PODCAST: The Second Coming

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Jock Reynolds Fantasy 2016



Fantasy Footy enlightenment. That’s what my return comes down to community.

And it goes without saying that we are absolutely pumped to be up and running again for season 2016! It’s fair to say that what we reveal in this – our return podcast – will change the fantasy sport landscape in this magnificent wide brown land of ours.

Prepare for the dawn of the communities own game – COACHKINGS – coming to a venue near you. Highly arousing.

In this casting of the pod we discuss;

And we welcome the great Adam Schneider into the bungalow – what an absolute SUPERSTAR.


Download the 2016 Higginator here and start whacking your 2016 Supercoach team together!

We can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be back community.


Jock Reynolds


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Woohoo the team are back this is fantastic news


This is all I have dreamed of for months!


Welcome back fellas!!!

Canny the Manny

High on the arousal curve tonight fellas!


This is the greatest day ever!

sam siddall

Arh welcome back


Great to have you back guys


This has really lifted my spirits after yesterday guys. Great work.

General Soreness

Welcome back, the world makes sense again.


i think i'm gonna blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Welcome back boys!!!


Hey sanctum,

Will you be focusing your podcasts on the newly created format? Or will this still be a supercoached scoring focused podcast?

Cheers boys


Really wasn't getting overly excited for SuperCoach this year but with you guys back and the higginater and the Postcast I can't wait! It's great to hear your voices again! Thanks Jock Higgo Crouch


Is it really true?


Yer I haven't done much preason research yet but I feel more motivated to now that the Podcasts are back and running. Looking forward to the 2016 season. Bring it on.

Dean Billman

Yep ditto BC.


Bloody brilliant. Tantalising stuff boys. Good to have you back!

Big Ben

Dear Jock Reynolds,

I approve of your return and look forward to shooting the breeze with you on Community night, should it arise again.

Big Ben

M-Town Ballers

Welcome back you magnificent Bastards


Feeling very firm, and slightly moist, in the strides at this news.


Can't tell you how much I missed you larrikins!


Bahaha! Love it and look forward to hearing more about this new daily thing you guys are launching.

Interesting thoughts from Crouching's slipper. I think b b b b b Bird Bird Bird, Craig Bird is the word this year – he bloody lock!

Already on my second listen – Gold.


Bird, Brown, Hamneggenburger, Edwards…. Good call Kung Fu Slipper. They are currently in my team. Gwilt? Not sure. Did you spill some rum on the slipper Crouching? It’s good to be back boys.


Your significance to the SuperCoach community is of great significance gentlemen, can't express how thankful I am for all your hard work!! Such talent, commitment and humour!


Welcome Back!!!!

Fritz the Cat

The Corn Boy
Dat some funny shiz man

Mike C

Love it! Missed you guys, aw ’nuff of that soppy stuff, bring on Supercoach 16!!!!


Now that is seriously great news. The Higginator 16 is an invention that ranks along side the wheel and the steam engine. Thank you Jock, Higgo and Crouching One. Thank you.


SC Gold; for those that aren't tight ass'


Great news Jock, it we not the same when we were without the words of wisdom from the bungalow!


Thanks for coming back boys, you were sorely missed.

pippo's cousin

Best email I've received this year. Welcome back


Bloody ripper Jock and boys – like JC, you’ve risen from the dead!


Jock, I'm not sure how I feel about you just reappearing in my life! You and yr men were like a self harm helpline for me out here in the wilds of East Timor and then you just dropped the community like an eggy fart after the church picnic!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was hurting and look, by tomorrow, if I was a sheila I'd probably let you have a fondle, but I just wanted you to know how much your departure from my life effected me.

On the other hand, my Mrs is not happy at all that your back and will be joining us between the sheets as I intend to your podcasts while drifting off your sleep!


Fell off my chair when I heard Jock and crew are back. Great to have the Supercoach legends back in business!


Happiest day of my life! Welcome back boys!


You rippa

Gold Rush

Master Stroke on the arousal curve, I was going to give super coach a miss this year – not now!


I just can't tell you all how happy I am that you're back


Having a hard time eating breakfast as my arousal curve is causing my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to slide down the table.

Beyond happy to have you back gents!


So happy to have yas back was sick of the wannabe Fantasy websites. True Saint Kilda legend you are Jocky Boy


OMG! It’s like Easter in January!


So excited!

Welcome back Gents.


“Spirit in the Sky” … brilliant welcome back song Jock. The band is back together again! Christmas has come very early for 2016. I am still in shock.


Welcome back boys I can hear the printing presses warming up for edition 2 of the most important supercoach research tool every published.

My first question is ethical.
Should I take advantage of the 10 extra budget bombers or, should I have no bombers in my as an expression of my outrage that the club wasn't banned from the competition for at least 1 season?

A question that anybody still defending the 34 essendon cheats should ask themselves.
If Hirds Heros thought that they were innocent why did they lie when answering the suppliments question on an ASADA form and keep the information from doctors?

A question the entire community should also ask themselves is
Did the bombers get an illegal advantage?

My opinion is that they did and it's bloody obvious if you look at player performances before during and after they were on the juice.
Primarily, their captain and brownlow medalist for the year, Watson has never managed to last for an entire season except for in 2012, 16 games in 2011 then 19, 14, 12 in the years after.

The only injustice is that the club hasn't been banned for at least 12-months and a senate enquiry hasn't been to investigate Demetrious tip off phone call to the bombers on the night before the ASAD raid.


I think they're all fair questions Wombat.
There is no way Jobe can keep his Brownlow. I don't understand why the media are still using the line 'the poor players', it's pretty clear to me that they knew what was going on and have been found GUILTY by an impartial international sporting tribunal… that's good enough for me. I'll be taking advantage of the Essendon rookies and top-up players, why wouldn't you. These guys, after all, weren't part of the illegal program so you should be able to select them guilt-free!


Welcome back Wombats and Sarah. Intelligent, well thought out, discussion can be lacking on this site. The guys know their stuff, you guys work on their 'stuff'' and ask the questions which need to be asked. Essendon and the AFL got off lightly. They have shamed our great game world wide. Does the AFL realise what has happened to our games name? I get fired up when I hear 'poor boys', they were 'forced' to comply because of the 'club' mentality. They were told, keep quite and you can get better bodies, run faster, run longer, hit harder. They knew from the start that they were cheating. No other word for it, they are cheats. Should be banned for life, not twelve months. Essendon club should get the ban as well. Shut them down for twelve months, show the mothers of every kid playing football in Australia and around the world that we are serious about 'cheats'. Wait, clear the head….back to today. I will be picking Essendon rookie defenders. They will get PLENTY of the ball. Sorry about the rant guys. Looking forward to seeing your comments throughout the season.


Thanks Sarah and kevwal its good to get intelligent responses to relevant but unpopular opinions, disguised as questions. That's why this site comment section has been so good when compared to other sites.

Kevwal was spot on in his summary and, although I can be acidic at times, me spotlighting the elephant in the room was not trolling. You dopey kids who think it was trolling should avoid reading any comments I make.
Wisdom without the sugar coating is still wisdom.


If they are going to then give the brownlow to cotchin or mitchell then Jab should keep it


Cotchin doesnt deserve a brownlow and I had $50 on Mitchell at $18, so that would gut me even more


Who needs viagra??? Jock is back!!


Great to see you back Jock, when you left me last year my team was 47th overall, finished the year of at 20,000. Happy to say with your help finishing number 1 will be awesome. Fantastic to have you back!!!


Great to see you boys back. Love your work


Awesome news – Welcome back gentlemen.


Glad to be back fellas, cannot wait for the season to begin!

Couple of questions for this year:

How deep should we go in the midfield, 4,5,6 premiums?

Is it worth picking some 2 mid price ruckman this year, even though we have been burned by Luey and the likes before?

What is the communities thoughts on a few of my POD prospects in Yeo, Shiel, Lobbe and Zorko


G'day Mac, big fan of batting deep in the mids. That's where the points are. Starts you off strong
Tempted by Luey, will be rucking solo with TBC now rubbed out. More reward than risk if he can have a solid preseason at that price.

Personally not interested in Lobbe, but is now an option with Ryder gone. Yeo is a bit pricey for me. The burns after picking one season wonder B. Smith are still fresh. Haven't done any research on the other two you mentioned


Thanks Kev, yeah if I were to go deep in mids I would have to go with 2 cheaper priced ruckman. Hoping Smith can get back to his best, along with Malceski (also in my side) for that matter. I liked the look of Yeo last season and hope he continues his role running off the half back and spending some time in the guts. Not sure if his role will be influenced since Jetta arrived, will have to watch the pre season games to see his role. Thought of Lobbe when Ryder was banished but not sure if he is a good option scoring wise. My debate is wether to spend big in the rucks and go with 4 premo mids and a couple of mid pricers i.e Libba and O'Meara or go two cheaper rucks and spend big in the guts.


Jock and team, you magnificent bastards!! It's great to have you back.


Just bloody brilliant fellas.
We have the Teen Wolf, The Banjo Player and now The Corn Boy.
One question. Did Wayno find the ingredients for his cookies he was searching for ?
Stocked to have you blokes back in action.


Stoked to be back! Had an absolute shower of a year last year so pride is on the line in 2016. The return of the great man himself has me peaked way too early. Need some arousal coping exercises!


I am suddenly motivated to get back into it, was struggling to be interested this year. Thank Christ you guys are back! Don’t know how much you miss something until it’s gone. Welcome back.

Rick Grimes

Thank the little baby Jesus. I was fretting at how I was going to approach this season without your wise counsel.


I actually feel like crying… I’m so happy right now! Love ya Jock! Jockkkk Jockkkk I wanna boof him get him up here!


Welcome back 🙂
Wow two mid priced players in the mids this year that you'd be crazy not to lock in
T.Liberatore and B.Crouch both only need to avg 95+ for 6-7 rounds for stepping stones or keepers if they avg 105-108 for the year.


I'm looking at O'Meara too!


True that 0.0 that's huge!!


Some teams will be able to run with 3, my current team can only fit in 2 of them and will track their pre season to see which two will be in my starting team


maybe this year is the year to take midpricers in the midfield only. Every year I end up with 3-4 midpricers but across the field.


Only room for one. Midfield you have to lock in at least 4, ultra premos that you will have all year. Leaves room for 1 fallen premium and the rest rookies.


Whats your midfield look like Derek?


Great to see u back Jock!!!!!!!!!

annoying old lady



*sniff* Great to have you back mate, I missed you and I'll never take you for granted again.

Mick Klavins

Whhooaa!!! It just got real!! Welcome back fam!


Oh that intro music….! Great to see ye back boys!


Glad to see you lads back. Can’t wait for the next podcast feel my week is complete now

Murat A

I had a 2nd coming in my pants when I heard jock was back
I may never get the swelling down


Great to see you fellas back, very arousing!

May I suggest the following read for you Jock, might help give you a few things to think about in how the online side of the daily fantasy sports competitions. I know you wouldn’t want the everyday footy lover to get ripped off by pro punters entering multitudes of teams!



Hey mate, I don't think you need to spend money on this comp just need to show up to the pub to go in for the big prize. The difference is Coach Kings is "supercoach" in the pub rather than betting.




fk yeah! Love listening to you guys. Love the comedy


Strap yourselves in, another ball tearing season with Jock and the boys is on the cards. You little ripper!! Can't wait!!


Hey, Can someone let Higgo know that the Higginator doesn't calculate the score of 2nd ruckman and that C. Sinclair needs a bye to work properly. Great job otherwise!

Camdoggs army



Welcome back Jock, Higgo and Crouch. So happy you guys are back for the 2016 season!!!

Conan the Westy

Bring it on fellas.

I love sharing your wisdom with my primary school students with some censorship of Crouching and Wayno’s more controversial offerings.


I had to keep the missus happy in the bedroom today Jock and I am proud to say I was not concentrating as all I could think about was you fellas making a return……


better than Christmas


Oh how i have missed Crouching's Pyanmanese stories!

Good to have you guys back.


we are back awesome news


I missed you blokes


Hope you find a new girl this yr but hopefully she will be in Footy stats too so you can do both! Welcome back!


This makes my season great to have you boys back


You SOBs, I was so bummed last year, thought what the F. NO Jock. Well , well well, as I am happy with the 2nd Coming, I have not quite wiped the the tears away. Truly. I thank the rising Sun and the Footy gods for the the deliverance to the Community.


Woo hoo. Bout t crack in have a listen t u beaut bastards welcome back


2016 magazine on the go this year ?

The Soothsayer


Tex Spleen

I once was lost (in the fantasy wilderness), but now I'm found. Was blind (without jock by my side), but now I SEEEE!!!!
Hallelujah!!! Give praise to the Footy Gods. You're BACK.


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Clean groves

Jock, I'm not sure how I feel about you just reappearing in my life! You and yr men were like a self harm helpline for me out here in the wilds of East Timor and then you just dropped the community like an eggy fart after the church picnic