Old Ocker’s ULTIMATE SuperCoach Spreadsheet

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 Ockers StatsHe’s done it again Community … Old Ocker has delivered a SIGNIFICANT BEAST of a Supercoach stats Excel spreadsheet!

The offline research tool of the season… (along with The Higginator!)


A few quick notes before we hear from the great man Ocker;
  • You’ll need Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer
  • You might need to click on ‘enable editing’ up the top before you crank into it
Over to Ocker!


Hello Community,

Ladies and gentlemen, I have prepared a spreadsheet of a complete list of players and their scores per round, Prices, Clubs, and Positions covering the last 5 years as well as adding this year’s players, Prices, Change of clubs and Positions etc. (4079 data entries!)

The idea of this is to help those of you who do not keep your own stats and some that do but do not have it in this easy to use format and make it very easy to research a player so that you can see a player’s progression over this period of time and help you form an opinion and make your decision on selections a bit easier.

It is also to help everyone decide for yourselves if a player is over or under priced and hopefully it will help you identify the next breakout player or two as well. You can also compare the guns or anyone you like by putting a tick next to their name and it will give you a comparison of players on the one page which I believe makes it so much easier to do your research.

You can sort any column you like in any order and even look for player in a certain position and price range by (Number Filters, Greater than or Equal to etc) EVERY column gives you options.

The formulas behind the sheet should give bang on figures.. for instance – where a player can play a game and score zero or even have a minus score it will still give you an accurate average for that third of the season.

Example: Jack Riewoldt in 2011 scored a big fat zero in round 2 and DID play that game. So his score for that game must be included in his average. (The formula used takes that into consideration as it does for minus scores)

I truly wish everybody a successful Super-coach season. If you have any questions I am only too happy to respond. I believe this spreadsheet should make it easier to find those elusive players and save trades if you can identify the right players in the first place. I must also mention that I am self taught in Excel so don’t pick on me Ha Ha.

Looking forward to helping anyone I can again this year and a big thank you to everyone who appreciated my Options and Opinions last year.

Old Ocker.


Extend the courtesy to our good mate and follow Old Ocker on twitter here @OldOckerOO 


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'Don't Blush Babby'

Excellent work Mr.Higgo


it's not Higgo, its Old Ocker … bloody legend!!! oh yeah, Higgo is nice also.


Thanks mate and you are welcome.

Cheers and enjoyl


I won't blush Babby and I am sure Higgo loves you as much as I do being a community member.

Don't Blush just enjoy the SC season and I hope the spreadsheet helps you to do that.

Cheers Ocker.

'Don't Blush Babby'

Thanks mate , apologies if I offended anyone , I was just overwhelmed because I was in the process of trying to do something similar. Congrats you've saved me a shit load of hours – May The SC Gods be with you !!


Not a problem mate you did not offend anyone.

You cannot offend me and I am very happy that it saved you a lot of work and time,
I appreciate that and it is one of the reasons I am so willing to share with the community.
I have the time and do it for myself so why not share.
Community spirit is the name of the game.

Cheers. and Enjoy mate.


bloody hell thats a lot of numbers


And a lot of work just for you.
The Community,

Cheers mate.


Love it Mate!


I had a feeling you would,

Ages update on computer clock daily.

Cheers mate.

Grahame Lebroy

This will save alot of time, your a legend Ock


Thank you for your comment and that is the idea to help everyone and try and level the playing field.



Nice work old. Is 2015 meant to b populated? When u filter on 2015 everyone had a zero against their name in my copy?


Please try and download from the bold lettering at bottom of description, Teething problem with first downloads should be corrected now.
I do not understand why you would have a problem with 2015.
Have you tried sorting in the table?


Rookie mistake got excited when I saw this and clicked on the spreadsheet at the top of the page which must be linked to last year as it opened as jockstats. Once I read you click on the writing download all good. Opened as old ockers. Fantastic work on this mammoth effort. Being a numbers man gonna jump right in. Thanks again.


You may have also clicked on the wrong sort button if you are not familiar with excel. Go to names and select all and you can sort in alphabetical order or reverse and go to z to a . or Vicki verca. THE same with any column. it will remember the last 2 columns you sorted. You will see a difference in the header column as to what you last changed.

Hope this helped.


No problems with Excel know how to use it just unbridled enthusiasm.


No problems here either I truly hope you enjoy and it helps you to improve your SC score.


All available on Footywire Stats but lovely regurgitation Oldocker!


Can't please everyone wombat and I do not know footywire and I am sure the stats are available on a lot of sites.

This is a composition of my own and it is an offline tool. (NOT ONLINE)

I put a lot of work into this and I am sorry if it does not please you but we are all entitled to our own opinion and I appreciate yours.

Does footywire allow you to sort online?

Ray Spence

Define: old ocker
Gentlemen, scholar and alruist


I think you meant to say altruist which you have obviously spelt wrong.

Take your pick I am all of them.


The Ranger

My proverbial hat is doffed in your direction OldOcker, love ya work!


Thanks Mate.
I really appreciate positive feedback.

Cheers and enjoy.


Ocker – I bloody love you and the work you put in for us mate. The appreciation levels for this are off the charts. I can't fathom how long this took you to put together.


No problem mate I appreciate your comments.

I just contacted Matthew Richardson who has 84 thousand follower's and he put out a tweet for me. Love the boy.
I will get it to anyone that plays supercoach this year. More legends to come with follower's

Thank you Richo mate.

Thanks Patch for your appreciation. I love it.

Pitch 72

Feel free to join these leagues community, no sheep stations here!, 218655, 855272, 301322.


BUGGER I wanted to play for sheep stations.

I N Pieman

Your a treasure Ocker. Absolutely magnificent!


Cheers Mate,
The Community Spirit.

Enjoy and I hope it helps you to beat me this year. Ha Ha.

Average Joe

Just thinking about this the other day! Amazing work mate, this will help me and others a whole heap


That is the idea mate,
Helping others to help themselves.

Cheers Mate


What's everyones thoughts on Zac Williams (GWS) as a defender? he averaged 88 not including vest affected scores in 2015, and is priced at $375,500.


Love it, Ock. Great stuff! Will be using this bad boy for sure.


No worries mate,
We may have to talk PM on Twitter,.



What do we think of Robbie Gray? Had a few injury affected scores so think he can add a few points to his average this year.


Thoughts jock, is any one thinking Aaron black? I think he will be key to north if they want to go forward. Cheap and has averaged 70odd before could be a rookie POD


I very much doubt that anyone would be thinking of him at $226-600 Way too expensive and risky looking at his last 5 years.

I would suggest you look elsewhere and I am sure that Jock would say the same.



Ocker, me old China, hope y ought are well mate, amazing tool you have created better then last year and an obvious love of the game and this community on display. Like last year mate if you need anything even a visit I m in melbourne again let me know and we can share a brew or a beverage , Fridge is keen to catchup ,

Thanks once again for the work.


Dools and The Fridge


Nice to hear from you Dools,
I am very good at the moment loving the start of my Supercoach season.
We always try and be bigger and better mate and would love to talk 1's and 0's with you mate and have a beer but I live about 4 hours from Melbourne.

My bloody fridge has been raided by some bugger that did not sleep last night but is going to bed right now.

Cheers Mate, Sure we will catch up in the season.

ANZAC day is the only time I normally go to Melbourne but I am not sure I will go this year.
I go to meet mates but they are deceased so it would be too traumatic for me I think I will just go to the local RSL Parade. for a few quiet ones.

Cheers Dools.


Hi OldOcker, read your reply to Dools. Thanks for sharing the good stuff with us OldOcker. AND … Sincere thanks to you and your mates, living and deceased. Not many people can lay claim (not that you or they would) to having helped define a nation. I hope you enjoy their memory and your quiet ones on Anzac day.


Thanks for your thoughts mate,
Good luck for this season.

Mick P

Thanks Mate

You are a legend


No worries mate


will this give me computer any viruses


Certainly not it was scanned and tested for malware before I sent it to Jock.



Ocker well fark me sideways mate, that's one AWESOME spreadsheet you put together.

Thank you kindly old sir, I love how it shows the BYE rounds. Absolutely PRICELESS mate thanks a ton.

Hope you go far.

Big balls

Need forward pods around 500k , options ??

Cheers big balls


Robinson, reckon he might carry on where he finished last year,and a hall but that’s dependant on role in nab, if cutting loose in mid/hf then could be a good option. Tore it last half season but We know about gc’s injury troubles then….


The NAB challenge is a total load of garbage it gives you very little to go on regarding AFL players that have played such as Robinson, all it does is clouds your initial gut feeling, as the players that are in the top 22 of each club are seldom out of second gear in order not to risk injury.
The NAB challenge gives us a little advantage regarding the rookies, the kids that we have never seen before, thats the only slight advantage we get from NAB.

When it was the NAB cup that was slightly different as there was a large purse that went to the NAB cup Club winner.
However now since this NAB challenge the players are only having a jog as there is basically next to nothing to gain for the clubs.


I don't think anyone would argue with that Pete, Very well said.


either riewoldt would be a gutsy pick, bb


Love it ocker, everything I need in one place, easily accessible offline.


Swans2012, Thanks for the comment mate,
Hope it helps your selections for the season.



Love the spreadsheet mate but what do all those numbers mean?
This looks more like work than a game can't you just post the cheats?


Simply amazing. You are a godsend Double O. Easily one of my favorite pre-season tools.

Appreciate taking the time to update and share with the community, my friend.


Cheers my friend,
I will be working this year on creating something bigger and better for next year mate.

Thanks for your support.



Great stuff Ocker! Being looking forward to this for a while. A very handy tool


Danners, Thanks for the comment mate.
May the Supercoach Gods shine brightly upon you this year.


General Soreness

OO your an absolute star!


Thanks General, Glad you like the addition of the Birthdates this year.

I try not to over complicate things with too many stats because it can get confusing for some but I am looking at more improvement for next year.



is there going to be the continuation of the JockReynolds Leagues this year.

I might have been a chance of qualifying after last years effort.


You're too generous Mr. Ocker, I bow to your humble genius!


You are very welcome Joe,
Thank you for your kind words.



Great work Ocker. As always, your spreadsheets are magnificent. Cheers


Cheers mate glad you enjoy.


no essendon top up players?


The cut off deadline for Essendon top up players is March 15th.
The decision had to be made whether to release this now or wait until then.
The idea of this sheet is to help you pre-season and March 15th does not give you any time for study.
The SuperCoach site is only adding them as they are confirmed.

The sheet is not Write protected so you can add your own in as they are confirmed if you like, I will release the small list of players separately soon after the deadline.
Hope this helps.



no essendon top up players?


all good mate. it's awesome as it is.
love your work! makes the supercoach fanatics jobs easier


ignore this msg
thanks for you work mate!
makes our picking much easier




You are welcome James.
Hope it helps you out this season.


Can I get access to the old Rounds.xls files, as I want to see the prices of all player since round 1