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Is David Swallow a good AFL Fantasy Selection in 2016?

Swallows are fantastic to behold when in full flight.

However an injured one, such as David Swallow was last year, isn’t worth a crumpet. After a breakout year in 2014, David could only manage 6 games in 2015 after suffering with a PCL injury that ruined the majority of his year, and that reflected in his Supercoach output for the year. Well, last years disappointment could be this years surprise packet, absolutely no one doubts his talent, he was the #1 pick in the 2011 AFL Draft after all, but the question will be how does he fit into our Supercoach planning for 2016. Let’s take a look:

2016 Prices: $417K SC, $459K AF, $6K CoachKings
2016 Position: MID
Games last season: 6
Average last season: 86SC, 84AF,  89CK
100+ SC Games last season: 2
Sub 80 SC games last season: 3
SCPrice range last season: $483K – $555K
Missed games last season: 16


The case for:

  • Price – Due to an injury discount, we’re looking at a guy who is 138K cheaper than his starting price this time last year. There’s a load of cheap talent in the guts this year, David Swallow will be a part of that group
  • 2014 season – Forget 2015, that was ruined by injury. Look at what he achieved in 2014. 12 scores of 100+ SCPoints, 6 of which were 120+. Halfway through 2014 he was averaging 110SCPoints. The kid can pump out SC scores with the best of them.
  • Talent – Fact of the matter is the Suns need more guys to step up in the midfield again. Swallow will be one of the guys who the Suns will be expecting to step up again in the midfield and end the continued reliance on Gary Ablett. He averaged 11 contested possessions and 5 clearances for the Suns in 2014, as well as 4 Inside 50 entries. Good baselines for him to hit again in 2016.

The case against:

    • Price – Yes, his price is both a positive and a negative this year. Normally we’d be licking our lips at a 417K midfielder, but with guys like Tom Liberatore, Brad Crouch and his Suns teammate Jaeger O’Meara sitting in the 300K range, you’re potentially paying extra $ for the same output you’d get for a cheaper player. And hey, speaking of his teammates…
    • Dion Prestia and Jaeger O’Meara – The Suns were looking like a MASH unit at times in 2015, with this trio playing a combined 14 games last season. And because of that, all 3 are in are priced roughly 100K within each other, with Prestia being at the high end of the spectrum, Swallow in the middle and O’Meara at the bottom. The question will then become, do you spend the big $ on Prestia, knowing he’s historically been the best (2nd in Clearances, 9th in Contested possessions last year), save a bit of $ and go for Swallow and hope he gets back to 2014 levels, or save big $ and hope O’Meara’s knees aren’t held together with superglue?
    • Interrupted pre-season – He still hasn’t gotten fully into pre-season training, only joining the main group for warm-ups and skills work. He’s expected to be ready for the NAB Cup, but we’ve seen before how much an interrupted pre-season can affect players during the year.

The Verdict

  • CoachKings – Absolutely yes, no reason why you couldn’t lock him in on a game to game basis, especially as he will come in with an injury discount. Jock is dripping out information on the CoachKings Facebook Page so head over there and give it a like. As we saw in 2014, he can belt out a big fantasy score if he’s having a good day at the park.
  • Supercoach/AFL Fantasy – Ummmm…. Honestly, I’d have to flip a coin on this one and until I see him in action during the NAB Cup, I just can’t say one way or another. The price is right, his footy ability speaks for itself and with JOM being a cheaper player I think he’ll be a POD for those that do pick him. But there’s a whole crop of talent that he’s swimming around with at a similar price that probably lessens his appeal somewhat. Right now I have him as a 50/50 prospect for 2016.

So Community, any of you planning to lock David Swallow into your midfield in 2016?

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He is one of the best looking men running around in the AFL, but not sure he's going in my team! His talent is undoubted, and the Suns will need him running around in the guts to get back into finals contention, but I would like to see his role in the pre season.


Sure would command top dollar at the stud farm! I'm in the same boat – a bit of a wait and see until NAB time


Has a place in my heart young David. Took a punt on him for his breakout year and he had me in all sorts of arousal. Can't fit him in to my side at the moment but his POD'ness might just see him creep in. The Libba/JOM/Crouch combo has been in a 90% of the teams I've seen so far

I N Pieman

With so much other value floating around it’s a no. If he was a defender he’d be a lock


Pick 2 out of: Mcveigh, Bartel, KK, Yeo, Smith


Ive got 4 out of 5. It depends on your structure and what other premos you have in defence.
Going by who I think will average the most, I would go.
1. McVeigh
2. KK
3.Bartel (but he is very consistent)
4. Smith


I currenty have Shaw locked. The rest are undecided.


what do people think of curtly hampton?


Not sure he's in the best 22.
But if he does crack in he could prove a very good option.
Still a no for me.


Hampton a bit too inconsistent but is a massive POD


It's a wait and see on all 4 Libba/JOM/Crouch and the Swallow, hopefully the NAB footy sorts it out.


sorry but who is JOM


Jaeger O’Meara


Hey Jocko and community, looking for a few thoughts on my squad;
Back: B.Houli, K.Kolodjashnij, J.Bartel, E.Yeo, S.Wellingham, J.Weitering (M.Brown & A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)
Midfield: S.Pendelbury, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, T.Liberatore, P.Seedsman, J.O'Meara, B.Crouch, R.Crowley (D.Parish & J.Trengove & S.Kerridge)
Rucks: T.Goldstein, M.Lobbe (H.McKay)
Forward: C.Wingard, J.Hogan, T.Boyd, J.Anderson, J.Simpkin, C.Petracca (C.Curnow & J.Lamb)

This team will no doubt change after the NAB Cup, also J.Lamb is in because he's a local boy and is training with us so he's more of an emotional pick. Just hoping for some opinions/suggestions


I'd be having another look at Seedsman, Crowley and Boyd at least but its your call…


My opinion, too many mid pricers in the mid. Crowley has never really scored well and parish is too much money on the pine. Therefore put parish on ground and get a lower prices rookie that will generate more cash then Crowley in the mids. I try and stay away from key position players in the forward line and backline with the exception of a couple. Therefore I don’t like the Boyd pick not likely a keeper and not going to gererate enough cash to be a good selection. Your choice and if your sold on those picks then stick with them. Good luck


Thoughts on Trent West? Should play with leuenberger gone and good for ruck cover with FWD line eligibility.


On my bench, pricey but I think he'll play and save me a trade.


General Patton anyone?


Swallow would be lock if in Def but as a mid only it is a no from me too much more value around for a cheaper price. Spoilt for choice.


Just wondering after reading this what the community feels about Yablett? for awhile now they have been saying will rest more forward, is this the year? How much time will he get in the mid do you thinks?

Ahhh stuff it, its Ablett, he's gonna be cranking to prove himself and has probably been running his guts out, will be fitter than ever. Sorry stupid question. Lock haha

Grahame Lebroy

Swallow is a no for me , better options round that price