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PODCAST: Farewell

Published by Jock on


This is Jock, Crouching and Higgo’s final Sunday night podcast.

Growing family commitments, work commitments, and the financial toll of keeping the podcast going doesn’t leave us with much of a choice. It’s been a prick of a decision to make.
The website will continue on for the rest of the season as is, and members of Club Jock can look forward to podcasts to see the year out (first one in third week of July) – what happens next season we’ll figure out when this season finishes up.
This has been a bloody fantastic journey for Crouching, Higgo and I and we’d like to thank everyone for their support of the podcast over the last four seasons.
Enjoy this our final podcast. We love you all – keep fighting the good fight.
Jock Reynolds.


Thanks to for their support of the podcast this year.

Exotic Limo

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Great stuff boys

the sprinkler

noooooooooo!!! cant believe it's all over!!!!!! well one thing I did discover from the JR site was the sister site SC Paige so all is not lost as the sister site does youtube videos and has also been around for years.

It may not be knowledge to everyone but the SC PAIGE can help support you through these tough times.

Many of you here would know the sister site as many of the players in the Jock Reynolds SC league are also in the SC PAIGE SC league……. so get over their for the rest of the year and let's wait and see how the boys here reincarnate for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you're genuinely trying to help us and you're not from that website. Otherwise this would be in incredibly poor taste.

Jock…I don't know what to say mate. The pre-season of 2013 when I found you, I went from a run of the mill supercoach player of around 50,000-100,000 to finishing in the top 500. It doesn't take a genious to figure out it was because of you, crouching and higgo, and your advice.

This website was awesome mate. You really set the foundations for a quality community and chipped in appropriately. It became a Monday ritual for me to listen to your podcast on my way home from uni; the drive won't be the same without you.

Thanks for everything mate. I feel gutted that you're leaving, and I'm sure you and everyone else here feels the same way. You will be sorely missed, and we would be back in a heartbeat if you came back.


Love you Higgo and Crouching One.

Love you Jock. See ya maaiite.


mate that SC PAIGE is garbage. They recycle information from this fine site and are usually a weekend behind critical trades. SCPAIGE CAN SUCK IT


Sorry to hear Jock, you'll be missed!


Jock, so sad to see if go.. as they say all good things must come to an end. thanks jock and higgo and crouching one for your podcasts over the last few years. your wisdom has changed me as a supercoach player and a person for the better. wish you guys luck and hope is only a temporary farewell… love you boys and go tiges

jimmy dowland


youre a bloody legend jock

would not be where I am without you and the team.

wish you the best


It's sad but we will stay strong, love you boys and love you community!


Well said Lek. D E V A S T A T E D!


"Theirs a hell of allot more good eggs than bad eggs out there and that's the one thing ill take away from this thing is the power of bloody positivity and fellowship" ~ Jock Reynolds

Lekdog, Patch & Damo….. You're doing a bloody good job fellas. Keep it up 🙂


Cheers mate, we love it!


Bit of respect for the Great Man, Higgo & Crouching. Very poor timing for this comment!


Said comment was deleted it seems? Asking for trade advice as first comment!


The above posts say it all. Really going to miss the podcasts. Thanks for all the amazing podcasts.




It's been awesome lads – well played – hope to see you back one day


Going to miss the podcasts Jock! The season wouldn't be the same without ya.

Needing to trade out Sloane this week (after getting him in last week) thinking Haneberry is a welcomed addition?
Ranked 917, 121k left and 7 trades. Burning two next week to get Hodgey in.
Thinking N.Brown to Hodge and a Boston downgrade.

Enright, Shaw, Picken, Simpson, TMac, Brown (Pearce, Lever)

Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Danger, Wallis, Ward, Beams, Haneberry (Boston, Glenn, Steele)

Nic Nat, Goldy (Brooksby)

Gray, Deledio, Dusty, T.Mitchell, Goddard, Swanny (Lambert, Read)



shocking team


me THOUGHTS are dont put a bloody team up at a bloody funeral


or at a guy sebastian concert






Well done lads … Sunday night, Monday morning will not be the same … thanks for the memories and more importantly … thanks for the laughs …


This is devastating as not only do I look forward to your supercoach wisdoms, I look forward to a laugh as you guys crack me up! I really do hope you can find a way to keep going with the podcasts, but I just wanted to stop & say a huge THANKYOU to everyone involved as you have built a magnificent community & we are very grateful for that!


Absobloodylutely +1 that comment boys. It’s been an incredible pleasure to have you blokes to look forward to on a Monday night after a sh1t day at work. Thanks for everything. Genuine tear in the eye


Thanks for giving us this free access to the site and this podcast every week Jock, Higgo and Crouching – Your wisdom/s is/are invaluable, and I understand completely why this is coming to an end.
Thank you again guys.


Absolutely gutted 🙁 You lads are the only reason why I look forward to sunday nights! Thanks for all the great podcasts #Legends


I remember coming to this website three years ago know and to listen to Jock's podcast. I have not regretted a thing since. Thanks for what you have done. Will miss you all… Nomination for the Supercoach Hall of Fame


Who to get out of; Picken, Smith, Bob Murphy, Docherty, Yeo, Enright or Hibberd? Cash not much of an issue, cheers fellas


Picken or Docherty


Murphy or Hibberd would be the most consistent options.

David donelly

Gutted. Listened for years. I commute everyday and you get me through. You guys are super legends. All the best.


Hi Jock BJ here, i currently have Nat Fyfe in my team should i be looking to trade him out for maybe the likes of maybe a christian petracca or a jimmy toumpas? love your work jock


Like the sound of that BJ. Two nice premo options in toup and petracca, also leaving you with plenty of cash in the bank.


great call BJ, also like the sounds of Jack Watts as def/ fwd option, toump and petracca will be stars of the competition


This podcast has taught me everything I know about SuperCoach. Will never forget your advice and wisdom. I went from selecting my favourite players for fun to being a top 1% player. All because of this website. Thank you. #legend


u will never catch me alive


who are you


Onya jolly swag man


This is real bloody sad boys.
Thanks for everything, hope it isn't really the end.


Absolutely love the podcast! Sad to see it go. Higgo, i'd love to be your first, not sure how to get in contact with you but can't think of a better way to say thanks!


One for the team Amy. Good on ya


Wish i was leaving too LOL


Farewell I’m saddened had a shit few months your podcasts gave a laugh and great advice in hard times. So sad. Thanks guys

Big Vin

Words cant describe how gutted i am reading this, been listening to the podcast for two years and loved every bit. A huge thank you from the community to Jock, Crouching & Higgo for your words if wisdom every weeks.


Been a long time listener to you blokes. Will be very missed as that shining light on bleek Sunday nights. Hope you legends still keep up the tweets.

Fantastic effort over the years, cheers to you blokes.


I was shattered when I saw the news fellas. I loved all of your podcasts; great humour and advice. A highlight of my week for sure, you'll be missed!


Thanks so much for the humour and advice. Always looked fwd to podcast and wisdoms within. Bummer.


Shattered Jock! thanks for the memories


Been listening since day bloody dot. And look I wanna say this is bloody bullsh!t and just run out on the street sobbing, but I cant cos you gave it all and you wouldnt want that.
Bloody love you Jock. Respect you Higgo. Laugh at you Crouching. Ok go sleep now xxx


Thanks for the last few years gentlemen.

Feeling a little empty tonight.


It's a bit hard to understand why this is coming to a end. It's been going for many years without a mention of coin.
As soon as money gets involved which has only happened over the past 18 months or so, Last year & this year people donated and now it's coming to a end.

I bet my balls it will continue, however like everything else on Supercoach its all got to do with cash.


As they said a few times, "growing family commitments, work commitments, and the financial toll of keeping the podcast going" caused them to stop. Be thankful that we've been getting all this access for free all these years.


Cynical but insightful comment.

I will keep note of this and also wait and see.


must agree also. most Australians have hobbies they never get enough time to enjoy but still put in the effort and finances to do it. I understand the growing commitments but some people make Australia sound lke it is a third world country where there is no time or money to do anything anymore and that is an exageration or furfie. I could understand if it was costing you massive out of pocket expenses to produce the show and site but I cant see it being that costly to the point where you have to end it. Goodluck and hope you come up with some way to to keep this hobby going and try not to think of it as a money making business. not many people get to share their hobby with loyal fans like you guys do. Thanks for all the memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


money doesnt buy happiness!!!!!!!!!!! but the podcasts and SC success do!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


Good onya Jock. And Higgo, and Crouching! Welcome! And waynoooo's hot tips…which have turned to shit! LOL

I am still a Newbie, but Im gonna miss u guys already!

All the best,

Top Hawk


Thanks for the great laughs and overall entertainment over the years boys, I'm sure we will all miss you guys. I hope you can keep the old episodes up on the site so we can all have a good laugh from time to time, as there has been lots of champagne comedy gold moments over the years.

You guys should have your own weekly show on fox footy that would be great…..Anyway hope to hear from you guys again in some format in the not to distant future.


First and last post gents. Just wanted to pay my respects to you boys. Enjoyed the humor in amongst the discussions. You’ll be missed. Tip of the lid to you all and best wishes for the future. Fingers crossed we see you back next year.


Shit haven’t listened t pcast yet. As new listener am gutted. sry never found community ages ago.
Will keep throwin me coupla stubs into club jock for rest of year have a listen t next airings of you bloody rippers. And have a crack at back catalogue. Cheers boys go cats


This sucks!!!!

Anyone wanna get this negative energy and turn it into a new Supercoach Podcast???

Anything to make me feel better


I will post stupid comments wheels!


Dear Jock, Crouching, and Higgo (and community)

I had a tough time for a while there last year. Had some real shit stuff going on in my life.

I want to thank you three, and this brilliant community for putting a smile on my dial, when not much else would.

The distraction was always welcome, the entertainment much appreciated.

So cheers community – here's to you.



Wow! Absolutely speechless.
I came here two years ago, with no clue what I was doing. Now sitting in the top 3% I owe all my knowledge and ability to you fellas.
Without you I would be happy with league wins. You boys taught me that no goal is unobtainable, and with a bit of knowledge and robustness in the pants region you can reach great heights. The wisdoms you guys have provided over the past couple of years have been invaluable to my career as a fantasy footballer.
Thank-you and good luck to your future endeavours.


Agree with all the posters sentiments here. Playing supercoach without being able to listen to the weekly podcast will be a dull experience for sure. I'll be praying to the supercoach gods that Jock and the lads have a short hiatus. Many thanks.

green moons

thanks so much guys for the few years that you have fathered me through the trials and tribulations of supercoach. much respect to the joy with which you did it. every sunday was a laugh. stay well in the future and hopefully, we hear from you all again.


boys, April fools has been and gone!

Just wanna say a massive thanks to your wisdom over the past few years. I've been listening since the first year and you've helped me go from an average to supercoach player, to a smart one.

If truth be told, the podcast quality has started to slip over the last little while but I think the page itself has continued to improve. I miss the articles from Mick and Crimmins but the new faces have been putting up ripper articles.

Thinking back on some of my favourite moments of the podcast:
-Nathan Fyfe when he was still teenwolf
-Ross Lyon and the arousal curve
-weekend at bernies Charlie Dixon

all the best. See ya fellas


Not as good as me, sittin 29


hey jock I kno you cant do what you love because last year you decide not to take the betting site sponsorship money anymore to save the kids. thanks for doing the things you think are right for this world and I hope one day you guys can get back into it again.

rich guy

i will donate 10,000 to keep the podcast alive

Rick Grimes

Well go ahead then.


A good way to get in contact with him would be through the twitter!


You’ll be missed fellas! All the best.


I’m a blubbering mess. I knew something was up when narrell was back on the scene. Going to miss the antics of the crouching one and wayno. Not to mention higgo prudish nature. All the best to you lads and hope u work out a means to get back on the audio waves somewhere.


Well done boys. You will be missed. Is there a way we could all chip in to make it all happened again. The hand of God. Or many hands. Craig….


Will be missed lads, hope you can return in the future.


I'm absolutely grateful to of had you guys help me win league games and have bragging rights over my friends, without the help of jock, Higgo, crouching one and the community, I would've been just an average supercoach player.

Thanks so much for your wise wisdom, you'll be truly missed


I feel like the boss has given me the arse and the misses have picked up the kids and done a runner….. Worst Sunday night of my life and the drive to work on a Monday morning will now be agony….

Mutually exclusive of the SC genius and wisdom that has come from our fore fathers for the past few years, it was damn bloody hilarious…..

Thank you for your efforts gents, I completely understand the commercial reality and hope one day you can return