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Chicko’s Check In – It’s the Final Countdown!

Published by Jock on

Chicko - elite fantasy analyst

G’day Community! It is here! The finals are finally here! For some coaches, it is your chance at greatness. Who will step up to the plate? Will you step up?

I IMPLORE YOU – take your chances coaches, seize your opportunities, seize your plums, seize your final trades and put them all on the line!

This season of trials and tribulations have been put to bed for half of all supercoaches who play our great game. Those coaches not qualifying for finals are now relegated to compete for the Who Gives A Stuff Cup in their leagues! For the other half of coaches, you continue on in your pursuit of legend status for either overall rank or, to take out a league against mates or colleagues where pride has no price and there ain’t no second prize – there is only one name that gets etched on the prized trophy –make it your mission to make it yours.

For many coaches, we are down to either no trades or very few trades, and we must make sure we pull the right rein at the right time to get a leg up on our opponents. This could not be more true for coaches competing in elimination finals this weekend. Study your opponent, watch for team selections and look for tasty PODs who may prove the difference. For those coaches with a double chance, plot your trades carefully, study your opponent and assess whether you need to trade at all, or take the opportunity for the upgrading of players turding it up in your teams – I am talking to you Brodie Smith!

Like many a week in season 2015, round 18 was no different with premiums impacting our scores by either sitting on the pine (Fyfe in strife) or being buggered by injury (Wines) or just plainly underperforming when you need them most to gain a crucial win to play in finals….(Ward, Danger, T-Mac to name a few)!

For those looking to pull a trade, it looks like Beams is done for the year and booked in for shoulder surgery. In terms of interesting POD trades, look no further than Harley Bennell who has come back and gone big with a 140 and 139 in successive! Not necessarily saying he is a Beams replacement, I think you want a player of greater consistency, like a Dan Hannebery or Priddis, but for your forward lines, Bennell could prove a mighty POD.

So what is this week’s dilemma?

There may be a few coaches in my position but I am left with few trades and still issues to contend with, mainly Beams and Brodie. For me, its Beams this week and maybe Brodie next week.

For other coaches, with full premium midfields, this week might be the chance to upgrade Smith, Ibbotson or Pittard.. Higgins produced another monster score of 138 and has been consistent all year. As mentioned last week, Roberton remains a huge POD and produced 91 this week. Houli looks like excellent value at $427k and a cheap upgrade for any of those players.

So what am I thinking about this week?

Last week I had to deal with GAJ and went to Danger (if I went to Priddis I would have been much better off!). This week will see me use my 13th trade on a long term injury and moving out Beams either Hannebery, Deledio, curling wand Priddis and Hodge – all on the shopping list.

What are you thinking about community?


Over to you community, the poll this week is, what will you do?

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Always  keen to hear your thoughts community so please tweet me @chicko_lcs with any questions or dilemmas of your own. Good luck for the rest of the season!



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I have beams and wines going to trade beams to hanners and wines to rockliff any other suggestions


Can you afford Priddis? I think you've chosen well there though.


Got 1000$ left so no


I have same issue and leaning towards the same trades. Just worried about Rockliff. With Beams out and quiry over handley, does he get more attention leading to further up and down scores. Will be my last two trades so its all or nothing!


Need a replacement for ollie wines …. Thinking either Selwood or Hannebery …thoughts ?one my Opp has Selwood ..


Current mids – fyfe Pendles Priddis danger Parker Lewis wines Griffen


Hannebery. Dirt cheap this week.


I still don't have Goldy… Is he gonna keep scoring? or finally coming up against decent ruck opposition?


He is a MUST have, he is most likely going to be everyone's VC or Captain so not having him will cost you twice his points in most cases.


Best defender to upgrade Lever to? $ is no object!

Thinking Picken

General Soreness

go with your gut, they are defenders, they are all shit except Hodge & Shaw.


All shit is a bit harsh, but agree Hodge and Shaw are the standouts, Picken has been very consistent since round 4


Going to go Ibbo to Rance. That'll probably do, keeping a close eye on Franklin and what Sydney do with Mitchell. I'll wear Fyfe's absence if he's out. Finished 2nd so have 2 chances.

Which one?

priddis or hannebery??

General Soreness

Priddis doesnt often score as high as Hanners, but doesnt go as low as him either.


…and can handle a tag, as rare as it is.

Bye Week

I wanted Priddis, BUT every dollar will count, especially if another injury props up. So I'm leaning to getting my third swan in my team – Hanneberry.
But I will def be changing my mind every 30mins…..


Facing a serious problem and i need your help community here it is
1. Have Wines
2. Havn't got any money
3. 1 off full premo
4. 3 trades left (two to get to full premo)
the way i see it i have two options
1. upgrade wines hold lambert leaves me with 1 injury trade
2. sideways wines wait a week upgrade lambert leaves me with 0 trades

Great right up community i challenge you to fix my problem

General Soreness

Kiss full premo goodbye and go option 1.


There is a option 3 which is the best option – Make Lambert your Emergency as he will play Friday night. See how lambert scores on Friday night and if he scores 80+ don't bother trading out Wines until the following week. However if Lambert scores ordinary then trade Wines to the player you want providing it is not a Richmond or Adelaide player.


deans got the right idea


Thoughts on Rory Sloane as an option?

General Soreness

Risky but a solid choice.

General Soreness

Crossing my fingers clearly falls into the something else category! Bring on SC finals, *fingers crossed* im not out in straight sets.


I got wines and 2 trades do I go bang bang and bring in James Kelly and rockliff
Or conservative and bring in hannebury, leaving me with a trade to deal with injuries


Priddis has a more difficult draw but is not in a star studded midfield like Hanners, Hanners has a higher ceiling and goes big more often but Priddis is more consistent…
WHO DO I PICK?? The player I am trading is Ryan 'spud' Griffen.

The Ranger

Wish I could trade Griffen out again.
That was the highlight of my season.


Ranger what do you mean by "again"? Did you start with Griffen then trade him out and then bring him back in?


He means he wishes he could go through the pleasure of trading him out again haha


I had the same feeling when I traded Travis Cloke for Hodge. That was a nice feeling.

The next week hodge when 133 and cloke got injured…that was a nice feeling as well.

I'd like that feeling again.

The Ranger

Spot on KW!


Thinking ibbo to higgins

Which would give me shaw hodge laird enright gibbo

Thaughts please ?

Ashley J





Tough choice. Probably priddis because of his supreme consistency


Going to wait until Saturday and bring either Priddis, Hanners or Picken in for G Ablett. This is dependent on how well Knight, Lever and Lambert play as my EMG loophole options. If two of these fire then I'll probably hold put for a week.


Good idea

The Ranger

I actually got thru a round without an injury!
Can't remember the last time that happened.
I'll be holding onto my measly two trades tightly and hoping to make it two weeks in a row so that I can finally bloody ditch bloody Brodie bloody Smith next week.

Ashley J

Lids or Hannerz?


I have brought in Priddis and Stanton in for Beams and Wines, thoughts on those two?


Stanton a great POD he has been scoring really well the last few weeks, I like him.

I accidental posted this below, when it was intended for your question.


My thoughts exactly!

Cheers for re-posting


Bringing in a POD Armitage this week to give me an extra 50k for anything that might happen in future

Hope it works!


Great POD he has been scoring really well the last few weeks, I like him.


Sorry wrong info. That was meant for Priddis & Stanton above you.


Have to replace Ablett and Wines, 5th in my league so only one chance maybe!! Thinking Hannebery and rocky but worried Rocky may get the tag with Beams being done?

Midfield – Fyfe, Priddis, Kennedy, Danger, Pendles, lewis, Wines, Ablett

any thoughts?


I think Rocky is a risk. If you can afford it, Selwood is looking good.

Charlie Hunt

I'm thinking Tippet will play first ruck for the rest of our year. After observing how well he scored against Jacobs last week, and considering Sydney don't play any more teams with elite rucks, could he be a ripper pod?


Risky move big fella but could pay off

Charlie Hunt

lol you goin for it this week?


not sure mate. only 3 trades left. fyfe maybe out which is not great. Probably have to upgrade smith in the backline or something


How much is Tippet anyway?


459k, 25k more expensive than Maric!


I hope Tippet does play in the ruck for the rest of the year. He should be a FWD/RUCK option next year.


Thoughts on my team?

3 trades left $152,000 in the bank.

Shaw, Hodge, Simpson, Gibson, Murphy, Newnes, Goddard, Pearce
Fyfe, Beams, Danger, Priddis, JPK, Parker, Treloar, Rockliff, O'Brien, Steele, Adamson
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Franklin, Goddard, Dahlhaus, Lambert, Daniel

Was thinking of just trading Beams to Hannerbery, Pendles, or Macrae.


I suggest Mundy if Fyfe is still out, might be another one to consider for Beams


Wouldn't be suprised if Mundy gets rested


With Fyfe probably out I doubt Rossco will rest Mundy as well


Yep but may get a rest in the next 3-4 weeks


Need 2 premo midfielders for a combined price of under $1,123,100 to finish my team!
Already have: Fyfe, Pendles, Heppell, Kennedy, Danger, Rockliff
Considering the likes of Hannebury, Selwood, Stanton etc
All opinions are welcome, thanks


Parker, Armitage, Priddis


priddis for sure

3. Votes

Beams to Bennel, Mundy or Delideo?


bennel might be safest, mundy and delideo could get rested sometime before finals


All decent options, i would go deledio


Just sharing what I’m doing this week

If anyone needs an upgrade in the forward line
Go max gawn so you have cover in the rucks

No worries in advance


Any news on Club Jock?


1 trade this week with beams to go

Team is

Shaw newnes hodge kkolo murphy Hurley Goddard Edwards

Fyfe beams Selwood Parker Kennedy Rockliff priddis Pendles Mckenzie obrien Steele

Goldy maric cox

Gray dmartin swan Goddard Dahlhaus sedwards lambert Daniel

Worried about beams to hanners with already 2 Sydney midfielders

Money is not a option with over 100k in bank. Only 2 trades left

Made finals in all my leagues and pushing for overall rank!

Best option?!

Cheers community xx


i have the same problem! i was tossing up between hanners and selwood


Thoughts on bernie vince as a trade option for beams


hey community, im also having the beams problem, was tossing up between selwood or hanners? unsure on hanners because i already have parker and mitchell (fwd)

would love your thoughts community!


Hanners would be ok, if you had JPK as well that would be too much.

For me though, Selwood is a gun and should be the one to get.


Hey community, I managed to finish top 4 in 3 of my leagues and 5th in the other two.
I have 5 trades and a healthy war chest of: $461, 500

Current line up is:
Def: Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Hibberd, Saad, Lever, (J. Kolodjahnij, H. Goddard)
Mids: Fyfe, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Armitage, J. Lewis, Rockliff, J. Steele, (B. Maynard, K. Amon, G. Ablett)
Rucks: Blicavs, Naitanui, (T. Read)
Fwds: Gray, Martin, Swan, B. Goddard, Bontempelli, T. Mitchell, (B. Dale, R. Knight)

I need to trade out Ablett, and am undecided on how to do it.
1.) Ablett for Priddis & Blicavs for Goldstein with a War-chest balance of $296, 900
2) Ablett & Kolodjahnij out, for Liam Picken & Goldstein (swinging Blicavs to on onfield Mid position for one week). War-chest $29,300
3) Ablett for Priddis, Kolodjahnij out for Picken, this leaves me a War-chest balance of $207, 700 (to get Goldy later on)

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on which way to go?




3 by along way.


I have beams, wines, buddy and Fyfe , yay finals


I got wines and 2 trades do I go bang bang and bring in James Kelly and rockliff

Or conservative and bring in hannebury, leaving me with a trade to deal with injuries

I N Pieman

If your in an elimination final & up against it go hard. If not trade wines & hold the last for a season ending injury

some random guys

I think i've been lucky this year.

Haven't been stuck with the Ablett, Beams or Wines problems this year.

Should i keep Franklin though? I've decided i'm sticking with Fyfe.

3 trades
top 4 in both my leagues
$61.5K left

My forward line: Gray, Zorko, Bontempelli, Franklin, Roughead, Lambert (McStay, H.Goddard)


Back in major finals for all 5 of my leagues, and I'm really excited to be trying to go for back-to-back's in my main leagues against my good mates! (4 Qualifying Finals, 1 Elimination Final)

I am too with the majority this week looking to move Beams on with enough leftover $$$ to have a choice of any Midfield Premiums I want, and after getting in Priddis for Gazza over Danger last week, this week thinking of the likes of Ward, Danger, Mundy, Deledio as some current replacements for Beams. Currently leaning towards Danger so far, but what do you reckon community how would you rank these 4 I've listed? Are there any other Premiums I should seriously consider that I haven't mentioned?

Current midfield is: Hannebery, Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Gray, Priddis, Selwood, "Beams replacement" (Lambert, McKenzie, Amon)

Will have 1 trade left after the move this week, and my weakest link being my D6 loophole in Lever/Maynard.


*weakest link out of my whole team I think.


I really want to upgrade the likes of Lever with the $$$ I've got to the likes of Simpson, but I feel I'll be losing too many points with having to play a Rookie in my Midfield against my strong opponents, and hence can't be the main priority this week (unless I burn my last 2 trades and go all out and hope for the best to upgrade both Beams and Lever, but then it's all hands on deck then with no more trades to cover LTIs).


hang onto lever, at least he is playing


Plus, I've got 2 chances in most of my leagues.

SC Virgin

Thanks Chicko. Here is my situation. 2 trades left got beams and buddy. Assuming bud is stuffed.

Options with available cash. $66k

1. Trade both.

Gaff and Adams (both great PODS ) or hannas and swan. Would love bennel but $2k short.

2. Trade one and build some bench cover

Rocky and upgrade daniel to hunter swap for buddy on field this week(s)

3. Trade 1 wait a week to trade the other.

Bring in adams.. Next week once hannas drops a bit in price trade in hannas.

Finished 3rd in league so do have a double chance but liking double barrell Pod option 1.

love to hear your thoughts community or any other option?



If you go option 1, don't trade in swan as everyone has him, it could be a good POD for you not to have him.


Should I get rid of lachie neale for supercoach finals or persist? Already have hannebery, priddis, fyfe, dangerfield, Lewis, Steven and pendlebury


get rid of b smith or j lever


Which defender premo defender should i get?


1 trade left……Do I trade Fyfe or Franklin? Its 50/50…..I can get anyone for these guys


Of those two Franklin


I warned everyone two weeks ago that fyfe would miss this week so he would be 100% ready for WCE.

he will play and be BOG next week.


Franklin has a back problem that came up again. Dye almost past fitness test


Hannebery or Bennell?


Asking myself the same question.
Or Priddis?
I'm going to hold Fyfe for this week.

Midfield with 4 trades left; Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Lewis, Kennedy, Parker, Griffin, Saad, (Lambert, Steele, Kavangh).
I'm going to Swing Saad back into my last Defence D6 spot.. and upgrade him to another premo mid.


I’ve traded hanneberry in and reverse traded 3 times this week already. If I bring him in it means I would have jpk, hanneberry and Parker in the middle… Then buddy and Mitchell in the forward line.


same luke. Already got Parker Mitchell and Kennedy. No more swans for me.
Going to go with Priddis for reliability.


Bennell still mighty tempting though. Maybe my final trade.


I just scraped into the finals with only 4 trades left and 35k. Team is as follows:

B: Shaw, Burg, Ibbo, Smith, Murphy, Lever, Coloqhoun, McKenzie.

M: Fyfe, Hodge, Priddis, Lewis, Pendles, T Mitchell, Parker, Steele, Newes, Glenn, Neal-Bullen.

R: Goldy, Sauce, Cox

F: Swan, R Gray, B Goddard, , Martin, Zorko Daniel, Dale, Lamb

Thinking Mckenz to Barrass and Steele to Hunter or T Lynch (GC) or should I just trade out Fyfe and save the extra trade for next week (if I survive).



murphy is being rested. Swing Hodge or Newnes to the defence (via McKenzie)

keep fyfe

I would trade out Steele and Glenn and get a premium being whoever you can afford, maybe Rocky for $500 or Sloane for a bit cheaper.


Thanks Derek. I don’t think I have enough to
bring in Rocky or a premium if I trade out Steele and Glenn particularly since the latter has made very little money. Who can I downgrade Glenn for that would give me the cash to upgrade Steele to a premium midfielder or vice versa.


Need some help with my backline! As it stands currently:
H Shaw, T McDonald, C Hooker, H Taylor, A Saad, J Lever.

I have $358k in the bank, 4 trades and the finals double chance.

Thinking I need to shift Taylor and Lever. Wanted to get Hodge in but that doesn't leave me much cash for the other trade, so I'd probably have to do 1 this week and cash in a bench player to do the other one next week. So my question is should I get Hodge and then 2 more trades to get someone else as well, or just get 2 slightly cheaper players and forget about Hodge? And if I'm doing 1 move this week and the other next week, do I punt Taylor or Lever first? I just know as soon as I get rid of Taylor he'll come out and get a 120!


At this stage of the year I would say you have missed Hodge. he is too expensive to be spending on a defender.

I would be keeping Harry taylor, he is a good player and is still capable of having a big score.

lever this week and see how you go


unreal luck coming my way.. was ranked 300th for the entire year but slipped to around 1500 now..

BIG outs include: murphy, fyfe, wines, beams, franklin.
all in the one week..

Not looking promising at all!


that is worse case I've seen. I guess you have to get rid of Wines and beams first as they are gone for the year.

Fyfe will be back next week and buddy should be ok soon.. Just stuffs you up this week


Bad timing John but being ranked 300 for most of the year suggests that you avoided most of the injury carnage of the first 6 weeks. The beauty of this game is that you can't count on luck for the whole season, at some stage the pendulum swings.

Premo 50/50

Fellas I'm going against this bloke from work in finals. I need to take him to the cleaners.

Do I go Cotchin or Rockliff?

Appreciated team.


I'm getting Rocky this week myself.


Krazee eyed killa ruined my season ffs. Told me to get gaz and keep brodie.

Thanks a lot krazee


Neale or Sloane .. no $$ to get anyone else as this will be a straight swap with Wines.

Thanks guys


Thinking about downgrading steele to someone thats $102,000 to get that extra bit of cash. But I'm not sure whether to upgrade Lever to Picken or wait another week since Lever's breakeven is quite low and I could squeeze a little bit more money out of him. I'm 4th in my league so even if it costs me this week I always have next week. Thoughts on this?


My season started with an onfield Crash
Round1 Rocky ribs plus Bartell concussed
Round2 carried Rock-JBart but S.White does knee scores 1 then Luey pumps out a massive 27
Round3 Bartell scores 5 and Ollie breaks his wrist
Round4 Rocky only scores 57 which is fifty more than Heeney's 7
Round5 Rocky gets an onfield donut

I thought that was the end of my bad luck for the year but this week I have to replace Fyffe,Beams,Buddy,and maybe Delidio
Definately a season of discontent.


Trade Wines for Selwood, Rocky or Hannebery?