PODCAST: 2016 Fantasy Rookies

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Supercoach 2016 Rookies


Young colts bursting onto the scene. You don’t need us to tell you that these kids are an ESSENTIAL game element to NAIL when selecting your fantasy teams.

In this our second episode we analyse some of the rookies putting their hand up for selection in our starting teams this season.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • Essendon rookies Darcy Parish, Aaron Francis and Mitch Brown
  • Discarded players set to receive a lifeline from Essendon – and their fantasy relevance
  • Christian Petracca and that bloody tow
  • Charlie Curnow and stacks more

Remember – DAILY player analysis articles now rolling out every day folks! Enjoy the show!

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Fantastic work Jock


G'day Community, Great Podcast Jock and co. I have constructed a side that I am taking a liking to thanks to the legendary Higginator. I would love your thoughts and advice.

Teams Name: Dobbo's Legends V16.4

Def: McVeigh, Bartel, Yeo, Smith, Brown, Brown (Bonner, Tipungwuti)

Mid: Pendlebury, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Freeman Cunningham (Sumner, Mathieson, Marcon)

Ruck: Goldstein, Martin (Wyatt)

Fwd: Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Franklin, Kerridge, Petracca, (Ahern, Kommer)

Cash Remaining: $7,500. Cheers lads.

Canny the Manny

Very good effort for this early on in preseason, Hawker. I’m with Jock on the O’Meara debate though, if he’s playing round 1 he’s a must.

Also, where are you getting player prices from? Supercoach Gold?


Thanks for your comment

Go to: http://www.jockreynolds.com.au/2016/01/13/podcast… and scroll down then press the link saying download Higginator V16 here and it will open an excel spreadsheet and enable editing. From there you can make as many drafts as you want. Good luck mate and thanks again.

Canny the Manny

Cheers Legend 🙂


Get on Sammy Kerridge. Forget 2015, he was hurt at the start of the year with a hammy, fought his way back to the main side and then stuffed his ankle in his first game and missed another 6 weeks. Late part of the year the Crows were playing very well, so despite him routinely racking up 30 odd possies a game in the SANFL he didn't get a call back.

Another thing to consider – interchange rotations. Kerridge is as fit as a human can be. He's the only guy who's been able to dethrone Nathan Van Berlo in the pre-season time trials and with a team full of kids with limited rotations, Kerridge is gonna be staying out on the field for a LONG time. Carlton eyes say he's been training the house down, all the blokes love him, he'll be locked in my side without any hesitation. He can play forward, in the midfield, 2014 he got used as a tagger because NVB was out, doubt that happens at Carlton with Ed Curnow sitting there.

Aaron Francis is a big 'ol padlock for my side. Still iffy on having both he and Parish as more expensive rookies.

Clayton Oliver interests me greatly, but once again, the price is prohibitive.

Wayne Milera – Hear nothing back good things coming out of training about him. Skillful, hasn't missed a beat and with the big boys in every session. I don't think he'll be there for Round 1 though. Crows other first round pick Tom Doedee won't be in the mix at all.

I'll also be keeping my eyes on Ah Chee, Fioroini and Schoenfeld at GC too.


What can you see Milera averaging this year BVC ?


Maybe 55-60? He's still skinny, won't be in the middle for a ton of time I'd imagine.

M-Town Ballers

Good info BVC I’ve had Kerridge in my team as soon as he was drafted the kid will be itching for the opportunity to play, will be watching carton closely NAB to see what roll their GWS imports will play
From the bombers I reckon Hartley, brown and kommer should play and all be around 65-70ave and perfectly priced for your D6/F6


Quite like Hartley, heard some good stuff about him. He'll likely line up for my team.


Ryan Crowley has signed with the Bombers! Not supercoach relevant but interesting


Actually very SC relevant as that relieves Bird of any potential tagging duties and frees him up to play a lot of midfield time.


I couldn't see Bird tagging anyway, Essendon needs mids to go after the pill after the loss of Stanton, Watson, Heppel, not run around next to some bloke.


What do people reckon, Brad crouch, Libba and omera? I think only two can be in for structural reasons who makes the cut?


Same… I've been of the opinion that only one can go in. I've gone with Libba but nothing locked in yet. Similar issues with the likes of Oliver, Parish and Mills, at their prices who goes in…


i'm thinking there is room for only one. At the moment i have Libba in my team. it might change if there is some NAB form


I might be in the minority but I disagree. If all 3 average 100+ (Very possible) previous structure goes out the window and all 3 become must haves. If that means starting with 3 less premiums or 3 less rookies, or somewhere in between so be it. No 2 years are ever the same in this great game.


i doubt all 3 will be keepers (lucky if 1 stays there all year). If we have an injury year like last, there just won't be enough trades to turn all 3 into ultra premos. there normally emerges a rookie who early in the season can produce premium scores, they are better value than midpricers.


While it is possible it is likely max will be Lib 100-05, O'meara 90-95 and Crouch 85 which at 85 and 306K will make some cash but not huge amounts and is not a keeper. Parish who is likely to start somewhere in centre line is a better choice for cash generation. Lobbe is interesting too, having two seasons ago been around 520K and now back to 1st ruck, maybe Lobbe has better up side than Leuenberger.

M-Town Ballers

With a young and unfamiliar team mates I think leuy will get a lot of tap outs to disadvantage = -1 point

M-Town Ballers

I think you need to decide weather their keepers or stepping stones I see libba ave 104-108 good for M8 keeper but I can’t see crouch or omeara getting that high maybe 96-102 ave so prob not good enough for a keeper, I agree you only want one stepping stone in your mids. Crouch is a little cheaper VS O’Meara has an easier start. I’ll be deciding on NAB CUP form


Good point but it’s also about value! Getting someone who can score 100+ at 300k is critical


Every year there is a rookie who goes wooshca and starts scoring 100’s.


All 3 are locks! All are priced at an avg between 55-65. Below is what they have each averaged in the past, as you can see good money to be made and quickly and Libba great chance of being a keeper.

Averages in last 2 seasons (playing)
Libba – 110 & 106
O'Meara 97 & 90
Crouch 88 & 94


Great stuff Jock, what are you're thoughts on Stanley and Lobbe as rucks


i'm sticking with my starting formula from last year. I need 12 hold all year Ultra premiums (3Def, 5Mids, 1Ruck, 3Fwd). So far i have Shaw, McVeigh, Bartel, Fyfe, Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Rockliff, NicNat, DMartin, Barlow, Wingard.

I'm going with 4 midpricers, 1 in each line. I have Yarran, Liberatore, Lobbe & Bird. Hopefully will score well and upgrade to a fallen Ultra Premium (ie Goldy), all have their risks.

That leave the rest as rookies 2x2x2 onfiled, plus emergencies to generate Cash.

Am i missing any obvious players?


If you go with those players you will be leaving yourself very tight for your rookies.


i'm confident the rookies will emerge!


Which ones have you locked in for now. I cant see any room for the more expensive rookies i.e Anderson, Parish, Francis etc.
The likes of Gresham, Keays, Brown, Kerridge look the goods for me. But only time will tell


Probably only freeman and keridge as good rookies. I’ll mainly be looking at rookies from the bottom 4 or 5 teams. Too risky getting rookies from the good teams, don’t play enough. Plenty of time to wiry about rookies later. Need structure now.


Its all a matter of opinion but I'm not starting with Fyfe at present. Price is at a premium and there's his injury. Also read that he may be pushed forward a little more with the arrival of Bennell. (hard to see it but its a theory) He's still a gun and will be up there come the end but I'm holding off for now. Will have a good luck at NAB and see how he's going. I think J Selwood is well priced too and worth a hard look…


I agree Chris, Ill bring in Fyfe after he has dropped. Selwood is locked in my team, he could only get better right ?


Dangerfield will take points away from Selwood


Maybe – Selwood really struggles with the tag so I think Danger helps him more than hinders – Ducky is a notoriously slow starter though and has had some foot issues in the pre- season – he’s on my maybe list


Why is the popular opinion that Dangerfield will take points off Selwood but Sloane will struggle to score without Dangerfield?


Don't buy into the talk of less midfield time. The guy just won a Brownlow! Yes he will spend a little more time forward this season but that will be because of the interchange cap, not because he's injured.


On fire gentlemen. Highly anticipating the new Coach Kings format.


Bit of info here about how each clubs draftees are travelling so far. Can't lock in a young bloke at this stage but nonetheless it's a good read.


Thanks Kev as you say worth a read.


Still not sure the strategy im going just yet
But put a eam together to see what it looks like
Kk smith jaensch aish mckenzie m brown
Hartley ruce
Ablett shiel rocky prestia libba crouch omeara parish
Francis trengrove freeman
Mummy lobbe
Martin dahlhous billings bird leue curnow
petracca kommer

All rookies subject to change as being this early you cant know for sure
But not sure if im going to go mid price strategy or change it


Yep it’s good to have you back jock and team!!!! Just happened to check the website and low and behold…..THE SECOND CoMING!!!
It makes me so bloody happy!!
Anyway…..after a successful year last year I was leaning towards a similar strategy (g n r plus a couple of mid price punts) but I think with the value represented by jom, crouch, Libba, bird (is a gun), luey, lobbe, even Sinclair as swan no1 ruck, even malceski and smith down back, I can’t help but think there is going to be more than a couple of mid pricers in my team this year. Not selecting all of the above but…. For now until nab
Luey, bird, Libba, crouch, jom (if playing round one which I doubt) and malceski are all locks in my team.


Hi Swans! Don’t get to mid-price mad. Remember how scarce trades can be, and for every mid-pricer you will need another trade to upgrade and two trades if they spud.
I’ll probably have max of 4.
Looking at Bird, libba, lobe and Yarren.


Gday Derek!
I hear you re trades, but I think there is very little risk attached to the crouch jom Libba types. If a rookie you don’t have is scoring similar it’s a quick early cash making downgrade. But yeah the mid price madness might be taking a hold of me….. It normally does this time of year and then settles a little come the start of the season. Even David swallow is terrific value! Could easily come out and average 105-110….

The Ranger

Greetings Swanny, good to see you back.
Got my beady eye on Swallow too. Not heard anyone else talking him up yet.

Small balls

Love it jock , what are your current R1 options , Goldstein ?


What is everyones thoughts on Jarryd Lyons? He is priced at around 250 and without the sub vest will definitely score more then his previous averages.


Hi Jock,
Is it true that the bombers are offering buckets of cash to, stokes, Carrazzo, Hale, Goodes and Rhyce Shaw?
How can they afford to pay their list including all the banned players plus Kelly 200k, Hale reported 250k, Carazzo 170k Stokes, Goodes, shaw and remain within the salary cap?
Or did they get another 'Get of Jail Free' card from the AFL for salary cap breaches?

This scenario is disgusting and very unfair on other teams who weren't allowed to add retirees to their lists to cover contracted players that are unable to play due to injury or other reasons.


Ah so the Wombat has his nose squarely between JR's cheeks. Thought you were better than this Jock endorsing tin hat wearing parasites from big footy but I guess you're not that I thought you were… the break has changed you


What is this??? I see there are these Podcast thingy-ma-bobs from Jock Reynolds and crew, a memory of old… and the rigidity punches through the stitching in the trouser front….. could this be real??


Hey Jock how do I find a list of venues that will be hosting the coachking stuff?


Im back.Hope to do better then last year. Dont know what number I got. But do know it wasnt good enough. But this year I have a secret weapon. And that is not to select any Bombers . Bahahaha


would like your opinion on draft 1 team s/c..shaw,boyd,mcvegh,bartel,mohr m.brown.(otten, collins) pendlebury,ablett,hannebury,rockliff,anderson,mills,hopper,gore. (gresham,keays,mathieson) blicavs,lobbe.(west). delidio,montagna,barlow,petracca,cockatoo,kerridge(sicily,mcdonald-tip) bank $67,800