POLL: $450K+ Forward line selections

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Supercoach 2016 bargain forwards

Hello there community!

How is your preseason panning out? If you haven’t done much yet I need to ask that you pull your finger out. Like with many things in this beautiful life – you play how you train.

And if you’re not preparing NOW – it’s time to start. We looked at defenders in last week’s podcast, and we’ll move over to look at our forward options next week. Today lets start to get a feel for the $450K+ Supercoach forward selections arousing us this preseason.

Pick up to 6 players below you reckon you might select this season.

In other SIGNIFICANT developments – we have launched the official CoachKings In-Venue Daily Fantasy Sport Revolution trailer video on the interwebs this week. Be sure you have a squiz and Like our new CoachKings Facebook Page.


Which of these $450K+ options will you select this season?

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I got a bit excited and I think I broke the Zach Merrett button.


Broken like his shadow of a brother


hello community need help who do you suggest will be good midfield pods


G’day punter, have a look though the RMT: mega thread. Hundreds of teams to look through. Next week or the week after Jock and the boys will concentrate on mids and get a did discussion happening. Let’s stick to fwds for now

Which forwards are you keen on mate?


liking the look of buddy, merret, riewoldt and zorko


I like Zorko out of that lot. He was magnificent after his bye. Averaged 114 compared to 84 before it. That suggests a role change, I’ll be interested to see where he plays in the nab cup

Phat Man

Bryce Gibbs Mate


James Podsiadily.. Mars Pods aint bad either bruv


Dont think Barlow will get enough mid time


Ross Lyon today said Barlow was played out of position last year and will be spending more time in the midfield. Lock him away.


source? Id like to see what he said



Lyon said the club would tweak the role of midfielder Michael Barlow, whose form tapered away badly towards the end of the season.

"We want to play him more inside-mid than last year," he said. "We felt we took him away from his strengths."


Tiger boys for me, Lids and Chopsticks. In early versions of my team I had Shane Edwards. He became really important in the guts last year, if he can make those 70 games into 90’s or low 100’s he’ll be in my team come end of the year


martin bennell dollhouse simpkin petracca kerridge rook rook


Ross said in a q&a today that they will play Barlow more inside mid this year. Surely hes a lock now?


West, did he give any update on Bennell? He’s a bit of a flog but has talent to burn.


Still training alone mostly Kev, not taking any chances with the calf problem he has. 2 to 3 weeks b4 he trains with main group.
Don't see him playing in first Nab game they have.


Yeah robo said on sen bennell struggling


Poor Shane Edwards: a career best season last year, followed by elevation into the leadership group and people still keep calling him Shaun..
If it's any consolation Shane, you're in my team!

Canny the Manny

Ahaha! Shane Edwards is a great POD, I just don’t have the guts to pick him. I swear this year I’ll have nightmares for not doing so!


Chopsticks, Barlow and Buddy for mine.
Dusty will be a top 3 forward at season end and can't see any reason why Barlow won't get back to his previous seasons averages making him well underpriced and a top 10 forward. Buddy is the interesting one for me, if his head and body is right, he's priced beautifully to negate the dreaded KPF buffalo jump and all but picks himself.
Zorko will be next in should anything happen to my top 3 picks, Merrett missed out due to 2 factors (Buddy's price and the current over abundance of dons in my team already) and I really wanted to pick Bennell too but will definitely need to see what role he will be playing at Freo and what his mindset is like before I commit to him (also Barlow was 40k cheaper!)


Going 4 $500k plus lads up forward with two rooks on ground as I feel these guys are pretty much mids so lock in 4 and look for value in r2 and defence. I have dusty, Dahl, wingard and Bennell in my team ( could become Barlow if not ready Rd 1). I have more confidence these guys will finish in the top fwds than mcv and bartel in the back line.

Canny the Manny

I’m going the same structure I think, but going with Daniel Menzel at 270k at F5 and then a rookie at F6.


gotta say Toby Greene is looking very tempting at only 446k, what do u reckon fellas?


Said it a few times b a gr8 pick up if he can clean up his disposal efficiency lad couldn’t hit water if he was standing on a boat. Avg 23 possies last year but his disposal efficiency killed him severely affecting his SC scores. The Butcher boy of GWS. Start hitting a few more targets instead of turning it over b a gr8 pick.


his numbers at the end of 2014 when he averaged 128 for the last 7 games are very impressive. At the end of 2014 he was valued at $588k. that is elite.

what happened in 2015?


played forward, hopefully with treloar gone he will be used in the middle

Canny the Manny

That’s a good point, with Treloar gone, Greene could get the opportunity to get back to his best. Very tempting at that price, we’ll have to see how and where he plays in the NAB, but boy that can be an unreliable source of information at times…


Spot on, currently in my squad for this reason


S Johnson to take his forward role and Greene to revert to midfield.


Definitely on my radar. Scoring potential is absolutely there if given the right opportunity and he has his head screwed on right.

Not sure I can squeeze him into my preferred structure right now but if he has an impressive NAB campaign I may have to find a way.


Looks as though a lot of people haven't checked the round one fixture.

Can't go near Dustin Martin @ 569K and Carlton round one.


Surely Hogan, Watts & Petracca are all locks in the forward line?

Bg G

Watts a number 1 contender for never ever think about touching…


Bg G for some maybe but I only have 2 rules in SC and number 1 s always start with Jack. This could be the year he has his second breakout.


Is this the real Jack Watts writing this? only he could say that 🙂

Bg G

Chopsticks or Joey as F2? Thoughts??


chopsticks, hes younger and has been injury free and consistent for awhile now. I cant see him doing worse than last year.


Chopsticks or Lids?


chopsticks will spend more time in the middle so go for him now, lids will come down in price


Will anyone be tempted on Daisey at 308.7, he’s hurt us before but excellent value if he stays on the park


Massive gamble, Slats. His average has taken a nosedive ever since he managed 109 in 2011. Can’t stay on the park. Until he can get some consistency in his game I won’t be going near him


I might have a speculative crack at him in AFL Fantasy where you get the guaranteed double trades each week and he's even cheaper in that form of the game. But I just can't see any real way I would select him in Supercoach.

He would have to absolutely knock my socks off in the NAB to even consider the possibility.


You get double trades in SuperCoach too?


SCaddict means you get two trades a week in fantasy every week, in supercoach we get 30 that need to last the season


Apparently Nick Malceski is flying through preseason. Tempting but risky


Does any one know how Jack Trengove from Melbourne is travelling? Will he be fit for round 1?


He lives in Melbourne so I assume he travels by car to training and matches but not entirely sure. I think he'll be fit by round 1 but probably find his feet at Casey first. #downgradetargetalert


What’s everyone’s thoughts on Aaron Hall (FWD/MID) from GCS? Feeling he could be a nice little POD at $428k. Averaged just under 80 last year up 20 points with the same amount of games as the year before and with Dixon now gone it opens up a bit more of a spot in the fwd line for him….

However, only thing that’s stopping me is the possibility of perm additions (barring injury) of God and Jager into the mids which potentially means less time for him. OR it could go the other way and he could get thrown in while God rests up forward.

Someone want to talk me in or out of him?? I know Buddy is super cheap if he is fit and ready to go and possibly Barlow as well



Had a look at his numbers mate and it makes some interesting reading.

He played 15 games in 2015, in his first 9 he averaged 16.5 touches, 2.6 tackles, 2.3 marks, and 63.7 SC points (that excludes his 2 sub effected games). The final 6 games of the season he averaged 27.8 touches, 4 tackles, 4.5 marks, and 116.8 SC points.

Obviously the guy has talent but if he's not running around in the middle it's a massive no

Peter Jedrys

I’m totally with you. I have been doing massive research on the lad. In the second half of the year he possessions were way up and some massive sc scores. I have him in my side but it’s a ballsy move. But no risk no reward. Jaeger will take some time and you are right with Ablett resting forward I feel he will be a solid outside mid rotation that will get absolutely no attention. Mate I highly suggest to you and to me for that matter to pick him and don’t let people change your mind otherwise we will be the very few blokes kicking ourselves for not backing out judgment.


Cheers guys, yeah I’m with you on him having to be a solid mid to get the consistent scores and with the addition of some highly impressive guys It’ll be interesting to see. But the numbers are quite impressive when you break it down. I think I’m with you Peter, I’m putting him in and seeing what happens in the Nab cup


Absolute lock for me. Granted O'Meara, Swallow and Ablett are back, one must remember O'Meara and possibly Swallow will be underdone by virture of their recoveries from significant injuries and eased back to fulltime midfield roles. This, coupled with the fact that rotations are down and midfielders will more than likely spend time 'resting' in forward line only means one thing to me and that is that Hall will spend time midfield, particularly early in the season. Well, I hope so 🙂


Am looking at Mitch Robinson this year. His numbers were really impressive at the end of last season running through the midfield.


With Redden gone, I think he could average 105 plus (touchwood).


Is Francis priced too high if I already have Parish and Hopper?


Zorko ,dusty ,and dalhaus above 450k


Is it bad to go in to the season without dusty?

Peter Jedrys

Screw the sticks mate. He a massive douche and no room for him. Karma will come and kick him in his chopstick and he will sit on the sidelines


Starting a league, wanna try go top 100 leagues, join! 740737


Just signed up. Steves Superstars


Cheers from DangrsDanglBerries bring it on

Sean's Mob

Just joined, thanks


Lids, Wingard, Merritt, Billings, Greene and Jed Anderson on field. Coping a hiding over Billings in other forums. What do you guys think?


Overs I reckon. Very risky.


Take out his one massive game where he kicked 3 in the last quarter he averaged 76. Pass


Thanks for the feedback guys. Hasnt changed my mind though, still comfortable with Billings.Wombat mentioned that Jed is a dodgy selection.i am less adamant on him and plan to monitor him in Nab Challenge.


Was Laverde Pre or Post Syringe Jim and the chemical Brothers? i.e is he one of the 34?
The lad has talent to burn




No, last year was his first year of footy, he was taken in the 2014 draft


I reckon post bender


What a great little vote um thingy to see how one is thinking in comparison to the majority. Lots of love for barlow…what am i missing???


Thinking of going with Dahl, Barlow and Buddy then Anderson or Simpkin at f4 to start (plus rookies). Almost 100k in the bank. Worth shaving cash to upgrade f4 to Bird??


Keep cash bruv or invest elsewhere, I'm not sold on bird. The only dons im sold on are M.Brown and Simkin tbh


Simpkin is almost rookie priced, seems a no-brainer if he is going to be in their best 22.


Anyone considering bird ? Is bird the word ? Highly considering At f4 from get go


Danger and Selwood, two bloody beautiful thoroughbred specimens reunited at long last. danger happy and home and selwood to relinquish the tag.. thoughts?


Yep but Selwoods foot issues mean he could be a slow starter (on top of the fact he is a historically slow starter) – possible mid season trade in for me.

Danger is a lock though!


i have Fyfe, Gaz, Pendles, JPK & Rocky.

Danger will be an upgrade target, or should i try and squeeze him in, who should make way?


i have just enough cash to turn Pendles into Danger.


Turn Pendles into Danger and get Pendles later in the year. Danger @ new club and back home will mean big year IMHO


Danger was my first lock, at the mo going danger gaz rocky parker libba jom crouch rook rook rook rook


Whats wrong with Josh Kennedy from the Eagles ? I had him last year and he is comming back into my team again this year, Proved he was he best. Dustin martin is a dreamer who wont go anywhere this year, Too far up himself


The greatest athletes of all time are dreamers who aim big and score big my friend

Grahame Lebroy

Dusty is no dreamer, his past SC stats prove that. his last 5 years he av; 98,88,101,99,105. He Is nearly 25 coming into his prime. He has played 6 yrs, games wise; 21,22,20,22,21,22 so he doesn’t go missing injury wise. I think his average of 105 will increase this year. He should finish in at least the top 10 fwd scorers most likely top 5. Does that make him a safe pick to keep all year, thoughts?


Absolutely. Lock.


Have him locked f4 for now waiting for nab


Sry that was for shaneo above re the bird


Me too mate


Wingard only received 16% of the vote. Almost makes him a POD.

I have him in my team, but feel that he over-achieved last year and doesn't play enough mid-field to justify his price tag.

I have the cash to have Zorko instead of Wingard. I think he will be in the guts and will be a better option.


I worry that no monfries may mean more forward dwelling for young chad


Sam Gray boys from port. Mature age and coming into his third year. His back end of the year was enormous with the final four games where they found he is most effective pure mid and averaged 32.5 touches and 118 pts per game. I mean at $480k he is a keeper this year for sure. There are times where you do your research and you stumble on a player and you go, BANG BANG BABY!
My fwd this year will start as



I'm trying to stick with the same starting structure as last year.

Defence – 3 premiums
Midfield – 5 premiums
Ruc – 1 premium
Forwrds – 3 premiums

Each line i have identified 1 'fallen premium' who may become a keeper (the Sam Mitchell of last year, but hopefully not the Travis Cloke)

Rookies to fill up the rest of the team, meaning 6 onfield rookies and cash-cows.

Current Team:

KK, Bartel, Yeo – BSmith – Brown, Hibberd (Rice, Collins)

Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, JPK, Rockliff – Liberatore – Petracca, Cuningham (Keays, Mathieson, VRainbow)

NicNat – Lobbe (Wyatt)

Dusty, Zorko, Barlow – Franklin – Simpkin, Kerridge (Phillips, Long)

Only $2k left


I like It Derek and looks a little like my side, with the exceptions my forwards are a little lighter on. I'd like to try and fit in Maxie Gawn if I can

My side so far

KK, Bartel, Yeo, Docherty, Yeo, Brown, Adams, Bonner, Broad
Danger, Pendles, Gazza, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Simkin, Kerridge, Jensen, Cunningham, Menegola
Martin, Lobbe, Lowden
Dusty, Zorko, Buddy, Bird, Kennedy (Melb) Patracca, Keough, Sumner


I've been tinkering with the side a little what do you think of this

KK, Bartel, Yeo, Malceski, Brown, Adams, Bonner, Broad
Danger, Pendles, Gazza, JPK, Rocky, Libba, Simkin, Kerridge, Jensen, Cunningham, Mengola
Martin, Lobbe, Lowden
Dusty, Zorko, Buddy, Bird, Kennedy (Melb) Patracca, Sumner
Bank $24,100 and score 1830 points


Risky defence but its a gamble that could pay off for sure


would you consider Pearce Hanley as a "Fallen premium?

Grahame Lebroy

Like it Derek, so B.Smith , Libba, Lobbe and Buddy r your fallens that u hope to keep? If so all 4 seem very possible.

Does JPK start well or should he be upgrade target?

I think nailing picks D1 – D4 is going to be hard this year


last year my "fallen" were Ibbotson, Sam Mitchell, Cloke & Bellchambers. i thinking 2 out of 4 is a good outcome.

I'm confident Buddy & Smith could stay there all year. Libba will need an upgrade but hopefully will score like a premium until he gets tired. Lobbe is a stepping stone to Goldy.


JPK SC score from last year.



i'll post again with the round



Grahame Lebroy

Sorry read your post wrong


Sam Gray boys from port. Mature age and coming into his third year. His back end of the year was enormous with the final four games where they found he is most effective pure mid and averaged 32.5 touches and 118 pts per game. I mean at $480k he is a keeper this year for sure. There are times where you do your research and you stumble on a player and you go, BANG BANG BABY!


Good option no doubt about it

Grahame Lebroy

480k for S.Gray seems risky


Yeah agree – overpriced?


OK I have listened to the SC community about perhaps being a premo short in my mids so have had a re jig to give me a bit more premo in there. Revamped team.

Def: Laird, yeo, Smith, dureya, collins, hibberd, tippa, Bonner.

Mid: Danger, abs, gray or JPK, rocky, Adams, libba, Gresham, keays, cunington, Mattheson, kerridge.

Rucks: Martin, lobbe, korcheck.

Fwd: dusty, Dahl, wingard, barlow, Simpkin, petrecca, brown, Phillips.

No cash left.

Rookies dependant on nab cup so may change Rd 1.


Looks good. Just looking at your Defence – running the two Adelaide boys there. Is it a case of their scoring potential being dependent on them doing the same role? Also, they have a tough early draw. On that basis, could I suggest Malceski for Smith? The 20k could go to change Tippa to Hartley. I know all rookies are subject to change, but I think Hartley is almost a lock.


I don't mind it. I think I'd have JPK over Grey and maybe beef up the midfield at the cost of one of the high priced forwards like Wingard?


Thanks but going with 4 premo fwd line this year.


Any love for Rhys Stanley or Conca?


I'm going 4 deep in my midfield, is that 1 short?

Shaw, KK, Bartel, Yeo, Brown, Hipwood, Hibberd, Skinner
Ablett, Pendles, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, O'Meara, Parish, Hopper, Gresham, Keays, Mathieson
Goldstein, Lobbe, Wyatt
Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Petracca, Kerridge, Kennedy, Sumner, Brown

104k in the bank


Franklin or Barlow?

'Don't Blush Babby'

Anyone considering J.Shache ,looks like he will play round 1 and Rockliff has said he is best 18 year old he has seen for a key position player.


Could be this years Hogan


So many options down forward but i do think Cockatoo is close to a definite for my team, was extremely raw last season but had that year in the system with a good amount of senior footy, Geelong very keen to have him in the 22, Been shadowing Dangerfield all pre-season and will look to play midfield minutes.


Where is Tex Walker on this list? 449K bargain surely


My team so far:

Def: KK, Rampe, Yeo, Aish, Hampton, Bonner, Hipwood, Hartley

Mid: Pendles, Ablett, P. Hanley, B. Smith, Sheed, Liba, B. Crouch, JOM, Polkinghorne, Hooper and Gresham

Rucks: Nic Nat, Sinclair, King

Fwd: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, Stanley, Simpkin, Brown, Petracca, Gallucci

Feedback on changes is welcome, got 150k spare would like around 80k-100k in case o f any major injuries occur.



& Shane Edwards as a roughie, big chance


Haha, 31 votes for Shannon Motlop … good luck with that