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Pearce Hanley in the Daily Fantasy Verdict

The year is 2013. Supercoach finals roll around. There is a hold in my backline. Someone has fallen into the Springfield Gorge, and I have to trade.

A kid in a Lions top has been on a roll, 4 tons in a row – 117, 105, 113, 108. This kid’s name is Pearce Hanley. He’s the logical choice to bring me to glory.

But I’ve already had Pearce in my side that year. I traded him in after round 9 that year, to which stage he had been averaging 132. Three games I had him, for two 40s and a 95, before I spat the dummy. I traded him out.

Four weeks later I manned up to that mistake. I was young and foolish, and thought I might have been coming of age. I was proud of myself for doing it. I looked Pearce dead in the eye and said “I overreacted. I’m sorry. You are a majestic fantasy footballer. Please come back. I need you.”

Pearce lined up next week and scored me 95. I progressed. Just. The week after, he scored 55. I lost that final, and I swore never again. Never again would I trust Pearce Hanley in my side, for he was cursed. Either that or just an arsehole who checked my trades each week.

Regardless, I swore off the Raging Bull.

But he’s too cheap to callously disregard this year. No matter how twisted and bitter I am, I can’t pass up a bargain, and my old friend Pearce is a bargain this year. Let me grab my magnifying glass.

2016 Prices: $467K SC, $494K AF, $7.8K CoachKings
2016 Position: MID
Games last season: 11
Average last season: 87 SC, 89 AF,  97 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 4
Sub 80 SC games last season: 6
SCPrice range last season: $408K – $557K
Missed games last season: A lot

The case for:

Pearce Hanley is a jet. Blood feud aside, he can do the football thing pretty damn well, and on his day he can absolutely tear teams apart. I would be having a look at him each time Brisbane pop up in a Coach Kings game to see if he could rip the poor sods a new one. His run and carry is spectacular, and his tackling – like all up in Brisbane – is ferocious.

  • Will pump out massive scores
  • Gets on streaks of form
  • Tackling machine
  • Shouldn’t be tagged with Beams and Rockliff around
  • He’s priced to average 90. He’ll do better than 90.

The case against:

I’ve outlined my case against already, but for those of you who are slightly more rational than me (which you should all be) there are a few more reasons why might think twice before poking the bull

  • Inconsistent as buggery
  • Still very little word on his injury
  • Has lost DEF eligibility – can he match it with the scoring potential of the Abbletts and Fyfes of the world?
  • Can’t handle a tag
  • Is he really value when O’Maera, Libba, Crouch and co loaf about around the 300k mark?
  • He seems to hate me

The verdict:

He will regularly be picked in my CoachKings side. On his night, Pearce Hanley will be a one-way ticket to a free jug of beer and qualification for my venue’s CoachKings final. However, over the long form of the game, I’m not sold. As a defender he would be my first picked, but in a midfield with as much value as we have, I’m not taking that chance. When you run with the Raging Bull, you’re only seconds away from being gored.

What do you reckon community, will you pick him?

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Love the man but as a defender only, I will regret not picking him this year as a starter I know it. He will crack out 150s I feel it in my waters but the answer is still No…


Some weeks it will hurt, Dools, but it's the right choice to leave him out

sam siddall

To much value else were but would pick him if libba omerea crouch weren’t so cheap


Yeah spot on – better value elsewhere

I N Pieman

Almost no cartlidge left in his hips. Very serious issue. So much value elsewhere. Definite no. Great player to watch but


Agree with you I N. There are too many "extraneous variables", as Higgo would say


Not for me!!! Maybe if he had his DP might consider?

General Soreness

too much value in the mids, the value is not present here. no go for me.


I'm actually cannot decide wether to go Goldstein and Martin or Goldstein and Lobbe???


I've locked Goldy and big Stefan up and thrown the key away. Value all over the place so might as well go rolled gold where it counts.


my problem this year is how the Rucks will be affected by getting rid of the sub vest.

prior to the sub vest, most teams played two rucks and shared the load. only difference this time is the limited inter-change rule.


Would have Hanley if he still had DPP (Mid/Def). But as many have pointed out in various threads, Libba, O'Meara & B Crouch may be too much value.

Question, will most people be going all three of Libba, O'Meara & B Crouch or only one or two of three. Just wondering if its better to take two only and Start with an extra premo keeper Mid, rather than hoping one of these guys becomes a keeper or having to use all three to upgrade later?

Starting to think that the M4 & M5 positions will be hard to choose mainly because of the large a mount of choice at the $500k-$590k mark


I have gone with premo's up to M4 with only Libba as my M5. Not selecting JOM or Crouch has allowed me to fit Shaw, McVeigh and Bartel into my team. I would prefer to spend large on defence as I don't want to muck around with it. Those 3 are keepers, where as if I had JOM/Crouch in my team, I would have to select a mid priced backman who I would be upgrading. It's saving me a trade by only going with 1, but at this stage, it's suiting my team.


If they all average 90+ which they are certainly capable of, they'll be in my team all year.


i'll be going only 1 (Libba). if there is injuries again this year, you might have to keep crouch/o'meara in your team longer than you want. They are not year long keepers and will need extra trades to upgrade.


I suppose a lot of it will depend on where the cash-making rookies are. If we can get Libba, Crouch and JOM from D6-8, full premos from M1-5 and money can be made on other lines, then I reckon every man and his dog can and will start all three of them, and hope two of them turn into keepers or M9s.

But if there are a plethora of rookie options in the mid and bugger all elsewhere, we'll have to have another look. I reckon it all depends on the rookies, Seeker. Loving the discussion here community!


i agree with that idea. Normally the cash-cow rookies come from the midfield and there is bugger-all on the other lines.

This is why i'm starting to think of this team:

Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Yarran, Seedsman, MBrown (?,?)

Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Rockliff, Liberatore, Freeman, Keays, Petracca (?,?,?)

NicNat, Lobbe (Wyatt)

Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Franklin, Bird, Kerridge (?,?)

Seedsman at D5 & Bird at F5 is low risk strategy.

Only 5 onfield rookies, but 6 midfield cash-cows rookies


Hanley is a big fat no. Surely no one will start with him, why would you?

Also Jack Martin anyone? Flair machine.


If you had balls the size of watermelons and were looking for a BIG POD you would select him


Balls that size I have not, but the kid has the silks and I’m sure he’ll break tons a plenty. (3 last year and a 97 from half a season ain’t that bad for a youngster)

I remember Ablett described him as freakish and I just thought “watch out”

Problem is where does he fit in with all those mids back?


Thoughts on my team:

D: H. Shaw, J. Bartel, B. Smith, N. Malceski, B. Rice, Mitch Hibberd (R. Bonner, K. Collins)
M: Fyfe, Ablett, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Libba, O'Meara, Parish, Hopper (Freeman, Keays, Cunningham)
R: Goldy, Nic Nat (M. Cox)
F: D. Martin, L. Dahlhaus, M. Barlow, C. Curnow, E. Hipwood, S. Kerridge (C. Petracca, M. Brown)


The way I see it, you have 11 keepers: Shaw, Bartel, Fyfe, Ablett, Pendles, Rockliff, Goldy, Nic Nat, Martin, Dahlhaus and Barlow. Rookies are subject to change depending on who lines up round 1 so they don't really matter. I like this team a lot.


Nice effort. Personally I think there are a few more premium options fwd rather then def. Curnow at f4 is too risky


Really? I was thinking the oppostite. In defence there is Shaw, KK, Bartel, McVeigh, Simpson, Laird, Yeo, Smith, Malceski, Seedsman etc while in the forward line there's not much on offer. Martin, Dahl, Lids and Montagna are the only safe options really.
Which F4's do you have in mind? If you have any suggestions on which players to use to change the structure please let me know cos I appreciate your perspective and all your advice.


Out of left field a bit, but what about Callum Sinclair at F4?


Hmm…very left field. Might have to watch NAB challenge form closely.


Pick a side with the top 4 forwards in it and tell me it doesn’t look good. Backs are thin and low scoring. Will mean less trades in the end.


Who do you think are the top four forwards to pick this year mate? I love hearing everyone's opinions. Then I combine them to make my final team.


Bird is the common choice for F4


Looking very nice at this stage, Pinidu!


Thnx mate. Appreciate it.


He can certainly pump out the big scores, last Rnd 146 and 3 out of 11 games were over the ton. Not to bad after coming off no preseason and injured for first half of year. The no DPP kills selecting him tho, I'm sure there will be a few that lok to him as a POD player and good luck to them.
Not in the framework of my team at the moment.


He really is a case of the good bad and ugly!!!


Awkwardly priced and not on my radar. Any bloke with a possible hatred of Patch shouldn’t be looked at out of principle


Love ya mate. Combined with the injuries it just makes him too much of a risk, but my god will it hurt some weeks when he smashed 150+ scores.


Tight write-up, Patch. Think the rounds he makes us regret leaving him out will be less than the weeks we're glad not picking him.

A thrill to watch…and for me that is all he will probably be. Probably next to Robbie Grey, the one I was most saddened to lose his DPP status. RIP DPP


Can someone rate my team?

B: Anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone (rookie, rookie)
M: Gary Ablett (c), anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, (rookie, rookie, rookie)
R: anyone, anyone, (rookie, rookie)
F: Anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone (rookie, rookie)


I love the looks of your team! Gaz is a must, and I love Anyone! He's a great POD, keep it up!

Russ in W.A

I'd consider getting rid of anyone, anyone and anyone, for anyone anyone and anyone, cause anyone hasn't been consistent enough over the last few years, anyone might be a good replacement though, not to mention anyone and anyone.
The rookies in your midfield might be a bit suspect too, maybe consider rookie and rookie instead of rookie and rookie. your third rookie looks ok.
As far as your fwd line goes, I like anyone anyone and anyone, but anyone anyone and anyone might need to be changed for anyone anyone and anyone, otherwise, your team looks really solid 🙂


Not taking risks in the midfield this year. Its No from me


Great stuff, Patch.

I'm 50/50 on Hanley. I am considering him, he's a quality player, and i'm not particularly put off by his price tag to be honest. Jaeger Bomb is still looking iffy for Round 1, and I think Hanley will be a nice scoring POD to have. Now, I may very still downgrade him to a JOM priced player, or even a rookie because I need the cash elsewhere, but he's in my calculations at the moment. I'm willing to take a risk on someone like him, even in the midfield.


I really want to take him I do buuuttt it’s just a no with the 300k options around this year…..gee I reckon you could put together one hell of a mid price team this year from the get go…


Any ideas for team names? Players/Commentator names/puns in particular. Have a short list already:

Circle of Fyfe
The farmer wants a Fyfe
50 tattoos of Swan
Spit or Andrew
Sippin Fine Wines
Just Adcock
2 Boyds 1 Cup
Real Steele
Thug Fyfe
Menzel Washignton

Rick Grimes

The Adcock one appeals.


Adcock grew up in Maryborough and that was his nicname: “Just”

Rick Grimes

How is this shaping:

McVeigh, Houli, Bartel, Macheski, rookies……
Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, Libba, Jaeger, rookies………..
Goldy, Lobbe, rookie
Martin, Hahlhaus, Wingard, Bird, rookies…….

It looks a bit template. Might need to throw in a speccy to keep it interesting.


Disagree that he shouldn’t be tagged, there is a big trend in the afl to tag the outside players because they are easier to shut down than the inside ones.


No chance, have never been able to get onto the Irish Big Dipper until later in the season, and then just as everyone is getting on him he hits those inconsistencies your post so keenly conveyed. When he is on he is really on and takes the game on with absolute brilliance, then you dont see it for two weeks, its like he plays a lock down roll just as he sets the football world on fire with his line breaking speed. I dont know what it is. Surely it must be a team focus thing. If he was a defender then you would consider but he wont be top 8 or even top 100 mids this year. If he can get through a full year, and full time mid as someone goes down inj etc like Beams I just cant see him being doing it week in week out. Who knows? Maybe with Redden gone he might finally get that midfield role he has shown glimpses of. As I say glimpses, would need a full year in the midfield group for mine, I dont think that will happen