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Patch’s Panic Room – Round 19

Published by Patch on

Patch - Supercoach Panic Room Master

Welcome to Supercoach finals. What a warm welcome it has been, too. Stars missing, injuries aplenty and the nice old surprise rest have all reared their ugly, unwelcome head at the end of what has been a thoroughly unrewarding year.

In fact, this week was so painful the website itself had to take a moment to lie down and have a cry. There is no shame in this community. We need to cry for each other, for the coming weeks will turn friend against friend, colleagues against colleague, partner against partner, and will fracture these relationships on the bounce of a funny-shaped ball.

I myself am at the end of my tether; a two point loss in one league sent me spiralling from third to sixth, and now injuries to Wines and Beams leave me with zero trades. (You know how I said you need three for finals two weeks ago? Ha. Hilarious.) Wines is especially painful, as I’ve held him all year, and was rather keen to be rewarded by the Supercoach gods for keeping faith, but it’s just been that sort of year. For those of you who have been hit especially hard and have missed finals, I salute you. You also get 4 week’s head start on the rest of us in 2016 research. As for those who are left, let’s look over the burning wreckage that makes up our teams and see who might actually play this week.


We’ll do the bad news first, because there’s a lot of it. Dayne Beams, as we know, has done his shoulder and will be getting a reconstruction. He’s out for the year. Ollie Wines has also done his shoulder, will also be getting a reconstruction and is also out for the year. They’ve eaten my last two trades, and will need to eat some of your trades too.

Nat Fyfe is going to miss another week due to Sam Mitchell’s f#&@ing knee and have to sit on our benches again. Few have the trades to flick him, but I imagine Ross is using this time to unsure the superstar is ready to run home playing every game. Hold.

And to rub salt into the wounds, popular bench cover Josh Glenn has been dropped.

As his back problems continue, Lance Franklin won’t play against Geelong. Might be a travel thing, but no-one seems to know how bad his back is. I’d be looking to trade if you had enough trades left (more than two) and in a cutthroat final.

Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy has been ruled out of the Dog’s game against Port. Haven’t heard why but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be out more than one.

Luenberger has done an AC joint, Seedsman has been dropped, Zac Merrett has a stress fracture in his foot and likely out for the year, while Stevie J and fantasy gun Zac Dawson have both been suspended.

At this point the Supercoach god seemed doped up or dying or something, so if there was ever a time to ask them for something, now seemed to be it. I asked them for an extra trade and in return got news that Brett Deledio hadn’t made the flight to Adelaide last night, and was ill despite being named. UPDATE: Is on plane to Adelaide. UPDATE: LIDS IS NOT PLAYING


Oh no, our teams.

This is the part where I should get to the good news… but there isn’t any unless you’ve got Nick Riewoldt, who has returned.


It’s tough to patch up a side with no trades left. But there are some people who have been thrifty, lucky or both who need options for Beams or Wines. Selwood, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Lewis and JPK are all options to be considered.

Up forward, I really like both Wingard (especially with Wines gone) and Dayne Zorko (with Beams out), but am really tempted by Taylor Adams, averaging 118 over his last 3 and 117 over his last 5, and in only 4% of teams.


Dan Aykroyds

176 – T. Goldstein
175 – D. Zorko
166 – P. Dangerfield
157 – N. Naitanui
146 – D. Armitige

Eddie Murphys

-51 – L. Hunter
-46 – T. Barrass
-28 – S. Biggs
-25 – K. Langford
-6 – J. Laverde

That’s it from me folks. Good luck in your finals endeavours, and for god’s sake let’s hope we do better than the Aussies at Trent Bridge.

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Good luck in the finals everyone!


Hope you lose


good stuff as always patch, thinkin bout going fyfe to jobe watson this week & buddy to tom lamb. thoughts? gives me some cash for the grand final which will be good.


Not sure if retarded


why ?

Big Daddy

Goldy's has a really high breakeven and i think he has made his money and its time for him to go. Your thoughts?


Do it!


Wrong. It’s not about money any more but points. Actually it’s about survival for people with no trades.

Ben Justins

Good luck in the next round everyone hope buddy has a cracker!!!


hope he's out for the season

Ben Justins


Ben Justins

is he injured?


no, just all teams in my league have him so it would help me. wasn't trying to be mean guys

Ben Justins

oh ok

bont is a


General Soreness

Great article Patch, will be interesting to see if Goldy is in fact a Dan Aykroyd, he is just as likely to hit that BE given his form.


What to do this week?

My team is

Shaw kkol newnes hodge murphy Hurley Goddard Edwards

Fyfe pendles Selwood priddis beams jpk Parker Rockliff Mckenzie obrien Steele

Goldy maric cox

Gray dmartin swan Goddard Dahlhaus sedwards lambert Daniel

Made top 8 in all of my leagues and sitting in top 2500. Going for overall rank mainly

Problems are beams out for year

Hurley murphy not playing this week

And Edwards still not back

Have over 150k in bank but problem is I only have 2 trades left

Main priority is trading beams left but for who?

And what else should I do?



Mitch, good team, suggest Beams to Dangerfield if you can afford it. Next option would be Deledio, Bennell or Bartel (via DPP swing). Good luck!


don't know what to do about your donut in defence. Murphy and Hurley not playing.


Hey mitch
I got stuck like you with not enough trades left. I’ve gone with picken to set up a dpp swing between mids and def with a floating premo. So perhaps a double trade Edwards plus beams out with something like Kelly and Armitage/Heppell s.t.. cash working…I think it does.


Patch, help!

Only one trade left & playing finals in two leagues for top spot. With 2 x rookies on field covering holes, which trade option please:

1. Wines to Rocky?

2. Buddy to TMitch/Ziebell?

3. Fyfe to Priddis?

Community wisdoms appreciated…


Option 1. Keep Fyfe as he should be back next week.

General Soreness



Thanks Pieman –

Wines to Rocky it will be. May the SC Gods show some mercy!


1. Wines is definitely out for the season


Don't panic! Fyfe will be back so hold him. I'm not sure about buddy but i wouldn't boot him unless he's done for the year.
possibly fill Wines spot with T Mitchell.
Pointy end of the season so the big boys with a sniff of the top 8 should be firing


I got 1,103,900 to trade in 2 players for beams and wines. Midfield currently looks like Fyfe,pendles,Lewis,Rockliff,Parker,JPK,wines,beams cheers

General Soreness

Don't know who cheers is so I would move him on.

Alternatively Wines & Beams —> Danger or Hanners & Sloane or Boomer(DPP)


Hahaha my phone stuffed up. What do u think Sloane would average from here on out


Always fun to trade cheers but I got no trades 🙁


Wines and beams have got to go; Danger, Selwood, Adams would be three I'd look at


Nice work Patch. I have 4 trades, only 35k and in a sudden death final. My options are:

1) McKenzie to Barrass and Steele to Hunter

2) Steele to H Goddard and McKenzie to T Lynch (GC) or any other options.

Any thoughts/advice greatly appreciated.


What’s ya team name? Do you need these guys to play?


Thanks randomcliche. I am looking at any way to improve my team (U Got to be Doping) with the limited number of trades and cash I have. I don’t need to make any trades as I have a full team however, in a sudden death final and no margin for error.


Hey sorry for the late reply. Looks like you did the goddard one.

Looks like you need another premo mid. Can you go Daniel to Sloane in one trade? I would try holding 2 trades after that. This season has been a shocker for late outs and season changing injuries.


Thoughts on my team?

3 trades left $152,000 in the bank.

Shaw, Hodge, Simpson, Gibson, Murphy, Newnes, Goddard, Pearce
Fyfe, Beams, Danger, Priddis, JPK, Parker, Treloar, Rockliff, O'Brien, Steele, Adamson
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Franklin, Goddard, Dahlhaus, Lambert, Daniel

Was thinking of just trading Beams to Hannerbery. Not sure wether its worth trading Buddy to Bartel as well though.



Beams to Hanners a good move; depending on your situation buddy to bartel a wise idea, Mac


Hanners or Bennell?


I'd sneakily grab Bennell personally. On fire without Gaz.


Dangerfield or Selwood for Beams? Or is there a better option?


Danger first, Selwood second. They're the cream of the crop in my view mate!


Have no trades left and hamling has been named in defence, so who should i play on field out of Brodie Smith, Hugh Goddard or Hamling?


As much as it kills me to say it, Brodie Smith. Back him in.


Oxley to Simpson,Hooker or Picken ? & McKernan to Bartel,Ziebel or Bont ?
Based on the cash I have available i can do any combination


Picken Bartel imo


Agree with randomcliche. Picken and Bartel.


Simpson and Bartel


Deledio is OUT


Hi guys! What do you reckon about this?
Lever, wines out, Mitchell and bartel in by swinging. I want to get the likes of hannebury or bennell, but I don't have the cash.
If I do this I'll have a complete team, one trade and 20K in the bank. I'm holding Fyfe, he'll be back next week I reckon.


Nice Dylan, I like it mate


Never mind, life got in the way and I missed lockout… Gotta figure something else now! At least I have a double chance. Cheers though!


Wines, Boston out, Rocky and McVeigh in?


a few weeks ago I was thinking of trading in Beams and delidio. I decided on parker & Bartel!

I've been pretty lucky this year, had to trade out Gaz twice, and Rocky & Sloane, but other than that I've been ok.

Has left me with 6 trades left and the following team:

Shaw, Hodge, KK, Newnes, Enright, Simpson, (HGoddard, BSmith)

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, JPK, Priddis, Parker, Dangerfield, Motlop. (Steele, McKenzie, Lambert)

Goldy, Jacobs

Goddard, Gray, Swan, Dusty, Bartel, Dahlhaus (Payne, Daniels)

$51k, 6 trades and ranked 156th overall.

Two options I have:

1) Upgrade Motlop to Sidebum/Rocky.

Will need to play either BSmith, Steele or Lambert to cover Fyfe

2) BSmith & Steele >>> $102k rookie & Sidebum/Rocky.

This uses two trades but gives me Motlop as a M9/F7 who I can use this week to cover Fyfe.

Going for overall rank, so want to keep a few trades up my sleave for the final weeks when there could be plenty of players rested.


another option I like is to Keep BSmith at D7, and trade out Daniels & Steele >>> Sloane and $102k rookie.

This gives me a full premium team (Sloane at M8), but with BSmith at D7 (with non-player Loophole), Motlop at M9 (with non-player loophole) & Lambert at F7 (with non-player loophole).


Option 2 but get Hanners instead of Sidebum/Rocky


3rd option


Beams to Hanners and Franklin to Bartel leaving me with 1 trade left? Or do I put Daniel on field instead


If you would have kept Franklin if he played this week, I would keep him, unless you desperately need the points that is.


Looking to bring in hanners this week
Who should i trade out for him: going for league
harry taylor
jack newnes
bob murphy who isn’t playing this week
appreciate thoughts.?.


how many trades left tom?


9 trades went away during the season couldn't access internet


would swing hodge into the back line if i was to get rid of one of those back man, and i am playing league this week against someone not to hard


Who should I trade for Wines out of Neale and Rocky?



Howie Feltersnatch

Guys need help got 7 trades left going into finals with 51.2k in the bank
Got Fyfe & lids in trouble with no real decent bench cover other than lambert.
Thinking of Fyfe to cocaine kid (Bennell) & Steele to Hugh Goddard for cash raising & coverage


If you are playing just for league and have 7 trades left, i would just trade FYFE & LIDS to who ever you want this week… You have more than enough trades to bring them back.

The most trades that can be used from this round to the final is 8 trades so you have nothing to worry about especially so if you are ranked top 4 in your leagues coz if you win this week then you dont need to worry about next week..

Although why don't you type out your whole team that way the advice given will be totally accurate…

Howie Feltersnatch

Thanks for the feedback, team below, 2nd in a cash league so still in it to win it.
Shaw, gibson, ibbotson, malceski, lumumba, hamling, shaun edwards, byrne
Priddis, pendles, armitiage, gray, swan, murphy, griffen, fyfe, steele,d mc kenzie, neal bullen
Goldy, sandi, read
Martin, dahlhsus, higgins, bont, gawn, lambert, lids, laverde


Thinking about downgrading steele to someone thats $102,000 to get that extra bit of cash. But I'm not sure whether to upgrade Lever to Picken or wait another week since Lever's breakeven is quite low and I could squeeze a little bit more money out of him. I'm 4th in my league so even if it costs me this week I always have next week. Thoughts on this?


I'd wait on him


Second on ladder, so double chance.
3 trades left after just doing Beams > Danger.
Holding Fyfe for a week.
Buddy on field in fwd line.
Lambert current fwd emergency.
1. Do I use my last trade to flick Buddy for pretty much anyone up forward? ($135800 in bank)
2. Or hold and rely on Lambert for 70-80+? (He's not vest material is he? If so I'll trade immediately)
3. Or just trade early in any case? To who up fwd?
4. Or use that hold fwd and use that trade to upgrade Lever, Pearce or McKenzie down back? To a 463k, 369k or 352k defender?
Any help please 🙂


I'd hold beyond Beams-Danger


Just see how Lambert goes first you get a free look at him tonight. If he scores shit then trade franklin to Bartel or whoever u like.

Personally I think franklin isn't worth having because he is inconsistent.


Lids is OUT


Picken or Higgins?




Anyone wanting to use Jack Steele to cover Fyfe, Lids, Franklin etc …
He has been dropped .
And it continues …


Great work. I have 5 trades left and about $120k. Thinking of trading Beams & Franklin for Mundy & Bennell. Any thoughts?


Nice Richard. Like the moves, mate.


get rid of B smith or J Lever for Heath Shaw




Trade Franklin for Bennell or Rockliff (via DPP)?


Beams + Steele in for Hannebery + Sloane


Out for* oops


Hoping Lambert scores well tonight. If Lambert doesn't score well then I will be forced to use 2 trades tomorrow.


LOL I'm hoping Knight scores well. What are my chances of him breaking a ton? 😉


Traded in Sloane for Boston tonight. Sloanie is back! 60 SC points at quarter time. Magnificient. Hopefully he keeps going now without any more dramas.


I traded Sloane in for Steele, but at 7.45pm reversed it. Decided to put E on Lambert and BSmith tonight and if either did well, I wouldn’t need Sloane to come in. Plus I bought in Dangerfield last week, didn’t want double crows midfield


Looks like I’ll take BSmiths 97. Won’t need to trade this week. Keep my 6 trades for now.


I was hoping he wouldn’t do that well, many people need him on firld


Smith done well, although Sloane done awesome. If it was me I would have kept that trade of Steele to Sloane because every point gained is MASSIVE when playing for overall rank.

I don't understand why your conserving trades you have plenty mate.


I’ll make 1 trade this week to downgrade Steele.

Next week 2 trades to lock up my final premium

May also upgrade KK the next week

Will leave 2 trades for the last 2 weeks in case of players getting rested.


Bets down!! Cook just declared. Can England bowl out the Aussies inside 2 days? No pressure…….LOL


Nit Nat a late out


or Nic Nat


My fifth premium out this round, loving it …….worse than last years resting debacle


Yeah Nic Nat out. What a disaster of a round.


Dangerfields calf heavily iced after the game, hope its only a corky…


Do I take Lever's 58 points or do I risk playing Alex Pearce in Defence


who do i trade in, rocky or hanners?


I'm going the Donut for Nic Nat and keeping my 4 trades as I am fairly confident I will win both my finals and advance through to the Prelims.

SC Virgin

Rocky and bennell


Adams and selwood?

For beams and buddy.


Nic Nat out.

4 of my opponents have him and I have Jacobs.


I have the mullett who was given a sauce lesson


So whilst battling dodgy hotel wifi and potential cancelled flights (in Bali), and my normal indecisiveness with reversing the beams wines trades 1000 times I’ve accudentally managed to drop the c on danger which = a win, unfortunately I also managed to not put the e on sauce on the bench which = 150 points down the drain now with nic nat out…. Ah well….


Are you serious! What have you been drinking.


It’s a long story, the above, plus a son with chickungaya in and out of Bali hospitals = more important than supercoach…. But it still irks me….

Howie feltersnatch

Damn volcanic ash, usually it is rossy lyon ruining people sc season


It’s probably not a bad name for him you know, Ross Lyon that is, I reckon we could call him “the ash cloud”. He cancels players flights, ruins plans for the run home, just when you think it’s ok he comes back and ruins things again…..


There is probably some poor sod out there who has Fyfe, Beams, Wines, NicNat, Buddy, Delidio and Zac Dawson in their team.

haiku bob

Haha! Yep. Well, I got 4 of them!


I have 5 and delidio was to be traded in this week before his withdrawal. Sums up my season!


Dawson a big loss!


beams out for priddis or hodge? leaves me with only one trade, but cover on all lines. hodge will also provide def/mid swing. thoughts?


do i take dangers score before selwoods 200th


im taking it without hesitation


I'm taking Danger's score instead of Goldy. Wise move? I feel Gawn is in decent form and could push Goldstein


Trading Nic Nat to Stef Martin with my last trade to win a few leagues


Going for league wins this year, finished in the top 4 in all my leagues.

7 trades left, Buddy to Bartel or Bennell? Bennell's got a massive ceiling but going Bartel gives me an extra 70k for trades later on. Thoughts?


Is it worth trading Buddy if it leaves me with 1 trade left?


I have daniel I can sub on


Keep Buddy, he’ll be ok next week