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Ollie Wines Supercoach 2016


Quadzilla. Lock him in.

Truth be told, that’s all I feel I need to write on Ollie Wines for Supercoach this year. I am a huge, huge fan of the way this man goes about his football. He is a contested ball beast, a tackling monster and as strong as an ox.

He was ready to explode last year. He really was. He’d scored 311 points in 5 halves of footy before he went down in round three against North Melbourne. He missed a month with hip problems, and wasn’t himself when he came back.

He fought to get himself fit after the bye, and despite average, injury affected scores, Wines belted out a 145 against Collingwood in round 15, before injuring himself in the next game against Adelaide.

He then injured himself for good two weeks later against St Kilda, dislocating his shoulder and ruling him out for the rest of the season.

It was a rough year for Ollie in a year he was primed to take it to the next level.

Will this year be his year?

2016 Prices: $535K SC, $473K AF, $7,400K CoachKings
2016 Position: MID
Games last season: 11
Average last season: 97 SC, 93 AF, 92 CoachKings
100+ SC Games last season: 7
Sub 80 SC games last season: 3 (all injury affected)
SCPrice range last season: 467-539K
Missed games last season: Too many (11)

Yes. Yes it will.

On top of scoring tons in 7 of his ten non-injury impacted games, Ollie Wines scored 12 tons in his second year of football.

Over the past few years, Wines has averaged 24 disposals. Half of those disposals are contested, and he gets amongst stoppages, averaging nearly six clearances and five tackles last year. This means his disposal efficiency isn’t as high, but if he boosts that even a little bit, woah boy, look out.

I’ve sold myself writing that paragraph. He has become the engine room of the Port midfield and dominates that spot. It’s his. He has had another pre-season under his belt, is bigger, fitter, stronger.

That means in each Coach Kings game Port are on for, you fixate on Ollie Wines, and you select him. If you don’t select him, you look at him again and think very, very hard about what you’re doing. Then you select him.

His price is tantalising, at 525,000 in Supercoach, and is discounted in Coach Kings at [7.?] He’s durable, won’t be tagged, young and a monster. JUST PICK HIM.

So – what’s my verdict, I hear you wondering?

The case for:

  • In case you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve said, the kid is a jet
  • Contested ball king – gets in and under to get hard ball gets, clearances, tackles and points
  • Fit and durable. He didn’t miss a game in his first two years
  • Not going to get tagged
  • Absolute gun

The case against:

  • Shoulder injuries to contested ball players are rarely good things. If he shirks the contest because of that in the NAB then beware
  • Port have a much better run this year, but your perception of where they are as a team might influence any decision to overlook him
  • No Paddy Ryder feeding the ball down his throat didn’t stop him in 2014, but it might hamper him. Lobbe isn’t the tapman Ryder is.

The verdict

Stay away at all costs. He’s mine. The less people who have him, the better POD he’ll be for me. He will rip 2016 a new one, and I for one will be keeping my hands and feet inside the Ollie Wines cart at all times, because I’m on board the Rollercoaster That Never Goes Down.

Also note – the man with the magnificent Quads will be available for selection in the CoachKings Round 1 Port Adelaide v St Kilda contest for Adelaide venues. Almost impossible to overlook him at his middle of the road $7,400 pricetag.

Are you on board too? Let me know, community. Whaddaya reckon?

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thoughts on david swallow as a mid price pick?


Better options out there imo. Would be a pod I suppose. And THIS may be the year. Had him before, not again.


thanks I didn't see the article of him


Not for me. He'll average 100, but I feel he's a bit of a middling pick. He might go absolutely nuts, and if he was a defender I'd be looking long and hard at him, but personally I don't see him as all that relevant this year.

I'll watch him during the NAB though Marcus! He could be very nice value!


Definitely on board! I had him at the start of year and will be doing the same this year.


Absolutely been locked in my side since day 1!!

Supercoach Central

Great article Patch! I've been tossing up between him and Shiel


porque no los dos? I've got both slotted in and a third 550K young mid.



Supercoach Central

hahahaha loving the taco reference, and yeah I've been trying to fit both in


Great article Patch! Tossing up between quadzilla and Shiel at the moment.


As I said to SC central, I've got both.


Locked ! And throw away the key


“Fit and durable”

Wow there’s a new definition of ‘durable’ I’ve not see before.
An “in and under” player who has shoulder and hip problems? Missed 11 games last year? Naaaah.

Top Hawk

He was one the of the first guys I picked when 2016 SC opened. At a price of 525K there is never a better chance to grab him then now. Last year he was unlucky with injuries. With a bit of luck, he will stay on the park this year and go absolutely massive. Will watch his tackling intensity during NAB cup just to make sure he is confident in his shoulders. Beside that, I hope he is ready to fire.


With an average of 106 without injury effected games, the potential is clearly there


Taking Rocky at M4 and Gibbs at M5 so to fit both Libba and Crouch in i can’t justify it.


The question is how do you justify Gibbs. Has never averaged 110 and is at an age where i cant see any improvement


I’d have wines ahead of gibbs


I have Dawson ahead if gibbs


Of if above sry


I'm not taking Gibbs but he did average 107 just two years ago and is still young enough (turning 27 in March). Had a season to forget last year and might be a sneaky pick for M8 later in the year. Like I said before though, I'm not that way inclined


I wasn't go with Wines because I don't think he is top 10 midfielders. Thinking about it again he must be close to being number 11.

If he isn't top 10, means another trade.

He is very tempting, but not this year


Agree, his average won't drop, but it won't go up by a lot either


Yeah he's no Lockzilla for me either even though I appreciate the arguments for picking him.


What are our thoughts on Andrew Gaff? Tossing up between him at M3 or Wines at M4 at the moment.


Going into his 6th year i think Gaff could average 110. Prefer Wines though


Hey guys not sure if you have done him already but what are your thoughts on Taylor Adams from the pies?


I like mids that can avaerage 110. Adams has to lift too much for mine


Disposal lets him down a bit, a bull at a gate player and knows how to get the pill, might avg 100 to 105 but that's tops IMO


Finished off the year on fire with swan moving forward Adams or wines will b my m5 at this stage


thoughts on my mids
jpk ward sloane prestia wines libba jansen


and rockliff


Solid but i worry you are light on captain options – I’d look to change ward into GAJ


At the price i want a 110+ average. If you take out the injury impacted games he would have averaged 105 last year after averaging 100 in his second year. Going into year 4 he only needs to repeat that level of improvement to be a good selection. I think he will improve even more.


I reckon he might just hit 115 if things go right, Luskin! I'm probably being overly optimistic but the kid can play


Cripps wines or Adams

ball swing

Lets see- you say he did his hip and was out.
Came back got injured again and was out.
Came back and did his shoulder and was out.

Durable?? Three injuries in one year? Some players DONT have three injuries in their whole carer.

Could turn out to be another glass cannon like Rocky.


Just unlucky last season. Wines played every game in his first two seasons before having a tough run last year, it happens. Bryce Gibbs missed only five games in his first eight years, then missed 10 last year, it happens. No one can fore-see injury.


Had ollie since rook but won’t risk him early already got gaz rock libba parker in mids coming back from inj


I see yr point on him Patch, price, upside, coming into that bracket of a 70 game player when a good player can become great but I cant find the room for him. I would have to throw Libba & crouch under the bus to fit him into my team and id expect those 2 to out score him as a pair every week easily and be making me more money. If he looks like being top 8 to 10 ill pay more for him later.


Wines and Buddy
Danger and bird


Wines and Buddy


Bird has 13 scores over 100. Not in a season, in a 8 year career. Now he is going to play in a weaker team so he will dominate. Dont think so. Option 1


I c simpkin as the better option for the dons


Was starved of opportunity at swans, write him off at your peril, averaged 88 off 18 games (from memory) in 2014 in a good team, then just couldn’t get a run at it last year. I like him but that said he’d need to be looking the goods in nab, you’d want him to look like being a f6/7 keeper to select him over someone like Simpkin…. Just gotta keep waiting I guess


Selwood & Wines first 4 years SC scores;
Selwood: 77, 98, 110, 117
Wines: 74, 100, 97*, ?

*Wines was averaging 110 before being injured.


Wines, Docherty, Zach Merrett. I'd take two at the most but not all three as you've suggested, Patch.


Flick Docgerty


still considering wines but worried about his shoulder. it popped out so easily last year and worries me. id rather go cripps. although if you want to take the risk on a player who is a injury risk, B Crouch is ur man. Im picking him and although may not average what Wines will, i think he will be close.


is anyone going to be starting the season with a non-playing loophole player? (not in Rucks)


I Will be….makes fielding the right rookies a bit easier first 2 weeks then bring in whatever the best rookie is you don’t have before price rises…. Maybe not as important this year now sub best gone though.


Nice write up patch.

Always been a big fine wines fan but is too bullish? Guy is a human wrecking ball and if that involves wrecking himself then so b it doesn’t have much regard for his own welfare. Love watching him go about it but.


As I said big fan currently penciled in my team but penciled only.


Harley Bennell FWD anyone:?


Injury concerns….it’s a wait and see for mine


Being watching his progress closely. Latest from Ross the boss is looking after him long term don’t want to rush him may not b ready Rd 1. So looking like a doubtful starter Rd 1 based on old rosco.


Community, could I please have your thoughts on my team?

DEF: Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Bartel, Smith, Hartely, Bonner (Hibberd, Rice)
MID: Ablett, Pendelbury, Selwood, Sloane, Rockliff, Liberatore, Parish, Hopper (Cunningham, Keays, Mathieson)
RUCK: Martin, Naitanui (Korchek)
FWD: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Milera, Curnow, Kerridge (Petracca, Brown)

Cyril is delicious

JPK or Wines? JPK is super consistent but am really liking Wines and think he can improve even more, but will he become a top 10 mid this year??


Parker or Wines?

Bg G

I am weighing up the same question. Wines more likely to go big, but Parker more likely to be consistent over the year.


Hey Patch,
love your way with words.
I'm probably more biased than most (as a Port supporter) but Wines is a big time lock.
Have him slotted at M5 and reckon he will be a top 10 mid by year end.



thoughts on levi greenwood ?