AFL: Supercoach Cheat Sheet v1.0

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsHere she is community

Gone with something a bit different this season. Thought I’d smash it all together into one cheat sheet covering the rookies, midpricers and premiums.

Can’t tell you all how bloody excited we are here at community HQ with the NAB about to kick into gear. However you find the first revision of this year’s cheatsheet – we hope it finds you fit and well.

Now unless you’ve been under a rock you’ll know that we’re delivering a new fantasy concept into the pubs, clubs and RSL’s of this magnificent land – CoachKings. Head over to our new CoachKings Facebook Page for more information and get your mates prepared for Round 1 down the pub.

Click on the link below and download away. This will be one hell of a season folks. As I always say community – I may be one of the most gifted fantasy coaches to have graced the stage.. but I am only one man. Look forward to your feedback in the comments below.




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Supercoach Central

cheers Jock, you never fail to deliver.


Love the new format this year, Jock. All the info you could possibly want in one concise page. Great stuff.


Great stuff Jock! Agree with everything except Lobbe. I wouldn't rule him out, but only on my watchlist at the moment. Worried he won't do as well with the ruck scoring changes that came in last year


Great work Jock… 8 out of those 9 mids are already in my side… with 22 overall… by the looks of it I wont have much POD.
May need to look outside the box and make some changes


Wouldnt be supercoach without your cheat sheet Jock. You have opened up a couple of options i havent looked at yet. Guess its another sleepless night ahead.


Thanks Jock, thank Gary Ablett Senior there is no sub rule this year. Word is Sam Collins highly rated and thought of at Fremantle, Rookie Defender.


Brilliant design and presentation and in depth knowledge that can’t be beat.


Ahhh, the cheat sheet! Heightened level of arousal Jock and I’m absolutely gagging to get some footy to watch! Love your work


sensational as always mate!

Cyril is delicious

Fantastic Jock. Both did not feature in the cheat sheet, but at f4 im tossing up between Bird, and Jed Anderson. Like Jed, but has injury concerns, and not a massive fan of bird. Thanks community, any opinions are welcome!


When i cant decide between a couple of players i always favor the one on the strongest team. Jed it is.


Might go 7 figures in the ruck plus a dpp rookie


Thoughts? Rookies wil change depending on selection Rd1.

Simmo Kolo Rampe Yeo Bonner Brown (Broad McDonald-Tipungwiti)

Pendles Gaz Rocky Quads Libba Crouch Polkinghorne Freeman (Cuningham Petracca Mathieson)

Sauce Nic Nat (Wyatt)

Chopsticks Dahl Wingard Barlow Wells Kerridge (Grimly Kommer)


I like it. I'm a fan of Rampe too. WIll be watching closely in the NAB to see his role.

Kevin Skywalker

Strong team, wary of Wells though but it's great to see him up and about at the minute and a serious contender


I agree with Kevin! I think Simpkin and Duggan are much better options than Wells.


Great looking team. I thought Freeman was injured though, could be wrong…




Great stuff Jock

Fox mulder

thoughts on my team please ,, obv a few rookies subject to change def— Shaw Bartel Yeo smith aish m brown (ess) bench – broad Hartley …. mids— Pendlebury Ablett gray rockcliff wines Libba hopper Francis (Mathieson Cuningham Jansen ) rucks — stef mArtin lobbe ( cox) FWD — dusty Zorko bird Anderson kerridge Petracca ( beech grimley). Any feedback appreciated ,, cheers


If you want francis in your team he needs to be in the backs. Whatever he scores will be higher relative to other defenders than it will compared to otner mids.


You know AFL season isn’t far away when We have Jock’s Cheat Sheets


Nice spread here jock love the def options like doing a jelly bean count to win a prize if you gues right


LOL- you said NicNats better off now that his groin is behind him. Sounds like the 'groin relocation' Wassi A-Krim had ๐Ÿ™‚


Apparently it's far more comfortable there :p


Nice ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for all the effort!

Rick Grimes

Great work as usual. Plenty to think about with this lot.


No Danny Wells?


Looking forward to seeing him have a run around on Saturday.

If he gets through the NAB unscathed he will be hard to ignore at his price tag for a F4/F5 pozzie. If so hopefully he can last a minimum of 5 or 6 games so he can be easily upgraded if required.

That would then make him at the very least an excellent stepping stone to a fallen forward super premo or maybe even a surprise season long keeper although I reckon that's far less likely.

But first things first let's see how that troubled body holds up in the NAB.


Great work here jock and co
I have a lot in my side and have played with the rest


Great stuff Jock!


I put a comment but it has gone. I wrote awesome presentation and in depth info as always. Leave it like this Jock.


What are your thought son Kurt Tippett. Avg 118 last 6 games of last year and DPP


Good spot, Awkward price though haha .. If people are contemplating Sinclair then you would have to consider Tippet as well..


He was on my post season watchlist but then Sinclair made the switch. Sinclair will take the majority of the ruck work you would think. Tippett looks too pricy now

Benjamima Puddleduck

DPP ruck players are going to be worth the money this season.
Sydney is already proven they can play him up the ground really well already.

No team this year can run a solo ruckman. It will be too taxing on players with limited interchange


Enticing but dont forget he scored big when Buddy wasn't playing plus, as has been said, Sinclair now enters the equation.


i hear what ya saying. definite POD. over the last 8 rounds he played 3 games with buddy and tippett avg 134!
not sure what tippett avg in finals though


Whoa, perhaps I better get on board ๐Ÿ™‚ … cheers


What do we think of Zac Williams?

Averages 88 in his last 9 games of last season


Is he best 22? Hasn't come close to full season yet and I can't see if that's because of injury


Think he cemented he spot at the end of last year. Word is that Leon Cameron loves him and with Treloar gone it should push coniglio and griffen into playing more mid time opening up that half back/ wing role.


*He would have to average 90+ to be worthwhile
*There are about 18 defenders that averaged 90+ (roughly 1 per team)
*Of the teams that had more than 1 DEF average 90+ ( ie Richmond) they both averaged low 90's
*Heath Shaw will likely average 100+ so can't see a teammate going 90+

Better off going with a team that doesn't have a player that averaged 90+, like Fremantle for example. Tom Sheridan a better pick


G’day boys, long time devotee, first time commenter. You clowns opened my eyes to how this great game should be played and I’ve gone from mediocrity to slightly better than mediocrity. Any chance of Coach Kings making its way down to Tassie


Love these Jock!


Thoughts on Jed Anderson? Stiff not to be on sheet Jocko.


ps. i love CrouchingOne


High on the watchlist, discojim. Had good numbers at Box Hill, tackling machine. Only played 9 senior games (4 in the snot vest) so there's not a lot of data, but his d.e wasn't that great. Telling myself not to get caught up in the hype, looking at him as a high priced rookie and will decide after I've had a look


I looked back on a few ideas i wrote down at the end of last season. One of my "rules" was to – Pay the price!

Meaning to get the best player in each position, no matter their price.

Goldy – in, Shaw – in, Fyfe – in, Dusty – was already in.

Team looks awesome now!

The Ranger

I can see the logic Derek but I just can't bring myself to pay that much for Shaw,
I'm convinced he'll come down in price and I'll be able to pick him up then.
Goldy and Dusty are in but I can't squeeze Danger, Ablett, Fyfe and Pendles in so Fyfe is on the outer at the moment.


3 out of 4. Not sure on shaw at his price.


Derek, going by your logic shouldn't Deledio be in ahead of Dusty?


I agree with your rules Derek Ijust have doubts also on dusty.Zorko Delideo and Martin are all your best forwards .The others Goldy Fyfe Shaw pick themselves. Iwent for Zorko. why Delideo too inconsistent Martin too much trouble suspension chopsticks you name it Zorko IS as good and will play thoughts


agree with you derek. these guys will be one of the best in each position so why not pay the price?


What does your team look like now Derek ?


shaw, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Rich, Brown (Hibberd, Broad)

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, Polec, Maccaffer, Cunningham (Keays, Maitheson, Beech)

Goldy, Lobbe

Dusty, Wingard, Bartel, Simpkin, Kerridge, Patrecca (MacD, Phillips)


Looks great, similar structure to mine.
Would recommend looking for another option instead of Maccaffer. Not sure he will get the job done.


He is in the collingwood leadership group, so they are going to try everything to find a place for him in Collingwoods best 22. The Pies have a really good draw, and if he does play i'm sure he will get a few points and a nice price rise. At $177k seems cheap.

Otherwise there are a few other "expensive" rookies to choose.


What a awesome presentation of the cheat sheet Jock. Well done.


Thoughts on Daniel Wells, thought he would have made an appearance in this cheat sheet?


He's the flavour of the month due to a stellar intra-club match. His is a past filled with failure to reach potential due to injuries.

Bg G

His 2 games last year were a nightmare for those that picked him.


what everyone think an Danger this year




Great write up jock always deliver. I know there is not room for everyone up fwd as there is so much value but two I have my eye on are wells who finally seems to be fit and firing. I know he has am injury history but if he gets through nab with a clean bill of health surely u gotta consider? Cockatoo is the other if training with danger then that is a big tick for me. In nab we trust. Bloody glad the footy is back. Bring it on.


Thoughts on Alex Morgan, Essendon mature body could line right up in the 1st round. Picked up at pick 29 in last years draft


Love your work as always Jock!!
It's good to see your research is matching up with mine. Provides validation.


We have one place left in a Supercoach Draft league if anyone is interested in playing. The draft night is on Thursday 10 March at 8.30pm. If you're interested in playing the league code is 659240


Never done Draft b4 but interested how does it work?


Each side can only have one of any player. unlike the Supercoach Classic game where everyone has GAJ. So you use your draft picks wisely to get the players you want. You'll find like in the real draft players you wanted will be picked up by other sides. So just like a real recruiter you sometimes have to improvise. After the draft all the left over players go into the draft pool. These players can be picked up at any time. But players dropped off lists you'll have to wait a day to get before they become free agents again. You can trade players with the other teams in the league. So you go into a live draft and each side takes a pick of all the listed players. It's different and fun because all the side are different. I think it's a little bit more challenging this way. I'm sure there are things I've missed but you can read up on it in the rules


great work Jock. Much appreciated.


Hi Community, what are thoughts on my team at the moment?

thoughts please


Reckon you could shift Francis to def for one of your on field rooks. He's too expensive to have sitting on the pine


Good call kev

Andy Bull

Thoughts on Dom Sheed?


I like him but word is he's not back in the main group as yet. He's been training with Redden in the injured group


Thanks Jock! Much appreciated mate.

Sheds a bit more light on the rookies.


Can anyone please tell me the ownership % for Mitch Robinson? Thanks.


Mitch is defiantly a POD, he is only sitting at 1.36%, not in my team ,but surprised he is in so few teams.


Thanks 4rm, much appreciated mate.

His numbers post bye last year were superb. Averaged 107 post bye, and 7 of those 11 matches were vs 2015 finalists. Firmly on my radar as a POD. Holds DPP as well.

The Beard

Hey guys, pumped for this year again. Could use a few thoughts and opinions on first draft guys

KK, Yeo, Smith, Malceski, Dea, Brown – Hartler, Bonner

Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Wines, Liba, Crouch, Freeman/Cuningham/Keays/Phillips

Goldy, Nic Nat – Grimley

Martin, Barlow, Greene, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca – Kommer, AMT

Cheers lads.


Thoughts on Matt Priddis

Bg G

Consistently makes 100s week in and week out. Surely will average 100-110, but sadly most people only pay over $600,000 for someone if they are a superstar. He usually drops in price.

Bg G

Did Health Shaw overachieve last year? Will he go back to a 95-100 average?


Good question Bg G. The way I look at it is even if he averages 10 less from last season, he will still finish in the top3 defenders. To me that is big considering who else could you guarantee finishing in the top3 at seasons end? He will be locked in my team as I dont want to worry about those trades later on in the season.

Bg G

I have no doubt he is the best 'set and forget' defender available and that is gold considering potential injuries, but I am just wondering would saving $100,000 on him allow me to have more consistent scoring across the field by allowing me to go for 2 or 3 more expensive players elsewhere? Having both him and Goldy is a tough decision.


good point you make. not having him would allow you to maybe strengthen another line. may even allow you to get that extra premo you were looking at. But do you have that replacement for Shaw in the backline who you think you might be happy with all season? also remember the defensive rookies wont be the cash cows of the midfield so if you dont start with Shaw, you might be waiting a while to get him in.


I guess we also need to look at this was his first for 8 seasons where he strung together more than 19 games. Thats why I didn't start with him last season and it cost me early


Yes I'd expect anywhere between a 10-20pt drop off from his 2015 average plus some missed games to boot.

He had the perfect season last year but Heater owners in the past are used to more of a roller coaster experience. So I would temper expectations a little and not just assume he will automatically be a top 3 defender again.

Of course I could be wrong but no way is Addicts making that sort of outlay to start with a $600K plus defender. Would much rather spend that sort of coin on a JPK, Hannebery or Stef Martin but hey that's just me!


Looks fairly stock standard Beard.

Good starting team pre NAB.

The Beard

Thanks mate appreciate it.

Anyone else got any opinions? Comments?


Greene is an interesting pick, will he step up with Treloar missing?

The Beard

That's the hope. Any other opinions on line up lads?


Where can we see tonight's SC scores???


Herald Sun will be posting them shortly after the game although not sure if you need to have a digital subscription to access them.

If so then hopefully some kind soul with such access will post them here.


Surely we don't need a subscription to see scores! Wouldn't need one in season proper…


Depends how they release them. If it's in a 'digital subscriber only' article then obviously that'll be required.

Anyway we'll know soon enough and hopefully you're right.

Either way it shouldn't be much of a drama as someone will likely post them here in any event.


Chris Scott has said he'll be suprised if Bartel plays all 22 H/A games.

Is he still worth it or do we stay away?


I think that's the only real question regarding the selection of Jimmy…


Still reckon he's too attractively priced to pass on. If he can stay healthy he should provide a decent return on investment even if he misses a game or two.


Here's what i'm running at this stage (Of course rooks will change)

Def: Shaw, Yeo, Rich, Smith, Francis, Brown (Ess), (Hartley, Bonner)
Mid; Fyfe, Pendles, Gaz, Rocky, Libba, Crouch, Hopper, gresham (Polkinghorne, Phillips, Hibberd)
Ruc: Goldy, Nic Nat (King)
Fwd: Dusty, Barlow, Buddy, Anderson, Kerridge, Petracca (Sumner, Kommer)

Just thought i'd see what the community thinks. Thanks guys!


Looks very solid.

All personal opinion on the premiums. I'm not paying the cash for Shaw, and don't think there is much value in Martin at his starting price. Especially with Carlton first up – upgrade target.


Danger and Zorko
Fyfe and Wingard?


second option.


dead heat Sammy probably 1 but geez that's close same price too Z HAS DPP that's all that seperates them I have the same problem cheers


What about Fyfe and Zorko? I'm assuming funds?


Right you are holty


Can someone please explain the loophole with the R3 and why it can be important to have a RCK eligible player in the forward line


its just good if one of your main rucks pulls out and your emergence isn't playing either u still have an option two bring in the ruck/fwd as an option


Def: kk, bartel, yeo, aish, harley, bonner, brown, broad
mid, fyfe, danger, pendles, ablett, rock, liba, o'meara, freeman, cunningham, keays, greasham
ruck: goldy, lodde, wyatt
fwd: martin, dahl, barlow, simpkin, kerridge, petra, grimmly, skinner

any suggestions guys??


Awesome mid line, maso. Don't buy into the Fyfe forward concerns myself. JOM is in a race to be right for round one, switch him to Crouch.

As the preseason ticks along I'm starting to have doubts over Lobbe. I was sucked into his price initially and I can feel the cold sweats and sleepless nights of years gone past trying to offload a mid price ruck. If you can find the coin to upgrade him do so


Cheers for the input I am hearing you on the lobbe factor lol
And Jom to crouch is a good idea
Fyfe is not a concern to me either he's a gun will rack up points


looks like a solid team. only one id change is jom to crouch. only because jom probably wont start the season

Holty #2

Spot on partner ๐Ÿ˜‰


Shiel, Wines and Goldy or Fyfe, Pendles and Gawn


Fyfe, pendles, gawn


Both good options. I like Shiel and Wines for breakout potential. But you can't go passed Fyfe and Pendles as proven premo's! I have 4 from your above options.


I'd go with the first option. Worried about Fyfe given his drop off at the end of last year so not confident enough to start with him.


Thoughts on Greene (446k) and Duggan (229K) as potential POD?


greene is currently in my side with trelor gone he will get more midfield time one to watch


Is anyone considering Suckling at the dogs? Interesting (possibly awkward price) but also interesting FWD/DEF swing.


Hey community just gonna throw this one out there as haven't seen one post about the smoking gun in our backline.

DEF: Matty Boyd.

A defender this year, avg over 100 for his entire career and even spending more time fwd averaged over 100 in 2015 that is elite as a defender.

As everyone is looking at Mcveigh surely Matty needs to b to looked at in the same light, McVeigh has had a interrupted pre season and may not b ready rd 1 whereas as far as i am aware matty is raring to go.

Bulldogs play a fast scoring game so matty sure to see plenty of the pill even if playing fwd.

i know tooth length is a bit long but so is mcveigh so will miss a couple of matches due to the "general" but hodgy missed 5 last year but still finished in the top defenders.

the more i ponder this the more i am warming towards matty as a starting defender. Unless something goes horribly wrong based on history will b a top scoring defender this year.

still not convinced? Well consider this.

Dogs play their first 7 games at Ethiad.

Boyd's average at ethiad? 110 plus, i'll take that from a defender for the first 7 games!


Think he might be managed and rested for a few games


I've been looking at him too Trigger. Definite POD potential.


Great point re Dogs first 7 games, will have to have a look at a few more dogs players


Liam Duggan a good POD could go either way tho. Im not going near suckling but could be a risky POD.


I agree Deccas, I like the look of Duggan as well. I'll monitor him during the NAB Challenge but he's in my FWD line at the moment. Too many getting sucked in by Wells…


Mathew Kruezer has started very well tonight. Early days, but there could be another real ruck option opening up.

Dillon Panthers

Could the people's favourite Matt Spangher become relevant now that Lake has gone?


Brilliant stuff Jock!!!

Loved the insightful and humorous comments/pics, especially on Gaz, Berger and Daisy.


Kerridge looked good tonight, finished with 28 disposals and 7 tackles.


17 of those contested as well! 71% d.e. If he wasn't already in everyone's team, he is now


Yes indeed looking extremely lockish now if he wasn't already.


INterested in the potential from Eli Templeton, C. Smith, and Viojo-Rainbow this year. Any news on these three?


Well played Jock. New format is excellent!

Thoughts would be welcome on this first draft from the community please:

Shaw, KK, Birchall, yeo, b smith, Francis (m brown –Ess, bonner)

Danger rock wines rich libba o'meara b crouch kerridge (freeman, keays m hibberd–nth)

NicNat Lobbe (Grimley)

Dusty Barlow buddy Anderson Simpkin petracca (kommer cox)


Thanks Jock, can't get by without your cheat sheets at the beginning of the season
You are a dead set legend


time for a new one Jock, crouching one told me this one is full of shit picks!


dea, bonner, yeo, smith, nick, cuningham, freeman, JoM, Brad, Ollie, Lobbe, petracca, Kommer, Simpokin, buddy have either been unsighted or useless when sighted. Back to the drawing board!