POLL: $500K+ Midfield selections

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G’day community!

It’s time to talk business; it’s time to talk midfield. The midfield is our fantasy engine room and it’s responsible for a large portion of our points, but whom will we be selecting?

Do we go big and grab four $600K+ players and never think about it again? Do we grab blokes around $500K who might have had a slow year in 2015, hoping they can bounce back? Or do we look to find this year’s breakout player?

In a year where most teams will have the same blokes who have been reduced in price such as Libba, Jaeger-Bomb or Crouch, our $500K+ selections are incredibly important.

So who are we selecting community?

REMEMBER – get your mates together and plan to visit your local venue during Round 1 for the first batch of COACHKINGS contests folks – venues are signing on left right and centre.. bung your email address in the form below to find our more, and have a gander and Jock and I in the CoachKings trailer below!

Which of these $500K+ MID options will you select this season?

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Treloar, dangerfield, priddis, hanneberry, beams


danger is $647,00 fyi lads

ill be taking (at this stage) danger, pendles, ablett, sloane, rocky


Sneaky chance of Jack Steven making his way into my team. Looks like he is in for a big one this year




14 games at Etihad and 3 at MCG. Barely leaves Melbourne. Definitely in.


Thoughts On Patrick Cripps this year Jock?


Cripps the better option to Wines I reckon


At 500K+ you need to be a keeper. A midfield keeper should at least average 110. Cripps needs to lift his average by 14. I cant find a logical argument for such a big increase.


Danger, Ablett, Pendles a must
Rockliff, Sloan, Beams, Priddis, Fyfe will be next tier and hard to pick who will score better out of Rock n beams

Treloar not getting mentioned much so far too risky?


You could just about flip a coin, but I'd just go Rock because he's cheaper


Treloar just a bit too close to 600k, hard to squeeze in if you already have 3 600k MIDS.


I’m put off by his lack of preseason


He has been doing the work just running str8 lines Kev, i'v got him in because I can't fit Pendles in at the moment.
Not to worried about Treloar's fitness if he lines up Rnd 1 ill probably go with him as a POD haven't seen him in to many teams and think he will get more freedom at Pie land then he did at GWS.


Sidey is a better pick i promise you. And cheaper.


Fyfe (if fit), Pendles, Gaz, Rockliff and 1 of (Prestia, Adams or Wines

What are the community's thoughts on Prestia, Adams and Wines?


Like Adams and Wines. Have t watch Prestia early but he’s a little bull.

'Don't Blush Babby'

Thoughts on Mitch Duncan ,just under 500k, started very well last until he got injured.


Love him blushy being a cats man. Massive talent and great pod


Can see him playing a huge attacking wing role with better contested players around him, prefers to kick, loves a goal and has elite efficiency, could seem him knocking out Hannerbury like numbers.

BIG watch on him through pre-season


Danger Gaz Rocky Parker Adams Libba + rooks


Libya at M6!!?? Wowee.


Yeah why not. Where are you stickin him tomahawk?


That is where he should be, unless you are going with JOM and/Crouch

I have Danger, Pendlebury, Ablett, Jpk, Rocky, Libba +rookies


I’ve gone cold on jom/crouch unless swayed before round 1


M5 currently just want to give myself as much scope for picking up the best players at their cheapest. But still early doors. Now i feel naked 😉


Ha ha. Had him there when considering jom/crouch. Could slide back there yet.


Hey there fellas, excited for the new season!

Let me know what you all think of my layout, of course rookies are up to changing but im open to any suggestions!

A little too risky, dont mind having a defence under 500?

DEF: KK, Yeo, Bartel, BSmith, Brown, Bonner (Hartley, Broad)

MID: God, Shiel, Rocky, TAdams, Cripps, Libba, BCrouch (Jansen, Freeman, Menegola)

RUC: Mummy, Lobbe (Chol)

FWD: Chops, Dahl, Barlow, Zorko, Kerridge, Petracca (Summer, Kommer)

Appreciate it 🙂


Nice, bingo. Can’t fault it. You’re one short in the mids


Similar to the way ive set my team up
But ive gone with a bit more money spent in the mids over the forwards

Grant Lewis

No mid fwd .link in mids


Ablett, Pendles, JPK, Rockliff, Adams


I like Adams but is he going to be a top 10 mid at the end of the year? At this stage my top 10 is:

Danger, Fyfe, Ablett, Pendles, Priddis, Beams, Rockliff, JPK, Hanners, Mundy/Gray


Agreed. There's not much point in picking Adams if he's not in the Top 8-10 mids. It's a stagnate pick. Same as Parker really. And Wines. Hasn't Selwood fallen? Not considered in your top 10?


Yes Selwood has fallen, but at this stage his foot injury is a concern, he had surgery and the club didn't want it to get out in the media. That and Danger taking some of his points at this stage.


Does that mean you're just running a hardcore gun's and rookies strategy? There's only so many top 10 mids you can squeeze into a starting team.


At this stage yes, except I'm picking Shiel as a value pick as I see him improving this season. My current mid is Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, JPK and Shiel


Had shiel start of last year impressive, running with toby fwds and heater def atm


I normally run that strategy, but with Libba/Crouch/JOM/Polec/Lobbe priced the way they are and such a dearth of reliable premium defenders I've drifted.


I'd have Selwood in top 10 still. What he has done deserves to be still considered in the top 10.

I' also have Sloane about equal with Hannaberry.


Whats your team look like Derek?


At the moment my team is

KK, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Brown, Hibberd (Rookies)

Danger, Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Rocky, Libba, Gresham, Petrecca (Keays, Phillips, rookie)

NicNat, Lobbe

Dusty, Zorko, Rioli, Buddy, Simpkin, Kerridge (rookies)


GEEWIZ TJM have you got any money left??? A set and forget guts to start with. Lol


TJM read that wrong, sorry.


I think adams and parker could explode this year with jpk/hanners and dependles/sidey taking attention from opposition. PODS.


Are Ablett, Danger, Pendles and Rocky all a must start with?


I prefer Fyfe over Danger. But he might start slow this year


I'm a bit concerned with what Ross said about him playing forward, I wont start with him but I will pick him up later in the year.


Fyfe said he doesnt want to play forward
And from the interview with robbo, i think he’ll play more mid and rest forward


Thoughts on my mids atm please ……. Pendles ,gaz,gray,rocky,wines,Libba , crouch ,Francis …… Bench – hopper, Jansen ,kerridge


See gray as a bit of a pod this year with mid status only …. Quite capable of 105-110 avg


Agree. I would have Gray over Wines.


Nice work Lekky, Not settled on structure just yet but i"ll go in with a combination of these guys; backing Gibbs to bounce back this year……Ablett, Dependles, Priddis/Hannebery, Rockliff, Gibbs, Libba, Crouch/Jaegerbomb

King of harts

Slightly off topic but what’s people’s thoughts on hartung??? Reducing interchange, no more vest, running machine, high ceiling, sure to see more mid time with hawks eye for the future.

Alll signs point to break out yr

Slightly preferring him over injury prone crouch and still injured jom


I don’t think he will score that well. Hawks have Smith and Hill as thier outside runners, can’t see him getting much mid field time.

Even though he got vest a lot last year, when he came on he picked up a lot of east SC points. 80Sc type player imo.

I can see him under pressure for his place in team and I’m not convinced he is in their best 22

King of harts

I keep telling myself the same things but also in the back of my mind I see all the makings of a great supercoach player
I.think I crunched the numbers last week and his non vest average was around the 80s with a few 120 but a few like 60s

Something tells me I’ll be kicking myself when I leave him out for crouch and crouch breaks down round 2

King of harts

Although I definitely see him in there best 22 as the beat runner at hawks


Easily in best 22, he’s my sneaky to improve his average out of sight.. Works hard. Fast and decent disposal won’t be sub affected.. Go for it!


Someone I hadn’t considered, King of harts. Cheers for bringing him up. He’s a good player and can certainly find the footy, but I share the same reservations as Derek. On the fringe of their best 22.


What about O’Rourke

King of harts

Personally think that hartung is well ahead of him
Played 18 games last yr and unlucky to not be a premiership player
Haven’t heard mich on o’Rourke, how is he priced??


What do you guys think of my midfield…version 1 of 1000

Fyfe, God, rocky, wines, Libba, Omeara, crouch, parish (Petracca, Hibberd, Morabito). Bench players subject to being named round 1.


I think you need another guy higher then libba


Mid price madness.


Top 4 look good to me.

Those mid pricers are all returning from long term injury. I know they're tempting but I'd limit myself to 2 at most (hot tip: drop JOM

Unless Parish shows something very special during NAB I dare you say you'll find better rookie value elsewhere.


I don't mind the mid-pricers, but 3 might be too many, especially consider that JOM probably won't be fit for Round 1.


Gday guys
Had a look at my mids to see how its looking
I was pretty happy
But i thought
What if i dropped a defender to upgrade my mids a little for a more safe scoring power
So i have
Pendles ablett jpk shiel rocky gibbs(hoping to bounce back) libba Parish
And rookies for the bench
Any thoughts would be great


After reading through this what about this for a mid setup:

Pendles, GAZ, Grey, Rockliff, Cripps, Libba, Polec, rookie (rookie, rookie, rookie)


Big problem with the poll, lads. I'm only allowed five selections when I currently have six: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff and Wines.


Dangerfield in so many teams.

I could be awfully wrong, but haven't even considered him due to the new club.

Anyone thinking similar? Wait and see how he scores, with possibility of being an upgrade target.


Burned me in 2014, definite wait and see.


I know that feeling Jimi!


Yeah im the same with danger
But only because selwood struggling, so more pressure on him
I think the best cat mid to get is duncan


Joel Selwood will bounce back. He's too good not too.

Could be an outstanding unique selection this year.


Oh yeah he will no dought
But he will strat slow


just be careful with the starting slow thought. last time he was underdone in 2014, he averaged 145 in his first 3 games. If he is fit for rd1, i will have to pick him at his price


Same thinking Twoof. Cats have a more robust midfield than Crows so while he will do well, don't think he'll go off the chain as much.


Sam Grimley signed with the Dons, what price will he be?


He’d have to be $123k mark I reckon. He is now my third ruck (assuming he is forward/ruck option)


Wouldn't pay any more for him, still probably needs a injury to McKernan or Daniher to crack the 22,so not sure if he's any better than Lowden as a pick


Pendles, Ablett, Priddis, Rocky, Libba, JOM, Parish, Petracca (Keays, Morabito, Mathieson)


Wanted to vote for 7 which included chopsticks and Dahl in forward line (poll only let’s you select five)

Other current selections are Danger, GAJ, Gray, Bont and Rocky


Love that Sam Mitchell's being overlooked by so many coaches! #1 for most diposals and average dispoals per game in 2015 and his lowest score of last season was an 86. Mitchell's like a fine wine and only gets better with age 🙂


With the game going to become more open this year, I doubt Mitchell will be able to get as much of the ball. He can't run. With less interchanges, the game will become more open and less rolling packs, which Mitchell thrives on by getting it in and out of there.


I had Sam from round 1 last year, started at $480k. He isnt a bargin this year.

He was frustrating to have last year, would be 100sc at 3/4 and would rest on the bench for most of the last quarter, so never got massive scores.

Massive Hawks fan, but won’t be in my team this year


That's a very valid point. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm a massive Mitchell fan and believe he's going to play an integral role this season despite having less interchanges and him turning 34 at the latter stages of this year, clarkson is a genius and will find a role for sammy to play that will enable him to still get a lot of the pill while still being able to get loose. I'm a firm believer in him and he's just about as consistent as it gets and consistency is vital in SC. huge season for him and with the hawks chasing the fourpeat, Sam will definitely be in the thick of the action.

Arthur Mungs

And just like a fine wine, he will need to be rested!


Hi guys, I see a few teams with the likes of Cripps, Adams and the like in them. Are they worth having becuase by the end of the year you will be wanting the best 8 mids in your team, unless people plan on them for bench cover?


Hey community,
Thoughts on my team??

DEF: Mcveigh, Yeo, KK, Weitering, Dea, Hipwood (Hibberd, Hewett)
MID: Gaz, Ward, Hanners, Rocky, Mundy, Wines, Libba, Mills (Kerridge, Freeman, Jansen)
RUC: Blicavs, Lobbe (Wyatt)
FOR: Zorko, Barlow, Motlop, Schache, C.Curnow, Petracca (Brown, Beech)



midfield will be Pendles Ablett Jelwood Rocky Libba Titch Crouch then rookies.
obviously Jelwood depends if he is available for rd1. Kennedy will replace him if not. Fyfe would be a definite starter if there were no doubts with his fitness. Not sure what to expect with Danger this year being at a new club so will hold off until later.
plenty of value this year in the mids.


Current midfield.
T.mitchell steven
Shiel Rockliff
adams Libba
omeara Hopper

Input please community

'Don't Blush Babby'

Lek my man , last year your you picked R.Murphy for your gun, who is it this year ?


Fyfe pendles Ablett Rockliff ( wines / Cripps ) Libba JOM hopper


I just started a public league and am looking for players that will play all year, Team name is Oddballs. league number 193755. Would love some people to join. This is my 4th year playing and I enjoy it a lot. I do hope some will join. Thankyou for your time. Brian


i will join bundybear, I am a top 1000 coach last season


Current midfield:
Dangerfield Ablett Hannebery rockliff Adams Libba O’Mears Crouch Keays Mathieson B Kennedy


Gday guys
I was thinking about who i think would be top 10 def/mid/fwd and top 5 ruck
Because youd want as many as possible in your starting team to save trades and headaches
So i had a quick look
A very quick look so i know im gonna miss some players
But these are mine


Nic nat

Z merrett
Greene/smith depending on which gets more mid time as treloar now at pies

Let me know what you think
Or any other ideas or players i may of missed


Priddis, Hanners?


I think parker will surpass hanners
I must of scrolled past too quick
Probably drop shiel for him


B.Crouch (306k) or J.Polec (303k)??


If both are fit and firing I’d go Crouch, but only just. He tackles more.


Pendles, Ablett, JPK, Joel Selwood, Rocky. Is everybody sleeping on Selwood after last season or just hesitant because of his injury? I’m also super keen on Dylan Shiel, I feel like he’s ready to break out big time.


Fyfe, GAJ, Danger, Priddis, Rockliff, Cripps, Gibbs, Libba (Kennedy, Parish, Mathieson)
What do people think?

Bobby Singh

Fyfe or Danger?


My midfielders very well likely be Ablett, Danger, Pendles, Shiel, Rocky, Cripps and Libba..

Will McKay

Hi all this my 2nd season was wanting some suggestions for rookies who are likely to get a start rd1


Dahlhaus or stringer or Barlow or someone else (already got Dustin and buddy)