Patch’s Grand Final Panic Room – Round 22

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Patch - Supercoach Panic Room Master

Here we are community. We’re here – Supercoach grand final week. After a long and arduous season, it seemed like we’d never reach the end, but here we are.

Congratulations to all who have made it to the last week of August, and commiserations to those who haven’t. It’s been a bully of a year, but we’ve bravely fought on where others have dropped off.

Before I get into this week, I need to thank Jock, Higgo and Crouching for giving me this space, and for being magnificent gentlemen in every sense of the word. The other guys on the site – Chicko, Dex and Barron – also get huge props for doing what they’ve done, while Lek gets his own shout-out for going above and beyond the call of duty. Keep an eye out for the moustachioed marvel video tonight and his special video next week.

I also need to thank you, community. Because you are the gosh darn nicest place I’ve ever run into on the internet. You’re wonderful.

Now, before everyone gets soppy we need to get into the important thing – our quest for Supercoach victory.


On the bright side, it’s not as bad as last year’s grand final week. On the other hand, it is still bad. Nathaniel Fyfe is out for the rest of the home and away season, as is Marc Murphy.

Trent Cotchin misses this week with a back niggle, while Luke Hodge has been suspended for 2 weeks after trying to wrap Chad Wingard’s head around a goalpost with his elbow. (Continuing his run as the leader of the ‘Doing-Stupid-Things-To-Damage-Your-Supercoach-Team-At-The-Worst-Possible-Time’ award.)

Sydney duo Tom Mitchell and Lance Franklin have been named… but Titch is on an extended bench and Buddy’s back is still bad. Got a bad feeling about this, community. My gut feel is Titch plays and Buddy misses. But I mean they both might miss. It is grand final week after all.

Popular rookies Caleb Daniel and Shaun Edwards will miss, both having been omitted from their respective sides. However, Karl Amon and Jake Lever return.

James Kelly returns for Geelong, while Liam Picken also helps beef up our defensive line. Jack Ziebell and Devon Smith also return for their respective sides.

Anyone with Josh Caddy, Jack Redden, Heritier “The Gift” Lumumba or Andrew Carrazzo will be without them this week.


It’s the last week of the year. If you have trades left, I don’t want to hear it. You’re either devilishly lucky or so thrifty Scrooge McDuck would be putting up his hands crying poor. I mean that’s brilliant that you’ve got trades left. Your level of self-control is admirable.But there mere thoughts of people with trades has me seething. Out of pure spite, I don’t want to give you options. But I should.

So – down back, when ditching Hodge, look to Houli, Shaw or Picken to bring you home. Up forward, Wingard, Zorko or Harvey will get the job done. In the midfield, pull in the highest averaging guy you don’t have.

Simple. Easy. Now go use your trades, you disciplined, impressive yet irritating humans. The rest of us are just going to sulk over here for a bit.


Price is now irrelevant. Breakevens are useless. Farewell, Eddie and Dan.

Good luck to every single one of you this week community. (Except General Soreness. Bring it on, sir.) It has been a pleasure being here each week. Now, to victory‼

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General Soreness

Patch your work this season has been stellar providing an oasis of hope amongst the panic of a Friday night. The Trading Places reference also holds a special place.

If only I had trades left to utilise this patch up 🙁

Well done mate, good luck in your finals, except the one against me were I hope your players are vested early or are late outs. 🙂


Thanks for all of your work this season Patch!

Quick question:

Good news: I've made the GF! Bad news: no more trades, so need to replace Fyfe with someone from my bench, choice of either:

Option 1: Lambert (against weak Bombers side)
Option 2: Krakouer (against old Gold Coast side)
Option 3: Nick O'Brien (against Richmond)

All three are capable of 100 scores, but just as likely 50's and 60's, and all potential snot vest candidates.

Thoughts community?






1 trade left! Plenty of money

Shaw, Hodge, Simpson, Gibson, Murphy, Newnes, Goddard, Pearce
Fyfe, Priddis, Hanners, JPK, Rocky, Treloar, Sloane, Danger, Lambert, O'Brien, Adamson
Goldy, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Goddard, Steele, Daniel



Lambert on for fyfe
Hodge to picken


Hi community, first off thanks for all the terrific advice this season, it helped me make my GF. Have one trade left now, kind of disappointed I traded Picken last week as I now have Fyfe and Hodge out. Going Fyfe to Dangerfield which will leave me B Evans from Brisbane as cover for Priddis if he is out. I need to pick out of Hamling and Beasley for my last spot. Brisbane will get slaughtered, but at least the ball should be down back to collect some pill. What do you think community?


VC selwood and C dangerfield??

Skippy Barstard

My best year yet thanks to all for the great advice over the season, can the authors of this site Jock, Higgo, Crouching, Patch, Chiko, Dex, Barron and Lekdog put out a final standings of where they finished overall by chance :-D, cheers

I N Pieman

Great service throughout the year Patch. Congrats in advance on knocking the General over. Enjoy your mad monday

Late rumour

Rumour going around that Priddis will miss (rested) and Titch will be Sub (is this like the Goddard rumour from last week and just rubbish) or is there substance?


One trade up my sleeve with a full team and 8 GF's. Hodge on pine for Brodie Smith – god help me… Will pull the trigger on Gawn (against Sandi) to Lids if no other mishaps during the round. Also Goldy VC into JPK. Bring it.


Heath Shaw worth a VC?


Shaw or selwood VC?

top hawk

I am gonna take a punt on Selwood. He is a beast and the cats have to win tonight. Hope he has a cracker.


If you had to pick the highest scoring midfielder this week, who would it be from the following?

Danger, Sloane or Priddis?


Thoughts on Fyfe to Guthrie

top hawk

G day Community,

In the grand final with one trade left. My opponent is ranked around 1200 and I am ranked around 7000.

Its time for the biggest trade of the year. I am going Nat Fyfe out and Cam Guthrie in. Hope it delivers me choccies tonight!


Pauly Walnuts

Cloke out ?

top hawk



Slow start to the round, need to make up around 100 pts so it's going to come down to the Captain's choice. Opponent currently has Goldy, who has the best chance of scoring more than him?

Options are Shaw, Gray, Sloane or Dangerfield. The only problem with Shaw is that he plays before Goldy, with the other guys I can choose my C depending on how Goldy scores.

Good luck to everyone else in the final!


vc goldy, c on danger


Picken or Houli???


Worried about wet match so picken


Selwood did smelly fart last night injuring swan and playing like demented sheepdog


Luckily, I saved two trades for this week. Unluckily, I'm already out of both leagues so they won't help me much!

But just for fun, 1114k to get a MID and a DEF:
Sloane + Picken/Burgoyne/McDonald
Shaw + MID or FWD under 500k (Burgoyne, Hartlett, Ellis, Wingard…?)


sloane + picken a good choice


Hey fellas,
Who to trade in for FYFE??
Mundy, Sloane, or anyone else??


JPK or Hanners captain????


JPK safe option Hanners if you are down


Use last trade to take Tarrants 122 or bring in Danger for Fyfe? Basically Danger and Gawn (v Sandi) or Mitchell and 122. 122 in the bank is tempting opponent has Danger C.


I am in the same situation, however you should bring in Danger.


Yep that was my first thought but it comes down to will danger score over 127 and Gawn equal Mitchell who could be the sub.

Please Help

With grand finals on the line,
who out of B Smith or Newnes should i bench so i can get Malceski (108) also
who out of Danger, Sloane, Priddis, JPK or Armitage should i bench for Amon (133)