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Jed Anderson Supercoach 2016

This kid can play the game folks.

Looking at the way this kid moves on a football field I have no doubts there. But after only 10 games in the Hawthorn firsts in 3 seasons – he’s packed up his swag and headed over to Arden Street to join North Melbourne.

“Well the bloke’s a spud then Jock. A tumbleweed. A bum. A reject turned out into the cold dark streets by a club that didn’t think he was made of the right stuff.”

Ease up there – it’s pretty bloody hard to be critical of the fact that young Jed wasn’t able to establish himself as a regular fixture in a majestic Hawthorn lineup – isn’t it? This is one of the greatest teams we’ve seen. And with Jed still only 21 years of age you get the feeling he’s odds on to become a regular fixture in the North Melbourne lineup from day dot. Could even find himself stuffed into the midfield.

And look at that smile. Infectious.

Let’s have a closer look at Jed Anderson community.

2016 Prices: $224K SC, $224K AF, $3.5K CoachKings
2016 Position: FWD/MID
Games last season: 4
Average last season: 41 SC, 49 AF, 42 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 0
Sub 80 SC games last season: He didn’t crack 80 in any of his 4 games. 2 were green vest affected so cut the boy some slack
SCPrice range last season: $141K – $166K
Missed games last season: Stacks


The case for:

  • Price. You get a kid with three years of conditioning under his belt, migrating to a team where he will have much more opportunity – all for the price of a high level rookie.
  • Talent. We’ve seen what he’s capable of early in 2013 and during stints in the NAB. Can be electric and can be a potential match winner.
  • The fact the Roos used pick 15 on him in the draft is significant. That’s a reasonable price to pay and suggests they rate Jed highly. Have designs on him.
  • He’s a tackler. Not only will he hit the scoreboard as he loves a goal – but he’ll also keep his fantasy score ticking over in lean times with his undoubted tackling ability.

The case against:

  • Consistency. At the end of the day this was a key factor in why he wasn’t able to nuzzle his way into the Hawthorn lineup, as dominant as it was. He had weeks in the VFL last year where he ripped games apart, then periods of relative low impact.
  • Injury and illness. Constitution. As a young colt he burst out of the blocks is 2013 and earned himself a Rising Star nomination. Injury then kept him sidelined and out of the firsts till the end of the season. Went back up North the end of the season and got crook. First game in the VFL 2014 he stuffed his shoulder and went under the knife. Slight concerns here.
  • Goose hunting. Glen McGrath inspired tendencies may be seen as an issue for some. He whacked this image of himself up on InstaGram a few years back. Looks fit though. And we’ll forgive him this given he was just a young boy.

Jed Anderson with his Geese

The verdict:

  • CoachKings Daily Fantasy wise – if you’re down the pub involved in a North Melbourne contest – BANG. Lock him in. Regardless of who North are playing in your contest – he should be among the first locked into your team provided he’s named.
  • Long form Supercoach / AFL Fantasy wise – I’m interested but not completely convinced. Definitely want to see how he lines up throughout the  pre season, fits into the lineup and where he sits in their pecking order. At this stage he’ll slot into my forward line tentatively.

Over to you community – what’s your verdict on Jed Anderson?

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He is an interesting selection at his price tag. I'm waiting for the pre season games to see what position he ends up playing. He's on my watch list at the moment.


He’ll be locked and loaded in my forward line, right next to his new kangaroo mate Daniel Wells


Definitely not convinced yet
But we should track his pre season to see his role in the team

Sheriffs Big Rig

Too pricey to be a starter. Wait and see


Like him Jock. Always sit up and take notice of the DPP guys. If he can snag a spot in norfs mids he's my F4-5


The first point made on the case for is probably what makes him someone that needs to be on most people’s watch list. He is roughly the price tag of a high first round draft pick, yet has 3 pre seasons under his belt, a handful of games and hopefully more maturity then the fresh 18 year old crop from the recent draft.

I’m definitely not convinced at the moment, but after some NAB challenge games we should be able to see what sort of role he may play for the Roos.

Sit and wait for me.


Jed is competing for a spot with Parish and Ben Kennedy both with simular price tags its a interesting one as there are so many players this yr cheap it will be a case of selecting the right ones with a blend of cheap cash cows and premiums


On the EMG list at the moment, will need to shine in the NAB games for a promotion into the starting 30.
Seems to go missing in games and Scotty wont put up with that crap, but maybe the move to the hoppers will be god for him.


Thoughts on Nick Riewoldt?


Great write up jock. Currently have young jed at F5 in my starting squad but this is up for grabs between jeda, wells and menzel as anything pending Nab cup form. As stated by jock you don’t use pick 15 on a existing player unless you think he can fill a need straight off and with bastinac moving up north they got jeda to replace his pace, no sub any more so will play and often. All players are inconsistent at this price and he is also tackle happy! Tick. . So it is your spot to loose jeda. Over to you.


I have him at F5. Would love some feedback on my team.
def: Shaw, Laird, Docherty, Malcheski, Francis, Byrne, Brown, Bonner
mid: Pendlebury, Ablett, Selwood J, Rockliffe, Liberatore, Crouch B, Parish, Gresham, Cunningham, Keays, Mathieson
ruck: Goldstein, Lobbe, Nyuon
fwd: Delidio, Dalhaus, Bird, Menzel, Anderson, Kennedy B, Kerridge, Petracca
Any advice would be appreciated.


Great info Jock but in support of the young fella I have to ask what's wrong with snuffing a magpie goose or two for a family feed?
That cricket fella was killing stuff for photos if you're going to put Jed in basket then ya better start bagging every fisho on the peninsula.
As far as SC is concerned I reckon that the Hoppers have a pretty good list and I can't see Jed being reliable enough to be of SC value for anything other than the E button.
I'll be looking for somebody 100k cheaper so I can make the big dollars.


any views on having O'Meara, BCrouch and Libba in the same team? Could be too much mid price madness, but all have potential to go big this year as well. 3 for the price of 2 🙂


As a Hawks supporter, would love for him to do well but the I not see him being a viable sc option at this price. Should be avoided like the plague.


Sort of got to ask ,why is his price so high considering he only got to 166 k last year.


will watch in NAB for sure
not a lock just yet


As a Hawks supporter, how can anyone not afford $224k on a DPP 21 year old kid who, if he plays +15 games, will be a GEM Roo. I for one wanted him in the Brown & Gold for years. Make book on it.


NO the Hawks side 2013 to 2015 is not one of the greatest sides weve ever seen. They have had the dreamiest run in terms of not having any competition from which to stop them.

Lets look at it…

Saints dream recruitment/list that had shown so much had finally come, and they were the best defensive side in 2009 and 2010 by a mile. They should have won both but didnt and so were crushed after their two losses. Ross Lyon new it and bolted, and that was it.

Geelong had set off on the same highly talent list build as Saints were also slow to get out of the blocks. There was a tim both drew the attention and ire of the AFL expert media analysts who remarked they both were wasting the talent they had, and should have been ahead of where they were at. Once the Cats finally hit their stride they were a powerhouse between 2007 and 2011 of which they convincingly won, gifted one, and stole 2. Their golden era will have many records that may never be broken in terms of number of winning games at home, winning % and so on including at least 5 new names added to the Cats Team of the Century and two maybe three AFL team of the Century honours. They were past it in 2013 and finished 2nd with one of their better win loss results throughout the great Cats Dynasty, thats how bad the comp was.

Collingwood arrived earlier than expected and stole a premiership and lost one they shouldnt have had an 18mth period of dominance and were playing a brand of football never seen before so dominant were they. Even opposition supporters who hate Pies were in awe at the football display they were seeing week in week out, and at the worst possible time the wheels fell off and the coaching dept that was meant to ensure our success going forward blew up on itself and its affect on the team was catastrophic.

There was an absence of competition from the leading Vic teams that the Hawks were knocking around with since 98. The current 3 pete hawks have the premierships that can never be taken away, but if they had come up against any of these sides Geelong 2007/08/11 Saints 2009/10 and Pies 2010/11 they wouldnt have won. They have had interstate teams filling the void left by those other 3 big Vic clubs in each GF. The standard of football in the last 3 to 4 years has dropped from where it was at.

In 2013 an ageing Geelong getting the last out of their destiny like lost to them by 5pts in the Preliminary. Collingwood played the most rookies and debutantes, and finished 6th, no team who had done the same had ever finished higher than 11th. Strong proof of a weak competiton.

In 2014 Geelong finished 3rd with the same amount of wins as Hawks and Sydney at the top of the ladder. They were knocked out in straight sets from the finals, and had lost to Sydney by over 100 pts earlier in the year.

The only team that has played a consistent or as good level of football against them has been Port Adel who beat them during the season in 2014 and were unlucky to have lost by 3pts after having outplayed them all game but falling to inaccurate kicking. They had 7 more scoring shots.

In 2015 they lost to Port twice who didnt even make the finals.

But try telling a Hawthorn Supporter this??!!!


A typical Geelong supporter aren't you saltshaker? give it a rest mate, no one cares.