Mo’ Supercoach News|Is It Time For 2016?

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Concrete Booking Agency

LekdogG’day Community! Lekdog here with some mo’ supercoach news…

This week I discuss captaincy options, potential trade ins (if you have any trades left) and how to plan for the future.


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Sheepwash ranger

Brilliant work Lek!


Great stuff as always Lekdog

Just wondering who do you think would be the best option out of Higgins, Houli and Robertson. Looking to do my second last trade this week in trading KK into one of these boys to finish up my team.


Agree, hold the trade, you never know what could happen


lek your a machine


A few options to trade buddy. It’s do or die for me this week. I was thinking either Zorko or with a mid swing Scott Thompson. Other candidates: Dahlhaus, bartel, Marc Murphey. I need a big score! Would love some suggestions. All these players play either Melbourne, Brisbane or essondon. With the exception of bartel.


Thumbs up once again, Lek!


Delicious as always, Lek.


Admirer from Afar


More Lekdog gold.

If Jock was the Father of Fantasy, Lekdog is Favourite Son of Fantasy.


That would be right. Just get fyfe back and now pendles is going to miss this week with a sore quad. Just the way the season has gone and danger is no certainty either as he was heavily iced after the game last week. Hope Steele comes back in for cover.


Source about Pendles?


One of my mates whose missus works at pies told him pendles was sore yesterday after the weekend bleeding in the quad and may struggle to get up for a Friday night game. Would probably be right if game was on Sunday but Friday b cutting it fine.


This is the season on the line for the Pies. He would need to be very sore not to play.


Hopefully fingers crossed u r right and he plays just giving u guys a heads up.


For those that have him, including me, they said on last night's news that Treloar may be out as well.


Treloar is definitely going to be rested.

Not sure about Danger. After last week's game he was iced up, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him miss as well.


Derek if the rumour from Typical is correct Re: Pendles and also if Danger gets rested this could help you MASSIVLY as you have 4 trades, you would HAVE to take a balsy move by trading them out and bringing other elite premiums but its something like this, that is needed for those ranked around top 100 to potentially gain a ton of points.

Good luck Bro


Managed to scrape through 3/4 leagues to the prelims with NicNat's 0, and accidentally taking Rocky's 115 as C score. Have dipped down to 2109 overall from a high of around 700 though which sucks.

Will hold NicNat and my final trade this week and cop the 0 cause I'm only playing in 1 final in a league I don't care about.

also, holding onto Wallis has been pretty handy these past couple weeks. hope he keeps it up.

/2 cents


Nic is no certainty for next week.

I would trade him now


doesn't make much of a difference if I trade him this week or next. I'd rather hold the trade tbh. if i lose this week i'm not fussed. it's all about prelims next week now


Yep I’m holding nic as well, I’ve got cover anyway though in gawn, but he’ll almost be a bit of a pod next week now, and was playing sandi this week anyway who is a machine at the moment…


lekdog. i reckon you do these videos on a thursday night after the teams are released.


Great work Lek,
wanted to ask.
need to trade Nik Nak and only 1 trade left,
im in a knock out final for a cash League.

who should i go for?

my opponent has Sandelands!!


Sandi will be rested next week. 100% certainty.




thanks guys!


if nic nat does not play this week, what about this as an option:
drop buddy and bring in gawn, swing gawn up to ruck to cover nic nat via swing and when nic nat does return swing gawn back to fwd line as my D6

Have one trade left


who should I put on field out of BSmith (away to Essedon) or Newnes (away to North). Both play early Saturday at same time so can't loophole.


Newnes has proven his consistency so probably him.


Agree newnes, but check out qtr time smith scores first if you can in case he’s torn it, playing Essendon after all…


Thoughts on my team? 2 trades left and $175,000 in the bank.

Hodge, Shaw, Simpson, Murphy, Gibson, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard
Fyfe, Priddis, Dangerfield, JPK, Parker, Hannebery, Treloar, Rockliff, O'Brien, Lambert, Adamson
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Goddard, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Steele, Daniel

Not sure wether to hold or upgrade a Lambert to someone like Harvey or Ziebell for bench cover or trade Buddy as he is in doubt again this week



If you can, treloar should go as he's out.


Should I trade O'Brien to Harvey so he can cover Buddy out and sub on Lambert to cover Treloar?


1 trade left do I keep Nic Nat or trade have no bench cover

Too funny



Flip the table and trade, he could be out indefinitely


Do we trade Treloar? And I also heard that Buddy is a confirmed out


Depends on your trades left


Watch the video


Buddy is definitely out

Bangers APLNG

Dahlhaus or Zorko????????


Dahlhaus definitely!




Bartel or Dahlhaus for Buddy?






How do I get the VC/C loophole right this week?
My team is
shaw kk murphy hodge newnes hurley edwards goddard
fyfe pendles selwood parker jpk rockliff priddis dangerfield obrien mckenzie lambert
goldy maric cox
gray swan dmartin dahlhause goddard bartel steele daniel

Want to go Goldy VC into possibly Selwood/Rockliff/Priddis/Fyfe C


Chuck Mason Cox on field, put the E on Maric and then you can loophole with ease


wait no cant do that


Here is my team AFTER my 2 trades this round:
D:Shaw, Houli, Newnes, Hibberd, Smith, Colquhoun (Brown, Marchbank)
M: Pendlebury, Fyfe, Kennedy, Neale, Parker, Selwood, Sloane, Rockliff (Saad, Heeney, Krak)
R: Goldy, Maric (Obrien)
F: Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Higgins, Mitchell, Lambert (Mckernan, Steele)

I have 17k in the bank after this round and enough trades for 2 per round for the rest of the year (if I make it that far), and my plan should I advance past this week is to downgrade mckernan to a 100k player and then upgrade a defensive rookie. Thoughts?


Sacrifice Saad and upgrade colquhoun for a fallen premo( Dont go all out). Then week after its worth just upgrading mckernan.

General Soreness

Brilliant work as always Lek, Celtic beanie but no Bowler!! Give the people what they want!!


I reckon Josh Caddy is a smokie for next year. Over his last four games, he's averaged 132.


we wait till if they get dangerfield


He has played well, could be a POD now and next year

Freight train

Hey community have no idea who to trade in for Nic Nat need your advise please

2 trades left semi final

Nic Nat to ???????

And what should I do with my last trade hold it in case of injury or or trade a Inconsitent player out ?????


I have pendles Fyfe nic nat and buddy with 1 trade – plz pray for me – ty xD


Is Pendles in doubt? Fairly sure I saw Pendles in the waiting room of a chiropractor yesterday but didn't think much of it.

Freight train

That’s pretty funny last time I heard that I almost fell of my dinosaur


Fyfe is playing 100%. Pendles must play, this is Collingwoods season on the line.

I wont be surprised to see Dangerfield miss with his calf heavy iced after last weeks game.


Hey everybody, just wondering who would be a better pick out of Armitage and Heppell??? i have a just over 500k for a mid premo and cant decide between the two… if you have any other options it will be must appreciated!!

Thanks guys

Freight train

Trent Cotchin 480,000 disappointing game last week will look to bounce back and he plays his 150th,Gold Coast at the G expect a big game from him




Don't get Cotchin he is way to inconsistent for a elite premo. Personally I would go Armitage ahead of Sloane right now, however if Dangerfield is rested this week then get Sloane.


Steele has done his job. is a cash cow ready to be culled. do it.

The Ranger

Need the Communitys advice….
I have a week off this round, $129,600 in the kitty and only two trades left.
After stinking up my F6/7/8 for weeks it looks like McGovern finally has to go so do I trade this week or hold off until next round?
It seems obvious to hold this week and next week flog McG and upgrade to whomever I can.but can anyone point out any reason why I might trade this week?
I have Higgins down back so can bring in a DEF or FWD.


if you have the week off there is nothing you need to do this week. wait for injury news for next week before your trades.


i have danger pendels buddy fyfe nic nat and one trade who do i trade out and to who
got no money


higgins also out possibly


HOLD them all. None of them are out long term. Unless you really need to win an elimination game this week you should trade Dog Dog, otherwise HOLD.


Thaughts on trading griffen to rocky or someone alse suggestions plz

And grundy to sandi or martin ?


you still have Griffen & Grundy??!

please remove both from your team and you will sleep much better, I know I did.

Don't go Sandi, he will be rested next week for sure.


Havent needed to trade them, but now is the time thinkn griff to rocky the grundy to martin


Martin blicavs or jacobs is the question


What’s up with Hurley? Not named again and no trades left -_-


The teams are out and Pendlebury & Dangerfield are not out unless they end up being late withdrawals. Although I seriously doubt Pendles will miss this game.


Is Blicvas the only Ruck/Mid?


Yes. Silly huh!


2 trades left, do I use them on trading Treloar and Buddy or do I use 1 to trade O'Brien to Harvey so I can cover Buddy and then put Lambert on for Treloar?


if u got buddy u should trade him out, he is a wast the guy scores 50's to 150's but never is consistent.


Higgins or Picken?


Picken as far as consistency goes. Higgins if you want a DPP


Picken. Higgins' knee a bit of a worry


Great work Dawg, insightful as always.