PODCAST: NRL. An exciting new dawn.

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NRL Fantasy Podcast

The Jock Reynolds CoachKings Community is proud as punch to bring you this – the first edition of the Jock Reynolds NRL podcasts.

And we swing right into action discussing some of the key selection issues facing us as we draw ever closer to the season opener:

  • Adam Reynolds. A kid close to my heart. Started like a raging bull in 2015, can he recapture that form?
  • Half A Mongrel Semi Radradra. Can you afford not to select him despite his hefty price tag?
  • The youngest Silver Fox in the business – Corey Parker.
  • And stacks more
  • The undeniable impact of Russell Crowe on the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to nestle into his wise bosom.

Some important notes;

  • Time to get set up with all your CoachKings communications channels folks. Here they are;
  • We are on the hunt for Business Development Executive in NSW to get CoachKings into the pubs and clubs up there. Would love to hear from you if you’re interested on the social medias.

Find a comfortable chair. Whack the headphones on and enjoy the ride. Can’t tell you how aroused we are to be extending our community to include the majestic game of NRL.


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Just a note for AFL supercoaches who are looking at having a crack at the NRL version just remember you only get one emergency (not one per line like the AFL supercoach). This could catch a few people out especially when trying to use the VC Captain loophole!!


Thank you very much for informing us of this very important fact.



careful of selecting cheap players $113k-$150k that only get 10-20 mins off the bench and dont increase in value. theyll get you 10-20points as an emergency and there pricks to get rid of. last 2 yrs was George Rose. Kodi Nikorima. naaasty better to have complete deadwood than a 10point emergency scrooge


Note though that your 4 reserve players you select on the bench DO count towards your total weekly score


Respectfully disagree with Rexy re: Sam Radradra, feel his stats will drop with the addition of Jennings. As good as a player Jennings is – he is a known ball stopper and cant pass to save himself, added to that $500k plus for a winger centre – NO WAY, wait till he drops (which he is guaranteed to do)!

Rex Gossip

I like your angle Casper didn't take into account the "HOGG FACTOR" as in ball hog.
Semi is good lets wait and see!


Great first NRL podcast Jock and all of the Team as expected.
Not sure I can keep up with NRL as I have too much work to do in Supercoach this year, But I might give it a try.
Does Wally Lewis still play?



Agreed however one would think the coach knows jennings is a ball hog so might look to train this out of him. I dont see the Eels wanting to cut out their best Asset. Im gonna take the gamble & lock him in. His base stats are big for a CTW however if he doesnt fire in the opening rounds ill ditch him round 3 for a rookie that is gonna make $$$ which will leave heaps of money in the bank


JR NRL SC league # 288587 … all jockreynolds.com.au followers welcome

goto: http://supercoach.couriermail.com.au

Rex Gossip

Thankyou Jocky my man!


Hey Jock, long time fan here. OK well a few years.
Anyway I reckon you are better off setting up a separate website for your NRL venture.
Not sure what your new Coachking partners would say, but I reckon you are better splitting the two and trying to build a separate community. Probably help to get more google hits and that type of gear, not sure. Anyway just thought it’s better not to poop in your own backyard. Or least throw it over the fence.

All the best. Love your (AFL) work. Long may it continue.


Make it a separate thing no one likes nrl


Apart from the 12 million people north of the Murray River


No Brent, you are speaking for yourself! You don't like NRL. A lot of people like myself like NRL and NRL along with a number of other sports. Best wishes.

Christian r

What are your thoughts on that Jack Littlejohn? Thinking about giving him a gig?!


with J Hastings (roosters) & A Taylor (titans) looking to start @ bottom dollar $133,300 i would give him a miss. He wont get many games with D Walker playing 5/8 & D CHerry Evans HFB – Keep an on eye on injuries & over origin period though if walker or cherry play origin…