% last two years


like the look of your team Lekdog love the pod picks. Bartel is an speculative pick been in and out of my team. I think he will average around the 100 mark just not sure he will play every game.


Haven't seen anyone mention Jack Trengrove at 156k, is he worth a chance instead of a guy like Gresham?


Cheers for the thoughts Lekdog appreciate the feedback


I have Trengrove in at the moment, will be watching him closely.


He isn't likely to play Rnd 1 but if he plays any NAB at all will be 1 to consider… I hope we don't see him till rounds 5 or 6


If he plays Rd1 he'll be in my team either as a M8 or M9 – simple as that.


Might have to keep an eye out for cory Ellis
Nice team. I got the same rucks.


Nice team what about danger especially with the cats draw I can see him scoring really well early.


I agree about Danger. He might be at maximum price but I reckon he's worth every cent. Pendles is no doubt a gun but wouldn't surprise me if his output dropped slightly to last year.

I N Pieman

Hall was about to get kicked off the GC list. And rightly so. Pulled his finger out to get a new contract for a few games at the end of the season, when no GC mids were left. F3. Sorry Lek I disagree. Mids & rucks are very solid. Docherty in a team that won the spoon & turned over 15 players at D1 is the ballsiest SC pick ive ever seen. That's a heart call dude. I strongly advise to reconsider back & forward spots. Can't disagree with dusty & Barlow at f1 & 2. Locks. Good luck for the season


What overall ranking did you finish with in 2015 Lek?


DEF: Houli, Bartel, Birchall, Rich, M.Brown, Bonner (Broad, Hartley)

MID: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, JPK, Rocky, Libba, Gresham, Mathieson (Macpherson, Phillips, M.Hibberd)

RUC: Goldy, Stef martin (Loersch)

FWD: Dusty, Barlow, T.Greene, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca (Grimley, M.Adams)

2.5k left in the bank



I'm not sold that Richmond will improve on last year and combining that with Yarran's inclusion I'm not sold on Houli. Aware Yarran is under the injury cloud to start the season but even so I'd be leaning away from him


I'm a fan of Rich as well and think he'll carve up this year. Not sold on Greene just yet but will be happy to be proven wrong. I've gone for Billings in my FWD line instead. Solid team though mate. No issues I wouldn't think,


I couldn't justify Rich in the Brisbane midfield, are you hoping he plays off the half back or in the guts?


Not sold on Houli either, would look at someone else.
Also not sure on Toby Greene, might be better of going to Zorko or dalhaus, have to wait and see Greene in the nab games.


StevieJ same price as Greene. I have him on my watchlist


Seen a few ppl throwing Macpherson into their teams, the guy is rookie listed.


Could anyone give some feedback on my team so far, my theory is to get the better premuims and not the ones just below. Score better overall and will want to have them at the end. Not sold on wines, birchall yet will possibly upgrade to gaz and get a mid price def.

Def: shaw, mcveigh, houli, birchall, franics, brown(ess). Tucker, collins
Mid: fyfe, rockliff, wines, liba, crouch, mills, parish, gore. Mathieson, macoherson, cunningham
Ruc: goldy, lobbe. Some random rookie
Fow: deledio, martin, barlow, dalhaus, kerridge, komner. Petracca, milera.

Kevin Skywalker

mcveigh not likely to be ready Rd 1. Deledio, Dahlhaus probably at their peak price as are Shaw and Houli. As a result you at least one premium mid short in the midfield. Having said that I'm not sure myself about my Def and Fwds premiums just yet.
Also having Francis, Mills and Parish as more expensive rookies ($200k approx) means they have to score more than cheaper rooks to make their break evens and generate cash.


Are you a Tigers fan.

Houli and delidio you can get later as upgrades. I would get Rich and Simpkin and use cash to upgrade Mills to Ablett


Ben, I haven't seen Libba at m4 in any team, he comes in at m5 or 6 in most teams m6 in mine.
Think you have the balance wrong, plus 4 high priced rookies in Francis, Mills, Parish and milera is a little to much IMO….
But goodluck with it, I'm sure you have a plan.


Agree with Stirlsy here Benny.
I personally think you've spent too much in DEF at this stage.
Libba is my M6, not saying that's the right way to go about it but I think if you downgraded maybe Mcveigh or Houli then upgraded Mills to Ablett/ Pendlebury/ Priddis. I think your team would look a lot better.

Also cut back on the expensive rookies, in saying that I have three, but I think I'll be culling one.

Just my humble opinion if you have a strategy that your going for stick to it mate!


Great stuff Lekdog, I like the Hall pick, gotta stay true to yourself and back you gut! My gut call is Bird. Also, Sheridan as well but not as confident there, he's hanging by a thread in my team.
Our mid fields are very similar, I have Wines instead of Parker and Crouch instead of Gresham.


No DPP link ups?


I like it Lek. I also agree with you, get Gray in. My smokey pick for the Brownlow this year. I'm running with Docherty at D1 too, but keep thinking a swap to Simpson would provide more consistency. Thoughts? Rucks are solid. I keep slipping Lobbe into my team because it helps my structure elsewhere. Can't say I'm confident but surely he'll pump out 85+ and allow an upgrade to Martin or Goldy later? Tough choices.


Lobbe burn man of 2016. Hitouts to advantage almost non existent for him.


Love how you reflect on the good and bad choices you made last year, and let that help you in making your current team. Too many people don't learn from their mistakes by reflecting on the years past. Great work mate.


Spot on! I wish I remembered my mistakes. Far too many to keep track of!


At the end of last year I made a list of things I need to do this year.

I came up with my 10 rules of SuperCoach. I'm sure I had put them on a thread previously. I have to keep reminding myself of them.


Love that side Lekstache, you never seem to amaze, hate the D1 call though, and F3, I'm going heavy in ruk too, well done young fella and look forward to playing against you and the friendly banter that will ensue, keep up the good work mate,,,,,


D1 Laird, F3 Greene. Maybe.


T McDonald, S Docherty, J Bartel, B Smith, T Sheridan, M Hibberd

N Broad, A McDonald-Tipungwut

G Ablett, R Sloane, T Mitchell, S Sidebottom, T Rockliff, O Wines, T Libratore, R Mathieson

J Polkinghorne, D Cunningham, D Macpherson

M Blicavs, M Lobbe

S Grimley

D Martin, M Barlow, T Greene, S Kerridge, N Kommer, C Petracca

M Brown, M Adams

1.4k left

B Smith is the only one I'm thinking twice about, could use another FWD but around that price I can't pick a reasonable option.

Canny the Manny

Steele Sidebottom is probably the player I want to select over any other, but he's not going to get enough midfield time to warrant his selection.
I think you need to reconsider your midfield premiums, Sloane is probably alright, but having Mitchell, Sidebum and Wines is a little dangerous. Last year I went with Lewis and Boak to start with at similar prices and they turned out to be duds.
Blicavs is a lock. Also like the T. Greene T. McDonald sections.
Overall, pretty good side.


They don't have anymore midfielders ahead of Steele than in 2014? Beams out and Trelor in, he averaged 108 odd then and had some absolute monster games! I think Collingwood is due for a better season and he is 25 years old with no chance of being tagged. Swan is another year older and will spend the time forward giving Sidebottom more mid time but even if not he has kicked bags of 4 and 5 before. The rest of my mids I'll think about though seeing as I could easily downgrade b smith to rookie and upgrade three of them to super premium status.


I agree with you Kegs Steele has been smashing all the fitness testing down at Collingwood and with Pendlebury to take the tag most weeks I think he is solid pick, I have him.
With trelor and adams and a few other small tough blokes in that side I think Steele will be able to play the outside midfield roll which always scores well if not tagged.


I like a hall, stood up in the guts and carried that gc team (near enough) for those last 7 weeks. That is enough to suggest to me that he'll get plenty of mid time with a lot of the gc big guns not quite right yet. Add to this he was talked about as wanting to move on at years end but ended up signing another contract which I would imagine would have been on the back of promise of continued mid time. But this is just my read on the situation, at 420k he is in my team as well Lek. (Although there are a few others putting up there hands for his spot ie s gray)
Like the team Lek, I'm not sold on the big ruck spend but hey I see the path your treading. Good luck,oh and I think mills could be a lock by round 1.


DEF: KK, Bartel, Docherty, Smith, Dea, Brown (Bonner, Collins)
MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Cripps, Libba, Mills, Cuningham (Gresham, Gore, Mathieson)
RUC: Martin, Naitanui (Wyatt)
FOR: Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca, (Grimley, Brown)

Thoughts appreciated!


Looks pretty safe to me. Both in personnel and structure. Nothing wrong with this, just I can't see any real pod's

Bobby Singh

Sometimes having no POD's and sticking to consistency is the best thing to do. That's what I'm doing.


Any reason you don't like Kk? And what are your thoughts on Wingard??


Nice job Lek like always. I totally agree with your RUCK, I'm going in hard in also just as you have as so many points can be lost in there by going the other route.
After the shocking NAB this week, I am questioning KK & Yeo – I had them in my side and I did NOT like Bartel at ALL as I think he will be rested quite a bit due especially during the cats easy games now that there's no sub + less rotations is my only concern about Bartel and Geelong's draw has quite a few easy games.
However after watching KK & Yeo i changed my whole defence structure.

I must admit I do like what I seen of Mills however spending $211k on someone who is in a team full of premium midfielders in a massive concern and it scares the $hit out of me.
To be honest all these $200k players such as: Simpkin, Crowley, Anderson, Mills, Parish, Francis, Hopper, Dea, Curren scare the crap out of me and I will only start with a maximum of ONE and at this stage its obviously Mills that I like however as I mentioned above playing for Sydney is surely going to impact his chances of making the swans top 22
The only other player I really liked that is priced around the $200k was Curren's game, he played bloody well and is allot safer of making top 22 if he continues playing as he did with 18 disposals, including 3 Marks & 3 Tackles and a GOAL.

This is my team at the moment, keep in mind M Brown (WCE) most likely won't be there. I am also strongly considering going Bartel to Rich, however at this stage I prefer to have the higher priced player in as it makes it easer to change later.

DEF:- Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Bartel, M Brown, M Brown (Bonner, Rice)
MID:- Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, O’Meara, Gresham, Kerridge (Mathieson, Gore, MacPherson)
RUCK:- Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)
FWD:- Dahlhaus, Wingard, Barlow, Curnow, Kommer, Petracca (Grimley, Allen)

Thoughts community will be appreciated.


Mills is pure class. Swans have done exceptionally well with their recent draft picks with Titch (father-son) and now academy prodigies, Heeney and Mills, all popping out in quick succession much to Eddie's chagrin ha ha.

With the departure of Jets, Goodesy, Shaw, Pyke and Bird he shouldn't have much trouble slotting into their 22 assuming he continues to perform well as expected. Very happy with him settled in my M7/M8 as you do.


Agreed Curnow too green.. Don't mind menadue or j hunt

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I see Libba has had a setback, but they are that he should be ok for the following week ??

'Don't Blush Babbie'

yeah the NAB will give us an indication but if he doesn't play next week, ah Houston we have a problem !


Libber will be back for NAB 2 – they are taking it slow with him


Fantastic work lekdog. appreciate all the hard work and advice you give the community. also like your team and the selection of a few interesting PODs. Good luck mate


i have tom read as my R3
Lekdog saw you had wyatt i would like to know the reasoning behind that?
what is everyone else doing with their R3?


Why not spend the extra $10k and get Cox from Collingwood? He could even play at some stage and make you some coin


Because there is a decent chance Grimley from (ESS) could end up playing for the bombers so by having someone like Grimley in your forward line bench along with Wyatt who is the cheapest DPP and wont play means you can use him as your loophole player as the pies have quite a few late games which can be more important then having a player that might get 1or 2 games later in the season. Secondly and more importantly because Wyatt & Grimley both are DPP with FWD/RUCK means you can swing these two players from Ruck to Forward and visa versa. Welcome.

Cyril is delicious

JPK or Parker?? Been tossing and turning about this since day 1. Parker is looking the goods, is undervalued, and will push for a top 10 mid spot. Thoughts community? Cheers


parker is underpriced but i doubt he will push the top10. JPK though with his finish to last year will push the top10. JPK is less risk but that bit of money you save on Parker could allow you to strengthen another position.


JPK will be playing a bit forward this year which is not a good sign. Parker has somehow put more muscle on and I think will be Sydney's number 1 midfielder. He is a BnF winner in a Swans team which finished first on the ladder and made the GF.


Parker will outscore JPK between 10 to 15 points week in and week out. Parker by the Flemington straight.

Speaking of racing those who are interested in a punt, get on GHISONI who is racing on Saturday at Randwick in race 5 she could be anything and against her own age and sex she should brain this field.
Or take TWO multi's from Randwick race 5 number 7 GHISONI into Caulfield race 7 numbers 1 Extreme Choice & #3 Flying Archie. This will give you odds of $7.80 & $11.90 – I am all over GHISONI like a small pox rash & these multi's look to juicy to ignore. HOWEVER that being said GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.


I'll likely go in with both although I realise that probably isn't much help.

JPK is a rock solid choice that's unlikely to go too far wrong although no doubting Parker's value. Parker's impressive NAB1 performance has probably elevated him in the eyes of many but we really shouldn't be influenced too much by that.

Parker's almost reckless attack on the footy (like a Ziebell) can sometimes end badly which is a concern. But it's hard to deny that he is one of the rising superstars of the competition.


I'm picking Robbie G instead, but prefer Parker at his low price point


Is 6 premo mids plus libratore too many? Also Lek what are you're thoughts on the quadzilla?


No that's doable although you need to be fairly certain on who the top Mids will be by potentially leaving only one spot for upgrades.

For a more balanced side you are probably better off having Libba at M5 or M6 but a lot of that will be determined by how the final rookie picture plays out.


Thoughts on b crouch and Polec?


i see crouch averaging 90+. cant see polec doing that. Both injury concerns but for there price, probably worth the risk


Hi Lek, watched most of your Videos last season and consider your work a lot more than others around here (though everyone here is good). So yeah keep up the good work.

Just wanted to ask, do you think one of Fyfe/Danger are must haves? GAJ/Rocky/Pendles/Libba are untouchable so I won't remove them to make room for others. It is quite possible that we are going to have a lot of rookies start in round 1 (Mills, Hopper, Keays, Matheson, Greesham, Gore, Cunningham, one of Petracca/Kerridge if we want a fwd/mid in the mids. If we do have this plethora of mids starting, would it be worth dropping Fyfe/Danger to a rookie? There is so much that can be done with 550k, Its allows me upgrade Milhera to Wells, Jacobs to Goldstein and extra Fwd premo. (I think T.Lynch from GC is going to go off his melons, he will getting silver service and he wont be sharing it around). Or will not starting one of them be too detrimental if they got 120+? Cheers


A few decisions I'm tossing up…

1: a) Goldstein and Wells; b) NicNat and Sinclair/Buddy
2. a) Birchall b) Yeo
3. Dahlhaus/Wingard/Dusty (can start with two out of three)



A, a and dusty/dahl (although i prefer barlow and zorko over dahl)


1. b) yeah don't like wells, how many games will he play?

2. yeo at this stage, only because he's still got the chance to play more mid.

3. Wingard and dusty, although I'm going Barlow and dusty. I think wingard will be floating around the same avg as last year so I'll be finding value elsewhere.


nice call on Shaw and Bob Murphy last season….currently have similar back premiums as you so hope ur right again:P


I agree with SCaddict. Kennedy is more reliable and better value than Dangerfield.
Team is as follows, with at least one surprise. If Vardy doesn't get up will probably run with Conca.

Bartell Yeo Smith Aish Brown Hartley Tucker Broad

Ablett Kennedy Sloane Rockliff Parker Cripps Liberatore B Crouch Gore Petracca Mathieson

Martin Naitanui Wyatt

Barlow Sinclair Bird Vardy Simpkin Kerridge Kommer Grimley & 76500



Really like the Sloane and Cripps selections as genuine PODs. I doubt they'll disappoint you assuming Sloane doesn't suffer another freak cheekbone fracture. Man that totally killed me last season not once but twice! But he's obviously well over that now and I'm sure he'll kick ass this season.

However that forward line is looking mighty brittle and whilst I'm hoping Sinclair pans out well for my Swans that's a ballsy F2 selection. Perhaps forgo one of your elite mids (I realise that's a tough ask as they are all guns!) to bolster that forward line with another couple of proven premos.


Thanks for that. Taken onboard. Cheers.


Sloane broke my heart twice last year as well.


too much in midfield. I would limit mid to 5 premiums


Franklin & Greene for Vardy & Sloane.
Thanks. It is pretty easy to get fixated on some players to the detriment of structure. Cheers.


i just cant pick Greene. i have no doubt he will get the ball but his usage is horrible which doesnt translate to great scoring in supercoach. if i see some improvement in the nab with his disposal, it might make me have a look at him but not at present.


I have Greene in for now but Billings, Smith, Buddy and even Stevie J will be competing hard for that final forward premo spot in my team so will be interested to see how that plays out.


Yeah that's a better structural balance I reckon.


Thoughts on my team?

Shaw, Laird, Smith, Aish, Tucker, Broad, Collins, Brown
Ablett, Fyfe, Pendles, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Hopper, Gresham, Cuningham, Mathieson, Keays
Goldstein, Nic Nat, Wyatt
Martin, Zorko, Barlow, Kerridge, Hunt, Petracca, Grimley, Adams.

I can quite easily change Shaw, Laird and Aish to KK, Yeo and Bartel but at this stage,I'm not sold on them

Shake n bake

Shaw & Laird in my side Shaw will be no 1 def again I think & Laird will have a better year to.


like it stiffy. if sticking with Zorko as well. id stick with the structure you have mate.


you're quite, umm, flaccid up the back…


Lek, I'd love your opinion on the impact Laird and Brodie Smith might have on each others scoring ability. Laird had a cracker year last year, Brodie.. not so much. Both did well at the end of the year too.. what are their roles?


hey community just wondering where I can spend this extra 175.5k
defence: Rance, KK, Yeo, Brodie Smith, Dea and Brown (Essendon) (Bonner, Broad)
Midfield: Danger, Pendles, Rocky, Wines, Liba, Crouch, Mills, Parish (Matthew Kennedy, Mathieson, Gore)
Rucks: Goldy, Lobbe (Cox)
Fwds: Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca (Milera, Kommer)
open for all feedbacks community!!


wines to ablett


maybe I know news none of you guys know


If there was any doubts about GAJ it would have made headline news.

Otherwise Pi$$ Lobbe off and bring in Nic Nat, that's a no brainer if you're 100% certain against having GAJ.

All the news I heard about GAZZA is that he is Flying higher then Qantas.


Having Crouch, Mills & Parish in your midfield is a recipe for disaster, not to mention KK, Yeo, Smith & Dea in defence absolute nightmare.

Actually the more I analyse this entire side, I think you should click on "CLEAR MY TEAM" and start again as your team is ordinary at best mate.

Good luck all the same.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Lobbe to Nic Nat, also your Mids look a bit risky with Crouch,Mills and Parish together IMO,cheers


Community, which combination looks stronger to you?

Todd Goldstein, Fyfe and 123K rookie (Polkinhorne, Gore etc)


Stefan Martin, Dangerfield and Brad Crouch

Thanks for your help


Danger, Martin and crouch


1st one for sure, 2 of the best captain options


Option 1 for me.
Great scoring capability and probably a good cash generating rookie if you pick the right one.


Thanks Lekdog, if I could just catch your thoughts as to why you prefer option 1 that would fantabulous.


Thanks mate. Really appreciate the strong advice.





Bg G

I still cry tears after last year's Chris Judd selection….


lol. i didnt pick him but i did start with Ablett, Rocky, Sloane, Wines, Sidebum and Bartel if it makes you feel any better.


Nic nat or Mumford??


Personally I would go Nic Nat, had a full preseason for the first time in a while and without Sinclair could be big. Mummy too injury prone for my liking.


What's everyone's thoughts on jaeger Omeara
Haven't heard much about him?


injured and underdone. will probably miss first few weeks


Hi! Anyone want to make a draft league???

I've been top 1% the last few years, and won't drop out half way through the year. Let us know ☺


I'd love to join a draft league! Just let me know what the code is and when the draft is on and I'm in!


Draft league!!

660019 (The Coffee Cup)

Anyone welcome to join!! Draft is at 7pm tonight (24th Feb)


G'day Lek, nice team you've put together. Appreciate all the work you put into this community and seeing you around the comments. Looking at your 2015 squad, what struck me was D4/5/6 were all rookies (I'm counting Brown at 148k), and you still ended up full premium by the end of the year. I'm currently running a similar set up with Hartley/Tucker/Broad.

I share similar reservations about Hall. No questioning his skill, but big question mark over if he'll get enough mid time. Love the C. Ellis pick. Potential bias as a Tigers support, but we've quietly gone about building a lot of depth

The Ranger

I like this team Lek. Particularly the Ellis pick. There should always be room for one gut pick in your team I think.

I currently have…

Simpson, Bartel, Yeo, Aish + 4 rooks
Fyfe, Ablett, Danger, Pendles, Rockliff, Libba, Mills + 4 more rooks
Goldstein, Lobbe
Chopsticks, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wells + 4 rooks

Any feedback much appreciated.

The Ranger

Aish is my gut pick at the moment but my gut could change its mind afer some more NAB games!
Not spent much time looking at Duggan but he's on my radar now, thanks Lek


Goldstein and Gresham
Lobbe and Crouch


Already have Naitanui


Going with Goldy is the safest option, that way you have definitely brought in a season long keeper barring injury.
Bringing in Lobbe and Crouch whilst it might make you some money it will give you headaches and both will probably need to be traded before seasons end.
Depends on the rest of your team, if you've taken risks elsewhere go with the safe option.


im back in the "Goldy to expensive" group.


Derek don't leave the train mate. Goldy a MUST as he has quite a few early games and as you know he will be used as the loophole captain during these early games. I would hate for you to play catch up, granted price hurts but after weighing everything he is LOCKED in my team and won't look back unless something happens between now and R1.

Good luck m8

Rick Grimes

I've passed on Goldy. Not having him in now a POD. If, and it's a big IF, he doesn't hit the same heights as last season, you get a big advantage. Maybe a negative tactic, but I'll be looking elsewhere and hoping he stinks it up a bit (which for him is 100 instead of 150).


Thanks guys,thinking I'm gonna lock and load the rucks with Goldy and NicNat and not worry about it all season


Option 1


How do we work out what a player's break even will be? What is the formula to do it for each players price?


Hi Community, thoughts on my team at present please

thought would be greatly appreciated


Looks nice personally a bit light in the back line for me but can see why you have done it


thanks Gord29, my theory is that the best scoring lines are mids rucks and fwds, hence only three quality def plus some rookies


yea understand that fully and have thought about using that structure myself only thing i would do is drop danger down and move either collins or hartley up to Aish


I like danger in the mid, i think i will put Tippett in for Greene in the fwd line to give me greater flexibility if a premo ruck goes down with an injury


Smith a quality defender? The guy is cooked and is one good knock away from being out for the season.
Not to mention Bartel will more then likely be rested quite a bit I believe due to no SUB & less rotations.
Most importantly Geelong have quite a easy draw and Chris Scott will definitely rest him during these easy games, Geelong play GWS, LIONS, ESSENDON Twice this season.
This is Geelongs easy draw: R2 – GWS, R3 – LIONS, R4 – ESS, R6 – GCS, R10 – BLUES, R11 – GWS, R14 – SAINTS, R20 – ESS, R22 – LIONS, R23 – MELB
I believe this should strongly be considered for those who are ALL over Bartel, I think he will miss at least half of these 10 easy games, granted GWS & GCS may not be as easy as im thinking which may make it interesting.

You only have ONE quality and solid defender in Laird & maybe Bartel if he doesn't get rested and injured the guy is 32 and it was less then a year ago he had surgery due to tearing his medial ligament.
Extremely high risk in my honest opinion and if any one of my concerns ends up right, you will be burning trades very bloody early. Be careful mate, however I wish you the best of luck.


thanks Dean, will take that on board


Love your articles Lekdog always a pleasure to read. Also whats everyone thoughts on Houli am i better off going for Docherty to free up some cash current backline is Houli Birchall Yeo Smith Reid Brown (ess) with Francis and tippy on the bench also thinking of going Reid down to Asih


Docherty over Houli IMO


thanks I'm starting to lean that way might be due to Lekdogs wisdom

Bg G

Perhaps a little but he is more proven than Docherty.


Def: houli docherty yeo lonergan francis brown Collins broad
Mids: fyfe pendles ablett hanners wines gresham mathieson dunkley keays macpherson menegola clarke
Ruck: goldstein martin chol
Fwd: martin dalhaus barlow grigg kerridge phillips petracca howard


Lekdog, love your work. In the darkest of days last year, you came through for the community. I have one question for regarding your team that is bothering me this year. Do we need a ruck/forward swing with such a premium ruck line? My concern is: Ruck bench is a loophole player, Goldy goes down with a thumb injury, the club claims it's going to be a one week injury. We hold off on the trade, take the donut. It drags out for another week and another donut… Is it worth throwing a Tippett/Sinclair in the forward line as protection against this? I tried it with Bellchambers last year and still wake up at night about that horrible decision. But for the life of me, I simply cannot risk a 1-2 week injury to a Goldy/Martin/NicNat and sit and take the zero. Would be interested in your thoughts.


I currently have tippett in my fwd line for that exact reason i think with the rotations down it will help him as he will play some more time in the ruck


NIce work LD, but as you say you can not have it all. You've got Ruck/Mids down, lots of risk elsewhere. I really like Grimley. Consider more ESS players, esp. Simpkin, I swear he will be a little Mitchell in 2016.


Ball Magnet, he is, pledging left acorn.

The Beard

Love the line up mate. Keen for a bit of advise on the squad I've put together lads.

Docherty, Bartel, Rich, McDonald, Dea, M Brown (WCE), Hartley, Bonner (thinking of downgrading Dea and upgrading a forward to Simpkin)

Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Wines, Liba, Crouch, Mills, Cuningham, Mathieson, MacPherson

Goldy, Nic Nat, Wyatt

Martin, Barlow, Greene (may switch to Franklin or S Grey), Ellis,Kerridge, Petracca, Grimley, M Brown (Ess)

Thoughts lads?


Similar team to mine. Love the Wines selection, have a feeling he will go ballistic this year. Greene is risky but without Treloar could be a great selection if he gets more time in the guts.

The Beard

Do you think any of Franklin or S Grey would be better options?


Robbie Gray or JPK???




JPK. There is no valid argument to suggest otherwise imo. If someone could give you a reason to pick Gray over JPK, I'd be very surprised but very interested to hear.


Gray because;
1.Port have a good draw
2.He kicks more goals
3.Sydney has a better midfield. Parker, Mitchell, Hannebry will steal more points
4.More of a POD because people don't wanna pick him because he's not a FWD anymore.
5.Port will finish higher this year than last year so more points for them, Sydney will finish same or lower.
6.He is a better player


im impressed Phil with the reasons you have come up with. there is some good logic to it all. im simply to stubborn unfortunately (just ask my wife) to change my opinion. i simply look at these reasons when selecting players based on the last 5 years.
Higher ceiling
JPK imo wins on all these but your point with POD is the big one. If Gray can get through the year without injury and average more than JPK, you are already ahead of many.


Fair enough Holty, very good arguments you've put forward for JPK too. To be honest, I don't think you can go wrong with either

Rick Grimes

I'd go Gray. He's underpriced and a gun. JPK won't let you down but his points get shared around a bit (as someone who has consistently owned him). Parker is my Sydney cover this year.


KK, Bartel, Birchall, Hartley, M Brown, Adams (hartley, mcdonald tip)

Fyfe, pendles, GAJ, Shiel, rocky, wines, libba, gore (mathieson, cunningham, macpherson)

goldy, martin (wyatt)

dusty, barlow, franklin, ben kennedy/cory ellis, kerridge, petracca (grimley, kommer)

What do we think?? only about 5k left


Not a fan of KK, think you've gone a bit light in defence. Midfield and ruck are very very solid. Not a fan of Franklin this year but like Dusty and Martin. Overall good team. Keep watching rookies as the NAB unfolds.


KK, Bartel, Birchal, Yeo, Aish, Brown (ESS), (Tucker, Broad)

Danger, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Mills, Mathieson ( Adamson, Macpherson, Marcon)

Martin, Lobbe ( Wyatt)

Martin, Dahlhaus, Zorko, Barlow, Cockatoo, Kerridge ( Grimley, Tipungwuti)


Who is the best option?

Simpkin, Anderson, Ben Kennedy, Liam Duggan, Corey Ellis or Wayne Milera?


Simpkin, unless if Duggan or Ellis get massive midfield minutes.


Asking myself the same questions… you'll know after the NAB games!

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Simpkin DPP or Mills for my M7 , wait n see


Simpkin or Ellis


What do we think of J. Selwood?


He will play round 1 against the Hawks. He won't be near fully fit, but that makes him a perfect pick up in a few weeks time.

I still see him as a top 8 midfielder and therefore will be in my team at some point


agree derek. if he starts round 1, i may squeeze him into my side as at his price, even if he starts slowly, cant see him dropping much in value


He's an absolute gun. Will average 115+ this year and for that price irresistible. In my opinion he's a lock.


Supercoach draft please join
Draft is 7pm tonight


For those who are picking Lobbe are you planning on keeping him throughout the whole season averaging 95-100 or hoping he will appreciate 100k and then move him onto an ultra premo like Goldy or Sauce?


I will look at holding him over the first 8 to 10 weeks. Port have quite soft draw and he should do ok.

On the other side is Crows first 10 weeks are very tough, I can see Jacobes being a very nice switch.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I think you answered your own question , I have Goldy n Nic Nac, hopefully i won't have to make a trade, cheers


If Lobbe scored 95-100 per game you would be stupid to trade him out. I don't have him averaging higher then 80 hence why I am steering clear away from him.


Ok statistically speaking each trade is worth around $150k. So to start with Lobbe in the hopes to upgrade to Goldy makes no sense to me what so ever, especially if you think Lobbe will score consistent 90-100.

Also statistically Goldy should score at least 20 points more then all other Rucks if anything like last year and with the extra time playing im certain he will finish the season as #1 ruck man with a average around 120 and I believe at least 40 points more then Lobbe.

So common sense would suggest either start with Goldy or forget about getting him, thats the way I see it.

Big Balls

Big fat wod of cash going into that ruckline – will be worth the points though .

Thoughts on dave armitage as a pod??