Rate My Team – MEGA THREAD

Published by Higgo on

I shall start the thread with my first draft of Mathematic FC.

As you will see, this is the time when we can speculate with unique selections –Β My first draft forward line is just this.

Rate my Supercoach Team

Over to you Community – post, comment and share in our Fantasy wisdoms.

Kind regards,

Peter Higginbotham


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Wow Higgo! That midfield line will tear the competition a new one.

Rich is a new name I haven't seen yet, I didn't realise he had DPP to be honest. Looking at his numbers he has probably never hit his potential, solid 80ish average over his 7 years in the system. Jack Martin will go bang one day, the hype surrounding that bloke was unbelievable. Admire the stones for trying to predict a breakout player, just don't think this will his year to do so.

Here's my first attempt.

Def: Shaw, KK, Bartel, McGovern, M. Brown, K. Collins (S. Collins, Hartley)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, D. Swallow, Libba, Gresham, Cuningham (Petracca, Keays, Mathieson)
Ruck: Goldy, NicNat (Wyatt)
Fwd: Deledio, Chopsticks, Greene, Simpkin, Kerridge, Kommer (S. Yarran, AMT)


Hi Kev,

I love the look of the team!
Have reservations regarding McGovern though. Nice selection with D Swallow, he'll be a nice POD I reckon with most going for O'Meara. I've currently got D Smith instead of Greene, will be a toss up depending on who has the better NAB!

Good luck.


Yer I feel the same about Martin I don’t think that this year is his year but I like the McGovern and Greene pick very solid side mate good work but no Fyfe and Swallow good POD


Rich is playing full-time mid this year, though. Hard to go past him at that price.


Cheers for the feedback guys. No Fyfe because I'm already rolling with 3 600+ mids, plus Shaw, Goldy, and Lids who are 600+ as well, salary cap can only stretch so far! I love him, I was on the #fyfeislyf bandwagon last year, just the injury news coming from out west he was the obvious one to leave out.

Can't quite afford Smith without making some big changes. Although the discussion below about NicNat has me thinking I could go down to Lobbe and upgrade Greene to him. Also considered Aaron Hall. NAB cup will decide F3 position.

McGovern did well to stay on the park last year. He has great efficiency and I'm hoping with W.C getting their def back he can be more third man up in contests.

Rich goes to water when someone follows him around. Opposition coaches are well aware of his huge left peg now. Not willing to ride that rollercoaster.


Watched Fyfe train yesteday. Plenty of running and kicking, NO contact work. His back is not quite right yet. Watch NAB. I really rate Aaron Hall as well. Same feelings about Rich, roller coasters you don't need in your backline. Libba will be in every team, probably end up a keeper around M6/7/8. I've seen B Crouch play, if he has his playing head on, he will be a huge cash cow, and quickly. Great, balanced team Kev.


Cheers for the Fyfe update, kevwal. That’s significant! I went with Gaz last year thinking that if he’s fit and firing, the contact stuff will come easy… and yeah, less said about that the better!

He can certainly find the pill Crouchy. I’ve got some concerns over his d.e but at that price he gets so many possies it doesn’t really matter


Simpson, Bartel, yeo

Smith, Francis, m.brown

Ablett, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Cripps

Libba, Omera, Cunningham, Gresham

Nic Nat, Jacobs

Martin, dalhaus, Barlow

Franklin, kerridge, petracca

Rookies are just there until nab cup

Any thoughts cheers


i like the Simpson selection, but at $500k i think he is way over priced.


I like Bartel but I think he is a bit long in the tooth I don’t think his body can hold a hole season I like the Cripps selection good POD


I like it!
Few comments:
– Watch Franklin's form closely in the NAB. He had a lot of quiet games last year.
– Rucks are very solid, nice! Jacobs looms as a bit of a POD this year.
– Watch Simpson's NAB form. IMO he's slowing down, but don't see him in many teams yet, so if not, he'll be a good POD as well.

Good luck


franklin played injured last season


Pure Guns and Rookies:

DEF: Laird, Kolodjashnij, Bartel, Byrne, Brown (Ess), K. Collins (S. Collins, Bonner)

MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Parish, Gresham (Gore, Petracca, Shoenfeld)

RUCK: S. Martin, NicNat (Loersch)

FWD: Deledio, Martin, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Kerridge, Kommer (Ahern, S. Yarran)


Deledio & Martin? that is some big eggs in a small basket.


They are the only two Tiger's players that I think deserve to be in my starting squad. If Deledio can stay on the park he will hold his value, as will Martin if he can stay away from Asian restaurants. Deledio will probably have to show strong form and no sign of injury in the NAB Challenge to stay in there though.


Hi Jezzahill,

I feel you've gone a bit light on in defence. Collins (x2), Brown are all KPPs, so you might have trouble generating enough cash out of them. You could look to downgrade one forward for a midprice player like Simpkin and give yourself another keeper in defence at the expense of one of the KPP rookies.
Nice solid midfield and rucks though.


Birchall, smith, Wellingham
S,Thompson, m brown, colins
(M dea, bonner)

Fyfe, Ablett, bont, Rockliff
Gibbs, liba, crouch, parish
(Trengrove, freeman, kerridge)

Nicnat, lobe (cox)

Martin, Barlow, Greene
Bird, Conca, Curnow
(Kommer, Peracca)

Good work boys love your work let me
Know what you think and let me know if
I need to change anything


Hi Atzeri,
You've picked a few players there that I haven't looked at much this preseason: Wellingham, S Thompson, Gibbs and Conca. What's the reasons behind these guys?
Very solid midfield. Bont could make or break you here! I reckon either this year or next year he could become an ultra premo… questions is, which year?!
Nice safe forward line, but think your backline is a little fragile. If you've got some spare cash I'd be looking at turning Wellingham and S Thompson into more consistent and higher performers… but then again, you might have good reasons for picking them in the first place so go with your gut. But that's what I'd do.


Yer S Thompson I’m not keen on I’ll see how his moving NAB cup but Wellingham he had a really good finals games looked very solid running into the mid at times getting 100+ SC scores in the finals I think he’s a smoky pick and Gibbs he a player I know can stay around his price and a good stepping stone player ultra promo later on


Lots depending on NAB form. I had Gibbs then Cripps. Never been sold on Wellingham. Solid at best mostly a bit player for mine.


I agree with
Wellingham. He just got settled in team late last year. Expect some good scores from him.


Loving the team Higgo. Esp Rich. Wondering about Yeo though. Can he back it up?

Here's my team below.

Back: McVeigh, Thumper, Rich, M Brown (WCE), Dea, Hartley BENCH Bonner, K Collins
Mids: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, JOM, B Crouch, C Mills BENCH Freeman, Cuningham, Redman
Rucks: Sauce, Sinclair BENCH Wyatt
Fwds: Montagna, Dalhaus, Barlow, Bird, Wells, J Anderson BENCH M Brown (Ess), Petracca

I'm thinking too much mid price madness but lots of value.


Yer in your mid I think you can only go two not three libba, JOM, Crouch see how there nab cup go’s and trade one of them for a rookie who is looking good


Atzeri, I agree. The NAB will tell me which one to leave out. At the mo, I think they'll bring Crouch back through the 2s. Thanks for your input.


Hi Crackers!
Is it still midprice madness if they're fallen premo's? Libba is a proven gun and O'Meara and B Crouch aren't far off being premo's themselves. As you say, lots of value!
Sinclair is an interesting pick for mine… I question whether he's capable of averaging 100 over the course of a full season, but with the number 1 ruck mantle, he may very well be.
Nice forward line. Most will go for one of the tiger boys, so Montagna may be left as a bit of a POD.
Defence is a little light on. McVeigh is solid, although coming off an interupted preseason. KK on the up, but with a large number of stars coming back into the team for the suns (taking points off him?), and Rich has never been a consistent 90+ player. If anything, I'd try to get another solid scorer in there.
Good luck.


Thanks Sarah, Defence did my head in last year and this yr looks the same. I need to free up some cash in the mids, (with taking 2 of 3 Libba, JO'M or Crouch).
Sinclair as they same (and the they is someone very high up in the SS) is tearing up the track and is very determined to show the world his ability. Having said that I may end up with Lobbe.
Thanks for your input. Appreciate it


The team looks solid again Crackers. The Sinclair pick is the interesting one. I have him at F4 at the moment and it doens't feel too bad having him there.


Love it, Crackers. Especially the Rich selection. Mate, I'd love to put Danger in my starting lineup but it seems like either him or Pendles for my structure. Whats your thoughts?


I think there is plenty of value with rookies this year. The name of the game is generate cash, without the sub vest to worry about, any cheap rookie who plays games will increase in value.

There are a few mid-pricers who can not be overlooked this year, so i am temped to put a few in my team, otherwise it is Guns & Rookies for me.

I've loaded up in defence to set and forget.

Might not start with Fyfe as there are some injury concerns.

Gone for Leuenberger instead of Bird to give me Ruck backup

Shaw, McVeigh, KK, Bartel, BSmith, Hibberd (Brown, Rice)

Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Gresham, Freeman, (Keays, Mathieson, Clarke)

NicNat, Lobbe (Wyatt)

Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Leuenberger, kerridge, Petracca (Phillips, Sumner)


Nice team Derek.
Like your reasoning on a few of your picks.
That's the best backline I've seen so far. Hopefully it'll perform well and shouldn't need much attention throughout the year.
Watch out for the Wingard pick. My thinking is that he'll have to play close to goal with Monfries out for the year so he'll be relying on kicking goals for a big score. When this happened in 2014, he screwed my team something awful!!! Maybe I'm just scarred from it!
NicNat can be a bit up and down. By going with Lobbe, you might want a ruck with a lower Standard Deviation to support him?
All in all, I like your team.

Good luck.


Thanks sarah, I'm not a big Wingard fan but his numbers last year were pretty good. I may even break my No Hawks policy and throw Rioli in there instead of Chad just for the excitement factor.


Love delicious but he is super injury prone


Looking very heavy in defence there, Derek. Are you worried that you'll be missing out on points from another gun premo midfielder? Chances are a premo midfielder will probably score 20+ points more than a defender. Personally I would go one down in defence and one up in the midfield – say Smith to Byrne and Crouch to Gray? Just my opinion. Solid side though!


Yer I’m with jazzahill a bit heavy down back I would down grade one of your backs for a k Collins or bonner and use the cash to upgrade one of your mids


i've gone light in the mids because that is where the cash will be made with the rookies. every year there are rookies who emerge who score almost as well as premiums (until they get tired). Without the sub vest this year there are going to be more than usual and i need room to fit them in.

the only choice for mid-field Ultra premiums are Fyfe, Dangerfield, Priddis & Selwood. Will look at getting them in as upgrades once the cows are fattened.


Fair enough. I just reckon you'll cost yourself anywhere from 20-50 points a round by not having one more midfield premo, and that will stack up the longer you wait for rookies to increase in value. As you said before it's about making cash to improve your team, but the overall aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. I just don't think that top ranked teams will be starting with 5 defenders over 400k.


good point regards the top teams probably won't have such a strong defence. i finished in the top 100 last year but felt i was playing catch up all year, might have had somthing to do with my heavy defence to start with.

however, i'm fairly confident that my D5 can score 20+ points better than a defence rookie.

I would probably upgrade Crouch to a premium if i downgraded D5 to a rookie, i'm fairly confident crouch will do ok.


Agreed, I reckon if Crouch can get a full run at it he will average 90+, just has to stay on the park


Love leuenberger in fwd line. Last year 50% of no1 ruckmen averaged over 90. They make a great POD when picked in fwds.


They signed Jamar today. Not no 1 ruck anymore. Injury prone. Big no!


Gday Derek! I like the side, will be interesting to see how we compare this year as I’m going down a mid price rd, I think with the mid price value we won’t need as much cash gen from rookies so that will offset having less in there. I’d be a little worried about falling off the pace unless your field rookies happen to be scoring as well as the jom/crouch types your leaving out. Also question the benefit of scoring potential of shaw vs say a wines in mid for nearly 100k cheaper.
One other thing, I understand that luey is backup and I like him as a selection (I’m throwing him in the ruck), but luey vs bird is bird hands down IMO, bird has more potential keeper value….
Anyway I like it, I’ll post mine down there somewhere for you all to tear my mid price madness apart….


Thanks Swans, nice to read your comments.

Every year there are a few rookies who start well and can score as well as a premium (until they get tired). the trick is to make sure they are in the team and on the field!

my early teams had Bird. He isn't a keeper but i'm still very temped. Also Simpkin is a good option at his price. Leuy was in-between plus he gives some ruck security. need to find $30k for Bird.

i've got libba & Crouch in my team (not JOM). I think Libba might be a keeper, where Crouch could be my step to Fyfe fairly early.

i'll look out for your team

CroMagnon Man

Hi Derek,
DEF: Very defence heavy team, there are genuine rookie priced options for once, I'd suggest you take advantage of that.
MID: Is okay. Don't like the risk involved w/ Freeman, why do that to yourself?
Ruck: Is good.
FWD: I can't get my head around the Leuey pick. It's counter intuitive to pick an injury prone player as backup in case of injuries. If you don't think you rucks are durable enough to play week in, week out then change one/both to players who will play.

Best of luck.


Great side Derek !
It's very similar to mine, best of luck for the year


i've been tweeking abit and thinking about peoples comments about going too strong in defence and have come up with a slighly different structure.

Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, BSmith, Hipwood, Hibberd (Collins, Rice)

Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Gresham, Freeman, (Keays, Mathieson, Clarke)

NicNat, Lobbe (Wyatt)

Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Rioli, Simpkin, kerridge (Petracca Phillips)


WB mate. Not a bad side but but not keen on you're defence wit Bartel, & SMITH also up forward having Leuenburger might be back up but I cannot see you scoring big scores early to give yourself a big enough lead for the big # one.

Bartel will be rested quite a lot now that there are less rotations, dont like him at all and Smith is a bump away from being out for God knows how long.

However that's just my take on it this year and I have been wrong many times before mate..


Bartel won’t be rested, he was coming back from injury last season and he wasn’t rested then, not going to be rested off a strong pre-season, role is far more of a concern.




Very nice team MOC!
I've selected that exact same midfield at various times over the summer! Love the Parker selection. At the moment I can't fit him in my side, but think he'll be the best swans mid this season.
Very solid team, good spread on all lines.


Cheers Sarah. I reckon this is the year Parker goes 110-115!


I have Parker as well MOC, balances the midfield really well. Not sold on Kerridge yet, NAB will tell.


Love the Jack Martin pick Higgo, have been having a look at him myself!!

My current team looks like this:

Def: Docherty, Bartel, Yeo, Hampton, Dea, Brown (Byrne, Morgan)

Mids: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, O'Meara, B Crouch (Freeman, Cunningham, Keays)

Rucks: S Martin, Lobbe (Nyuon) – Will be Grimley if picked up by the Bombers.

Fwds: Martin, Barlow, D Smith, Simpkin, Kerridge, Petracca (Pickett, Phillips)

All comments welcome.
Thanks Community πŸ™‚


Haha. Love the Devon pick, Sarah. He's in mine as well. May go Greene, not sure. Also love given the new boy Curtly some love. Been looking at him but he's one of those that can be NAB deceptive (past experience). That backend is a big roll of the dice with Bartel being the only one with high chances of making top 8 def. Docherty and Yeo could but games have to step up.

Glad you didn't go sour apples with the Danger pick. And nice on Wines. Lot of tasty PODs!


Thanks Throtts! Yeah, backline might need a bit of work. Have had B Smith in there instead of Hampton but I'll see how he settles into the Crows structure before I make the final call. Knowing the crows pretty well, I'm hoping I'll be able to get that selection right!! What are your thoughts on Zac Williams from GWS? I feel the subs vest has held him back. Haven't watched him play much though to better analyse his scores from last year.

As you say, Devon may become Greene depending on the way they're used in the NAB games. Someone has to spend more time in the mids to cover for Treloar!

Danger has forced me to remove his memorabilia from my pool room wall, change my supercoach team name and league name and will force me to watch him win his inevitable brownlow wearing different colours… the only positive to come out of this (apart from the crows amazing aquisitions during the trade period… I was VERY happy) is that no one will expect me to pick him!!!


Haha. That's very true about Danger. Pure genius.

Had Smith last year. Was up and down. 170 game was nice. Had niggling injuries and thought he "overtrained" for the season. Feel with Stevie J in, he'll be more in the mids, where his speed can come into play. After I compared his numbers with TG's, feel there is more upside to Devon (he's more kick than hand and better with the tackles). Obviously leaning that way. Could swing to save the ducats.

Like ol' Zac W! Ability to go 15+ games is a concern. Backline was a bit beleaguered with injuries so he did a decent job stepping up. Can he average 80-85? Looking at last year, take out his shit start having the vest, so there's a good chance he would've hit that mark. Keep an eye out during NAB (I know I will)


ZW is on the radar. Without the sub games would've averaged 88.7… will he stay in the 22 though?


Chances are very high. They resigned him so they are up on him. Only he can lose his spot (duh).


Wow Sarah that is a crushing midfield! Shazam. Good looking team. I too will b putting in grimely if selected by the dons. Smith could b a very good smoky. Love the fine wines selection back line don’t know much about dea and Hampton but sure you have done your research. πŸ™‚


Thanks Trigger!
A lot will come down to NAB form with Dea and Hampton and how they fit into the Essendon and Crows structures. Word is Hampton has been training with the mids! I'll either go with them, or wrap them up into B Smith and a rookie. Expecting Wines to break into premo territory this year.


Hi sarah, nice team. you are a big Devon fan, are you making that selection with your heart or your head?

Out of Libba, JOM & Crouch, if you had to leave one out, who would it be?

I like Wines, but don't see him being ultra premium.

Do you have any thoughts on Seedsman?


I've kept my eye on Devon. Thought about him last year but didn't go there. Again thinking about him this year. Definitely a 'head' pick for breakout as I'm a Crows girl through and through. But I try to select with my head regardless… you'll note that Dangerfield is in my team… definitely not a 'heart' pick anymore!!

If I had to leave one out it would be O'Meara at this stage as he might not be ready for round 1.

With regards to Seedsman, I don't know where he'll fit into the crows line up yet so ask me after the NAB games! Same with my pick of Hampton.


Crows have a lot of similar type players. I see Seedsman being another one. However a new club, had a few years to mature, cheap! i can see him being named on the wing or half forward come round 1.


Jom simply because he won't be ready for rd 1 most likely.. Keep Polec in mind and my smokey with no vest hartung


Looks the goods, Sarah. I've welcomed Danger with open arms but still can't select him in my team just yet. May be a last minute addition. Your mids will dominate this year, but am unsure about your def at this stage. Too many PODs? I hope you prove me wrong. Good luck πŸ™‚


I like the selection of Hampton, will watch closey over preseason. I also have Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, JOM and Crouch in my midfield ATM.


H Shaw, J Bartel, KK, B Smith, N Malceski, M Brown(Ess), M Brown (WCE), R Bonner

G Ablett, S Pendlebury, P Dangerfield, T Rockliff, T Libba, B Coruch, J Hopper, J Gresham, D Cuningham, B Keays, R Matheison

Nic Nat, M Lobbe, M King

D Martin, L Dahlhaus, C Bird, M Leuenberger, J Anderson, S Kerridge, T Phillips, C Petracca

Remaining Salary: $4,600….

I would appreciate any Comments / suggestions on my team above…….



Nice team, Raj.

Only suggestion is you are really rook heavy in the mids. Could effect your scores, despite the big guns M1-4But could be a masters stroke.


Thanks for comment TF…

Midfield rookies are the ones who will make the cash quicker and will also score reasonably well…..Libba if he gets back to his 2014 form he is lock and he is proven performer…which means i have gone with 5-1-5 (basically GUNS and ROOKIES) in this line with one Midpricer with B Crouch and if he can stay injury free he will raise his value very quickly and can decide whether to keep him on the bench or upgrade him to PREMO when the time is right…..but would like to keep him on the bench as a cover for the whole season that is the aim anyway….



Nice team chandanrajdb!
Good backline. Lots of value picks there and reliable scorers in Shaw and Bartel.
Good midfield. Not much else to say there.
I'd prefer a ruckman with a lower standard deviation to NicNat to go with Lobbe, but that's just me.
Feel you may have a few too many midpricers in the forward line. I'm not sure about the Anderson pick, don't think he'll score as high as people think, especially with the way the Roos play. They don't have any stand out scorers apart from Goldy.

Good luck


Thanks Sarah for your comment…

Nic Nat is having his best pre-season to date….and IMO he is a top 5 Ruckmen if his body holds up and plays 20 or more games….may be even Top 3 ruckmen…..

Regards to Anderson, just not locked in yet, will have to watch the NAB games and see how he performs…..may as well switch to Jon Simpkin if he is doing well for the DONS…..

IMO the FWD line is hard one to pick this season…..so i have gone bit too heavy with the mid pricers in there and aim is to keep Leuenberger for the whole season if is stays injury free and put him on the bench as FWD/RUCK cover…..

Lobbe will be upgraded to Goldy when the time is right….



I'm doing the same thing with Lobbe/Goldy. He plays Essendon in round 8, that's when I'm hoping to have him traded in by.


I've got a similar plan with Lobbe to Goldstein but it's got me thinking when is the time right? Goldy
has a hard first 4 games and then the draw really opens up. So if you make the trade after Round 4, let's say Goldy drops 100k and Lobbe rises 50k. Is a trade worth 150k minus the points you lose between the 2 in the 4 rounds?


Depends where you spent the $300k that you saved in the first instance! If it meant you picked up Libba or Crouch instead of a rookie and they're scoring well also, then it's definitely worth it. But if you just kept the $300k in the bank, then it most likely won't be worth the trade.


I'd drop Malceski to a rookie and upgrade Bird to a premo (think Franklin, Wingard, even Merritt/Greene). Reckon you need at least three keepers in defence/forwards


Like berger in fwds, rucks score better than most fwds. I am also keen on Jed. Think he will emulate Polec when he first went to Port.


Here we go…Rooks will be adjusted, natch

Def: McV, KK, Bartel, Aish, Byrne, M. Brown, Wigg, Bonner
M: Pendles, Gaz, JPK, Rocky, Adams, LIbba, B. Crouch, Petracca, Morabito, Cuningham, Keays
R: Mummy, NicNat, Cox
F: Zorko, Buddy, D. Smith, Martin, B. Kennedy, Kommer, Ahern, Gallucci.


Hey Throtts, nice team!
Will be interesting to see how Aish fits into the Collingwood team. I'm not sold on him yet.
Adam ey! Nice POD! Was looking good towards the end of last year for the Pies.
Your rucks are a little risky though. If you're definitely going with Mummy and NicNat, I'd prefer to see them with some cover in the forward line. Very risky without cover.
Also, that's a risky and inconsistent forward line. Zorko, Buddy and D Smith are all up and down (although as you know I've picked Smith hoping he can lift his poorer games too!). Those guys combined with picking a potential breakout player is fraught with danger. One or maybe two of those types of players is fine, but 4 is too risky. If they all have a bad week together you'll be tearing your hair out and losing league games.


Thanks for the feedback, Sarah.

Not too worried about the ruck line. It's always a risk with those guys. Think that combo when they're on will do very well. Considering Sinclair for R2. That's the biggest contemplation there.

Hear ya about the forward line. Have plenty of hair so not worried about losing it. But really, who isn't up and down in the forward line? I really don't see any of the other forwards either worth the price or that stable.Think Zorko is ready to take his game to a higher level. Healthier squad from the jump should help. Buddy not sold on but is at a low price so could swap with Lids when his price comes down. And you know Devon. May switch Martin for Bird. Not sure.



I love the buddy choice. Swans should be around 6-2 or 7-1 after the first 8 rounds. 5 of those rounds are against teams Buddy averages over 100, including Essendon – his bunny team, who he should absolutely crucify this year.

He'll be in my side until at least round 9.


Agree Jimi. Too hard to pass up. Been trying to talk myself out of it. Buddy is great but the key is when to trade him out. Tough. A 150+ game is never far away.


Hey mate. Great Team! Very Similar to mine, only thing that is different is that i have francis not aish and barlow not martin so as you would imagine I like it. I have a few suggestions that you may take on board in terms of your forward line. I disagree with you with Zorko. He only averages mid 80's when all the brisy mids are playing so I would steer clear of him and opt for a dahl/martin type. Buddy is a steal and I have him as well. Was firing in the prac match and has been tearing it up. Here is a link: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/sydney-coac…. Smith is also in and am backing him for a 95+. Bird is a better selection than Martin. 40k less and will get a lot of mid time. Ave 87 with a few sub affected games (4 sub 40 games) so will fire at the bombers. Anyway, great team, I really like it.


Hey Hawker! Great minds and all. Ha!

Going back and forth on Martin and Bird. Think there's more upside to Martin yet Bird is the more stable and has more opportunities, as you've stated.

Not sold on Aish. Actually getting colder on him. But if he comes out in NAB firing, hard to ignore given his price.

Zorko kicks ass when the team is not injury riddled. And need I remind you, they don't give out the nickname "The Magnificent One" to just anyone. Dahl is a trap. Healthy squad and Libba returning, not going to be in the mids as much. Too price. Dusty is, well, Dusty. Buckle up. Had him the last 3 years. Never really satisfies. Not a bad pick. But going another direction..why the Zorko pick. May end up getting Barlow. Shall see.


Save yourself a trade and get Mumford out of there. Barely ever reaches 15 games in a season.


Absolutely. Mumford has got to 19 games for a season twice (2010/2013). Every other season has been less. Blics/NicNat better options


If Sandi can go a full 22 then anything is possible.


Haha. Very true. And what I'm banking on.


Blicavs? Really? Doesn't have nearly the scoring potential that Mummy does. Blicavs was a value his rook year and last. V-train stops this year.


Not accurate. Out of 8 seasons on not gone over 15 games twice, including rook season.


Ha. This is the year he goes the full 22. Has to happen.

May go Sauce or Sinclair over NicNat though. The chances both go unscathed are quite low.


Seven consecutive seasons (won't count rookie year because he only played 3 games) of 19 games or less says he won't. But would love to be proven wrong! Sauce the best option of the three you just mentioned – consistent and doesn't get injured.


What happen to Lids and now you have martin in…….change ur mind?


No Martin. Not riding the Dustycoaster this year.

Thunder Buddies

hey Throttes!

Mummy hmmm….thought you may have learned from our pain and suffering….

I can't talk, looking likely to make my own mistake again with Daisy.

Aish worries me. I started with Aish myself but have now talked myself out of it. Little uncertain of his role and access to rotation through the guts.

I'm on the Buddy train as well at this stage. Although if there is talk about him still really struggling with depression the week before round 1 I might flip over to someone else…(did anyone say Stevie J?).


Thunder Buddies, how you be?

Aish worries me as well. And rethinking him. At the point where he'll have to show me a lot in NAB. Potential is there. Wait and see guy for sure.

Buddy is just too hard to pass by. Like Roos, can come out swinging and get you that upgrade to Lids or another top 3 Fwd.

Haha. Stevie J might be a sneaker. Guy who could get you a nice upgrade with a string of tons. Concern is that he will get rested. Not sure when or how often, but will happen. But could be brilliant move if you can get the timing right.


Team without Bennell. If fit and plays Rd 1 will slot into my fwd line with Duncan making way for a rook.

Def: laird, yeo, dureya, mal/smith, collins, Byrne, hibberd, tippa.

Mid: god, rocky, priddus, adams, duncan, libba, crouch, gresham, keays, cuningham, petracca.

Ruck: Nic Nat, lobbe, korcheck.

Fwd: dusty, Dahl, wingard, barlow, simpkin, kerridge, brown, phillips.

As stated above if Bennell is good to go Rd 1 will put in and duncan down to a rook.

Other option if no good rooks show up in nab cup in Def is one of the rooks to thumper and duncan to a rook.

pretty happy where team is at.

will all depend on nab cup and who puts up there hand.

Haven’t followed the crowd enjoying some pod action. thoughts/suggestions?


Two breakout contenders in the mids with only 3 ultra premos is risk reward. Feels like you may have slightly over invested in your fwd line at the expense of the mids. Definitely a different looking team! Nice POD action.


Hi Trigger,

Duryea is an interesting one. Does he have scope for higher scoring or is he too much of a lock down player? Have looked at him, but not keen on him myself.
Watch out for Priddis, he usually starts slowly and most years is available a lot cheaper than his starting price before the byes. Last year he started with 78, 106, 88, 99, 112 and 127 (102 avg). It was at this point that I traded him in and was rewarded with his 196 score!! He averaged 118 while in my team. This is typical of him, so I'd look at him as a trade target than a starter.
Adams and Duncan (if he stays in your team) could be very interesting PODs. Personally I'd only go with 1 rather than 2 on the same line. If they both don't reach the heights you think they're capable of, then they're going to be that awkward price/avg to trade out.
If you're looking to get Bennell into your team if fit, then the guy I'd put on the chopping block would be Wingard. With Monfries out he may be forced to spend more time close to goal. This means you'll be relying on him to score lots of goals for his scores.

Just my thoughts. Good luck!


Def. shaw, bartel, smith, Mackenzie, Byrne (Hartley, Bonner)

Mid. Danger, Ablett, Mundy, Rockliff, wines, Libba, crouch, mills (Cunningham, Keays, Menegola)

Rucks. Goldy, Blicavs (wyatt)

Fwd. Martin, dahlhaus, Tippett, kerridge, petracca, kommer (brown, eades)

Welcome thoughts


Not a bad looking side! I'd be cautious on Mundy – I suspect last year was an outlier year for him and he may drop back to a low 100's average this year which is usually where he sits. Reckon Pendles/Beams/Gray are better options


Thanks for the input. Mundy is the one I am least sure of. I thought his output improved when Fyfe was out. So it depends a lot on what is happening with Fyfe. If Fyfe is fit, I may downgrade Mills to a cheaper rookie and upgrade Mundy to Fyfe. Or just replace Mundy with one of the three you mentioned or JPK/Hannebury. Thanks again.


Good team Higgo, no knock on defence and mids look strong. Martin is an interesting POD. Dont like Gunston.


Forgot to include my team
Thumper, bartel, yeo, aish,francis, collins (morgan, bonner)
Ablett, gray,rocky,wines,libba,omeara,crouch,sumner (jansen, cunningham,schoenfeld)
Nic nat, sinclair (read)
Lids, dusty,merritt,billings,leuneberger,anderson, (kerridge,petraca)


K. Kolodjashnij, J. McGovern, B. Smith, P. Seedsman, E. MacKenzie, M. Brown. (Brown, Coughlan)
G. Ablett, L. Dahlhaus, M. Blicavs, T. Rockliff, T. Liberatore, J. O'Meara, D. Parish, J. Hopper (Francis, Ahern, Petracca)
C. Sinclair, M. Lobbe (Cox)
D. Martin, J. Kennedy, K. Tippett, T. Walker, M. Grigg, C. Bird, (Milera, Kerridge)

Welcome back and great to see yas all again, Looking forward to another great year.

Feedback on my team would be much appreciated.


try not to have DPP players in the midfield. Dahlhaus to forwards, Blicavs to ruck. free up room for the cash-cow rookies.

key postion forwards in supercoach = sleepless nights.

i love the McGovern pick, but is he a key postion player or a running half-back?


Well, your defence is full of interesting selections. You're banking on just about every one of those players having a break out year. In short, your defence will fall to pieces by R6. Choose 1-2 of those and then have consistent defenders like Shaw, Mcveigh, Gibson, Simpson, who will post consistent scores.

Trade Blicavs out of your mid and put him in your ruck for Sinclair and get another ultra premium mid. No point having Blicavs there, will he outscore a Fyfe/Pendles/Dangerfield? Simply, taking up a precious spot in your midfield.

Sinclair. Out.

I'll keep this simple in your forward line.
OUT: Kennedy, Tippet, Walker.
IN: Bennel, Montagna, Barlow.


Like the Mackenzie and Blicavs good POD I’m looking closely at Mackenzie I want to see how he’s moving in the nab cup Tippett There are a lot of other players around the same price I don’t think that Tippett is SC relevent anymore but the rest of the team is good nice work


i chose tippet because i can still see him sharing the ruck duties with Sinclair, so might be use more as forward line ruck/forward. then sinclair can just sit in middle to back half with occasional forward movement has another tall option to free buddy up


thanks for input much appreciated, probably will make changes before season starts as we all will


Def – McVeigh, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Brown (Ess), Hibberd, (Bonner, AMT)

Mid – Pendles, Ablett, Priddis Rockliff, Libba, O’Meara, Crouch, Freeman (Menegola, Dunkley, Marcon)

Ruck – Goldy, Blicavs (Cox)

Fwd – Chopsticks, Barlow, Franklin, Bird, Curnow, Kerridge, (Petracca, Beech)


I think when you're looking at going Libba, O'Meara and Crouch you have to ask yourself why they're in your team. Are they going to be there end of the year? What are they going to average? I think Libba will average 105-110 but O'Meara and Crouch around the 90's. There's rookies at 120k that will average the same as those two, just have to find them. Save the money and get an ultra premium and a rookie instead IMO.


if you are going with all 3 of Libba, JOM & Crouch, i would start with one less ultra premium with the idea of upgrading one of the 3 mid-pricers fairly early. will free up cash (to turn Yeo >> Shaw) and give room for another midfield cash-cow



Bartel, J

Yeo, E

Rich, D

Francis, A


Brown, M


Dangerfield, P

Pendlebury, S

Ablett, G

Sloane, R

Steven, J

Rockliff, T


Freeman, N


Naitanui, N

Leuenberger, M


Martin, D

Dahlhaus, L

Robinson, M

Bird, C

Wells, D

Kerridge, S



Hartley, M

Rice, B


Keays, B

Mathieson, R

Hibberd, M


Korcheck, M


Kommer, N


Mallee Boy

First go & rookies, in brackets, will probably change. Looking @ set & forget in top Def & Rucks and quite an emphasis on DPP's.
Def: McVeigh, McDonald, Houli, Suckling, [Wagner, Brown, Hartley, Hewett]
Mids: Ablett, Beams, Steven, McCrae, Wines, O'Meara, Trengrove,[ Gresham, Petracca, Cuningham, Beech]
Rucks: Martin, NicNat [Wyatt]
Fwds: Deledio, Montagna, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge [Keough, Eades, Gallucci]
$39,600 in the bank!


Think I need libba at his starting price


Hi guys & girls here's what I'm starting with. I guess I'll be doing a little tinkering with it like the rest of you. What do you guys think? and thanks Jock for opening up this teams chat section for us.

Backs: K. Kolodjashnij, Docherty, Bartel, Yeo, Brown, Adams, Bonner, Broad

Mids: Dangerfield, Gazza, Hannebery, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Simpkin, Kerridge, Jensen, Cuningham, Menegola

Rucks: Martin, Lobbe, Lowden

Forwards: Dusty, Zorko, Motlop, Bird, Kennedy (Melb) Petracca, Keough, L. Sumner


Motlop is far to risky for me. he had a few good games at the end of last year when he was playing in the midfield, but against good teams he just goes missing, and when he goes missing he can score 30's. don't think he will get as much midfield time as he did last year.


That's true Derek and I've been thinking about what you said about having Leuy and not Bird. I've just done a little playing around with the side. I've taken out Bird and replaced him with Leuy as ruck back up or an upgrade later on. I've replaced Motlop with Barlow. But I'm considering Edwards from Richmond. He was playing well until injury last year What's your thoughts on Barlow or Edwards?


Not really keen on Barlow or Edwards. Barlow looks to be slowing down and Edwards is behind the likes of Dusty and Deledio. Have you considered Buddy? Save yourself 30-odd grand to use elsewhere


Yeah I have thought about Buddy Jezza but I'd like to see him over the NAB cup. I'm not really into power forwards. I more like the mid / fwds that can move between lines. I'll go have a play around with Buddy and maybe Lynch (GC) Maybe even Stevie J or Smith from GWS


Yep, it's all up in the air until NAB Challenge unfortunately! From what I've read out of the Swans he is flying in match simulation – he's the only KPP I'll consider in the forwards


If he stays fit and in a good mind set buddy could be in the top 6 forwards no worries.


i only have Barlow in my team because of the bandwagon. Bit like Swan last year, midfielder at a good price in the forwards!

for the same price you can get Rioli!!!! i'd love to have some fun and throw him into my team.


I've had Rioli before and I'm still suffering from the burns, I might just pass there. Sometimes it's good to have a few players in common with the rest of the herd


Team 2

Backs: K.K, Docherty, Bartel, Yeo. Brown, Adams, Bonner, Broad

Mids: Danger, Pendles, Gazza, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Simpkin, Kerridge, Jansen, Cunningham, Menegola

Rucks: Martin, Lobbe, Lowden

Forwards: Dusty, Zorko, Barlow, Leuenburger, Kennedy (Melb) Petracca, Keogh, L. Sumner


Just curious….how does the community feel about Max Gawn? He has actually been on my team the last 3 yrs…..thinking he might be a good #2 R and a POD???


I like Maxie and with Jamar gone now he should ruck all year. The news out of Melbourne is he's training the house down. I just hope he stays fit


Yep could be the biggest POD of all this year. Looks like he'll get through a full preseason for the first time which means he will only improve.


Im actually thinking of going with him and lobbe??? Maybe??? Have to wait and see which I absolutely hate doing!!!!


Fighting for r1 with nicNat at the moment


At this stage I have him in with Goldy. I'm hoping he can be more consistent this year. The other POD I am considering is Nicholls GCS who was injured last year, but is the no.1 ruckman this season.


Emerging player. And a POD that won't come with a lot of risk.


Hey Jock Reynolds community,
Here's my first draft of a team and seeing if anyone has any thoughts or advice on it.. Don't worry so much about the rookies, more about premiums/POD's and the structure.
Mcveigh, Houli, Gibson, Laird, Viojo-Rainbow, Brown (Hibberd, Bonner)

Ablett, Haneberry, Priddis, Rockcliff, Libba, Parish, Hopper, Freeman, (Cuningham, Goodyear, Phillips)

Mumford, Lobbe (Loersche)

Dusty, Bennel, Barlow, Stevie J, Anderson, Kerridge (Kommer, Petracca)


I think we need to watch the Richmond NAB cup games to see which of their defenders will be carrying the ball out of defence this year. With Yarran at the tigers now he could take some of the backline scoring off Houli

Mummy is big risk for big reward. I hope he stays fit and plays all year. I think I'd be looking at either Goldy, Martin or Jacbos to play your number one ruck if you're taking Lobbe as your second ruck. Otherwise a handy first draft


Cheers for the advice. Mummy only really just got into my side (and straight back out after hearing just how bad he is with injury's).

Great point on Houli too, I'll have to keep an eye on it!


Long time lurker, first time poster. would love to get some advice from this marvellous community!

Laird, McDonald, KK, M Johnson, Seedsman, Dea (Bonner, K Collins)
God, Priddis, T Mitch, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, JOM, B Crouch (Parish, Freeman, Francis)
S Martin, Sinclair (Cox)
Franklin, Leuy, J Anderson, B Kennedy, Kerridge, Petracca, (Kommer, M Brown)

perhaps a little heavy on the Essendon guys at this stage. Really unsure on Leuy/Sinclair and how light I am up forward.

and suggestions would be really appreciated


Way too heavy in the midfield and defence for mine. Reckon you can only start with one of Seedsman/Dea and one of Crouch/JOM. I'd be going Seed –> rookie and JOM –> rookie to beef up your forwards. Would probably think about downgrading Crouch as well


Thaks Jezzahill. Any rookies well and truly on the radar I have not got at this stage? understanding of course we are yet to see the NAB cup.


Rookie's are somewhat speculative at this point because we can't tell if they'll get early games, but you seem to have most of the ones that look like they'll be around during the NAB Challenge.


Hi Kid81 – being a dockers man I am a big Johnson fan however he is nowhere near as durable as he once was (back issues) and I would very happy though extremely surprised if he made it through the season unscathed. For 80000 less I am taking a punt on Tom Sheridan breaking out. Have a look at his form and scores for the last 8-9 games (including the finals) last year playing off half back. He is a link player and ready to assume the old and now retired Duffman role. He has a great motor, runs all day and with rotations down is primed for a big season. Agree with Jezzahill re your midfield and beefing up your forwards.


Thanks Medadsson. I will have a look at Sheridan tonight. I think MJ is the prime target to move on. I am not convinced about Seedsman either but I am happy with the rest of the backline.

Does anyone know if JOM will actually play at this stage? is he the best one to move on to a rookie?


9 no1 ruckmen avg 95 or over last season. Leui and sinclair are no1 ruckman this year.so i am looking for that sort of output from them. Dont think they are bad choices at all


I think we need to watch the Richmond NAB cup games to see which of their defenders will be carrying the ball out of defence this year. With Yarran at the tigers now he could take some of the backline scoring off Houli

Mummy is big risk for big reward. I hope he stays fit and plays all year. I think I'd be looking at either Goldy, Martin or Jacbos to play your number one ruck if you're taking Lobbe as your second ruck. Otherwise a handy first draft


Hello Community….

I have created couple of Leagues…..come and join guys…

League Code: 538287

League Name: JR Community F.L. – this League was ranked top 100 last year, i have sent request to all the teams which were involved last year, some of them have joined the league but still has 8 spots left…..come and join before it is too late…
League Code: 242324



looking forward to clashing with the Titans again this year!


Cheers Raj. I've joined again..


his is my team at the moment guys just wanting to know who are some locked in premo defenders for this season as i'm not to keen on splashing 600k on a defender (Heath Shaw) at the beginning
43K left in the kitty.

DEF: Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Smith, M.Brown, Bonner, (M.Brown, Durdin)
MID: Pendles, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Trengrove, Keays, (Freeman, Ahern, Phillips)
RUCK: Mummy, Lobbe, (King)
FWD: Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, B. Kennedy, Kerridge, (Sumner, Petracca)

Rookies will obviously change but would like the fellow communities thoughts on my team thanks.


Gday all,

Despite my best attempts, I can’t shake the mid proce madness this year, it’s taken hold and won’t let go… Anyway….rooks will change

Def- mcveigh, bartel, smith, malceski, Wagner, brown, (rainbow, joyce)

Mid – Ablett, Pendle, rock, wines, Libba, jom, crouch, petracca, (morabito, colledge, hibberd)

Ruck – Sinclair, luenhamandeggenberger (lowersch)

Fwd – dusty, Dahl, wingard, Robinson, bird, kerridge (kommer, ahern)

211k left

Nab will decide the rucks if either aren’t looking good they’ll be chopped for a lobbe or nic nat type. I think Sinclair could be a goer though, averaged 75 last year rucking behind nic nat, not hard to see him going 90-100 as the main man. Also seriously considering Simpkin for f6 forward berth.

As part of my mid price madness I fully expect to use trades early and I’ll take 100k into the season to fix any errors/jump on somone I missed.



not as mad as i thought!

i like Lobbe more than Sinclair, but i still think you need 1 gun ruck.

i'm feeling inspired by your mid-price approach and am thinking of Seedsman & Simpkin instead of BSmith and Rookie.


I like Simpkin, think he’ll be my f6, and wouldn’t take much in nab to get Seedsman into my team as well. Will be interesting to see how the Adelaide defence structures up


Welcome back Swans2012,
Bird = mid price hack & mid price hack. Nuff said.
You beat me with guns n rookies against my mid price madness. Need some simulation to work out which is better. How are you excel skillz? Chat soon


mid price hack & mid price trap.


I like it Swans2012 out of all the mid pricers I can't say any are a bad pick. Sinclair is the only one I have my doubts about, I think him and Tippett could go close to 50/50 ruck forward making them both irrelevant for SC. You'd be more in the know than me about that one though.


Thanks Phil, yeah I can’t make a case to leave any of them out! (Yet)
As for Sinclair, he’s a better ruckman than tippo, and tippo a better forward so I’m hoping that’ll = Sinclair rucking 70/30 with Tippett. Will check the nab and see, mark my words this is the year of the midpricers!!


all mid-pricers still need to be turned into Premiums. You need trades, and you need cash! I still think rookies will out perform the mid pricers for cash appreciation and they won't be far behind in the point scoring (there is always a few every year that score well early).


Yeah but remember there is no sub rule this year, our rookies are going to appreciate faster and more. A mid pricer that’s gone up to 4-450 k is a lot easier to upgrade to ultra premo (and should score more in the meantime) than a rookie thats fat at 300-350. And it’s the average rookies a good midpricers strategy will leave out not the big dollar making gun rookies. I’m convincing myself more….I’m sure I’ll burn trades early and I’m prepared to, just feels right for now…
I’ll do the Math before the season starts and make sure I’m going to have the $$ and trades to make it to othe k but confident it will….


neh, f the trades and just get 24 premos and pray to the supercoach gods


Hey guys opinions valued and sought after, cheers!
Back: Shaw, McVeigh, KK
Bugg, M. Brown, M. Brown Vickers-Willis, Broad [emg]

Mid: Pendles, GAJ, Priddis, S. Edwards
Libba, Merrett, Kerridge, Petracca Freeman, Woodward, Long [emg]

Ruck: Goldmember, Leuey Cox [emg]

Forward: Dalhaus, Greene, J. Martin
Heeney, Brayshaw, Kommer H. McKay, Y. Eades [emg]


Pretty solid team with plenty of PODs which could pay off big time! I'd only critique some of your emergencies, i.e. Vickers-Willis who underwent a shoulder reco this off season – you'd be better off with a Hartley or one of the Collins who will likely play R1. Also Woodward, McKay, Long and Eades I'd put as very unlikely to play early football, there are plenty of better rookie priced options though I'm assuming that these players are just placeholders for the minute, like the majority of the rookies in all our teams are! Good luck


Don't think there's too many though? Reviewing it, it looks like a mid-pricer frenzy


Open to all comments as am not usually great at picking a team!!

Defenders: McVeigh, Houli, Bartel, Weitering, Hibberd, Bonner (Rice, K.Collins)
Midfielders: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Liberatore, O'Meara, Mills, Kennedy (Gresham, Gore, Freeman)
Rucks: Goldstein, Mumford (Nyuon)
Forwards: Deledio, Martin, Franklin, Wells, Weideman, Kerridge (Petracca, M.Brown)

Remaining: $19,300
Not sure about Deledio/ Martin as I was think Montagna/ Barlow
I may have also overloaded on Rookies
My rookies may change over NAB Challenge as well.

Open to any suggestion about improving my team



Delidio, Martin and Houli is alot of cash invested in the Tigers.


Ok thanks
Who else do you suggest???


Hi Higgo, Nice team and love your work could you cast your eyes over my team and tell me what you think..Would love other peoples thoughts too..

BACKS; H.Shaw… J.Mcveigh… KK… J.Bartel…( M.Brown WCE)… M.Hartley…………… (M.Brown ESS)… R.Bonner

MIDS: N.Fyfe… S.Pendlebury… G.Abblett… T.Rockliff… T.Liberatore… C.Mills… A.Francis… N.Freeman..(L.Sumner.. B.Keays.. M.Hibberd)

RUCKS T Goldstein… S.Mumford… ( D.Wyatt )

FWDS D.Martin… M.Barlow… J.Kennedy… J.Anderson… S.Kerridge… C.Petacca………. ( P.Ahern… S.Skinner )

Need feedback please..


Thoughts will be appreciated, thanks!

Def: K. Kolodjashnij, B. Smith, Vlastuin, Salem, M. Brown (ESS), M. Hartley. (R. Bonner, K. Collins)
Mid: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Beams, Wines, Liberatore, B. Crouch, Parish, Hopper (Petracca, Cunningham, R. Davis)
Ruck: Goldstein, Lobbe (Cox)
Fwd: Dahlhaus, Zorko, S. Gray, Greene, De Goey, Cockatoo (Kerridge, Kommer)

Mason Storm

Backline looks fairly light on. Would consider turning Vlaustin/Salem into a Premo/Rookie.


Love the team Higgo, thinking about going down a similar path with my defence, love the midfield, and the J.Martin pick down forward!
only concern is KK, id be all over him but dont know how he will go with the stars returning?
anyway ill throw up my team, any input would be much appreciated!

DEF: Shaw, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Byrne, Brown (Hibberd, AMT)
MID: Dangerfield, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Crouch, Cunningham (Freeman, Petracca, Keays)
RUCK: Martin, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Wingard, Smith, Leuenberger, Hipwood, Kerridge (Sumner, Kommer)

Like most rookies are likely to change
Just trying to toss up if its worth having Shaw from the get go as its a big price to pay, can just take KK but at what point cost?
can allow me a bit more freedom and to splash out a bit
Im another fan of D.Smith like Sarah, and i believe he will get more consistency in his game and pump out hundreds
hoping ive got a good starting base for 2016!
let me know your thoughts


Def – Yeo, B smith, Malceski, Francis, Dea, Collins ( brown , bonner)

Mid- Danger, Ablett, Priddis, Kennedy, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Crouch ( Jansen, Sumner, Beech)

Ruck- Blicavs, Leu (Wyatt)

Fwd- Barlow, Buddy, Tex, Greene, Anderson, Kerridge ( Petracca, Uberang)


Still making tweaks but currently i have

DEF: McVeigh, Simpson, Bartel, Pittard, Dea, Bonner (Brown (WCE), Hartley)

MID: Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Prestia, Parker, Libba, Hopper, Kerridge (Jansen, Freeman, Phillips)

RUC: S.Martin, Mumford (Chol)

FWD: Dusty, Zorko, Greene, B.Kennedy, Cockatoo, Petracca (Commer, Brown (ESS))
Obviously my rookies will change in regards to NAB cup performance


Any Criticism is Welcome

DEF: Shaw, Mcveigh, Docherty, Bartel, Bryne, Tucker ( Bonner, Rice)

MID: Danger, Steven, Rockliff, Cripps, Libba, Omeara, Crouch, Trengrove (Melb) ( Gresham, Cunningham, Mathieson)

RUC: Martinn, Lobbe ( Cox)

FWD: Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Stanley, Kerridge, Brown ( ESS) ( Skinner, Balic)

I have 6.5K in the bank


Any particular reasoning behind the non-selection of Gary Ablett?


I like Steven could go big this year, may have to fit him in somehow myself! I reckon he might be ultra premo this year! Stanley is a bit hit n miss for me and I’d worry about no Ablett but I like it


My team so far

Shaw-Houli-B.Smith-Malceski-Brown-Collins (Hartley & Bonner)

Paddy-Gaz-Pendles-Rockliff-Parker-Liba-Ahern-Freeman (Cunningham,Wallis, Davis)


Dusty-Dalhaus-Bennell-Leuenberger-Kerridge-Petracca (Phillips & Markov)

Rookies obviously subject to change for whoever is on the park, Parker at M5 gives me the option to include one or two of O'Meara, Polec or Crouch or upgrade some of the rookies to Simpkin, Anderson Hopper etc

Thought community?


Love the Ahern selection, Daniel. Jeez GWS did well in stockpiling talent didn't they?! Leuy is a boom or but pick, would you pick him if you didn't need the ruck cover? Unless you're unlucky enough to get screwed over early DPP swing between fwd and ruck is more important later on


Hey guys here's my team of 2016!

DEF – shaw, docherty, bartel, francis, hibberd, bonner (byrne, collins)
MID – danger, ablett, rockliff, wines, libba, crouch, parish, hopper (kerridge, freeman, mathieson)
RUC – goldy, lobbe (cox)
FOR – martin, wingard, d.smith, bird, wright, petracca (kommer, brown)

Feedback appreciated thankyou and GOODLUCK


Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Yeo, Francis, Hipwood, Skinner, Bonner
Ablett, Pendles, Priddis, Rockliff, O'Meara, Liberatore, Parish, Hopper, Gresham, Keays, Mathieson
Goldy, Lobbe, Wyatt
Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Petracca, Kerridge, Kennedy, Brown, Sumner


Like the midfield but big risk in not having many rookies in there IMO as the rookies that tend to appreciate in value the most are the midfielders. I like to generate as much cash as possible to get the best side possible by finals time. I also love the pick of Lobbe. Averaged 100 when not sharing the ruck duties in 2014. 2016 I'm hoping will be the same.


gotta have rookies in the mids to generate the cash. no cash, no premium team and will be stuck with the mid-pricers who didn't appreciate. at least with rookies, if they get a few games they go up in value.


So excited to be back in the game for another year!

Here’s my rough copy of the team at the moment:

DEF: J.McVeigh, J.Bartel, E.Yeo, B.Smith, R.Bonner, M.Brown – ESS (M.Brown – WCE, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, T.Rockliff, T.Liberatore, J.O’Meara, B.Crouch, J.Hopper (D.Gore, C.Petracca, N.Freeman)

RUC: S.Martin, N.Naitanui (M.King)

FWD: D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, M.Barlow, J.Simpkin, S.Kerridge, J.Pickett (M.Hammelmann, T.Philips)

All suggestions welcome πŸ™‚


Solid team. Can't be expecting a lot of big scores from Simpkin. Might be better downgrading him and using the cash elsewhere


Obviously a few are NAB dependent but I reckon this mob will keep me in the game until the byes. A few names I've not seen a lot of here and a lot that are in every team

Boyd, McDonald, Bartel, McKenzie, Byrne, Brown, Hartley, Mc-Tip
Danger, GAJ, Rockliff, Wines, Cripps, Libba, O'Meara, Crouch, Hiscox, Cunningham, Dunkley
Kruezer, Lobbe, King
Dahlhaus, Barlow, St Nick, Leuey, Conca, Petracca, Galluci, Adams


boyd, bartel, riewoldt all too old to sustain their once amazing form for mine,
kreuzer, barlow, conca mckenzie all question marks, but have something to prove this year
pure premo picks are very solid and rookies are nab dependant

nice work and good luck


What??!! You're now picking Malceski even though your mathematical pattern has him averaging 100 this year!!! .FWIW I've been searching through statistical patterns on certain players (hope u don't mind) and I have Montagna down to average 79, or it could be 89, either way now enough for a premo.


*not picking


I'm not sharing the love for Kommer check this out http://www.aflplayerratings.com.au/Ratings/Player
even at his bargain price he's not going to ave more than 50 if he stays on the park. Much better value elsewhere that wont cost you an early trade.

Bg G

My first go:
D: Heater, Laird, Birchall, Aish, Cheapie, Cheapie, Rookie, Rookie
M: Fye, Danger, Baby J, Rocky, Wines, B Crouch, C Mills, D Cunningham, Freeman, Keays,
R: Goldy, Lobbe, Wyatt
F: Lids, Dahl, Chopsticks, Jed Anderson (pending), Kerridge, M Brown, Petracca


Those mids gave me a bit of tingle, Bg G! That's a really solid looking team. Be interesting to see how Anderson fits in at north. Could share his spot with guys like Dumont and Kayne Turner. I went with Simpkin because of better job security

Bg G

Thanks Kev. Simpkin will be handy for the Round 14 (looks like the hardest bye week) bye week as well



Heres my team, Im unsure about the weak backline but I feel like the extra points can be made up in the other positions. Plus Id rather spend on expensive mids than defenders. Thoughts on my team? Is it too unbalanced?


It's a good looking team, Ryan. Bennell hasn't trained with the main group at all so far, Freo are taking huge precautions with him to make sure his calf is 110%.

Agree that your backline is weak, but back yourself. Your thinking is correct that money is better spent elsewhere, but once the season starts if any of KK, Yeo, or Smith fail for the week their crappy score hurts when you have 3 rookies on field as well. You'll be tearing your hair out trying to fix that line up


Nice side Higgo, My only slight concern is regarding your Midfield with players such as Cripps and Wines to a lessor extent .
I have a very similar side, the biggest score difference between your team and mine thus far is Goldy should outscore Jacobs by 20 odd points one would imagine but the $100k price difference between Goldy allows me to add Shaw in defence, also Dangerfield other then Wines & Pendlebury other then Cripps in my midfield.
I'm not sold on Chopsticks this year and prefer to go Dahlhaus over him, although I love how you put Gunston & J Martin in your forward line, I went with Barlow, & Conca instead so far.
However overall very similar sides, but I prefer my midfield thus far, having Cripps Cripps in your midfield at his current price is a massive risk.
Here is my side

DEF: Shaw, KK, Rich, Yeo, M Dea, Byrne (Bonner, Rice)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Libber, O’Meara, B Crouch, Kerridge (Jensen, Petracca, Freeman)
RUCK: Jacobs, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wingard, Conca, Curnow, Hipwood (Ahern, M Brown)

Thoughts Higgo and community?


Hey JR community first time giving SC a crack and very excited!!

DEF: Shaw, McVeigh, B. Smith, Malceski, M. Brown, Byrne (Brown, Collins)
MID: GAJ, Pendlebury, Priddis, Goddard, Libba, Hopper, Freeman (Mathieson, Menegola, Hibberd)
RUCK: Martin, Lobbe
FWD: Martin, Dalhaus, Barlow, Leuenberger, Kerridge, Petracca (Keough, long)

Remaining salary: $36,200

Rookies are obviously subject to change and I will be keeping a close eye on Malceski's form during the NAB challenge.
Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!


Wouldn’t go Goddard likely to be buried from carrying the team on his shoulders and fighting off taggers.


cheers, who would you suggest instead?

The Ranger

It's early days but here's what it looks like today….

KK, McV, Bartel, Aish, + 4 rookies
GAJ, Danger, Pendles, Rocky, Wines, Libba, B.Crouch + 4 rookies
NicNat, Lobbe + 1 rookie
Dusty, Bennell, Dalhaus, Bird + 4 rookies

…it feels a bit vanilla so far so it may well change….

Mason Storm

Nice start Higgo! Any advice would be appreciated fellas.

DEF: Shaw, Bartel, B.Smith, Malsexy, J.Clayton, C.Byrne (M.Brown, R.Bonner)
MID: Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, O’Meara, Crouch, Parish, Hopper (Gore, Jansen, Mathieson)
RUC: Goldstein, Lobbe (Chol R/F)
FWD: Deledio, D.Martin, Barlow, Franklin, Vardy, Petracca (Sumner, Kommer)

Vardy the key right now. Could turn him into Luey is fit. But prefer the R/F DPP backup for the rucks at this stage…

$90k in the sky rocket.


Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Rich, Dea, Brown, Bonner (broad, hartley)

GAJ, Pendles, Gray, Shiel, Rockliff, Libertore, Parish, Gresham (freeman, mathieson, cole)

Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)

Lids, Martin, Franklin, T.West, Hipwood, Kerridge (Petracca, Kommer)

Obviously rookies subject to change and only about 20k left



Good team West, two Brisbane ruckman may not work out too well and two Richmond forwards as well. Otherwise a solid team


Shaw, Mcveigh, Bartel, Bsmith, M.Brown, Hibberd (Collins, Bonner)

Gaj, Pendles, JPK, Rocky, Libba, Parish, hopper, gresham (Freeman, Keays, Long)

S.Martin, Lobbe

Deledio, Dahlhaus, Barlow, T greene, Hipwood, Kerridge (Petracca, Kommer)

Thoughts please


Thaughts please crew 1st draft

McVeigh. Kolo. Bartel. Smith. M brown. Bonner. Byrne. Wagner
Ablett. Gray. Rock. Libba. Jom. Crouch. Hopper. Petracca. Cunningham. Hibberd. Davis
Nic Nat. Lobbe.
Zorko. Wingate. Barlow. Bird. Wells. Kerrigan. Pickett. Adams


Hey mate. Your defence looks fine to me. A similar structure to a lot of teams out there, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Interesting selection in Gray. I love the bloke and may still pick him, but for some reason I haven't just yet. I'm sure he'll carve up this year. Having all three of Libba, JOM and Crouch is risky but could pay off. That might be what gets you over the line? Rucks may be a bit off. Or maybe it's just because it's the first team I've seen without either Martin or Goldy? Good luck anyway! Don't rate Barlow this year. Toss Martin or Lids in there instead.


G'day all, would appreciate any thoughts at all from the sea of wisdom that is the Jock Reynolds community. Rooks are of course pending…

DEF: McVeigh, Murphy, Bartel, B. Smith, Byrne, Brown (Collins, Bonner)
MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, JPK, Rockliff, Cripps, Liberatore, Crouch, Freeman (Cuningham, Keays, Clarke)
RUCK: Martin, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Dahlhaus, Greene, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (Kommer, S. Yarran)


Team: WADA Bin Appealin

Def: Shaw, KK, Yeo, B Smith, A Francis, M Hartley (Brown, Broad)
Mid: Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Adams, Libba, O'Meara, B Crouch, Kerridge (Jansen, Mathieson, Menegola)
Ruck: Blicavs, Sinclair (Naismith)
Fwd: Dahlhaus, Robinson, Greene, Wells, Andersen, Petracca (Kennedy, Sumner)

$186,400 in the kitty. I know there's risk in the Mids with 3 return from injury types BUT, if they display positively in the NAB i think i'll run with them. Sinclair from the Swans is a specualtive pick also.Thoughts my learned colleagues. Regards WADA πŸ™‚


Adams in for a massive year. Great pick.


Great side, not a huge fan of Adams. As a POD I would much prefer Sidebottom over Adams – Which will still leave you with over $150,000.

Some interesting statistics below:

ADAMS $528,500 18 games played in 2015 Ave/98
2015 SC scores: 98,75,100,114,60,69,73,92,115,120,101,143,110,40,99,87,136,131
7 games 110+
5 games sub 80

SIDEBOTTOM $562,200 16 games played in 2015 Avg/104
2015 SC scores: 136,116,120,59,83,70,107,122,117,117,77,86,96,115,148,98
8 games 110+
3 games sub 80

Good luck mate.


I have TWO options that I am finally quite happy with at this stage however I am torn between the both of them.

Jock, Higgo, Crouching & community please let me know which team OPTION you prefer PLEASE.

DEF: Shaw, KK, Rich, Yeo, M Dea, Byrne (Bonner, Rice)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Libber, O’Meara, B Crouch, Kerrige (Jensen, Petracca, Freeman)
RUCK: Jacobs, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wingard, Conca, Curnow, Hipwood (Ahern, M Brown)

DEF: Shaw, McVeigh, Yeo, Rich, M Brown (ESS), Byrne (Bonner, Rice)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Libber, O’Meara, B Crouch, Kerridge (Jensen, Petracca, Freeman)
RUCK: Jacobs, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Gunston, Barlow, Conca, Curnow, Hipwood (Ahern, Kommer)

Thanks in advance all.


Option 1 def the rest pretty good


Option 2

3. Votes

Back- Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Aish, Dea. Collins ( M brown, Bonner)
Mid- Danger Ablett J.Selwood Gibbs Libba O'Mera B. Crouch (Parsh, Jansen Phillips)
Ruck- Goldstein Lobbe ( cox)
Forward-Martin Bennel Anderson Kenedy Wingard C. Curnow ( Kerridge Petracca)
40 k spare, what changes should I make? leaning on Cockatoo for the forward line! Any help would be much appreciated


Not a bad side mate but I personally would not have Bartel in my side considering his age & price, I had him in my FWD line last year and he was ordinary missing half the year. My real concern with Bartel this season is that he is now 33 years old and I strongly believe he will be rested fairly often so expect for him to miss between 5 to 8 games.
I do like D Rich however and with his DPP playing him in defence I believe is a much better option and he is $34,000 cheaper but thats just my opinion mate.

Secondly I don't like Aish at all but thats just me, I would pick B Reid ahead of Aish any day
Aish only averaged 51 from 11 games last season and Reid Averaged 70 last season however he only played 5 games but Reid's lowest scores of 54 & 45 were around Aish's higher end scores. Aish's highest score from 11 games was 73 and he only scored higher then 70 once, where as Reid scored 77, 83, 93 from just his 5 starts this is why I believe Reid has allot more upside compared to Aish.

Don't let me change your decisions, just weigh it all up and make your own final decision. I find going with your gut feeling is more often right than wrong..

Apart from that I like your side. Hope this helps mate. Good Luck.


I've gone a little Essendon mid price heavy cos I reckon there's a goldmine there. Also Boyd (as a POD judging by these teams) over McVeigh & Shaw cos I reckon he'll come out of the blocks harder…Rip it to shreds

DEF- Boyd, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Brown, Hartley (Byrne, Collins)
MID- Ablett, Pendlebury, Gray, Rockcliff, Libba, Crouch, O'Meara, Jansen (Keays, Cuningham, Polkinghorne)
RCK- Goldstein, NicNat (Grimley)
FWD- Martin, Barlow, Bird, Leunenberger, Simpkin, Petracca, (Kerridge, Kommer)


So here's my first team 'The Dreamers' Can't decide what to do with my F3 got $477 400 for that position so i just put Buddy in cause he's reasonably cheap, gunna see what happens in the Nab cup πŸ™‚

Def: Shaw, Mcveigh, Bartel, B Smith, Weitering, Francis (Bench: C. Byrne, M Brown)
Mid: Ablett, Sloane, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, O'mera, B.Crouch, Parish (Bench: D.Cuningham, B.Keays, M.Hibberd)
Ruck: S.Martin, Lobbe (Bench: H.Mckay)
Fwd: D.Martin, Dahlhaus, Franklin, C.Curnow, S.Kerridge, C.Petrecca (Bench: E.Hipwood, N.Kommer)

Thoughts? (btw Mckay in the ruck will most likely play the season depending on how he plays in the NAB cup)


McVeigh to KK
Franklin to Wingard


I have 52K in bank. Still not sure about D3,D4,D5. Also do I go Martin or Nit Nat as R2. Taking risk with SkyWalker and Blue and Bombers rookies to generate my cash.

DEF- Shaw, Bartel, Janesch, Walker, Hampton,Hartley (Collins, Hibberd)
MID – Danger,Pendles,Ablett, Rockcliff, Libba, Crouch, Parish, Polkinghrone (Summer, Cunningham, Davis)
RUCK – Goldy, Martin
FWD – Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Simpkin, Kerridge, M Brown (Kommer, Petracca)


Hey there fellas, excited for the new season!

Let me know what you all think of my layout, of course rookies are up to changing but im open to any suggestions!

DEF: KK, Yeo, Rich, BSmith, Brown, Bonner (Hartley, Broad)

MID: Danger, God, Shiel, Rocky, Cripps, Libba, JOM, BCrouch (Jansen, Freeman, Menegola)

RUC: Mummy, Lobbe (Chol)

FWD: Chops, Dahl, Barlow, Andersen, Kerridge, Petracca (Summer, Kommer)

Appreciate it πŸ™‚


Looking good, a very risky defence, might be wise to upgrade KK/Rich as they might not get as much midfield time. Midfleid is good although, you will be expecting them all to play well. Midfield rookies score higher than the other lines. Otherwise good team


gunston or barlow??


Barlow but not real keen on either


Barlow for sure. But I'm with Kev, could there be another option?


If not Barlow or Gunston then who else?


Zorko? Wingard?


Gunston could be a good POD with Roughead out


Def: H.Shaw, R.Laird, K.Kolodjashnij, E.Yeo, M.Hartley, M.Brown, C.Byrne, M.Hibberd

Mid: G.Ablett, T.Mitchell, L.Neale, T.Rockliff, T.Adams, B.Gibbs, B.Crouch, T.Phillips, J.Gresham, S.Menegola, B.Keays

Ruc: S.Martin, M.Leuenberger, M.Cox

Fwd: D.Martin, T.Bell, J.Billings, C.Bird, C.Smith, N.Kommer, (S.Kerridge, C.Petracca



Thoughts on my side
DEF: McVeigh Bartel Yeo Smith Dea Brown (Hibberd Bonner)
MID: Fyfe Ablett Priddis Rockliff (Parker or Wines) Liberatore (Crouch or JOM) Parish (Cunningham Mathieson Freeman)
RUCKS: Martin Leuenberger
FWD: Dahlhaus Franklin Merrett D. Menzel cockatoo Kerridge Brown Petracca


Love both Menzel and Cockatoo, but couldn't bring myself to pick Menzel. Good luck to you. Parker or Wines? I'd go Wines personally. He'll rip it up this year.