PODCAST: Farewell

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This is Jock, Crouching and Higgo’s final Sunday night podcast.

Growing family commitments, work commitments, and the financial toll of keeping the podcast going doesn’t leave us with much of a choice. It’s been a prick of a decision to make.
The website will continue on for the rest of the season as is, and members of Club Jock can look forward to podcasts to see the year out (first one in third week of July) – what happens next season we’ll figure out when this season finishes up.
This has been a bloody fantastic journey for Crouching, Higgo and I and we’d like to thank everyone for their support of the podcast over the last four seasons.
Enjoy this our final podcast. We love you all – keep fighting the good fight.
Jock Reynolds.


Thanks to exoticlimo.com.au for their support of the podcast this year.

Exotic Limo

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Great stuff boys

the sprinkler

noooooooooo!!! cant believe it's all over!!!!!! well one thing I did discover from the JR site was the sister site SC Paige so all is not lost as the sister site does youtube videos and has also been around for years.

It may not be knowledge to everyone but the SC PAIGE can help support you through these tough times.

Many of you here would know the sister site as many of the players in the Jock Reynolds SC league are also in the SC PAIGE SC league……. so get over their for the rest of the year and let's wait and see how the boys here reincarnate for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you're genuinely trying to help us and you're not from that website. Otherwise this would be in incredibly poor taste.

Jock…I don't know what to say mate. The pre-season of 2013 when I found you, I went from a run of the mill supercoach player of around 50,000-100,000 to finishing in the top 500. It doesn't take a genious to figure out it was because of you, crouching and higgo, and your advice.

This website was awesome mate. You really set the foundations for a quality community and chipped in appropriately. It became a Monday ritual for me to listen to your podcast on my way home from uni; the drive won't be the same without you.

Thanks for everything mate. I feel gutted that you're leaving, and I'm sure you and everyone else here feels the same way. You will be sorely missed, and we would be back in a heartbeat if you came back.


Love you Higgo and Crouching One.

Love you Jock. See ya maaiite.


mate that SC PAIGE is garbage. They recycle information from this fine site and are usually a weekend behind critical trades. SCPAIGE CAN SUCK IT


Sorry to hear Jock, you'll be missed!


Jock, so sad to see if go.. as they say all good things must come to an end. thanks jock and higgo and crouching one for your podcasts over the last few years. your wisdom has changed me as a supercoach player and a person for the better. wish you guys luck and hope is only a temporary farewell… love you boys and go tiges

jimmy dowland


youre a bloody legend jock

would not be where I am without you and the team.

wish you the best


It's sad but we will stay strong, love you boys and love you community!


Well said Lek. D E V A S T A T E D!


"Theirs a hell of allot more good eggs than bad eggs out there and that's the one thing ill take away from this thing is the power of bloody positivity and fellowship" ~ Jock Reynolds

Lekdog, Patch & Damo….. You're doing a bloody good job fellas. Keep it up 🙂


Cheers mate, we love it!


Bit of respect for the Great Man, Higgo & Crouching. Very poor timing for this comment!


Said comment was deleted it seems? Asking for trade advice as first comment!


The above posts say it all. Really going to miss the podcasts. Thanks for all the amazing podcasts.




It's been awesome lads – well played – hope to see you back one day


Going to miss the podcasts Jock! The season wouldn't be the same without ya.

Needing to trade out Sloane this week (after getting him in last week) thinking Haneberry is a welcomed addition?
Ranked 917, 121k left and 7 trades. Burning two next week to get Hodgey in.
Thinking N.Brown to Hodge and a Boston downgrade.

Enright, Shaw, Picken, Simpson, TMac, Brown (Pearce, Lever)

Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Danger, Wallis, Ward, Beams, Haneberry (Boston, Glenn, Steele)

Nic Nat, Goldy (Brooksby)

Gray, Deledio, Dusty, T.Mitchell, Goddard, Swanny (Lambert, Read)



shocking team


me THOUGHTS are dont put a bloody team up at a bloody funeral


or at a guy sebastian concert






Well done lads … Sunday night, Monday morning will not be the same … thanks for the memories and more importantly … thanks for the laughs …


This is devastating as not only do I look forward to your supercoach wisdoms, I look forward to a laugh as you guys crack me up! I really do hope you can find a way to keep going with the podcasts, but I just wanted to stop & say a huge THANKYOU to everyone involved as you have built a magnificent community & we are very grateful for that!


Absobloodylutely +1 that comment boys. It’s been an incredible pleasure to have you blokes to look forward to on a Monday night after a sh1t day at work. Thanks for everything. Genuine tear in the eye


Thanks for giving us this free access to the site and this podcast every week Jock, Higgo and Crouching – Your wisdom/s is/are invaluable, and I understand completely why this is coming to an end.
Thank you again guys.


Absolutely gutted 🙁 You lads are the only reason why I look forward to sunday nights! Thanks for all the great podcasts #Legends


I remember coming to this website three years ago know and to listen to Jock's podcast. I have not regretted a thing since. Thanks for what you have done. Will miss you all… Nomination for the Supercoach Hall of Fame


Who to get out of; Picken, Smith, Bob Murphy, Docherty, Yeo, Enright or Hibberd? Cash not much of an issue, cheers fellas


Picken or Docherty


Murphy or Hibberd would be the most consistent options.

David donelly

Gutted. Listened for years. I commute everyday and you get me through. You guys are super legends. All the best.


Hi Jock BJ here, i currently have Nat Fyfe in my team should i be looking to trade him out for maybe the likes of maybe a christian petracca or a jimmy toumpas? love your work jock


Like the sound of that BJ. Two nice premo options in toup and petracca, also leaving you with plenty of cash in the bank.


great call BJ, also like the sounds of Jack Watts as def/ fwd option, toump and petracca will be stars of the competition


This podcast has taught me everything I know about SuperCoach. Will never forget your advice and wisdom. I went from selecting my favourite players for fun to being a top 1% player. All because of this website. Thank you. #legend


u will never catch me alive


who are you


Onya jolly swag man


This is real bloody sad boys.
Thanks for everything, hope it isn't really the end.


Absolutely love the podcast! Sad to see it go. Higgo, i'd love to be your first, not sure how to get in contact with you but can't think of a better way to say thanks!


One for the team Amy. Good on ya


Wish i was leaving too LOL


Farewell I’m saddened had a shit few months your podcasts gave a laugh and great advice in hard times. So sad. Thanks guys

Big Vin

Words cant describe how gutted i am reading this, been listening to the podcast for two years and loved every bit. A huge thank you from the community to Jock, Crouching & Higgo for your words if wisdom every weeks.


Been a long time listener to you blokes. Will be very missed as that shining light on bleek Sunday nights. Hope you legends still keep up the tweets.

Fantastic effort over the years, cheers to you blokes.


I was shattered when I saw the news fellas. I loved all of your podcasts; great humour and advice. A highlight of my week for sure, you'll be missed!


Thanks so much for the humour and advice. Always looked fwd to podcast and wisdoms within. Bummer.


Shattered Jock! thanks for the memories


Been listening since day bloody dot. And look I wanna say this is bloody bullsh!t and just run out on the street sobbing, but I cant cos you gave it all and you wouldnt want that.
Bloody love you Jock. Respect you Higgo. Laugh at you Crouching. Ok go sleep now xxx


Thanks for the last few years gentlemen.

Feeling a little empty tonight.


It's a bit hard to understand why this is coming to a end. It's been going for many years without a mention of coin.
As soon as money gets involved which has only happened over the past 18 months or so, Last year & this year people donated and now it's coming to a end.

I bet my balls it will continue, however like everything else on Supercoach its all got to do with cash.


As they said a few times, "growing family commitments, work commitments, and the financial toll of keeping the podcast going" caused them to stop. Be thankful that we've been getting all this access for free all these years.


Cynical but insightful comment.

I will keep note of this and also wait and see.


must agree also. most Australians have hobbies they never get enough time to enjoy but still put in the effort and finances to do it. I understand the growing commitments but some people make Australia sound lke it is a third world country where there is no time or money to do anything anymore and that is an exageration or furfie. I could understand if it was costing you massive out of pocket expenses to produce the show and site but I cant see it being that costly to the point where you have to end it. Goodluck and hope you come up with some way to to keep this hobby going and try not to think of it as a money making business. not many people get to share their hobby with loyal fans like you guys do. Thanks for all the memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


money doesnt buy happiness!!!!!!!!!!! but the podcasts and SC success do!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


Good onya Jock. And Higgo, and Crouching! Welcome! And waynoooo's hot tips…which have turned to shit! LOL

I am still a Newbie, but Im gonna miss u guys already!

All the best,

Top Hawk


Thanks for the great laughs and overall entertainment over the years boys, I'm sure we will all miss you guys. I hope you can keep the old episodes up on the site so we can all have a good laugh from time to time, as there has been lots of champagne comedy gold moments over the years.

You guys should have your own weekly show on fox footy that would be great…..Anyway hope to hear from you guys again in some format in the not to distant future.


First and last post gents. Just wanted to pay my respects to you boys. Enjoyed the humor in amongst the discussions. You’ll be missed. Tip of the lid to you all and best wishes for the future. Fingers crossed we see you back next year.


Shit haven’t listened t pcast yet. As new listener am gutted. sry never found community ages ago.
Will keep throwin me coupla stubs into club jock for rest of year have a listen t next airings of you bloody rippers. And have a crack at back catalogue. Cheers boys go cats


Dear Jock, Crouching, and Higgo (and community)

I had a tough time for a while there last year. Had some real shit stuff going on in my life.

I want to thank you three, and this brilliant community for putting a smile on my dial, when not much else would.

The distraction was always welcome, the entertainment much appreciated.

So cheers community – here's to you.



This sucks!!!!

Anyone wanna get this negative energy and turn it into a new Supercoach Podcast???

Anything to make me feel better


I will post stupid comments wheels!


Wow! Absolutely speechless.
I came here two years ago, with no clue what I was doing. Now sitting in the top 3% I owe all my knowledge and ability to you fellas.
Without you I would be happy with league wins. You boys taught me that no goal is unobtainable, and with a bit of knowledge and robustness in the pants region you can reach great heights. The wisdoms you guys have provided over the past couple of years have been invaluable to my career as a fantasy footballer.
Thank-you and good luck to your future endeavours.


Agree with all the posters sentiments here. Playing supercoach without being able to listen to the weekly podcast will be a dull experience for sure. I'll be praying to the supercoach gods that Jock and the lads have a short hiatus. Many thanks.

green moons

thanks so much guys for the few years that you have fathered me through the trials and tribulations of supercoach. much respect to the joy with which you did it. every sunday was a laugh. stay well in the future and hopefully, we hear from you all again.


boys, April fools has been and gone!

Just wanna say a massive thanks to your wisdom over the past few years. I've been listening since the first year and you've helped me go from an average to supercoach player, to a smart one.

If truth be told, the podcast quality has started to slip over the last little while but I think the page itself has continued to improve. I miss the articles from Mick and Crimmins but the new faces have been putting up ripper articles.

Thinking back on some of my favourite moments of the podcast:
-Nathan Fyfe when he was still teenwolf
-Ross Lyon and the arousal curve
-weekend at bernies Charlie Dixon

all the best. See ya fellas


Not as good as me, sittin 29


hey jock I kno you cant do what you love because last year you decide not to take the betting site sponsorship money anymore to save the kids. thanks for doing the things you think are right for this world and I hope one day you guys can get back into it again.

rich guy

i will donate 10,000 to keep the podcast alive

Rick Grimes

Well go ahead then.


A good way to get in contact with him would be through the twitter!


You’ll be missed fellas! All the best.


I’m a blubbering mess. I knew something was up when narrell was back on the scene. Going to miss the antics of the crouching one and wayno. Not to mention higgo prudish nature. All the best to you lads and hope u work out a means to get back on the audio waves somewhere.


Well done boys. You will be missed. Is there a way we could all chip in to make it all happened again. The hand of God. Or many hands. Craig…. Cravedesigns.com.au


Will be missed lads, hope you can return in the future.


I'm absolutely grateful to of had you guys help me win league games and have bragging rights over my friends, without the help of jock, Higgo, crouching one and the community, I would've been just an average supercoach player.

Thanks so much for your wise wisdom, you'll be truly missed


I feel like the boss has given me the arse and the misses have picked up the kids and done a runner….. Worst Sunday night of my life and the drive to work on a Monday morning will now be agony….

Mutually exclusive of the SC genius and wisdom that has come from our fore fathers for the past few years, it was damn bloody hilarious…..

Thank you for your efforts gents, I completely understand the commercial reality and hope one day you can return

Mr chan

No way! Can't believe it's ending. Thanks jock, Higgo and crouching one for all the great advice and has lead to me learning the game well and been in top 1% past few years
You guys are irreplaceable

Bang Bang

Mr Jock, can’t we all chuck in $10 to keep this up and about? Shattered!!!






Man I'm not sure what I'm going to be looking forward to on sunday nights anymore fellas. Love you beautiful men.

PHIL J Western

I laughed, I cried. I will be going through the back catalogue to fill the void.

Thanks so much


i cant believe it! gonna miss this podcast heaps … really makes the game a lot of fun, as well as helping us all become better players! the service this year has been amazing, going all the way back to the preseason writeups … i am still a bit shocked but i think you guys do a wonderful job and i look forward to the club jock podcast and hopefully many more! and sign me up for the 2016 mag right now!


Have to get rid of Sloane and have 512k what mids would you guys get ?


now's not the time young one.


Do you have bench cover at the moment or do you need to trade straight away?




the podcast worlds horrible anus today.

skate or die

you guys would make a ripper radio segment on triple J. you guys are 100 times better than the clowns gracing the airways in recent years. i'm thinking a reborn 90's HG and Roy like segment.. anywho, what ever guys decide to do i wish you all the best. you guys will be sadly missed. Jason


In a show of respect my team will be wearing black armbands this week.
No pre-game rev-ups required. Actions – not words – are the order of the day.
#Legends #SuperCoachHallOfFame #ThankYou #Welcome


Not sure if this would be enough to bring you guys back, but I'd be happy to make an online fundraiser. 10,000 views on last week's podcast, if we can get a good proportion of those viewers to donate $5-$10, that's a lot of money.

Even if this wouldn't change their decision, it's a great way to say thankyou to the boys for the work they've put into this site over the past few years, at absolutely no cost to us.

Give me your thoughts community.


I’d be happy to chip in. I’m sure I’m not a (S)Lone Ranger in that either.




Who should I get in, Hannerbry, Priddas or armo? Better options?


Jock you can't do this! You're Community is hurting and we need you more than ever, especially after such a horrific bye period.

There has to be some way to make this work. Your talents are too precious to be forever lost to the Internet.


Gutted, you’ve lightened a heavy load, brightened many a sad day…


Been listening religiously for 4 years.
Am a little lost for words. Feel like I have just lost 3 great mates.
Thanks for the good times fellas.


"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

It's a sad night in our lonely corner of the Milky Way. JR Podcast RIP.


I would just like to say thank you for everything boys. When things are shit there is nothing better than listening to one of your podcasts on a Sunday night. Thanks for everything


Cya Maaaaaaaate

Mike C

Gents, an ex boss said to me these important words: “form is temporary, but talent is permanent”; clearly our boys are hurting which means a temporary form slump, BUT we need to rally around to make sure that this talent is not lost!! Mail me Jock if you’re ever in the mood for ideas to knock another ton!!!!


Guttered just Guttered… I know I've got to get in the real world but everyday we see money running decisions. Jock I was a regular donor to the website and every bit of money given I got back in spades. Thank you.


Cmon boys- put your heads together and think of another way to make the podcasts live on. They are iconic in the SC realm. There are over 50,000 people in Victoria who spend 20+ hrs a week and all there spare cash writing music, in bands plus all the other millions of people across the country who spend alot of their free time and money commiting to their hobbies whether it be sport, painting, poetry, gardening etc…… Cmon team- harden up and try an eek out a way to keep this hobby of yours going!!!!!!!! Surely it doesnt take more time to make 1 podcast a week than it does to play a 9 hole game of golf??? Gonna miss the lot of ya…. and Higgo gonna miss your Higgins songs and stories of the awkward interactions with the ladies….. although Amy wouldnt mind a piece o' Peter it seems.


Well said Nuggett. I the community can come up with some way to assist or solve the financial demands of Jock’s podcast and web. The community need to rally now and coordinate something to help generate more $ for the podcast/ website costs. I have already suggested being willing to pay $15 a week which is about the same cost as 3 large coffees or 3 beers a week!! We all make choices everyday about where our $ goes. $15 a week is nothing compared to the enjoyment, insights and sense of community the podcast and web site has provided us!


This ranks with Di's death and 9/11 as moments that changed and devastated my world. Shattered. Sunday will become just another shit day that ends in 'y'. Thanks for your service over the years boys. Great wisdom and humor provided to an appreciative community. I hope circumstances may change at some point in the future to make the the pod possible again.

Canny the Manny

I feel so empty… I honestly didn't see this coming and it feels like a huge punch in the guts. Goes to show you don't know what you've got till it's gone. I love you blokes. I don't know if I want to play the great game anymore. Listening to the podcasts and being apart of something this great as a community was really uplifting at times when I was down. It's really turned Supercoach into a great passion and hobby with it's serious insight and A-grade humour as well. I want you lot to know you really have created something awesome here, and I hope you'll find a way to continue it somehow.
Canny… ;(


Extremely well put Canny. You sum up my feelings 100%!!!!!!.

Way of Haiku

The crow has flown away:
swaying in the evening sun,
a leafless tree.


Hmm. Joined cj bout when I traded in rocky…..
Sry community.
Then I got Sloane……..
On a lighter note Sloane = Priddis = BANG!
(SORRY to all Priddis owners in advance;-)♧)


Guys if you are done for good you need to follow the Simpsons and Seinfelds lead and help organise some imposters/doubles to keep the show going. Maybe we could get some doppelgangers named Jeck, Huggo and Crunching One with special guest appearances by Woyno…. is it possible?


working on it :p


Only became aware of this site this year , and have helped me immensely , currently sitting in top 1pc …. Thanks guys , hope you get back soon too pass on some helpful tips to coaches


Thankyou for all the wisdom guys. You might not know it but you guys helped me a lot. Cheers from the Bear


Oh noes! What will I do without you? I´ll be lost! *hangs head*

Thanks guys, thanks so very much for everything! xxx´s


Dunno what to say, seriously… Devastated… But understand.
Time is one of those things you have when you have and can’t make when you don’t.

I N Pieman

Sad news gents. Couldn’t think of a worse way to start Monday morning. Really hope somehow the show can go on


It’s bloody Narelle isn’t it? You let her go to concentrate on your Fantasy Footy, then she comes back and Whooshka! Podcast gone!

Narelle’s a lucky girl, because you’ll be missed by thousands! How many people can say that? I discovered this a couple of years ago, then spent a pre-season listening to the entire back-catalogue and came out a different coach. The “Wolves of Clinterfell” would still be a pub team if not for you guys, rather than consistently finishing in the top few percent.

You guys were a real “point of difference” in the fantasy footy world and my Sunday afternoons over here in Scotland will be that much colder without my three mates.

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

Michael Hunt

Jock, don’t do it. Me and my mates in the footy team all enjoyed Narelle’s favours while you were busy. The kid’s not yours. You can do better.
Stay with the Podcast.


Thanks for everything Jock and the boys, good luck with whatever you pursue in the future.

Will never forget Ross lyon and the arousal curve


Thanks boys sad to see the Sunday night podcast go


crouching / jock and higgo,

Thanks for the memories. This is a truly sad day and I will probably make thisy last year of fantasy football. If it is time for you three great blokes to give it away and focus on the families it must also be time for me to do the same.

To you and all the other contributors to the podcast, you have made sc more fun than I thought it could possibly be over the last three years and I won’t be able to go on seriously without it.

Love your work and effort.



Boomer or Zorko


Boomer Harvey, he has a very soft draw coming up.





Just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort to put together this weekly drop of gold. Your insights and wisdoms into the Supercoach world have been invaluable and it will be a great shame to see it end.

All the best and hope to see you back soon.


Jock, Higgo, Crouching

I just want to say thank you on behalf of all the community, for all the time you boys put in. You have helped thousands of people with your Supercoach wisdom! We all appreciate it very much. It is unfortunate, but let's focus on the positive times and experiences we have had over the years and many preseasons. Thanks Boys


Amazing journey boys.
You will be missed. You’ve got some serious talent and/or wisdom. Be proud.


hannebery or beams?


Both are great options. Hanners only because Swans will compete for top 4


whats wrong with steele sidebottom????


I bought him into my team three weeks ago, that's what. Sorry.


Yeh but like whats happening getting tagged? no midfield time? just looks soft!


My mate sat next to him st the nrl state of origin at the G
Sidey necked around 6 bundy and cokes


Is bernie vince a good option?


Well put "All good things must come to an end"

Great stuff over the years Jock, Higgo and Crouching

Hopefully we see you back here someday and hope that the write ups from Lek, Patch, Chicko, Dex etc don't come to a halt because of this devastating farewell of a podcast.


Time to trade Dumont?


b.e of 78 so yeah. Massive sub risk


Thank you for your wise words for SuperCoach wisdom and fun. I will miss your podcasts. Thank you for assisting my path to becoming s better player at SuperCoach.


Bummer. Thanks for the efforts guys. Going to miss hearing your voices each Sunday night during the season.


Absolutely gutted!! Last thing I wanted to read on a Monday morning.

Surely we have to reach out to the HeraldSun to step in and help. Your podcasts keep me going through the year, without them I wouldn’t have the same interest in the game.

They’d be foolish not to.


I'm gonna pull out my soapbox for a moment and say this, to those idiotic fools who begrudge Jock getting advertisers involved, trying to make an honest buck out of things with the Moneyball set up, this is what happens, this is why we can't have nice things. Money makes the world go round whether you like it or not, so have a quick think before you hit that submit comment button in future, yeah?

On a lighter note, bloody cheers Jock, Higgo, and Crouching. Also to everyone behind the scenes at Flapping Tarp studio. The end but not over, you don't pull on the boots for 900+ games without building up a bit of resilience and ticker. I have no doubt we'll see/hear from you again ol' son.



Kev, Very well said mate.
I am sure that some of the "Think Tank" on this site will be able to work something out before the end of the year.

Bobby Dazzler

Wow. Just….wow! Monday mornings will never be the same again. Sorry to see you go boys. Thanks for all the great eps, the SC wisdom and – most of all – the laughs! My testicular fortification has never been stronger thanks to you boys.

Baggy Pants

Shattered!!! I'm not sure what to say. Supercoach just wont be the same anymore. Thank you guys for all your help and wisdom over the years, its been a wonderful journey. Be very proud of what you've achieved and I hope something comes out of the ashes.



Norms fc

Sorry to hear it's all over fellas great while we had you enjoyed the humour and the great wisdom from the 3 wise men ,understand your reasons I hope in the future your needs can somehow be met and we will hear from you as a team again gonna miss crouchings bed time stories there's more room in the trouser this morning cheers fellas


More tears than the end of series 5 of GoT!


SuperCoach not the same now and seriously you guys should look into YouTube and do podcasts on there……..
Great trio will be sorely missed by all on behalf of your community sob sob don't even care about my Slone or Franklin problems now this is much bigger than SuperCoach this is very sad. Wish you all well xox

almighty green back

yes it is sad but unfortunately everything comes down to money now doesn't it? If they got paid $50 each for the podcast is that enough for their hobby?? Or maybe $100 a podcast? or maybe $500 a podcast? Who knows- everyone has their price. But it is the same with a lot of folk these days who volunteer or do things for free and the love of it and they get so much enjoyment out of it. Then when they change it from a hobby to a business to make money then in the end there is never enough money and more is always wanted!!!!!!!!!!!! so once again- is $50 enough per podcast each???? or is $1000 per podcast each enough????? when you do something for free it is always enjoyable but once you think you can get $$$ for doing something you once had a passion for doing for free- then that hobby inevitably gets poisoned and loses it integral meaning in your life. Unfortunately its not time- family commitments or other restraints stopping the sho from going- sadly it is the evil $$$$ because I bet there would be more than enough time if they got paid a ridiculous amount to do what a lot of others do for free- and that is fulfil a passion/interest/hobby with a lrage loyal community without the consideration of making a profit. Nooo doubt the boys will find time to do something else- it will just need to involve remuneration…. and don't be totally lost- there is always SC Paige and her team that have a Super large community that most JR fans associate with…. Most people in the JR SC league are also in the SC Paige SC league also….. don't despair!!!!!


Wow, you're a positive and understanding kinda guy aren't you!! Yes it comes down to time and money and if they got paid enough for the podcast then they wouldn't have to work their other jobs and hence would have the time to continue doing the podcast. There's only so many hours in a day and given they've got families… there just isn't enough to do all their commitments. While I'm sad the podcasts are ending, I understand their reasons.


Well said Sarah.
I was not going to waste my time responding to a made up name for obvious reasons.
The Sunday podcast may have come to an end but the Website itself should remain, The Think Tank on this site will come up with something.
SC Paige just stopped doing any sort of podcast without reason and there are many podcasts out there but this one was clearly the best along with the Website itself. This is a Community and should remain that way.



The Monday morning drive to work won't be the same. Hope to see you back soon.


3 years ago my rank was around 30,000
Last year I moved up to 7000
I'm now sitting at 278 thanks to the guidance from the podcast and the JR community.
I'd just like to thank Jock, Crouching and Higgo on helping us all in leaps and bounds!
Great work lads and hope to see you in some form, bigger and better, in the future!


Shattered to hear this, No longer will i rise like the ashes of a Phoenix through the struggle of a
Monday morning. Hope to hear you back fellas! Jock mate your a legend.


Jock, Higgo and Crouching,

While it is extremely disappointing and saddening to hear you guys are getting out of the caper, let me just say thanks for providing a forum which has generated many hours of pleasure for me. Your collective wisdom's have been invaluable so thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done. This place is very positive and has a vast array of fantastic characters.

I have not been coming to the site as much as I used to because like yourselves, life has been pretty busy for me outside of the SC world so I understand where you are coming from.

All the best with your future endeavors.




Thanks for your great work guys from the Flapping Tarp studio's. Have been a loyal listener for 4 years. Go to bed early on Sunday nyts in footy season just to hear your pearls of wisdom. One thing I particularly liked was how quickly you guys got your podcast up. Will miss updates on Higgo's attempts to attract the fairer sex, Crouching's rum benders and Jock's well placed rants. Anyway hope to see you guys in the Bungalow one day. LJ


zorko beams +70k

zorko mundy +140k

deledio mundy +no cash

(need to be able to upgrade my D6 to go full premo in the future and have limited trades so the cash is important)


Walking out mid season. You talk about standing up in the face of adversity but here we are. Sorry guys just so sad to see you go. I'm getting the feeling of abandonment that I have only ever felt one before when my pops walked out on me and me brother when we were young tackers. The emotion is overwhelming.


Farewell jock
The true father of fantasy.


OMFG! Crying now


Your teams can’t be doing that bad that you are just throwing away the game mid-season, the byes are over its blue skies ahead.


Crouching, Higgo, Jock, you will be missed.

Thanks for everything boys.


Thanks for all your efforts boys. It's been fun and my tram journey on a Monday morning will certainly be a little darker now.

It's Wayno I really feel for. He sounded heartbroken. I hope Jay Clark is there for his mate in his time of need.


Gutted to see Jock, Higgo and Crouching One go, you guys certainly made supercoach more interesting. I remember listening to you guys when you first created this website and to see how for you’ve come its incredible. The humor you put into the podcasts will not be forgotten as well as the words of wisdom re supercoach. I’m praying that somehow you guys can return like Lebron did for the Cavs. Good luck in your future endeavors and you guys will be sorely missed.


almighty green back

they'll return like lebron did—– but also only if the money is right!!!!!! 😉


Absolutely devo to hear this Jock, Higgo and Crouching. The last month has been bad enough with the cursed byes, not as many podcasts due to stupid and thurs nite footy plus Jock being sick. Now to face the reality that it will be like this every week.
I’ve been a Club Jock member since last year as love your podcasts for their wisdoms plus entertainment value. Like many I get a lot of joy from this website, if u wanted to continue podcasts as a pay only format then I’m sure people would support you!
Hope this isn’t the end but good luck if it is!


Thanks Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Wayno – your wisdom and wit will be sorely missed!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May the Supercoach Gods hold you in the palms of their hands.


Channel 31 should put you guys up on TV for a weekly show


couldn't agree more with that

the vegie patch

Its not going to change anything – a podcast or CH 31 is no difference… its all about the money. All the shows on CH31 are volunteers- but if the boys cant volunteer on the podcast, CH31 aint gonna change anything. its all about the almighty $$$ 🙁

The Ranger

Gutted. Bloody gutted.
Fantastic effort gents. Fingers crossed that the SC Gods can find a way to help you keep this going in some format or another.
Thanks for all of your pearls of SC wisdom and the hundreds of laugh out loud moments you've given us over the last 4yrs.
The best of luck to you in whatever life throws at you next.
PS Bit worried about Wayno.



Gold Rush

Thanks for the trip and all the laughs Jock, Higgo and Crouching. Absolutely loved it, It will be my last year of playing SC as it just won't be the same without you guys. Again thanks and good luck to all of you.


Now i know how you felt when Narelle left you Jock, bloody gutted!!

Thanks for the memories boys, very sad day indeed


I'm looking forward to seeing Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Wayno doing a lap of honnor at this years AFL Grandfinal. I'm sure Juddy will share his open-top with the boys.


A sad day for SuperCoach! Thanks boys


Jock, Higgo and Crouching – the grief and sadness expressed here and on the Twitter are testament to the wonderful community that you guys have created and have continued to serve selflessly over the past 4 years. Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to share your advice, experience, wisdoms, and (trouser) humour, for keeping us so entertained for so long. The Sunday night pod has been a staple for many thousands of Supercoachers and for many of us has been our favourite pod bar none. Feasting on the magical content (including the spectacular debut of the JR magazine) we've probably taken for granted the time commitment that you guys have made week in and week out, and the financial commitment you've made in keeping the community going since inception.

Like everyone else here, I'd be ecstatic if after a well-earned break you guys put on the boots again for Supercoach 2016 – in some form or another. In the absence of some kind of sponsorship/alliance from/with the Herald Sun, maybe we need some kind of Kickstarter campaign or similar to raise funds for season 2016 – to cover pod/website/magazine and other costs as well as recognition for the time and effort invested by you guys over the years. You might be surprised at the number of community members willing to put their hands in their pockets to contribute..


Hey there felllas,

I pen this with sadness but I know that you are going to a better place. Jock… Higgo… Crouching… you are truly going out on top as transcendental supercoach gods. For the past 3 years you have filled me with happiness, picked me up when big name premos go down and have steered me away from the ever present burn men that would otherwise have left me as flat as a shitcarter’s hat.

Whenever I am found stumbling in the supercoach wilderness, I will close me eyes and hear the sweet, majestic sounds of a skin flute being played in the distance, wofting from under the tarp on a wonderful little zephyr… and in all honesty fellas, farewell for now and thank you SO much for the great times! All the best for whatever the future holds. And Wayno maate, catch ya down at Tooradin when the mullet are running xox


going out on Top. amen.


My Monday morning drive to work has been dedicated to listening to the Jock Reynolds podcast for about 3 years now, and made all the richer for it. Not only has it improved my Supercoach prowess, but the hearty belly laugh I get sets me up for the week in a great frame of mind.

Jock, Higgo and Crouching, I will greatly miss your wisdoms, as will we all. Thanks so much for it all.

lonely relley

unfortunately it seems in the current world that even though the podcasts for 3 years have made your SC experiences richer- it doesn't actually help unless the podcasts make you richer in the pocket- if you know what I mean? they will be sorely missed until someone can pay them enough to recommence their was impassioned hobby!!!


Jock, Higgo, Crouching. So much of what I wanted to thank you for has already been said in the comments above. I guess that proves what a wonderful collective spirit this community shares.

The moments when you three find it impossible not to contain yourselves and let a little bit of a laugh out during a gag in the podcast are exactly why I love the podcast. You clearly enjoy this so much.
I think most of us understand the demands and pressures you face in this caper and why it has to come to an end. I mean not a weekend goes by when merely my own team selection dilemmas and frequent supercoach score checking doesn’t briefly clash with work, family or other life priorities.

You have guided and shaped us as coaches over the years. Many of us were supercoach novices, devoid of pube, fumbling and wriggling in the dark hoping to get lucky when we first tuned in. As sessions went by and pearls of wisdom were delivered many coaches developed into those robust of plum with plenty of testicular fortitude and hair down the stair to spare.
Today on my lunch break I sat at Mordialloc pier. I reflected quietly upon the news feeling heavy hearted and pondering future Sunday’s without you guys. I gazed South and then I saw it – It was a vision: A faint flickering light amidst a hazy ashen cloud over the dunes of Bonbeach. The light then rose from the horizon and the sound it made grew more and more deafening as it came nearer to me. As this brilliant light soared past me overhead and I caught a glimpse of its shape. It was a flaming phoenix and its voice was the sound of 10,000 tarps flapping. The swirling smoking trail it left behind said ‘See you in 2016 Community’

Your wisdom, strategic principles and genuine humor will live on long after 28/6/15. I know you guys are far too passionate about this game to just say farewell. I firmly believe, like the phoenix, you will be back soon in some reincarnate form and I can’t bloody wait for that.

In the meantime I'll continue the donations.

You’ll always be our favourite humble genius.


Hi Boys

Wanted to firstly to thank for all of your efforts over the years and to the interest and pleasure you have bought back for me in watching the great game of AFL and in playing SuperCoach. I have no idea how much time and effort is actually required to create a Pod Cast but want to note that you guys are genuinely entertaining and funny as well as insightful into the game. I understand the desire to turn a passion and enjoyable pastime into a financial success and if you have failed to do so in your attempts here then I am surprised but also disappointed for you. I say this as someone who has been a donor.

On reflection from a Supercoach perspective as an avid player and competitor, not only have you provide insight for me but also to many other lazy buggers so in that regard I wont miss you making it too easy for everyone else, it feels like a lot of sameness has come into the game with excellent resources available like yours , and I will quickly add thats not your fault but an unfortunate outcome.

Now Ill be a bit more bang bang bloody direct here, but if you are migrating to a paid only service then or have been offered a commercial gig, I will support you and be a subscriber but would like you guys to come clean if thats the case and cut out all the time, family and cost misdirection crap. Everyone's time and effort should be rewarded but dont give us the Belle Gibson version of events, just call it as it is!!!

Anyway whatever the truth you guys should be proud of what you created and the entertainement you have provided.

Well Done!


You three are legends. Nothing else needs to be said. Thank you for the good times. You've set up the foundations for a prosperous and successful community that will continue to prosper even without the sunday night podcast.


Jock, we are Simba to your Mufasa. You will live through us, the community.

We await your return.


Big thank you guys. All of us in Thailand (Phuket/Pattaya) loved your podcasts and gained us insight to the supercoach game/tactics. Started with 1 person here, now over 43 ex-pats/friends playing SC. This is a huge lost for us, and will impact on the SC comp. However, understand family first so good luck to all.

Wayne king

As crouching would say
Man with hand in pocket always feel cocky


Your thoughts on a new podcast show in the near future such as The Jock Reynolds Sports Show covering all sports including interviews with sport stars and calls from the public.


love your work guys…..will miss you….bang bang

chris duff


chris duff

IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW SLOWLY YOU GO AS LONG AS YOU DONT STOP donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt goooooooooooooooo


I listen to every SC related podcast I can find , but yours is the only unique , funny and informative one …. honestly my son and I are really quite down about this sad end .

Greggy C

It is indeed a sad day. I will miss the clever wit and wisdom. My favorite ever podcast was when you had Brett Ratten in the bungalow after being sacked…
I wish the three of you all the best and good luck with your families.


Picked it last week… Could feel in me bone(r)s that something was up!

Best of luck in the future men, thanks for keeping the one & only Super coach in Timor-Leste on the straight & narrow!


I am hoping Jock and the boys do come back big time! I loved those Sunday night podcasts.

If they do come back, expect a "subscription" arrangement of "X" amount of dollars per month/year to enjoy their wisdom and podcasts.

Over the last 3 years, many Supercoach players have improved their SC skills by tuning in to Jock, Higgo, Crouching, Lekdog, Wayynnooo, and the SC posters.

If the boys do come back, maybe that could be the time for the community to give something back by subscribing and reward their past and future efforts.

If the price is right, I will subscribe. Hopefully many other will follow too.

Food for thought boys and girls!!




Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Wayno, had to let it digest for a day before I could put finger to screen. Boys, thanks so much for being absolute legends. You brought me many laughs over the last 3 years and I’m gonna miss y’all heaps.We’ve had highs and lows and even been bitten by a wombat or two along the way but what a ride. It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. Great job creating this community and best regards to you all!


Shocked and stunned!
Lads you have been a guiding light for every SCer from every walk of life.
Sunday nights just won't be the same.

Good luck to you Jock, Higgo and Crouching.
Hope the break renews your vigor and curve.


Thanks for the entertainment.


Dearly beloved: we are gathered today to pay our final tribute of respect to that which was mortal of our deceased loved one and friend, the Jock Reynolds podcast. To the members of the JR Podcast Team who, like the community you created, mourn your loss, we the community offer our deep and sincere sympathy. May I share with you the comfort afforded by Supercoach God's word and for such a time as this:

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in the Supercoach Gods. In my Supercoach God's house are many rum cans; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. I am bringing the chair from 50 shades of gray for you Higgo. Crouching, a gym filled with all under performing premium players, and for Jock the Iron Throne. There will also be a bloody recorder for pod cast. Don't think you can give it a funeral and that will leave you. As it will always be a part of our memories and your heart.

With apologies to all those with Christian and Catholic faiths, John and God.


Devastated. The Monday morning commute to work will never be so enjoyable.


Jock, I, like everyone will really miss you 3 buggers on a Sunday night. You guys are a source of Humour, Insight and downright SC brilliance.

If there is anything that the community can do to keep it going… just let us know!


will miss you all…………….your podcasts are some of the best things i've ever heard on radio, and the wisdom has been invaluable


Weekend and Bernies Franchise never dies!!!
[email protected] 1 – New York City
[email protected] 2 – U.S Virgin Islands
[email protected] 3 – at Charlie Dixon + Joshy Glenns House

Could it be??

[email protected] 4 – Flapping Tarp Studios????


All the best boys – have loved your work!


So sorry to hear that you guys are stopping your weekly podcasts. The podcasts are something I look forward to each week because the podcasts put the fun and humour into Fantasy Football. I sincerely hope they you can find a way to reinstate them in the future. Jock you personally along with Crouching, Higgo and the rest of team are regarded as the most knowledgeable and respected source of Fantasy Football information in existence and have created a great band of loyal followers through your Community. It would be an absolute tragedy if that was lost and I firmly believe it would be to the detriment of Herald Sun Fantasy Football. I therefore believe that in would be in the best interests of the Herald Sun if they financially contributed and provided other resources to keep the podcast, the website and your involvement in Fantasy Football going into the future. Apart from any possible involvement by Herald Sun I think the premium information you provide on your website should be accessed by your Club Jock members only. Such premium information would include your Cheat Sheets. your initial teams, trade recommendations etc. I regard your Cheat Sheets, particularly in respect to Rookies and Mid Pricers, to be the most valuable tool to me in coming up with my initial team. Finally I thank you Jock along with Crouching Higgo and the rest if the team in helping me to become a better player in Fantasy Football – I still have much more to learn and I sincerely hope you can find a way to be there for me and the rest of your Community in the future. Your involvement in Fantasy Football must continue.


OK community, time to see how powerful we are.

This has to do with a funding model to sustain Jock, Higgo and Crouching ‘can rum, wehcome’ One (my fave).

I am a Yank, live in Sydney, love the footy after spending 10 years in Vic when first here (1989).

I am happily paying $5/week ($250/yr) for access to premium content in the Herald Sun, the footy news is the only thing I access.

I also am happy to pay the $20 for Asst Coach.

Would I be happy to pay another $2/week ($100/yr) to have exclusive access to Jock and his Team’s wisdom?


Can I get 999 other Jock fans to agree and be willing to pay for EXCLUSIVE access?

This will generate $100K. $3/week makes it $150K. Jock, please comment on what is needed to make this work.

To those who think ‘It’s all about the money for them’ and don’t want to pay and continue to get something of value to you for nothing, please don’t get involved in this conversation, this is about finding a way to move forward. I am prepared to pay for what I value, just like everything else I am prepared to pay money for. They add value to people’s lives and enjoyment of the footy, they should be compensated and rewarded.

Who’s with me?

Dave of Ambidisasterous and Swanabees


I'd be happy to pay $2/week for access to this website.

Gold Rush

I'm sure we would have no problem reaching that goal, the problem is I don't think it would compensate them enough for the time and effort and unintended consequences that time and effort produce. What is required is that a FoxTel give them a time slot and compensate them appropriately or News Corp print medium come to the rescue. Just my 2 Bobs worth.


Jock, Higgo, Crouching One… I’d just like to say thank you for all the trouser stretching podcasts. All the banter and wisdoms pouring out of flapping tarp studios has been a regular source of entertainment on my commute for the past couple of years. I was so gutted at the end of the podcast last night I just sat there dumb for a while, reflecting on what was lost.

But now it’s time to be strong and finish the season with a BANG!

Corvus Dominus FFC salutes you!!


Thanks for all the great work lads, its been brilliant!


Everyone remembers the footage of George W Bush being told about the world trade towers being hit, when he is at a primary school and his aid comes and whispers the news in his ear, and he just sits there for about 10 minutes thinking what to do.

I felt like that on Monday morning. I was just about to go into my Monday morning partners meeting (I'm an accountant and this is our biggest week of the year) when my son rang me to tell me the news…the partners meeting was delayed 15 mins while I gathered my thoughts.


Thanks for all your fine work I am very sorry to see you boys go and I understand why it is so.A shame as we seem to be losing our natural larrikin australian charactor (watch barry makenzie) we will become anglo-american copycats rather than proudly ourselves.
Good luck

G Unit

I think we need to get a package of personal affects sent to the bungalow stat Brian, hopefully a few ice colds will get the boys up and going again


We will be known forever by the tracks we leave-: Dakoto
Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins-: Cheyenne
Why do you weep. Did you think I was immortal?-: Louis XIV
Thine will be done, oh Supercoach Gods. They shall now go forth…and tear'em a new one! -: Jock Reynolds.


I'm devastated. Thank you for all the wonderful wisdoms you've shared over the last few years. You've helped me to become a better supercoach, far better than I would've become on my own I reckon. You'll be sorely missed. Wishing you guys all the best for the future.


Where's the bloody fat cat? We need these boys! Bloody don't make me do actual work on a Monday….or talk to the missus for extended periods of time? Will miss you gents.

Jeff Mac

80% of my SC info was gained through podcast with Jock, Higgo and Crouching one.
Anyway we can help you return?

Big fact hunt

Hi guys thanks for your efforts over the years been awesome and may all go well for you going forward. I never post messages but read every week without miss and been great . To that idiot who keeps commenting on the $$$. Perhaps you are the one who has the hang up on money These guys have been doing this for your pleasure and perhaps you should be grateful for there wonderful long term efforts. Good luck and hope you family life continues to be everything you want.


As we mourn perhaps we should share some favorite moments …
I fondly remember Jocks story (some years ago) about his brilliant move in his first ever supercoach year.
He traded in Jesaulenko …
Still makes me smile.


Words cannot convey what I am feeling at the moment. Your Sunday night podcasts were a constant source of anticipation, information, humour and relaxation. A shocking and sad end to a brilliant podcast. However 7888 people have so far viewed the Farewell podcast from Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Wayno surely if even 50% of those 7888 listeners decided to contribute only $15 a year that would amount to $59,160.00. Surely $59,160.00 would assist with lessening the podcast and website financial costs of Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Wayno? Can't we start a campaign (or something!) to get around 4000 podcast listeners to pay $15 a year?


I only got onto your podcasts this year and very quickly I was hanging out to listen on a Monday. Funny pricks are going to be missed

The Hangman

Many thanks Jock. Have loved your work, and got a good few genuine belly-laughs each Monday and Friday morning, as well as some genuine wisdoms. I feel like I’ve lost part of my family. thanks for all of your efforts boys, I know it was a lot of hard work, but there were many appreciators out here.


Been living oversea's for over a year in the US and now Brazil… I'm a proud Australian and love our country, the one thing that will be greatly missed is Jock and the boys and the podcasts. Been listening over the last few years and it's been an integral part of mine and many others week. I hope we can organise something in the community to keep the show rolling on, you boys should be rapt with all the responses you've received and that the Jock Reynolds community cares. The best of luck for the future gents.


^^^ ohh yeah….How about I hook you up with a Brazillian woman Higgo 🙂 Mate surely that would be a great incentive to keep going!! There definitely the sexiest women in the world for sure!!


To all involved with the Jock Reynolds podcast . Thanks for taking the time to put on such an entertaining show for us over the years . Sad to hear the podcasts are over but at least you are going out on top , and deservedly so . Good luck with all of your future endeavours guys ……


You made my ride to school on Monday morning so entertaining so gutted to see it stop you will be remembered joc you beautiful man


Well Done Boys, have loved your work! Hopefully you are back, bigger & better soon.

I am one of many who have made listening to the podcasts a ritual every week and am happy to keep paying (+ more) for your valued input to the community.


General Soreness

*bow down* *wipes tears* Thank you gents, you create the love for SuperCoach greater than it would otherwise be.

Not accepting it until I hear a fat lady sing, and see Lek in a Bowler!


Really enjoyed the site while it lasted. Lots of great pointers, and loved the podcast wisdom. Good for a laugh too. Dissappointed to see it abruptly end, especially mid season.
Time to migrate elsewhere sadly.


Best wishes from the UK to Jock, Higgo and Crouching. Hope to hear you in the future in some form !


It won't be the same without your weekly Podcast … thanks for all the laughs …


Thanks for everything. You changed the way I think about Supercoach, and the way I talk about the game.


Thanks for everything guys


Hey Lekdog. Any news on what may happen in 2016 yet with the website, team reveals etc