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Hello Community! This is it, it’s the final countdown! IT IS GRAND FINAL WEEK! I’m not sure about you, but I am aroused.

If I was a member of Europe, the band featuring men with big hair and too much spandex, you would see just how much frontal pressure would be building in anticipation of this week!

Before getting into it, as this is the last Check-In for the Jock Reynold website, I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Lek for letting me be part of the website for the past year and providing a platform to help the community. If I haven’t aided you in your pursuit of greatness  with my inane Supercoach musings, then hopefully you have found them somewhat entertaining. Thank you gentlemen, it’s been a privilege to stand amongst you.

Onto this week. What a week it has been. How did you go? Have you made it through to the Grand Final?

It was a typical tough start to the round with the usual roll call of premium outs, Armitage, Parker, Picken, Boyd, Tom Mitchell with a poke in the eye FFS! And of course, Buddy with a bad back. Then during the round, we had some underperforming premiums (Selwood, Lewis, Hodge just to name a few) and a couple more players go out with injury in Marc Murphy and the Gifted One, the one who shall have the last laugh, with a seemingly bad ankle…ok, so Lumumba isn’t really a premium but he has stunk it up big time the past few months. We may also have a few premiums missing next week with Hodge nearly bursting the head of The Chad against the point post and The Wolfman Fyfe in trouble should his hit on Ben Jacobs be deemed rough conduct – three strikes and he misses one match. As such, a big week at the MRP, one that will test the sphincters of many a coach with an outcome that could decide a few Grand Finals.

On the positive side of the equation, the big men absolutely dominated the round – just check out these names for some plumage pumping scores – Tippett 157, JJK 150, Kreuzer 147, Big Hair Vickery 143, Sandiballs 142 & Nic Nat 137. I mean even Shaun MacKernan and Tom Hickey got into the act with 136 and 121 respectively – that is not a misprint!

What also caught my attention were the performances of some other players which could prove the last piece of your grand final winning puzzles. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Grand Final coaches, if you don’t have Heath Shaw then you may well be stuffed and there will be an investigation as to how you have made the Grand Final in the first place. Shaw pumped out a monster 164 with his Last 3 round average of 127 and his Last 5 round average a whopping 130. How he is in only 34% of teams is beyond me.
  2. Zorko the Magnificent. Caught my eye by playing off half-back against the Crows and was in everything. Pumped out a huge 159 with his L3 average of 136 and his L5 average a very healthy 113. His DPP status could prove very handy.
  3. Shag Motlop – has a huge ceiling and produced a 147 against the Saints. His L3 average is 97 and his L5 average a more than satisfactory 111. Motlop is also a DPP.
  4. Sloane Dog – I mentioned him a few weeks ago when he first returned from injury and he produced a 94 first up which he followed up with a 75. If you had doubted me at that point, and with good reason, since then he has gone ballistic with a 128, 145 and a 149. That’s a Last 3 average of 140! If I was looking for one player to add into the midfield mix, it would be this man.

So what is this week’s dilemma?

No dilemma folks, I’m fresh out of trades and have been for a while. But if you have them, then you may need one or two or two of them to cover Hodge or Fyfe. If you don’t have any, then get down on your knees and in the manner of Randy Watson and his band Sexual Chocolate, praise the lord (of the Supercoach variety). If you are not familiar with the work of Mr Randy Watson, then google him and enjoy his finest exploits in Coming To America.

So what am I thinking about this week?

If you want me, come and get me,
You don’t have a chance if you don’t trade now.
I’m not waiting, any longer,
Know that I’m playing to win this time.

When you make your trade,
I won’t hesitate.
If you take too long,
You will be too late.
This time I’m playing to win.

Put it all on the line. No more to say.

What are you thinking about community?

Over to you community, the poll this week is, what will you do?

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Always  keen to hear your thoughts community so please tweet me @chicko_lcs with any questions or dilemmas of your own. Good luck for those coaches competing in Grand Finals.

Once again, thank you for reading and supporting the JR website.

All the best and take care,


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Okay through to the grand final. Got four/five rookie bench guys playing most weeks so I should have cover. Also held onto two trades and 50k. Hoping Franklin plays. Especially if Hodge and Fyfe are out.

Upgrades will largely depend on what happens to Hodge/Fyfe.


Into the GF and have 2 trades left with $2300 in the BANK….. Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?!!!




Thanks Danners…. Of course depending on Hodge news, anything to the MIDS? Wallis or Griffen?


Swap Gray into fwd line. swing Goddard into mids and upgrade him to somebody in form


If Hodge is suspended, trade him to Picken, then use the cash to upgrade Griffen.


Hodge out
anyone in

I N Pieman

Awesome work all year chicko. Hope it’s not the final ever check in. Best of luck for 2016


Thanks Pieman! We shall see what the new year brings. I’m here to help if the call is made. Thanks for all the support this year mate. Good luck in the GFs!


Thanks so much Chicko for your contribution during the year … each week some close shaves, and some hair raising experiences!

Now the big wait for MRP's wisdom … :O/


You are a gentleman Cam. Thanks for the appreciation and support of the cause be it SC or baldness!


Great work Chicko! Filled the shoes of Mad Mick well. Always looked forward to seeing what you had every Monday and it is disappointing to see you go

General Soreness

Anything that starts with a reference to a big 80's hair band and a song that defines an era (might be a smidgen of license there), cannot be bad……or so I thought. THE LAST CHECK IN!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

The article started with music reference and finished with a music reference (GOLD btw). If I was to add a further music reference, I will be returning to the Boomtown Rats next week and Not Liking Monday's!

Chicko, my Bomber Brother, your contribution to the community this season has been fun, insightful, lamenting and in a single word "EPIC". Whilst most people have been playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" during the SC Carnage you stayed strong for the community, A Man on the Silver Mountain, if you will. It is a "Sad Day".

Alright enough Eulogizing, I am upsetting myself.

Strong from start to finish, A ripping bloody final article!!! Cheers Mate.


You know I am a fan of a music reference General! Thanks mate, you are too kind. I really thought you were going with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go there for a second! You are a legend mate, and we will catch up for a beer soon to discuss SC and all things Bombers.

General Soreness

Look forward to it!


1 trade left! Plenty of money

Shaw, Hodge, Simpson, Gibson, Murphy, Newnes, Goddard, Pearce
Fyfe, Priddis, Hanners, JPK, Rocky, Treloar, Sloane, Danger, Lambert, O'Brien, Adamson
Goldy, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Goddard, Steele, Daniel

Hoping Buddy gets up and plays this week.


General Soreness

I reckon Houli will tear his old club (my club) a fresh one. TMac also in some solid form.


Hodge out for anyone


Fyfe got off, Hodge got 2 weeks


As a hawks Fan, I'm not unhappy with 2 weeks, only because i thought he might get 3.

As for supercoach, I have him but I'm not unhappy as I have 3 trades left and/or I have BSmith at D7. there are plenty of people ahead of me in the rankings that have Hodge and have Nil trades left and poor bench cover.


Thanks for all the wisdom and humour Chicko. In 2 GFs, largely thanks to the community. Good luck everyone who is playing this week!


You champion Crowmagnon! Thanks for the positive feedback mate. Good luck in the big ones!


Hodge is Out. Is anyone considering M Johnson. Fremantle at home to Melbourne.


Ball won't come down his end, he is a key defender


100% correct.

Teddy Ruxpin

I know its early in the week and should probably wait until Thursday but it's driving me crazy not sure what to do.
2 Trades, & $7,800 in the bank

Easy option is Hodge -> Picken, but not sure what to do with my 2nd and final trade. Any ideas?

DEF: Shaw, Houli, Rance, Higgins, Hodge, Newnes (Lever, Goddard)
MID: Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Priddis, Hannebery, Fyfe, Kennedy, Selwood, Rockliff (Griffen, Maynard, Knight)
RUCK: Goldstein, Naitanui (Read)
FWD: Martin, Swan, Gray, Goddard, Bontempelli, Deledio (Lambert, Payne)


your team looks really good. You won't have much money left over from the Hodge >> Picken trade. I think you just hold your other trade in case there is a late out. Griffin plays early (against Carlton) and could score very well, you can loophole him with the E on the bench.


Hodge to Picken and wait till Thursday, I hear rumors that Martin is in a bit of trouble


which martin? Dusty or Stefan?


Dusty, seems like has done something to hurt Collingwood fans, doubt he would get anything for it though


Depending on teams this week, i'll be making 2 trades (leave me 1 trade for the last week)

Hodge >> Picken
Kolo >> Houli


Keep Kolo he will score well.


Houli or Picken?


Picken over Houli for me.


Hey guys, need advice for my last remaining trade… I have $582K to spend on a midfielder or forward. Already have the following in that price range: Dusty, Cripps, Adams, Sloane, Rocky, Gray, Lids.



Thoughts on my team please:

1 trade and 50k in the bank.

I'm in a cash league and i need to know who to trade out so i win some cash.

DEF: Shaw, Picken, Laird, Tmac, Houli, Roberton (Bsmith, Maynard)

MID: Fyfe, Priddis, Danger, Pendles, B Ellis, Gaff, Montagna, Sloane ( Lambert, Mckenzie, Payne)

RUC: Goldy, Stef Martin ( Cox)

FWD: Dusty, Swan, Gray, Bennell, Jack Riewoldt, Zorko ( Gawn, Steele)

I loophole gawn most weeks. Going pretty well at the moment.


team looks good. Swing McKenzie to defence via Maynard so you can loophole someone in defence as well.

Gawn is playing last game of the round (not able to loophole) and is up against Sandilands. You might think about Boomer or Wingard, or even Roughie to replace Gawn

Previously On Lost

Cheers for the year Chicko!

Managed to sneak into 5/5 grand finals, including the JR Div 3. Pulling it from nowhere. Hoping Alex Pearce can pull a 100 to cover Hodge. Either way it's been a ripper year with 2 round to go


You are a gentleman and a scholar P.O.L. It's been a pleasure to help mate. All the best for the finals!


Hey community. Interested in all your thoughts on trading Hodge to Michael Johnson?
I have been holding my last 2 trades to get Deledio in for the granny.
Johnson coming off 121 last week and 2 weeks back from injury. Freo v Melb also making this trade extra juicy.


Cheers for all the info throughout the year Jock & Co, have thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening and learning all season.

The magazine really helped my planning and the mighty RobDogs have had their best year. Currently 315 overall and in 10/10 Grand Finals. 8 of the leagues born from this forum and all ranked high. Have 2 trades left for the big one and no Hodge (just didn't trust Clarkson not to rest him lol). All the best everyone (excepting my opponents) and look forward to 2016, hopefully less injury carnage.


Fast Hands

Rumour is big cox may be called upon to stand up for the pies this week. Two yanks in two weeks, its an explosion out of the U.S.


hehe, big cox…..


he he…J Holmes…he he


not sure what all the fuss is about. Mike Pyke is almost American and has been playing for years.


Good to see someone other than almost Kiwis playing.


A bit surprising, don't think any American/Canadian has played in the same season as they are drafted


….stand up…hehe, two yanks…..hehe explosion, ….as long as they don't get tangled up in the Ball bag at full back, they will be solid


But seriously, I kept one trade for GF and didn't chose Houli and Sloane to come in last week over Hodge and Birchall. My challenge is that I have Gawn, Maynard and Hogan, all on the field. One needs to go up with only$40k to spend. I could do Gawn (via swinging doors- you have to bench up with DPPs )into Enright, Wingard or Tom Mitchell if he is seeing OK. Or I could trade Hogan for someone ~ 440k. Anyone have any advice on the lesser trade option? Or, should I get rid of "Sandi-fodder Gawn"? Miss you Crouching one. You were always there for me.


Do you have Hodge?

show your full team.


I'd be worried about having Maynard on the ground. Followed by Hogan and then Gawn.


I am in the SC GF and I have only 1 trade left and need to offload Hodge. I am pretty sure that my opponent is out of trades so I hope to get a little advantage on him as he has Hodge also.

My def are currently hodge, H shaw, ibbotson newnes, j kelly, brown, hamling and a pearce.
My opponent def are hodge, h shaw, hooker, laird, picken, houli, edwards and scharenberg. I have only two def the same

option A: Should I pick a def (have 610k to spend) to match my opponent score eg with a Laird, picken, hooker Houli
option B: pick a POD with someone different and hope to get a better score with someone like Higgins, Roberton, TMac, rance, murphy. Money is no object as I have 610k to spend

Which is the better option and which player would you select


If you think you have him covered in other lines, then go option A. If you are the underdog, go option B.


what does your whole team look like


hi derek
my team is
def: hodge shaw newnes kelly ibbotson brown, a pearce, hamling
mid: pendles danger priddis hanners kennedy selwood cripps ebert lambert krak maynard
rucks goldy, nicnat obrien
fwd: martin swanny gray goddard deledio franklin steele daniel

opponents team is the same except he has the following main different players to me:
picken, laird hooker houli fyfe rockliff sloane jacobs tmitchell adams

if they were to go head to head vs my 10 different players:
newnes ibbotson kelly brown kennedy cripps ebert nicnat deledio franklin

who would come out on top, because these 10 differences will decide it
at the moment SC gold is showing me winning 2470 to 2432 based on current players in our teams


Josh Gibson will tear brisbane apart in tas jump on.


Might not see the ball?




Yep… bloody Sam Mitchells knee to Fyfe and Hodges stupidity.
Hawks are really trying to ruin my SC G.F.


don't blame poor little sam…its Ross you can blame.


No, Fyfe, himself, blames little Sam; so, I'll go with his word.


gone for 2 weeks!!! he has to go.


Yes finals on a week earlier this year to avoid the Ross factor but he gets us anyway.
Trade Fyfe to Mundy who becomes a late out Sunday…. oh it couldn't be possible could it?
lol Derek re poor little sam.


Life is over then isn't it? #Fyfeislife


I'm actually quite happy about Hodge & Fyfe missing for the next two weeks.

I'm currently 54th overall and still dreaming of a top 10 finish. Most of the top 50 teams will have Hodge & Fyfe and most won't have many trades left.

I have 3 trades left and will probably go: Hodge >> Picken & Fyfe >> Delidio this week. (Hannaberry is tempting)

Team will look like:

Shaw, Enright, Newnes, BSmith, Picken, Kolo, (Simpson, McKenzie) – loophole

Priddis, Selwood, JPK, Dangerfield, Sloane, McVeigh, Pendlebury, Delidio (Motlop, Adamson, Payne) – Loophole

Goldy, Jacobs (Lucey)

Swan, Goddard, Bartel, Dahlhaus, Dusty, Gray (Lambert, HGoddard)

Only question I have, Is Picken & Delidio the best two option this week?


Deledio is definitely. Picken is still under an injury cloud, so be wary, if Picken doesn't get up, I would look at Houli, Rance, Gibson or a POD Hurley. Also I would probably be playing Simpson over Smith unless your planning on loopholing.


I have Simpson and Motlop named as Emergency because they play earliest.


Other option is to go Hodge to Delidio via HGoddard and Fyfe to Hannaberry.

This would mean I play BSmith & Simpson in defence and have HGoddard as cover.

What do you reckon?


Picken and a POD in Mundy, you already have Motlop you can swing around with


worried about Ross giving Mundy a rest next week.


See the teams then go Hannebery then if you are worried


Go POD options
you wont win by going safe
Zorko and Harry Taylor


Who to get for fyfe.

Mundy, Hanneberry or armitage if he is back


Hanners, knowing bloody Ross, he could be Lyon about Mundy and he may just be a late out


I reckon Mitch Robinson may be worth a look. He's smashing it under the radar the last 5 games by averaging 120.


I thought about him, but tough games ahead


Mundy, consistent

Pauly Walnuts

With Freo playing the last gamemI wouldn't go there , but not knowing your mids, i would go for someone early and ensure they are playing before you make the trade , good luck


Freo is last game, to risky


Fyfe and Hodge out.
best MIDS (3 rd avg)
Rory Sloan has the best 3 rd avg @ 140.67
Danger is right behind on 140.33
Zorko on 136





Adelaide have played Tigers (Home), Essendon (Away), Lions (Home)

Brisbane have played Suns (Home), Tigers (Away), Essendon (Home).

Not the greatest form line.

Crows now have WestCoast and Lions have Hawks…….


Hawks have Lions & Carlton, Swans have Saints & Suns and Fremantle have Melbourne & Port. Should be looking at players from those clubs, except I have a NO Hawks policy and I can't trust Ross Lyon. I already have JPK and McVeigh…should I get another Swans midfielder – Hannaberry.


Do I trade Hodge to Houli/Picken and put Lambert on for Fyfe
Trade Fyfe to Deledio and put H.Goddard/A.Pearce on for Hodge?


Put Lambert on field and trade in Houli


Who is everyone looking to captain this week?

I'm going to put Goldy VC and Neale C


I was thinking Goldy into Hanners/JPK

The Ranger

Thanks for all your wisdoms Chicko, best of luck next year


Hey guys, I would like your opinion. Hodge into Picken/Hurley or Fyfe into Pendlebury or Sloane or Rockliff.

I'm leaning toward Picken/Hurley as it would prevent me from playing Shaun Edwards on-field during the grand final.


I'm thinking that Jock might actually be Warnie. Why do think that?
Is it the, wig, gambling addiction and racism crudely disguised as humour? Or is it the sexism, exaggerated claims of sexual prowess and total disregard for sponsors and supporters?

No, it's the fact that he promoted the hell out of the 'community' aspect and how it was all about the game whilst he profited from the hard work and input of blokes like Throttlefinger, Dexter, Silent Achiever, Piesman, et al to produce a book that generated enough cash for him and his cohorts to comfortably retire.
The truly Warnie bit was when he pulled the pin on the 'Community' just when the competition was coming to the business end of the season.

Jock's not really not as bad as Warnie, Warnie uses more than 83% of the donations to the 'Warne Foundation' to pay for his parties and pay management salary to family members. Lol, we called Murali a cheat.