NAB ANALYSIS: Brisbane V Gold Coast

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Jock Reynolds Coach KingsSpent a wonderful late afternoon here at Burpengary.

Just missed the first bounce after coming across in the chopper after the Adelaide v West Coast game in Unley. Was windy as anything over here and things were a bit untidy.

Again – shitload of players missing from each team and to be frank didn’t extract a great deal of relevance out of this one. A few young kids bobbed up worth talking about.

Let’s get into it.

Missing from teams best 22:

Brisbane (15): Stefan Martin, Tom Rockliff, Dayne Beams, Claye Beams, Josh Green, Allen Christensen, Dan McStay, Zorko The Magnificent, Ryan Bastinac, Daniel Rich, Pearce Hanley, Justin Clarke, Daniel Merrett, Harris Andrews.

Gold Coast (11): Gary Ablett, Jaeger O’Meara, David Swallow, Jack Martin (slight back niggle at training), Trent McKenzie, Brandon Matera, Jarrad Grant, Matt Rosa, Dion Prestia, Jarrod Harbrow, Adam Saad


Rhys Mathieson MID $117K They might have found one here. Had it 13 times with 2 clearances and 7 contested possessions. Did his round 1 selection chances no harm. Magnificent goal early and kicked another in the second half. 70 Supercoach points. Higgo was extremely aroused by what he saw today:

Jackson Paine FWD $128K Not clean enough with his disposal today which doesn’t bode well for early selection. Kicking in particular was pretty ordinary. Spoke to the kid at 3/4 time. Told him to keep his chin up. He was absolutely crapping himself. May have just been early nerves.

Tom Bell FWD $484K Pretty bloody good in his first game in Lions colours! Very hard to get overly aroused – he’s the type who will put his best on the park regardless of whether we’re talking NAB or the real deal. Big POD FWD selection not on my watch list at this stage. 20 touches today spending some time on the bench in the last half.

Archie Smith RUC $117K Look – he held his own today! Very solid considering he was up against Currie and Nicholls who both have some good senior footy under their belt. 15 disposals, 4 tackles, and a good 17 odd hitouts. Impressed by Archie. Has risen up my ruck bench watch list.

Ben Keays MID $117K Had 15 touches and looked ok. Can’t see him getting early games in the lion midfield.

Mitch Robinson FWD/MID $500K Captained the Lions today and was probably one of the best today. 14 touches including 3 clearances to half time. Interesting POD as a FWD selection but not for me.

Jarrad Jansen MID $124K Big body on him.. started ok but ended with just the 3 handballs.

Josh Clayton DEF/MID $124K Very quiet. Plenty of game time but just couldn’t find the ball enough. 2 handballs and a goal. Better than 1 handball. He’ll improve from here. Good kid, could be one for next season.

Josh Schache FWD $216K Will be a monolith. Not this season but will kick a lot of goals throughout his career.

Eric Hipwood DEF/FWD $162K, Matt Hammelmann DEF/FWD $117K, Reuben William DEF $102K Didn’t show much


Darcy MacPherson MID $102K 108 impressive Supercoach points. Probably one of the more impressive young kids on the park today. Love his attack on the ball and tackles like a wounded dog. Loved his tackling endeavour and Rocket would have as well. Big mop of blonde hair. Looks a likely type. Has got a few tricks in his bag, can take a contested mark, great competitor at ground level.. we could just see this kid early on in the season for the Suns. 12 disposals, 8 of them contested and a trouser stretching 10 tackles! A find.

Peter Wright FWD $187 A solid 89 Supercoach to the big fella. One bloke they are looking at to fill part of the void left by Charlie Dixon. Showed a bit today and could be in line for Round 1 selection. 11 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal. Really coming on in leaps and bounds – one contested mark in particular in the second quarter had me off my seat taking notice. 203cm. 100kgs and great on the deck.

Kade Kolodjashnij DEF $482K Was gagging to see him here today. Bitterly disappointed with what he bought to the table here today. 6 disposals. Didn’t lay a tackle. He is in my backline at the moment and I’ll be watching him extremely closely for the rest of the NAB. 45 Supercoach points today.

Matt Rosa DEF/MID $419K Being discussed in some circles as a defence POD option. Ball gathering ability is proven. He was effective at both ends of today, rebounding the ball out of the back half and also injecting it forward on occasion. On my extended watch list after a solid showing here today. 98 Supercoach points.

Nick Malceski DEF $383K 10 disposal at 50% efficiency. Needs to work harder. Did some silly and bloody lazy things. At one point in the 3rd quarter he woofed one out of bounds on the full under no real pressure. He really needs to come out this year and work his arse off. Might have had an off day but I remain not tempted by this price. 36 miserable Supercoach points.

Tom Nicholls RUC $439K What impressed me most about Nicholls today was his ability to run and gather ball. At times was like an additional midfielder for the Suns and that surprised me. He’s either worked hard on that part of his game over summer of just haven’t been watching him closely enough. Impressive performance by Tom. Extremely difficult to find a place for him in any of your fantasy teams – although could be a nice CoachKings smokey throughout the season. 22 hitouts, 11 disposals and 5 clearances.

Clay Cameron DEF $170 Some good signs down back, then switched forward but missed some opportunities. Fringe dweller at Gold Coast and needs to show more during the rest of the NAB to stake a claim in the best 22. Don’t write him off just yet.

Daniel Currie RUC $163K 17 hitouts and only a handful of touches for 70 Supercoach points. Just can’t see him landing a regular AFL rucking position. Depth option only. Scratched off my ruck bench option list.

Ryan Davis MID $102K Looked ok but not a kid I can see getting an early game. 9 possessions and a nice goal by the kid.

Tom Keough FWD/MID $126K Very quiet, just the 3 kicks 2 handballs.

Jarrod Garlett FWD $185K Just OK – 9 possessions. Cant see him as an option at this price and with the impact he had on the game.

Over to you community – did you like the look of any of these kids?

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Very impressed with Darcy Mc Pherson (Gold Coast), Rhys Mathieson, Wayne Milera (Adelaide) and Dean Gore (Adelaide) today. Mathieson is a lock at this stage. The others will be very close to selection if they continue this form. Corey Adamson (WCE) and Mathew Allen I will be watching closely during NAB cup. (Def/Mid dpp) Both looked pretty solid today in a undermanned eagles side.


I agree Jock. Most of the NAB games gave me very little conviction about the rookies that hit the park. Exceptions being Kerridge (Lock) and Callum Mills. Both looked the goods. Mills a bit pricey at 211K. Just not quite sold on him yet being a starter in round one for the Sydney. Will be watching him very closely in the next two NAB games. Cheers Jock


Another tough one to gauge or evaluate rookies and other players. Have to see the next 2 NAB Challenges.

Nick Hanlon

Jesse Lonergan looked one of the Suns best today. Very awkwardly priced at $345,300 but could be a nice POD in defence. Breakout contender and on the watchlist.


Most of my backline hasn't done much today! KK, Yeo, Smith. Very disappointing.


Likewise! Not hitting the panic button just yet. I am expecting a better showing for all three next time they hit the park. Early days.


Guess that's what happens when you choose a few unproven players. I've been quite happy with my backline so far: Simpson, Howe, Sheridan, Tucker to name a few


Had the same problem. I had KK, Yeo and Malceski. All gone now for Rosa, Birchall and I'm really toying with McDonald at North. What do you guys think about McDonald as an option.
My backline would be

Bartel, Birchall, Rosa, McDonald, Brown (Ess) Broad, Hartley, Bonner


I like McDonald, seems undervalued


Pending next couple of nab of course but seems like he might have turned the corner


I agree swans 100k less than eski and hungry


I like McDonald too.


Same here Mac but I agree with Tophawk, no need to sack anyone yet still early days, seen a lot of ppl jumping the gun today switching off KK, Yeo, Smith, and Malceski, most off of Smith.


I agree with Old mate Earl, Cant see Claye Beams being in their best 22.

I was impressed with Mathieson, knows how to milk a free and really got the ball moving on a few occassions. Its just hard to tell whos where on the park if you pencil in the best 22. Ive had the same frustration all weekend. Whilst its great to see the rookies and guys looking for a regular call up, it doesnt mean a whole lot if they arent playing with their best 22 team mates.

Im curious to see whether Gore gets regular games at adelaide
Im also curious to see what Ross Lyon does with young Tucker, could be a great defence option,
Callum Mills looks likely to play alot of senior footy along with Sam Kerridge.
Bonner and Broad showed promising signs this weekend.

It will be very nice to get a better idea of what rookie priced players their respective coaches are keen to give regular jobs too. After all rookies are the bread and butter of a good supercoach team.

Anyways Jock, My team for now:

Defence: Boyd, Mcveigh, Enright, Wagner, Bonner, Broad, Tucker, Collins

Midfield: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Libby, Mills, Gore, Mathieson, Cuningham, Macpherson

Ruck: Goldmember, Lobbe, Chol

Forwards: Delideo, Martin, Barlow, Wells, Petracca, Kerridge, Brown(essendon), Grimley

I know your not a fan of the Daniel Wells pick but he is my choice for the high risk high reward position in my team. Everyone else is pretty safe i would like to think. 13 keepers thus far (lids, martin, barlow, goldy, ablett, pendles, danger, fyfe, libby(m8), rockliff, boyd, enright, mcveigh)

When choosing my keepers I went for proven performers who have delivered for a while. I have 19k left in the kitty at this stage and structures could change depending on rookies popping up.

Huge fan of yourself, Higgo, Crouching, Lekdog and Barron. Keep up the great work mate and looking forward to hearing how Higgo is going with the Mrs later tonight on the podcast



Thoughts on Luke McDonald ?
He had a great game yesterday and looked really clean with his disposal of half-back.
I can see him doing what KK did and jumping to that next level.


I liked what I saw yesterday. He looks to have gotten fitter and is working harder. He's into his third year and will want to cement his place in the side after an average year last year


Agree, looked better than yeo Macmillan malceski and kk, although it is only week 1. I think I've pencilled him in for now


Some other options in defence im looking at are Simpson, Enright and Rance.
All seemed to be overlooked, age is a problem with a couple though.


I don't know who to choose now, with all the defenders who were highest on my radar so far not performing. Macmillan, B.Smith, Yeo and now KK. Who are some other options around this price range 400-500 I should look more into?


I had this headache for a while and decided to restructure my team to have proven defenders that are generally in the top ten everyyear. ive got mcveigh, enright and boyd. all solid. Im not playing with fire


Why didn't Rich play today?


Just management Derek, Lions have had a few intra club games, where most other clubs have only had the 1 with more match simulation being their focus.
Surprising that neither QLD team played a stronger line up tho since they were both at home.


McVeigh won't be ready for Rd 1 or so I heard…


Birchall, Laird, Langdon they say he is training going well. Williams, Rampe, Wood and Rosa


Relax its one game


I've been saying all week in NAB we trust but really didn't reveal too much this week with most of the big boys missing, and the mid pricers not screaming "pick me".

Saw alot of rooks who looked ok but most had stage fright or struggled with the step up in tempo (even if NAB) but only early days.

Ones who r in my team and confirmed their selection are kerridge, mattheson and Gresham and to a lesser extent mcpherson if gets an upgrade.

The one that did scream "pick me" who i thought was too dear but may have to find the cash is mills. Horse has stated that he would like the lad to fill the void in the back line left by shaw, jetta and mal. The only one missing who could take this role off him was mcveigh but he might be the general back there and not the rebounding defender. Kid has some serious skills, great distributor and may b part of the 22 come rd 1.

Forked out over $200k for cripps last year and unless someone else starts screaming mills might just have his foot in the door.


Agree feels like that reliable 80 ish rookie you want at m8, although it has only been 1 game


Agree with everything you said Trigg, the kid can play and will get games right from the word go IMO, it's just the price that is the problem, but if the cheap options don't put there hand up a slight restructure might have to happen.


Not sure how a kid who's the designated distributor will go when clamped upon by a seasoned negating forward. If Heater can be kept quiet by a decent stopper you'd think a half decent stopper could stop the kid.


hello jock
you didn't mention him in your write up, however i had a look and he played
could i just get your thoughts on Aaron Hall?
cheers jock hope you had nice weekend


david Armitage a solid POD or is there someone better for the price

Benjamima Puddleduck

shhh dont give peeps to many ideas


I'm just stoked to have footy back and talking about it with this fantastic community!

Too many out on both sides to get a real good gauge out of the game. Rosa did what he needed to do to keep me interested.


so who are looking like the best/must have rookies so far in the midfield?


I'm staying away from rookies from the good teams. They won't get the game time opportunities or freedom on field that rookies from the weaker/building teams.


I'd caution coaches on falling too far in love with Matty Rosa. Has never averaged over 90pts in his 11 AFL years so pretty doubtful that he is premo defender material, especially now in the twilight of his career.

Also has averaged less than 15 games over the past 5 seasons which is Mumford-like durability.

So pick him at your peril folks!


Last year's Griffen.

ivan burrows

i have yeo ,kadjoski,malcheski in my team. i think malcheski has passed his prime. can you name three better


I'm tossing up between two defence structures.

Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Smith, 4x rookies


KK, Bartel, Yeo, Rich, Smith, 3x rookies


I like option 1 but McVeigh worries me.


Yeah I like option 1 but mostly because I don't like the uncertainty in option 2 (kk/Yeo/smith all need to show some more next couple IMO to be selected). Mcveigh a concern fitness wise and shaw too $$$ but at least they have 100+ history,defense is tough this year. I like bartel and maybe rich as starters but other than that,until I see mcveigh looking fit I just don't know….


defence is causing me the most confusion this year, exactly because of those issues, Shaw is expensive, McVeigh might not be ready and the mid-pricers are risks.

last year i had a good set & forget defence with Ibbotson at D5, i was hoping to do the same, but if i have Shaw this year i may need to have two onfield rookies.


i might change McVeigh to Simpson


love me a bargain basement gun. Welcome to the team Darcy Macpherson


At 102k he'd be on the rookie list. Suns have room over the senior list?




I'd just stick with them, and have another look, but the 3 in those 3 price range would be Bartel, Rich, and one out of left field Salem from the Dee's quality ball user that im keen to look at during NAB games…Played only the 10 games last year due to stuffing he's hammy badly avg 74 but if you take the hammy game out that he tore early for 16 he avg 80.4 in 9 games, I can see him stepping it up to the 90 mark ….. Not in my team but on the radar as a risky POD in def.


Hi all. Ive been thinking about the KK selection. I have him at present but thinking it might be a big risk. with all of their midfielders back this year, will he be getting as much of the ball? the more i think about it, the more im heading towards Simpson or Bartel. anyone else have the same worries or you all locking KK in?


KK was in my early teams but i'm thinking he won't be there round 1. I was dissapointed his brother was over $300k this year, i was hoping he would have been a good option.


I have the same concern about KK. Think I might drop him.


I'm with you, at his price I think it's safer to wait and see. Worst case scenario I can see has him tearing it up and needing to pay 550 odd for him. But still leaves that problem of finding a reliable defence option… I'm warming to rich l McDonald and maybe even aish, but gee it's wide open, 3 of about 15 possibles….


is anyone considering Van Berlo. $350k DPP. he looked ok on the weekend.

Bg G

Jesse Lonergan a break-out contender?


Agree. And as a defender/mid, he is sitting on the maybe in my team. He is at that very awkward price and although I think he will average at least 80, we cant guarantee what role he will play. He is a big body who loves getting the contested ball. Honestly, if he is guaranteed to play at least 60% in the midfield, he is a lock as I think he is better value than a lot of other mid pricers floating around.


Smith and Parker
McDonald and danger ?