The Daily Fantasy Verdict – Zach Merrett

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Daily Fantasy Verdict - Zach Merrett


We are back for 2016. I am excited. I am so very excited. After a turd of a 2015 for many of us, now is our chance to rip fantasy footy a new one – and this year we have the Jock Reynolds Communities own CoachKings to try our hands at too!

2016 also looks the most interesting year in Fantasy Footy since the induction of Gold Coast and the bye in 2011. 2016 sees the induction of a new expansion team called Other Clubs’ Offcuts FC joining the AFL in a strangely familiar, lovely, beautiful… red… sash…

I’m not crying. No. I’m not. It’s… uh… sweat. From the humidity here in Jakarta. Yes. That’s it. No, I’m… I’m not crying about the WADA thing. No, I’m fine… I’m not crying… DON’T LOOK AT ME

Don't look at me!

Okay, the therapist I’m seeing in order to cope with the whole Essendon thing has said I need to move on, to channel my energy positively. So, I’m going to try doing that. I’m going to look at the positives. And one of the biggest positives for the Bombers this year and last is Zach Merrett.

I’ve had my eye on this kid for a while, and this kid can play. He was single-handedly responsible for irreparable stretching to the crotch region of at least two pairs of trousers last year, such was my arousal curve watching him last year. He only had two tons, but at 130 and 140 they are nothing to be sniffed at.

Let’s have a gander at him.

2016 Prices: $477K SC, $501K AF, $6.8K CoachKings
2016 Position: FWD/MID
Games last season: 17
Average last season: 89 SC, 90 AF,  86 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 2
Sub 80 SC games last season: 6
SCPrice range last season: $342K – $471K
Missed games last season: 5


The case for:

  • I reckon there’s a huge case for Zac Merrett’s selection in our 2015 fantasy teams. In his last 10 games of 2015 before going down with a stress fracture, he averaged 95.6, with only one score below 80 in that time.
  • He collects his own pill, doesn’t butcher it too often and tackles like a man possessed. He averaged 22 disposals, went at 71% DE and, while he doesn’t kick many goals, he averaged just under 6 tackles a game – machine territory.
  • He’s also coming into his third year and, with that, prime breakout territory. With a DPP and a free reign in Essendon’s hideously depleted midfield in 2015. Oh, and he hasn’t been banned. That’s sort of important.

The case against:

    • The whole Essendon thing is the main problem with selecting Zach Merrett. We will get hammered this year, and badly. It is promising that Merrett had his run of form while Essendon were playing about as well as my 2015 Supercoach team (i.e. really, really badly), but it will be too large a barrier for many.
    • At 470K, Merrett also has a price tag that could spell Chad Wingard levels of problems should he stink it up. And Chad Wingard levels of problems are awful. Very, very awful.
    • Injury shouldn’t be a problem, but with a light frame and a lack of bigger bodies around him, Merrett might struggle. And on top of that, if he picks up form, he may attract the tag. While I expect Goddard, Bird and even Zaharakis to get the attention early in the year, it is a thought that lingers like a bad dream.

The verdict:

  • Right, enough of this fluffing. Should you lock Merrett away? Absolutely not. He’s a fickle choice in a fickle team with very little history behind him with which to make a calculated decision. He might get injured, tagged, smashed – he’s not what we call a safe selection.
  • Will I select him? Yes. Yes I think I will.
  • I am young and foolish and possibly smitten, but I really think the upside is there. I’ve had my eye on him for this long, and barring a rubbish NAB or injury, he will line up in my side. My therapist would be proud, finding the red sash in the darkness like this.

What do you reckon, folks? Am I insane?

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Probably patch but as for Zach he is a head scratcher. Not even sure of the team so not sure what role he will play, how he will fit in with the dirty dozen, how luey can get him the ball, how much support he will have? Glad he is good at tackling as he can see him doing plenty of that. Will pass at this stage and look at young parish as an bomber recruit. Over to u Zach I need a reason to pick you there r just too many questions.


Don’t do it Jock!!!


Absolute gun this kid! Dont think he'll be able to score consistently well in a bottom 4 side though


One of the things that keeps me up at night, Westy. He will have bad games but I think the upside is worth it.

I N Pieman

I can see a good case for cheap bombers but the premium priced boys make me very nervous. Personally think the Bird man at a much cheaper price is a better pick. At 477 your picking him as a season keeper & in a weakened team I doubt he can be a top 10 FWD. But there is no doubting the young lads talent. Probably have a closer look next year. Nice work Patch


Far call I.N. I've got both at this stage.


Agree re fair call. Looking at baby bombers only and maybe birdy bomber


Patch and Zach sitting by the tree kay I ess ess I en gee
Patch's man crush aside I reckon that zach bloke will have the best season of his career and leave absolutely nothin on the park every single week but, that isn't enough to make him a starter in a SC team. His price is too close to Ollie and other proven game breakers to have him as a mid so he can only be considered as a forward for SC but as a FWD you've also got Saint Nick in the F3 price range and his ave for the first 5-6 games of a year is phenomenal .


Gold, Wombats. Salient analysis, and I have a sneaking feeling we'll be delving into Roo over the next few weeks.


Roo relevant last decade only

General Soreness

Zach is trending with some of the best young ones going around, massive POD for those with the gonads to pick him, he will go midfield this year, he will carve it up, he will go 95+ if untagged. I may be biased!


Patch you little beauty! Zach is the new Zorro, swinging in, slashing his way around the village, collecting the pill, delivering nicely by foot and could ba very tasty POD. Great to have you back mate!

Canny the Manny

As a bombers supporter as well, watching Zac Merrett play footy is what gets me up in the morning. The way he goes about his footy is very easy on the eye. It’s a no for now, I think I’ll be going with Toby Greene at a similar price, but Zac could turn out to be a brilliant POD.


Toby Greene is an interesting one. At $450 odd he's still a bit of an awkward price. If someone could make me confident that he'd carry on from his 2014 form he'd be a lock. His average dropped by 20 last season. Was that because he was playing forward more often or just because he had a crap year?

Canny the Manny

G'day Jimi,
Yeah it's an interesting one indeed. I hadn't looked too much into Greene's 2015 season stats before commenting on this article last week, at the time I saw his name at that price and rushed into selecting him. But the more I look at it, the more I am turned off by the prospect. Like you said, his price is very awkward, and there's no telling how he'll approach 2016 fantasy wise.


Zerrett or Buddy? Decisions, Decisions. Great Article Patch!


I'm gonna take the risk with him, going with my gut, ava good feeling about this young grasshopper.


He has to be a "wait and see" surely, awkwardly priced with a huge downside, DPP sparks interest, but ain't enough.

PASS – trades saves lives.


No at this early stage, I have 4 to 5 in front of him in that price range and only have room for 1 or 2 but someone has to score for the bombouts so he could be a prize for those that take the risk early.


Thoughts on my team ATM.

DEF: H. Shaw, J. McVeigh, J. Bartel, E. Mackenzie, C. Byrne, R. Bonner (M. Brown, B. Rice)
MID: S. Pendlebury, G. Ablett jnr, D. Beams, J. Kennedy, T. Rockliff, T. Liberatore, D. Parish, J. Gresham (N. Freeman, C. Petracca, B. Keays)
RUC: S. Martin, M. Lobbe (D. Wyatt)
FWD: D. Martin, L. Dahlhaus, M. Barlow, C. Bird, S. Kerridge, N. Kommer (A. Gallucci, T. Keough)

CASH LEFT: $17,100
Please let me know any changes or anything that you would do


Really good first team. Almost identical to mine:) except I have Fyfe and Nic Nat instead of Beams and Martin.

D4 I’m thinking BSmith or Yarran.


How much are you leaving yourself for rookies ?
I only just scraped through and you are needing an extra 200k for the your premos.


I’ll be starting with 6 onfield rookies plus emergencies.

I have Yarran at D4 with only $7k left.


Hopefully these rookies will score well for you. I can't find many rookies who will score 75+ unless they are over 130k.


i'm not looking at Rookies yet, they will emerge before round 1, hopefully some bargin priced ones.

My First Draft Team:

Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Yarran, Brown, Rice, (Hartley, Joyce)

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, JPK, Rockliff, Libba, Viojo-Rainbow, Freeman (Keays, Menegola, Marcon)

Nic Nat, Lobbe (Wyatt)

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Bird, Kerridge, Kommer (Summer, Petracca)

12 keepers, 4 midpricers, 6 onfield rookies

$6k left.


Thought about swapping Bird and Rainbow for Crouch and Cockatoo? Same overall structure except rookies are 2-1-3 instead of 2-2-2. Reckon Crouch and Cockatoo might out score Bird and Rainbow by 20 points per week


Really like the kid but a definite no for me, I reckon the taggers are waiting for him… Don't think Bird will get tagged, Zaharakis will struggle this year, Goddard may get tagged a little too. Still someone's gotta average 100 for the Bombers (based on the fact Ablett & Ward did in GC/GWS 1st year) but I reckon it will be Goddard and/or Bird. FWIW I reckon Essendons team is better than both expansion clubs 1st year and as such I see them surprising a few.


How many taggers are playing in opposing teams at the same time?


2 games over 100, 6 under 80 says it all. Sorry but its a no for me.


Just realised that when you list the surname initials, in descending order based on SC price, of Libba, O'Meara and Crouch it says LOC.
Mate if that's not the supercoach gods sending a message I don't know what is


Haha Lets hope so!!


Beware the Supercoach Gods bearing gifts


Gday community, whats everyones thoughts on jarryd lyons?


Love him! However it would be a no for supercoach from me. Yes his scores are sub-effected, but I don't see him averaging over 80.


Good stuff Patch! Love your work! Had my eye on Merrett for a while now, reckon the kid can play some serious footy! While we're talking about young Zach, i thought i would mention another man around that price range in Sam Gray. The kid started looking at home in that Port line-up towards the back end of last year registering scores of 102, 98, 84, 121, 138, 125 in his last six games. He was rotating through the midfield and also kicking goals, he's proven he can belt out big scores, am i crazy, or is the bloke worth a look????


He's definitely worth a look. Especially with Monfries out… there's a spot in the forward line up from grabs.


Great write up Patch. I was into Zach before the CAS verdict, however, now with so many senior bombers out, I just don't think he'll be able to handle the added responsibility just yet. Bird all the way for me in the forward line.


this will be a POD selection, however i feel it is a POD for the sake of it