NAB ANALYSIS: Hawthorn v Carlton

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Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwardsIt was no surprise to me that Carlton lost tonight but community we have a fair bit to discuss. Kerridge, Birchall and Howe are the names that jump out to me but there were a lot of players who came into consideration tonight.

Now because I’m obsessed with fantasy football I have briefly reviewed every player from tonight game (much to Mrs. Lekdog’s annoyance, she’d rather I spent time with her). So I’ll leave the talking to the comments. Let me know who jumped out to you community!





$555,200 Jordan Lewis (Mid) Picked up where he left off, always looks good (even if a little lazy) on the park. Showed me that he’ll be a good pick up when his price drops.

$319,600 Billy Hartung (Mid) My mate Matthew Spangher told me to keep an eye on this kid and that’s what I did tonight. Was one of the highest possession getters on the ground and is a very interesting proposition. Don’t think we can pull the trigger on him yet but if he racks up another 20+ disposals in the remaining NAB games then we will have a decision to make. Could end up as a $500K player this year

$584,400 Sam Mitchell (Mid) Was everywhere against the Blues. Hasn’t slowed down and racked up a lot of disposals. I think there are better options in the midfield but when his price drops we should swoop. You won’t have to worry if you select him in your CoachKings team.

$489,200 Josh Gibson (Def) Found himself in the midfield a couple of times and was very efficient with his kicking. Lock for DFS but will have too many low scoring games for our long-form teams.

$452,200 Ben McEvoy (Ruc) Didn’t do much in my opinion. Isn’t worth a long-form selection and tonight confirms that. Might make an appearance in a few Coach Kings teams depending on his matchup, on the plus side when you pick him you can scream “wowee, big boy!”

$403,800 Taylor Duryea (Def) Had the ball a fair bit but missed a couple of goals. In that awkward $400K range where we’d much rather be picking midfielders rather than talls.

$424,100 Bradley Hill (Mid) Had no problem finding the ball but didn’t really impact the game. Too pricey for the output he showed tonight, not on my radar. Could explode against teams with poor match-ups, worth considering in some DFS circumstances.

$198,300 Brendan Whitecross (Fwd/Def) Didn’t set the world on fire but if he can break into the Hawks best 22 he has to be considered. Just about a lock in DFS at his price.

$230,400 Jonathan O’Rourke (Mid)  Handballs a lot more than he kicks and that’s an issue when it comes to our fantasy footy teams. There’s something to like about the kid but not enough to get me to select him anywhere.

$465,000 Grant Birchall (Def) Looked fantastic in the backline and presents some real value for our fantasy teams. If he did one thing tonight it was get thing himself on my radar.

$584,400 Luke Hodge (Mid)  I didn’t really notice him but he got the job done in typical Hodge fashion. Probably was only in second gear. If he was still DEF/MID I’d be looking at him but as it stands there’s better value in our mids for long-form. He’ll be a great captain selection in DFS though.

$477,400 Isaac Smith (Mid)  Will be looking to have a big 2016 but didn’t do much tonight. Seemed to play as an inside mid a bit more and didn’t have many long runs along the wing. Will bounce back and at sub-500K (Supercoach) he might be worth a look at later in the year.

$231,100 Angus Litherland (Def)  Had thirteen touches and some decent marks. Will be fighting hard to break into the Hawks best 22 but after big performances from the Hawks backline and new face Daniel Howe he’s going to have a tough time of it. Not for our long-form team but might be a solid pickup in some DFS games.

$123,900 Dallas Willsmore (Fwd) Don’t think he played, if he did I must have had my eyes closed. Won’t break into Hawthorn anytime soon anyway.

$222,900 James Sicily (Fwd) Took a nice contested grab against Rowe in the second quarter and kicked a long goal. Plays taller than he actually is. At his price he’s worth considering, scored a lot with not a whole lot of disposals. Could be the beneficiary of Roughead being out. He’s a DFS lock against weak defences. In long-form he competes with Wells and the like to be your F4/5, needs to truly cement his place in the side.

$446,300 Luke Breust (Fwd) I think this guy will have a big year, dominated in a low scoring affair. Breust is one of the most accurate kicks for goal in the AFL and I think he’s under-priced in Supercoach for the damage that he does. Heavily on my radar.

$123,900 Tim O’Brien (Fwd) Only a few touches but managed to kick a goal. Will be worth a DFS selection when he plays but won’t secure a spot long enough for us to consider in our long-form teams.

$292,900 Ben Stratton (Def)  Stratton is a good ordinary footballer. Took some nice marks tonight but won’t make a mark on your side. Is a cheap defender but has very little scope for improvement in my opinion. Will have some good games in 2016 but ahouldn’t come into our consideration.

$339,500 Ryan Schoenmakers (Fwd) Didn’t play like he did in the finals last year. Too expensive for what he is anyway, against a smaller opponent he might be a good half-time pickup in a Coach Kings match.

$409,300 Paul Puopolo (Fwd) Another player who just didn’t get out of second gear, let’s be honest he’s not the Hawks forward we’re looking for. Could have some big DFS games but for the most part I think we need to avoid this type of small forward.

$123,900 Kaiden Brand (Def) Was nice to see another young bloke run out for the Hawks, didn’t see too much of the ball and I don’t expect him to break into the Hawthorn defence. If he does get some games this season he’s a DFS player only.

$123,900 Zac Webster (Fwd) I’m sure he arrived with the team but I’m not convinced he actually played. Did not excite me and will not be selected at this stage.

$234,500 Jack Fitzpatrick, (Fwd/Def) Pinch-hit in the ruck but didn’t stand out by any stretch of the imagination. Is an awkward price and for a bloke who couldn’t get a game at Melbourne I’m just not going anywhere near him. Stick to the big guns when it comes to the Hawks, everyone else just shares the points too much.

$123,900 Kurt Heatherley (Def) Five touches in a cameo by the young man. Falls into the same category as most of Hawthorn’s rookies and probably won’t see much game time. I think we need to look for our rookies at the less talented clubs.

$265,800 Daniel Howe (Def) Looked very solid (although he wasn’t defending the worlds best forward line). Howe racked up over 20 touches, took some nice marks and kicked a few accurate long balls. Awkwardly priced but with a spot up for grabs in the Hawks backlines he might be worth a look, risky but keep half an eye on him.

$123,900 Teia Miles (Def) I hate repeating myself but with only four touches I just think we need to steer clear of players like Miles until they really break into the Hawthorn side. 


$444,600 Bryce Gibbs (Mid) Cheaper than Carlton’s tagger Ed Curnow and has to be considered in all forms of fantasy footy. Played well enough to get on some coaches radars. Tackled reasonably well and actually looked hungry, watch-list.

$500,200 Kade Simpson (Def) Kade Simpson did Kade Simpson things, don’t read into his preseason games either way. You know what you’ll get. Will be in my Coach kings side come round 1 but wait for a price drop in long-form fantasy.

$481,900 Matthew Kreuzer (Ruc) Kreuz looked bloody good to me. Will secure a spot in a few teams as an R2 option. Unfortunately he’ll probably hurt you with injury. Coach Kings lock against poor rucks, long-form risk.

$137,600 Sam Kerridge (Mid/Fwd) The rookie priced forward did enough for us to lock him away; I had the key thrown out at half time. Will get a lot of game time and should make you a tidy profit, you’d be mad not to select him in all forms of the game.

$280,600 Blaine Boekhorst (Mide/Fwd) Another smokey I’ve been watching closely. Showed me some signs, spent time in the midfield. If he can improve on this game over the next two I think he can come into contention, until then we can’t select him in any form of the game.

$189,900 Jed Lamb (Fwd) Was quietly impressed with his game, was amongst the contest and racked up a few touches. Probably too pricey for long-form but will lock him in for Coach Kings when he plays.

$244,000 Liam Jones (Fwd) No.

$473,200 Sam Docherty (Def) I love this man community, to the point where spent close to $400 on a signed Guernsey of his. He’s the next captain of Carlton in my opinion. Looked strong across halfback, isn’t scared of running up into the midfield, accurate kick. Might have played his way into my long-form side, will definitely be in most of my Coach kings sides too.

$345,100 Sam Rowe (Def) Took a few strong grabs but a key-back who’s going to see a lot of balls go over his head isn’t what we want.

$344,500 Jason Tutt (Mid) The Dennis Armfield of Carlton when Dennis Armfield isn’t in the side. Played ok and tried hard, don’t select him in fantasy.

$270,500 Mark Whiley (Mid) Was really impressed with Whiley’s game. Showed signs of the sort of games he delivers in the reserves regularly, a strong year on the back of this game would justify Carlton picking him up. A chance at DFS selection but no room for him in our long-form teams.

$171,300 Charlie Curnow (Fwd) Only played a half of football and looked a bit slow. I’m excited for his future but won’t be locking him into any fantasy sides.

$260,800 Matthew Dick (Def) Didn’t do enough with the time he was given, no in all forms.

$390,100 Nick Graham (Mid) Really like watching Graham play. Was hungry for the ball tonight, got it a lot and kicked a few goals. Is too injury prone and awkwardly priced for our long-form teams but will show some real growth in 2016. If you can pick his breakout game in Coach Kings he’ll reward you.

$405,900 Andrejs Everitt (Fwd) Dad’s favourite player showed some leadership and endurance tonight. He just doesn’t play a game that translates to fantasy football. Will watch him at only $400K but very unlikely to select him.

$294,600 Andrew Phillips (Ruc/Fwd) Can jump over a car and was a good target, needs to work on his other football skills if we were to look at him. Should get a few games this year alongside Kreuzer.

$445,400 Ed Curnow (Mid) Ran around in first gear, as a tagger we wouldn’t select him anyway.

$222,300 Daniel Gorringe (Ruc/Fwd) Didn’t do anything when he was on, doesn’t look like he’ll be the second ruckman unless injuries begin to take their toll.

$123,900 Ciaran Byrne (Def) The rookie listed Irish lad didn’t show much against the Hawks. Has a future just not for our fantasy teams. I would potentially select him in Coach Kings if I needed a cheapie.

$308,700 Dale Thomas (Mid/Fwd) Predominantly played back but had a few runs through the guts. Scored close to a ton, probably his best game for the Blues. At $300K we have to keep watching him but I’m pretty sure his arm will fall off soon.

$251,300 Michael Jamison (Def) See my Sam Rowe review and then add a decade. Love you Jammo but you aren’t ruining my fantasy sides this year.

$345,300 Levi Casboult (Fwd) Took some amazing marks every around the ground. But as my dad pointed out he kicks worse than all the Irish boys who have only seen an Australian footy twice, if he can learn to kick then maybe he’ll be a Coach Kings option. No for long-form.

$428,000 Zach Tuohy (Def) A smokey for mine. Had him in my draft team last year and loved it, the coaches around the AFL think he’s bloody good too. Pushed up the ground a bit tonight and could sneak his average up to 80-85 in 2016.

$269,400 Simon White (Def) Might make some cash but not enough to be considered. Didn’t do much against the Hawks, no on all fronts.

$102,400 Andrew Gallucci (Fwd) If he can get off the rookie list and play a small forward role lock him in. Looked lively when the ball went near him.

$294,800 Matthew Wright (Mid/Fwd) Will play a lot of games for Carlton in 2016 but needs to clean up his disposal efficiency after tonight. Awkward price but if he keeps getting touches and kicks a few goals in NAB 2 and 3 we’ll have to have a look at him.


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Finding it hard not to lock Docherty in. Just worried about his ceiling, only hit the ton 3 times last year

Good analysis Lek!


Doc is locked in my side!!!


I should have added hoping to use Doc as an upgrade to Shaw or Boyd???? Doc will be dependable!!! I hope? lol


whos doc


I had him all last year west is reliable. I think he'll have a bit more t give this year


will Sicily get a game?


Stay away from him, even if he does get a game can't score


He's definitely in front of Fitzpatrick and O'Brien for the Roughead vacancy.


will do a write up about pies intra club if you guys want. I will focus on fantasy players, however, they looked Degoey to me, need I say Moore, so bolt for Gault.

Kevin Skywalker

Great stuff Lekdog. Can't believe Daisy just made my watch list




Kevin I will shove my hand through the internet pipe, pull you through my screen and shout at you if I have to. He had a man bun. He is called Daisy. DO. NOT. SELECT. HIM.


Agree with Patch!!! But if you do join my league! I'll give you the code!


Oh wait you are in my league Skywalker….pick him!!! ; )


I'd love to jump into your league mate! Pop it up or shoot it to me on Twitter!




Cheers mate! Bring it on!


Patch whats ur team name? Don't know ur real name……..not sure if you got in? I posted and there was 6 spots left but since I posted they all went…not sure if you got in?


I just know you as Patch sorry???



All 3 of those name that you mention at the start of the article (Kerridge, Birchall and howe) jumped out to me as well!!!
Thought Lewis looked good but he did play Carlton….sorry….I know ur a Blues supporter! But lewis is always a big consideration on my side and has been on my side the last 2 yrs. Whiley was I think the most impressive??? Consideration????


Lewis burnt me last year as my #1 draft pick (at #9 overall). I'm not a fan – I'd pick Sam Mitchell ahead of him. Maybe look at Whiley in draft, and definitely in CK, but not the long term stuff.


Ok! Thanks Patch!


Lewis made me sad last year…very very sad


Lewis made me very happy last year as I didn't buy the hype. Mitchell and Hodge were absent so much the year before he needed to step up. Consider that year a one off and last year the norm. If he played defensive forward again and gets forward eligible consider strongly.


After tonight's game what did we learn. Every prick will be all over Kerridge, like seagulls over a piece of bread. Rightly so I might add.

Lekdog what options do you like mate, disregard rookies at this stage.

DEF:- Shaw, KK, Yeo, Rich, Byrne, M Brown (Rice, Tipungwuti)
MID:- Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, O’Meara, Gesham, Kerridge (Jansen, Petracca, Freeman)
RUCK:- Goldy, Blicavs (Wyatt)
FWD:- Dahlhaus, Wingard, Gunston, Simpkin, Curnow, Hipwood (Kommer, Skinner)

DEF:- Shaw, KK, Yeo, Rich, Byrne, M Brown (Rice, M Brown)
MID:- Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, O’Meara, Francis, Kerridge (Petracca, Freeman. Keays)
RUCK:- Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)
FWD:- Dahlhaus, Wingard, Barlow, Ah Chee, Curnow, Kommer (Long, Skinner)


This is basically just Gunston or Wingard?
I'd go Wingard


Wingard!!! Kerridge is and been on my side since day 1! Cant lose to much at his price!!!


Tom both option 1 & 2 have Wingard mate, the main changes between Option 1 & Option 2 are:

Option 1 has Goldy & Blicavs in ruck, as opposed to Goldy & Stefan Martin in ruck in Option 2
Also Option 1 has Gunston in the forward line as opposed to Barlow in Option 2

Fox mulder

Everyone will have kerridge ,, and be mad not too


Agree!!!!! He's a lock on my side!


Every crows fan already had him which I'm slightly salty about now 🙂 . Injury and competition for his spot is the only reason he couldn't get a gig over here. Absolute steal at the going rate in a sid he's guaranteed to be best 22


Exactly Gooner. He was already locked in my side and on the field! After last night I feel very comfortable about having him in that position too.


Do we think Birchall can get back up to that 90+ average this year?


I'm picking him over Bartel as my starting D2 this year. With Lake retired, Gibbo will return to a shutdown defender role, leaving Birch as the go-to man out of defense.


Not sure? But he might be a chance?? Him and Duryea are on my watch list!?!?


Jordan De Goeydo yourself a favour
Tom Langdonnot worth the dollars
Scott PendleburyForget anybody else for top player, he is it.
Jarryd BlairLiked what I saw, but no for SC
Taylor AdamsGee would love to take the chance, need to see NAB
Jarrod WittsNot for SC will share duties with Grundy
Ben ReidIf you want to make a few dollars early on, he could be good for you. Will be the key to our year this year, just fits right in down back

Darcy Mooretake it from me, he will be a superstar. Will play every game unless injured. Probably still a bit up and down, but boy can he play.

Corey GaultOn rookie list but will be upgraded if he plays like he did tonight. Real smoky. Think Pies have found a good future young fwd line, with Darcy.

Brent MacafferFantastic return, played with a cap on all night so saw more of him than others, everywhere. Be cautious, no Crisp, Trealor, Elliott.

Brodie Grundy Don’t bother will share with Witts, looked ok but not sure of something
Jesse WhiteOMG unreal goal, but then not sure where he went, maybe down to Tassie
James Aish In terms of SC could be one to watch over NAB, showed good signs, playing up and back and looked ok.
Travis Varcoe In and out, did some nice things, pass
Levi Greenwood OMG not SC, his kicking is just CRAP

Tom PhillipsBig boy, played well, real good chance but question mark what game not sure round 1. His kicking near the end of game went with Jessie White, to Tassie or the Yarra.

Steele Sidebottomreliable choice but not sure how he scores so well. Looked like he needed the hit out, but he always looks like he has gone 42 km’s

Travis ClokeOMG how could you tell. Played against all types of backs and considering the amount of scoring wouldn’t take any notice of his strength work. However his kicking for goal has got one thing going for it, he consistently can’t kick a goal. I just hope he moves to the wing.

Dane Swan Will be busting packs mid to fwd. will kick at least 2 every game if that sways you. I am sure he will play mid at times, in one play he ran like a Running Back.


Did Marley Williams play malteasers?


No, he didn't.

I N Pieman

Awesome analysis Malteaser. Can't wait till Darcy Moore puts on some more size. His pedigree is A+


Superb @malteasers appreciate it.


Docherty, Bartel, smith, brown, brown, broad (bryne, Hibberd)
Fyfe Pendlebury Ablett Shiel Rockliff Libberatore Kerridge Jansen ( m9 m10 m11)
Goldstein Natinui
Martin Barlow Franklin Bruest Simpkin Cockatoo ( f7 f8)
Thoughts guys??


Here are the SC scores for those that scored 70+

Josh Gibson 142

Grant Birchall 139

Sam Mitchell 139

Jordan Lewis 123

Luke Breust 104

Daniel Howe 95

Ben Stratton 93

Billy Hartung 85

Luke Hodge 85

Angus Litherland 78

Isaac Smith 76

Jonathan O’Rourke 70


Sam Kerridge 122

Nick Graham 111

Dale Thomas 101

Kade Simpson 91

Matthew Kreuzer 90

Sam Docherty 78

Sam Rowe 78

Levi Casboult 70


Nice work, Footy.


that's awesome!
thanks FF


LEK, It's great for me to see these Reports on games and read the blog,
Hope you get many comments and see some insight from other Community members who watched the game.
I do not have Foxtel unfortunately but I did listen on the radio so I rely heavily on the Community and your articles.

The only thing I would make comment on is the article itself it is Bloody Grouse keep them coming, I for one appreciate them very much.
Sorry and of course doesn't the missus know it is SC time? Tell her I said get used to it.



Gday old ocker. Do yaself a favour mate and download the afl live app on ya phone you can get all the nab games for free. You have to put your debit/credit card details in if you want to keep watching when the season starts is avout $6 a week. Last year vb/Carlton did promo I watched any game on phone/tablet for free all year. Easy as. Cheers.


Sry great article to lekdog. Hard to know who was who with the commentary only huddo was taking note of game. Kerridge lock.


hedski, Thanks mate I have thought of doing that but phone usage and even $6 a week can be hard for me.
On a disability pension and have to watch the pennies. Besides the phone might be a bit small for me to enjoy watching.
Thanks for the thought.


Sry mate doubled up


Old ock download afl live app on ya phone can watch nab for free cheers


I would like to remind The Community not to take too much out of the NAB games as the results stand.
Remember to look at WHO DID NOT PLAY and not get too carried away with the scores made by some, OR for that matter where they played could be due to the fact of who did not play.
CRIPPS and MURHY are two that immediately come to mind, Unfortunately I could not watch the game.
Sometimes the percentage of time spent on ground can tell you more than the players score.

Just a friendly word of caution Community.



I agree with you OldOcker I was surprised Cunningham didn't play considering and both Lek and Jock back the bloke…and he's on my side as for now???


I read he is playing round 2 part of management


Beautiful and impressively unbiased analysis Lek!
Yes Kerridge will be the name on everyone's lips.
Even after 3 tequila slammers and a habanero chaser, there's no sign of that name fading from our collective chops.
28 touches, 17 contested, 8 tackles, 6 clearances – that's some night out!

Where was Chuck Curnow playing? Was he really that bad?


Great write up lekdog kerridge lock


Love it mate. Can see plenty swinging Bartel (470K to Birch (465K) now.


Probably both…..



….and the tide ebbs and flows and the flavours of the month come and go and one weeks SuperCoach hero is next month's dud……


Lekdog, didnt see the game but did Gibbs play at least 3 quarters. If he did you gotta be kidding. A mid scoring in the 60s and you add him to your watch list.


Gibbs scored 69 from 84% game time. Agree his attach on the ball was up! But his use of the ball was down. Should improve with Murphy and Cripps around him.


Clearly his "attach" (sic) to the ball wasn't enough Sarah even if his attack was solid.


name changed to DuckingSpellingNazi 🙂


Cant you let one typo go?!


Great work Lek, Kerridge was always in Birch was on the fringe and is the big watch in next 2 Hawk games for me.

M-Town Ballers

Been keen on kerridge since he was traded but no Cripps or murphy means he probably scored a bit above what he would. Dochertys been in and out my team but will probably start him. And birch is heavily on my radar now, without suckling he may be free to roam the backline


Ive been all over the doc all pre season
Not a massive scoring power but with a poor carlton side him in the backline and good skills
Gotta take him


Great work Lek! I was very pleased to see Kerridge and Wright fitting in well at Carlton last night.

Grahame Lebroy

dont have foxtel either so thanks heaps Lek for the report. Birchall put his hand up in a big way for a solid D2-3 spot. Kerridge too for everybody. Been keen on Doc since last year and he was solid tonight. Bring on the Dockers and Tigers tonight

Big Balls

Thanks lek great stuff . Good to see kerridge crack the ton and become a lock in our teams . Lewis & Mitchell looked good too but i feel this was just because of the team they were playing , so not for me . Thoughts ?


Thanks Lekdog. Bad news is if anyone didnt have Kerridge in their team before, they do now.

Bg G

Does anyone know what Kerridge looks like?


Is Bartel still worth a spot in our sides if he isnt going to play every game this year?

Loyal Rough Nuts

Bartel will be worth having in your team come the business end of the year but I think it's to risky to start with Bartel considering his price and the fact he played 11 games last year. I'm starting with KK and will monitor Bartel after the byes.


im starting with him. cheapest he has been for a long time. some people are concerned about him not playing all games but he has been one of the most durable players for the last decade apart from last year. some are concerned he might be rested for a game or 2 but not to many players get through a season without missing a game or 2.
plus, some people are concerned about his price and only playing a dozen games last year so wont pick him. But i bet they are still happy to pick God and Rocky. They are all proven premiums in their positions going cheap.


Chris Scott has actually said he’ll be rested but yeah see your point


if geelong are going well, i have no doubt they will think about resting Bartel. Guess you just have to weigh up if he is still worth the price if he misses 2 games?


Happy for him to miss a game or two if avg good. That's what emg's are for. Just so long a Chris doesn't do a Brad like with Wells last year and name a bloke in a team who isn't going to play. #stilldirty If Geelong aren't a finals certainty then Chris may have trouble 'resting' guns…couldn't do it this year, plenty of teams improving, not many going backwards. #[email protected]




Awesome write up. The bar has been set for those who follow.


Ahhh crap. That is a mighty high bar you've set for the rest of us Mr Lekdog.

Loyal Rough Nuts

Massive hawks fan and I would be very weary of Birch in the real stuff. He is a gun but teams don't lock down in the NAB cup so he will just roam around with very little attention he won't be afforded that luxury in the season proper. For mine he will avg as he always has between 80-90 will be borderline in top 10 defenders by end of year for mine. Personally I can't see him avg over 95 I hope he does because if he is the hawks wont have lost many games by the end of the year.

I N Pieman

That's what I'm afraid of Rough. I've fallen into that trap before. Few seasons back he tore rounds 1-4 apart. Picked him up at 560 & he went on a turd spree after getting attention.

Bg G

80-90 is still good for a defender. Birch is pretty consistent and rarely has bad games, just doesn't seem to get really big scores much.


beware the Hawks "Bench-resting" players when the game is won. Birtchell is one of the older hawks now. He will get his fair share of bench time come 3rd and 4th quarters.


Need some help community.
Which option is better ?
Rich, Wines and Greene
Shaw, Parish and Dahlhaus.
Leaning towards option 2 but would like some other opinions.


Here's my team.
Give me your thoughts on it and any changes you would make.
DEF: Shaw, KK, Bartel, Smith, Brown, Hibberd, (Bonner) (Hartley)
MID: Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky,(Polkinghorne)
Libba, Crouch, Wells, Freeman (Cuningham) (Keays)
RUC: Goldy, Nic Nat (Wyatt)
FWD: Chopsticks, Wingard, Barlow, (Phillips)
Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca (Grimley)
Thanks in advance


Who is chopsticks?


Who was proficient in the use chopsticks over the summer?


Option 2 Liam


I'd lean towards Option 1. Rich is the concern though – is there another option at a similar price? Brodie Smith?


I wouldn't take in much of last night's game. The only relevant points are:
1. Jack Fitzpatrick is not a great pick
2. Watch Daniel Howe closely
Hold fire on Kerridge, see where Bolton plays him when Cripps and Murphy return.


avoid ALL hawthorn rookies. they won't play.


i don't think O'Brien will ever get a game. he just isn't that good. waste of the famous number 23


I agree on principle but the Roughead injury may cause a reshuffle of their forward line. I reckon Howe could slot in Suckling's spot or a gap in their best 22. You never know…

The Ranger

Nice work Lek.
Can you expand on why you wouldn't put Simmo in from the start?
Do you think he's overpriced?
Seems to be a pretty good set and forget option.

The Ranger

Yeah I have a 500K max spend on defenders too but he's right on that limit and I'm tempted.
He seems to be fit and firing and no doubt the ball will be in his areas a lot this year (sorry mate!).
Hmm….decisions, decisions….


1.Seedsman and Wines
2.Shaw and Wells/Parish


Cheers LEK




Love Wells. Don't think you should go in without him. Better pick than all those listed by a fair margin. Makes an easy choice for mine.


Why didn't David Cuningham play? Sorry i'm a bit behind.


Just being managed, nothing to worry about. He'll play nab2

Grahame Lebroy

what about L.Sumner?

I N Pieman

Agreed Kev


What's everyones thoughts on Shaw ?
Not sure if I should pay the heavy price tag even though he will be in the top 3 defenders.

Grahame Lebroy

I have gone cold on him as a starter, just think the top scoring defenders is still up in the air at the moment. I don't think it is a sure thing that Shaw will be in the top 5 defenders


Said it all along this kid can play, will increase his average by at least 20 to 25 Degoey!


anyone think Jed Anderson will get a game after the move from hawthorn is he worth considering?

Grahame Lebroy

They gave up pick 15 or whatever for him so he should be getting games. Highly rated. on my watchlist Gordo


yea I'm keeping an eye on him will watch in the nab games


“TWO “top-ups” and a rookie stole the show at Essendon today in the club’s second straight intra-club hit-out.

Much like last week’s affair, there was no stopping former Fremantle tagger Ryan Crowley, who saw plenty of the footy and delivered with finesse.

Fellow late addition to the Bombers list ex-Hawk Sam Grimley proved handy on the scoreboard, booting three goals but had plenty more chances, missing another five cracks at majors.

Anthony McDonald-Tipiwungti had the 150-strong crowd cheering “Tippa” as he slotted in nicely to the Bombers midfield, contributing to a number of chains that led to goals.

Adam Cooney proved solid in his return from injury while Shaun Edwards and Merretts both Zach and Jackson gathered their fair share in what was at times a scrappy affair.

Joe Daniher kicked two goals, as did Sam Michael and Mathew Stokes.

Unfortunately medical staff were put to work at Tullamarine, with Jayden Laverde limping off with an apparent ankle issue and rookie ruckman Gach Nyuon having to be assisted from the ground by trainers after injuring his knee in a marking contest.

Best: Crowley, McDonald-Tipiwungti, Bird, Grimley, Edwards, Z Merrett”

– Lauren Wood

This was the report on the Essendon intra-club today.

Grimley high on the watchlist


A 150 strong crowd cheering "Tippa"! Wow. Must have been electric.


i'm a big Hawks fan and watched most of the game.

To me not much has changed. Everyone knows what they will get from the hawks players, mitchell, Hodge, lewis, birchell etc etc. Only probem is that they will be "Bench-rested" again this year. If the game is under contril, they will be warming the bench for the 4th quarter and not out there scoring SC points.

there were a few passages of play where they ran/handballed the ball out of defence and looked like they were having a training drill. i assume one day the opposition coaches will work out that the Hawks are all left footed and always clear the ball around the left hand side of the field.

Whitecross dissapointed, and i cant see him getting a game on that effort.

Litherland looks ok, they tried to get the ball in his hands quite alot and he found himself up the ground following the ball.

Hartung is in the Hawks best 22 and should have a good year. His effort was very good.

Done of the Hawks rookies will get enough games to put in our teams. avoid them all.


the hawthorn player who i might consider is Rioli if his price drops.


Hartung would rock most other teams, but similar style to smith/hill leads to too much bloomin sharing of points with Smith taking the biggest share. Love the bloke. Glad he plays for us. Not for my SC team, but will be happy if he turns out good for SC…


Agreed, he will play. I'm more interested in where though. He looks the goods though. If he can back it up, I am on board.


Pardon my error, which role Kerridge plays in Bolton's team. I reckon he could fill the utility role.


It takes a lot to impress me in the NAB and as such the likes of Howe, Hartung or Birchall won't be joining my watchlist based on last nights game. But, Kerridge, the lid has blown off and the key thrown away…..I realise Murphy and Cripps didn't play but we're not expecting him to score 120 each week either. After the 2 mentioned, and Gibbs he is probably there 4th best midfielder and will average 80+. If he was just a MID, I'd still lock him @ M8.


4th best? rankings please…I've got him higher….


A lot of talk about Fyfe spending more time forward.

Do we stick with him or opt for someone else?


i currently am looking else where and going to upgrade to him later


Gun. Won't be leaving my side.

Remember all that talk Ablett was going to play 'more forward'. More goals = more SC points.


That was Media speculation though. Lyon has said himself that Fyfe was going to play more time forward.
I'm steering clear. Pendles and Ablett are my 2 mid Premos


Happens with all the guns. Pendles played more forward last year, still rocked SC. Even last year the boss said teen wolf would be forward more, and was. Teen wolf is great overhead, a good size/target and won't be down their if the ball can't get there. I suspect that teen wolf was injured somewhere around the bye rounds last year and sh1t just got worse as the season went on. His a unique animal and supercoach is his game. Injury is the only risk, not the amount of SC or brownlow points.


That speculation/talk/inference just got a whole lot more real with Balla's injury I suspect.


Thoughts on Gibson?


depends on the role he is going to play with lake gone might mean he won't get as many possessions as last year




Gday Jock. Could you fling me an email mate so that i can get some details to you for a venue keen on some CK action. Cheers


Is Wines a lock?


Not for mine but he will still be a fairly popular selection.


I think so…..he's locked on my side!


Contested beast. Will attend team high centre bounces.
Port will need the likes of Gray, Wingard, Ebert to float fwd and contribute on the score board with Monfries out of the picture.


I'm still concerned about Pendles, any thoughts on this?


same, read he may play a bit down back


I reckon with the limited rotations this year teams are gonna try to find another bow to all their midfielders so they can stay out on the ground for longer. So, a Pendlebury may spend a 3-4 minutes at halfback (or Fyfe half forward) each quarter but still primary play as a midfielder. Someone who can't play anywhere else, like a Priddis, will spend less tog % this year so I think I'd rather have the guy who can stay out on the field.
If this is the case Pendlebury would absolutely rack up the possessions at half back and wouldn't be there long enough for the opposition to put a shut down forward on him.


I watched video on AFL.Com and he said no he wont be playing down back?




…… and loaded. There aren't many players on his level.


Thoughts of Westhoff and is it worth considering tippet as a fwd due to been able to swing him?


Whos the best defensive option under 300k?


Aish or I have a pod – Fantasia.


Yeah, I'm liking the Fantasia pick aswell Mac.

Apparently added a lot of flare today in the intra-club


Against whom?


Intra-club. So against themselves


Plenty of cheap options this year down back (which is rare!) so I'm not seeing a lot of value in those two guys compared to a 117k rookie. Rather use the cash elsewhere


Completely Agree Kev.


Thoughts on MacMillan?


Norf have good draw is only reason I'd look at him


is he a top-up? Don't even know who he is


Jamie MacMillian bud. Fully priced for mine.


Wait to see where he plays


Gee wizz….Darcy Tucker is the new DEF rookie on the block! Move over Sam Collins.


Have to wait and see.


Of course. Tucker had a good hit out today.


Great Right up Lek


thoughts on Birchall instead of B. Smith?

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