POLL: $250K – $500K Midfield selections

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Supercoach 2016 midpriced midfielders

Community, I bring you good news.

I am here to officially declare 2016 to be the year of the Midpriced Midfielder in Supercoach. Just look around, we’ve got all sorts of tasty Supercoach treats in store for you this year. Top of the line rookies?  You bet your butt we got ‘em! Injury discounted stars? Oh yea, we have those guys in stock. Up and coming stars of the game? Why yes, we have a few of those. Veterans who are possibly on their last legs? Yep, but you better check the use by date, the extended warranty has expired on those blokes.

So Community, the question is today is this. Which of these midfielders will you are going for in 2016 and just how many of them will you be plugging into your side?

Vote in the poll below and let everyone in the Community know just which Midpriced Mids you’ll be selecting in 2016 in the comments below

Which of these $250K - $400K midfielders (pick max of 5) will you select this season?

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Lachie Whitfield will be my riskiest selection ever, hope it pays off


Big risk! Could be a winner though.


It won't mate


And now we get to the raw bones. Love it.
Best poll ever.

I only voted for libba, crouch (you know the one) and JOM. But Viney is on the radar.
But stiff you didn’t include daisy Thomas – actually now that I lookat it – rich ain’t ggere either. No dpps? Fair enough. Maybe a DPP poll?
I digress- great job.


I chopped out the DPPs Gave – list was too bloody long and figure if you're after those blokes you'll stuff em into their non midfield pos


I reckon the original list was about 150 players long!


Normally avoid mid pricers in midfield but this year we have 3 who would be priced as premiums if not for injury. Libba, JOM and Crouch are locks. Ignore the others. Midfield is no place for midpricers


Those will be the big ones for sure. There's a few others like Viney and Gibbs that pique my interest though, but the chances I roll with them are pretty low.


I think the mid pricers are like mermaids. Look great but they're just going to lure your ship onto the rocks.

Libba is the only lock for me.


Crouch is said siren.


Jock ya bloody legend what are your thoughts on mitch duncan. I have this gut feeling he is ready become elite.


Yep I'm all over him too. Won't get tagged and he was just peaking last year when he did his foot. He had 82 points to half time in the game he got injured and he'd scored a couple of 140s before that. He's ready


Defiantly agree


Gun. Arseholed taytay adams for him.

King of harts

Def Mcdonald laird kk aish Byrne Collins collins Hartley

Mids Danger Ablett Pendles Neale rockliff libba crouch Gore petracca Cunningham Jansen

Ruck Jacobs lobbe grimly

Fwds Dusty Barlow Robinson Simpkin cockatoo kerridge Pickett brown

Penny for your thoughts community


McDonald will be POD. Not many believing he can back it up. Like the Neale selection. With Fyfe maybe playing more forward and Mundy being used across halfback, Neale might be an inspired choice. Love Rocky at M5. We are all watching Aish with interest. Might have to do a bit of a re-jig if he doesn’t come on.

King of harts

Exactly my thoughts re Neale hoping he will be the shining light of the mids
Mcdonald I wanted all last her but couldn’t bring myself to do it thinking he’d fall bit it cost me, let’s hope choosing him from day dot doesn’t ruin me this time
Got 130k to play around with so if aish is a dud that’ll be where the spend is, if not I might lash out on goldy


Had little lachie from day dot last year won me my $ league but dunno if I can back him up with the mid value this year. Snapper head mitch is a testie tester


The only bloke I'm considering is Grant, the bloke is an absolute beast. Surprised he didn't win the dogs BnF last season, career best for and is the lankiest hes ever been!


Human praying mantis


Had a cycling accident but reports say he should play NAB.


Won’t be selecting him but I’m looking forward to watching Lachie Hunter develop this year. Had the ball on a string back end of last year.

Chose Lobbe and Crouch in the poll. Depends how deep I go in the mids if I have both in my round 1 team or not


Don't get why Hunter isn't a def…


I'm only running Libba at the moment, would love Crouch but cannot fit him in at this point of time


Libba the only one for me, rest no chance. proven premo. top 12 end of year.


Not one vote for the mercurial Jarrad Grant??


What do we think of Tom Nicholls?


Will be top shelf one day. Personally I don’t think it will be 2016. I am waiting to see consistency and an upward curve.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I've posted this on other forums but i really like M.Duncan from the Cattery, started very well last until injury got him, I'm projecting a 70k increase from his 493k price. Also i have currently in my team in the Fwds and are Mids also are- Toby Greene @ 447k,Mitch Robinson @500k and I'm projecting a 50k increase from the both of them.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I also have Barlow 505k in my Fwd line especially since Lyon said that he will play more Mid and he said they played him out position last year.


Don’t think u are alone there as long as we can trust Ross Lying.


My plan is looking at duncan, adams or wines as my breakout. Not much between them. Need to have a look at them in action in the nab cup see how they go with the teams new acquisitions or coming back from injury and make a call after the dust has settled before kick off.


Adams lock. Wines lock. Duncan cant decide


Holla do u plan on keeping Adams and Wines for the end of the season? My strat is pick guns who are going to be around that top 10-15 mark. Do you see Wines and Adams as top 10-15? Or are you just taking what you can get with them?


Thats the plan. I have another two players in this price range. Im hoping these guys raise the bar this year and they should. Im a bit bias with Adams as I follow the Pies but, i think hes capable of entering Dane Swan territory from a few years back. I have Libba (derr!), but i dont expect him to be in the top 20 midfielders. So he’ll be an upgrade at the byes.


Considering 3.

Libba – lock surprise surprise.

Duncan – look at real close in nab cup at role and see where he’s at but got breakout written all over him

Crouch – pending nab cup form and being able to fit him in based on final team balance

One no one is talking about is Polec. Same price as crouch fit and firing by all accounts, port sorely missed his run last year so will b fed plenty of the ball. Remember 2014? Guy was a seriously good SC scorer.

Spoilt for choice.


Any other year we would be all over Polec. I think the difference is that Libba is proven 110+. Many of us think Crouch is 95-100. Personally I think Polec is 85 tops. If no Libba or Crouch, that would be tempting. But this year, just doesn’t seem enough


cripps or wines!!!!


Two guns. Maybe Wines because Carlton are a lower side, and maybe with all the attention on Cripps (make him captain, he’s bigger than Carey) might be a bit much for a second year player. Cripps will be SC Gold. Is it 2016? Maybe, but not sure


As someone pointed out to me on one of the earlier threads, Cripps is actually a 3rd year player.

I agree with you though, a lot of pressure on the kid, he could do it, but I think Wines is the safer bet.


Expecting a big year from Gibbs. He can get a lots of tackles when the effort is there, which I expect will be at a peak for the start of the year especially. Can kick goals too, and is usually efficient by foot. Will definitely watch him closely in the NAB Challenge.


Morabito has torn his hammy out for 6. How many mirrors must have this guy smashed?


Was literally the best on ground at their first practice game, in terrific nick. This kid has talent, a shame he can't stay on the park.


Only picked 3 and they sit on top at the moment in the order I picked them, will run with the top 2 Libba and Crouch if they line up Rnd 1
Don't think JOM will be ready for Rnd 1 but if he is and 1 of other 2 aren't named Rnd 1 ill swap him in.
To risky to run with the 3 of them Anyway IMO…

Glenn Barclay

I only voted for Libba


I had a close look at Griffen. After getting burnt last year, I can’t bring myself to do it. But he is a proven 110+ man, not badly priced. If we think Greene or Smith might improve without Treloar, then we should at least think about him. Classic burn man after last year, but so was Higgins going into 2015.

The Ranger

He's gotta be on the watchlist just because of his past scores hasn't he? And then Treloar going as well….
Not sure I could bring myself to actually pick him after last year, trading him out was probably the high point of my season!
Libby is the only lock for me.


When picking an Omeara or Crouch are we expecting them to be a keeper or a steeping stone? Because personally I can’t see either averaging enough to be accepted as a keeper


Stepping Stone Tom, both will score well if they can stay out of the injury room and make money, Don't even think Libba will be a keeper, you gotta be mindful of guys coming off a knee 90% don't come back the same in the first 12 months.


stepping stone, should average 90-100, get a very nice price boost and then upgrade to a top 10 premo


I'm boring – Liberatore and Brad Crouch.


I'm going Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Pendlebury, Rocky & Libba + rookies in my mids. Is this too much?


My Full Team:

Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, KK, Brown, Hibberd (Rice, V-Rainbow)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Libba, Cunningham, Gresham, (Maitheson, Keays, beech)

NicNat, Lobbe, (Wyatt)

Dusty, Barlow, Rioli, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca, (Phillips, McDonald)


What? No Dawson?


I do have a soft spot for any ex-hawks. He is on my watchlist 😉 I hear he has been training the house down, and the coach is saying he will be getting alot more Mid-field time etc etc etc


Paying a lot for Shaw and McViegh. Personally don't think they are worth that much, but they will be top 6 for sure so I can see why you would pay that much.


nothing wrong with this. you will have 5 maybe 6 keepers in that midfield. no real risk but you know you wont need to waste a trade on them if they stay on the park

Big Balls

Thoughts on Nathan Jones ?

Grahame Lebroy

Solid pick , slightly underpriced. But he doesn’t score big enough. Reckon there is better options round his price. He should improve his scoring this year though


Jack Trengove MID $156,500
Major disappointment as player and captain but with a breakeven of only 22 and I'm assuming a healthy TOG (time on ground)…..is he valid cash cow?


After playing the first two rounds of the 2014 season, Trengove missed the remainder of the season due to problems and break of his navicular bone.There was uncertainty surrounding his 2015 season and whether he could make a return, before he confirmed to Triple M, in April 2015 that he was not going to play at all in 2015, AND WOULD INSTEAD FOCUS ON 2016!!!!

He's 24yrs old. Career average of 77.5. Ex-captain/leadership group and he's spent over a year concentrating on this season…



i think he might be right to play mid-season. Great downgrade target.


Is he still in the recovery group?


Don't know for sure Trigger but he's spent over a year recovering and preparing already. Can't imagine that he would still be in the recovery group after all this time.

Wizard of Ertz

Been running for a while, but yet to join full contact drills (probably worried about Viney tackling him). Doubt he plays R1.


Libba and BCrouch for mine with Polec the only other I'm looking at during the NAB.
Looked hard at Duncan and can see the upside but at his price you'd want him to step straight up to a top 15 mid or else you'll still need to use a trade on him and I can't see him doing that. Better off looking to the cheaper players with higher cash generation potential.

Also, Ben Howlett was one of the dons 34 and should be removed from the list (not that anyone would vote for him anyway lol)


thoughts on my team please




Thoughts please


Leuenberger risky choice lucky to play a whole season wells may be better option


thanks Luke, wells might be better option


i was reading the medical reports today. I think McVeigh is 50/50 if he plays round 1. JOM is almost no chance to play R1 and Leuy is very doubtful.

I think they will all get on the field early in the year, but will probably start off slow.

King of harts

Seeing a lot of teams with McVeigh, guy hasn’t been running long but has proven fitness base, agree with Derek saying 50/50 fo round 1 but still see him being a bit under done and dropping cash, upgrade for mine
Personally don’t think the libba crouch and jom ideas is a good one, all coming back from serious injuries, 2 is probably pretty risky but with 3 of them your done for I think, drop jom and leuy for a premo mid


J. McVeigh K. Kolodjashnij J. Bartel

D. Rich J. Aish C. Byrne

S. Pendlebury G. Ablett T. Rockliff

T. Liberatore J. O'Meara B. Crouch

J. Trengove S. Kerridge


M. Blicavs M. Lobbe

D. Zorko M. Barlow L. Franklin

T. Greene J. Martin D. Wells

Bench | Reset E
M. Brown

M. Brown

B. Macaffer

R. Mathieson

M. Hibberd

S. Grimley

J. Pickett

C. Petracca


i think you should look at getting Fyfe or Dangerfield in, rather than 3 mid-price midfielders. I believe JOM is doubtful for round 1 anyway, Trengrove is also very doubtful. Simpkin offers very good value in the forwards (almost rookie priced), have a look at swapping Martin or Wells.


I also think byrne is still on the rookie list so need to watch and see if upgraded.


league 784413 is available to join for any good coaches


T McDonald,J Bartel,B Smith
5 X Rookies

Gaj, R Sloane, T Mitchell, S Sidebottom, T Rockliff, O Wines, T Liberatore, C Mills
3 X Rookies (Keays, Cunningham and Polkinghorn)

M Blicavs, M Lobbe
1 X Rook

D Martin, L Dalhouse, M Barlow, T Greene, Kerridge, Petracca
2 X Rookies

63,000 left in the kitty and I am happy with everybody but C Mills… any ideas?


I think Sloane is too high at M2. This team lacks guns, only Gaz and Rocky, if both get back to their peak, can deliver captain worthy scores


I think at least one to two of the guys I have in the middle in the M2 – M7 position can go major, Libba might not because he is returning from horrible anus and I don't count Rocky because provided he doesn't go to glass again this year he is an ultra. I am thinking they will be in the top 10-12 players and my other lines more than make up for it IMO…. I'm just not sold on 5 X rookies in the backline and Call Mills is too expensive! If I downgrade Mills to a 117 rook and add the remaining cash to my kitty I can upgrade a backman to anybody below aish (not including) or spread the cash around the backline rookies but nobody has jumped out at me!

In summary I need a 270,000 backman I can be happy with at D4


Maybe Gresham? watch NAB cup performances to finalize rookies.
Some nice PODs there.


Blicavs, Greene and Lobbe will get picked up by more teams but I don't get the lack of McDonald fans? 520,000+ midfielders around 21-26 year olds that are consistent enough to make the top 20 scorers but young enough that they could emerge as supercoach beasts are the go! All it takes is a few to emerge.


T Mitchell has been completely overlooked this year, everyone seems to forget he’s only 23 and coming into his 4th season could be ready to explode. 3rd year increased average by 20 odd to 105. Only concern is the depth of the swans midfield and possibility of occasional tagging duties…. But he is on my shortlist. I like….


Two words that have kept me up since SC2016 opened. Luke. Parker.

I think there is only room for one behind JPK and Hann


titch for me. he tagged, had the vest twice and still averaged plenty more. Parker is great and thats the problem. other teams started tagging him and he didnt handle it well. i think these 2 will rotate in the midfield-forward with each other. i just see titch has a much bigger ceiling than parker.


Problem with mitch is the way he is coached, a ball magnet tho he is and can go high, I like him and could see him avg 110 to 115 but it all depends on what the silly Horse does with him, cant trust it so left him out.


Not a fan of this side, your midfield is poor & so is your defence really. You will be chasing the top sides from round 1 so try to fix your midfield at least mate.


I did the exact opposite, I'm sticking with my gut in the mid and I trimmed the fat off the rookies and downgraded Mills and Dalhouse to T Cole and Boomer respectively and I upgraded one of my defensive rookies to T Sheridan at D4!


Laird, KK, Bartel, D Rich, Bonner, K Collins (Byrne, M Brown Ess)

Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, JOM, Parish, Hopper ( Gresham, Cunningham, Mathieson

Martin, Lobbe (Cox)

D Martin, Barlow, Buddy, Simpkin, Kerridge, C Curnow (Petracca, Kommer)

300K in the bank, thoughts?


i'm starting to like the Rich selection in Defence. I'm worried that McVeigh won't be ready for round 1, and there arn't too many other decent options. Rich has been training all pre-season with the midfield group at the lions, i'll be watching him over the NAB games.

you can't start the season with $300k in the bank! I would use it to upgrade JOM to Fyfe or JPK


yeh i had mcveigh, but swapped him to KK after hearing that
if rich can avg 90 id take that

worried about fyfe with that injury, i like having a bit of money just so i can swap a rookie to anyone i want basically if they are performing well


having money in the bank = losing points. $300k in bank means you miss out on 60pts a round.


haha ill see how he goes in nab cup
yeh true thanks mate


thats it, keep talking the Fyfe injury up 😉 will mean less people will have him at the start. he is a lock!


he is a lock for me if he is fit round 1.

walks' legends


join up lads, going for top 100 leagues


priddis beams or mundy or anyone else that can avg 110+



Top Hawk

Priddis is the man.


what are your thoughts on rance? and how much should you have left in the kitty going into round 1?

Top Hawk

Could be a good POD pick, provided he is fit and has had a full pre season. A bit like Josh Gibson from Hawthorn. He is another good POD player.


Nice work Barron. I think more than 1-2 midprice mids is a big risk.
Would love some feedback on my team community.
KK, Bartel, Smith, Malceski, Brown, Hartley…Byrnes Collins.
Pendlebury, Ablett, Hannabery, Priddis, Rockliff, Libba, Gresham, Jansen…Keays, Mathieson, Mengola
Jacobs, Lobbe…Grimley
Chopsticks, Dalhaus, Wingard, Barlow, Kerridge, Petracca…Ahern, Gallucci


Good team. No fyfe or danger, but very solid premiums without them


Thanks for the feedback . I am deliberately going light in def this year. I do like Simpkin, but I have way more confidence in Dal and Chad than I would have in any of the defenders. If 2 of my defence are still around come rd 22 I will be happy. I really want to wait and see who steps up down back before I put my faith in any of those mugs. The vast majority of the top ten defenders were nowhere at the start of last season if my memory serves me.


I dunno. I went pretty heavy last year. Started with Shaw, Simpson, Newnes, Ibbotson, KK, Oxley, mcintosh & Goddard..

I hardly had to touch it for most of the year, which was a blessing as there was drama on all other lines. Finished 76th overall.

I’ll be doing same this year, Malceski probably at D5


Nearly as skiinny as jarrods guns!!!

Top Hawk

A solid side IMO. The backline is slightly light on. You may need to consider one full premo here. (Shaw, Laird, Gibson, Rance etc)

The forward line is a powerhouse. Plenty of premos.
The rucks selections are fine.
The Forward line is a little top heavy. One of the 4 premos (but more likely either Dahlhaus or Wingard) could be downgraded to a Jonathan Simpkin (223K) and use that cash to invest into the backline premo. (Heath Shaw if possible)

Top Hawk

Forgot to mention that Malceski could make way for the premo inclusion in the backline. Not convinced about him at this stage.


To be honest, the player I'm not convinced of is KK, feels a bit like Newnes all over again.


Based on what?


Newnes was good. Had him most of the year!

KK can play. He is a quality footballer. Nothing to worry about with him.


What effect do you think the return of the holy trinity will have on his scores?


Holy trinity?


Ablett, Swallow and JOM.


Well hes predominantly a defender.


Just cause two other people are now fit doesnt mean a major part of the suns future gets shafted. Kk will always have a role and the time put into him. You dont draft a kid that high to make him play on the magoos


How skinny can i get this thread?????????????????


Last year Swallow was listed as mid/def.


I hear ya Crowmagnon my backline is even lighter than yours, I have Yeo instead of KK. The kids hasn't even played 40 games yet, amazing his ownership %. Not having him is my biggest POD s far….

Top Hawk

Hi Community,

Just set up a league: Guns and Rookies. (343891)

If you are an experienced SC and fired up for a big season feel free to join.



Re comments right up the top order.
Trengove is on my bench. Perfect cow IMO. Guaranteed game time if fit.

Fingers crossed for rd1. My insiders say it’s basically a lock. (Yes I have them!)


No D.Sheed? $386K MID/FWD… training so good and could break out… not worth the look in the mids but as a smokey mid priced FWD.

Top Hawk

Dom Sheed is definately one to watch in NAB cup. What intel do you have which suggests he is burning down the track at the moment?


Was from memory so had a search… he has actually started training well after a knee ailment and is progressing well… thanks for questioning me, I may question this choice. Fit, definitely in my team, but will wait and see… my initial point was because he was excluded from the poll yet fit the criteria. This man has a BIG future!


Scroll up mate, 3rd comment. The poll is for pure mids only. DPP made the list too long


thoughts on bernie vince, community do you think he could continue his for from the back end of last year and jack vine being used in the lockdown role, does this mean bernie could win lots more footy and avg 105+, personally i am thinking him as a huge pod


Libba and Couch…but also considering Polec he was very good back in 2014….could make some early quick coin.

Top Hawk

Watch all three like a "Snow leopard catching a mouse" in NAB cup.


cripps or murphy

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Cripps has more upside,but he might get more attention this year ,for 519k I'd rather go M.Duncan @ 493k, but Murphy @ 556k i cant have, His nickname from other clubs is Smurph – because he's SOFT

Peter Jedrys

I feel the strategy this season will come down to which rookies and how many rookies are worth locking in on each line. If we determine the amount of rookies on what premos and mid pricers we want on each line we may stuff up the whole season. If the best and most reliable rookies are in defence then we go heavier there. I feel even with value many teams will be similar this year.

Look at the obvious picks everyone is selecting and then have a left field look at them.

Eg. KK- he may score well but what happens if he has a terrible standard deviation and spuds it up here and there? What if he gets injured? All those teams with him burn a trade and if you don’t have him you have a leg up. I don’t mind that pick though.

Eg. Bartel- hate this pick along with McVeigh. Will definitely miss games. He is getting injured too often, concussions, knees. They will keep coming and you will have to consider trading him for sure.

Then the mids. The obvious picks

Ablett, Pendles, Danger, Rocky, Libba, Crouch

Ok say they all score well and no injuries! You have to have them or you will be miles behind. But it comes down to value! If you can find 2-3 value picks then that may mean you could have a Goldy/Blicvas or Martin!

Anyways food for thought community.

Top Hawk

Pendles is no obvious pick for 2016.
He is now married with a wife in tail……….
New challenges ahead!


fair call hawk, sleepless nights and no more booty time


To be fair Bartle had a serious injury last season before that basically none, he was fit and playing at the end of the season and has had a good pre-season, injury shouldn't be the concern, role on the other hand…


i saw some footage of the cats at training. He looks fit and healthy, was tackling strongly, but more importantly he was training with the mid-field group. He will do good.


the same strategy applies every year.

1. Make cash! You need to generate at least $4mil by mid-season. You need the bargin rookies who smash it from the start. The expensive rookies don't make as much cash. This year it might be easier to make cash without the sub rule.

2. Get the right Rookies! No point having rookies who don't play (although it does make it useful to have a loop-hole). Be careful with round 1 rookies who play but might not play round 2. Use your first few trades to get the right rookies before they increase in value.

3. Save Trades! Anyone who has played this game will remember how precious trades are at the end of the season. If a premium is out for 2-3 weeks, hold them and hope your rookies get points.

4. Select premiums to start the year that you would still want to be there at the end of the season. IE; the Ultra Premiums.

5. Get DPP. when you trade players try and use multiple links across all the lines to switch other players


This should be posted on the home site as 'rules in use'. Very clear. Wonderful stuff Derek.


Argree wit kev mate. Derek a bit of a fountain.


Derek does have one little quirk though hedski, he has a man crush on Zac D.


i have a few more rules

6. Only players who can play in the midfield (don't necessarily need to be DPP).

7. No key position players.

8. No rookies from the "good" teams. Their games will be limited

9. Start the year with your "ideal" team written down, calculate value needed. When players are traded in (except for Rookies) they must come from this list. No stepping stones.

10. Zac Dawson Captain every week 😉


i just remembered what my real Rule 10 was.

Pay the price! – get the best (maybe not the most expensive) player in each position in your starting team, no matter their price.


great stuff and simple yet important advice Derek


DEF: Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Yeo, Rich, Byrne, M Brown (Rice, Tipungwuti)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Libber, O’Meara, Gresham, Kerridge (Freeman, Petracca, jansen)
RUCK: Goldy, Blicavs (Cox)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Wingard, Gunston or Barlow, Simpkin, Curnow, Hipwood (T Phillips, M Brown)

Happy with my side but I would love to get rid of two of my forwards in Simpkin, Curnow or Hipwood and bring a 117k or 123k rookie. Then contemplate swapping Gresham to someone like Francis perhaps.

Thoughts community?


Super strong team. Only thought I could offer is to look at Yeo and Rich. On all your other lines you have gone set and forget, but D3 and D4 you are running mid pricers. Seems a little off your strategy. Maybe consider dropping Rich down to a Seedsman or Aish or MacDonald (all stepping stones like Simpkin at F4) and upgrading Yeo to a keeper


I'm actually starting to like Rich as D4 selection. He played 21 games last year, only averaged 80, but i can see some improvment to around 85-90.

He is one of the few defenders this year who are a genuine Mid-fielder. he has been training with the lions midfield group all pre-season.

he is 25 yrs old and i think he is worth the punt.


I've gone very weak in the backline, two on-field rookies and two mid-pricers in Yeo and my POD for an 85>90 pt player in E. MacKenzie


I've got Malceski at D5. But i have Seedsman & MacKenzie not far behind him.


Concur mate, thats why im really liking Rich. As always Defence top premiums other then Shaw, ALL others score extremely inconsistent and with Rich being a midfielder I think he will score consistent 80's and that in defence is GOLD.


If yeo plays midfield he will b a keeper


Thanks for your reply mate I appreciate it. I share your concerns with Yeo but Rich is a definite Lock and forget in defence for mine this year, only because he is a midfielder and because of that his scores should be allot more consistent compared to those key defenders that cost around $500k and score you 100 one week and a 40 or 60 the following, I believe Rich will score consistent 80's and thats priceless in defence.


Rice has glandular fever takes a while to get over that. Watch nab cup but may need to swap him out. Think Byrne is still a wookie. Crouch has more chance of fronting up Rd 1 instead of JOM. IMHO.


i saw that. Rice might be a good downgrade option later in the year.


DEF – Shaw, Laird, KK, Bartel, M.Brown, Bonner (Collins,Rice)
MID – Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Liberatore, Parish, Hopper, Gresham (Sumner, Keays, Mathieson)
RUCK – Nic Nat, Lobbe (Currie)
FORWARDS – Chopsticks, Zorko, Barlow, Buddy, Kerridge, Petracca (Grimley,Yarran)

Thoughts Community? Will need to wait until NAB Cup to decide on rookies


I would stick Grimley at R3 and save the cash on Currie. Have a look at Phillips from Collingwood as a DPP rookie.


Draft 22 of DangrsDanglBerries
Rance Gibbo KK (vj rain)
Smith Brown (ess) Rice (Hartley)
Danger Gaz Rocky (Cunni)
Parker Duncan Libba (Hibberd)
Keays Petracca (Redman)
Stef Lobbe (Grimely)
Chops Dahl Toby (Skinner)
Barlow Simpkin Kerridge (Sumner)
Rookies obv subject to change tryin to get dpp maneuverability atm.
Rich Malceski maybes Heater target.
Fyfe Pendles Priddis targets. Crouch if Starting well.
Goldy target.
Lids target wait for boltas f/m.
Lots of changes to come but getting settled.
Thoughts community. .


JAEGER O'Meara is in no rush to return for round one and is prepared to take an extra "month or two" if needed to get his horrific knee injury right.

O'Meara missed the entire 2015 season with a ruptured patella tendon following a freak accident in a NEAFL practice match 10 months ago.

The Gold Coast midfielder has been running in straight lines for the past six to eight weeks, but says he will not be rushed into playing games.

"I don't want to take any risks," O'Meara said.

"It'll be the 12-month mark in round one, but if I need an extra couple of weeks, or if I need an extra month or two, I'm willing to take that to lengthen my career.

Grahame Lebroy

D.Tyson (431k) or P.Hanley (467k) ?


need JOM (fitness proven) plus Crouch who has (no danger) plus the son of a gun and proven big time scorer. All are winning SC brats and price is too good to look past. This is a make it or break it moment. Too cheap Too Good Too much SC happiness to be had.

Ps looking for a quality league to join…..


What are people thinking of Gaff as a POD? Eagles are going to have a massive year I reckon. Just interested in peoples thinking and whether he'll be top 10-15 mids by years end?