NAB ANALYSIS: Fremantle v Richmond

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Barron Von Crow

Footy is finally back! And tonight we had the battle of two teams who’ll be gunning for the Top 4 in 2016, the “can’t win a Final” Richmond Tigers VS the Fremantle Dockers led by “I can’t win a Grand Final” Ross Lyon.

Snarky comments for sure, but that’s enough of that, what we’re really here for is some fantasy football analysis! Freo didn’t mess around in week 1, going for a near full strength side, with Richmond deciding to rest about half of their likely Best 22. That give us a real chance to look at the cheaper Richmond options like Daniel Rioli, Connor Menadue, Oleg Markov, Jason Castagna, Nathan Broad, Adam Marcon and Mabior Chol but does make it hard to predict how they’ll fit in with Richmond’s round 1 team once the absent players return.


Absent Best 22:

Richmond: Jack Riewoldt, Trent Cotchin, Ivan Maric, Anthony Miles, Dustin Martin, Shane Edwards, Alex Rance, Brett Deledio, Bachar Houli, Taylor Hunt, Dylan Grimes, Chris Yarran

Fremantle: David Mundy, Michael Johnson, Chris Mayne, Harley Bennell

And it really wasn’t much of a contest as you’d expect. Richmond tried to play their possession game, which didn’t really work with their best players out and Freo really didn’t have much stopping them. It’s tough to get a real good gauge on the Richmond rookies in a contest like this since they’re obviously playing again bigger and better players.


Richmond: Tyrone Vickery (heat exhaustion), Ben Griffiths (head/jaw), David Astubury (hand/finger)

Fremantle: Lee Spurr (shoulder knock), Hayden Ballentyne (thigh injury)

Fremantle Performances

  • Michael Barlow ($505,300, MID/FWD): Played in the middle, though noticed on a few ballups/throw-ins closer to goal he tended to rotate off his man to go forward. 15 disposals, 3 clearances and 4 tackles in the first half. Attended 18 centre bounces and finished the game with 27 touches, 7 marks, 7 tackles, 4 clearances and kicked 1.3. Plenty of positives signs though, but must be taken into account that Mundy was out and Nat Fyfe was on minute restrictions, but definite signs that he should be locked into your forward line.
  • Michael Walters ($439,200, FWD): Played the majority of the game on-ball and across half back and finished with 21 possies. Seems with the addition of Bennell (though he didn’t play today) that they’ve moved Walters back down the ground to generate some more offense in the back half of the field. Makes him a very interesting prospect down forward.
  • Lachie Neale ($562,900, MID): His usual self, plenty of it with 29 touches, 6 clearances and 5 tackles. Really started to get under the skin of the younger Tiger players towards the end of the game.
  • Matthew Pavlich ($440,600, FWD): Played forward and hasn’t looked like he’s slowed down at all. 11 touches and a goal in the first half, and ended with 18 touches and 4 goals. Big question will be does he have one more year left in him?
  • TommySheridan ($351,100, DEF): Plenty of ball across half back, and finished with 23 touches, though 18 were uncontested. Very awkwardly priced.
  • Cam Sutcliffe ($355,900, DEF): Another Docker who got plenty of ball across the half-back. Had 11 disposals at 100% efficiency for 50 Supercoach Points in the first quarter alone. Like Sheridan, lots of uncontested ball, with 18 of his 20 disposals being uncontested. Another defensive option for the Dockers that’s sitting at a very awkward price for Supercoach, but could be a nice sub-premo option for CoachKings.
  • Lachie Weller ($206,900, MID): Looked dangerous when he had it, kicked a nice goal and passed another one off to Mzungu. 12 touches for the day for 81 Supercoach Points and while he could definitely play more this year, he might be awkward to fit in at that price. Encouraging signs though.
  • Aaron Sandilands ($581,700, RUC): No surprise that he dominated the hitouts considering who he was up against. No surprise if he finishes as a Top 5 ruckman again this year. Pick him in Supercoach or CoachKings, he’ll do well in both.
  • Nat Fyfe ($670,600, MID): Sat for the first half of the game, but did not look like he was having any issues at all. 8 disposals, 7 contested possessions and 3 clearances in the 3rd quarter and 18 possies and 5 clearances for the game. 60 Supercoach Points from one half of footy, no doubt about it, stick him in your side if you can afford it.
  • Jonathan Griffin ($303,900, RUC/FWD): Looked OK up forward, kicked 2 goals in the first half. Didn’t get a lot of it though, but could be a good tall forward option for the Dockers, but probably not in Supercoach.
  • Matt Taberner ($242,200, FWD): Another forward line option that looked solid for the Dockers. Finished the game with 2 goals and 96 Supercoach Points, though he probably should have had a couple more goals for the game. Very interesting prospect if you were looking for a cheap F4-F5, but we’ll probably need to see more from him.
  • Darcy Tucker ($117,300, DEF): One of the few draftees the Dockers played. Drafted with pick #27 in the draft this year, and he certainly didn’t hurt his chances of playing. Started playing on the wing and finished with 21 touches and 8 marks. Keep him on your watch list.

Richmond Performances

  • Shaun Grigg ($492,000, DEF): Usual solid self down back. Had 12 disposals and 4 tackles in the first half and finished with 24 touches and 7 tackles. Will probably be a unique choice down back in Supercoach and certainly a solid gameday choice in CoackKings.
  • Brandon Ellis ($541,100, MID): Got plenty of it early, and plenty of it by foot which we like, but mostly lots of cheap uncontested ball, which isn’t the best for Supercoach. Finished with 13 touches, 11 of which were uncontested possessions.
  • Reece Conca ($284,100, MID/FWD): Solid game with 20 possies and 102 Supercoach Points. Question will remain if those kind of points will still be there once the Tigers best return.
  • Connor Menadue ($155,400, FWD): Kicked the Tigers first goal halfway through the 2nd 9 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal in the first half was a good result considering how well Freo dominated the first 30 minutes of the game. Finished with 12 touches and 5 tackles, could be a forward rookie option.
  • Corey Ellis ($193,400, MID/FWD): Had 10 possies at 90% efficiency in the first half, which netted him 38 Supercoach Points and finished the game with 17 disposals
  • Jason Castagna ($117,300, DEF): 10 touches at 80% efficiency
  • Adam Marcon ($102,400, MID): Solid first half with 9 possies and a goal and finished with 12 touches, 5 tackles and a goal for 75 Supercoach Points. Another one that might find it difficult to break into the 22 straight away, but keep an eye on him for sure.
  • Mabior Chol ($102,400, RUC): Played deep forward, has a nice leap and a clean pair of hands on him. Good hitout for him, but can’t see him playing at all this year.
  • Oleg Markov ($117,300, FWD): 7 touches and a couple of rebound 50’s for the youngster. Nothing massive, but was solid when he had it.
  • Nathan Broad ($117,300, DEF): 12 touches for 64 Supercoach Points. Good game for him and enough to keep him on the watch list.
  • Daniel Rioli ($157,800, FWD): Barely sighted. 3 touch for the game.

So, what did you think Community? Have you locked anyone into your side after tonight’s game? Or thrown some guy to the curb? Let us know in the comments below


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I N Pieman

Nice work Barron. Rubbish game but some rookies to keep an eye on


thanks Pieman.

Yep, game wasn't great, but there were a few things to take away from it at least.


Nice write up again Barron Von Crow. Whats your thoughts on Darcy Tucker as a rookie?


Cheers mate.

Looked the goods, so the only question left is with Lyons play him?


Hard with that game like you said, I'm interested to see if broad gets a gig possibly taking Bachelor's spot with Rance, Houli, Grimmes back. Chaplin will go back in the real stuff so Broad might float around the back line. Probably know more as if unfolds I guess.


Yea, it's really hard to tell with Richmond with so many guys out. Same goes for Tabeners performance too. If he had Rance or the like sitting on him, does he still score 95 Supercoach points?


Yes, very true


Just ignore the Grigg bit too. He's a MID, not a DEF player in SuperCoach. Guess I need pre-season games to work into form too!


I'd ignore Grigg a bit anyway.


Also, Supercoach scores!


Shaun Grigg 105

Reece Conca 101

Adam Marcon 76

Connor Menadue 75

Corey Ellis 74

Troy Chaplin 72

Kane Lambert 70

Nathan Broad 67

Jacob Townsend 62

Kamdyn McIntosh 61

Brandon Ellis 58

Ben Griffiths 57

Steven Morris 56

Ben Lennon 53

David Astbury 46

Nick Vlastuin 40

Sam Lloyd 39

Mabior Chol 38

Oleg Markov 36

Jason Castagna 32

Jayden Short 31

Ty Vickery 27

Daniel Rioli 22

Jake Batchelor 21


Michael Barlow 131

Matthew Pavlich 123

Tendai Mzungu 116

Cameron Sutcliffe 115

Lachie Neale 114

Garrick Ibbotson 105

Tommy Sheridan 95

Michael Walters 90

Aaron Sandilands 89

Lachie Weller 81

Stephen Hill 81

Nick Suban 80

Darcy Tucker 72

Jonathon Griffin 72

Lee Spurr 71

Matt Taberner 66

Zac Dawson 62

Danyle Pearce 59

Nat Fyfe 58

Connor Blakely 55

Alex Silvagni 54

Clancee Pearce 51

Hayden Ballantyne 51

Jack Hannath 28

Matt de Boer 25

Sam Collins 5

Canny the Manny

With a close to full strength side, hopefully this is a sign that Barlow is in for a good year. The only question mark is how Bennel and Mundy will effect his position and therefore scoring output, as both were absent last night. He's looking good for a starting spot in my squad though.
Ripper effort, Barron!


i think the good thing for Barlow is he proved he couldn't play that forward role Ros wanted him to play last year. If ross is looking for someone to fill that forward/mid role, i wouldn't be surprised if he gives it to Bennell. Which means Barlow will play in the guts most of the season which makes sense since that is where he plays his best. This is what I'm hoping for anyway. Great write up Barron


That's the impression I got, Holty.


Another great choice of captain for Richmond.


Does anyone think that Charlie Curnow will be like the a Jesse Hogan last year or is just going to be a trap?


Barely got a lick on Thursday night cheaper and better options IMO


I think it's easy enough to forget/underappreciate the year Hogan spent in the VFL. Most guys his age don't get that, but it was the bonus a lot of those GWS under 17 traded guys got.


How many licks do you think he should be up for, Stiffy?


as a Carlton supporter, if he is half as good as what Hogan is, I'll be happy. But after Thursdays performance, wouldnt go near him at present


Who are the best forward rookie option?


Kerridge, Petracca will be in everyones teams so far.apart from that, only the nab will decide that. You could even look at Wells if you are a betting man. Only slightly more expensive then the top end rookies. Injury risk but could reward you well if he doesn't hurt himself


My delema is Fyfe or Pendles can't afford both as I have danger and cats have the easiest draw


Not a bad dilemma to have, Emma! The nab won't tell you much about either of them, they'll run around in first gear and do what they need to do.

I suggest just going with personal preference.


Very very tough call. I have Danger as well. I am leaning to Fyfe. The fact he played last night (despite for only for 40 minutes) indicates that his back injury is probably not that serious. There is no way Lyon would have played him if there was ANY significant doubt about his injury recovery. The fact he came through unscathed, and racked up 60 odd SC points in just over a quarter of footy keeps him in my side. There is something very special about this player. Fyfe is life!! Cheers


I have Fyfe and Pendlebury. Will get Danger later.

Collingwood draw is much better. Look at round 3 to 12.


I'm weary of Dahlhaus this year. With Libba coming back I assume he will spend more time forward?


would of worried me last year but with the limited interchange rule this year, these players will have to rotate through the mids so i can still see Dahl spending a lot of time in the middle


I am thinking a bit along your line as well. Libba could take some of his points and as I have Libba already, it might be wise not to have both. (Point cannibalisation as I call it) I keep doing this….Dahlhaus in…….wait, nah…..Wingard in……..But Dahlhaus has DDP status……..Dahlhaus in…….and repeat…LOL


If you repeat that loop five times you'll have six Dahlhaus' in your forward line. That's too many eggs in the one basket for mine Tophawk.


I have heard people speculate he'll spend more time forward with Libba being back and Crameri being out. It could potentially happen, guess we'll have to wait and see. I was a big fan of Dally last year. Had him from the start and I don't think I had a single game where I was really disappointed with his game.


Fyfe in SC this year Yay or Nay?

Barlow looks to be a lock.


Fyfe is a lock for mine.


Barlow: Lock him in.
Fyfe: Lock him in.
Tucker: Watch closely.



Yes we already have Goldylock, Lockliff and now …. Barlock?? 🙂


Is Gary Ablett a lock?


At this stage yes. If his foot injury lingers or flares up, then it is a different story. Monitor Gazza closely.





KK, Yeo, Smith, Aish, Broad, Brown, Collins, Collins
Fyfe, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Hopper, Gresham, Cuningham, Keays, Mathieson
Goldstein, Nic Nat, Wyatt
Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Simpkin, Petracca, Kerridge, Grimley, Adams.

143k in the bank and not sure what to do with it.



Use the spare cash to upgrade Aish.


Easiest thing to do with the cash is use it on someone like Aish or bump up an Ollie Wines type to a full premo I reckon.


Who would you suggest upgrading Aish too? If I were to upgrade Wines I could get Danger or if I upgrade Aish the most i can spend is 419k


Smith for Aish


Plenty of rookies on show today in the Saints V North hit out. Looking forward to see how Corey Wagner goes for North. Some good reports about him. Others I will be watching like a hawk are Jade Gresham (Saints), Jed Anderson (North), Nick Coughlan (Saints), and Jack Billings of course. Be very interesting whether he can dominate up forward.


Absolutely, TopHawk, I'll be covering that one today as well.


Tommy Sheridan in for a big year


He looked good, but we must also take into account who he played against.

Freo have Adelaide next up, but they've said they'll likely be sending over a very inexperienced side, so he could have another game where he's playing on youngsters again.


Sassh! Don't wreck my def POD!


Yeah i agree, who would you take Yeo or Kolodjashnij?


Tough split, but I'm going for Kolo by the width of a bees dick, though I do have both in my side.


Master out for 8 weeks. I see Yeo getting midfield time


Kolodjashnij for me


just curious to know everyones thoughts on how many mid-pricers are too many? Yeo i would consider as a mid-pricer as well. Plus how many you are starting with?
Id consider 3 to be the limit but yet i have 4 in my side as we speak if i select Yeo.
Liba Crouch and Wells are my other choices.


It's tough, Holty. I don't usually put a number on it. Someone like Libba I don't consider a mid-pricer because he's been a premo before, he's just at that price because of an injury discount. Probably depends on how many rookie options you have too. But if you had Yeo, Libba, Crouch and Wells I think that's fine.


Who do we think can average the most out of Shiel, Wines and Parker?


You could throw a blanket over the 3 of them, Tom. Hard to answer. Assuming all 3 stay fit, I would have Parker just ahead of Wines. Personal preference


I think that is almost impossible to call. All three players are of similar calibre. It will just come down to which player(s) avoid injury during the season, the role the player has within the team structure, as well as form in general.
All I can say is this; The fact that Treloar has left GWS means Shiel should see lots of time and footy in the guts. Parker shares points with JPK, Hanners, and Titch. Wines should also see plenty of midfield action. Based on that, its Shiel, then Wines, and then Parker. Don't take my word for it though! Its a lottery chosing between these 3 guys.


Wines just ahead of Parker, But all would be very close


Am I the only one still questioning Barlow? Good show but only Neale for competition. Tigers midfield no resistance last night. With the emergence of Neale and dominance of Fyfe I'm not sure he'll get as much point generation as he did in 2013 and 2014. Not convinced 2015 was only playing out of position.

I'm not convinced he'll average over 100 and not sure that's good enough to lock him in. He's not in my side at the moment and want to see him with some more midfield players around him first, both Freo and opposition midfield.


It's certainly something to consider, Chris, but as long as the minutes are there in the midfield I still think the scores will be OK. With the rotations I imagine we'll see periods of Fyfe moving forwards, which might be where Barlow strikes,


Got a bit excited and put Weller in my team on last nights performance am I getting carried away or is that a. Reasonable decision and a POD ?? Great write up thanks Barron


So I'm really considering dropping Pendles from my team to bring Fyfe in, but I have a few concerns. With the extended periods of time Fyfe will be supposedly playing in the forward line would that hinder his scoring? $670,000 is a big price to pay so I'm hoping this is not the case. Would love to hear others thoughts as to whether we should be locking in Fyfe despite the price tag and increased forward time. Cheers community.


I am having the same issue and have currently gone with Pendles due to prize and talk Fyfe will play more forwards. Hard to split the two really.


Look at Collingwood first 13 weeks. They could win 9 or 10 of them, so you need some Collingwood players, Pendlebury the best of them


Choose two:
Dangerfield, Fyfe, Ablett and Pendlebury.

Really don't know what to do!


At the moment Ablett and Fyfe / Pendles can't decide


Dangerfield and Pendlebury


What are everyone's thoughts on Nakia Cockatoo?


Not sure he is in best 22


170k…. To much


What do people think of Zak Jones?

With Shaw and Malceski no longer there surely he can improve ?


I was impressed with Zac Dawson. Solid 62SC.


Could be Zacs year


Is no one considering Garrick Ibbotson? Had a good year last year, uses the ball well and could go on with it this year…


I had him most of last year and he did OK.

I watched him last night and he is on my watchlist. I think he is full price though. Rich, smith, Yeo all offer some upside.


Oleg Markov ($117,300, FWD): 7 touches and a couple of rebound 50’s for the youngster. Nothing massive, but was solid when he had it.

Oleg scored 36SC pts with only 16.33min of play. that means he went at 2.2pts per minute!!

Chance of getting same games is the only concern