The Bruyn Manoeuvre – Mid-Season Report

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John Bruyn - The Dimmawits

G’day all and welcome to a long overdue edition of the Bruyn Manoeuvre.Β Righto, here we are smack bang in bye season. Aside from the preseason I reckon this is just about the most exciting part of the SuperCoach year.

The reason being of course is that this is the time when you can finally start finishing your team without worrying about the byes. Nice!

Perhaps you still rue the day you left Bachar Houli out of your initial defense line. Maybe you even chose to whack Tom “Bloody” Bellchambers in as your R2 instead of Stefan Martin.

Thankfully, you can now redeem those decisions because both players have just had their byes. Bang! Bang!

It gets said over and over how your initial team selections only get you a small part of the way to SuperCoach glory – it’s clever trading that secures you the title.

For me personally, this year has reminded me just how true that is. Unfortunately however, for all the wrong reasons!

If you happened to read some of my earlier season ramblings you’d know I’m a big believer in early, aggressive trading. This year was no different – except for the fact the blokes I brought in turned out to be the wrong ones!

Sure, I set myself back a peg by entrusting half my ruck line to Tom Bellchambers but the fact is my early season choices to either correct, or upgrade, into Brodie Smith, Rory Sloane, Jordan Lewis, Grant Birchall, Tom Rockliff (not much we could do there) and finally this week James Kelly have set my team back…a loooong way! (I could also tell you how I’ve brought in Joel Selwood and the underwhelming JPK – but hey I ain’t the only one am I?)

Now, this article isn’t about me justifying a disappointing season thus far (although it might seem that way at the moment!). Where I wanted to get to is this…

If your Supercoach season hasn’t gone to script thus far don’t despair, because the byes are where the ship starts to turn.


Hrmmmmm……that’s what I thought too until I had a shocker last weekend!

20 or more ready to go players on Wednesday, soon became 15 after Thursday night. 3 trades later, Sheed and Dumont in the green and new recruit James Kelly hobbling off the ground on Friday meant I was lucky to score 1800 for the weekend.

This wasn’t how it was meant to go!

Sound familiar??

At this stage, any hope I might’ve had to crack into the top 1000 or so has faded fast. But that’s OK, I have had my fair share of luck in years gone by!

For me, my goal prior to the byes was to see just how much I could improve my ranking via disciplined trading. 30 trades and several high scoring rookies means that we should all be able to reach completed teams by rounds 14 or 15 (the better performed players might even get there next week).

If you’re like me and feeling like a bit of a plodder this year – where to from here?

Well, you know what? There’s actually still a bloody long way to go in the season! More than half in fact. Make the most of it!

Why not show yourself exactly how much ground you are able to make up by not throwing it in after a tough start.

Who knows where you may be ranked this time next year? Practicing a bit of discipline now might just come in handy.

So what exactly do I think discipline is at this point?

Well, with the first raft of premiums now having had their byes I want to caution you on rush trading.

I can guarantee that ever since Supercoach opened on Sunday night you’ve been fiddling around with trading combos that takes one of your lines to full premo. And how good does it it look!?

But wait a second.

Half the season is still to come. With all the injuries we’ve had, and for those still to come, I want you to really weigh up if the blokes you are considering bringing in this week are the guys you really want to carry from here out.

So, if you’ve found yourself looking at a Luke Hodge or Brett Deledio this week and thinking…

“Gee whiz, they’re pretty pricey aren’t they? Buuuut if I bring in Rob Murphy and Dayne Zorko instead I might be able bring in Marc Murphy as well!”

… I think your rush trading.

Discipline in this next couple weeks is about resisting the urge to go cheap.

Yes yes I know, trading is all about value.

I’m not saying ignore an obvious value trade or don’t have a crack and picking a form turn around – just don’t go trading in a guy who’s had his bye just because it ‘finishes your team’.

Be patient and wait a week if need be and only bring in the guys that are clearly going to finish top 8-10 in their lines.

Earlier in the year I chose not to trade in Marcus Bontempelli because I didn’t want him to fill F5 or F6. I wanted a Bartel or Deledio sort instead. If you also made a choice like that, see it through!

But while you’re doing all this, don’t forget about your bench. When you do complete your team in the next week or few, and eventually use your last trade, injuries will still strike!

Make sure you don’t end the year with Joel Hamling and Dan McKenzie (or worse a floating donut) as your defense cover! If you started Bellchambers don’t punish yourself twice. Keep him at R3 (assuming Hirdy brings him back). In short, don’t be too quick to trade out players like Saad, Oxley or Bellchambers this week – you might regret it.

Finally, make sure that in the rush to complete your side you don’t forego the importance of DPPs. Establishing links across your lines, using viable players (ie guys scoring reasonably), will protect you from injuries and allow extensive loopholing towards the pointy end of the season. In a year where so many trades have been spent on injuries this will be crucial.

As always, good luck.


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Whats your thoughts on Gawn and the Melbourne ruck situation


Don't see him scoring anywhere near those levels consistently. Luxury pick if you have Tom Read plenty of cash and trades to burn


Great to see The Bruyn Manoeuvre back!!

I agree with your thoughts on 'rush trading'… Patience is key!


Hmm I was planning to trade saad oxley and bellchambers this week. Hmm might need another think !


Just saying, look forward at what bench rookies that sort of move will leave you with long term. Might be worth keeping on. Perhaps TBC can be downgraded to the GWS rookie ruck that will come in for Mummy


I’m also looking at Hamling and McKenzie in defence, but planning to keep the low standard deviation of Saad on my MID bench and establish the flex across the 2 lines. I think that’s enough?


i disagree. get rid of saad and oxley who are nicely priced and get 2 premos who avge 100- not just score 100 every 3-4 weeks. no point having either saad or oxley as def bench cover especially at those prices.


thanks for your article John…where are you ranked currently?


About 15k mate


Back: Shaw Newnes Oxley Kade B.Smith Lumumba – Hamling and Lever

Mid: Fyfe, Penduls Danger Gaff Selwood Griffin Hanners Cripps – Boston, Mckenzie, Glenn

Ruck: Goldy and Nic Nat

Fwd: Gray, Franklin, T.Mitchell, Dusty, Bont, Swan – Adams & H.Goddard

I am 432 ranked and am purely going for ranking.
I have 15 trades left was thinking:
1) Swap Mckenzie and Lumumba as I need mid
2) Trade out Newnes, Adams and Mckenzie
3) Trade in Houli, Bob Murp and Steele(or other playing rook)

Means I have exactly 18 playing with injury and selection clouds over: Bont, Steele.

Do these moves make sense?

Mr chan

You gotta keep newnes.


I can afford to keep Newnes and get rid of the Ox, just not sure Newnes is Premo material.

Ox should make another 30k, that plus the 40 k extra newnes is will get me maybe hodge

Mr chan

For defenders, 95+pts a game is good
Get rid of Ox, had his bye and also is playing tough teams in the next month. He will be made accountable.

Mr chan

*Having his bye.
Btw- nice rank. You shouldn’t need much advise
I’m ranked 6k and even John Bruyn is ranked 15k and he knows how to play! Sometimes just comes down to luck


Good and bad news . JB back and Mummy gone for the season.


Cheers bud, ha


Love your stuff JB


Thanks Liam


I think we can heed the wisdom of the late, great Richie Benaud when it comes to captaincy in regards to supercoach.

"Supercoach is 90% luck and 10% skill, but don;t you try it without that 10%"


Great write up champ ! Thoughts on downgrading saad too hamling …. Then go bang bang on t hunt too houli and Lumumba too big murphy?


Or hold Lumumba until next week (trade for smith ) and go k Mac too rance ?


always hard without seeing the rest of your side. Depending on numbers I would've thought hold lumumba until his bye. Don't mind Murphy pick. I'd want Hodge and McDonald back there though so keep slots for them I reckon
Hamlimg looks like a reasonable option and Saad is primed….love Saad's D/M tho and consistently I might hold him


If I did those my def would be … Shaw hibberd yeo houli murphy lumumba k Mac (hamling ,lever)


Mummy out is terrible luck for those who have him.

Despite his great scoring potential he's just not Supercoach relevant I feel as sadly the big lug just can't get through a season unscathed never having played 20 games in his career.

Never expected a season ending injury though.


The burning question is who picks up the ruck duties down at GWS


Indeed we could have a legit rookie ruck option to look at soon for R3.


Perhaps a TBC downgrade?


I made a speculative pick of Tom Downie at the start. Fingers crossed he gets a run!


No one would've picked him expecting 22 game though, unlucky for those who have him though.


Great article JB.
Well I've had to whack the reverse trades button today with the news that Mummy is out for the season.
What do you think of the following community?
Sheed —> Simpson
Either N.Brown or Saad (which? prob the former) ———> Hamling
Mumford —-> Jacobs


It's a pity Sheed has had the best last two weeks, gonna a bleed cash this week…Simpson a great choice imo
Hamlimg a great option. Is you don't need cash I'd try hold saad and trade Brown.
Prefer Stefan Martin to Jacobs but The Sauce is a gun so go for it


Mate, I was FILTHY last week when Simpson made Sheed the sub again. I thought he was a 10% chance at worst of being sub as he's now played 2 quarters in 4 weeks. Terrible player management, particularly for me! Bled cash and cost me serious points.


Thoughts on Zorko as an eventual floating m9/f7 loophole or too early to be getting tricky?


Paying to much to be playing a m9/f7


I'm not a fan of Zorko too flashy. I'd teakettle the Dahl if you have the cash. Agree with Danner, don't worry about M9s or F7s yet. Get the lines full first


I brought in Motlop as my M9 last week. He was only $388k DPP and had the round 13 Bye (my weakest were R11 & 12). I have enough cash to get to full premium over the next 3 rounds, but saw a chance to bring my M9 in early.

Last week he was my lowest score !! lol


Thanks guys for replies. What does teakettle mean though!!! Or is it phone predictive text gone wrong lol πŸ™‚

General Soreness

And that is why the man has won this bloody thing before. Brilliance!!!!


How’s your rank looking, General?

General Soreness

Currently 50th overall mate.


Cheers General. Bring it home mate. Good luck!


who to trade mummy to? already have goldy


I have that combo – mummy goldy.
Probably trading mummy to Jacobs.


Yes he or Martin or Maric look the obvious choices all having had their bye last week.


Love the Stef Martin pick


The Blitz is still going Blitz but obviously hasn't had his bye yet.


Ripper write-up, John. I'm actually full premo this week if i trade out saad and oxley. Given I seem ahead of the curve in this sense, should I be correcting players I don't think will make the top 8-10 in their lines, e.g. Newnes. Or just hold steady and use him as cover (note here too is that i could keep Oxley or Saad over Newnes as cover).


Personally prefer Oxley and Saad over Newnes. I have all 3 and if I was in a position as luxurious as yours, Newnes would probably be the one to axe for me.


It's a good position to be in Crabb! If your full premo and you have the trades then yep start sideways trades to increase your points. Definately keep your eye on handy DPP links and loophole options.
If your highly ranked the ability to loophole a D7 M9 etc could set you apart
Good luck


Cheers, John. Actually have 23 premos after the 2 trades, as I have Wallis and Cripps as M8 and M9. Planning of trading Wallis to Ablett in a few weeks.


Hey JB great read mate, tossing and turning between B. Smith and Laird, just struggling to pick one of them but only just leaning towards Laird, what are your thoughts?


Smith, save yourself $140k


Geez Smith is cheap but I'd love to see something from him before bringing him In I didn't have him
Hit up Barron and ask him how Laird's role might change going forward


Hi community, would love your thoughts.
I want to trade one of Newnes or Saad this week to have 18 on the park and help set up a full backline of promos.
My backline is- Gibson, Higgins, Yeo, Newnes, Oxley and Saad ( McIntosh, Hamling )
Newnes has a high B/E and doubt he'll finish top ten in his line.
Saad has low B/E but has more money to make.
Both have rd 12 bye.
Will bring in Simpson or T. MacDonald.
Cheers for your wisdom.


Sure, Saad might have a little bit more money to make, but Newnes has much better potential. i'd trade Saad for Simpson.


newness plays genuine midfield. that is gold in Supercoach


Is beams too expensive too put in at this point of the season? who else could I go for?


Beams looks to have a good season end. If you think he is too pricy then consider Sloane, Goddard, Selwood. All proven players.


Beams is a gun and looking like a good pick this year. Brisbane being weak kinda sucks tho


Have a look at Ward or Ebert.


Parker will be joining my team next week.


Which 2 out of newnes , ibbotson, saad and Oxley should I trade, and who to? Looking at houli, rance and hodge this week other options?


Hodge, wait for Tom McD too


Of those, Saad and Oxley should be on the chopping block first. Have a look at the likes of Simpson, McDonald, Enright, Taylor etc


Thoughts on my team. Not sure what trades to do.$670,000 in the bank.

Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Saad, Lever, Pearce, Hamling
Fyfe, Selwood, Beams, Parker, JPK, Treloar, Miller, Mckenzie, Rockliff, Steele
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Franklin, Tarrent, Lonie, Goddard, Hogan


Good team.

I would go
Miller downgrade
Tarrant upgrade
Lever upgrade

Mr chan

I would go
Saad upgrade
Miller upgrade
Tarrant upgrade

Baggy Pants

Suddenly the GWS midfielders look less attractive with Mumford out for the season


Ill tell you what, Goldy looks bloody tasty as C this week with no Mummy…

Danger VC
Goldy C


Could be disappointing. Last time I was lured into making him captain he gave me just the 100.


Risky C on ruck. Go the VC


I like it. Goldy will maul them.


Saad to Hodge
Miller to Lewis
Lonie to Deledio
Saad to Houli
Miller to Danger
Lonie to Dahl


First one mate…both great trades


second one more durable


Yeah agreed phil


Saad to Hodge
Miller to beams
Lonie to Dahl


Good to hear from you JB. What are your thoughts on Rocky? Upgrade to Sloane/Lewis or go higher to perhaps Beams though I think he is fully priced or ride it out hoping to get him back after the byes as still plenty of rounds left. Struggling to get 18 warm bodies on the field this week.

Cyril is Delicious

Bob Murphy, or Laird? Was looking at hodge, but he will drop in price, and can’t see him keeping up his out put as he may be rested. Thoughts? Cheers


Cant see Hodge being rested this season, as his had his 3 weeks suspension rest, plus the bye, and the Hawks need to win plenty of matches to guarantee a top 4 position, and if they are getting close then a top 2 position, as otherwise they will be playing finals interstate.

Hawks will field their best available team from here on.


I have 200K in the bank and my team looks like this:

Def: Shaw, Hodge, Hibbo, Newnes, Saad, Oxely (KMac, Hamling)
Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Selwood, Lewis, Griff, Rich, CEY (Boston, DMac, Lambert)
Ruck: Goldy, Ivan (P.Lucey)
For: Gray, Martin, Swan, Franklin, Bont, Tarrant (Clark, Dale)

I have already made one trade this week: Kelly > Hamling.
What should I do next? I am thinking of upgrading CEY to one of the following Danger/Priddis/Hannerbery/Heppel/Shiel. Shiel and Heppel represent good value but Danger had already had his bye.



Not shiel, gws will struggle with the loss of Mummy. I would go Danger.


What about Heppel, Hanners and Priddis?


what about tarrant or clarke to sloane via lambert swing??

prefer danger and the prid out of the guys u mentioned. murph or cotch as a PODY


Is Lewis a good option. I'm concerned about his scoring output and the fact he is likely to miss weeks due to suspension. Thoughts?


I've had him since day dot and definitely have concerns on his ability to score well too. He really needs at least 30 possessions to ton up as he is such an outside player now and not getting those contested possessions.

So I'd probably look at other options if I was shopping for a premo mid this week.


What premos would you suggest? I already have Fyfe, Beams, Selwood, JPK, Parker, Treloar


This week both Sloane and Cotch could be considered. Danger is one of the form players of the comp but not sure is a great buy at a $630K price tag.

If you can wait a week I reckon both Armitage and Hannebery are worth looking at too.


I'm not sure Deldio and Hodge are worth their price tags. What are peoples thoughts on Dahlhaus, Bob Murphy, Birchell, Houli


Yeah I would skip Lids at that asking price. Those achilles problems he's had the past few years could flare up at any point so he's not worth the risk especially if you've already gone fairly hard on your trades like myself.


I was hoping Bartel would have been back by now. Delidio is who I'm going to.


Yep I’m taking hodge, expensive but pay the money get the player. May get cheaper but should be a lock for top 3 defenders and that’s what we are looking for


Dahkhaus plays plenty of minutes in the midfield and looks to have a nice draw coming up. I' look at Simpson as well if you don't have him


Which two should I upgrade out of newnes, kk, oxley and saad? They all seem to be performing about the same lately


Who should I downgrade Clark to before upgrading Tarrant to either Goddard/Smith/Mitchell?
Also, who are the best midfield rookies apart from Boston?


I reckon Lambert & Steele will be pretty handy to have in the 2nd half of year if you can wait a few weeks. Kavanagh seems ok


Steele is in this week, rnd 13 bye sucks though…


Good to see you back JB. Great read as always.

Saad, Newnes, Mummy -> Danger, Hodge, Martin w/ 317k
Saad, Clark, Mummy -> Danger, Dusty, Martin w/ 152k
Saad, Whitex, Mummy -> Dusty, Hodge, Martin w/ 129k

Thoughts community?


I like the second option luvvi


Last one!


Newnes to Simpson
Miller to Murphy


Saad to Lever
Oxley to Simpson
and Miller to anyone (need help with that too)

Already have hamling



I would go
Saad to Simpson
Miller to Beams

That's if you have the money, if not just do another downgrade

Repo Man

What are people's thoughts on Trent Cotchin?




jacobs or martin?


Martin, Goldstein and Blicavs best 3 rucks.


hi community got the luxury of doing a triple upgrade this week. I can trade Lumumba, Kmac and Saad, which three do i get out of
Hodge Simpson Picken T Mcdonald Houli Murphy Laird (Can afford any three)

my current defence- Shaw, Enright, Lumumba, Saad, Kmac, Dmac (A.pearce, random Rookie)


Wish I had that luxury mate. I’d go tmac simpson Bob. What about smith?


Who is the best miderfielder to bring in this week???
Was wondering as i want to bring Danger, but fear its wasteful as he doesn't represent enough value for money with the likes of Lewis and Sloane being considerably cheaper
Thanks in advance


Danger is not going to get any cheaper and is flying


Struggling to get numbers on the park this week.

If I make the following trades I'll still only have 16 warm bodies (if the Bont and Lever play):

Oxley OUT Laird IN
Saad OUT Hodge IN
MClark OUT Rance IN (via DPP) – risky I know but has a high ceiling, hoping contract gets sorted asap lol!

Leaves me with only $3.2K in the bank and 10 trades though.

Team based on above trades:

DEF: Enright, Laird, Rance, Hodge (MID), Lever, Hamling (Newnes (MID), APearce)
MID: Priddis, Treloar, SMitch, CEY, Fyfe, JPK, Parker, Bennell (FWD) (Pendles, DMac (DEF), Boston)
RUC: Goldy, Maric (Read (FWD))
FWD: Gray (MID), Hogan, Bont (MID), Tarrant, Lamb (Swan (MID), HGoddard (DEF))

Thoughts? Projected 1726 this round with Priddis captain.


lever is out and the bont not certain. Why not look at lids or martin as a forward upgrade for clark?


Question…how do we check the top 8 defenders,mids etc?


trade newnes or oxley out this week?

Brooke Richards



Oxley – I'm a big fan but hard couple weeks coming up when you probably want him on field

l. Gibbs

Thoughts on Tom Rockliff to Rory Sloane? will sloane be a top 10 midifelder (on average)


He has the potential to be a top 10 midfielder from here and in fact was one last season and through the first 3 games of this season.

But it's hard to get a read on him right now with all the injuries. Rocky is still listed as 3-4 weeks away so most coaches will be looking to move him on to someone else this week, if they haven't already.


I need 2 out of Clark, Steele or Lever to play this week.

What do you think my chances?


Pretty sure lever out mate. Clarke would be a mayb. Hopin like hell steele does.


maybe Lucey might get a game πŸ˜‰


Lever and Clark both confirmed outs on their respective club websites. Sorry mate, I’ve got em both too, will prob give Clark the flick


I'd be very surprised if the Cats risk an injury prone Clark with the bye just around the corner so I've written him off as a donut this week. Lever is still listed as 1-2 weeks away on the AFL injury report so that's looking pretty unlikely too.

So Steele is perhaps your best hope although there are so many Giants playing well in the NEAFL that we'll just have to wait for team reveals on Thursday.


Pretty sure steele will play this week, other two are very unlikely


Hey community!

My teams is as follows.

BACK: Shaw, simpson, newnes, Hibbered, Lever,Saad ( Pearce and hamling)
Mid: Fyfe, selwood, Gray, D.Mckenzie, Kennedy, Shiel, Cripps, Priddis( CEY, Dumont, Blakely)
Ruck: Blicavs, Nicnat( read)
FWD: Roughy, Martin, Bont, Hogan, Franklin,Tarrant( Lonie and lambert)

I have 393K and I am unsure what i should do.

Do I downgrade a midpriced player ( saad or maybe CEY or Tarrant) so I have stacks of cash for next week or do i upgrade 3 players this week leaving me with 0 in the bank?



Hard call. What about lever t b.smith and cey to sloane? Not sure bout next 1 but you’d still have some $


Just seen on AFL 360, The Giants tell Jack Steele he'll be playing this week… Finally.

Brooke Richards

bring in Bachar houli or simpson this round?


A few questions…

1. Is Dusty a must in the FWD line?

2. Are Saad or Oxley capable of holding down D6 for the rest of the season?

3. Are there instances where Sideways trading makes sense out side of injures, ie H Taylor to T McDonald, JPK to Pendlebury.



Yes, maybe and no


yes, no, no

Paul Walnuts

Based on my Team and i cant see yours – yes,yes,yes


Jack Steele is confirmed to be playing this week. Bout bloody time!


I might dodge a donut


Same. Will prob still cop a big jfb tho


How many trades would be a good amount to have coming out of byes.


i'll have 12, but will still need to make two upgrades in Round 14 (paint the fence – use 4 trades).

I also might need to upgrade Ibbotson, Griffin & SMitchell to proper premiums at some time soon, that might take another 4 trades.

I dunno!


I got 17 at the moment. getting rid of touk and mumford this week for goldstein and Sloane. Will get Sidebum and rookie next week. That will leave me with 13 trades. is that enough?


out of these trades what would you do..

out: tarrant, mumford, newnes
in: t.mitch, goldstein, sloane .. (take into acount i already have JPK and franklin for the swans)
in: dahlhaus, blicavs, sloane..

i am ranked 540th overall.. safer option would probably be the first option
however i would only have 17 on the park with the first option. 18 on park with 2nd.. (Assuming lever plays)


I was about to say option 1, until I read you will only have 17 on field….and going for rank. need to have warm bodies on field mate.


Leon Cameron has said that Steele will start on the field as well. The vest was my only concern on him. You Beauty!!


Sweet. Might still get the red tho


in forward line I currently have gray, martin, goddard, swan and dahlhaus. Who to upgrade to this week, thinking deledio and not interested in bont any suggestions


Devon Smith? POD


i think Bennell will have a huge second half of the season if you can wait a week.


would love some feedback on what you would do with this team
have 44K in bank and 19 trades

Shaw simpson newnes oxley saad lumumba (mcintosh goodes) ….will definitely do in hamling out goodes thus bal $174K

fyfe pendlz danger selwood hodge griffen wallis motlop cey dumont boston

nic nat goldy , read

gray martin goddard mitchel tom, swan tarrant (dale lambert)

thank you in advance for your help


As you stated Goodes out and Hamling in

Oxley & Saad out and bring in Houli and R Murphy

Then next week consider trading out Mcintosh for someone like H Goddard especially if he is selected to play next week to get some cash so you can then trade out Lumumba for someone like Enright or McDonald in round 14 if your really wanted to, or better still you could do a straight swap from Lumumba to Smith which I'll be doing and then use the remaining cash to upgrade CEY this should give you around $550k to spend on a midfield, someone like Mundy, or a cheaper option Sloane just to name a few. .


THANKs dean


Tell me who is the best option out of
Houli, Murphy, Smith, Laid. Don't want to pay over 500k for Hodge.

Danger, Priddis, Lewis, Murphy

Dahl, Deledio


Murphy consistant

Priddis consistant

Dahlhous consistant


I agree Hodge is to expensive but has DPP – Very little between Houli & Murphy im getting them both in

I have both Danger & Priddis as I brought them in when they were cheap, – Danger cost me $522k in round 6 & Priddis cost me $543 in round 7
Out of this selection I would chose Dangerfield because he had his Bye

I'm bringing in Dahlhaus this week.


Seriously though if your looking at your last defense spot you’d fill it with Murphy over hodge? Not me….I’d rather pay the money and finish my team with the player I want


Hodge, Simpson or Enright?


who would you get rid of first Ibbotson or KK?


KK B/E 26, last 2 games 120 and 108, last 5 games Ave 92. Next 4 games Blues, North, Bulldogs, GWS

Ibbotson B/E 66, last 2 games 122 and 59, last 5 games Ave 84, Next 4 games Pies (H), Lions (H), Hawks, Blues (H)

I'd hold both mate nice games coming up for both!! Got KK and he's looking like a keeper if he continues his last 5 games, got Saad and Ox B/E 5 as well, keeping all for now, swing Hodge (had his rest with suspension and Hawks need Wins, won't get rested) and Saad in the Mids


great arictle jb like your opinion but its messes with head now hahah


pretty much locked in Delidio this week, he is expensive though. maybe…

Any thoughts on Shane Edwards Ave 103, $504k (Save $80k) 1.3% of teams.

he missed rounds 2 & 7. Anyone know if he has injury problems/risks?


I reckon lids is the risk where you are ranked derek πŸ˜‰


Derek do you have Dahlhaus? I prefer Dahlhaus over Delidio.


Agree with hedski Lids a risk, playing well but I remember the Tiges saying he's a week to week proposition hmmm, he's strung a few in a row but 580k got 80 odd last game!! Edwards looking good 103,100,122, 86,134, 76, 103,107. Missed rounds 2 (calf tightness) and 7 (Suspension). Great option


Agree with hedski Lids a risk, playing well but I remember the Tiges saying he's a week to week proposition hmmm, he's strung a few in a row but 580k got 80 odd last game!! Edwards looking good 103,100,122, 86,134, 76, 103,107. Missed rounds 2 (calf tightness)and 7 (Suspension) hasn't missed many games last 6 years!!


Hahaha first one didn't load properly so I did it again….


851K To buy a midfielder or a Forward.

My midfield and forward line is:

Mid: Fyfe, selwood, Gray, D.Mckenzie, Kennedy, Shiel, Cripps, Priddis( CEY, Dumont, Blakely)

FWD: Roughy, Martin, Bont, Hogan, Franklin,Tarrant( Lonie and lambert) ( I am getting rid of Tarrant )

I dont want to spend all my money and i would like to keep around 250-200K for next week.

Any suggestions?

Paul Walnuts

With all the carnage this week at the Giants who are going to be SC winners : suggest : J.Steele ? who else ?

Vince the quince

And marchbank a 190,000 rookie defender


Rory Lobb, I think may replace Mummy. He's $176,000.


My team as it stands
108k left 11 trades left
Shaw McDonald Gibson Simpson smith newnes hamling Goddard
Fyfe Pendlebury Neal beams Selwood Sloan griffen Rockliff Cripps Boston Glenn
Godly Jacobs Reid
Gray swan delidio betts Bont mitchell dale steel
Can downgrade Cripps to load up on the cash but I am waiting for Rockliff to return, I’ll look at options for griff next week but doubt I will want to use a trade until Rockliff is back


rockliff has to go mate. by the time he plays he will have missed 6 weeks. and if he comes back it would depend on how that 'recovered broken rib' that got 'brken again' repairs and heals. i cant for the life of me see him coming back for 6-8 from the week he did it. if he breaks it a third time there will be serious long term ramifications and i cant see them risking it.


Hey guys,
Got 350k in the bank and these are the options to trade out:
Rich, miller, saad, Oxley, Pittard, cey, griffen and clark
Who should I trade out of them and who do I bring in? Have a full fielding team this week if Bont plays


Get Priddis now or after his bye?


After his bye. I reckon he may drop below 600k this week. Who knows?


Great write up as usual JB
Current Team After Trades This Week:
McDonald, Shaw, Gibson, McIntosh, Smith, Hamling (McKenzie, Pearce)
Fyfe, Shiel, Selwood, Lumumba, Hodge, Wines, Lewis, Ellis-Yolmen (Parker, Heeney, Boston)
Goldstein, Martin (Cox)
Gray, Swan, Goddard, Martin, Clark, Dale (Franklin, Lonie)
Got 9 Trades, Is this too little?
Not sure what trades to do next week…
Was thinking
Lonie Down
McIntosh Down
CEY Up Possibly
Running Low on Cash and looking at Simpson as an option, also JPK looks tasty!


Gday ben,
Its up to you how you feel with trades, and if your team has improved with 21 trades so far. Solid team, Lucey from geelong looks like getting a game this week due to ruckman issues at geelong, possible downgrade. I feel that you have kept mcintosh through his bye so you can for many rounds to come. And yolmen is now free of injury but will be interesting to see if his output changes.

Thomas H.

G'day Ben,
As a coach of the Snakes & Oranges squad I completely agree with your trades and ideas,
I personally wish I had a squad as good as yours as all I've got is Trent Cotchin…
I'd love to hear back from you Benny Boy as your comments inspire me!
Also would love an opinion on my 'controversial' ideas
Kind Regards,
Tom (A Milf's Son)

Stella Greenhalgh

I'm having some trouble with my team lately..
Not sure whether I can trade in big boy mcevoy, lance whitnell or relton roberts..
I have one trade left for the year and a cracked sternum.
Hospital in 2 weeks so I wont be able to do my trades.
I only have 1 left please help JB.
Great write up as usual boys.

Emerson R

I would like to point out that Amos Frank will go number 1 in the national draft 2015, possible pickup for a first round appearance? Discuss

Billy F

Howdy Benny Boi,
As fellow supercoaching enthusiast, I would like to add my godly opinion
I would like to enquire if there is a possible trade for a soul, as I seemed to misplace mine somewhere πŸ™
I was looking to get Relton or Josh Bootsma through DPP with Cameron Ling
If you're looking for my rank and side search up FC Soulless
Kindest Regards,
Billy Bob (Also a Milf's Son)

Pete Freeman

G'day Boys
marvelous write up big boy JB
I'm thinking of jumping on good get kane cornes…
Heard he is making a comeback through the grubbers.
I love my short shorts..
what about byron pickett?
Also thinking that we should be looking at a fyfe downgrade to big joshy mitchell.
I'm looking at buying some new asics and a Kathmandu coat when I take out the big prize
let me know JB

Susie F

Hhhhhhhhhhheeyyyyyyyy guyssssssss
Is mitch wallis a good get?
curly hair really arouses me on a saturday night live footy match.
what about luke darcy?
isnt he specialllllllllllll
ohhhhhh yeaaaaa

Harvey Murrant

Hey guys, as a future AFL prospect I would like to announce that when i play my first senior game for Footscray that no matter what i will get 100 plus. I play falcons and i try hard at everything i compete in
My mum is hot to. I'd like to have another go on her potato cakes.
kindest regards
Harvey Murrant (Falcons Water Boy)

Shaina BigFoot

Howdy Partners,
I'm running out of internet in the big smoke of Mildura
You should very interesting Pete, maybe we should hook up one time and put our supercoaching brains together!
My number is the same as Bunnings Warehouses!
Anyway I was considering Stewy Dew and Joshy Mitchell as my trades this week! Looking to boost my forward line brilliant!
Fantastic Write Up Again JB, looking forward to hearing for you!
Kindest Regards,

Lee W

Hi, I would like to add my 2 cents on this topic…
Warren Tredrea is a gun. he is averaging 3 pulled hamstrings a game and also a mild concussion.
Controversial descision to bring him in or not?
pls reply
Sheepy McLamb


Would really appreciate some help this week community
I only have 15 playing this week (16 if Clark is named)

Shaw newnes Kolodjashnij saad lever n.brown hamling mcintosh

Fyfe pendles beams Selwood Parker Shiel griffin Cripps Mckenzie Boston Dumont

Goldy Maric

Gray d.martin swan Goddard dahlhause Tarrant Clark lambert

The ones I want to cull are saad, kk, newnes but it’s very hard to do as they’re producing some good scores.
Can anyone tell me who to bring in. Have 17 trades and 448k in the chest.
Will trade out Tarrant when he has he’s bye
Thanks community !!