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The Fantasy Gods have a penchant for offering us preseason temptation.

New club – explosive pace – fantasy relevant position – point of difference – a tantalising Round 1 matchup. In a fantasy defensive line offering us plenty of headaches, Chris Yarran is a selection offering a degree of 2016 preseason temptation.

Richmond stood firm on the offer of pick 19 and secured Yarran’s services with less than half an hour to go before the trade deadline. Richmond football manager Dan Richardson was confident the Tigers could turn his form around and tipped Yarran to play across half-back;

“That’s obviously up to the coaching staff, but more than likely he will play as a rebounding defender, but we’re obviously well-aware he’s got some goalkicking ability as well. I think a fresh start is what he was after.”

It is interesting to note that David King referred to Yarran in today’s paper as the key to unlocking Richmond’s premiership hopes – can he serve this same role for you in your Fantasy squad this year?

Let’s start the analysis with some statistics;

2016 Prices: $400K SC, $374K AF, $6,200K CoachKings
2016 Position: DEF
Games last season: 14
Average last season: 74 SC, 68 AF, 77 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 3
Sub 80 SC games last season: 7 (50% OF 2015 GAMES)
SCPrice range last season: $408K – $557K
Missed games last season: 8 – Three weeks for belting Paul Chapman

The case for:

  • Yarran has averaged more than 10 points higher than his current price point. In 2011 he averaged 87 and posted 8 scores of 100 or greater.
  • Scoring Role and POD – It is very likely that Yarran will play as a running half-back along with Bachar Houli. He is also likely to push forward and become a goal scoring option for the Tigers. Richmond only averaged 89 points per game in their last 16 outings – a stat which definitely will be ringing in coach Hardwick’s ears. Was Yarran hand picked to be used in a running goal kicking role?
  • New Team – The new lease on life factor very often results in an elevated scoring output.

The case against:

  • The fact that Yarran has only averaged 17 games per season and 61.9 SC points in his 119 game career makes him difficult to select.
  • There is still uncertainty about his role – Houli and Grigg and at times Deledio have all played the running half-back role in the past.
  • A recent fitness queries may interrupt his preseason (calf soreness reported on Jan 20th)

The verdict:

  • In CoachKings terms, I will be locking Yarran into my season opening game. At $6,200 he is priced below the average spend and will enable you to spend bugger elsewhere.
  • A resounding NO in longford from me. While he may start you off to a flyer as a POD, the likelyhood of him holding form long enough to appreciate is extremely low. Too great a risk.

Over to you community – will the Fantasy Gods tempt you with Yarran in 2016?

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Not keen on Yarran! Whats your thoughts on Cockatoo and Mitch Brown from West Coast


Agree with you Higgo, with him being priced at $400k, you would need him to be a premo which I believe he will not be able to do. Too many other good players around a similiar price


Just thinking how we usually use R3 as a loophole, what player are most people using for a loophole?


Barron and myself have had a look, Carlton have the most loophole options this year and Korcheck is the cheapest ruckman they have. Doesn't have DPP but McKay does.


Bit expensive?


Geelong have a Sunday/ Monxay game the first 3 weeks so i am starting tnere. After that injuries etc will hopefully cover it


Agree Higgo, won't be touching him!


Agree. He might have been in my very first draft team, but has slipped way down the list.

i can't believe he is only 25yrs old. He should be in the prime of his career, but he plays like an old bloke.


It bugs me when they call him 'Mcleod' like… he has got nothing on Mcleod.


Thoughts on B Houli?


Without his scores of 150 and 165, he would only have average 89. Definite NO for me.


But with Yarran coming into the backline it could free him up.


Dusty and Deledio have played off halfback at times. I don't think it's a matter of Houli being 'freed up', I think he's at his scoring peak. Could be wrong, but that's what I think. I had him last year.


i was pretty happy not to have Houli in my team last year. Won't be getting him this year either.

I think Yarran will play more as a forward


Thoughts on Sam Gray? he was killing it at the end of the year!


I was originally considering Yarran, but 40K more for someone like Elliot Yeo seems like a much better deal to me.


Nice write up Higgo, 100% agree with you. What’s everyone’s thoughts on mitch Robinson, absolutely killed it in the last 10 rounds of last year but with new recruits/rookies will he still be in the midfield rotations?


I like his price, forget past blues history imo he has talent and pace to burn, running role of half back has got my pants stretching my be the only richmond player I pick to kick off the season. NAB will indicate his fitness and role, but it is only NAB, $400K is the killer but intrested still …. much to ponder ……
Beer o clock! To the Fridge!,!


Yarran is a no-go zone


Too much of a Harry O vibe for my liking and similarly priced. If he has a big preseason he could suck plenty of coaches in just as Lumumba did last season.


Great call, the only thing is did Yarran actually care at Carlton? I think he's the type that will play better in a better team so he can get off the leash. They will use this. RIchmond havent been the most active in the trade window, but they went after him so. Lumumba was different. He had his best years at Pies, Yarran might still have something to offer. Will watch pre season for fitness pace and form


He's fast and knows his way around a footy field but Yazz can't kick goals. His foot passes in the back half are almost lazer guided but as soon as he crosses the fwd end of centre square he can't hit the side of a barn.
Most importantly he has already had his career highlight when he dropped Chappy with a right hook to the chin last year.


As an aside, Supercoach opened yesterday. No fanfare this year from Jock. But the Coachkings NRL arrived with fanfare. Not feeling right about this.


As a Richmond supporter I can tell you 100% yarran will play off half back/wing. Won’t be used as a fwd

Blackie White

Totally not SC relevant, next please.