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Moneyball FREE AFL Sunday Freeball

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Supercoach God

Moneyball are giving us a free crack at a $500 prize pool again this week!

This week’s AFL Sunday Freeball contest is an ideal way to dip the old toe in the water if you haven’t tried the format out. You’ll need to select your fantasy team out of the players hitting the field in the Collingwood v GWS and ST Kilda v Melbourne games.


Of course – we have the weekend’s Jock Community contests on as always:

  1. Jock Reynolds Full Monty – full round 11 contest ($10 x 20)
  2. AFL Saturday Slam $4.5k up for grabs
  3. Jock’s Sunday Lazy Lobster ($20 x 50) – Sunday games only
  4. Jock’s Sunday Special

Click here to enter and search for any of the contests above to put your hat in the ring folks.

For those who haven’t yet had a crack:

  • Moneyball contests are short term affairs – contests can be based on one day (ie the Saturday games) or can last a whole round.
  • Contest sizes can range from 2 to contests with 1000’s having a crack at the one contest
  • How much you whack on the table varies from contest to contest. You can start one up with buy ins starting at $2
  • The points scoring system is unique to Moneyball – but looks as if it aligns closer with the AFL Fantasy scoring system.
  • Community – this is strictly for over 18’s – and importantly – if you want to have a crack at this only put down on that table the loose change that you can afford to lose. Have a bit of fun but don’t get carried away.
  • We are an affiliate with Moneyball for season 2015 – that means we get a kick back when you sign up with Moneyball via this site.
  • Click here for full details

Remember – go easy – don’t put up more cash than you can afford – and give us some feedback on the game.


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