Chicko’s Check In – The Great Beat Down!

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Chicko - elite fantasy analystCommunity! How did you go? Did you beat down your opponent with nous, skill and insight?

Or did you pull one from your nether regions and ride the wave of good fortune and avoided the litany of premium outs? I know which camp I sit in, its located at Carnage Court.

After trading Beams for Priddis, I once again found myself carrying premiums on the bench, like most coaches (except for two of my elimination final opponents), I had Fyfe (seriously, which teams do not have Fyfe?!)..…..and then I had Buddy…..and then I had the ultimate POD in Hurley (ultimate POD as I bought him in, got his score for one week and he has been out for the past two). 3 premiums on the bench doing sweet stuff all means I had Bailey Dale onfield for a massive total of ONE and now means I am looking at an August of doing sweet stuff all! Dear fellow supercoaches, I was angry, I was enraged, I was at the point of tearing my hair out (if I had any) but that was weeks ago, now, I am simply flummoxed at what this season has entailed for me. 13 trades burnt on long term injuries (I saw a tweet on Friday night where a coach had used 13 on long term injuries, I felt better for a minute), and at least 11 rounds where I have had one, if not two premiums, sitting on the bench punching out not so tasty donuts. It’s been the perfect storm of seasons but I will not let it beat me. You hear me?!

It would appear I was not alone this week, as many coaches had to contend with Wines, Beams, Fyfe, Buddy, Bob Murphy, Hurley, then came the news of Deledio and then the late out of NicNat! If you had two of those players, it was Stiff Street, if you had three of those players then it was Rogered Road, or if you had more than that, then you were pulling up in the aforementioned Carnage Court with yours truly.

Notwithstanding the smorgasbord of premium outs, some of tried and tested premiums delivered in a massive way and aided in producing some huge team scores. I am trying to think of another week where a score of 130 or 129 for Pendles / Murphy looked on the low side? We had plenty of opportunities to execute the VC loop hole with Sauce Jacobs, Danger and Dustry all going larger than 150 on Friday night (have to say, think that was the best game I’ve ever seen from Dusty) and bloody hell, even Brodie Smith cracked the tonne! On Saturday, we had Swannie go at 168 and Selwood at 145. That’s 5 bites of the VC cherry right there. This year, like many years in the past with the bald beast Ablett, has seen Goldy become the permanent choice of Captain and, once again, he didn’t let coaches down by punching out a huge 155. If you have SC Gold, you will see he is predicted to go 187 this week – what the bloody hell?! The “C” firmly remains on Goldy!

Last week we lost half of teams out of the finals race, this week we see another 12.5% of teams with their season done and dusted for the year with another 12.5% of teams with the week off. For those coaches with the week off and with more than 3 trades, it might be a good week to downgrade a player and build a bank balance for a possible upgrade or double upgrade for the Preliminary Final. If you have only 2 trades left, then it would be wiser to sit and hold, particularly given the number of injuries and resting players we have seen over the past few weeks.

If you are a coach of a team in the Semi-Finals, then you need to go to work on your opponent, it is an elimination final so there is no use carrying trades if there is no next week, again it comes down to match play and probably a bit of luck! Other than Wines and Beams, most premiums should be back in action this week. It may also be the week to cull Steele or Lambert and upgrade to a premium, and there are a few POD’s presenting themselves, dare I say it, for example Sloane who is in less than 5% of teams and punched out a very tidy 128. A few weeks ago, I mentioned Ziebell and Brent Harvey as potential tasty inclusions and they look to continue on. Joey Montagna is another one, and in less than 3% of teams. If you have the trades and if you have the funds, they could prove to be the difference. Having said that, I think coaches are still running sub-optimal players down back, be thy named Pittard or the like. Dump them as quick as you can and grab a proven like Higgins (mentioned a few times over the past few weeks) – who has been a revelation down back and has consigned the tag “Burnman” to the pages of history!

So what is this week’s dilemma?

As per last week, I think the focus has to be down back or building cover to avoid disasters like last week. Down back, I still like the ilks of Higgins, Houli and Robertson. Up forward, Goddard, Ziebell and Harvey look solid, and in the mids, it is hard to pass up the value offered by someone like Sloane.

So what am I thinking about this week?

Stuff all community, I have no trades left, and will be running the gauntlet with what I’ve got and hoping my premiums return!

What are you thinking about community?

Over to you community, the poll this week is, what will you do?

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Always  keen to hear your thoughts community so please tweet me @chicko_lcs with any questions or dilemmas of your own. Good luck for to those coaches aiming to make it to a preliminary final!



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Love your work Chicko


Thanks Liam old mate, thanks for the appreciation legend.

I N Pieman

Good man Chicko. For most of is it’s been just tying to make the best of a bad situation. Most of my trades have been due to injury. And I still have some. This year I’ve held players I would have moved on in years gone by. Something valuable to take out of it.


Cheers Pieman, it’s torn me an absolute new one this year. I normally budget 6 trades for LTI, so to have used 13 has blown me off the park. Like you, I’m taking a lesson from it.


So finished top 4 and lost by 10 this week

Team currently

Shaw higgins hodge laird enright gibbo

Fyfe jpk priddis mundy thompson griffen lewis selwood

Goldy grundy

Swan buddy dahl roo dusty gray

So this week ive got 3 trades 212k left lookn at off loading

Griffen for hannes i think Thaughts ?

Other poss trades grundy to ? Last trade unknown


Anyone ?

Vlastuin Paradise

Buddy>bartel maybe


G’day Adam, You could do worse than getting Pendles or Sloane into that midfield mix.


Teah they are definatley in the mix doing sloane would leave heaps of cash to upgrade someone alse also


Would u go sandi or martin for grundy upgrade


Grundy Griffen roo in that order. Rocky is another mid option to above. Ruck surprising Maric has a great run home from here. Cheers


Yeo to roberton or picken
My backline is hodge, shaw, higgins, simpson, newnes and yeo



some random guys



Hard to go past Picken, has been consistent all year.


My long term injury trades have been paramount.

Ablett, Rocky, Wines x2, Beams, Mummy, Belcho, Clarke, CEY, Bartell, Sloane x2, Salem, Sheil and Watson…I am now fresh out and riding the waves to the end of the year! Currently in the top 300 but expecting to drop in the last couple rounds.

Thanks for the season community, lets hope its not the last for us at JR


I’m with you there Motsy!


As Always Outstanding work Chicko.

Interested to know how many trades everyone has left? I'm sitting pretty on 4


4 trades Youngy?!! You are set mate. Take the chance to build the bank, then bang, bang, bang the next 3 weeks!


I’m sitting pretty on 0…..
Got t Mitch as f7/m9 and smith @ d7 though…
Beams I had expected but wines and Ablett hurt these last couple of weeks….

some random guys

I had Buddy and Fyfe out but Maynard scored 87 and McStay scored 111 so they weren't missed much this week.

I won both of my Qualifying finals, so now i get this week off for Fyfe and Franklin to be ready in 2 weeks time.
Got 3 trades and 61.5K left.
I'm thinking of waiting until next week then trading out McIntosh and Lambert and trading in a premium and a rookie.

My team is:

B: Hodge(Mid), H.Shaw, Higgins(Fwd), Picken, Enright, *McIntosh*, [N.Brown, Fields]
C: Fyfe, Pendlebury, D.Swan(Fwd), J.Lewis, J.Kennedy, Parker, T.Mitchell(Fwd), Sidebottom, [B.Maynard(Def), Dumont, J.Nelson]
Ruck: Goldstein, Blicavs(Mid), [Hannath(Fwd)]
F: Zorko(Mid), R.Gray(Mid), L.Franklin, J.Roughead, Bontempelli(Mid), *Lambert(Mid)*, [H.Goddard(Def), McStay(Def)]

*Players i plan on trading out*
(Dual Position)

Thoughts? I'm open for all suggestions.


Trade out Lambert, move either Mitchell or Swan into your Forward line. Lambert should be worth around 350000 after next week, which gives you 410,000ish. If you sell Brown, this will get you 675,000ish. If you buy a 102,000 defender, you will have 568,000. If you buy Rockliff (the cheapest best mid), you will have 68,000 in the bank.






If you can double up and one down for Sloane rocky I’d do that… haven’t done the $ counting.


Scratch that. You need a premo def. Rocky plus best def left over. Smith????

some random guys

^ Refering to post above ^

Will have $713.6K to work with if i Trade out McIntosh and Lambert out.

Vlastuin Paradise

Lambo out, swan fwd, then get a top line mid


4 trades and a bye this week.


generate some cash


Def: Shaw – Higgins- Hodge – Newness – Simpson – Pearce A. (Hamling – Beasley)

MID: Pendles – Priddis – Danger – Blicavs – Selwood – Lewis – Montagna – Rockliff (Fyfe- Maynard – Robinson)

Ruc: Goldstein – Maric (Read)

FWD: Swan – Martin – Gray – Dahlhaus – Goddard – Deledio (Lambert – Steele)

Trades: 2 – Bank $1,200

Last week I had to get rid of Beams and was also going to upgrade a Defender as I am not full premo in my backline yet. Since all my finals were looking close, I decided I would get a better score if I got two premos in, even though it meant I now had 9 in my midfield. I managed to get Selwood and Rockliff, trading out Beams and Heeney. In the end it turns out I could have saved a trade as I knocked out my best score ever even with Deledio on the bench – 2740.

Anyway, I won all my finals and as I didn't finish lower than 4th in my leagues, have next week off. My plan after next week is to do the following, any other ideas, suggestions would be welcomed.

Sell Maric, move Blicavs into the Ruck, Move Steele to Mids, sell one of my defenders, either Pearce or Hamling, to get in which ever defender is looking best at that point. This means I will have no trades if I make any of the finals though, and this has me a little worried. Any ideas?


Picken with out a doubt.


Yeah, I am looking at either Picken or Roberton at this point, with Broadbent and Hooker as outsiders.

The Ranger

Don't go into a Grand Final without a trade unless you absolutely have to mate, keep one back for injuries.
Unless of course you think you have to use it to reach the Final in the first place!


I am thinking you are right, I get the feeling most of the others in my leagues don't have any trades left, so I could be safe. Pearce has been pretty solid the last couple of weeks knocking out 80+ which really isn't that much lower than most of the premium defender averages.


But I would hold for the week if I were you


That's the plan.

"My plan after next week is to do the following…"


Light weight chicko. 19 yep 19 on LTI’s! Still got 3 of my starting defenders. Just when i thought team was set abs, wines and beams used my last 3 trades.


G'day community! Need to make my last upgrade up forward. Already have Swan, Dusty, Gray, Lids, Tom Mitchell.

I'm thinking one of Bartel, Dahlhaus or Goddard. Anyone else I should consider? I have 528k to spend…

Thanks guys.


everyone (I mean everyone) has those players or a combination as their forwards.

look for a POD, maybe Boomer!


or for a bit of fun…Rioli.


Definitely Bartel! I would love a Lids/Bartel combo in my forward line. I don't have the chance to get either.


I would go Dahlhaus, as I think he is going to have a blinder the last few rounds. The doggies have everything to play for.

Rath Crew

Hi community,
Bear with me I'm gona ask a silly question. I'm only in Oz a couple of years and this is the first time I've had a crack at SuperCoach. What is the vice Captain loophole and how dose one take advantage of it. I've made the top eight in my two leagues so I'm stoked. But like you Chiko I've been slaughtered by injuries. Thanks for your help.


sounds like a question you should have asked round 1.

because you can change your team during the weekend you can start the GW with the VC on a player who you think will score well. This is usually a player who is playing in one of the earlier games. If they do really well and you want that score as your double points Cap score, you then change your C to an on-field non-player. (beware that your C was not on someone who has already played). The trick is that you need to have a non-player you can do that with, and one who plays after the VC.

If the VC score isn't good enough, you can then place the C on another player and his score will then be your C score.


Rath Crew,

Congratulations on your league success.

The VC loophole uses the rule that when your nominated Captain does not play on the weekend, then your Vice Captain's score counts as your Captain's score (double points). You place your VC on a player whose game is early in the round, and if they score highly, then you put a non-playing footballer on the ground, and place the Captaincy on them, while covering your zero/donut by making the footballer you would have normally had on the ground the emergency on the bench.

For example, let's say your ruck line is Sam Jacobs -Todd Goldstein – Tom Reid. Sam Jacobs plays on Friday, Todd Goldstein plays on Sunday, and Tom Reid is a non-playing rookie. Normally you'd just whack the Captaincy on Goldstein and trust that he scores well. The VC loophole however allows you to take an early shot at the Captain's score. Let's say you put the VC on Sam Jacobs, who on Friday night knocks out a massive 155, and you think that Goldstein might not do any better. As such, you swap Reid onto the field and make him Captain, and put Goldstein on the bench but make Goldstein your ruck emergency. With Reid as a non-playing Captain, you get Jacobs' 155 x 2 score as Vice Captain, but you also get Goldstein's base score, as he steps in as an emergency for non-playing Reid .

Hope that's clear! Best of luck.


^ Cross-post with dereck!

n.b. … The non-playing rookie to be used also has to be playing a game later than than the VC's game, or else they'll get locked into position. Therefore in my hypothetical, Tom Reid's team would need to play after Sam Jacobs' game.

Rath Crew

Thanks a million lads for taking the time. I have it now. I did ask in the beginning but I asked in the wrong place, should have asked hear. Now if I could get back about three burnt trades ide be laughing.


Hello community, have 5 trades left 80k in the bank and in to the preliminary. Still have a few concerns in my team with Maric, Griffin and B Smith left. Even though i'm not playing this week was thinking of downgrading Steele, upgrading Griffin to Hannebery and then next week trading out Maric for Nic Nat and maybe Smith depending on how he goes this week.


maybe not nic nat. they are not sure when he will be back.


Hold Maric. Has 3 good match ups to come imo.


How have you not cut yourself holding Griffen this long???? Trade this spud.


I have no idea, biggest regret this season and every time i wanted to trade him out someone else in my team was injured. Finally happy to get rid of the spud.


I was looking at trading out Griffen or Selwood going into round 16. Wanting to avoid a donut, I traded out Selwood. Since then:
Griffen – 95 / 103 / 86 / 62 (total of 346).
Selwood – 0 / 142 / 175 / 145 (total of 462).

So far, that decision has cost me 116 points but I'm sure it will cost me more for the remainder of the year… Pretty much sums up my season, to be honest.


Although I had a few premiums out (delideo, fyfe and Bob Murphy) it was actually my best week for the whole year. I managed to somehow get 2690, which I was pretty happy with. Anyone else in the community have a similar thing this round?


Yeah had the exact same situation but had 2 rookies on field and maricso managed my best week in 2600


Chicko, every week you have smashed it, my friend. Love the frank personal dilemmas mixed with the down'n'dirty data and expert insights. Could you do a check in for my personal and professional life? Shit is messy.


Throtts, I will be your wingman, any place at any time my brother!


Thoughts on my team? 2 trades left and $175,000 in the bank.

Hodge, Shaw, Simpson, Murphy, Gibson, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard
Fyfe, Priddis, Dangerfield, JPK, Parker, Hannebery, Treloar, Rockliff, O'Brien, Lambert, Adamson
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Goddard, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Steele, Daniel

Not sure wether to hold or upgrade a Lambert to someone like Harvey or Ziebell for bench cover.



I would either get rid of Buddy or upgrade Steele. Buddy didn't look that good with his back. But swans have to perform so he might rise to the challenge.

Not sure who you can get to replace Steele though, Boommer?


Last week, I traded Barlow for S Mitchell. Feel vindicated after last round.


Great work Chicko as always,

Just a quick question community:
The captain pick for this week is super important for me, so who would you suggest I loophole?
Was thinking JPK into selwood or shaw but?

My team is as follows
DEF – Shaw, newnes, Hooker, docherty, saad, picken
MID – Fyfe, pendles, priddis, selwood, lewis, Jpk, ward, ebert,
RUC – Blicavs, Martin
FOR – Swan, gray, bont, ziebell, bennell, Goddard




Selwood if you can VC loophole Pendles if not possible.


Fyfe plays in last game of the round. Freo have top 2 locked up and worried they will take the foot off the accelerator over the next few weeks, however they do play WCE. Not as clear cut as usual with fyfe.

Friday night it is between pendles and JPK. Who do you think will win the game will determine who you would put VC on.

Selwood has the Hawks this week. he does play well against them, but it is a risk.

A left-field pick could be Martin against Carlton at home!


Swan VC, big 168 from him last week


currently ranked 102nd overall, but 700pts from the top spot, haven't given up yet but will need everything to go my way.

Still have 5 trades left, so an injury to one of the popular players maybe a good thing as most people ahead of me are probably very low on trades, where I can cover any big loss.

Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Simpson, Enright, KK, (BSmith, HGoddard)

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, JPK, Priddis, Dangerfield, Parker, Motlop (Lambert, McKenzie, Adamson)

Goldy, Jacob (Lucy)

Gray, Goddard, Dahlhaus, Dusty, Swan, Bartel (Daniels, Payne)

$235k in bank, 5 trades.

To make up any significant ground I need to have POD players. I have KK & Enright (defence), Parker & Motlop (mids), Jacobs (13% ownership), Bartel (fwd).

My initial plan was to bring in Rocky for Lambert and have Motlop as my M9/F7. Is Rocky POD enough? Sloane is only in 4% of teams.

Does anyone have any left-field suggestions that I could consider.

Should I hold onto Newnes. Saints have the toughest run home of any team?

Is KK premium? I have cash to upgrade him to Picken or Higgins? or anyone else in Defence?

BSmith at D7, is that worth keeping?

Will Fyfe cruise for the next 4 weeks knowing they have top 2 locked up?


Marc Murphy is a great POD if you can afford him.
Only in 1.9% of teams.


Not bad. They have a few good games coming up

I had Sam Mitchell from the start until I brought Gaz a few weeks ago. Wish I still had him

I have my eye on Shaun Burgoyne to replace BSmith as my D7 loophole


Stanton is the ultimate POD at the moment. In 0.9% of teams. Only pumped out 91 on the weekend but has a 3/5 game avg of 124/121.


Joey montagna is a great POD but i think you need to get rid of koko first. Id recommend dylan roberton as a POD in defence


Montagna would be good but saints have very tough draw.

Stanton might work, but I’m trying to avoid Essendon players.

What about Jordon Lewis?

Thanks guys


Lewis isnt a POD like 18% of people have him. Including me. I also have montanga and he has not let me down.


Major Plums POD's

FWD: Tom Lynch – last 5 rounds av 115 last 3 rounds av 126. In 0.4% of teams.
MID: Josh Caddy – last 5 rounds av 118 last 3 rounds av 119. In 1.8% of teams.
DEF: Matthew Broadbent – last 5 rounds av 105 last 3 rounds av 101. In 1.3% of teams.


Think most ahead of u would do have rocky but Sloane has shark written all over it.


Got a couple of weeks off and a couple of semi finals this week. 4 trades left so I’m gonna burn two of them this week and complete my team.. Finally.

Managed a 2515 on the weekend with Daniel and Lambert on the field so I was pretty content.

I’m downgrading Steele to Rory Atkins who blasted an 89 in his first full game and with the money I’m trading Lambert to Liam Picken via Shaun Higgins who has been absolutely fantastic this season!

Team now looks like this:

DEF: Shaw, Rance, Picken, Hodge, Newnes, Enright (Pearce, Hamling)

MID: Pendlebury, Priddis, Dangerfield, Fyfe, JPK, Heppell, Selwood, Rockliff (Boston, McKenzie, Atkins)

RUC: Goldstein, Maric (Brooksby)

FWD: Swan, Martin, Gray, Goddard, Mitchell, Higgins (Daniel, Read)

2 trades and $31k in the bank. If I make it through to a granny unscathed, I’ll probably burn those trades on turning Newnes or Heppell into someone a little more reliable but we’ll see how we go.

Love your work, Chicko. Been a stalwart all season!


Nice trades Jack..

Good position to be in with 2 trades after this week.


What do we do with Treloar


Best mid to get in for Treloar?

Current midfield is Danger Priddis Pendles Hannerbery Rockliff Parker Lewis


Fyfe or Selwood


Sam Mitchell.

General Soreness

Great write up Chicko.

One thing that many people will be starting with in 2016 is "a new arsehole" , SC has torn many a good man a new one!


Absolutel GOLD General!!


So mad lost by 2 points this week


Haha maybe next time Xavs


Nic Nat out again this week!


I'm thinking he will be.


just read that he is confirmed OUT for the weekend.


I finish fourth in both my 2 leagues and won them both so I can now sit tight for a week. You beauty.


Reported that Mundy is sore. If he does get up this week, he'll surely be rested next week.


Who to bring in for Nic Nat? Steph Martin or Sandilands. I already have Goldy, 3 trades and no cash in the bank. I'm thinking Martin as Sandilands will more than likely be rested at some point. I'm a bit worried about Berger coming back in the next week or so and affecting Martin's output. Thoughts?


Great write up chicko like always mate.

I had Bob Murphy & like most Fyfe out this week so I had to be happy with Lamberts & Lever's scores. I was shocked my overall rank improved from 544 to 519 from my average score of 2507.

I'm glad I won ALL my 4 league games so now I get a free week in 3 of them as I finished 1st in 3 of them however I will be conserving my trades. I'm no longer concerned about my Overall rank.


Hey guys, still got 4 trades with 20k and i need ur opinion. Should I go Ellis to Priddis or Maric to some other ruckman, eg Martin, Sandilands. any other thoughts on my team would be appreciated. cheers

Def – Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Murphy, Rance, Simpson (Goddard, Pearce)
Mid – Fyfe, Pendles, Danger, JPK, Parker, Selwood, Lewis, Ellis (O'Brien, Knight, Maynard)
Fwd – Wingard, Gray, Lids, Goddard, Swan, Martin (Lambert, Dale)
Ruck – Goldstein, Maric (Read)


Ellis to Priddis is a great move. I would hold Maric although if your contemplating another Ruck go Jacobs, Martin or Blicvas in that order.

If you go Eliis to Priddis this means you will have to make some cash because you only have $20k and Priddis is $596k and Ellis is only $474k


i'll probably end up downgrading o'brien and this should free up enough cash if i wanted to trade out maric next week or in a couple of weeks time when richmond play north melb.


dont worry about rich v nth melb as Supercoach will be over by round 23. Keep Maric as he should score well against upcoming opponents in GCS, Pies and Essendon in GF ( they dont have a ruckman )