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Concrete Booking Agency

Supercoach 2015The bloody byes are here community!

And as if having a third of the competition out on the bye wasn’t enough we have VANDENBERG, CLARK, BELLCHAMBERS and AMON as big outs to contend with.
But now is not the time for panic my friends. Now is the time for steely concentration. The time for wisdom. Cool heads. Now is the time to set clear a path of bye time domination.
Good luck this weekend folks.


As mentioned in the show – you can have a free crack at Moneyball this weekend in the Sunday Freeball contest!  Sign up here – also search for Jock Reynolds for our community contests:


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Great stuff boys. Love your work


Agreed, but…Jock Mate…I love ya..

NEVER…EVER…refer to my favourite footballer as SHAUN Edwards.

I absolutely love Shane Edwards – as a tigers supporter he's been my favourite player for years. Because of this, I may see him as a player with higher fantasy relevance this year, which is why I must ask this question; what is Edward's relevance?

I've waded through his stats for this year, and what I like about them is that he doesn't require a lot of the pill to pump out good scores of around 100. He also doesn't need to kick goals, and manages to score well without getting in the scorebook.

Community, what is your advice on the player in my heart? Should we all love him?


Shaun Edwards is one of the bombers fill in players. But Shane Edwards goes alright, very nice pod but the chances are he won't average over 100 this season


Shaun Edwards is an essendon player..


G’day Community,

Thinking I will do 3 trades this week (all downgrades).

T. Miller > Boston
K. McIntosh > A. Pearce
M. Clark > H. Goddard

Thoughts on these trades? Good or Bad?

Any other tips and thoughts appreciated 🙂


you're trading in 3 round 12 players, have you planned who you're going to be trading in and out the next 2 weeks already?


Agree. I have round 12 problems, need all the players I can get


yeah miller to boston is good but mcintosh to pearce means one less player next week and i dunno about you but i only have 13 playin next week so not for me. goddard is risky cos he is so raw so only do that if you really need the cash

the chef


this is now the trades I have done this week.

this nets me 998k for upgrades


I dont usually post on here as I like to do my own thing. But these next few weeks are going to really test my nerve (new to this game so plan for the byes)
Im not sure who to trade out but I want to trade down this week and get pull premo after round 13

I have 19 trades and 288k I would love some thoughts community. Thankyou very much in advance.
Back: shaw, tmac, newnes, saad, hamling, Dmac (goodes, brown)

Mid: fyfe, beams, steven, JPK, parker, ebert, Vandenberg, CEY (rocky, heeney, glenn)

Ruck: maric, nic nat (read)

Fwd: gray, martin, swan, Tarrant, titch, clark (TBC, krak)


Lots of cash but make sure you have 18 for bye rounds. TBC OUT and thus will miss at least two weeks of byes. Rocky misses all three. So byes might be a concern. Maybe make two downgrades and one upgrade of a rd 11 premo (laird or rance down back for saad). Adds a extra to rd 12 plus gets you along the road to full premo quicker.


Wrong week to trade out saad. Next week and I would upgrade, not downgrade, to Rd 11 premo.Hodge?
brooks by is injured and wouldn't play next week anyway. If trading in clark go for Rd 13 player, maybe Devon smith.
VB to Boston is fine. Will leave you even shorter in mids next week though.
If you are downgrading this week goodes, rocky, TBC, CEY are all better options this week and will give you similar cash..
Don't forget to look at r13 bye players this week if they fit your structures. 2 of the three trades I am making this week are r13 players. Get two weeks out of them and it helps balance out my r11/r12 numbers.
best of luck.


You should trade Goodes instead of Saad


Too much cash wasted


Kavanagh or Goddard?


Mines a little different but same. . Kavanagh or boston for Krak. Or hold onto Krak. ….


Goddard is cheaper, has better job security and is a DEF/FWD, so I'd go for him.


How can you say Hugh Goddard has better JS mate ? Has not played a game yet …. And may not play this week


Kavanagh. Named in the midfield, Goddard won't even play this week


Agree kavanagh looking good, downgrade target round 13?


Possibly but hocking and Myers are back in 2-3 weeks and Zaharakis will be back after the bye, suspect job security but let’s see how he goes this week


What to do with harley bennell??? Out again and 500k just sitting on bench. Will be back rd 13. Hold? Trading up to pendles for 70k looks tasty.


I like the trade to Pendles, just keep in mind he has been carrying a few injuries recently.

BTW – I trades Bennell last week, was risky but has freed up cash to invest elsewhere – he is a good player with a bad attitude, not convinced he will be a top 6 forward so I’ve moved on


whats Pearces job security like?

is saad to Pearce a good trade?


Pearce's job should be safe for the next 5 or 6 rounds til Johnson comes back into the team.


Been struggling with back bruising still not 100% buyers beware


Agree – will probably need to be packed into an egg carton to get him to the Gold Coast in one piece.


gday community,
hamling, clurey, kavanagh or goddard in this week? im already brining in a. pearce

Sam Loy

I wouldn't go Clurey. JS is poor with Trengrove on the way back.
Hamling is solid, but has the bye, so wait if you can.
Goddard will play, and I reckon he will play well, but the only question is when.
Kavanagh is highly rated by the Dons and will get games.
I'd go Kavanagh.


thanks heaps sam


Ollie wines vs Jelwood
Which one is the best to get and who will score the most from the two?


Selwood for me… Cheap as chips!


Get both


Selwood isn't scoring enough for a premo mid this year and I can't see where the turnaround is going to come from. I'm avoiding Wines due his previous wrist injury that eventuated from nothing. I'd look at other options.


Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent. The blokes a gun! Get on him!


Gday community! I'm tossing up between a few things this week:

Should I downgrade Krak or Van Berlo? Van Berlo is worth more and will give me more money, but I'd like him as bench cover as he'll play every week. Krak is just sitting there, not making money, but if I trade him out, that's $40k less than NVB.

Looking to do an upgrade in the midfield this week, so I'm trading out one of Rich or CEY to either Ward or Ebert.

EDIT: I've ended up going with:
NVB > Boston
McIntosh > Pearce
Krak > Motlop

I'll save the Rich/CEY upgrades for next week or the week after.


To get my total of 18 scoring players I’m trading Clarke out this week. Have two guys in mind. Wright for dpp option or Fantasia for the extra $20k in war chest and higher score potential. Anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated.


Hey Community thoughts on these trades?

CEY > Boston
Clark > H.Goddard

Leaving Krak on the fwd bench as theres not many other options to downgrade to for the moment.
Also, is Pearce a must? Everyone seems to be locking him in.

Minge E Lee

great to hear you are back on the park Jockular..it is pronounced Beltch Ambers..he has been on the grog all bloody year..trading him to tommy mitchellson was the best move i ever made..


Hey community,

This week i am not sure what to do. I have $1100 in the bank which is nothing at all i know. I also have a low amount of 15 trades however i am nearly full premo. I am ranked at top 3%(6785). I was trying to think of the best way to get wines in this week however my round 13 bye is already a bit full. However i really think Wines can keep this form up and be a really good player to finsih with especially at this cheap price. Also would i want to downgrade some players make cash for the following rounds. Possible players to remove would be rocky, cey, krak, kmic and griffen who i will probably trade out after his bye.

Def- shaw, taylor, saad,tmac, mcintosh, lever( leslie, hamling)
Mid- fyfe, priddis, selwood, grifen, lewis, rockliffe, boston, parker (cey, krak, d mckenz)
Ruck- goldy, nic nat (read)
Foward- gray, martin, franklin, goddard,swan, deledio ( hogan,clark)

here is my bye structure:

Round 11- lever, rocky,deledio, lewis, martin, kmcintosh, hamling, cey,8 players out
Round 12- swan, goddard, fyfe, , saad, leslie, franklin, dmac, boston, parker-9 players out
Round 13- selwood, clark, taylor, griffen, shaw, priddis, Hogan, krak, gold, nic nat, gray, read, tmac- 13 players out

Please suggest some good trades i could do this week. i cant relly get of kmac cause then i have no rookies in the back to upgrade next week poart from saad
Thanks for your help and time


Hey mate this is about the 4th time you've simply copied and pasted the same tired post into an article.

Give it a rest already and stop spamming this site!


By my calculations, you will have at least 4 premos to bring into this side to get to full premo – Saad, McIntosh, Lever, Boston will come off your field for premos.

Possible options this week would be CEY > Kavanagh (makes $221k) or Dumont (makes $172k). I like the Dumont option, despite being more expensive because he is guaranteed to increase in price this week and has better JS than other rookies. Kavanagh has only played one game, so 2 weeks until his bubble – probably has the same JS as Dumont.
Also, consider Krak > Pearce via Saad DPP – makes you $154k.

These trades will leave you with $330k-$370k and 13 trades. Look at Smith and Sloane as cheap premos to bring in the following week.


Would you bring in wines this week?
I was gonna go rocky to wines
Cey to kavagnah
And clark to h goddard


Personally I'm holding Rocky in my team – he should be back shortly after the bye rounds and I'm happy to wear him not playing during that period. I would prefer Rocky over Wines in my team during finals. If you are keen on Wines over Rocky though and don;t want to wait out the 4 or so weeks Rocky will be out for, go for it. Wines is looking good.


team looks pretty good. Forward line complete, rucks complete.

Need to upgrade at least 1 midfield and 3 defenders. Probably need about $950 to upgrade your 4 best rookies to premiums. Only have $1k, so still need to generate some cash before you can go full premium. Hogan & Clark downgrades will get you $350k, krak downgrade will get about $100k, same with McKenzie. I can see you are about $350k short of getting full premium so you still need to be thinking about some cash generation.

What are you going to do with Rocky?

Other problem I see is the lack of DPP in your structure. You might have to hold onto krak just so you have a DPP in the mid/fwd. You have Saad & Mckenzie as Mid/Def DPP, but neither are keepers. lack of DPP with few trades left could hurt you later.


what is your team value. should be around $13mil?


Would you bring in wines this week?
Was thinking clark to goddard rocky to wines and cey to kavagnah.
Not really sure if these are good trades thoughts?


Rocky to Wines is not a bad move. Not sure about the other two. Clark will play next week. CEY is a good player so only downgrade him is you need cash. You don't have enough trades to do silly ones


so who would i want to cull was thinking of next week going tirple upgrade bringing in simpson smith and danger/ sloane


hi all,

firstly great to hear your fighting fit again Jock!

could really use some help to decide my trades:

backs: Shaw, Higgins, Newnes, Oxley, Mcintosh, Kelly, Lever, Brown
mids: Fyfe, selwood, kennedy, sloane, griffin, rich, cripps, saad, ellis yolmen, mckensie, dumont
rucks: goldstein, maric, obrien
fwds: martin, swan, gray, goddard, mitchell, dalhaus, krakour, lambert

I'm thinking of doing:

Krakour – Mcgovern
Rich – Boston
Kelly – Pearce

leaves me with $410K – would love to hear any thoughts?

thanks community


Tbc down to h goddard or a left field option – lambert? Goddard will miss next week and already rd 12 bye heavy esp in defence. Lambert may play next week after the bye? DPP? Was hoping that steele would get a run this week but missed again so lambert? Thoughts? Ballsy or crazy?


H Goddard's chances very low this week I'd say


Not a bad thought. They seem to rate him at Richmond. Might come straight in for Menadue next week or the week after.


Lambert won't be playing any time soon. Coming back from LTI he won't be breaking into that side any time soon. Will be wallowing in the VFL for it least 304 weeks once he gets back. Wasn't really best 22 before he got injured and Tiges are going much better now.


Stuck on last trade for this week. I am doing all downgrades for war chest and want to chop Vandenberg for a round 13 bye rookie.

3 options I can see are:

Billy Stretch – not that appealing but cheap
Amon – not that cheap but probably more likely to stay in the team
Dumont – Again more expensive but looking OK. Job security might diminish after his bye with Dal Santo to come back though

Anyone else I should consider?


Kavenagh if you R12 is alright.


Dumont for me- expensive but pay the money get the player, if kavanagh looks ok this round can always do a Dumont to kav downgrade rd 13 for the remaining cash. A bit wasteful but you get another rnd 12 player and Dumont goes up 70 odd thou in the meantime….


Thanks. Will take a closer look at Dumont today.


Amon out with a calf injury


Do we think Lever will play next week?


Lever should play next week if fit surely …. Come in for Hartigan one would assume


would be nice if he did…..


trade or hold griffen? if so… what round should we trade? I’m thinking before round 13 to someone like s.mitchell- been consistent


Call me crazy but I’m trading in 3 players that have the round 12 bye this week:

Krak > Sloane
Rockliff > Brodie Smith
Nate Brown > Hamling

This will give me 18, 18, 18 warm bodies over the next 3 rounds.

4k overall 100k bank 15 trades targets of Jacobs and Lewis next week by chopping Grundy and Saad. Full premium by round 14.


Allnot a big issue. 2 players not playing anyway. Could wait on Brown trade if you only plan on two next week. Gives you spare body this week and keeps your options open.


I like it, agreed on the brown thought above


Unfortunately I plan on 3 next week to get those in. Going gangbusters on trades hoping to come out of the bye.carnage at full premo strength with 10 trades. Nate brown is this or next – he pulled out his monster 70 odd last week -time.to cult


Jack Ziebell or Lance Franklin Fellas For my last fwd spot??






only one trade this week.miller for boston.just to get some cash.


Hey Community,

What day do they announce the final I/Cs for the Dees v Saints match which is the last match of this first Bye Rd?

I’m sweating on McKenzie (yes, he is one of the IN’s this week) being named in order to field 18, because I can essentially swing him into my Defence and Saad into my Midfield which will mean I’ll have 18 to play.


Final interchange named Friday around 5:30pm i believe.

Not too confident with D McKenzie looking at that extended bench but we'll see tomorrow.


Me too MC, cheers mate. 🙂


I second that, got 18 currently, 19 if Mckenzie or Goddard get in. Surely one will!! Heard a whisper that goddard might be in earlier In the week….


Additionally, who is a good replacement for M.Johnson (can't do 3 downgrades this week as I originally planned due to this LTI):

Yeo or Enright? Slightly leaning towards Yeo because of age difference, and that Enright might get rested a few times later down the track this season.

Cheers guys


And also because of Yeo's role change and the impact it's had on his scores from the research I've done on him.


I brought Yeo in 4 weeks ago and have been loving his output since. He has a high cieling and will play midfield time. Great contested mark and user of the footy. His 86 on the weekend would have been 110+ if he hadnt played half the game playing as the loose in defence due to the major wind factor (dont think he'll get that role again). I expect him to average 105+ for the rest of the year. Great POD too. Oh and to add to all that he's been named in the guts this weekend which silences doubts about his role.


Am thinking 3 trades this week:
CEY > Boston
Goodes > Pearce
Clark > Dumont via DPP

Leaves me with 16 trades and $708400 in the bank. Will bring in Hamling next week and 2 premos who played this week (thinking Sloane and Dahlhaus, possibly Hodge). Will leave me with 5 more premo spots to fill and 13 trades (and should have around $620k in the bank).
R13 bye will bring in 3 premos (unless one of the Essendon boys looks good on the bubble) – thinking Dahlhaus/Hodge, Smith and TMitch, which leaves me with 2 upgrades (one of which is Cripps) with around $200k in the bank and 10 trades. Will get to full premo in following couple of weeks with 3-4 trades.

Am I leaving myself too short with trades heading into the final few rounds and finals? If I aim for 3 trades heading into finals, gives me 3 corrective trades.

Am I leaving myself short of trades?

Krazee-Eyez Killa

This is blasphemy for some, but I reckon just do the trades you think are going to be best for your team long term and screw the bye rounds. No point trying to be too clever and tip toe through them because most will fail. Majority of people on here won’t even go close to winning the whole thing, so just go nuts and do what’s best for your team


Here here. bang bang


best piece of advice I have heard


Can someone help with my post above? Cheers


Go with your gut mate, you must be doing something right to be ranked better than 97% of the competition.


Which Teams draws really open up after the Byes, I know the Bulldogs and North Melbourne's draws look good on paper, anyone else?


Not sure I’m certainly keen on north though, should win 8-10 of next 12…..


I agree, North and Bulldogs have a nice draw after the byes.

I don't take too much out of who has easy games.

I do have a quick look at who has to face Sandilands in the ruck and which midfielders might get shut down by Carltons tagging players.


Yep Sandi is definately a factor. I Think easy games are more important for those marginal players rather than top liners, that’s why I like Ziebell and Higgins in the back end of the year, I reckon they’ll both average 100ish


From now on that is



McIntosh to Pearce
CEY to Boston
Clark to Goddard
This suits my bye structure

Next week

Saad to Hodge or Houli
Miller to premo mid hoping Danger
Hogan to Dalhaus

These 6 trades will leave me with 19 playing in the horrid round 12 bye.

Return of the V

Any news on Rockliff? Can't find an updated injury report anywhere. Still listed as 4-6 weeks!!!


Doubt they’re gonna rush him back. Straight swap for Sloane perhaps? Get Rock back or GAJ WHENone of your premos does an ACL


I’m tempted not to get Sloane. Ablett to Sloane; Sloane to Rockliff; Rockliff to ???. I’m seeing an unfortunate pattern. I’m guessing it is just one of those years.


Very unlikely to play during the byes. Lions latest injury update video didn't even mention him when talking about players expected to return soon. Probably still at least a month away.


Rockliff will be at least 5 weeks mate according to himself.


Morning community
My r11 byes a almost set with pearce boston and wines coming in
but next week im just not sure on how to approach it
Whats some takes on b smith, burgoyne and slone and all ins?
Or do i not take slone and go two up and about defenders?
If i take the slone route ill have mitch wallis as my m9
Thoughts would be appreciated


B Smith and Sloane have high break evens and therefore you could wait until round 13 for these.
Not sure on burgoyne as he isn't on my watch list. Trying to avoid picking up the guys over 30 as it cost me late last year.

At this stage for next week I have a list of guys and will decide once we get through this weekend. I'm looking at a premo defender like Rance, Simpson (burnt me last year and age concerns) and B Smith (is he a premo this year?), hamling in if named to make some cash and then a premo forward in like Dahlhouse, Lids (pretty pricey and age concerns), Zorko (if he a premo this year?).


Sam colqhuon???? Dont really want him but he’s the only cheapish option that doesn’t have that bloody round 12 bye?



If you don't need the extra player this week you could go Hamling. Unless you have him already.


Need players and already got him. Haha thanks for the reply though 🙂


What are people's thoughts on how Ibbo will go now Johnson is out? More of a lock down role or will he roam free?
I need to downgrade either Ibbo, Saad or Oxley in Defence this week to enable 3 upgrades next week to balance out my players for the rd 12 bye.
Can't decide who to chop?


I was thinking the same Pom.

I have Saad, Ibbotson, KK & Newnes, all Round 12 bye players in my defence. I am going to have to upgrade at least two of them next week (Hodge & laird). I will be watching Ibbotson close this week to see what he is doing, he might be the one to go.


Can’t choose between Wines and Ebert as an upgrade this week. Any thoughts community?


Wines for me (went with him last week). Contested beast and seems to be just scratching the surface of what he could be capable of! Both are valid choices though..


Cheers gents –


will clark be back next week?


No one knows for sure but I'd rate the likelihood as better than 50/50 reading between the lines.

I'd lift that percentage higher as Clark was listed as a 'test' this week but the Cats do have an easy kill next week and their bye will then be straight after so there will be some temptation to give him those extra weeks to fully recover.


Can't decide on my 2 out of these 3 players, please help! Pearce, Goddard or Boston.


Well the first thing is to wait until 5pm this arvo. If Goddard doesn't make the cut it could make that decision a whole lot easier for you.

Even if he does make the final 22 you're probably better off waiting to see whether Goddard plays Rd13 before bringing him in. The other two are on the bubble now so I'd snap them up this weekend.


Could also consider Kavanagh from bombers. Hopefully helps cover round 12 as well if that's an issue.


Cheers mate, didn't realise final interchange was named tonight for the saints 🙂


Great to have you back big fella!

Would love to grab some wisdom of the community

Plan for this week

CEY to Boston

then I’m going to downgrade both krakouer and Salem (subbing h. Goddard into fwd and a def into mid) and looking to pick up two of Clurey, Hamling or A. Pearce

Will have roughly 19-20 players this week no matter what.

Thoughts lads?




Pearce this week, Hamling next week unless you need the cash now/trade for next week. Trengove will be back in a week or two which should see Clurey dropped.


Is there a cheap downgrade forward option for krakour ? It will mean i play with 18 this week

Help pleaseee !


See if Goddard is named on the final team, apart from him I don't think there are any valid options at the moment


There is also Fantasia from Essendon – slightly more expensive than basement rookies and still has 1 week to go until he is on the bubble, but he is playing his second game this week.


I want to trade TBC for Blicavs. In order to do that, I need to downgrade and Boston is the one. Am torn between CEY and T Miller to trade down. Most people are saying get rid of CEY but, apart from last week's score, he has been very good. People are saying he may get dropped when Douglas and B Crouch are back in but he has been in the side from round one and the only ones who could push him out IMO would be M Crouch or M Grigg both of whom have been impressive. Also have liked having T Miller in the side but his scores of late have been on a downward slide. Who do you think is a better option to downgrade to Boston?


If byes aren't much of a factor for you I'd cull Touk first as he has the higher BE and has probably maxed out in price. Hard to see him scoring huge in the Suns forward half against a fuming Freo tomorrow.

I like your Blicavs upgrade. Still getting overlooked by Supercoaches despite his fantastic form. Probably the most improved player in the AFL and a worthy addition to your team for mine.


Thanks for that. I've been trying for weeks to do the TBC to Blicavs trade but injuries have forced my hand in doing other trades. Already have Goldstein and no-one could be worse than TBC.


I need to downgrade this week so I can upgrade next week. Would lambert or goddard be the better option? I don’t care about their bye rounds


Neither are great options. If you can wait, see if Goddard makes the cut.

I N Pieman

Think you'd be a little upset of you had TBC & Grundy. For once I've dodged something


Glenn or kavanagh to bring in this week? I have a full 18 without them so it doesn’t matter who plays this week. I want the better pick more long term


You have to go with the guy getting games.

Plenty of Suns returning over the next month so Glenn's window of opportunity could be coming to a close in 2015 even if he fully gets over that ankle issue.


Glenn not playing, so I wouldn't bring him in.


Tossing up the vc tonight between gray and jelwood. Reckon most will go with gray so I’m leaning towards jelly. Any thoughts community.


So I am in the get the "F" out of my team TBC mode at the moment

Thinking T.Miller down to Boston
And TBC to Goldy

Not sure whether to make another trade down back for pearce purely for cash generation? Maybe Mcintosh

Backs: Shaw, Newnes, K.simpson, Oxley, Saad, mcintosh, lever, hamling
Mids: Fyfe,Pendles,Shiel, JPK, Stevie J, J.Lewis, Danger,Cripps, CEY,Miller, D.Mckenzie
Rucks Nicnat, TBC, Read
Fwds: Gray, Swan, Gunston, TMitchell, Bont, Tarrant, clarke, Lonie

64k in the kitty i care about league wins not overall, and hopefully i can make up 3 wins over the byes…

Any help appreciated


Greetings community. Pretty much up the creek without a paddle this week with only 13 players on the field so I am deciding to look ahead to the following two bye rounds. However, looking to make two trades this week. Which of the following would you recommend:
1) Rich-Boston and TBC- Natanui (via Cox DPP) – leaves me with $164k but only 1 ruckman in Round 13 Bye.
2) Rich-Boston and TBC-Franklin – leaves me with $166k.
3) Rich-Boston and TBC- Sandilands (via Cox DPP) – leaves me with $158k but 2 ruckman for each bye round.
4) McIntosh- A Pearce and Rich-Selwood – leaves me with $168k.
5) McIntosh- A Pearce and Rich-Boston – leaves me with $538k to be able to upgrade to premiums but with two more rookies to upgrade.


Ignoring their bye would you pick D Beams or O Wines? Saving $70k by going Wines over Beams is very tempting. This is for my last mid spot



l. Gibbs

Alex Pearce or Mckenzie starting in backline?