NAB ANALYSIS: Adelaide v West Coast

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Jock Reynolds Coach KingsWas hot as buggery here at Unley Oval today folks.

And West Coast bought a fair dinkum reserves team over to Adelaide this arvo. Their entire bloody midfield and defence was missing. This is good and bad for us as fantasy coaches.

Plenty of good young players hit the park – a few of them impressed me. But it’s very difficult to get a solid gauge on some of these kids in a game with so many top liners not on the park.

That’s not to say there I didn’t take much out of the game kids.

Missing from teams best 22:

Adelaide (7): Rory Sloane, Troy Menzel, Ricky Henderson, Riley Knight, Brad Crouch, Andy Otten, Matty Jaensch.

West Coast (15): Nic Nat, Luke Shuey, Andrew Gaff, Matt Priddis, Chris Masten, Sharrood Wellingham, Eric Mackenzie, Shannon Hurn, Jeremy McGovern, Jack Darling, Jamie Cripps, Mark LeCras, Josh Kennedy, Dom Sheed, Scott Lycett


Probably the strongest Crows team we’ll see on the park until Round 1. Spoke to new coach and good mate Don Pyke in the coaches box just before the game – he’ll rest most of the Crow guns over the next few NAB matches when they have to travel away.

Wayne Milera FWD $176K The story of the day for me. As classy and impressive a first up performance as they come. Twice in the second quarter he split the game open with 100 metre plays. With one of them he missed a 9 pointer by a bees dick, with the other he hit Betts on the tit. Was poised. Great quick decision maker. Dangerous. Damaging and constructive every time he had the ball. They’re comparing him to Andrew Macleod in the press over here. While I reckon they need to back the truck up a touch there – the kid could be something special. Interested to see how his performance translates fantasy wise. Slightly awkward price for a rookie but could be worth the extra based on what I saw today. 12 possessions at 85% efficiency.

Rory Atkins MID $304K Only 8 games for the Crows in 2015 and with Dangerfield gone he’s gagging to get himself into the best 22. Did enough today.. showcased his first class disposal. At one point in the second quarter sailing a majestic ball through from 55 out on the boundary line. Interesting. Can see him competing with The Seed for a round 1 gig. 14 disposals, 7 marks and 2 inside 50’s today. 

Dean Gore MID $124K  2 nice goals and had it 12 times.Was really looking forward to seeing him today. He spent 2015 in the VFL at Geelong, had just signed a contract extension with the Cats, but was traded to Adelaide as part of the Dangerfield trade. Looked ok. Coughed the pill up with an under 12s standard handball early but composed quickly and eased into things. Looks hard, quick, like he’d attract a lot of contested ball. Lovely red nut.

Matt Crouch MID $368K 115 Supercoach points today from 66% time on the groundCame out of the blocks today like an angry snarling bull. He’d had 13 disposals, 9 of the contested by quarter time. His brother was missing today. The competition between Matty, Brad Crouch, Rory Atkins, maybe even The Seed is a significant one fantasy wise. Danger is gone and there is a void to be filled. Matty did his claims no harm at all today. Finished as the leading pill gatherer of the game with 24 possessions, 12 of them contested.

Paul Seedsman DEF/MID $325K  Just 10 touches and 48 Supercoach points. Needed to see more from The Seed. Absolutely no certainty for Round 1 with plenty of competition amongst similar types Brodie Smith, Riley Knight, Rory Atkins, Rory Laird and Co. But they love the speed he injects and he displayed a bit of that today. Nowhere near my starting teams this year based on today. A generally ordinary display by The Seed.

Eddie Betts FWD $465K Eddie danced. Eddie pranced. The tongue wagged with joy at an adoring Unley crowd. Kicked 6 goals the cheeky little bugger. Not fantasy relevant for mine but shit he enjoyed himself here today. Had 10 score involvements to half time. Shorts are still too bloody big.

Brodie Smith DEF/MID $416K Just 53 SC but saw more than this. Started quietly but worked into the game. The good news was he collected more of that rebounding out of the back half pill as the game wore on and looked commanding. Started to take the game on and pump it into inside 50 more the game wore on. This is where he racks up his fantasy points. And I reckon he’ll take that role this year.

Cam Ellis-Yolmen MID $401K Looks pretty fit and has definitely bulked up over the preseason. Started in the midfield and another one that could find himself rotating through the guts this year with Danger out of the picture. Might need to do a bit more work oh his defensive running based on what I saw today, but did his prospects no harm based on is performance today.

Harry Dear FWD $124K Has been hanging around at Adelaide for a few years and has some shoulder trouble. Probably his last year to show a bit. Aggressive, but looks a bit lost and indecisive up forward.

Mitch McGovern FWD $124K

Barely sighted.


Played with a quarter of a real team so very difficult to extract much. They’ll start injecting their guns back in over the next two NAB games where they’ll play at home.

Elliot Yeo DEF/MID $443K Already locked into many Supercoach backlines, but the boy was pretty quiet today. Just 53 Supercoach points. Would have liked to see him stand up with such a young team in. Did tackle pretty well which is a good sign. Shows a kid is willing to do the hard things to will himself back into the contest. Lets have another look at him in NAB2.

Matthew Allen FWD $117K Had to look twice – a lot of Cambridge Tom Hawkins about him. 2 classy goals here today. Averaged 5 goals a game at under 18 level with Glenelg. Lovely strong mark in front of Lever early. Followed up a few minutes later with a composed and classy left foot snap for a goal. Composed and looked like a bloke with 60 games under his belt. Very difficult to see a spot for him in the best 22 with Kennedy, Darling and Lycett there as the West Coast talls up forward. One to look for if any of these big blokes get injured. Impressed. 61 Supercoach.

Corey Adamson DEF/MID $117K Big bodied boy who spent 2015 in the WAFL. Collected enough of the ball early, but appeared possibly a touch slow at this level. Can take a lovely contested mark. Not quite up to the standard for mine and unlikely to stitch together many games in a strong West Coast Lineup. 84 Supercoach points surprised me.

Lewis Jetta MID $448K Had a shocker. Barely touched it. His first kick he couched up under very little pressure straight onto the tit of young Milera.

Mitchell Brown DEF $134K Did nothing to push him higher up my DEF rookie watch list. Don’t think he has the capacity to score enough to push that value up and generate any cash when it’s time to trade him in. Not a certainty for Round 1.

Luke Partington MID $117K Kid doesn’t look ready. Did clear the ball out of the guts in Q2 but made a very poor decision with time on his side. One to look at in a year or two down the track.

Jamie Bennell DEF $228K Played up FWD and was very busy early. Definitely played the small forward role, applying tackling pressure when he didn’t have the pill. Snagged an excellent roving goal early – they are definitely having a look at using him in this role this season. Priced out of our fantasy teams at this price and with his job security.

Malcolm Karpany FWD/MID $124K Lovely snapped goal sharking the pack in the goal square late in the game. Has been hanging around at West Coast for a few years now and needs to step up. Hard to see him break into the lineup with LeCras, Jetta, Hill and now Jamie Bennell as similar types well and truly in front of him in the pecking order.

Jordan Snadden MID $105K, Paddy Brophy DEF $117K, Brant Colledge MID $124K, Tom Cole DEF/MID $117K  – all hardly sniffed it

That’s all from me signing out from beautiful Unley. How did you see the game folks?


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Didn't see anything too Supercoach relevant happen at Unley today. I don't have any West Coast or Adelaide players in my team and it continues to look that way edging towards the start of the season, Eddie's shorts still ten sizes to big. Word post-match is that Adelaide may look into changing his short sizes before NAB game 2.

May as well chuck up the team and get some constructive criticism on it so, here's how it's shaping up!
Salary left: $146,100.

Simpson, Murphy, Gibson, Collarjazzknee, Brown, Hibberd (Hartley/Bonner)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Wells, Petracca, Keays (Cuningham, Phllips, Dunkley)
RUCK: Martin, Lobbe (Loersch)
FWD: Dusty, Dalhaus, Zorko, Barlow, Anderson, Kerridge (Kommer, Pickett)


Upgrades on the watch list going into the season in defence would be Shaw, Mcveigh, Boyd. Hopefully Fyfe, Danger, Priddis in the mids, Goldy in the rucks and Lids and Montagna take up the final two spots in the forward line.


One of the more overall balanced teams I've seen and in the minority not going he mids from start, a few thoughts, Anderson is a worry for me obviously see how he goes in his next 2 games but I'd be looking elsewhere personally,

Haven't see it in many teams but actually like wells as a mid cash cow/ & can be moved forward keeper if kills it,

If going lobbe I'd go Goldy with him rather than Martin,


I liked the look of Lynch as a fwd POD, has been getting better and will be going with him at F3.


Milera could be a nice pick even at his price. Looks likely to play every game and like his composure and De%. Maybe worth the spend over a Ben Kennedy, Jed Anderson type.
Interesting Yeo barely played in the midfield with all the talk especially with their entire engine room out. Surely he would have been tested in there today? Hmmm that worries me


Gday jock can you email me mate got a venue gaggin for some CK action im not on facebook. Cheers.


what about Kane Lucas? had 5 tackles and 12 disposals (second for the day in his team?)


Great again Jock!!

What are your thoughts on the team so far? What changes are needed?
Salary: 6,900

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Kolodjashnij, Francis, Bonner, Broad, (Hartley, Hibberd)
Mid: Pendlebury, Ablett, Priddis, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, B Crouch, Hopper (Mills, Jansen, Petracca)
Ruck: Goldy, Lobbe
Fwd: Martin, Higgins, Barlow, Milera, Cockatoo, Kerridge, (Brown, Gallucci)


84 sc pts for Milera not bad at all but I can't dit him in.


Not a great deal of info has come from these NAB challenge games thus far apart from everyone will jump on Kerridge and I will be keeping a close eye on Gresham. I wasn't going to put Fyfe in but he looked quite good and didn't get out of 2nd gear,

These are the TWO teams I am working with, option 2 gives me a weaker defence without Shaw & Rich but the positive is having Fyfe in my midfield.

Community what option do you like best, please feel free to let me know and leave any feedback.

DEF:- Shaw, KK, Yeo, Rich, Byrne, M Brown (Rice, M Brown)
MID:- Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, O’Meara, Francis, Kerridge (Petracca, Freeman. Keays)
RUCK:- Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)
FWD:- Dahlhaus, Wingard, Barlow, Ah Chee, Curnow, Kommer (Long, Skinner)

DEF:- Laird, KK, Yeo, Dea, Byrne, M Brown (Bonner, Rice)
MID:- Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, Francis, Kerridge (Petracca, Freeman, Keays)
RUCK:- Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)
FWD:- Dahlhaus, Wingard, Barlow, Curren, Curnow, Kommmer (Skinner, Long)

Canny the Manny

I like them both, pretty similar to mine in a couple of ways.
I think picking Yeo and Rich (team 1) is very risky and has proven dangerous in past years with similar players. In saying that, Shaw looks a lot better at D1 than Laird.
If I had to pick out of the 2 teams there I'd probably say number 2, but maybe consider going from Curren up to a premo in the forward line instead of having only 3 400k+ in your defence (in team 1)


Firstly thanks for your feedback mate.

Where you say "If I had to pick out of the 2 teams there I'd probably say number 2, but maybe consider going from Curren up to a premo in the forward line instead of having only 3 400k+ in your defence (in team 1)"

What exactly do you mean, i don't get what your suggesting, please elaborate mate.


Team 1 doesn't have Fyfe. I'm just finding it hard to understand what you mean by saying "consider going from Curren up to a premo in the forward line instead of having only 3 400k+ in your defence (in team 1)"

To upgrade Curren to a premo would mean I would need to find $300,000


must have sam gray in your forward line..he will play in the midfield .get him in


Agreed. One of my first picked


i wont be touching S Gray, granted he ended the year real well last season however I don't read into it much, this season is his 3rd season which can be a concern. For his price of 480k id rather spend a extra $40k and bring in Gunston over Gray every day of the week. in actual fact I prefer Motlop over S Gray.


if I stick with option 2 and get rid of Francis in my Midfield and put in Gresham that would give me $72,800 so if I get rid of Curren that then only leaves me with $264,900

Supercoach Central


Corey Adamson 84

Fraser McInnes 83

Tom Barrass 78

Kane Lucas 75

Xavier Ellis 70

Mark Hutchings 68

Jamie Bennell 68

Josh Hill 65

Matthew Allen 61

Brad Sheppard 59

Jonathan Giles 55

Sam Butler 54

Will Schofield 53

Elliot Yeo 53

Luke Partington 51

Tom Lamb 46

Malcolm Karpany 37

Liam Duggan 37

Mitchell Brown 33

Jackson Nelson 29

Lewis Jetta 23

Tom Cole 21

Jordan Snadden 20

Paddy Brophy 8

Brant Colledge 7


Eddie Betts 202

Tom Lynch 129

Matt Crouch 115

Scott Thompson 113

Rory Atkins 106

Richard Douglas 95

Rory Laird 92

Sam Jacobs 88

Dean Gore 85

Wayne Milera 84

Cam Ellis-Yolmen 82

Taylor Walker 82

Jarryd Lyons 79

Jake Lever 74

David Mackay 72

Luke Brown 71

Daniel Talia 70

Nathan van Berlo 64

Kyle Cheney 62

Brodie Smith 52

Kyle Hartigan 50

Paul Seedsman 48

Mitch Grigg 45

Harry Dear 37

Josh Jenkins 35

Mitch McGovern 31



Disappointed Yeo and Duggan didn't stand up in an bloody ordinary West Coast side. Gore stays on the watch list. From Jock's notes hopefully Smith can lock down the rebounding role. How did Laird fit in? In the guts our half back?


Laird was off half back he was running off quite abit early.


I wonder how many people will slot eddie in after that score?


Option 2


Looks like Eddie might finally breakout this year. Mick Madhouse nearly destroyed his career but he's back showing the touch and flair he had before mick and, with a slightly bigger engine.
F1 material for round 1 considering the rubbish that the other hopefuls dealt up


Concerning that Yeo couldn't score well today?


and Brodie Smith? They are two very popular picks and didn't score very well?


Didnt watch the game so can someone tell me why Brodie Smith scored so badly? Had 17 possies so thought he wouldve gone alright


Also did bugger all in the first half when the game was alive. Only 5-6 touches from memory


thought on Tom Cole?


Game seemed to hard to judge, with this type of blowout, most adelaide players dominate and very hard for the eagles players to score well. Not convinced on Smith, but will wait another nab, hopefully i can be persuaded by nicky mal.


Thoughts on Andy Otten? only at 148K and according to Jock in their 22


Yeah worth a look at, I am giving him some thought.
Although that being said I find to many people pay to much attention on NAB regarding the mid priced and premo's and then change their minds, most are not even trying, I have been burnt several times over the years and wont be falling for it again.

Use NAB as a guide for rookies only. .


Agree with your sentiment but I do think you have to pay attention to possible role changes & team tactical changes