Another Sunday Lobster Up For Grabs

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Another weekend of footy, another weekend of Moneyball.

We’ve seen a few members of the community starting to get a hang of this game, I’m glad it’s community members taking home the prize I can tell you that much! I admonish all of you to get in early for the Jock Reynolds Full Monty comp this weekend. $10 in – 100 spots available, that means to the victor – significant spoils.

This weekend’s contests:

1. Jock Reynolds Full Monty – full round 9 contest ($10 x 100)
2. AFL Saturday Slam $4.5k up for grabs
3. Jock’s Sunday Lazy Lobster ($20 x 50) – Sunday games only

Click here to enter and search for any of the contests above to put your hat in the ring folks.


For those who haven’t yet had a crack:

  • Moneyball contests are short term affairs – contests can be based on one day (ie the Saturday games) or can last a whole round.
  • Contest sizes can range from 2 to contests with 1000’s having a crack at the one contest
  • How much you whack on the table varies from contest to contest. You can start one up with buy ins starting at $2
  • The points scoring system is unique to Moneyball – but looks as if it aligns closer with the AFL Fantasy scoring system.
  • Community – this is strictly for over 18’s – and importantly – if you want to have a crack at this only put down on that table the loose change that you can afford to lose. Have a bit of fun but don’t get carried away.
  • We are an affiliate with Moneyball for season 2015 – that means we get a kick back when you sign up with Moneyball via this site.
  • Click here for full details

Remember – go easy – don’t put up more cash than you can afford – and give us some feedback on the game.


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Hey Jock, when is the Club Jock podcast coming out for this month?


my dad wants to bring in cale hooker this week for a underperforming suckling, i asked him the reason why he strted w suckling and he said for consistency. we had a look through some stats and checked out some defenders, no one was really consistent. the two names i said were gibson and mcgovern because they both dont have that to low scores in them i think both on them only had low score in the 70s which is ok. He didnt have enugh to get someone like Simpson or TMac or the other too players i mentioned. Is Cale Hooker a strong pick because i dont think he is and i think he will do the same as last yr were he had a cracking start then flopped. He had 3 bad rounds in a row with scores in 60s and 70s but once he scored a 115 my dad thinks its ok to jump on. Community is he worth the pick if he is the best player you can afford in defence. the other trade he is doing this week is CEY to parker.

Please help my dad and i are close in ranks btw


Many of the Essendon players started a bit slow in the early rounds, and relied on total team effort to get close to Sydney, and beat Hawthorn.

I think that Hibberd represents better value than Hooker, and I would expect Hibberd to outscore Hooker for the remainder of the season. I think the primary reason is that Hibberd knows his role, and Hooker is given different roles from time to time.


thanks will pass the message onto dad, how much is hibbered?
Thanks Donavan you lad


Hooker is a bloody good player, but not a good SC player unfortunately.
Hibberd is currently 406k and I agree with Donovan I think he will outscore hooker.


Your'e a bloody ungrateful prick Geoff!
These guys have been putting so much effort in every week since their inception many years ago.
And up till recently, was all voluntary.
Think it's great that they have built up a huge fan base and now reaping the rewards for their efforts.
Educate your kids or f_ _ k off!

Ashley J

Praise for you Warlock, yeah go away Geoff


bloody legend Warlock, i love this site so much and use it alot, the blokes who put the effort in daily and give the community hep and wisdom deserve something in return.

best blokes


think i might need help learning to spell. Meant help not hep haha


Deledio or dalhaus?