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PODCAST: NRL 2016 Wings & Centres

Published by Jock on


Round 1 starts next week!

Arousal levels are through the bloody roof this week as we gallop headfirst into a massive season of NRL Supercoach, Fantasy and CoachKings. It’s all about the wings & centres in this our fourth episode.

Enjoy – and get right amongst it in the comments section below.

Some important notes;

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Just starting to have a listen, That music was grouse intro.


I will try my hardest to get into the season if I can find the time, even if I have to join Facebook to do it.
Lived in Q/Land for a few years and love my Bronco's
Great podcast as usual team, I make a point of learning something new every day to keep the brain active. You do that for me.

Cheers Lads.


IMO there are 2 locks in centres/wing. Croker and Harris. Paying top $$ yes but you know what you are going to get from both – a 60 point average, neither will bust out and go above that as their points per minute are constant. Paying top $$ and no doubt they will drop but end up around that price at the end of the season. Just pick em and set and forget and keep trades. Croker is NO chance of making origin and will play round 12 bye. Harris will play near 80 minutes every week and has very good points per minute so is a must have. Not sold on Michael Gordon. He really was average last year in the games he did play and at 32 years of age people are getting a bit carried away with him. He is not the talent he once was earlier in his career at the panthers (as was evident in the trial game). May be slight value but I can only see his average going up a little bit. He does have good bye coverage though. Worried about James Roberts – isn't the smartest bloke running round, it will either be rocks or diamonds with that bloke. IMO he is a wait and see player. I think the value pick is Mitch Aubusson IF he plays full 80 mins now that Cordner and JWH are out for 8 odd weeks. Could average 55-60points up till those 2 return and then trade prior to first bye. Hurrel's position in the team is always in doubt and is a risky pick. Smokies are Joey Leilua – traditionally a good 55 point player who can bust a tackle and find the line but is a risk as traditionally the Raiders direct their attack down Crokers edge. Kyle Feldt – IF he can lock down a starting position at the cowboys is a try scorer, running off Thurston and morgan and will play the 1st origin bye. Like Hurrel though may be in and out of the first grade side. Brett Morris would be a lock if he wasn't injured and was the first player picked in my team before he went down. That's my thoughts, love the podcast boys!!


Casper, You put some time into that post mate and I appreciate it.
I need all the advice I can get to be a part of this.


'Don't Blush Babbie'

I've gone Mansour instead Croker, I reckon he's in for a breakout year. I've stuck withe Flash Gordon because he will play more at FB this year.I can't have Aubusson mate, the one will replace Cordners minutes will be S.Taukeiaho 2nd Row at 295k and Kane Evans FRF at 243k will play 80 mins for the chooks and was man of the match in World Club Series in England recently.


Yep I've got Evans locked in at FRF, Aubusson will get the back row minutes I reckon and I'm only considering him at centre (not worth a 2nd row spot). He played 80 mins in the trial on weekend which is a fair indicator. Taukiaho will share minutes with Liu In the middle I reckon with Aubusson on the edge. Mansour is a gun but is just out of my price range for round 1 as I'll be starting Crocker and Harris, I can only afford 2 keepers.


No worries Ocker, it is generally the position that causes the most headaches!!


Great podcast fellas. You covered all the crucial talking points.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Fullback is a raffle as always – I had Slater as he his value @ 300k but I just worry about his shoulder. ATM I've gone Tedesco & Tommy Turbo. Thoughts anyone ?


I've gone with Slater, worried about injuries but at 300k I have him solely with the plan to upgrade him prior to origin and hopefully score some good points on the way (storm have an easier start to the year). Idea was to upgrade him to Tedesco prior to origin BUT I have a bad feeling that Teddy is a chance of getting NSW fullback spot should they choose to play DUgan in the centres!! Big fan of Teddy, he will pretty much be carrying a very ordinary Tigers team this year. Bloody tough to find the $$ for him without weakening another line.


this is the funniest shit ive heard. thanks Jocky boy. lets schtragoiiise. yeeee haaaaa


"i am frantic, my spreadsheets are spinnin!" "whats wrong with other countries im from other country, you wan fight"