PODCAST: Hold your fire.

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Supercoach 2015Resist the urge community – time to save some trades.

Yes we all have our issues – and many of us are reeling at the news that Tom Rockliff may have busted another rib – but the byes are just around the corner now.
The time to formulate your bye period trade strategy has arrived – and discipline and focus are critical over the next 4 weeks of Supercoach.
Enjoy the show community.


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#rockysribs πŸ™




Krakouer, Ryder, Jack Sinclair and Rocky.

4 problems arrived at the same time. Probably have to hold until byes but the next round will be painful.


Bad luck Sang, who would have predicted Krak going from a 104 to then a 30-something game and then sub, unfortunate for everyone but hold strong. Rock is tough so shouldn't be out for too long


Anyone know saad and Touk millers BE?


Saad is 63 and Miller is 98

Dustbin Feltchers

Footywire AFL Statistics website…


Rocky’s ribs…. What the?!?!


I knew having too many GC players would eventually bit me in the ass. Saad and Miller a little soft, but Bennell and KK both had shockers. Still sitting 1,029 overall, but was a lot happier last week in the 500's. Oh well, next week starts TONIGHT community with Jock & the boys on the podcast.


What to do with Griffen community?


I traded him out early when he wasn't producing me either points or $$$$. Yeah he's burnt me with a few good scores here and there, but generally very happy without having the heartache of wondering which Ryan Griffen is gonna show up each week.
You've held him this far, gotta see it through to the byes now.


Just hold him
Ive got him and waiting till his bye round and upgrading to pendles/priddis type


Me too not sure why I started him guess caught up in the hype but traded to Martin rd3-4 almost straight swap happy with that one.


Focus on getting a full premo team first, if you have a full premo team, maybe look at trading him

The Bont

sit back and laugh


Nice – in all seriousness Griffen has always been an up and down scorer, so nothing new here




You would have to hold for this week given he is now due for a big week, but don't then get sucked in by a big 150 and hold the week after as he is likely to score 50.


Keep him until his Rd13 bye and then ditch him for a proper premo.


Rockliff the glass cannon. I'm just about done with the bloke

Mr chan

Should we trade Mitch clark and Oxley as BE’s are high?


Yes or they will lose cash


no hold off. both will have small decreases CLARKE $2900 OX $4100 provided they are both injury free.

The Bont

Mitch Clark's BE is only 56. So probably won't lose cash, but he's sort of reaching his peak price, so can trade him if you want. No urgency about it though. (Unless his injury causes troubles)

Mr chan

Thanks guys, I will hold off for this week with no trades. Have to keep in mind these guys will help me in the byes.

My Bye rounds are looking great for round 11 and 12.


Oxley to Smith?


you're trading a bloke wo will be playing in two weeks, to a player that won't be, look at some other ideas are hold onto your trades


Smith still has a high BE. I'd wait to bring him in but Ox needs to go this week if he's a sub off risk. Hamling would be an easy pick if he stays in the side which he should after a decent debut.


One minute everyone is saying you have to hold trades until bye rounds and in the next line people are suggesting to trade out Oxley this week, yeah its highly likely he will lose cash but why not trade him out in round 12?

It becomes very contradictory and confusing when people suggest it's vital to HOLD trades until the bye rounds and in the next line there's talk of Tom, Dick & Harry must go this week due to them losing cash.


Everything depends on hour situation. League vs overall. Need wins vs dont. Players on field vs non playing. Trades left vs running short.
People put advice up here from their point of view. While you dont have to act on all advice, it is best to listen to all and make your own decision based on a wide range of opinions and how it relates to your situation.
I use this forum as a sounding board for my own ideas and opinions. I dont use it to make decisions for me.

the sprinkler

Hey Jock- is that an avatar of you in the moneyball ad with those bulging shoulders and bushy mo?

Just downloading the Podcast and will listen a tad later.

Fingers crossed Higgo has a song about Higgins but I fear you have eternally banned him from that? Fingers crossed though. That Higgo is a great man!!!!


Bloody hell Jelwood is testing my patience. His hand not right maybe? Hasn't logged 20+ touches for 3 weeks now.


Stay strong kev, after his bye last year selwood registered 12 games of 100+, 7 of those over 120, and a low score of 84, and after his bye in the 2013 he only dropped under 120 twice!

the sprinkler

yeh and??? what does that mean???

in 2014 and 2013 what did Jelwood avge in the first 8 rounds???

they guy is not right and somehow he is being owned every week. is he a sook?? whats his problem???

who knows- but watching him there is no way I would bring him in after his 1st 8 rounds.

And there is NO WAY he will be a top 10 Mid this year.

Save a trade and dont bring him in.

the sprinkler

PS he will be nice and cheap next year. wait til then to bring him in

Blicavs is destroying Jelwood and will win the B n F. That says alot. Maybe about Blics or maybe about Jelwood.


Big call, sprinkler. I would hold on to him Kev. I remember a famous saying… "Keep faith in your premiums"


If you already have him in your team (like me) ya gotta hang on to him. If you don't have him, I can't see any reason to get him in…at any price.

Major Mooseknuckles

Should we lose our marbles over some serious faecel matter or consider occasionally a dog will stop and ponder on the front lawn? The time for calm is nigh, composed thoughts and actions will set men and the whipper snappers apart in 2015!


Who goes out or Tarrant, Cripps and maybe Roughy.

I think Tarrant and cripps have made their cash and it may be time to go and Roughy is really inconsistent he has had 3 scores over 100 and 45 and a 52.

With 86K in the bank where do i go?


Tarrant, you probably would have to downgrade him if you only have $86k in the bank


Roughy should be only be traded once you've got a full premium team on the field. After you've got that then see if his form is still inconsistent and then trade but hopefully he pumps out some more big scores and doesn't have games where he's lost.


Cripps hit 91 despite giving away 4 frees and a 50m penalty at the very least wait till R11 to trade him out, great job security and scoring potential.


Swan or ziebell ? πŸ™‚

Swan averaging 104

Ziebell 101 apart from injury affected game but also a POD

Thoughts please ?


Ziebell more of a POD but is a big injury risk and i think Swan will average 5-10 more points than him anyway


Swan, more reliable


Danger and Fyfe carried me this weekend. Had Premos put in stinkers (selwood/griffin/bennell/pendles/jpk) and the rookies not firing like ox and and tarrant and tbc(he acts like a rookie).

At least newnes showed like he can play and nic nat lit it up.

My structure is set for the byes, but might make a few trades depending on injuries.


My Premo mids are: Pendlebury, Beams, Neale, JPK, Parker, Rockliff and Selwood. Im bringing in Fyfe during the byes. Is this an ideal midfield to have coming out of the byes? Or should I be looking to trade Jelwood/Neale.


Keep both of them until the rest of your team is full premium. Later on in the year near finals if they've lost form of like selwood still hasn't found it then look to trade to someone with a good finals run and who's in form.


Krak and Miller out for Hamling and Pendles? Thoughts?


I'd wait on pendles, his BE will be really high this week and will loose a chunk of cash, target him after his bye.


Definitely not Pendles. Pendles is on a current downfall. I'd look to a Dangerfield (similar price), maybe hold the cash or perhaps trade elsewhere.


Scored over 2400 this week thanks to the Dangerman and my rucks of Goldy and Nicanata. Only issue with my team at the moment is my defence. I have the 3 rookies in Oxley, McIntosh and Saad on field with Hamling on the bench. What should I do? My mids, rucks and fwrds especially are all perfect.


I'm in the exact same position. I'm ranked in the 2000s and want to crack 500 by the end of the season so my plan is to go Ox to Hamling this week or he'll bleed cash. Then after the first bye use the War Chest to bring in Hodge, Gibson, Simpson, Docherty, Houli, Rance, Brodie Smith or Murphy who have all had their bye and i can double upgrade Saad before his bye and McIntosh/Nathan Brown.


Gryffindor unless you have 22 trades left then fair enough but if not why would you consider trading out Oxley for Hamling this week, what if Hamling plays a shocker in round 10 and gets dropped for round 12 or worst still you bring him in and he gets injured.

It happened to me this week I traded out Cripps for Rocky and he now has another cracked rib. Save the trade and have a free look at what Hamling does next week after that he has the bye, so then if he is named in round 12 which is when he will be on the bubble, thats when you trade Oxley for Hamling and generate cash and trade in premo's.



Def- shaw, ibbo, lumumba, newnes, oxley,saad,(k mac, lever)

Mid- fyfe, selwood, jpk, rockliff, parker, danger, griffin, cripps,(vandenberg, cey, mckenzie)

Ruck- goldy, nic nat

Fwd- swan, gray, martin, clark, TBC, krak,(tarrant, lambert)

Got 22 trades left and 120k in the bank, was thinking of downgrading TBC, but concerned about the lack of fwd rookies

Thoughts on what I should do would be well appreciated! Really need some help


I think you'll have to upgrade TBC, there isn't a downgrade option unless your Ruck rookie is FWD eligible and then you could bring in Brooksby into the Ruck.
You could go Oxley to Hamling and then TBC to Buddy who is nice and cheap and showing form or to Deledio/Dahlhouse/Goddard/Martin


Is it any worth to keep hold of tbc for the byes or to upgrade to goddard this week using tbc?


Get rid of him now. He wont meet his breakeven and will just keep losing money for you


If you also have Read in your ruck then what you should do is trade TBC then click on the S next to Read name and bring in Brooksby and that will give you around $332,000.

Major Mooseknuckles

I’d be more inclined to look at culling either Tarrant or Clark. They’ve both served their purpose (Clark looks buggered) and upgrade to another premo fwd. This will increase your scoring output, Tbc right now will cost you a few points not so much cash (especially compared to rookie/high be) which you can manage/counter by bringing in a premo, not to mention holding Tbc could be useful in getting through the byes. Hold on Brooksby for another week IMO

SuperCoach kid

Shaw tmac Taylor oxely saad Simpson (lever jamming)

Fyfe pendles Selwood Griffen rich Lewis yolmen Rockliff (miller Mckenzie krakouer)

Goldy tbc

Gray Martin walker titch Tarrant Clark (Lonie dale)

315k in the bank, who do I cut and who do I bring in?


Oxley will loose the most cash and is "jamming" in your back line is Hamling then i'd suggest moving Mckenzie into the backline and bring in either Josh Glenn or Boston from Gold coast depending on is they're named and not sub.
Then i'd say upgrading Tarrant to either Buddy/Dahlhouse/Deledio/Goddard. Buddy is the cheapest and i think he'll end the year strongly but if you think he's a risk any of the others will finish in the top few forwards and are safe choices

SuperCoach kid

Yeah sorry iPhone auto correct haha
Thanks for the advice will take it on board


hahahahahaahaha jock- dropping the kids off at the pool…. hahahaha it used to be dropping the cosby kids off….. hhahahahaha more like dropping the goodesy kids off at the pool!!!!!


Crappy post. Had to call it because don’t want people to confuse the two of us.

The Bont

Idiots like this still exist yet people wonder why the boos are labelled racist.


Should we trade Selwood? Not looking like a premium this year!


Hold till post byes, he might just need a bit of time if he has a hand niggle and he's played some tough teams so far so should finish the year much stronger.


Hold until completely full premium, then if you have spare trades you can.
but not know.


Clark out for Brooksby (move Cox to fwd) and Krakouer out for Franklin? Thoughts?


I'm doing Clark and Oxley for Brooksby and Franklin at this stage. Wait to see if brooksby stays in the team but it should be fine.
I'm thinking Krak has more money to be made but if he's the only player you have that'll bleed cash then get rid of him because he's a huge vest change and even if he starts could be subbed off easily.


I've also got Oxley


Looks good. Be careful is Brooksby is playing or not. Should be


T. Hunt >>>> Hamling already done, also have Oxley, Clark, Krak and Miller, who else should I look to move on?


not sure what to do community! Have 178k in the bank and a ton of problems.. don't know where to start!

BACKS – Shaw, TMac, Newnes,Pittard, Oxley, Saad (KMac, Brown)
MIDS – Fyfe, Pendles, Selwood, JPK, Griffen, Rockliff, Cripps, CEY (Krak, McKenzie,Ellis)
RUCKS – Goldy, Maric (Read)
FWDS – Gray, Martin, Dahlhaus, Swan, Tarrant, Hogan (Clark, Dale)


That's not a bad side.

Where you would start is….wait to see how long Rocky is out…..
Hold trades this week, then look to bring in fallen premo's after they have had there byes.

I would probably do-
Brown to Brodie Smith after round 11
Cripps to Priddis/Lewis
Tarrant to Deledio

You will need to cull a couple of rookies, like-

Brown to Hamling (pending game 2 performance)
Clark to ?? Maybe Brooksby via Read (again pending game 2 performance)

Hope this helps.


Would wait till 12-13 for Smith as his 16 will sit with him for next 2 games and has rd11 bye. Should to be able to straight swap for kmac.


this is full of rubbish, exotic limo advertising? advice from an asian who doenst know what day it is, overrrrrrr it.

Major Mooseknuckles

Has solid choice in music nonetheless.


Thoughts on bringing in either of Mundy or Dahlhaus? Or any other..have roughly 580k


I think you should consider Deledio, Beams or Barlow too.

cow roll



Really have so many problems but im just gonna hold haha

Captain Pugwash

Just happy Skinflute is Back!

I N Pieman

Misfiring midfield. Grif & Parker 59’s. Jelwood & Pendles very ordinary. Throw in Ox clarke & thumper on the ground & 2300 was a miracle. It’s time for some more rage trading.

The Ranger

You did well to get to 2300 Pieman!
I had 2337 last week and exactly the same team got me 1971 this week.


ouch not a good round to score under 2k
Sorry to hear that πŸ™


Who's on your chopping block this week Pieman?

I'm planning an Oxley upgrade.


Think I am going to wait until byes to start upgrading to a full premium side, is this good?
Have a few trade options this week as well to put money in the bank to upgrade.
1. Oxley – Hamling
2. Krak – Glenn
3. Hold
Currently have 18 trades & $350,000
Help would be great


Hold, you don;t have many trades and you already have lots of money for upgrades come rnd 12.


Community I’m at home in the foetal position. Had a great year last year but currently sitting 17 thousandth. I chose Parker as my loophole vc instead of Buddy. Then had Lewis as capt to destroy Gold Coast. He pulls out so then I chose Pendles as captain over Fyfe! Is this bad luck or poor coaching?! I also had Oxley Mc Kenzie and Mummy stink it up! Have 20 trades and 100 grand left. Heres my team if you can help me I would appreciate it as I currently feel more like Crouching one than Barassi! Newnes Higgins Oxley saad Mc Kenzie lever. Brown/ dalgliesh. Fyfe Pendles Parker Selwood Lewis griffen Cripps vdb. Krakouer heeney Steele. Goldstein Mumford read. Gray Martin swan Goddard franklin Tom Mitchell. Hogan Clark. Thanking all you kind strangers in anticipation of your community advice.


I spent 15 minutes faithfully putting in spaces to make my team easy to read and then it appears as one sentence! My typing is as good as my coaching!


Your defence is very weak. You have 4 on field rookies, this is two too many for this stage of the year. I suggest you upgrade Oxley as he is about to leak money… maybe for one of the Hawthorn defenders (Gibson, Birchall, Hodge). Your best bet for generating some extra cash with the other trade might be to downgrade Heeney to either Glenn (if named) or Boston. Anyway, that's my thoughts.
Good luck!


You’re a legend Sarah. Duly noted. Thanks very much.


Hello fellow Community Members!
I had my highest score of the season this week! Brought in Dahlhaus and Hibberd last week, and while Hibberd didn't set the world on fire, he makes my defence look a lot stronger.
I know the boys are saying to hold trades, but I figure if I'm trading a round 12 bye rookie for a round 12 bye premo then no harm done! My trading strategy this year has been about looking for bargains… and you've got to pounce on the bargains when they're there!! The most expensive player I've traded in so far has been JPK at $547,100. So keeping in line with this strategy, this week I'm looking squarely at Ollie Wines!! The guy has only dropped below 100 once for the season and this was due to injury. He also fits into my bye strategy.
Welcome to 'Field of Danger' Ollie Wines!

I N Pieman

Nice one Sarah. I’ve been trying to pick off bargains as they present. Problem is I started with most of them!!! Grabbing buddy this week was handy. Grabbing Rocky this week may add further pain. Hibbo is great value but the round 12 bye is a nightmare already. Will also be looking at Ollie. Round 13 bye is handy


Thanks Pieman! I'm trying really hard to stick to the strategy and resist the 'hot player of the week' type hype.
I doubt I'll rise to win the $50k, but it'll be a really good study for future years trading strategies.

I'm trying to ignore Rocky and not let his ribs put a spanner in my plans. I can bench him, he's got the bye coming up anyway. Essentially this week I'll be bringing Wines onto the field for Rocky, so it's almost like trading Rocky for Wines except I've saved that trade and will get him back hopefully after the byes. I'm hoping that after the byes it'll be like doing a double upgrade with Sloane and Rocky just slotting back into my onfield line up!!

How's your team travelling?
Are you trading leading into the byes, or holding as the guys have suggested?

The Ranger

Hi Sarah, Wines is a great option.
The only downside could be that I'm planning on bringing him in too and if my luck this year is anything to go by he's due to get injured very soon or at best deliver several weeks of rubbish scoring!


Thanks for the heads up Ranger. I think I'll still take the risk!!


Sarah so it was you I was versing this round gone, my team Hairy Clamz. Thought you had me till Danger Nic Nat and Beams went large

Hope your team does well after after the byes πŸ™‚


Haha, it was too!!! Nice team! Your Sunday players fired while mine didn't. Very nice score!!


Ty Sarah my only sore point was not bringing in Docherty instead picked up Pittard who is the biggest burnman lately in my opinion

I will be doing one trade this week Oxley to Glenn to give me 300k in my bank ready for byes


I have a personal rule to never jump on the 'hot' player. Always go for proven scoring ability. Although where this leaves Jelwood at the moment I'm not sure!!! He has the history but isn't doing anything to force his way into my team just yet… his price is right, just got to wait for the form.


yeah my mind was not stable on that trade lol
Could be worse though. Hmm Not sure Jelwood is liking the lack of support around him this year Bartel missing in the side is a huge factor for mine
I hear rumours that he also is not 100% right with his hand?


I keep watching him cos he was so good last year. I had him the whole season. But I think you might be right, he's not 100% and not enjoying being the lone 'hand' in the midfield!


Haha nice pun


That’s my strategy no point chasing the car. Pick off a fallen premo and soon the hot player will be chasing you. Worked with Priddus and Goddard now it is time to add some fine wine to the mix. Avg over 110 if u take out his injury. That is value too hard to ignore.


It sure is!! I love a glass of Wine so why not have one in my supercoach team!!


Normally stay clear of first rounders but this time I'm looking to do:
Goodes -> Hamling
Salem -> Glenn (via DPP)

That way if two of Brooksby, Boston, Robinson. Dumont, etc. keep firing next week I can bring them in too for Clark/Miller/Krakouer then focus purely on upgrades during the byes

Krazee-Eyez Killa

After sticking with Nic Nat and his average scoring, for some reason I forgot to put the E on him this week and I missed out on his bloody 152. Got 2378 instead of 2530. Still raging internally

Krazee-Eyez Killa

To make it worse, it would’ve put me inside the top 1200 overall. Instead, sitting at 2815. Seriously..




I did the same thing with Goldy – missed out on 135, feel your pain.


Why on earth did you have these guys on the bench without the 'E'???

Rick Grimes

I did the same with Nicnat. I was loopholing with my non-starter as captain. Can’t believe I left the E off. Probably cost myself 3000 places or more.


I suspect it was for captain loopholing purposes. They probably had a lapse in concentration and forgot to put the E on the benched ruckman. I had the VC on Fyfe this week with the C on Rocky. Fyfe went stupid, so I put Tom Reid on the field with the big C and put Goldy on the bench. I DID remember to put the E on Goldy. I suspect that some players just overlooked this simple manouvre. Easily done mind you, but you can NEVER take anything for granted in this game.


Krazee-Eyez Killa

Yeah was a simple captains loophole error. Had the VC on Buddy and V on Cox. Could’ve sworn I had the E on Nic Nat and didn’t think to check before the game. Was already licking my chops when I checked his scoring during the game, then I checked my SC team after he took the big grab and kicked a goal, only to see the E was not on him. So deflating. Live and learn I suppose. Feels a bit better knowing I wasn’t the only one haha sorry guys


DOHH! I have done it too. From now on, you will remember the letter "E" when its loophole time. LOL

Cheers mate.


Hey community,
Just wondering what i should do this week i have 4k in the bank and ranked top 3%. Was thinking maybe holding but rockliffe may be a problem

Def- shaw, taylor, saad,tmac, mcintosh, lever( leslie, hamling)
Mid- fyfe, priddis, selwood, grifen, lewis, rockliffe, miller, parker (cey, krak, d mckenz)
Ruck- goldy, nic nat (read)
Foward- gray, martin, franklin, goddard,swan, tarrant ( hogan,clark)

here is my bye structure:

Round 11- lever, rocky, cripps, lewis, martin, kmcintosh, hamling, cey-8 players out
Round 12- swan, goddard, fyfe, ibbo, miller, saad, leslie, franklin, dmac-9 players out
Round 13- selwood, clark, taylor, griffen, shaw, priddis, Hogan, krak, gold, Tarrant, nic nat, gray, read- 13 players out

Thanks for your help and time


You've got cover on the bench. Hold Rockliff. You don't want to trade him out after only just trading him in. CEY cracked the ton, he should be adequate cover.
You could maybe downgrade Miller to Glenn (if named) or jump on Boston early. Use the cash to upgrade a rookie in defence. 3 on field rookies in defence is too many in my opinion.
Good Luck with whatever you decide.




Who would be a good defender to bring in that would fit my bye stucture?


And who would i upgrade most of my rookie defenders still have cash to make


You need to work on your bye structure a bit. It's ok to only have 8 round 11 bye players, but you also need to include Read and the fact that you've only got 1 round 11 bye player in your forward line so you will have one player on the bench that won't be used. That takes your round 11 bye number to 10.
It's a good point that your defensive rookies likely still have money to make, but this game is primarily about points and they don't score many of those.
However, if you don't want to trade one of them this week then I'd trade Tarrant/Clark out for a round 11 bye forward. This will give you a full forward line and won't actually increase the number of players out during the round 11 bye as you currently can't put both Hogan and Clark on the field with only Martin having the bye.
Dahlhaus or Deledio are looking pretty good. I did a similar trade last week for this exact reason.


What are some good defender optiona to bring in tho?


If you really want a defender then Hibberd is cheap. I also like Simpson, Gibson and Birchall when he comes back.


So would u say tarrant and clark for a premo and rookie


I'll tell you what I'd do, but you have to make up your own mind on what to do as this is just my opinion.
If it was my team I'd downgrade Miller to Glenn or Boston, and upgrade Tarrant or Clark to a round 11 bye player forward… Take your pick from Deledio, Dahlhaus, Roughead, Edwards or Betts.
This will give you only 2 round 11 bye players in the forward line, so you can bench both and still have a full forward line during the round 11 bye.


I will probably make this trade and choose dahlhaus however downgrading miller will leave me to have to fill my mid with either krak,dmac, or the player i bring in for miller if lewis or rocky dont play this week


You've got CEY on the bench. He scored 100 last weekend against Freo so should be handy on the field. Alternatively, switch Krak forward and bench him and move Hogan onto the field. You've got plenty of options. Use your swing-sets.


Good Wisdom and very well explained Sarah….



Ryder, Rocky, Watson and talk is Bonts touch and go this week. Might just throw this week away.


What is up with TBC. I am so sick of him…


If he's your R2 then you really have to upgrade him no later than his Rd12 bye. If he's in your forward line just park him on your bench until the right opportunity presents to move him on.


Hi guys,

I’m looking at any ideas as to what to do next. I’m a little stumped at the moment. I’ve got 19 trades and only $13,100 in the Warchest.

Defence: Shaw, McDonald, Higgins, Newnes, Saad, Simpson (McIntosh, Lever)

Midfield: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Priddis, Pendlebury, Griffen, Cripps, Miller, Ellis-Yolmen (Krakour, Heeney, McKenzie)

Rucks: Mumford, Goldstein (Read)

Forwards: Gray, Swan, Goddard, Walker, Tarrant, TBC (Clark, Lonie)

Thanks guys!


Look to make some money this week then upgrade over the byes.


Lightning does strike twice!! I started with Rockliff, then broke his ribs….Traded him out……….Rocky makes a come back……watched him for a few weeks as his price dropped…….Traded him back in this week after some good preformances……..and Bang!!! Rebroke those 3 ribs…….. UN Friggin believable!!

Its time to break the cycle. This time, I will not be trading him out. I reckon he will definately miss this week. The following week will be the Brisbane bye. That will give him 20 days (Nearly 3 weeks) to nurse his broken ribs. I am hoping that he will be back for the Bulldogs game on June 20th.

If so, I would like to give you some advice Rocky.

Can you please wear a "brace" to protect your ribs this time?? Had you done so in the first place, you may not have found yourself in this predicament. Get better fast Rocky!! We all need you on the field.


So it was you who cursed him by trading him in!!! Thanks Tophawk!!!


Damn! I gotta stick with him now. I want redemption for Rocky's recall to the mighty "Tophawks" side.

Dont make me feel too guilty Sarah!



Atleast you got to good trades out of him, I only got one.

There is always a upside


guys i need help. i still have griffen do i trade or hold. Same with Harry Taylor. Do i hold or trade


hold taylor he will come good was on 60 at ht then was made to play lockdown


thanks Jackson. thoughts on Griffen?


I have Griff still too my plan is to upgrade him on his bye


Rockliff to miss at least a month.
I should have followed the advice of "going with your gut" and not picked him last week following the bad luck he's been having this season.


2500 this week has me up to 251 overall, want to maintain the momentum but know I’ve gotta hold at some point, no major structural problems other than rocky out which I need to cover somehow. Gotta say I’m considering Mitch wallis as a mid season semi downgrade,will cover rocky next couple and eventually sit as m9 cover. $379000,negative 40 be now that the 14 is out of his system, next 5 opponents are, and get ready, port followed by brissy stkilda Carlton Gold Coast. Averaging 105 if you take out the 14 (this includes a 40 odd when he came back from injury!). Think I’ve sold him to myself! Just gotta make sure bye cover works…..


Traded Miller down to Wallis last week obviously over the moon with his score this week but I would still say that you only trade him in if you want to keep him for the long haul. Just to add to you keenness he averaged over 100 preseason as well.

With the uncertainty of the rookies I do feel this season unlike previous ones the 300kish player actually do have some relevance for a change


Yeah I'm looking at him with great interest atm could be a very good m8 I have one problem though…..
The last player I want in my midfield is Pendlebury lol


I think I’m on him, just fell short last week of being able to downgrade cripps to him and Tarrant up to jacobs. I think he is the perfect m7-m8 for now, and later if he doesn’t make the grade as the dogs opponents hot up. He becomes an m9 cover/ loophole. Win/win I reckon, let’s me build the bank….


I had Wallis from the start and carried him whilst injured. Very glad I could. Potential M8 depending on how many trades I have left at the end


Is it time for Krak to go community?
If so who do I go to only have 120k in the bank.


Depends how many trades you have and I would still wait till his bye possibly to trade him or Hold till next week.


19 trades left. 43k in the bank. Would love some thoughts
Back: shaw, tmac, newnes, saad, oxley, Dmac (goodes, brown)
Mid: fyfe, beams, steven, JPK, parker, ebert, Vandenberg, CEY (rocky, heeney, glenn)
Ruck: maric, nic nat (read)
Fwd: gray, martin, swan, Tarrant, titch, clark (TBC, krak)


Which one to trade out of Pittard and Oxley? Going straight up to McDonald …. Leaning towards getting rid of Pittard…


Don't trade Pittard, I know it is painful I also traded him in when he was going to look the goods then he can't crack the 90's which is not good but Oxely is ripe and this time of the year it's all about getting rid of on field rookies for a full premium 22. Don't burn trades and towards the pointy end if you still have 3-6 trades left you can fix the Pittards, Griffins, Selwoods etc


Feel like Pittard needs to go….. With Ports game plan destroyed Pittard is hardly getting the ball


This isn't the week to get McDonald though. He has a BE of 157.


Yes but your are trading in a loss doing that, just build the rest of your team up 1st then deal with the underperforming players last that's SuperCoach 101

I N Pieman

You ladies know what your talking about. Agree with get to full premo. Then deal with spuds if you need to.


I couldn't wait any longer and dealt with Griffin 2 weeks ago. While the 120 he scored was frustrating, it was so nice to see him back it up with a 59 and not have to worry about it!!


How long is Rocky gone for ? Is it time to trade if it is 3-4 weeks?
Any news on Clark need him to play this week for me?!
Am I the only one holding Oxley to his bye (Lots of people trading) ? Could produce another good score
Any doggies fans know any news on the Bont?


No idea about how long Rocky is out for yet but I'm holding as only just traded him in and don't want to waste another trade. He has his bye next week anyway, so I would say hold.
Oxley is being traded because he's a huge risk to drop in price and that's his main role, is to make money. Therefore, you need to protect your cash and put it into a less risky investment. Oxley has been subbed out 3 times this season for poor scores. He has also gone big a number of times. But are you willing to role the dice that he will go big again this weekend and won't lose the money he's made??? I'm not.


Agree going Oxely to Glenn as my only trade this week $245k is very nice

I N Pieman

What if Glenn isn’t named again Carla? His round 12 bye rules him out as an option for me. I’m also looking to move the Ox on this week. To whom I’m not certain yet. Sarah what are your thoughts on Laird?


Love Lairdy but feel he's the 'hot' player right now. Hasn't got a history of consistent top scores. I'm leaving him alone for now. Scored 131 in round 9 but what did he score in round 8… 64!


My plan is to get the cash put Glenn in on bench and still have 2 solid rookies on my bench for cover in midfield

My midfield is Fyfe, Hannebery, Beams, Danger, Treloar, Ebert, Rockliff ( damn it) and Griffen (holding till bye round)

I would love to move Oxely to Hamling but I had him all year as my loop player down back


im dreading the day Hugh Goddard is named and I can’t use him as a loop!


Agree, although I will consider Hamling if named


Oxley's a thorny one as he's so up and down. Could easily pull out 100 this week but if he doesn't he's going to lose cash. I plan to hold only because of the byes and hope he can have a good 2 weeks. Hamling is the obvious downgrade but he has the bye round 11 so my plan will be to trade Oxley round 12 (when he has the bye) for Hamling so I don't end up short in defence.

Clark any news on his ankle? I'm holding again with a view to trading him round 13 when he has the bye


Team is shaping up nicely currently ranked 1k, after a score of 2,518 this week. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts/tips for my current structure.
Genius move of choosing a POD of Deledio over Rocky is already paying off.
Tmac, Enright, Shaw, Newnes, Simpson, Lever (Brown, Mckenzie)

Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, JPK, Wines (welcome), Rich, Saad, CEY (Heeney, Anderson, Glenn)

Goldy, Nic Nat (Brooksby)

Gray, Martin, Swanny, Goddard, Titch, Deledio (Bellchambers, Read)

Plan is to downgrade Rich, CEY and Saad next week (all with the bye), have 1.1 million in the warchest and then welcome in, B.Smith as bench cover, Hodge and Beams.
Week after Armitage and Buddy and then the team will be complete of full premiums!


How many trades after this round will you have left?


16 trades left. Look to have full premiums by end of the bye rounds and then a premium on the bench in the defence and forward line (B.Smith and Buddy) to loophole every week.
Should leave me with 6 trades left for injuries if all goes to plan.


Sounds like you know what your doing and have thought about it a lot.

Locked and Loaded

Like it a lot bringing thunder thighs in myself this week. As long as there are downgrade options available plan sounds great


Rocky 4 weeks


Do you have him? Will you hold?


I have 100K and 19 trades left and my team looks like this:

Def: Shaw, Hodge, Hibbo, Newnes, Saad, Oxely (KMac, Kelly)
Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Lewis, Griffen, Rocky, Rich, CEY (DMac, Lambert, Krak)
Ruck: Goldy, Ivan Maric (Lucey)
Forward: Gray, Martin, Swan, Bont, Clark, Tarrant (Salem, B.Dale)

My plans are to keep Rocky for now. Then come round 11 bye I will downgrade Krak, DMac, KMac, Salem and Kelly to upgrade Oxely to Simpson, Rich to Priddis, CEY to Heppel/Selwood, Clark to Buddy and Tarrant to Goddard/Delidio.
Thoughts? Thanks community

L. Gibbs

Was thinking Oxley to Corey Enright thoughts? Better options? Have 488 k to spend


How long is Rockliff out for? And when will Sloane be back?

Favalinko U Beauty

Sloane has test next to his name on crows web site. Not sure about Rocky but think he will be out for 2 – 3 weeks


Deledio or dahlhaus




I am going Oxley For Hamling and I now have 300 k in the bank and 18 trades. In the round 11 bye I only have 5 out and I have bench coverage for 2 of those. So only 3 out. Should I hold my 300 k and my 18 trades for the ROUND 12 bye and then make 3 upgrades? Then in round 13. 2 down. 1 up. Thoughts?


who do i get for TBC sick off him beforming this bad.


community could you shed some light on what i should do this week

backs – shaw, newnes, kolojasni, mcintosh, lever, oxley, n.brown, hamling
mids – fyfe, pendles, selwood, parker, beams, griffen, cripps, yolmen, rockliff, mckenzie, saad
rucks – goldy, maric, cox
forwards – gray, d.martin, swan, goddard, tarrant, clark, salem, krakour

22 trades left and 134k in bank
had a average week and dropped out to top 3%



Any suggestions would be appreciated, can't see anything I like!

Just traded out B.Goodes for Amon (via McKenzie DPP) – I know, took me long enough! I have 20 trades and $245k.

Was thinking of getting rid of Krakouer as his BE and JS are bad, but as he's not named this week, could move him on next week. two weeks will be doing Rocky to Sloane.

Current team:
DEF: H.Shaw, Ibbotson, Hibberd, Lumumba, Saad, McIntosh (McKenzie, Hamling)
MID: Fyfe, Kennedy, Heppell, Barlow, Griffen, Lewis, CEY, Sheed (Rockliff, Krakouer, Amon)
Ruck: Goldy, NicNat (O'Brien)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Hogan, TBC, Tarrant (Clark, Dale)

Mids are pretty set. Will look to bring in Franklin post bye and need a decent DEF. Looking at McDonald or Hodge if I can afford in time.
Any help greatly appreciated.