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Patch’s Panic Room – Round 10

Published by Patch on

Patch - Supercoach Panic Room Master

This was supposed to be the calm before the storm. Oh no. Not at all. The byes are looming before us, yet as the cold fronts sink in, the wind still keeps kicking dirt into our eyes. Rockliff is gone, sucked into that vicious fire tornado from Mad Max.

The Bont is gone blown away in the wind. Watson, gone. The rookies are being slashed. Clark. Dan McKenzie. Jake Lever. The #KrakIsBack, but back to the rookie list. What’s worse, Jock has been hit not only with the loss of Rockliff, Krakouer and co., but also with Influenza. Get well soon mate!

Oh it’s horrific. Let’s get into it and rip it off like a band-aid.


Tom Rockliff is gone for 4-6. While they said that last time and he was back in 3, I have a sneaking suspicion the Lions will ensure he’s fully recovered before throwing him back out there. Do we trade? It looks like we might have to. The Byes are coming, and there is a strictly ‘no passengers’ ruling. However, we can hold for a week and reassess his injury, reassess the byes and reassess our place in the universe before moving him on next week. Also missing from Brisbane this week are Jed Adcock, Claye Beams and James Aish.

Rory Sloane is back. Thank god.

Everyone’s favourite mid-priced breakout kid, Marcus Bontempelli, misses this week with an adductor. As with every week, you’re in for the long haul. Hold him.

Hyped rookies Hugh Goddard (STK) and Jack Steele (GWS) have both been selected on extended benches. I hate extended benches, because we don’t know if they’ll play. I’d say both are a high chance to play, but I wouldn’t trade them in until I knew.

To counter that, Jake Lever, Dan McKenzie and Nathan Krakouer will miss. The first two have an rolled ankle and concussion respectively and should be back next week, while Krakouer is back on the rookie list. This means he can’t play unless Port upgrades him after round 12. On the bright side, he won’t lose cash. Mitch Clark has also done a calf, and will miss this week and possibly the next. Josh Glenn will return through the seconds, but should be back next week.

Adam Oxley has been named on an extended bench with significant competition for sports. Maynard, Kennedy, Broomhead (who scored 193 SC in the VFL last week) and Sam Dwyer are competing for very similar roles. I feel he will be dropped after last week’s performance.

The Carlton Football Club have their team back, with Judd, Murphy and Kreuzer all named. On the flipside, Gold Coast are even weaker this week as Matt Shaw and crucially Harley Bennell are out of their side this week, on top of their suspensions of Charlie Dixon and Jack Martin, who also has a hamstring injury.

Jobe Watson will miss a week or two, as will Dustin Fletcher for anyone who has him in a draft side (like myself).

Rumours swirling that Jordan Lewis is still in doubt, as is Andrew Swallow. There’s not likely to be confirmation on these two until 40 minutes before the bounce of their respective games. Being Sunday games will help them, but hanging like

For anyone who jumped on Taylor Adams as a mid-priced option, he misses with a toe injury this week.


There are holes all over the place in our Supercoach teams this week, and all holes need filling. This week I’m going to poke a stick at three guys I think are value and could fix some holes in your side.

Ollie Wines: this is as cheap as we’ll see him for the rest of the year. Take out his injury-impacted 76 – his lowest score for the year – and Wines is averaging 114.5. At $514’500, this is a lot of value. Referring back to the Jock Reynolds Preseason Magazine, Wines was identified as the Next Supercoach Beast, with his stats only marginally behind Nat Fyfe in Fyfe’s second year. Wines is in a strong squad, is incredibly durable (these 6 games are the only ones he’s missed in his career) and plays the type of game we Supercoaches love. Also has the round 13 bye.

Leigh Montagna has been written up extremely nice by Dex here. He’s averaging 114 from 4 games, having just come back from injury. At this stage, I am trading him in as a POD – only 0.9% of teams own him, and importantly for a Saints player, he averages more in losses than in wins. 3rd in line for the tag, too.

A mid-priced option to have burst out of the blocks in recent weeks is Mitch Wallis. Had an average of 87 in 2012 but since then he’s been in and out of the Bulldog’s side, playing as a tagger, a midfielder, spending time back and forward. It’s only now with Libba down that he’s stepped up in their midfield – but as a tagger. Averaging 89, but that goes to 104 when you remove the game against Hawthorn where he was taken off at half time unable to lean over. Contested ball magnet, but has been used as a tagger. His last three scores are 49, 115 and 153. Wallis would not be a keeper. I’d expect him to average 90-95 for the rest of the year, but with a BE of -42, he plays Port, BYE, Lions, Saints, Blues, Suns, Cats over the next few. (Shout out to Rhys on Twitter for mentioning that).


Eddie Murphy’s

A lot of first gamers have breakevens above -50, but Robinson, Hamling, Boston, Glenn and Brooks by won’t have price rises until next week.

-42 Mitch Wallis
-19 Trent Dumont
-14 Connor Menadue
-6 Liam Duggan
5 Aaron vandenBerg
16 Jesse Hogan
21 Nic Naitanui

Dan Akyroyd’s

I’ve deliberately listed a lot of round 11 Dan Akyroyds who will drop in price this week, leaving us able to snaffle them after their bye. Delectable.

166 Eddie Betts
164 Jarryd Roughead
162 Rory Sloane
159 Josh P Kennedy
150 Bachar Houli
142 Shane Mumford
128 Brodie Smith


Rookies are really starting to feel the strain this year after they more than pulled their own weight at the start of the season. We will be saying sad goodbyes to some of them in recent weeks. As mentioned in the news, Clark, Krakouer, McKenzie and Lever are all off the cards this week. Luckily, most of us only have one or two slots for rookies onfield now, with the top teams only 4 spots away from full premium. On the bright side, lots of them are community teams! Travis from the JR qualifier group is sitting at #4, while General Soreness is in 19th place and ready to hit the byes hard and climb up the rankings. Go guys!


Kamdyn McIntosh has been named on a wing, and you’d feel positive after last week if they weren’t playing Fremantle. Loop him if possible. Following last week’s effort, Adam Oxley looks in danger of the chop, especially with “Sweeper” Broomhead scoring 193 in the VFL last week, and if he does play he is screaming SNOT VEST.



A lot of these guys will no longer be in many teams, but will be listed anyway. We’re all going through stages of culling and cutting and we do it at different speeds. Miller is now the number two mid at Gold Coast behind Rischetelli. Who would have thought it in round three when Miller had scored two 30s? Boston gets up the list simply because of how depleted Gold Coast are. Zac O’Brien named on the ball for the Lions which is encouraging.

Cam-Ellis Yolman


Irrelevant. Peter Wright comes into the Gold Coats side to match Keegan Brooksby, but we shouldn’t be trading into them at this stage.


This is where the carnage really hits home. No Clark, no Krakouer, no Salem and Bailey Dale isn’t doing much. Hulk Hogan the only real shining light down there this week. As mentioned, Steele a sub risk.

um… and that’s about it…

It’s a cruel game, community. Shout out to Lekdog for exploring the new frontier by doing a Periscope last night during team reveals. If you’re on the twitters, head over to @Lekblog and try and follow the links in tweets. Absolute champ. As well as sending out well-wishes to Jock, I’m also hoping Chicko finds some wisdom overseas during his travels.

Good luck this weekend community. I feel we’ll need it.

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Great write up patch. Hope your up and about soon jock. Am sweating on maynard getting a gig to avoid a donut down back and dumont also to avoid one in the guts. Am still tossing up between him and amon any thoughts? Cheers


Have had maynard on bench all year usefule loophole swapper and thought he might get a run at some stage


Both in very similar positions. I'd have to say Dumont, who made the best point-per minute debut ever. Like his game style and Amon seems to struggle for points.


Yeah have him locked at moment waiting for green light. Not to worried if he sub reckon roos need someone like him they are struggling


Great summary of what we face heading into this weekend, as always Patch. Are you personally planning any trades this week or holding til the byes?


I still need to have another look at my trades now Clark was confirmed as out. I will need to trade this week, and will probably trade twice. Really, really like Montagna and am trying to slot him in, too, but I need 3 trades for that. Will get back to you SC Addict! What about you?


I'm going to make perhaps a bold call and trade out Rocky for Wallis and then cull the Ox and bring in Simmo. I reckon Wallis will make a cheap but very decent M9 or possibly even M8 depending on how he goes in the 2nd half of the season.

If Rocky comes back earlier than the 4-6 weeks prognosis it could prove to be a misstep but even then he'll probably still be sore and not yet belting out those 150s we know he can deliver when fully fit and healthy.


Nice call, mate. I've just gone KK-Wallis and Rocky-Goddard. Toyed with Franklin but need the rolled gold up forward. Wish I'd got onto it earlier and might have nabbed Dusty before his 140!


Sounds great Patch. BJ should give you elite forward output for the rest of the season. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of coin to bring him in myself so will have to settle on an upgrade up back with Simpson instead.


Add Bennell to the gone list. A perfect storm is brewing!!!


Yeah we haven't even had any late outs, vests or fresh injuries to deal with yet. It could end up being an ultra punishing round for many.


Agreed, Wouldn't be surprised if some copped a donut.


If I don't trade this week I will have 4 donuts…


Looking to off Clark & Oxley

Bringing in Hodge & either one of Steele/Boston
(Depending on making final teams)

Goes against all rules but need to do this or something similar to field a team

Any other ideas appreciated


Like the Hodge call. I'd go Boston simply because he's played, but Steele will probably come in anyway.


I’m looking krak t steele next week or two


He’ll continue to find it hard to get into the team. I hope he doesn’t to be honest. Will be a good option next year if/when GWS lose a couple of mids to free agency.

Flaccid Jaff

Can you wait till pre-rd12 to trade Oxley for Hodge when Ox is about to have a bye and Hodge has already had his? I'm pretty sure Oxley will stay in the team and do well


Robinson or Dumont?


Good question. I'm thinking the same. Dumont has same average with his sub games removed. Should hold spot in Nths side longer than Robinson is my thinking. Need Dumont to play next three games to his bye essentially and he's done his job.


Dumont although it depends on your structures.


With Bont, Bennel and Clark out i'm facing a week with a Donut down forward. Not looking good but i should still win my league match. Thinking of bringing in Boston and Either Lids, Hannebery or Wines. Thoughts community?


I'm a huge Wines advocate (just call me Charlie Dixon) so I'd pick him. However, you can't argue with Deledio's form, only his achilles which I am convinced will cause more headaches this year.


Agreed on Deledio's achilles..Wines it is! Thanks Patch!

Flaccid Jaff

I think Wines is a beast in the making, and he might average more than Lids this year, but I think Lids is more likely to be a top 6 forward than Wines is to be a top 8 midfielder this year. Lids is >50k more expensive though so tough call.



backs – shaw, newnes, kolojasni, mcintosh, lever, oxley, n.brown, hamling
mids – fyfe, pendles, selwood, parker, beams, griffen, cripps, yolmen, rockliff, mckenzie, saad
rucks – goldy, maric, cox
forwards – gray, d.martin, swan, goddard, tarrant, clark, salem, krakour

hold rocky?
oxley out, swing saad back, krak to mids, then a premo forward?
who should i be culling first?
any other trades lemme know

22 trades left and 134k in bank
had a average week and dropped out to top 3%


Gordo D Magnificent

Franklin, Martin or Dalh? Im leaning Franklin due to his bye ( i need less round 11 byes), but i want martin and dalh as my f5 and f6


In order, Dahlhaus/Franklin/Martin – for this week. I think Martin and Dahlhaus are the two important ones to have by the end of the year – Franklin will give you some bad scores with the monster ones.


If you can afford it, go Dahlhaus. My preference would be Dahlhaus > Dusty > Buddy.

Flaccid Jaff

Franklin frustrates me. He's inconsistent and I just don't like how his jib is cut. I think dusty will average more and will be more consistent, I'm probably gonna bring him in this week too. He won't rise in price much this week though so you can afford to wait for him post rd11 if you need to


Martin over Dalhaus and Buddy for me.


Who to trade out?

1 of Oxley, Krak or Rockliff

1 of T. Adams, Clark or Salem


Would go Krak and Clark myself


Oxley (provided you have bench cover for Rockliff) and Clark.

Pitchko FC

how long is clark out


one or two weeks


In regards to Mitch Wallis I think we must have a different view of what a tagger is. I've not seen Wallis tag all year. In fact I've not seen the Bulldogs use a tag at all this season.


Wallis did "Tag" Griffen last week but was much more of a run-with role holding him accountable but winning his own ball. I traded him in last week and got his 150+ but not expecting that from here on in. Many will try and chase last weeks points I think


He spent a little time tagging Fyfe as well with a few others. I've had Wallis since the start


Could really use some help this week community. Every time i bring someone in, they cop the little white plus sign. Not lookin to win any ranks, just lookin to make it through as good as possible, Opinions?

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Newnes, McGovern, McIntosh, Brown (McKenzie, Dalgleish)
MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, J.P.Kennedy, Lewis, Swallow, Judd, Rockliff, Krakouer (Adam Saad, Anderson, Freeman)
RUCK: Goldstein, Jacobs (Read)
FWD: Gray, Swan, B. Goddard, Tarrant, Dale, H. Goddard (Clark, Ahmed Saad)
Plus 192k in the bank.
Thinking I need to get off Rockliff and unload Krak since hes the least likely to come back anytime soon…Could go Rocky and Krak to Danger and Dumont with 200k to spend next week.


Hodge or Simpson?


Hodge although both are good options.

Is it worth waiting 2 weeks cause they both have rd11 bye.


krakouer to wallis a decent trade?


In his game against Freo, when he scored 40-odd, he held Fyfe to his lowest possession count for the year. He ran with Griffin last week, but did a lot of work off the ball.

I feel the role of tagger has changed this year; looking at Vince and Guthrie as examples of having to make the man you're tagging accountable.


Goodness, my internet was awful yesterday so sorry for mixed messages Sean! Yes, I reckon you'll do pretty well from that.


Thoughts on my team please. 80k in the bank.

Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Oxley, Saad, Lever, McIntosh
Fyfe, Selwood, JPK, Parker, Beams, Rocky, Treloar, CEY, Miller, Steele, McKenzie
Goldy, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Hogan, Tarrent, Clark, Lonie, Krak

Oxley to Hamling and then
Miller to Lewis or
Krak to Buddy?



Krak to Buddy. You'll need as many warm bodies as you can get through the byes.


Bringing in Wines. Should I trade out Oxley via DPP or Rockliff?


agreed get rid of Oxley


Rocky gone for 6 weeks. Trade him out.


Thought it was 4-6 and was likely to come back at 4?


I thought 2 to 4

I N Pieman

Nice one patch. Just a normal week really with unexpected carnage. The rookies falling over this week makes the byes even more nerve wracking. Nonetheless the trades don’t end. Must keep improving the side. I like the Wallis selection. But if your under 20 trades don’t do it. You’ll need to trade him again. Ollie wines is a bargain. Old Joey Montagna I smell a trap with that one.


Thanks Pieman! It's fraying my nerves but this is a game of the bold. I'm playing catch up and trying to race along to full premium. It will definitely come into my thinking though. We can't rush blindly.


You don't reckon wallis could be a M8/M9 loop option?


That's a very valid idea I reckon. Not sure he's good enough for a permanent onfield spot in your mids especially during the finals.

However he could prove a handy loop option to pick up the odd big score or alternatively provide solid cover when one of your elites misses a week.


Oxley to Big Buddy or Wines (Using DPPs)?


Wines for me.




19 trades left. 43k in the bank. Would love some thoughts

Back: shaw, tmac, newnes, saad, oxley, Dmac (goodes, brown)

Mid: fyfe, beams, steven, JPK, parker, ebert, Vandenberg, CEY (rocky, heeney, glenn)

Ruck: maric, nic nat (read)

Fwd: gray, martin, swan, Tarrant, titch, clark (TBC, krak)


Move Oxley on, possibly to Hamling. Behind that, maybe hold.


Cheers mate.

Cyril is Delicious

Who has better JS out of Goddard and Steele?

I feel like Goddard would, as he is playing in a side that will not be pushing for finals, so will look to play the young guys. I need to make a trade this week to avoid a donught with Clark and Krak being out. Cheers!


At the moment neither as we don't even know if they will make the final 22. In saying that if Steele makes the final 22 I am bringing him in as otherwise I will cop a donut. I think he's more likely to take his chance but that's just based on gut feeling and what I've heard about the kid. Unless you really need to you should wait and see a couple of games from both.


Hodge or Simpson?


If you can afford him, Hodge.




both. Simpson for now because he is cheaper


Thoughts on my team please. I have 100k in the bank
Shaw, Murphy, Docherty, Saad, Oxley, Higgins Bench: Kolod, Schade
Fyfe, pendles, JPK, Priddis, Sloane, Rockliff, Selwood, CEY BENCH: Miller, Dmac, Krak
Goldy, Nic Nat BENCH: Cox
Gray, Goddard, Swan, Franklin, Tarrant, Clark BENCH: lambert, dale
Thinking Krak to Dusty and then Rockliff down to Boston
This leaves me with 200k in the bank.


community thoughts please, is worth trading t.adams to avoid a donut this week i don't see him as a keeper but may still have some more cash growth left and i may cost myself 50k.


Yep, he's gone. Done his job.


TBC or Lonie?


Essendon against a Geelong side without a proper ruckman leads me to think TBC.




Nice summary Patch.

Im looking at getting rocky out. Thinking I will bring beams in but i need to downgrade too.
I have Krak in the middle but will keep him a bit longer as he is my DPP swing.

have Clark, Tarrant down back or I have Saad and Mckintosh forward.

Not very good downgrades here I would prefer to out Clark but is Bailey Dale worth it? A couple of defenders coming through so prefer to wait on downgrading Kmac and his BE is good. Who else could i go.



Bailey Dale is not worth it in my books. Doubt he will pull a Touk Miller, so if you have to go, go elsewhere.


Dev Smith v Buddy. Please discuss


Buddy is a proven premo with a history of coming home with a 115+ average. Devon Smith isn't. That about sums it up for me.


Buddy will be very popular especially after torching the Blues but I actually prefer Smith long term. Buddy probably still has his customary 2 or 3 games to miss for the season too. In fact he hasn't played 20 games since 2009 so make sure you keep a decent F7 around if you end up picking him.


I can get absouletly anyone in my mid but really wanted wallis last week and again this week nedd more playing rnd12 so should i pull the trigger


Not on Wallis. Horrible trade in target. Chasing points.


Would have to disagree john 2. Definitely underpriced and should get plenty of onball time with Libba out this season. A better option for my side than trading in these rookies with very iffy JS and point production.

It won't fit with every coaches plans and situations but far from a horrible selection imho.


But apart form the 15 he got injured and the 40 against freo hes averaging well over 100 surely he should warrant m8 m9


If you can get absolutely anyone, save yourself a trade and pull in an ultra premo.

Flaccid Jaff

Hello community,

I can only fit 2 of Lids, Dusty & Goddard into my final team. Which 2 should I go with?

I think dusty wont ever be much cheaper than where he is now ($547k) so I'll probably get him this week.
Lids is looking great, will he ever be much cheaper than he is now ($573k) do you think? Cheaper enough to warrant waiting and not replacing a r13 donut now? Will he average more than Goddard?

Byes are irrelevant for me as I'm sitting very pretty with them apart from the r13 bye and am trading out krak & salem who won't be playing in the coming weeks.

Thanks community!


Look, I don't trust Lids' achilles. That's all it comes down to for me.


Where’s Wombat and his stupid comments-must have been censored.


Haha, must have.


Who should i get for clarke? Brent harvey devon smith or jack crisp thought fellas?


went harvey for dpp and normal 2nd half of season improvement


Thooughts on Brent harvey?


Pass he burnt me bad last year when he got rubbed out


Not until we see back to back tons for me. If he was a defender you'd lock him in, but need some form first.


Patch, Thought's on bringing in Sidebum after his rd 12 bye.


Good choice, just to expensive compared to other options


He is coming in for me. Gun


boston or dumont?




Depends on your bye structure


Upgrade to ollie or danger?


Depends on your bye structures.

Danger has a bye next week but will go up around 35k this week, so if you where looking to get Danger and you don't have many players out in Rd 11 go with him.

Although Wines has a Rd 13 bye so you will get 3 weeks out of him before his bye.

It all depends on your bye structures.


Thoughts on these trades community?

Krak > Dumont
Clark > Buddy (Or Dahlhaus?)

I also have Miller and Tarrant I could chuck on the chopping block and of course Rocky (Who I'm thinking of holding).


Wines also an option for Clarke…Not sure who to go with.


Its hard to say without looking at your full team, due to the byes.

It depends which player fits into your team to give you the least chance of copping a donut.


I'm a massive fan of both Wines and Dahl. Whichever fits better into your bye structure mate!


Beginning to think Grundy's time is up in my team. Thinking straight swap for Sam Jacobs but would only leave me with $10,000 in the bank, is it worth it?

Brooke Richards

Wait until after Sauce's bye


Good advice. Jacobs has a hefty 142 BE this round and Grundy may actually go ok against the Dees rucks this long weekend.


Agreed wait on Jacobs


Bit time poor during the week so I'm loving your articles, Patch. Only got Rocky in 2 weeks ago but he has to go imo. Already playing catch up and can't afford to have him on the pine for a month. Able to field 22 this week with some dpp shuffling but I'll be in a world of pain if any late outs hit.

2016 is looking tasty with Gaz/Rocky M4-5

You missed Tarrant as a forward rookie/warm body


I did too, thanks Kev. At this stage warm bodies are onfield regardless of their scoring capabilities.


I was just thinking the other day Kev, how tasty the whole midfield for 2016 look. You mentioned Gaz & Rocky M4-5, throw in Libba M6 and O'Meara M7 with young Petracca M8. Now that is tasty!


Great article Patch, was just wondering if you think Rocky to Dumont and Krak to Dusty would be a good trade.
Thought are very appreciated.


Dumont looking like he'll be sub this week and a super sub all year round. Proceed with caution on that one.


Thanks for the response, will look out for that sub risk of Dumont, if I don't go with Dumont, who do you think the best option out of Duggan, O'Brien and Boston?





General Soreness

Marvelous work as per usual Patch.


What's the story on Mclean?


Should I bring in Dumont, Boston or Glenn? I don’t need cover I just need to generate cash.

I’m thinking Dumont is listed on extended bench in case North decide not to play swallow last minute and will drop Dumont if Swallow does play


Boston. Will play and play often up at Gold Coast.


No Steele sorry community! (Liam in particular)

Last night a few folks were foaming at the mouth to bring him in this weekend but they will have to put their fervour on hold I'm afraid.


Back to the drawing board. Not sure what else the lad can do to get a go.


Great article just wondering what to do

Forward is gray, goddard, martin,, franklin, swan, clark, hogan, tarrant who to bring in and finish forward deledio or dahlhaus.
Also should i get rid of for him tarrant or clark.
If i bring in Deledio i have to trade out tarrant.
Also who should i bring in for miller boston or robinson
Another option would be to go rocky to wines.
Thanks for any advice communityt and good luck this week

Flaccid Jaff

I'd hold on to rocky and trade Lids in for Tarrant. Boston over Robinson but both a risk.


Hey Nick!
Tarrant has a BE of 86, Clarks is 55..
Tarrant will get a score for you this week, Clark wont.
Deledio and Dalhaus, tough call, I'd prob slightly go the former.
I've got Rocky too… I'm usually happy to hold for a few weeks.. but 4-6.. and a rough run with injuries this year.. prob has to go…
Also considering Wines.
Good luck


I would go for Deledio over Dahlhaus, and Boston over Robinson (only because Sydney have a few to come back, and I dont see Robinson in the best 22).


Steele, Goddard, gone, Dumont looking sub. eek.

The Ranger

Jeez…it's never ending! I needed opne of them to start this week…back to the trade table again.


Im risking boston over dumont now. Thanks for good info patch. Extra 30k handy too.


Hi community,
I need to downgrade Krakour to save a doughnut this week, if Goddard and Steele get named would select them over dale? Please give me a ranking of the three. Thanks in advance


Dale is the only one playing this week, unfortunately.


Only other option is take a punt on McLean from Dogs but crazy without seeing him play at least one game.

Cyril is Delicious

To avoid a donught and because Steele and Goddard not being named this is my plan.

D.Mac will be swung down back, which will give me the ability to go Oxley>Boston or Dumont

And then Krak> Premium foward.

Thoughts on this? And who to get out of Dumont or Boston?

Cheers community!


after studying all week, I went Boston over Dumont…. Should get plenty of game time compared to Dumont, who will be a likely sub candidate for the rest of the year. $30K cheaper too…. and the name is just too good to pass, especially being a Boston Celtics fan…. hopefully he ends up being the better choice.


backs – shaw, newnes, kolojasni, mcintosh, lever, oxley, n.brown, hamling
mids – fyfe, pendles, selwood, parker, beams, griffen, cripps, yolmen, rockliff, mckenzie, saad
rucks – goldy, maric, cox
forwards – gray, d.martin, swan, goddard, tarrant, clark, salem, krakour

1. Oxley out, buddy in (via saad dpp)
Oxley and krak out, dahlhause and boston in?

2. Rockliff out, Dahlhause in (via krak to mids)
Krak to Boston?

Which option or any recommend any other options?
134k in bank with 22 trades left


I traded Wines out when he got injured, is it madness to bring him back in?


Not at all. You need to look at each trade in isolation and make the one you reckon will give you the greatest benefit at that particular point in time.

So if you believe it's Quadzilla again then just pick him.


I should've held him, fell for the old "inside knowledge" trick (my cousin is mates with XXXX at the club who reckons he'll be out for 10-12 blah blah blah)…


nope. Think objectively what is best for your team


Is Dumont a permanent fixture of the kangaroos or simply cover for Swallow?


JS is probably not the greatest going around. As Patch mentioned above he could easily be the sub again this weekend although we won't know for sure until Sunday.


Should be playing every week but because we’ve got a retarded coach he isn’t and soft peahearted squibs keep getting a game!


Very true


I'd feel very worried if he ever had to go onfield in my side – avoid if possible. Really good player but won't get the opportunity this year.


Who are good downgrade targets for Krak ( mid) and Tarrant?