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Patrick Cripps Supercoach 2016

Can Patrick Cripps build on his freakish 2015 season?

Cripps was Carlton’s youngest John Nicholls Medallist since big Johnny Nicholls himself won it way back in 1959. This came as no surprise given that Cripps ranked No.1 at the club for contested possessions, clearances and handballs and No.2 in total disposals and tackles.

The boy stepped up and became a man in the Blues’ victory over the Saints in New Zealand on ANZAC Day. The 194cm midfielder had 33 disposals (23 contested), 11 tackles, eight clearances and kicked a goal. His impressive performance didn’t go unnoticed, with the AFL awarding him the Round 4 NAB Rising Star nomination.

His ability to win his own pill is unquestionable. Even with the big Carlton guns going down on numerous occasions across the 2015 season, Cripps still ranked 10th in the AFL last year for contested possessions – for one so young this is truly a remarkable feat.

Let’s assess some of young Patrick’s individual fantasy relevance for season 2016:

2016 Prices: $520K SC, $477K AF, $7.3K CoachKings
2016 Position: MID
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 96 SC, 86 AF, 91 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 8 (including a 172 in his third game of AFL)
Sub 80 SC games last season: 5
SCPrice range last season: $211K – $506K
Missed games last season: 2

The case for:

  • Proven ball winner with runs on the board already. Another preseason under the belt can only help his statistics in 2016.
  • He has already experienced a tag and his output was not greatly effected scoring over 100 SC points in five of his last six games.
  • Here is a quote from Johnny Barker after their Rd 21 game against Melbourne; “He was tagged today by one of the preeminent run-with players in the competition and put a nice gap on him. He’s very, very good. His dominance in the contest, and then today we started to see a little bit of burst into space, which we probably haven’t seen much of in his career yet, but it’s ominous. I don’t know if I can say much more about him. My wife might start getting concerned.”

The case against:

  • We call him “The Corn Boy” for a reason – he is the one piece of golden shine in an otherwise turd of a team. Carlton are in for a difficult year. In a Fantasy sense this will have an impact on team and player scoring distributions.
  • While he did play a few games in 2014, this year could be viewed as a potential second year Fantasy blues year. He will most surely factor into every opposition teams’ planning and receive even more attention than he has in the past.

The verdict:

  • In Daily Fantasy just go BANG and lock him into your CoachKings team. Young Paddy will offer you a real thrill – he’s a great player to watch. In the season long forms it is hard to squeeze him in when there are so many other bargains like Rockliff and Libba looking tasty. Can he increase his output by 10 Fantasy points per-game? He’s a reasonable chance folks so this does make him worth a good hard head scratch.

Over to you community – what’s your verdict on Patrick Cripps circa 2016?

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Carlton being bad will hurt him but they were bad last year and he still averaged 96 in his rookie year. Thats elite. He is too good to leave out.


I have locked in Cripps at the moment for my supercoach team. Contested ball winner and by the end of the season will be a great M9 or even used as bench cover.


Hey guys, I know this is about Patrick Cripps, but what is the communities thoughts on KK? Great year last year. $482,200 price tag, it he worth that much?


Got him as well as a POD, found it hard finding a good premo defender. Depends on where he plays in the NAB challenge


Poor bastard. He plays for Carlton. At least it's not Essendon.


Only one team won more grand finals last year than carlton


Haha true, although your squad put us all through many nights of Friday night pain (just horrible to watch) – hopefully the baby blues can be competitive this year


Yes will be all over Cripps in CoachKings when the Blues are playing another of the weaker sides. I'm sure we will see 2 or 3 massive 150 scores form him throughout the year.

In Supercoach there is just too much risk to select him over other proven players that are only a little more expensive. Future Supercoach fantasy beast in the same mold as Fyfe but just not this year.

Mick Klavins

I agree not this year! Will avg 100 but not good enough


Agree with mick, too many proven safer premos for minimal extra outlay


Take off the petticoats Mick. That attitude is exactly why Wayno, Jock, Crimmo, Baron and even Throttlefinger smashed you last year.
You must speculate to accumulate.

Peter Jedrys

It’s a gut call on the baby faced blue this year. He strikes me as a special player whose main strength is his game to game consistency. In my team as I feel Rockliff will continue to burn teams with injuries

Mick Klavins

No from me, there are safer options out there.. Gibbs will be the only improver SC wise from last year. Take that to the bank!


Wary Jock, very wary. Did a bloody good job for me last year but, for mine, at 520k he's priced at his ceiling. Plenty of better options around in stronger teams

captain carlton

Geez Kev ya better get off the drugs before the comp starts. 520k the ceiling for Cripps? Did you read the bit about 172 in his 3rd game?


There is something very special about this kid. Will be a monster in our sides for years. I am backing him in this year, sitting comfortably at M5 for me.


at that price and 2nd year blues i will avoid but i can see the relevance in picking him


Not for me this year