NAB ANALYSIS: St Kilda V North Melbourne

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Barron Von CrowWe’re back again! More week 1 NAB action, this time we’ve got St Kilda VS North Melbourne on the cards.

Both teams had a host of senior players out of the side today, but the Saints had some nice rookie options like Jade Gresham playing for the first time, while we definitely had our eyes on Jed Anderson, though other popular Roo selection Daniel Wells missed the game after a good intra-club match. Would have been good to see him here, but next week sounds like when Wells will be unleashed.

North played a few rookies such as Clarke, Fordham, Preuss and Wagner, though this year’s first rounder Ben Mackay is missing, as is last year’s first round pick in Sam Durdin and Mitchell Hibberd, pick #33 in this year’s draft is also missing. The Saints busted out their first round selection Jade Gresham straight away, who seems to be a popular bench pick in the midfield so far.


Absent Best 22:

St Kilda: Leigh Montagna, Nick Riewoldt, David Armitage, Sam Fisher, Jarryn Geary, Dylan Roberton

North Melbourne: Todd Goldstein, Nick Dal Santo, Daniel Wells, Sam Gibson, Lachie Hansen, Ben Brown, Ben Jacobs


North Melbourne: Kayne Turner (hamstring)

St Kilda: Tom Hickey (shoulder knock), Paddy McCartin (hamstring)

The Saints put up a good fight in the first half, but were eventually overtaken by the more senior and battle tested Kangaroos who ran away with the game quite easily in the end.

St Kilda Performances:

  • Jack Billings ($455,100, FWD): Big supergoal in the 2nd quarter, along with 8 touches in the first half. Rested in the 2nd Hard to get a real gauge on his game after only half a game of footy.
  • Jack Steven ($562,700, MID): 7 touches and 4 tackles as he went head to head with Ziebell in the 1st Benched in the 2nd along with Billings.
  • Jack Newnes ($489,600, DEF): Was a popular choice last year, but probably will be skipped by most at his current price. Had 18 disposals and 6 marks.
  • Shane Savage ($398,000, DEF): Big 1st quarter with 8 touches and a missed supergoal on the siren. 12 touches in the first half, with 11 of them being kicks and finished with 17 touches for the day. Might be slightly too expensive for Supercoach, and he has had inconsistency issues in the past, but also being capable of putting up big scores means he could be a good game day selection in CoachKings.
  • Luke Dunstan ($378,000, MID): Nothing outstanding from the youngster, with just the 12 touches, 10 of them being handballs. He’s still improving, but as a midpricer I doubt anyone would have picked him anyway.
  • Tom Curren ($192,100, FWD): Good game with 18 touches and a goal. Only played the 2 games last year, but could be an interesting F5-F6 prospect to keep your eyes on.
  • Tom Hickey ($375,300, RUC/FWD): Rotated forward and through the ruck. Took out a fence and a little Roo fan in the 3rd quarter (The kid was tough, bobbed straight back up and yelled “That all you got, ya bastard?” Shinboner spirt on display there).
  • Jimmy Webster ($352,300, DEF): 8 touches and 3 tackles in the first half and finished with 14 disposals and 6 tackles. Another defender who’s awkwardly priced and will probably be skipped by most.
  • Josh Bruce ($368,400, FWD): 1 goal in the first half and 2 for the game. Some nice around the ground work late in the 4th Not one for Supercoach, but one you can pick in CoachKings and hope he kicks a bag.
  • Seb Ross ($365,900, MID): Took over in the 2nd, grabbing 7 touches in the first 10 minutes of the quarter and finished the first half with 15 touches. 26 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles for the day. Hit the Supercoach ton by the end of the 3rd quarter and had 130 by the end of the 4th. Finished off 2015 with a good month of footy and he’s continuing it here into the pre-season it looks like. Will be a massive POD for anyone who has the guts to pick him.
  • Jade Gresham ($144,300, MID): Nice “don’t argue” on Firrito and did some good things in the middle when he got near it. 11 disposals for Gresham, he’s still on my watchlist, but I’d like to see some more out of him in the next 2 games.
  • Paddy McCartin ($200,600, FWD): Not much going on. Hurt halfway through the 2nd and then understandably mothballed for the rest of the game.
  • Blake Acres ($256,700, MID): 14 disposals and a goals for Acres. He’s had plenty of injuries over the last two years, so he’s still improving, but I wouldn’t take a chance on him this year.
  • Eli Templeton ($196,100, FWD): Decent game with 16 touches and a behind. Like Curren, he’s an interesting prospect at his price, but one I’ll probably skip.
  • Tom Lee ($123,900, FWD): Started the game down back, rather than as a forward as he has been used in previous years, but moved forward later in the game when McCartin went out.
  • Josh Saunders ($159,900, FWD): 5 touches and a goal in the first half and had 12 disposals for the game. Coming into his 4th year and still hasn’t been able to cement a place in the team. Iffy, but keep watching him.

North Melbourne:

  • Jed Anderson ($223,900, MID/FWD): Started the game in the forward pocket, but moved onto the ball a few times, but nothing major. Spent most of his time forward. Had 3 touches in the first, but 0% DE. Missed a goal he should have kicked too. Took a nice mark in the 2nd quarter and then immediately kicked it into the man in the mark. Finally got his first goal in the 3rd quarter and started to get a bit more involved after that. 12 disposals and 1.1 was probably a disappointing effort after how much he’s been hyped in the pre-season, but he’ll have time to win back our trust.
  • Shaun Higgins ($514,400, FWD): Everywhere in the 1st quarter and had 7 touches and 2 goals and 10 touches for the first half. Quieted down a bit after his big 1st quarter and had 17 disposals, 3 tackles and 2 goals. Might be a POD for someone up forward, looks like he’ll continue with the same sort of form he had in 2015.
  • Luke McDonald ($284,700, DEF): Good game for McDonald, he led the Roo’s in possessions with 18 as well as 2 rebound 50’s and 5 Inside 50’s. Stagnated a bit last year, but he’s still only coming into his 3rd season of AFL football. Could be a D4-D5 option if you’re looking to skimp on some cash down back.
  • Shaun Atley ($356,700, DEF): Run and carry on display here by Atley, with 15 disposals at 93% efficiency by the end of the 3rd quarter, but only 1 in the last to bring his tally up to 16. I think we’ve all been sucked in by him before though.
  • Jack Ziebell ($467,900, MID): Run in the middle against Jack Steven early and had 5 touches in the first quarter, but only @ 20% efficiency. Looks more of a CoachKings pick rather than an initial Supercoach pick. Finished with 17 disposals, but only 41% efficiency, but had 10 clearances and 7 Inside 50’s. I think if he still had FWD eligibility someone might take a punt on him, but probably not as a MID only.
  • Jamie McMillion ($478,700, DEF): Played his usual game, 7 touches and 3 tackles and 2 rebound 50’s in the first half. A few will be looking at him as a POD DEF option, had a good 2nd half of 2015. 11 touches and 3 tackles by the end of the game. I probably wouldn’t go for him this year.
  • Drew Petrie ($461,500, FWD): Took advantage of the younger Saint defenders, kicking 4.3. Like Waite, he’s one to pick on gameday in CoachKings, but probably a bit too inconsistent for Supercoach.
  • Will Fordham ($117,300, MID): 10 disposals and 3 tackles, but probably won’t be there in Round 1.
  • Ryan Clarke ($117,300, MID): Got midfield minutes later in the game and had 13 possies and 2 clearances, as well as 2 goal assists. Good effort from him, but North have been hesitant before when it comes to playing rookies.
  • Braydon Preuss ($117,300, RUC): Spelled Daw in the ruck and had 5 hitouts in the first half and 10 for the game, with 6 disposals. Not gonna get a sniff as long as Goldstein is healthy.
  • Corey Wagner ($117,300, MID): Barely sighted in the first half, with only 2 touches. A little bit better in the 2nd, set up a nice goal for Harvey and finished with 4 disposals, 2 tackles and 2 goal assists. Probably not in the mix.
  • Mason Wood ($298,300, MID/FWD): Played half-forward and kicked a pair of goals in the first half, as well as a pair of behinds. 7 touches in the first half and had 13 for the game, along with 4.2. Good game for him, but probably a no at that price in either position.’

So Community, what did you think of North VS St Kilda? Anyone jumped up on your watch lists? Or had did you break out the red marker for anyone and put a big X next to someone’s name? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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see greasham getting a go round 1? Did few good things


Maybe. Certainly didn't do anything that bad that'd make me think he wouldn't be a chance.


Is Jed Anderson worth it at that price tag? Think Simpkin, Ben Kennedy or wells can add better value around that price mark


He looked OK at times, but it's probably dependent on him getting midfield minutes. Minimal midfield time might make it not worth picking him. He's supposed to have his defensive issues, which probably prevents him from playing there full time. Will continue to watch him though.


Cant have him without a lot of mid time. Has been downgraded to a watch from being a definite.


Wells (if fit) should score better than Anderson. Simpkin would be line ball with Anderson I think.


I'd take 1 of the 3 high priced rookies over Anderson any day of the week all mids but still there are cheap options up FWD ..
The kid Mills looks the goods to me.

Supercoach Central

Was never keen on Anderson, not surprised by his performance today.


Certainly agree with you there mate. Don't know what the fuss is about to be honest. Disappointed many coaches in 2015 and is set to do it again.

Bobby Singh

Doesn't look like a player who'll make 80+ but can do some special things. I'd compare him to a Rioli. Obviously not as good as Cyril.

I N Pieman

Jed Anderson has been kicked to the curb. Didn't like his Decision making or disposal. Don't think he will score well enough to warrant the price & slow burn. Get a rookie instead. Keep watching Gresham


Clarke looked to be moving well but as was mentioned my struggle to get a game. Is he worth consideration?


Thoughts on my team so far?

D: Shaw, KK, Bartel, Smith, Bonner, Broad (Hartley, Brown)
M: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, Crouch, Cuningham, Keays (Freeman, Mathieson, Menegola)
R: Goldstein, Nic Nat (Grimley)
F: Chopsticks, Zorko, Barlow, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, Sumner)


I like it, very similar to mine.

Bobby Singh

Same here. A great variety of POD's and some solid premium choices.


Hmm….a great variety of 'POD's' you say Bobby?

Bobby Singh

Indeed. Wouldn't it be a shame if someone else had players like Zorko, KK and Nic Nat 😀


You're hilarious. When's the Melbourne comedy festival being held? I might hand you a nomination.
I wonder who that 'someone' with all my pods might be?…would you like to tell me?

Bobby Singh

Hahaha, I've only got KK. Let's keep this off the SuperCoach community chat, eh?


Only? What's the point of KK being a pod then?
Ok…we'll stop there.


Thanks mate.


Danger and Pendles never fail to deliver. Consider Joel Selwood at 565k though former 600k+ player and with danger in the side he won't cop the tag.


Danger almost untagable.. Selwood's influence can be curbed with a tag.. I think the tag goes to Selwood because he's just as damaging without it. No point tagging danger and having them both get 30 plus and fives goals between them..


I'm a fan of this team, only criticism if there is one might be that you have a lot 117300 rookies and i doubt you have any cash left so not much maneuverability to get the right rooks in come season start.


Thanks for your thoughts mate, I'll take that into consideration.


I've got 44K in the bank, would that suffice?


Yeah 44k gives you a bit of room to move if/when a more expensive must have rookie comes along before the season,


Supercoach scores!

Sebastian Ross 129

Jack Newnes 118

Shane Savage 98

Tom Curren 87

Tom Hickey 86

Tom Lee 73

Jimmy Webster 72

Blake Acres 72

Jade Gresham 71

Sean Dempster 70

Josh Saunders 68

Jack Sinclair 67

Luke Dunstan 61

Eli Templeton 60

Jason Holmes 59

Jack Billings 56

Josh Bruce 53

Maverick Weller 52

Jack Steven 52

Luke Delaney 48

Sam Gilbert 33

Nick Coughlan 32

Cameron Shenton 31

Jack Lonie 23

Hugh Goddard 23

Paddy McCartin 6

Mason Wood 109

Drew Petrie 109

Luke McDonald 100

Majak Daw 98

Jack Ziebell 97

Jarrad Waite 90

Shaun Higgins 90

Ryan Clarke 83

Jamie Macmillan 83

Andrew Swallow 81

Shaun Atley 79

Lindsay Thomas 69

Brent Harvey 68

Michael Firrito 65

Robbie Tarrant 65

Taylor Garner 57

Ben Cunnington 56

Jed Anderson 56

Will Fordham 48

Sam Wright 40

Joel Tippett 37

Braydon Preuss 35

Corey Wagner 32

Farren Ray 30

Scott D. Thompson 24

Kayne Turner 0


56 from Billings in half a game will do me


S.Durdin play today? Any good?


He's still recovering from shoulder surgery that he had last year. Think he only got back to contact training a week or so ago.


I know he didn't play today, but is Simpkin worth the money? Would it be better to downgrade him to a rookie who? Would they score around the same?


I can go Simpkin and Parish and have 83k or Crouch and Kennedy (MELB) and have 15k left. Or I can downgrade Simpkin and upgrade Aish to a Bartel


You need Bartel.


Do You?
I'm not so keen on him at his price. I reckon Birchall and Yeo are better options.


Appreciate the fine work you do, bvc. Not seeing a lot of sc relevancy from this game. Clarke will join my watch list as you can never have enough mid rookies


Yea, not a ton to see here, Kev. Hasn't really changed my mind about anyone to be honest, except making me want to pick Seb Ross a bit more!


Great Job again Barron Von Crow!! Thoughts on Kade Simpson over Doc?


I've been a fan of his, he's solid and usually consistent, though he had a few more down games last year than normal. Hopefully he gets back to his best this year.


Can anyone give me some advice and thoughts on this team?

B: Boyd, Birchall, Yeo, B.Smith, D.Howe, M.Brown(Ess) (Byrne, Bonner)
C: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Mills, Petracca (Freeman, Polkinghorne, Cuningham)
R: Martin, Lobbe (Grimley)
F: Martin, Barlow, Franklin, Simpkin, Cockatoo, Kerridge (Kommer, McDonald-Tipungwuti)
Remaining cash: $41,100


Any advice welcome. I really need this. Going out tonight so need a reply quick. Thanks. Sorry to be so demanding


Really like this side wouldnt change anything except maybe a few rookies but that'll depend on nab form


Thanks. My only question at the moment is Wells or Mills. This'll depend on NAB form and whether they are named fir round 1


Defence and forward line is way too weak mate, someone has to go in the midfield. Midfield is where all the cash generation is generally made with the rookies so don't be scared to field a third rookie in the midfield. Definitely need a stronger defence. Do you think Boyd, Birchall, Yeo and Smith will all be there at the end of the season? top 8 defenders? If not, you'll just be using another precious trade to get them up to a top 8 defender (which you have the opportunity to do right now, before R1).
Good luck.


I'm confident that Boyd, Birchall and Yeo will all be top 8 defenders by seasons end. Smith will rise in price a bit so will trade him to a premium at some point during the season, he'll score solidly though. I'm happy with the amount of cash generation that my team has got. guys like Simpkin(depends on midfield time) and Libba have got potential to be keepers. Mills should score solidly while generating 200-300K in cash as he will be best 22.
I reckon this is the best year we'll ever see for mid-pricers.


Mills is in my team but you are dreaming if you think he can make you around 300k. If he averages 90 will make a bit over 200k.


Will he play? Which Swan midfielder is he going to replace?


It's a fine line, Tiges. Agree the mids are cash generation central, but it's also where all the points are. IMO it's the hardest line to upgrade because the gap between the best and the average is much bigger than it is on other lines.

My strategy has always been that a strong mid line can carry the slower earning back/forward rookies.


That's what i was thinking
D: Boyd, Birchall, Yeo and hopefully Smith (3-4 keepers)
M: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Mills (5-7 keepers. Yes, i believe Mills could possibly become a low 500K player)
R: Martin, Lobbe (0-2 keepers, might upgrade Martin to Goldstein early if Goldy drops in price)
F: Martin, Barlow, Franklin, Simpkin (2-4, Simpkin in same category as Mills)

Adding that all together:
Worst possible amount of keepers: 10
Best possible amount of keepers: 17
Keeping that in mind, I would think I would get 13 keepers for the season and great cash generation off the guys like Simpkin, Mills, Cockatoo, Howe, Petracca, Kerridge.


I think your side looks very solid.
I totally disagree with Tiges, firstly his defence isn't weak at all, how strong do you want your defence to be. I personally wouldn't pick Boyd at his $560k price tag but who knows, he could quite easily be one of the highest scoring defenders.
It's important to remember that generally speaking defence is ALWAYS volatile, defence is a gamble every season.
Even if you chose to go a full premo defence line prior to the season starting, guaranteed by mid season most of them will hemorage cash and struggle to average 80, So its always best to go weaker in defence if you had to go weak some where.
However in saying that I wouldn't consider his defence structure as weak,at all. The only difference I would do is try get a extra $5,000 and change Boyd to Shaw as Shaw seems to be the only defender that scores consistent enough to be considered a honest premo defender.

Lastly his Forward line is not weak either, he can easily upgrade Tipungwuti to a better rookie just before Round 1 starts as he has $41k remaining. . .

Having that extra premo in your midfield will make up the points just in case one of your defenders scores poorly.


I quite like this side. It is a "point of difference" team. Undoubtledly, the rookies will change over the next 4 weeks, but the core team structure looks very good and balanced. The only thing I would say is that your backline looks a bit old. (Long in tooth) It could be worth looking at Boyd and Birchall. Perhaps replace one of those guys with some similar priced younger blood. (Docherty, Rampe, etc)

I also like the fact you have not started with Goldstein. IMO, there is no way he will hold his price of 700K. Its worth 1 trade to grab him later when he is at a lower price.

Callum Mills showed a quite bit today against Port. He is on my watch list big time.



can i hear your thought on the little boom, Barron? got a score of 68 and surely didnt play the whole thing


Wouldn't touch Anderson with a 10 foot pole, won't get any more midfield time if/when Dal & Wells come back – fools gold!


Certainly seems like it might be that way!


Jed Anderson. Heeeee bloody shit!!! He will soil pants like baby. Welcome!!




I'm usually a guns n rookie type, but my team has somehow gone a bit mid price mad.

I've got Crouch & Polec at M6 & M7 and Simpkin at F4.

I can go with two rookies at M6 & M7 and Zorko/Dahl at F4.

Happy with rest of team:

KK, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Rich, Brown (Broad, Hibberd)

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, ?, ?, Cuningham, (Keays, Mathieson, Beech)

Goldy, Lobbe

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, ?, Kerridge, Patracca (Phillips, MacD)

Go anita of mid price? Or stick with guns & rookies?


I think Crouch is a must if fit. I think you have gone one to many in defence.
I would drop Yeo or Rich then go Crouch and a rookie then a premo at f4.
Otherwise it looks great Derek, best of luck.


im pretty set on my defence.

Crouch if fit offers great value, same with Polec, but won't get the cash increase that a couple of gun rookies might offer. Of those two I would probably go Polec because Port have a much easier draw than Crows.

I'm hoping for a nice trade Polec to Sloane and Lobbe to Jacobes about round 10/11 when Ports draw gets tough and Crows gets easy.


The more premos the better.
So I reckon the second option, if you find the right rookies then they will average similar to Crouch and Polec.


I noticed you have dropped JPK from your side! This cant be true.


JPK is one of my favourite. To fit Goldy in, Jpk became Crouch. Plenty of changes, especially if crouch not fit


Thoughts on my team
Bartel, Yeo, Rich, Smith, Francis, Dea (Bonner, Broad)
Ablett (c), J.Selwood, Rockliff, Libba, D.Swallow, Crouch, O'Meara (Jansen, Petracca, Freeman)
Nic Nat, Lobbe (m.cox)
Chopsticks, Barlow, T.Greene, J.Martin, Simpkin, Kerridge (Komner, M.Brown)


If Selwood 100% fit great choice.

Not sure about Greene. Seen him in a lot of teams, he seems like an expensive mid-pricer. Can't see him getting to premium status. Have a lot of players you will need to upgrade, I doubt there will be enough trades. I think you need at least 1 maybe 2 more Keepers


Yeah I reckon Bird or Hutchings will average similar if not more than Greene.


Personally i would only roll with one of these guys "D.Swallow, Crouch, O'Meara"
& two of these "Yeo, Rich, Smith"
& two of these "T.Greene, J.Martin, Simpkin"


I thought my team had a lot of mid-pricers.
O'Meara almost certain not to play Round 1 and might miss a few at the start. Crouch also has injury concerns. Dea won't score well. Pick a rookie if any pop up.
Greene just might explode this year.

J.Martin is risky.
Rich is risky.
Crouch is risky
O'Meara is risky
Dea is risky


Nah, he was just going through the motions out there.


why is everyone so hot on jimmy bartel? not to sound like an old grump but chris scott has said he doesnt expect jimmy to play the 22 games and probably wont play anywhere near 22 games. I think Enright is a much better pick up

my team at the moment

DEFENCE: Enright, Birchall, Yeo, KK, Bonner, Brown, Broad, Tucker
MIDFIELD: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, Omeara, Crouch, Mills, Jansen, Cuningham, Freeman,
RUCKS: Goldylock, Lobbe, Chol
FORWARDS: Chopsticks, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, Petrecca, Kerridge, Grimley, Palmer

18k in the bank.

13 keepers in this team and a pool of players ill hopefully use as stepping stones into premiums. Obviously looking to lock down a big midfield early on, pick up Pendles, JPK, Priddis within the first 8-11 rounds and any DEF/FWDs that put their hand up as likely top6 finishers


Rookies could change, and omeara crouch dependant on R1 selection


Since 2005, Bartel has played less than 21 games 3 times. 20 (2007), 19 (2012), and 11 last year because of injury. He's also averaged 95+ in every one of those years bar 2005 (take out his sub affected score of 2 last year he averaged 96). That's why I'm keen for him.

Mid rookies make cash the quickest and you've only got 3. If your plan is to pick up those guys, who will be around the 600k mark, I reckon you'll struggle to do so


Yeah I agree, his stats are amazing but when the coach comes out and states that someone wont be playing everygame, then I am a bit backward putting them in my team I guess

Also, i only need 3 mid rookies to fire, and i have mills, crouch and omeara sitting at elevated prices. i was thinking more so along the lines of chopping three rookies when they are ripe and upgrading mills omeara and crouch.

Have you noticed many mid rookies getting a gig this year? Im struggling to find mid rookies that will make descent cash and get descent game time


TBF Scott he'd be surprised if Bartel played every game so he gets a rest or 2 not the end of the world I'm happy to take 20 games at close to a 100 average,


Who is the best forward under 510K. Already got Barlow


Go on, put Rioli in your team!




Seems like there are very limited forward options this year. Wingard, Zorks Franklin, Dahlhaus, even Dusty I reckon will go up and down between about 90-105.

I'd rather spend that money on a mid I know can average 105+ like Wines, Shiel or Parker for example.

What are people's thoughts? Is it better to go lighter in the forward line this year?