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The verdict on Rory Sloane for Season 2016


We know him as The Sloane Ranger.

And over the past years we have watched with genuine arousal as young Rory has consistently delivered a regular premium fantasy score.

Yet we also know that 2015 was a difficult year for Rory. The tragic death of Phil Walsh. Injury. He was forced to don the dreaded red vest three times through the guts of the season – and copped a fair dinkum smash to the jaw leading to a three week sit on the sidelines.

But if you’ve been around this joint long enough you’ll know that turning adversity into opportunity is bread and drippin for our community. Let’s assess this beautiful individual’s fantasy relevance for season 2016:

2016 Prices: $569K SC, $527K AF, $8.5K CoachKings
2016 Position: MID
Games last season: 16
Average last season: 105 SC, 95 AF, 107 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 9 (including six 120+ games)
Sub 80 SC games last season: 5
SCPrice range last season: $619K – $454K
Missed games last season: 5 – including Phil Walsh missed round and stuffed jaw

The case for:

  • There’s no doubt he will come in at unders in all fantasy formats. This bloke is well and truly capable of delivering week to week relentless premium output. A proven entity here.
  • Consistency is extremely important in the long form of the caper – and Rory is one of the most consistent in the business. Look back at his 2014 season where he had a non interrupted crack at things. He only drifted below the Supercoach ton 3 times
  • Just coming into his majestic prime now at 25 years of age. His body is blossoming. His endurance is reaching peak. His strength is increasing – and the length of his teeth is no issue at all. Absolutely primed

The case against:

  • Dangerfield. Does the fact that Patrick Dangerfield has nicked off back to Geelong make this tougher for Sloane in the guts in 2016? We do know that the two times the Crows were Dangerless in 2013 Sloane was below his best, but we all know that 2 swallows don’t make a summer’s fart. Still must be a consideration
  • In long form fantasy Sloane will cop the first batch of byes in round 13. Could be a case here for a post bye upgrade target

The verdict:

  • You can’t go far wrong here community. Set aside his anus horrible 2015 season – the Crows just had a terrible time of it for obvious reasons. Very likely starter in my long form teams. Adelaide folk – rest assured that he will be available for selection in the North Melbourne v Adelaide CoachKings contest in venues across South Australia

Over to you community – what’s your verdict on Rory Sloane circa 2016?

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A good Upwey boy like myself Jock, love Sloane and his constancy but he'll be a long term upgrade for me. need to see Adelaide in full flight first!
CK you'll slot him in every bloody game.


I've had slone ranger I'm my team the last few years however this year I'm not sure
Not having danger there should mean he gets the no 1 tag every week don't think he can reproduce those great scores of 2014


Spot on – I think he is less attractive this year even at his price point – I’ll probably my look elsewhere for my starting squad


My favourite player to watch by far !!

I N Pieman

Tough one here jock. If danger was still there he’d be almost a lock. The fact that he isn’t adds a bit too much doubt. With other value in the mids it’s a probable no for me.

sam siddall

No from me to many other bargins around


Yes from me!! He's not in my current team but is high on my watchlist and is likely to be in there come round 1. Love the way Rory goes about it and don't think he'll be easily tagged as he gets a lot of his points from contested ball and tackling.


Thompson, Smith and surprisingly Richard Douglas have all received tags in the past over Rory Sloane. I'm not too concerned about that changing now with Danger gone and with Brad Crouch (hopefully) coming back, that can only help Sloane stay away from tagitis.

Big chance he ends up in my round 1 side.

Canny the Manny

You think Sloaney can still be picked if you went with Brad Crouch? Because I'm leaning more towards Crouch due to the price factor.


Sloane = oppositions number 1 tag every week. To much risk for me.

Peter Jedrys

I like his contested stuff and can kick a goal too Jock. I’m liking the contested beasts this season. Kind of an untaggable bloke the ranger. So thumbs up for me


No doubting that the bloke is a fair dinkum footballer my only concern is the Dangerfield factor. If the impact is minimal I should be able to squeeze him into M9/10 after the bye


That's just plain o' good horse sense, Wombats.


Gun, but I just can’t fit him in at the moment. Will definitely be an upgrade target.


Got burnt with the Sloane ranger last year think I used 4 trades on the lad. big fan but a no from me as a starter, will see how he goes without danger and look an upgrade possibility around the byes.


I don't buy the argument that now Danger is gone, Sloane will cop a tag and his output will decrease. Yes he'll cop a tag but the question you have to ask yourself is 'Is he a gun?' Because look at GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Danger etc all cop tags and still score brilliantly.

The answer to the question for mine is yes. He's in my team


Look for Crouch to stand up now


Whats peoples thoughts on Barlow?


People seem to be jumping on him due to his DPP status but I don't like the thought. He's not going to get any more midfield time than what he did last year, Freo's midfield is still strong and now guys like Neale and Bennell will most likely be getting more points.


Barlow's an interesting one as his midfield time seemed to be down last year – hence why I guess he's now listed as mid/fwd on the Higginator, plus with the arrival of the candyman from the Suns, his rotations through the middle might be even less?
On the flip side the dual position option is a plus, a fwd averaging 85-90 puts him right up there, but at just over 500k is it good value?
It's the good thing about this time of year, so many players to chop n change into your team each day and no doubt will continue right through the nab games.


Should be at least on everyone's watch list during the NAB to see how he's both utilised and performs.

But if he's not seen by then as a legit top 6 forward prospect then he'll be hard to squeeze in with all the other value options around like Bird, Menzel, Leuey, Conca, Wright, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca et al.


As a forward he a lock for mine – I am expecting him to be one of the top 6-8 forward scorers this year, and his inconsistent year last year has meant he is nicely priced. I can't see him going any worse than last year, so at worst you get what you pay for.


Who would you say are the must have premos and rookies.

So far I have Ablett, Rockliff, Parish, Brown, Kerridge and Petracca


Libba. Absolutely must be locked into your team and throw away the key

sam siddall

100% agree they say peterca is going to be most picked i think he have gotta have libba


What rookies would you suggest?


And then if they get a gig Rd 1.


Great article Jock! Seems like a lock to me unless he has a terrible NAB challenge. A consistent scorer, just hope he doesn't get injured


If he was $50k cheaper maybe. To many better options for same price


Cant get past the 'Danger-less' games. Its a No from me


Like watching him play but need to see how well he adjusts to the new coach and team sans Danger. With Rocky at the top of my wait and see list.


I'm on the option that there is so much value for money in the midfield this year that I'll pick the guys that offer the least risk in Supercoach. Where as Sloane is another that has perceived value considering his injury effected games last season, there is still the Danger factor and will Sloane receive all the oppositions attention. I see Selwood a much safer option for the same price as he will be released from the number one tag with the arrival of Danger.

However Sloane won't be ignored in CoachKings and I'm sure he'll make a way into many of my sides during the year when I've had a look at his form.


Yeah with Gaz, Rocky, Libba,and Jelwood high on the priority starting list for many coaches in the guts it's tough to find a slot for a player like the Sloane Ranger or 'Cornboy' Cripps when the inevitable crunch comes for precious premo spots in the lead up to Round 1.

Plus I was burned not once but twice by Sloanedog last year through injury which is hard to get over from a purely psychological level as a former disgruntled fantasy owner ha ha.

So if any Crow makes my own midfield final cut it will likely be Brad Crouch and not their No.9 as awesome a player and ripping all round bloke that he is.


Agree. Leaning more on Crouch for the mids…despite his knack for injury. This should be the year he goes boom.


Love The Shag Jock but I'm putting the significant man love aside and will leave him out for round 1. Agree with Mad Irishman above, just a few too many risky variables at the Crows this year. No doubt for aforementioned man love will return throughout the year and he'll be an upgrade target


I love the man Jock, but, the games played without Dangerfield in the past means he sits on the possible upgrade targets list after his early bye round.


nuff said