NAB ANALYSIS: Sydney V Port Adelaide

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Barron Von CrowOur 2nd Saturday game, tonight it was Sydney VS Port Adelaide.

Sydney had a fairly strong side out there this evening, missing only a few key players, though Jarrad McVeigh took over the team as coach. Port fielded a much weaker side, popular fantasy players such as Ollie Wines and Chad Wingard played, but others such as Matthew Lobbe missed, with Port giving plenty of time to interesting rookie picks such as Riley Bonner and Dougal Howard and new recruit Jimmy Toumpas.

Absent Best 22:

Sydney: Jarrad McVeigh, Kieran Jack, Ted Richards, Gary Rohan, Ben McGlynn

Port Adelaide: *Deep breath* Robbie Gray, Travis Boak, Chad Wingard, Ollie Wines, Jasper Pittard, Jack Hombsch, Brad Ebert, Matthew Lobbe, Charlie Dixon, Hamish Hartlett, Jay Schulz, Justin Westhoff

Port did Richmond and held out a huge chunk of their best 22. They may have been better off sending over the Port Adelaide Magpies instead!



Sydney: Isaac Heeney (knee), Kurt Tippett (knee)

Port Adelaide: None

It was an admirable effort from Port, with their B team running neck and neck with Sydney’s best, who were obviously going through the motions at the time. A team of guys fighting for a spot against a bunch of guys just playing around will often leave talent worth less than intent. Like the Richmond VS Fremantle game, it’s hard to take much info from a side that’s missing about 12 of their best 22 like Port were. And likewise from the Swans, we saw some good performances from a few we wouldn’t expect like Dawson, Mills and Towers and a REALLY good game from Lloyd, but the question will be can they do that against a full strength side?

Sydney Performances:

  • Daniel Hannebery ($617,900, MID): Bit of a quiet game, but he’s a good player and still a premo option to consider. Finished with 17 disposals, 10 of which were contested, as well as 5 clearances.
  • Josh P. Kennedy ($594,800, MID): 7 touches and 3 clearances in the first quarter from JPK and finished with 20 disposals and 8 clearances. Usual for him. Consider him an underrated midfield option for you to look at, in both Supercoach and CoachKings.
  • Tom Mitchell ($563,700, MID): Started at half forward, but had plenty of work in the middle. Ended with 32 disposals, 4 clearances and 3 tackles. Usual case of leather poisoning for Mitchell.
  • Luke Parker ($538,200, MID): 19 disposals and 4 clearances in the first half and 32 possies and 7 clearances for the game. Good form from Parker, will be a POD for anyone who picks him this year. I like him as a Supercoach option this year.
  • Kurt Tippett ($483,800, RUC/FWD): Mostly in the ruck in the 1st, had 3 touches, 4 hitouts and a goal. Finished with 10 touches, 27 hitouts and a goal. If he continues to get ruck time he could be a good RUC/FWD swing to have in your side. Could very well get R1 minutes for the Swans this year.
  • Lance Franklin ($470,100, FWD): Started in the middle at times, but not much going for him, with only 4 touches in the first half and 6 for the game. That can be Buddy for you, but it’s obvious he wasn’t playing at maximum effort either, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.
  • Dean Rampe ($457,900, DEF): Got a fair bit of it, with 23 possies, but 9 1%’s suggest he’ll make an excellent CoachKings pick.
  • Callum Sinclair ($409,500, RUC/FWD): Surprisingly started in the goalsquare, with Tippett in the ruck, but they soon swapped positions. Only the 1 kick in the first quarter and 9 possies for the game. Kicked 1.3, which isn’t a great return, but it was a windy day in Sydney.
  • Michael Talia ($390,100, DEF): Only 3 touches playing deep in defence in the first half. Had 11 disposals at 100% efficiency for the game. One on one work isn’t his usual strength, but unless he’s getting plenty of opportunity to roam freely he won’t be worth considering.
  • Isaac Heeney ($377,700, FWD): Not much going on and out halfway through the 2nd quarter with his knee iced up.
  • Toby Nankervis ($226,600, RUC/FWD): Backup ruck/forward for the day, but doubtful he’s there in Round 1 if Sinclair and Tippett play.
  • Callum Mills ($211,800, MID): Was everywhere across half back in the first quarter, with 9 touches, though 6 of them were handballs and 16 disposals by the end of the half. Finished with 22, but 16 were uncontested. Great game for the youngster, though it will be interesting to see if he keeps that spot once McVeigh returns.
  • Jack Hiscox ($123,900, MID/FWD): Very quiet, with only 4 disposals and kicked 0.2.
  • George Hewitt ($123,900, MID): Managed to have an impact on the scoreboard with a pair of goals and had 15 disposals and 5 tackles.
  • Harry Marsh ($117,300, DEF): As many tackles and disposals, with 4 of each.
  • Tyrone Leonardis ($117,300, DEF): Didn’t do all that much with just the 6 disposals.
  • Jordan Dawson ($117,300, FWD): Almost kicked a massive Supergoal in the 4th quarter, and kicked his first goal a few minutes later. 6 disposals with 4 of them being Inside 50’s. Used it well when he had it.
  • Jake Lloyd ($374,200, MID): 9 possessions and 3 marks in the first quarter and had a massive game to finish with 30 touches and 6 rebound 50’s. Can’t see anyone taking him over the likes of Libba at the same price.
  • Dean Towers ($259,900, FWD): Good 1st quarter with 5 disposals, 3 marks and a goal. Finished with 3 goals, including a Supergoal in the 1st half as well as 20 disposals and 5 marks. Could be another one to watch.

 Port Adelaide Performances:

  • Brendon Ah Chee ($334,100, MID): 5 possies and 4 tackles, along with a goal in the first half to finish with 12 disposals and 5 tackles for the game. Also gave away 4 frees. Not at his price this year.
  • Sam Colquhoun ($285,700, MID): Good game from him, but he’s had difficulties breaking into the side before. 2 goals in the first half along with 8 disposals for the game. Won’t be on the radar for anyone.
  • Sam Gray ($480,800, MID/FWD): 11 disposals, though 8 were by hand in the 1st Led the Power for disposals with 21, along with 5 clearances and 5 tackles. Remains to be seen how he’ll play when the guns return, but still an interesting forward prospect to ponder.
  • Jared Polec ($303,300, MID): Kicked a very nice Supergoal in the 2nd If he’s back to his best you’ll know what you’ll get from him. Only 5 touches for the game, but he was on a minute restriction as he returns from his foot injury. His best year in 2014 only had a few 100+ scores though. Good be a nice midprice CoachKings option to consider.
  • Jimmy Toumpas ($289,000, MID): Used the ball well in the 1st half with 8 touches and did some OK things when given space to move. Ended with 13 disposals and 4 tackles. Another one to skip at his price, though he should be better at the Power than he was at Melbourne.
  • Karl Amon ($282,900 MID/FWD): OK game from Amon, who started forward and ended the day with 14 disposals, 4 tackles and 6 Inside 50’s. Another one whose game time could be up and down when the Power’s best return, though I think he should be in their best 22.
  • Darcy Byrne-Jones ($123,900, DEF): 5 possies and 2 tackles in the first quarter and 15 for the game, along with 5 rebound 50’s. Good game, but one I don’t see there once the Best 22 come back into the squad.
  • Dougal Howard ($123,900, FWD): Nice start in the 1st quarter in the middle with 5 disposals, 2 hitouts and 3 clearances. Finished with 10 disposals, 7 hitouts, 4 clearances and 6 tackles. Still have my doubts he’s a legit chance to beat out Lobbe for the first ruck spot, but he at least didn’t look out of his depth playing against a strong Sydney side.
  • Riley Boner ($117,300, DEF): Had the kicking shoes on, with 8 of his 9 disposals being kicks. Would have liked to see him get it a bit more, but Sydney monopolized possession of the footy for the majority of the day.
  • Aidyn Johnson (117,300, MID): Only the 6 touches. Probably not in the mix.
  • William Snelling ($115,900, MID): Looked good early with 4 disposals, 3 clearances and a goal in the first quarter, but not a lot after that as he finished with 9 disposals, 6 tackles and 4 clearances. Still on the rookie list for the Power.
  • Cameron Hewitt ($102,400, DEF/MID): I didn’t notice him once and only had 2 touches.

So folks, that was another NAB game where a bunch of kids played a near full strength side, which made it difficult to get a good amount of intel from the game, but I want to know your thoughts. Anyone that stood out to you at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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Isn't it just beautiful seeing the Sherrin getting flogged around the grounds again. I missed footy. This weekend has been grand, even if the game quality hasnt been on Par. The working week will drag out even more now with Footy to look forward to every week.

It will be interesting to see where this Howard fella fits in at Port if they run a full strength side. Seemed to be comfortable playing against a good side.

Love the constant updates mate, keep up the hard work and the descriptions have been very good, both as a quick refresher after watching the game and for those who havent managed to get themselves in front of a tv to catch any of the action.



Howard is an interesting one. Hinkley seems to have a desire to go really big, so Howard could still get a gig, but it seems too top heavy to me.



Mason Wood had a breakout game with four goals. Picture: Michael Klein
YOU’LL have to pay a premium price, but the early indications are North Melbourne forward Shaun Higgins will be worth every dollar in 2016.

Higgins picked up where he left off by kicking the opening goal of the Kangaroos’ 44-point NAB Challenge win over St Kilda in Wangaratta, finishing with two goals and 90 SuperCoach points.

The Kangaroos’ had a spread of matchwinners with Mason Wood and Drew Petrie both booting four goals and earning 109 SuperCoach points.

It was a breakout game for Wood, who played seven games last season to take his career tally to eight, as he aims to become a regular in the Roos senior team in his fourth AFL season.

Luke McDonald also hit triple figures with 18 disposals and seven marks, and Majak Daw (98 SuperCoach points) was impressive in the ruck with 23 hitouts.

For the Saints, Seb Ross (129 points) and Jack Newnes (118) were in a league of their own with 26 and 18 possessions respectively.

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Jack Billings and Jack Steven finished with 56 and 52 points after they were rested in the second half.

All the SuperCoach points from the Roos-Saints clash listed below:


Sebastian Ross 129

Jack Newnes 118

Shane Savage 98

Tom Curren 87

Tom Hickey 86

Tom Lee 73

Jimmy Webster 72

Blake Acres 72

Jade Gresham 71

Sean Dempster 70

Josh Saunders 68

Jack Sinclair 67

Luke Dunstan 61

Eli Templeton 60

Jason Holmes 59

Jack Billings 56

Josh Bruce 53

Maverick Weller 52

Jack Steven 52

Luke Delaney 48

Sam Gilbert 33

Nick Coughlan 32

Cameron Shenton 31

Jack Lonie 23

Hugh Goddard 23

Paddy McCartin 6

Shaun Higgins picked up where he left off in 2015. Picture: Michael Klein

Mason Wood 109

Drew Petrie 109

Luke McDonald 100

Majak Daw 98

Jack Ziebell 97

Jarrad Waite 90

Shaun Higgins 90

Ryan Clarke 83

Jamie Macmillan 83

Andrew Swallow 81

Shaun Atley 79

Lindsay Thomas 69

Brent Harvey 68

Michael Firrito 65

Robbie Tarrant 65

Taylor Garner 57

Ben Cunnington 56

Jed Anderson 56

Will Fordham 48

Sam Wright 40

Joel Tippett 37

Braydon Preuss 35

Corey Wagner 32

Farren Ray 30

Scott D. Thompson 24

Kayne Turner 0


Jake Lloyd 151

Luke Parker 128

Dean Towers 127

George Hewett 118

Jeremy Laidler 112

Tom Mitchell 96

Callum Mills 95

Heath Grundy 93

Josh P. Kennedy 88

Kurt Tippett 86

Dane Rampe 84

Callum Sinclair 84

Harry Cunningham 83

Brandon Jack 78

Dan Hannebery 76

Toby Nankervis 74

Michael Talia 73

Nick Smith 63

Daniel Robinson 57

Xavier Richards 46

Lance Franklin 36

Jordan Dawson 30

Harrison Marsh 29

Tyrone Leonardis 25

Jack Hiscox 22

Isaac Heeney 14


Cam O’Shea 95

Sam Gray 92

Dougal Howard 80

Jesse Palmer 79

Jimmy Toumpas 79

Brendon Ah Chee 72

Karl Amon 71

Darcy Byrne-Jones 67

Matt White 67

Jake Neade 60

Sam Colquhoun 58

Aaron Young 54

Jared Polec 52

William Snelling 51

Jackson Trengove 51

Tom Clurey 50

Tom Jonas 47

Kane Mitchell 42

Riley Bonner 42

Alipate Carlile 35

John Butcher 32

Paul Stewart 31

Aidyn Johnson 28

Cameron Hewett -1


thoughts on my team
bartel, Yeo, Rich, B.Smith, Francis, Dea (Bonner, Broad)
Ablett (c), J.Selwood, Rocky (VC), D.Swallow, Libba, O'Meara, B.Crouch (Freeman, Petracca, Jansen
Nic Nat, Lobbe (M.Cox)
Chopsticks, Barlow, T.Greene, J.Martin, Simpkin, Kerridge (Komner, M.Brown)
Cheers lads


to many mid pricers imo. There will be a lot of corrective trades by seasons end. it will be very hard for you to have a full premo side come finals time.


Who would you take out? Cheers for the comment but most of those mid priced I would expect to be premiums by the end of the year.


I would downgrade O'meara (who will be lucky to be fit by round 1) to a rookie and then use the cash generated to upgrade a mid pricer like J.martin or even D.Swallow to a premium


Can see the logic in that cheers buddy


Sorry boys forgot to include ollie wines in that midfield


i like the Ollie Wines choice.


if that is what you believe then dont change a thing. im just looking at your side and see 7 that are guaranteed to finish as some of the best scorers in their positions. you have about 10 mid pricers. if none of those mid pricers do what you expect, thats plenty of corrective trades that need to be made. id take out 4 mid pricers, you should be able to replace them with 2 premos. Just my opinion mate but if you do go in with this team, i hope your selections do well for you.


I agree, Holty. If mid price madness is what you're aiming for this is a great team. Too risky for my liking, but that's just me.

Word of warning, it's super hard to identify the mid pricers that become premos. Best of luck mate


cheers mate


Sorry boys forgot to include ollie wines in that midfield


cheers you legend


Really? Martin, Francis and O'Meara are all guys i'm steering clear of.


I'm really 50 50 on Jack Martin Massive upside though if O'Meara plays round 1 he's a bloody lock. Francis looks decent but i can see where you're coming from with his scoring potential and price tag


thinking mills needs too go in my team , but generally don't like paying over 200k for a rook ,, but we need him right ????? Great too see the footy back , great write up Barron


Avoid rookies from the good teams. They don't get much of a run compared to the "building" teams.


Cheers, Fox.

Even with the good game it does sound like there's a chance Mills isn't there for Round 1, and even if he is they'll likely sit him out at some point.


I put him in my team. With Shaw, Jetta, Bird, Goodes all gone, i would have thought he would be best 22. If he plays every game i can see him being a 400K+ player and a good cash cow.
He is definitely an interesting one. we'll have to keep an eye on him for the remainder of the NAB.
95 is a great knock considering the game is shortened by a quarters worth of footy


Good call Michael. There's a spot for the taking and I reckon the Swans will give him a good crack at it. Supposedly better than Heaney was in his first year. Can't fit him into my mids but will enjoy watching him play


He was playing at half-back which was where Shaw and Jetta would have been so obviously there hoping he can fill the hole and he showed today that he can do that.


And Heeney no certainty to play round 1 as tendonitis in his knee has flared again. Callum Mills could slot straight into that half back role come round 1.


Kids a gun and will get plenty of game time IMO … Only thing is where he fits into Sydney's structure could play anywhere, they are saying he is better then Heeney so big raps on him, can see him pumping out 80+ pts week in week out but I haven't got the cash for him.


Very undermanned Port side, throw Gray and Wingard in at half forward at it makes a lot of difference. Also McVeigh will probably slot straight in at half back too. Still, all he can do is play well and that's what he did.


Need some help community.
I'm not sure if I should go Lobbe and Danger or Nic Nat and Crouch.
With the 2nd option I will have 100k extra to spend for the team.


Or I can go Rich instead of Shaw and danger and Nic nat ??


Lobbe 100
Danger 120

Nic Nat 102
Crouch 94

If that's the case. Over 22 rounds Lobbe and Danger would have scored 528 more points than Nic Nat and Crouch.
528 points is worth more than 100K.


Cant see NicNat only averageing 2 more than Lobbe.


I'v gone off Lobbe, been saying all preseason I wont pay that for the Golden man but I have buckled and have set and forget Rucks


Ive been struggling with that issue as well…..I think I'm going set and forget and set with Goldy and NicNat?!?!


That's my rucks.
Nic Nat will explode this year 110+ average.


i can see nic nat and crouch averaging more points but over the last few years, lobbe and danger have been far more durable. tough choice.


I could drop Shaw for Rich as i said above so I can Have danger and Nat.


not a bad idea but i guess you are still getting rid of a premium for a premium. i guess who could you start without between Nat Shaw and Danger? Im thinking Shaw although id love to start with all of them


I was leaning towards Shaw, he will drop much more than the others, so i will pick him up cheap.


Best forward under 510K
Already got Barlow


I like the gws lads Smith (480k) and Greene (446k). Breust (446k) made my watchlist the other night


Have my provisional team made and its exactly $10,000,000… hoping nothing drastic happens in NAB that leaves me requiring changes!! Callum Mills comes close but at that price I can justify not including him.


Who is the best forward under 510K?
Already got Barlow


Have a look at Devon Smith or Toby Greene. Treloar has gone to Collingwood. Dylan Shiel will need help in the midfield. Both of these FWD guys will get plenty of midfield time. And that equals SC points. Cheers


Zac Merrett. Huge upside I reckon. I don't think he took up football seriously until just before his draft year, I remember when his brother was drafted they said his brother Zac is an aspiring cricketerer. If he can escape the tag I see 95+…..The other one would be Tippett but he has to get the number 1 ruck spot guaranteed first. I'm not sold on Greene


I'd be keeping an eye on Toby Greene and Devon Smith to see who plays the extra midfield time during NAB now Treloar is at Collingwood.


I would second that Fatboyfat7


Just saw your previous comment now, hadn't refreshed my page in awhile when I typed and posted my comment about Greene and Smith. Pretty much word for word!


Is HIggins under 510K


As a massive POD, Jake Stringer. Dogs have many games early at the dome and not a bad opening run at things. By all accounts he is fitter with solid preseason, he is a tough matchup. To me he looks like a bigger and better Mach 2 of a young chappy. He is in my team depending on how i structure my backline and im leaving that for post nab


What did Tippett do to his knee, bvc?


Nothing major, went off to ice it up late into the game, commentators said he's been dealing with patellar tendonitis, which I imagine has come about with increased workload in the ruck (injury is caused by jumping).


tom mitchell is an absolute ball magnet and thats why he has earned him self a spot as a pod in my midfield


I like it! I have Luke Parker in my side at the moment. But after today, Titch is rubbing shoulders with Parker. BUT its only a NAB cup game. Plenty of water to flow under the bridge before round 1. Exciting times in the Sydney midfield.



agree. ive had titch from the get go. i believe he will be the best scoring sydney mid this year. (i know, big call). he keeps getting his hands on the ball but his disposal isnt the best. He is improving this every game he plays and he will be the least likely to be tagged.


Thoughts on Zorko compared to a Buddy/Smith/Greene?


Zorko has been my F2 since day dot, he had a huge second half of 2015!


I am a huge fan of Zorko. I think he could have a massive season this year. He is at his prime now, and is as strong as an ox. Hopefully, we can get to see him play today in Brizzie's hit out against Gold Coast. He is currently in my forward line. His DPP status is also a big bonus.



Hi – can I get your thoughts on this team.

Backs: Shaw, Bartel, Yeo, Malceski, Brow, Hartley (Hibberd, Bonner)
Mids: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Mills, Crowley (Freeman, Keays, Mathisesion)
Ruck: NicNat, Lobbe (Grimley)
Fwds: Martin, Wingard, Bartel, Wells, Simpkin, Kerrifge ( Petracca, McDon-Tip)

I have 14.8K left.


I didnt realise there were two Bartels currently in the AFL competition. 😉 I presume the Bartel on your forward line is Michael Barlow.

I think your team is solid. I dont have a problem with you not having Goldy at the start of the season. At just under 700K it is highly likely he will drop a bit in value and worth a trade by getting him in later.

The side does not have a lot of POD players. Most guys in your team would have been picked by a lot of players. It might be worth a risk to identify 2-3 potential POD players to put into your side before the start of season proper. But other than that, I reckon your team is looking good!



You have Bartel as a FWD and a DEF. The AFL don't even let the druggas clone players so that cats can't possibly have done it.


Sb Barlow


Never lets the community down, a mother great Job Barron Von Crow. Is Bonner a good selection or a pass?


Hard to tell. 9 possies but Sydney absolutely dominated possession with the Powers big guns out. Probably have to wait to see if he gets another game in a stronger power side. I'd lean towards him not being in the round 1 team, but could easily play at some point in the year.


G'day community,

Quick question for you…

Wines & Wells ..or.. B Crouch & Franklin?



would love some feedback on my current squad got 104k left in the bank what possible changes could i make but I'm quite happy how the team is looking

DEF- Simpson, Murphy, Birchall, Yeo, Brown, Broad (hartley, Hibbered)
MID- Abblet, sidebum, rockliff, parker, wines, Libba, Clarke, Schofield (cuningham, marcon, matheson)
Rck- jacobs, mummy (Grimley)
FWD- chopsticks, westhoff, barlow, greene, kerridge, tipungwuti (petraca, adams)


Good across every line and nice POD's. Excellent team. I think it looks one Super premo short. I think you should upgrade either Parker or Wines to a Pendlebury, Danger.


What are people's opinions on who I should have out of Dustin Martin and Jäger Omera vs Joel Selwood and Craig bird?

Or any other mid and fwd combinations at a similar price


Dusty picks himself. Lock him in. JOM won't be ready for round 1. Have a look at Polec at same price, or trust a rookie to start and trade in JOM when he is right


Cheers guys. Might stick with Dusty and have a think


Thanks Barron Von Crow, who are you tips for who is the most likely rookies who will line up rd 1 then apart from kerridge and petracca?

Bg G

Does Parker have potential to be a top ten midfielder by year's end?

Kevin Skywalker

Very much so. I had him last year and saw that potential then, but he was frustrated by injury.