Supercoach 2016 Daily Fantasy hot selections

Time to count down the TOP 10 HOTTEST Fantasy selections for season 2016.

It’s that time of year community. Australia Day is here and that means the Single J Hottest 10. Sit back. Grab a beer. Cook some crap on the BBQ. And listen in as we crank through the most relevant CoachKings, Supercoach and AFL Fantasy selections presented to us this season.

Plenty of hype building around the game I’m crafting with the people – for the people. The CoachKings In-Venue Daily Fantasy Revolution is gathering steam and we explore that further this week. Make sure you whack your email into the form below to hear more. Extremely exciting for me, this community and for the entire fantasy footy lansdcape.

Look forward to seeing your TOP 10 below!


Liam · 25/01/2016 at 14:29

Great stuff boys. Loving your work !!!

LEKD0G · 25/01/2016 at 15:08

Yeah so good or bad I'm not sure, but I had all of those players in my teams first draft

    Yakka · 25/01/2016 at 16:28

    When will we see you in your pod cast in 2016 ??

      LEKD0G · 25/01/2016 at 16:30

      Hey mate!
      Not exactly sure yet. Just focusing on writing some articles at the moment…

        Yakka · 25/01/2016 at 20:43

        Can't wait, your a classic. # long live the mow

Stirlsy · 25/01/2016 at 15:29

7 out of 10 sitting in my team .

medadsson · 25/01/2016 at 15:35

Well, I guess that leaves 20 POD's 🙂

jezzahill · 25/01/2016 at 15:51

Not sure that Bartel demands selection. Why would you spend 470k on a player who is most likely to miss anywhere between 4-6 games due to being rested? The whole idea of Supercoach is to score maximum points from your team every week, and if you're having to plonk Bartel on your bench once a month during the season then you can't do that, as you'll most likely have a rookie on field in his place. Better off looking at the next generation of defenders like KK or Yeo who will most likely play close to a full season.

    jezzahill · 25/01/2016 at 16:00

    For what it's worth, my top 10 must-have selections would be:
    1. Ablett
    2. Rockliff
    3. Liberatore
    4. Pendlebury
    5. Goldstien
    6. Deledio
    7. D. Martin
    8. S. Martin
    9. Wines
    10. Crouch

    Phil · 25/01/2016 at 18:09

    Hear what you're saying but until last year Bartel had a very good record of playing 21-22 games a year. Can't see the Cats being in a position to rest players either. (unless if you mean during games they have already won)

    Stirlsy · 25/01/2016 at 18:14

    What makes you think he will be rested every month???

Krups · 25/01/2016 at 16:26

1. Goldstein
2. Ablett
3. Pendlebury
4. Shaw
5. Libba
6. Omeara
7. Crouch
8. Bird
9. Wines
10. D.Martin

    jockreynolds · 27/01/2016 at 22:01

    The DUST makes the list! Love it Krups

Deaddogupya · 25/01/2016 at 17:34

Dare i go against SC or DT convention and suggest that this season might be the year of the Mid Pricer? Wells, O'Meara, Libba, Crouch, Wright etc etc…………..The MP's seem to be somewhat rich and deep with opportunity. What does the community think?

    Kaleb · 25/01/2016 at 17:49

    Disagree entirely. Although JOM, Crouch, Libba and co. are appetizing, f you want to win the big $$ you need top 15 players come seasons end. Furthermore, the scrapping of the sub rule opens the door for greater game time for rookies, greater scoring, and subsequently, greater cash generation. I have kept it to 1 mid pricer in each line (Malceski, Libba, Lobbe and T.Mclean {super pod}).
    I have also never won the 50k, so my opinion isn't exactly valid haha.

    Canny the Manny · 25/01/2016 at 18:07

    There's no doubting that there will be a wealth opportunity to select more relevant mid-prices this year, in the form of fallen premiums in the midfield and perhaps top-up players from the EFC, however, the selection of a' Midprice Madness' strategy creates a greater risk of devastation rather than prosperity in the fantasy world.
    Opting to favour a selection in midprice players over the more conventional and proven Guns and Rookies strategy not only raises the chances of selecting burn-men leading to the use of mass trades early, but it also limits early cash flow due to a midpricer's typically awkard break-even mark and the general lack-of much needed rookies that you now don't have in your team.
    Although I think fortune will favour the brave this year more than ever in fantasy footy, I think it would be reckless to ignore the prosperous history of Guns and Rookies strategy that is behind the successful careers of many great coaches out there today.
    Don't stray too far from what is proven to work in this realm of fantasy.

      Derek · 25/01/2016 at 20:20

      Before you go mid-price mad, think about Ryan Griffen. We were having similar discussions about him 12 months ago. If that doesn’t scare you – Bellchambers might.

      There are always a few that do well, but the majority spud.

        Pat · 30/01/2016 at 22:28

        Rory laird will average 95+ this year – he will be in most teams come bye rounds

    jockreynolds · 27/01/2016 at 22:00

    Interesting Deaddog. Very interesting. Was thinking the same myself mate

TJM · 25/01/2016 at 18:08

Thoughts on my team please

DEF: McVeigh, Yeo, Smith, Malckeski, Skinner, Francis, Hipwood, Bonner
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Rockliff, Liberatore, O'Meara, Parish, Hopper, Gresham, Keays, Mathieson
RUC: Goldstein, Martin, Lowden
FWD: Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Petracca, Sumner, Kerridge, Kennedy, Brown

$42,600 left in the kitty.

Not sure wether to spend big in rucks or look at Lobbe in place of Martin? Also looking at Yarran instead of Smith?
Buddy instead of Wingard?
Deledio better or Martin?
Pick Luenberger as F4 as a swing for the Ruck if I pick Lobbe?

Suggestions and feedback is much appreciated 🙂

    Derek · 25/01/2016 at 18:31

    No Fyfe or Shaw? I know they are expensive, but you have to pay the price to have the best.

      TJM · 25/01/2016 at 18:40

      Thanks Derek, yeah was thinking about Shaw, how would you suggest I squeeze him in, go one more premo in defence or just swap him for someone? Not sure on Fyfe yet, waiting to hear some news on his injury. Whats your team looking like? You give a lot of constructive feedback and it would be good to see how good your team is?

        Derek · 25/01/2016 at 23:14

        My team so far, no point with the rookies yet until we know more, they will reveal themselves come round 1.

        Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Yarren

        Fyfe, Ablett, JPK, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Libba.

        NicNat, Lobbe.

        Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Bird.

        Have gone for 12 keepers, tried and tested SuperCoach gold. Wingard may change.

        Then gone for 1 fallen premium mid-pricer for each line. Yarren might change to Smith. Not risking anymore than that.

        Rookies are a guess.

          Mac · 26/01/2016 at 11:16

          Interesting you haven't selected Goldstein? I assume you will look for Lobbe to turn into Goldstein when his price drops?

Pinidu · 25/01/2016 at 18:35

Thoughts on my team:
D: Shaw, McVeigh, Smith, Malceski, Francis, Brown (Bonner, Collins)
M: Ablett, Pendlebury, Priddis, Rockliff, Libba, Hopper, Mills, Parish (Freeman, M. Hibberd, Keays)
R: Goldstein, Mumford (Cox)
F: Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wiedeman, Curnow, Ah Chee (Long, Petracca)

    TJM · 25/01/2016 at 18:38

    I wouldn't even change a thing with this team

      Pinidu · 25/01/2016 at 18:40

      Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

        Gaveday · 25/01/2016 at 19:01

        You’ll be trading out bonner rd1 if not before.

          Pinidu · 25/01/2016 at 19:38

          Why mate?

            Gaveday · 25/01/2016 at 20:04

            Cause he’ll play stuff all. First year player. *jedi hand wave – this is not the rookie you are looking for.

Gaveday · 25/01/2016 at 19:01

Daisy anyone?

Priced to average 57. Surely – oh surely, he can touch 90.

    Danners · 25/01/2016 at 19:30

    Injury prone, very risky. See if he gets through the pre season first

      DramaLlama · 25/01/2016 at 20:52

      Pea heart.

        Derek · 25/01/2016 at 23:01

        He just isn’t good enough anymore, compare him to similar priced players. Never.

          Gaveday · 26/01/2016 at 09:16

          Such as? (Fwd)

            Mac · 26/01/2016 at 11:14


            Derek · 26/01/2016 at 11:15

            Libba, JOM, crouch, Zac Dawson.

              Gaveday · 26/01/2016 at 20:39

              Say for instance I have all those bar Dawson- (yes I do!) also remember daisy can crack the ton. I should also say I think this may well be year of the mid pricer. I HAVE the faith.hes in my fwd line.

                Sana · 29/01/2016 at 14:51

                3 tons in 2014 (in a full season) and 0 last year, no thanks

    Mallee Boy · 26/01/2016 at 13:17

    What about Laverde? Played a few games last year & did OK. Given the Bombers situation, he should get plenty of game time!

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 26/01/2016 at 16:03

    No one surely!

Mac · 25/01/2016 at 20:08

Thoughts on Wingard?

    Derek · 25/01/2016 at 22:58

    In my team but not locked. When Port are playing well he is scoring well. Don’t know what we will get with Port this year.

      David · 29/01/2016 at 17:24

      Ports draw is much better which is why I hear so many talking about wi hard this year I reckon

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 26/01/2016 at 16:05

    Gun. Saved me more than once last year. First picked fwd for me. Just keeps delivering.

Cozza · 25/01/2016 at 22:02

Higgo – that was classic – "my voice is just too deep for this"…gold!

Yeo in the top 10 was the surprise for me. Kudos to whoever picks him, but way too much of a rollercoaster for me. Started the season with 67, 57, 41 and finished with scores of 76, 54, 62, 45, 40 and 92 last year. Granted he was filling some KPP shoes, but still too much variance for me. His average between rounds 4-17 was a delicious 99.25, but between rounds 1-3. 18-23 was 59.3. His DPP is nice though.

For what its worth, my top 10 is:
1 Rockliff
2 Ablett
3 Liberatore
4 Pendelbury
5 O'Meara (assuming fit rd 1)
6 BCrouch
7 Petracca
8 Kerridge
9 Jelwood
10 Barlow

    Derek · 26/01/2016 at 11:19

    My thoughts on Yeo are the same. I haven’t looked closely at who he scored well against, I think it was the weaker sides. my feelings is he won’t be consistent or good enough to be a top 8 defender.

Cozza · 25/01/2016 at 22:21

Any thought on using Leue like a lot of us did last year – in the FWD line as a ruck swing? My thoughts are going Martin/Lobbe in ruck with Read on the bench and Leue in the FWDs as backup

    Derek · 25/01/2016 at 22:56

    I like look of that, except I have Bird at F4. Can’t put Luey at F5 at his price…. Worth a try though

    SCaddict · 25/01/2016 at 23:43

    A very viable structure and one of the ruck combos I'll be seriously considering myself Cozza.

    Joe · 27/01/2016 at 10:41

    It's an interesting one – haven't heard anyone tossing Sinclair's name into the mix either. He'll take the ruck mantle at the swans and scored well under nic nat last year. Price tag must be the worry…

'Don't Blush Babby' · 25/01/2016 at 22:44

What's the thoughts on Chris Yarran this season ? Priced to be a nice POD or his he just a tease ?

    Derek · 25/01/2016 at 22:53

    He is currently in my team. D4 is my hardest to fill.

      SCaddict · 26/01/2016 at 01:15

      I agree Derek and believe defence in general will again prove the most difficult line to come to a firm resolution on. So many of the options down back neither inspire nor excite.

      Hopefully some decent rookie and budget options present in the preseason to make the decision process a fraction more straight forward.

        Derek · 26/01/2016 at 11:24

        I’ll be looking closely at the weaker teams defenders, they will see plenty of the ball and hopefully there is another McDonald or Terlich to emerge.

        I had thumpers brother penciled in my team from last year, he too expensive though. McGovern if he stays fit could be a good pick.

          Mallee Boy · 26/01/2016 at 13:20

          Thoughts on Suckling? New club, DPP, great kick & running defender. The Bulldogs might use him on the ball.

            Derek · 26/01/2016 at 16:46

            Suckling isn’t that good

    SCaddict · 26/01/2016 at 01:02

    Reckon there are a lot of parallels with one Heritier Lumumba of 2015… and that's not a particularly good thing in case you were wondering. 🙂

    Burnman potential is there for sure although Yaz could prove a successful POD for those with plums of steel.

    But for mine I'd spend a little more for say Yeo and probably sleep a little easier each weekend.

West · 25/01/2016 at 22:59

what are people thinking about ruck structure this season?

A lot of people will be going goldy and lobbe i reckon

    Mallee Boy · 26/01/2016 at 13:22

    West! Gone the hog with a set & forget – Martin & Jacobs and a $102k bench as Captain's loophole

      Swans2012 · 27/01/2016 at 08:48

      I think I’ll be going down the midprice path, can’t justify the spend on goldy, and don’t want to settle for anyone other than top 3 so will wait and see and hopefully make a little cash on a Sinclair/lobbe/luey type Combo in the rucks before upgrading to a hopefully fallen goldy Martin etc. high risk I know but I struggle to spend big $$ on injury prone big fellas at the start of the season. We were spoilt with the Ruck durability last year, I’m expecting more carnage this year. All this said I may convince myself to take a nic nat/blicavs type with a mid pricer but certainly won’t be forking out the big $$$ for goldy.
      If I go 2 midpricers I’ll take 100k into the season in the bank as insurance against one going down in the first few weeks, worked for me last year with turned luey into nic nat week 2….but also didn’t work for me last year when not having goldy was the thing that derailed my season…. Hmmmm deciaions

SCaddict · 26/01/2016 at 00:01

My own 10 'must haves' right now (in no particular order and not including rookie priced players) would be Gaz, Rocky, Libba, O'Meara, B.Crouch, Leuey, Bartel, Pendles, Yeo and Bird so not that dissimilar to the Single J list.

Walker, Menzel, Scooter Selwood, Conca and Wells also could be tempting midpricers if healthy and selected for Rd1.

Jack Trengove is one forgotten fella who would be an automatic inclusion at $156K if somehow he's named for Rd1 but that seems unlikely as things stand, as he rehabilitates from that nasty navicular. Could be a sweet midseason downgrade though:

    Gaveday · 26/01/2016 at 20:41

    Boom town. I’ve got him on my bench already. Total lock if playing.

Brendan · 26/01/2016 at 01:53

Just curious what people might think?

DEF: Shaw, McVeigh, N. Smith, Melceski, Franscis, Hippwood (Skinner, Collins)
MID: Pendelbury, Ablett, Montagna, Rockcliff, Liberatore, O'meara, Parish, Hopper (Freeman, Hibberd, Long)
RUC: Goldstein, Lobbe (Wyatt)
FWD: Martin, Dahlaus, Barlow, Ah Chee, Weidman, Curnow (Petracca, Brown)

comments appreciated?


    Mac · 26/01/2016 at 11:13

    Think you can get someone better than Montagna for his pricetag, Kennedy or even Gray IMO.

      Brendan · 26/01/2016 at 11:25

      Thanks!!! Yes I know I'm was thinking Kennedy but Montagna has the dual pos. nothing set in stone ….but thanks for comment!!!!

      Derek · 26/01/2016 at 11:27

      Montagna’s tooth length means his best days are over. JPK lock.

        Brendan · 26/01/2016 at 13:32

        Ok Thank you mate! Changed!

Liam · 26/01/2016 at 03:02

Thoughts on Aaron Hall as a POD at 428k fwd mid swing??

    Swans2012 · 26/01/2016 at 21:17

    He’s on my list but worried about the effect the return of the Gold Coast all stars will have on his output… Really only tore it up scoring wise when running through the middle and I doubt he’ll get as much opportunity to do that. But if he gets mid time in the nab I’ll be seriously considering….

BarronVonCrow · 26/01/2016 at 03:42

Bloody hell, Higg. You got a career set up as the premier karaoke performer in Australia if you want. Why not hit up one of those bars and get the ladies going with your smooth, deep voice.

Danger is a slow starter historically, but the Cats have a reasonable lineup early.

Hawks in Round 1 will be the big test.
GWS in Round 2, tough game since the Giants are starting to click, but Danger has had some MASSIVE scores against them in the past. 192 in 2014 comes to mind.
Brisbane in Round 3. Should be OK there
Essendon in Round 4. Shouldn't have any issues there
Port in Round 5. He's used to playing them, won't be the Showdown, but he'll be OK.
Gold Coast in Round 6. Rebuilding again.

Biggest issue may be the Hawks game early. Stinker there could see him drop in price early, but that's probably irrelevant if you pick him for Round 1. He's a guy you'll have in for the entire season, so you'll just ride that early form out and wait for him to kick into gear and produce the goods. Highly likely i'll start with him.

    Derek · 26/01/2016 at 11:33

    The cats are looking good this year, too good! And I mean that in a hawthorn way. Why don’t people have Hawks in their fantasy teams, because they share the points too much, this could be a Geelong problem this year.

      Swans2012 · 26/01/2016 at 21:32

      I agree I’ll be taking a watch and wait approach on the geelong big guns (sellwood and danger). I think blicavs could be a valid ruck selection though, they didn’t bring in any tuck support did they?

        Derek · 29/01/2016 at 12:20

        zac smith

          Swans2012 · 29/01/2016 at 15:24

          Thanks Derek forgot about Zac, significant…

Kev · 26/01/2016 at 07:40

Buyer beware re: Jelwood

    'Don't Blush Babby' · 26/01/2016 at 09:00

    Yes Kev, I also seen this, however I don't have him my team as he always starts the season slow, i've only used him as an upgrade in past seasons. With Danger there this year it might be different but with his foot issue he will be a pass for me.

Westy · 26/01/2016 at 12:00

Current version – rookies will become clearer closer to time
D – Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Wood, Mackenzie, Rice (Bonner, M Hibberd)
M – Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Liberatore, O'Meara, B Crouch, Parish, Freeman (Menegola, Dunkley, Marcon)
R – Goldstein, Lobbe, (Lowden)
F – Montagna, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Stanley, Wells, Kerridge, (Petracca, Beech)

A bit of mid price madness.

TJM · 26/01/2016 at 12:21

Deldio or Dusty?
Hannebery or Priddis?
Smith or Yarran?
Franklin or Barlow?

    Brendan · 26/01/2016 at 13:44



    Phil · 26/01/2016 at 13:44

    Both will be top6 but starting only one =Dusty cos cheaper, younger and point to prove
    Priddis will give you 110-115 Hannebery will give you 100-120 so depends how much you rate certainty vs upside
    Not too confident on either but probably Barlow

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 26/01/2016 at 21:20

    Can’t believe I’m Gonna Say This But want A POD go priddus. Super consistent and elite.

Westy · 26/01/2016 at 12:21

Jock sir. Will there be a 2016 edition of the Jock mag?

    jockreynolds · 27/01/2016 at 13:24

    Gday there Westy – no JR Magazine this season mate. HOWEVER – we are producing 4 issues of the CoachKings Magazine, which will be free in venues who sign up to host CoachKings in season 2016

Big balls · 26/01/2016 at 12:43

Thoughts on Montagna mid/fwd ????

    Big balls · 26/01/2016 at 12:45

    In the forward line

      Mallee Boy · 26/01/2016 at 13:27

      Agree Big Balls! He's a ball magnet as an outside receiver.

    TJM · 26/01/2016 at 12:45

    Too expensive for my liking

      Swans2012 · 26/01/2016 at 21:30

      I agree, and can drift out of the supercoach scoring for blocks of games…..has burnt me in past so he is on my never again list….well for now anyway….

Titan · 26/01/2016 at 13:01

Great work fellas

Like the top 10 but no sure about bartel

Im with crouching on him, think hes a bit old and might be behind him

My team is coming along nicely, i think its right till look at it again

D – kk yeo smith mckenzie m brown Hartley

rice collins

M – ablett selwood shiel rocky parker hanley omeara libba

Parish Francis freeman

R – mummy lobbe


F – martin billings greene leuenburger curnow petracca

Sumner pickett

Rookies will change come round 1 as we all know

Think ill most likely drop hanley for a rookie and use that for a backman

But pretty happy atm

    Swans2012 · 26/01/2016 at 21:23

    If Hanley was 50k cheaper I’d lock him in but reckon with Libba crouch and jaeger this year your probly right he gets the chop. If only he was dpp like a couple years ago….

mick · 26/01/2016 at 13:21

thoughts on s hurn back heeney dixon luenberg t greene fwds

    MOC · 26/01/2016 at 14:51

    I reckon Toby will do very well this year with Treloar gone. Won't cop the tag coz of Shiel and ward and should spend more time in the middle. In my team for now.

mick · 26/01/2016 at 13:29

backs t mcdonald b houli s hurn kk aish francis brown rook mids ablett pendles rocky parker libba crouch parish hooper rook rook keridge goldy lobbe cox martin bennell heeney dixon t greene petracca rook rook advice please

    mick · 30/01/2016 at 08:51

    thats a ripper side iam worried about houli with yarram playing and maybe franklin simpkin sj in fwds

TRIGGER HAPPY · 26/01/2016 at 16:14

Like most I have 7-8 of those guys locked in my team. Not interested in Bartel going young up and comers in Def and can’t fit danger in maybe down the track.

    jockreynolds · 27/01/2016 at 21:59

    Gday there Trigger. In the same boat – don't reckon I'll fit Danger in either mate

      David · 29/01/2016 at 17:16

      Dangerfield peaked last year can't do much better than he did and now for sure sharing too many points with Selwood, Bartel, Motlop, Duncan ect

G. Ablett 3 Votes · 26/01/2016 at 16:20

So far my defence is McVeigh, Bartel and some rookies, however I am looking to get in 2 midprice defenders as d3/d4. Which two of these 4 defenders look the most appealing to start with out of;
Smith (415k Def/Mid)
Yarran (400k)
Hurn (408k)
Malceski (383k) ?

    Swans2012 · 26/01/2016 at 21:28

    Smith and malceski for mine, but I want to see something from eski in nab before I lock him away

Cozza · 26/01/2016 at 23:21

Thoughts on Pearce Hanley? He was superb in 2014 (although as a DPP) and missed a chunk of last year with his injury – looks underpriced to me ($467,000) and doubt he'll get as much attention with Rockliff and Beams running around. Concern is that he is MID only and unlikely to be in the top 10 midfielders this year.

    Swans2012 · 27/01/2016 at 07:47

    I agree, he is undervalued, but I can’t fit him in with no dpp and so much value in the mids this year. Hard to make a case for him over jom/crouch/Libba at 100 odd k cheaper. That said he is value and could easily average 100-105 as an m8 if your into that sort of thing.

    Kev · 30/01/2016 at 11:45

    Great write up by Patch here

Bobby Singh · 27/01/2016 at 20:42

Thoughts on my team would be greatly appreciated: *Rookies are subjected to change*

DEF: Shaw, Bartel, Smith, Malceski, Brown (ESS) and Collins. BENCH: Hibberd (NM) and Bonner.
MID: Fyfe4Lyfe, Gablett, Dependlebury, Rockliff, Crouch, Libba, Jansen, Gresham. BENCH: Cunningham, Freeman, Keays.
RUCK: Goldy and Mummy. BENCH: Wyatt.
FWD: Martin (RICH), Dahlhaus, Bennell, Leuenburger, Petrecca and Kerridge. BENCH: Ahern and Sumner.

Cheers lads.

poloko48 · 28/01/2016 at 19:41

Hi Community, first crack for this year and have thrown up some curlies to start with – there will be changes (Bombers to add + rookies a bit of a mystery) but for the moment here's my thinking:

DEF: Heater, Laird, McVeigh (MID), Hipwood, Keefe, Byrne, Lee, MBrown (FWD)
MID: Danger, Treloar, Lewis, JPK, Jaeger, Libba, Trengove, Parish, Francis (DEF), Freeman, Sumner (FWD)
RUC: Sauce, Lobbe, Naismith (FWD)
FWD: Dahl (MID), Chad, Roo, KTip (RUC), CCurnow, Menadue (MID), Kerridge (MID), Petracca (MID)

All thoughts, criticisms and plaudits welcome.

    Canny the Manny · 30/01/2016 at 00:28

    I personally don't like having key position players in my forward line, especially when there's plenty of midfield dual position players at a similar price.

    A tick for the guns and rookies strat.

    I think Gablett and Rockliff are musts in the midfield. If I were you, I'd go Treloar > Ablett, Lewis > Rockliff and JPK > Parker.

    Canny the Manny · 30/01/2016 at 03:12

    I personally don't like having key position players in my forward line, especially when there's plenty of midfield dual position players at a similar price.

    I'd also trade out Lewis, JPK or Treloar for Rockliff, any of them will do.
    Danger spells Danger in my opinion as well.

@DarcyTF2 · 29/01/2016 at 00:16

Any Body Recon Weitering?

    mick · 30/01/2016 at 08:53

    he will play thats a bonus

    Kev · 30/01/2016 at 11:43

    1st year KPP for 220k? Pass

@DarcyTF2 · 29/01/2016 at 12:20

Def: Shaw, J. McVeigh, Kolodjashni, Hipwood, M.Brown, M, Hibberd, (Byrne, Lee)
Mid: Dangerfield, Ablett, Priddis, Rockliff, Liberatore, O'Mearea, B. Crouch, Mills, (Hopper, Freeman, Keays)
Ruck: Goldstein, Lobbe, (Cox)
Fwd: Martin, Wingard, Ah Chee, Weideman, Curnow, Kerridge, (Petracca, Long)

Any thoughts and improvements

    Canny the Manny · 30/01/2016 at 00:23

    I like the boldness in your structure. Being a little unique structure wise this year will lead to success I think.

    I personally think you need more rookies in the midfield for cash generation, you also don't want to be stuck with the players you've got in there now for the season's entirety if they screw up, or you want to get better players in there. More rookies will allow you to strengthen other lines and save trades in the long run.
    Similarly, I don't think you can have all 3 or Libba, JOM and Crouch in your side IF you're going with 4 premiums. Either you take one or two of the three out, or you downgrade Dangerfield or Priddis.
    I currently have Liberatore at M3, leaves room for the prime rookies in the Midfield and gives me good security across the other lines.
    Hope this was of some help.

      @DarcyTF2 · 30/01/2016 at 10:22

      Thanks will do that for sure.

Dreamers · 29/01/2016 at 12:47

Thoughts on Sam Gray? he was killing it at the end of the year!

    Kev · 30/01/2016 at 11:31

    Tempted but his is priced way overs for 480k. I want to see if he is a proven scorer rather than half a dozen good games.

GoHawks · 29/01/2016 at 13:21

Shaw, Bartel, Simpson, B.Smith, Malceski, Seedsman? (Brown – Ess, Hibberd)

Pedlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, O'Meara, Thomas, B.Couch, Conca (Parish, Morobito, Keays)

Goldstein, Lobb (Wyatt)

Barlow, Hogan, D.Menzel, Wells, Anderson, Kerridge (Kommer, Petracca)

Thoughts please

GoHawks · 29/01/2016 at 13:51

Shaw, Bartel, Simpson, B.Smith, Malceski, Seedsman? (Brown – Ess, Hibberd)
Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, O'Meara, Thomas, B.Crouch, Conca (Parish, Morobito, Keays)
Goldstein, Lobbe (Wyatt)
Barlow, Hogan, D.Menzel, Wells, Anderson, Kerridge (Kommer, Petracca)

Thoughts please

Jose · 29/01/2016 at 16:31

any ideas for good bench players

WormBurner · 29/01/2016 at 21:21

Any news when you'll have your SC group link up?

Sam · 29/01/2016 at 21:46

Hey Jocko and community, looking for a few thoughts on my squad;
Back: B.Houli, K.Kolodjashnij, J.Bartel, E.Yeo, S.Wellingham, J.Weitering (M.Brown & A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)
Midfield: S.Pendelbury, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, T.Liberatore, P.Seedsman, J.O'Meara, B.Crouch, R.Crowley (D.Parish & J.Trengove & S.Kerridge)
Rucks: T.Goldstein, M.Lobbe (H.McKay)
Forward: C.Wingard, J.Hogan, T.Boyd, J.Anderson, J.Simpkin, C.Petracca (C.Curnow & J.Lamb)

This team will no doubt change after the NAB Cup, also J.Lamb is in because he's a local boy and is training with us so he's more of an emotional pick. Just hoping for some opinions/suggestions

    Canny the Manny · 30/01/2016 at 00:16

    Interesting structure, Sammy.
    Firstly, your forward line is too vulnerable. Having Jesse Hogan at F2 and Tom Boyd at F3 spells trouble.
    Secondly, there's not enough rookies in your midfield. I know that may sound odd, but that's where you'll generate cash.

    My advice is:
    Swap Seedsman and Crowley to 2 rookies, then replace Yeo with Seedsman or Malceski in defence, along with Wellingham with another rookie. I don't quite know what that leaves you in salary, but I would then try and upgrade a few forwards if possible.

    All in all, not bad this early on in the gig. Hope I was of some help.

Sully321 · 29/01/2016 at 23:39

Thoughts on Luke Parker anyone??? I'm tempted at 540k had a concussion or two early I. The season and never truly recovered. Also he recently signed a contract so that won't be in the back of his mind.

    Kev · 30/01/2016 at 11:29

    Really solid pick at his price, Sully, and might be a bit of a POD. Many (including myself) will roll with Rocky at 550k

Dean · 29/01/2016 at 23:43

Second team draft


I'm still not entirely SOLD on Deledio at his price with no DPP – My rookies obviously will change right up to Round 1

Suggestions or advice appreciated in advance.

    Kev · 30/01/2016 at 11:39

    Premiums look fine, Dean. Advice for the rookies: The expensive guys are rarely worth it. Francis, Hopper, Cockatoo you could swap with 117k rooks and have an extra 200k to strengthen

      Dean · 30/01/2016 at 14:23

      Kev cheers mate I hear ya loud and clear, I just like throwing the higher priced rookies in early as that way I don't need to figure out how to make up the cash post NAB challenge if they do seem the real deal. This way I can down grade them to rookies and pocket the extra cash.

      I do like Francis at this stage due to all the crap going on with the bombers.

    wombatsfc · 30/01/2016 at 18:16

    McVeigh still not joined full training after off season surgery. Bartell might be the safer bet for the first 6 weeks

Phat Man · 30/01/2016 at 10:40

Def: H.Shaw, J.McVeigh, R.Murphy, N.Malceski, A.Francis, M.Brown (Ess) (B.Rice, K.Collins
Mid: S.Pendlebury, Gablett, JPK, Rocky, Libba, D.Parish, J.Gresham, S.Kerridge (N.Freeman, B.Keays, J.Dunkley)
Ruck: Goldy, M.Lobbe (T.Read)
Fwd: L.Montagna, L.Dahlhaus, Z.Merret, C.Ah Chee, S.Weideman, C.Curnow (L.Sumner, C.Petracca)

Will no doubt change after the nab cup but im just looking for peoples thoughts on the team at the moment. Still have 190K in the kitty

    Liam · 30/01/2016 at 13:25

    You could downgrade some of those more expensive rookies to some more cheaper options. (Who will average around the same anyway), so you can add another premo in your team.

JIM · 30/01/2016 at 11:50

whos the best option out of boyd mcvigh kade simpson and rob murphy thanks

    Liam · 30/01/2016 at 12:44


Rob · 30/01/2016 at 13:39

Thoughts on Rhys Stanley as FWD #4?

Also what is everyone's thoughts on Jack Trengrove priced at 156K?

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 30/01/2016 at 14:03

    If he gets his body right would be a great cow but that’s a big if.

John · 30/01/2016 at 19:57

Is Andrew Gaff a viable option?

    Kev · 31/01/2016 at 09:41

    I like him. Hasn't missed a game for 4 years and last year he dropped below 80 once(!!) and raised his average by 16 points.

    On the downside he doesn't turn those high 90's/low 100 scores into big games, and at his price (560k) there are blokes like Sloane (569k), Selwood (565k), Rocky (550k) and Parker (538k) who can really have massive scores

James · 30/01/2016 at 20:06

DEF: Boyd, yeo, bartel, seedsman, francis, brown (bonner, lee)
MID: Dangerfield, g ablett, a gaff, t rockliff, t libba, j omeara, gresham and parish (hibbered, freeman, dunkley)
RUCKS: Nic Nat and goldstein (mason cox)
FWDS: D Martin, franklin, m barlow, c bird, petracca, kerridge, (Rioli. long)

Thoughts and improvements on my team would be much appreciate cheers community.

    Keenbutclueless · 30/01/2016 at 22:26

    Boyd is one I would reconsider. Also Rioli on the bench in the fwd line. Downgrading Rioli could mean replacing Boyd with Shaw. Seedsman is one to reconsider. If you want that D4 to be a potential keeper, do you see him in your team at the end of the year? If as a stepping stone, I think there are cheaper choices to give you the same result

bill · 30/01/2016 at 22:06

thoughts on my team

def- simpson bartel dunn jaensch francis m.brown (byrne broad)
mid – pendles gray ward murphy lewis jack libba parrish (jansen marcon menegola)
ruck – nic nat lobbe (korcheck)
fwd – montagna tex greene simpkin kerridge petracca (galluci tipungwuti)

got $36,700 left in the bank what improvements could i make

    Keenbutclueless · 30/01/2016 at 22:31

    Needing 3 102k players might be asking a bit. Could work out, but you may be leaving yourself short. Is Jaensch available round 1? Think I read he is injured?? Fwd line looks a bit light. Think carrying Murphy, Lewis and Jack is hurting you on other lines. Could be too many POD ‘s

      Derek · 31/01/2016 at 01:38

      Need more cash cows in the guts and keepers in def and fwds

Keenbutclueless · 30/01/2016 at 22:17

Version number 10,006

Def. shaw, bartel, smith, Mackenzie, Byrne, bonner (Hartley, Collins)

Mid. Danger, Ablett, Mundy, Rockliff, wines, Libba, crouch, mills (Cunningham, Keays, Menegola)

Ruck. Goldy, Blicavs (wyatt)

Fwd. Martin, dahlhaus, Tippett, kerridge, petracca, kommer (brown, eades)

Welcome thoughts

    Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 01:15


    Def. shaw, KK, Bartel, smith, Byrne, bonner, (Hartley, Collins)
    Mid. Danger, Ablett, Mundy, Rockliff, wines, Libba, crouch, kerridge (Cunningham, Keays, Davis)
    Ruck. Blicavs, Tippett (wyatt)
    Fwd. Martin, dahlhaus, Robinson, cockatoo, kommer, petracca (brown, eades)

    Turns Goldy into two keepers. Use crouch to get to Goldy

Carl · 30/01/2016 at 22:54

Thoughts on my team

BACK: Shaw, Mcveigh, Docherty, Smith, Hipwood, Bryne ( Bonner, Rice)

MID: Danger, Rockliff, Cripps, Barlow, LIbba, Omeara, Brad Crouch, Jack Trengrove ( Gresham, Cunningham, Matheison)

RUCK: Goldy, Luenberger ( Cox)

FWD: Martin, Dahlhaus, Zorko, Stanley, Kerridge, Brown (Ess) (Skinner, Balic)


    Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 00:52

    I think your midfield is way too light. If you really want Barlow, play him forward. Better to upgrade him to a premium mid. You may have to consider running only two of Libba Crouch and JOM.

    Derek · 31/01/2016 at 01:46

    Starting with Leuenberger is a big risk. The price gap to a ruck premium will be very big, I can see you stuck with him for too long before you have the cash to upgrade

Pete · 30/01/2016 at 23:00

Bloody headache, I want some decent DPP'S this season.


What do you think community?

    Pete · 30/01/2016 at 23:45

    Option 2 I can get rid of Deledio and put Motlop in – Then get rid of Gresham and put B Crouch in.

      Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 00:48

      Reckon you have gone too deep in Defence. Give up Suckling or Malceski to get in Crouch. Means you are not sacrificing a premium in Deledio. Also think there are enough defensive rookies in Defence to have two on field

    Canny the Manny · 31/01/2016 at 01:25

    Structure is very good, nice balance.
    I think going with Rich, Smith, Suckling and Malceski is too risky (I left out Johnson because he's probably the safest of the lot, though I feel he too is a risk). I think the Risk vs Reward doesn't validate the selection of these 4-5 players in the one line.

    If I could change your backline, I would turn it into:

    H. Shaw, K. Kolodjashnij, J. Bartel, N. Malceski, M. Dea, M. Brown (R. Bonner, B. Rice)

    But trust your gut and make sure you're making the decisions and changes because they're what you want.

    Hope I was of some help.

Bruthaboy · 31/01/2016 at 01:14

What’s with all the hype over Craig bird in the forward line? Which team did he come from?

    Derek · 31/01/2016 at 01:49

    I like the look of Simpkin instead of Bird

      Jackwatt$ · 31/01/2016 at 12:13

      For me Simpkin vs Bird is like the old Mexican question of Taco's vs Burittos if you get my drift

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 31/01/2016 at 12:45

      Agree as soon as he was signed he replaced bird in my team

Dean · 31/01/2016 at 01:17

Just a query I noticed most teams are not going with Fyfe from the start, am I missing something?

They are selecting Dangerfield & Pendles over Fyfe it makes no sense to me unless im missing something, considering there is only a $23,000 price difference between the two, I prefer Fyfe over Pendles big time.

This is the first year I wont be going in with Pendles from the start, im concerned about the impact Treloar may have and its either Fyfe GAJ or Pendles or GAJ I just think Fyfe will score you that extra 10 to 15 points each week providing im not missing anything on Fyfe.

Thoughts community?

    Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 01:28

    Fyfe is injured. Doc Larkins reckons it is an injury that will constantly recur. Will affect his output. Ross Lyon has said he might shift Fyfe forward. Fyfe is a gun. But all these things have raised a few questions

      Steele22 · 31/01/2016 at 02:29

      Treloar will have a positive impact on pendles as he will relieve pressure off pendles. pendles will be averaging his usual 120 again this season

Steele22 · 31/01/2016 at 02:27

this is my team at the moment guys just wanting to know who are some locked in premo defenders for this season as i'm not to keen on splashing 600k on a defender (Heath Shaw) at the beginning
43K left in the kitty.

DEF: Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Smith, M.Brown, Bonner, (M.Brown, Durdin)
MID: Pendles, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Trengrove, Keays, (Freeman, Ahern, Phillips)
RUCK: Mummy, Lobbe, (Read)
FWD: Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, B. Kennedy, Kerridge, (Sumner, Petracca)

Rookies will obviously change but would like the fellow communities thoughts on my team thanks.

    Kev · 31/01/2016 at 09:24

    Good looking team, Steele. Love the Parker selection. Wells has never realised his potential imo, I'd prefer his teammate jed anderson

      Steele22 · 01/02/2016 at 13:33

      Cheers Kev. Wellsy averaged 90 before struggling those 2 seasons with injury so if he can get near that im happy. not guaranteed in my team though but has very good job security which i love

Kelly's gang · 31/01/2016 at 07:16

Thoughts on my early team
Def. j.mcveigh j.bartel b.smith n.malceski m.brown (r.bonner b.rice)
Mid s.pendlebury g.ablett j.kennedy t.rockliff t.liberatore j.omeara b.crouch c.mills (b.keays j.dunkley r.mathieson)
Ruck m.lobbe m.leunberger (l.lowden)
Fwd d.martin m.barlow l.franklin c.bird s.weiderman s.kerridge (c.petracca a.mcdond-tipungwuti)

    Kev · 31/01/2016 at 09:29

    Awesome looking def and mids but you pay for it dearly in the rucks. As you're not using leuy for a ruck swing, I'd ditch 1 of bartel/smith/eski for a rookie, and one of libba/JOM/Crouch for a rookie and use the cash to upgrade him

Corey · 31/01/2016 at 10:13

Thoughts on Blicavs

    Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 14:14

    Brad Scott says he won’t ruck Blicavs. Could make him a high risk reward selection. Be interesting to see his role during NAB. My gut says the move will turn him into ultra premo. Reckon he might be the breakout story of 2016

Tom · 31/01/2016 at 11:44

what do people think of Trent West?

West · 31/01/2016 at 12:01

First draft:

Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Bartel, Hampton, M.Brown (ESS), Hibberd. (Bonner, Ueberang)

Pendles, GAJ, Gray, Shiel, Rockliff, Libertore, Parish, Gresham. (Freeman, Mathieson, Cole)

Goldstein, Nic Nat. (Wyatt)

Deledio, Martin, Bird, Simpkin, T.West, Kerridge. (Petracca, Kommer)

    Keenbutclueless · 31/01/2016 at 14:11

    Bird and Simpkin on the fwd line. You have 2 premo and 3 mid price. Suggest you convert Bird and Simpkin into premo plus rookie.

      West · 31/01/2016 at 14:19

      Waiting too see Birds role in Nab cup but I can see him averaging 85-90 which makes him a good F6/7 or stepping stone.
      At the moment Simpkin seems like he has good job security and better than most other rookies. Should generate enough cash aswell. Waiting for NAB cup form.

        Swans2012 · 31/01/2016 at 22:25

        I’m with you west, watching nab closely on bird and Simpkin but I’m feeling like its the year of the midpricers.. Bird is a gun…

Weagles · 31/01/2016 at 14:50

K. Kolodjashnij, J. McGovern, B. Smith, P. Seedsman, E. MacKenzie, M. Brown. (Brown, Coughlan)
G. Ablett, L. Dahlhaus, M. Blicavs, T. Rockliff, T. Liberatore, J. O'Meara, D. Parish, J. Hopper (Francis, Ahern, Petracca)
C. Sinclair, M. Lobbe (Cox)
D. Martin, J. Kennedy, K. Tippett, T. Walker, M. Grigg, C. Bird, (Milera, Kerridge)

Welcome back and great to see yas all again, Looking forward to another great year.

Feedback on my team would be much appreciated.

Helen · 31/01/2016 at 18:00

DEF: Murphy, KK, Yeo, Smith, B Reid, M Brown (Byrne, Rice)
MID: Pendleburry, GAJ, Lewis, Rockliff, Libba, O’Meara, Crouch, Kerridge (Jansen, Petracca, Freeman)
RUCK: Blicavs, Lobbe (Cox)
FWD: Zorko, Barlow, Motlop, Bird, Conca, Curnow (Ahern, M Brown)

And feed back is appreciated, rookies will change several times like always.

The Texan · 31/01/2016 at 19:33

Thoughts on my team

Def: H.Shaw, R.Murphy, M.Johnson, N.Malceski, J.Wagner, M.Brown (Ess) (B.Rice, K.Collins)
Mid: P.Dangerfield, S.Pendlebury, Gablett, Rocky, Libba, B.Crouch, D.Parish, J.Trengrove (J.Gresham, C.Petracca, N.Freeman)
Ruck: Goldy, M.Lobbe (D.Wyatt)
Fwd: D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, M.Barlow, J.Simpkin, S.Weideman, C.Curnow (S.Kerridge, N.Kommer)

Obviously the team will change before round one, but just looking at everyones thoughts on premos and structure, Ive got 75k left in the kitty. Cheers

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