PODCAST: Community Night Round 8

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Supercoach 2015Rocky.

This man is a huge talking point leading into round 8 community
But he isn’t the only significant talking point coming into the round. What should we do with Griffen? Is it time for Oxley to be traded out? What about Aaron Vandenberg?
Enjoy the podcast folks – looking forward to the chin wag action below


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Ethan · 21/05/2015 at 21:38

Who to loop hole, Pendels or priddis

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:09

    If Priddis can nearly score 200 against Gold Coast, imagine what Pendles could score…

    Danners16 · 21/05/2015 at 22:14

    Pendlebury, doesn't seem like Gold Coast are tagging players

    stevie · 21/05/2015 at 22:39

    Pendles has a milestone game should go big!

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:28

    im going Selwood.
    Hes had a couple of quiet weeks and im hoping for a 125+ on the big stage friday night

      Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 08:57

      Be wary of Carlton tagging players. I reckon Selwood and Johnson will both be tagged.

SammyBoy · 21/05/2015 at 21:40

What to do with jack Lonie? Underpriced, high BE and nowhere to go. Help please?

    Dann · 21/05/2015 at 21:57

    Not playing this week, hold for a better option next week imo

    Hazey · 21/05/2015 at 22:05

    Or use for a mid trade via swinger?

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:08

    I'm keeping him for this week. Emergency loophole with Clark and Tarrant.

    Kano · 21/05/2015 at 22:09

    I am keeping him this week and downgrading to dale next week depending on dales’ game. He should only miss a week or two so if dale has a stinker then I will keep. If he comes back and loses money then I will take the loss and wait for a suitable rookie replacement. There just no suitable downgrade options at the moment and even if he loses 50 grand you will still make in between 50 and 100 with the next rookie that comes through. He has reasonable JS as well so he could even end up recovering the money he lost.

    Danners16 · 21/05/2015 at 22:15

    Got to go if possible

    SammyBoy · 21/05/2015 at 22:15

    Thanks guys, could us a DPP like krakour but even then there are no real suitable options, probably keep him until I find a better rookie.

      4rm · 21/05/2015 at 23:16

      Jack Steele from GWS is a mid fwd .$117k. Has been named emg last 2 weeks, if your in a pickle he may help. Sounds like he's been ripping it up in the 2s

        r2d2 · 21/05/2015 at 23:22

        Keep lonie

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:29

    hold mate
    bad situation but dont want to make it worse buy doing a silly trade

Scotty · 21/05/2015 at 21:41

Is Tom Rockliff still a trade in option next week?
If he scores 110-120 how much will he rise?

    Scotty · 21/05/2015 at 21:52

    Sorry guys
    I went too early

    Nathan · 21/05/2015 at 21:53

    He will only rise 20k if he scores 120

    Jacko1998 · 21/05/2015 at 22:00

    his be is 110-120. so nothing if not go down a little

      General Soreness · 21/05/2015 at 22:09

      His BE is 79

      Cozza · 21/05/2015 at 23:00

      That is his fantasy BE – he will start to go up this week

anthonyc12 · 21/05/2015 at 21:41

Okay so:

I've gone Sloane to Rockliffe (Unless someone has some inside information that Sloane will be back within a week or 2)
This leaves me with 350k in the bank and able to upgrade any rookie to anyone. Do I:

– Go the Vandenburg to JPK trade (110k left over)
– Or do I sure up my back line and go K. McIntosh to Mcdonald? (55k left over)

Both trades have their merit, and I am slightly leaning towards the second option. Anyone agree with me?

    Hazey · 21/05/2015 at 22:01

    JPK for mine.

      The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 22:14


    General Soreness · 21/05/2015 at 22:11


    Danners16 · 21/05/2015 at 22:22

    JPK, you might find McDonald cheaper soon

    Dan · 22/05/2015 at 01:41

    McDonald. Mids are a dime a dozen.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:30

    Sloan to rocky is good, even if Sloan plays next week he has dropped 100k and has a HUGE BREAK EVEN so we will get him super cheap after the byes

    Anthony · 22/05/2015 at 09:07

    Thanks for the comments guys, I am going to make the JPK move. Saad being back helps sure up my defence for another couple of weeks and I'll look to get McDonald down the track, hopefully at a slightly cheaper price.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 09:56

    Depends on byes don’t want too many out Rd 12

Cam · 21/05/2015 at 21:46

Who is higher priority to trade out Brody Grundy or Garrick ibbotson?? Thinking ibbo to birch or Grundy to sauce Jacobs
Cheers community

    Nathan · 21/05/2015 at 21:56

    Why trade out Grundy?

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:10

    Not sure how Ibbo's been doing but not a fan of trading either out.

    Danners16 · 21/05/2015 at 22:22

    Your team must be pretty good if you're considering trading one of those two

    Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:52

    Trading ibbotson is a wasted sideways trade. He didn’t score too well last week in a freo team who went kinda close to losing to the dogs. Think of why you brought him into your team in the first place. Hold him for now

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:30

    i say hold both

Jacko1998 · 21/05/2015 at 21:49

selwood or watson up from vandenberg next week?

    anthonyc12 · 21/05/2015 at 21:53


      The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 22:14


    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:10


    Danners16 · 21/05/2015 at 22:21

    Selwood would be more reliable

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:30


    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 09:58

    Depends on your byes always need to have one eye looking ahead.

Francis · 21/05/2015 at 21:50

Buddy or Tom Mitchell?

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:11

    Buddy purely because he's guaranteed a game, but hard to split them

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:31

    Toss a coin mate
    to make it easier i will choose
    Heads = Buddy
    Tails – Titch

The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 21:59

Hey Jock, where's Da Mad Irishman?
Been missing his trade wisdoms and would love to hear from him before the byes.

    Starky · 22/05/2015 at 09:18

    He is in hiding after the Savage recommendation.
    Seriously though his articles are thorough so must be hard with a full time job.

Hazey · 21/05/2015 at 22:01

Should I bust the war chest (more like a man bag size in reality) early to bring in Selwood & Rocky for Lonie & Vandenberg?

    General Soreness · 21/05/2015 at 22:11


      The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 22:13


    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:12

    Both good upgrades, you'd want to bring in premiums sooner rather than later.

      Hazey · 21/05/2015 at 22:20

      Thanks for the replies fellas! Have a feeling in my waters that Selwood will go mental tomorrow night against The Blues. My slip him in and get the VC right on him!

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 10:02

    Maybe go rocky Vanders as Vanders may leak cash but if u can wait a week jelwood as has a high be and lonie out so will get jelwood possibly 20-30k cheaper next week?

      Jack · 22/05/2015 at 10:27

      Points on field over cash in bank I reckon. Lonie is a 0 this week. Get Selwood. It’s only 20k.

DeanC · 21/05/2015 at 22:09

Tom Mitchell or Luke Parker?

    The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 22:15

    Parker. He has the runs on the board.

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:36


    throttlefinger · 21/05/2015 at 23:06

    Not even close. Parker. Parker. Still at a low price.

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 00:36

    Yes the S.S. Titch set sail last week for those who jumped aboard. Parker is the better deal this week all things considered.

    Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 08:54

    Parker…daylight then Mitchell. 😉

Ryan · 21/05/2015 at 22:14

Thinking of putting Buddy in instead of Rockliff, thoughts?

    Hazey · 21/05/2015 at 22:19

    Toying with that idea myself Ryan! Not sure about having Buddy, Mitchell and Parker though?

      Francis · 21/05/2015 at 22:27

      It all depends on your bye structure (if you care about the byes). My thinking is Buddy will likely be a Top 6 FWD and has bottomed out, while Rockliff will not be Top 8 MID. After reading that Rockliff isn't fully training and is still in pain, along with the fact he hasn't scored over 100 this season, I think it's too early to bring him in. If Rockliff gets 130+ this week, I'll bring him in next week for 20k more, not a big deal. Buddy will explode

        The Ranger · 21/05/2015 at 22:39

        Ryan, I think at this stage of the season it's important to stop thinking about top 8 mids, top 6 fwds and instead to think about who will score the most points in the rounds that are left.
        Francis is right to say Rocky may not be in the top 8 mids overall but from now on in he has a good chance of achieving that based on his previous scores.
        I'd take Rocky over Buddy myself.

    throttlefinger · 21/05/2015 at 23:06

    I'm doing that, Ryan. Fortifying the forward line.

    Going Tmac and Buddy for Oxley and Vandy (moving Krak to mids).

    Not sold on Rocky in this new Lions team. 2015 Rocky isn't 2016 Rocky. Need a new lens to see him. Just like everyone needed a new lens for post-surgery Ablett.

Harrison · 21/05/2015 at 22:26

going Vdenberg and Griffen to Rockliff and de Goey (purely for cash)
I only had 31,600 in the bank before so now i have got 162,100

only other concerns: b smith, simpson, kmac, oxley, wallis, cripps (getting dear), lonie, salem, clark and also tarrant

    Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:38

    I'd be careful of De Goey. Expensive rookie at 200k, massive sub risk and borderline best 22.

Jimmy · 21/05/2015 at 22:30

Vandenberg > Rocky
Oxley > Lever
Hold Sloane until next week (to get more info on injury)


Sloane > Rockliff
Vandenberg > Lever through DPP

or any other options?

    Cozza · 21/05/2015 at 23:04

    First option. You end up with the same team on the field irrespective of whether you trade Sloane or Vandenberg and there is a high change that Vandenberg will lose more money this week. No harm in holding Sloane another week (and may mean you don't need to trade him if he comes back earlier than expected).

deesnuts · 21/05/2015 at 22:35

Need some wise words from the community…which option is best…

1) Lonie and vandenburg for goddard and rockliff


2) Griffin and Vandenbrug for goddard (swing into fwds) and rockliff /// leaving lonie on bench

    Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:49

    If griffin isn’t gonna be in your final team, ditch him now and take the cash. No point trading out Lonie just yet. His price won’t drop as he’s not playing this week

Simon · 21/05/2015 at 22:35

Oxley and vanderberg traded out for lever and robbie Gray a good move?

    Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:47

    Oxley has busted out a 140+ this year. Don’t think his price has peaked just yet. Will be holding onto him at least until the byes. Collingwood have Gold Coast and Melbourne before then

      Simon · 21/05/2015 at 22:49

      Fair point just reversed then traded lumumba and vanderberg for Gray and lever

    Cozza · 21/05/2015 at 23:06

    I think those are great trades. Oxley is pretty close to his peak – only his the hundreds twice this year and the rest of the scored have been mediocre at best – time to take his cash

Ben · 21/05/2015 at 22:36

Sorry Lekdog, love your advice, but you don't think Burgoyne increased scoring the last couple of weeks is purely based on Hodge and Lewis out? A round 11 bye, getting up there with age, can't think of any reasons to even consider him.

Jack · 21/05/2015 at 22:41

Who's the #1 FWD to bring in? (I have Gray, Goddard and Martin)

    deesnuts · 21/05/2015 at 22:44

    Definitely goddard

      Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:58

      He has Goddard.

      I’d get Buddy if you don’t have him. He’s around 470k and hasn’t really gotten ahold of any teams just yet and is still averaging nearly 94. He’ll be a 100+ average by the end of the year. Can see him being a top 6 forward

        r2d2 · 21/05/2015 at 23:26


    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:38

    Ryder as a semi POD

    ATeam12345 · 22/05/2015 at 08:50


Jonesy · 21/05/2015 at 22:42

To the caller who said Yeo is a key position player, clearly you have never seen a West Coast game this season. Yeo and Wellingham seem to have switched roles moving Yeo to the mids and Wellingham half back and i doubt Simpson will change whats working. With McGovern out and Yeo still having a midfield role seems like a solid pick.

    Ethan · 21/05/2015 at 23:03

    absolutly spot on, Yeo would have been playing on the wing but he's so good inside that we need to use his ability to contest the footy

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:40

    Jock did ignore that comment which was nice.
    Dont want to beat down a member of the community

    But i can see Jocks point of View

    Yeo is a high mid pricer and with that comes the risk.

    anyone picking Yeo must do so with sound reasoning and a clear plan. dont just follow the pack

    Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 08:48

    I think we will agree to disagree, mate. However, his performance in the midfield has been quite impressive.

      Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 08:53

      Jonesy 🙂 Best of luck this weekend.

    Jacob · 22/05/2015 at 09:56

    Another benifit for people to consider is Yeo's round 11 bye (not shared by many Premos) and his DPP status (very helpful during bye rounds) My query on Yeo was will he be getting extended midfiled time for the rest of the year and listening to many Adam Smipson interviews this week im quietly confident that he will. Simpson has said Yeo will only go down back as a last resort option (i.e injury)
    Im aware of the risks but im jumping on!

      Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 14:58

      Doesn't Yeo have his bye in Round 13?

Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:45

Went Vandenberg to Rocky and Hogan to Tom Mitchell. Still got myself around 220k in the bank and looking to maybe bring in Lewis next week if he hits around 520k. Also keeping an eye on Sloane as I want him back in at some point. He’ll drop under 500k when he comes back which is cheap as chips for him.

It’s good to have CEY and Cripp$ available again. Show me the money

Bye Week · 21/05/2015 at 22:54

Jock, you got me thinking more about the rockliff trade now…

65k(?) increase isn’t a whole lot more to get him after his bye.

BUT can you afford to miss out on his scoring output whilst you wait?

    Rick Grimes · 22/05/2015 at 06:10

    His output has been minimal and there is no evidence that it's going to increase, just speculation. Sure, based on last year you'd back him to come right. But until I actually see evidence of that, I'll hold. And if I pay an extra $50k for him, so be it.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:43

    million $ question

    im bringing him in my team beause it fits my structure and i was always going to get him no matter what when he bottomed out in price

    if you can justify it, get him this week but if you have a plan and getting rocky in ruins that plan, then forget him this week.

    imagine if he gets knocked out again for a sub 20 – 30 score. its a real risk and everyone will be holding their breath hoping he doesnt get another concussion or broken rib

@Rem_Wah · 21/05/2015 at 22:55

Best rookie mid available?
Need a downgrade for VDB…

    Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 22:59

    None. Why not just upgrade him? 140k or so gets you Rockliff or Tom Mitchell

    Ethan · 21/05/2015 at 23:02

    De goey looks ok
    stretch seems to keep his place but risks green vest

      Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 23:06

      117k would be made off going vandenberg to de goey. Not worth it IMO

        @Rem_Wah · 22/05/2015 at 08:36

        Well, I would upgrade him, but I want to trade Salem to Deledio.

          @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:44

          Lids has a BE of 119
          hold on lids this week, see how he scores and how his achillies is

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:45

    VBD must be an upgrade

    t2b · 22/05/2015 at 08:57

    Isn't Lids DPP? You could get him for VDB.

Bye Week · 21/05/2015 at 22:59

Also community, is bringing in Robbie gray at 600k the wrong move due to his price?

    Krazee-Eyez Killa · 21/05/2015 at 23:01

    He’s probably gonna increase again this week. Will end up being the #1 ranked forward. Why EVERY team didn’t have him in their initial squad is beyond me.

    You do the math

      craig · 21/05/2015 at 23:11

      x 2. Get the Gray train in your forward line this week mate. You'll thank yourself once you see those solid 100+'s every week.

      Bye Week · 21/05/2015 at 23:29

      Didn’t put him in initial team as had to choose between pendles and gray.
      And pendles in 9 seasons has avg 108. And his first two seasons were his only two where he didn’t avg +103. As opposed to gray who in 8 seasons has only once avgd over 91 (career avg Of 80). And has only twice played all 22 games in a season. And with a starting price of 600k two bad games would easily drop his price a decent amount – that was roughly my thinking at start of season anyways more or less. (I did also make the mistake on gambling on ablett who took a large chunk of my funds)

      Bye Week · 21/05/2015 at 23:29

      And cheers for the replies

    The Bont · 22/05/2015 at 00:15

    Probably not. Will easily be number 1 FWD, won't be getting any cheaper

Chris · 21/05/2015 at 23:02

Is it too much to bring Tmac at his price or should save the money else where and go value for money such as Yeo or Thurlow

    Motsy · 21/05/2015 at 23:11

    I wouldn't touch Thurlow or Yeo with a ten foot pole. The semi decent scores won't (and haven't) last.

      Chris · 21/05/2015 at 23:40

      But Yeo's been scoring well with the new role he has in the midfield, still wouldn't touch him?

        Tyler · 22/05/2015 at 07:41

        I think yeo is a bit of a risk but hey, could very well pay off big time. There are better, more proven options though, for 436k you can get docherty, 469k Rob Murphy, and for around the 500 mark you could get Enright or Shaw. or you could wait a few weeks and pick up Smith for a very cheap price. I think Yeo has the potential to outscore them all but most likely won't keep up his incredible scoring.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:45

    Tyler has some sound advice
    i would take note

    Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 08:50

    What about Josh Gibson? Lake and Frawley are back, which will release Gibbo to do what he does best. He is $479k.

      David · 22/05/2015 at 09:02

      Great call im goin to wait 1 more week to get Gibson in BE 117 hoping he drops a little more this week.

Liam · 21/05/2015 at 23:02

VC on selwood or pendles??

    Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:51

    I'd go Pendles for his 200th

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:46

    i went selwood
    both are due for a big one

    but im looking for safety and friday night VC option makes sure i dont forget or get distracted throughout the saturday

    the best is when ya Fyfes and Pendles have a Sunday game, means i can throw back a few frothies on the saturday and not worry about missing a C option

    David · 22/05/2015 at 09:02


Nicholas · 21/05/2015 at 23:08

Hey Community I have a dilemma this week with only scoring a 2,101 last week and I currently have 21 trades.
Here is my team, not sure what to do this week.
Back- Shaw, Taylor, Oxley, Ibbotson, McIntosh, McKenzie (Lever, Hamling)
Mid- Fyfe, Priddis, Selwood, Griffen, Lewis, Miller, Cripps, Krakouer (Vandenberg, Saad, Ellis-Yolmen)
Ruck- Goldstein, Naitanui ( Read)
Forward- Swan, Goddard, Gray, Martin, Franklin, Tarrant ( Hogan, Clark)
I am currently ranked 8,879 and would really appreciate any advice what to do this week.
Was thinking of Rocky or Parker this week but I only have a lousy $150,300 in the bank.
Thinking of going vand to rockliffe and oxley to a rookie via dpp to generate some cash.This leaves me with 260k for double upgrade next week. Which rookie would i bring inlooking at the bulldog player and the richmond mid rookie.
Thanks for your help.

    Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:53

    Trades for this week look good, hard to get a read on the two rookies you mentioned. If they get named next week then they could be solid selections.

    John_Q_Smith · 22/05/2015 at 01:30

    If you can wait a week to see Dale (WBD) play another game I'd do that. Why not just go Vanders to Rockliff this week and hold on the rookie downgrades until next week? Ellis (Richmond) has been named on field so at least that means he isn't a sub risk although I'm not sold on his spot in that side. If you really want to make two trades this week then Ellis is probably the option over Billy Stretch (Melbourne) if he's named – he's on the extended bench this week. I think I'll be trading Ellis in as I'm in the same boat as you with already having Lever but not having enough to straight swap Vanders to anyone and he needs to go this week. I'm not sure you need to go for a double upgrade next week, keep in mind that you need some cash in the bank for the byes… I also quite like keeping Oxley as he has a soft run until his bye and has shown he has scoring potential.

    Nicholas · 22/05/2015 at 09:12

    I could get rid of ibbo instead of oxley instead if thats better

Alex · 21/05/2015 at 23:10

My final mids fyfe pendles selwood lewis parker sloane. And two of

scrofl · 21/05/2015 at 23:12

Should I upgrade Lumumba to R. Murphy or Rance?

    Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:49

    I would hold Lumumba up to the byes at least. Also don't think either of those options as the have high breakevens so would give it a couple weeks. But out of the two would pick Bob Murphy

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 00:43

    You've held him this long that you may as well hold the bastard to his favourable Rd13 bye and then finally rid yourself of the gift at that point.

    Most coaches would probably be better served upgrading in the midfield this week with all the bargains around right now.

John · 21/05/2015 at 23:23

Hey guys,
just going to use the one trade this week,
vandenberg out, but who to?
Mcdonald, rockliff, parker, or mitchell
can have anyone on any line under 540k
undecided at the moment and would love the help!

    Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:46

    I would take Parker I think McDonald and Mitchell are now overpriced and haven't seen enough from Rockliff this year yet.

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 00:24

    I'm going from the Hindenburg disaster to Parks myself and will then snap up Rocky once he can show me he's back to tonning up.

    Parker is in red hot form now and with a BE of just 42 should be significantly more expensive next week so this is definitely the week to jump on if you fancy him.

Locked and Loaded · 21/05/2015 at 23:26

I’m holding out on Rocky and putting PARKER in this week. Rocky either next week or after his bye. Thoughts on this move? Most are putting in JPK or Selwood. My opinion is PARKER from here on in can average more than both of them.

    Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:45

    I like Parker more than Rocky, I just need one big score from Rocky to show that his injury isn't affecting him too much.

      Kev · 22/05/2015 at 09:22

      Some short memories in community, he was the bane of every coaches existence 2 weeks ago

        Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 10:15

        Had him all last year was my best player a couple of bad scores doesn’t scare me

    Jambo · 22/05/2015 at 14:59

    I'm with you mate. I will bring in Rocky probably next week.

r2d2 · 21/05/2015 at 23:29

Vandenberg down to lever for me this week (via Mckenzie )…… And may not use a 2nd , trying too save trades …. And happy to keep ox and k Mac for couple more weeks , as well as Cripps and CEY

    r2d2 · 21/05/2015 at 23:32

    Mid currently …. Fyfe Pendles Parker danger Griffen Lewis Cripps CEY ( vandenberg lambert krak)

    Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 14:01

    I'm in the same boat re: trades, it's even forcing me to think of keeping Saad and Oxley long term. Im down to 18 trades (thanks to multiple injuries to premos). My team now consistently puts out 2200+ scores so fingers crossed I can sit on this squad for a few weeks (injuries permitting).

    Although Lever's scoring output doesn't really excite me, I think he's worth the downgrade just for his JS. Rookies with JS are going to become rarer as the season grinds on.

Stickman · 21/05/2015 at 23:44

This week thinking of going Salem to JPK via DPP and Vandenberg to Lever via DPP.
Have 350k in the bank before the trades.

Azza · 21/05/2015 at 23:44

Thoughts on Mitch Robinson as a F5 or F6 option. He's got history of knocking out some really big scores, a few stinkers in there too, but I feel like the depth of the Brisbane midfield might help take the pressure off him so he can be more consistent. Has scored 113, 89 and 106 in their last 3, reckon he's definitely worth considering especially if you're after a PoD in your forward line.

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 00:19

    Not for me Azza. Just too much downside with a player like Robbo. He's had a decent month for sure but nonetheless has only averaged 83 for the season which is well below what you would look for in a forward.

    Also historically he's been both an injury and suspension risk and in fact hasn't played 20 games of footy since 2011.

    So many better options out there even for say just another $30K or $40K like a Buddy, Titch, Pav, Motlop or Ziebell.

Jack · 21/05/2015 at 23:53

Should I trade Salem and hogan to rocky and lever or hogan and griffen to beams and lever and get rocky in a week or two

thewhale69 · 22/05/2015 at 00:35

McIntosh, K $262,400 $+12,600 RICNext: PTA
Priddis, M $591,600 $+48,600 WCENext: STK
Clark, M $283,800 $+21,700 GEENext: CAR
Houli, B $552,900 $+12,900 RICNext: PTA

Motsy · 22/05/2015 at 01:10

Keep TBC for ruck cover? Or ditch for the money….Goldy and Mummy in rucks.

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 01:22

    Would hold him until a decent rookie appears on the bubble unless you already have the cash to upgrade him to a proven premo in which case you can pull the trigger now.

    I'm converting him this week to a ruck premo myself.

      yurkins · 22/05/2015 at 02:27

      yep dumped him a couple of weeks ago to POD Martin…

    Rick Grimes · 22/05/2015 at 06:19

    I've never been a fan of the ruck cover strategy. Unless TBC is sitting on your bench, I think you're doing yourself out of points. Of course, now I said that Mummy is going to break down….

      Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 14:08

      Although many of the rucks have been disappointing scoring wise, we've been lucky this year with ruck injuries….i hate having TBC in my team but whenever I think of trading him I just remember the carnage I had in my rucks last year and how many trades it cost me. It's bound to happen again sooner or later.

    Ethan · 22/05/2015 at 07:22

    If TBC is in your R3 then yes its a bit of an issue
    but F6 or F7 i think you should be fine. If not over the byes you can upgrade him to ryder

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:53

    keep him until you can upgrade him to Ryder

craig · 22/05/2015 at 01:20


Brian Lake and Jake Lloyd (among others, maybe) unavailable despite being named. Unlucky sods.

John_Q_Smith · 22/05/2015 at 01:38

How many round 12 bye players are in people's teams? I assume almost everyone has Fyfe and Swan as well as a fair swag of other players (JPK, Parker, Goddard, Watson, Saad, Oxley, Newness, Pearce, Hibberd, Neale, Mundy, etc). I am looking at the byes and getting worried with all this talk of Parker, JPK, Titch, Buddy and Goddard as popular targets these the last two weeks…

    Rick Grimes · 22/05/2015 at 06:17

    Think you answered your own question. A lot of teams have these players, therefore we'll all be in the same boat come round 12. Unless you go against the grain and avoid upgrading to any of these popular picks. That is certainly a viable strategy, gets you a POD and possibly a points jump during the byes. I always start the season with a bye strategy and then scramble a couple of weeks out. Oh well.

      derek · 22/05/2015 at 09:04

      I have a very colourful spreadheet that has it all worked out.

      I have 14 round 12 players, but only 6 round 11 players. (I'm not counting my R3 or H Goddard)

      will bring in Lever & Jacobs for Oxley & TBC this week, this will make it 12 for round 12 and 8 for round 11.

      Will go 1 trade next week, Cripps to Rocky (they are both Round 11 bye players.

thewhale69 · 22/05/2015 at 01:38

McIntosh, K to Priddis, M Clark, M to Houli, B

Marco_Polo94 · 22/05/2015 at 02:15

Adams to Rockliff, Cripps to Jacobs BANG BANG

Rick Grimes · 22/05/2015 at 06:14

Anyone else concerned about the lack of rookies on the horizon, let alone bubble?

    Donavan · 22/05/2015 at 06:42

    Yes, the number & quality of rookies on the horizon is diminishing.

    Got to ride the original rookies to near their full value, can't believe the amount of people talking of trading half plump rookies like CEY, Cripps, Krak, etc.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:35


      derek · 22/05/2015 at 08:58

      I have a full playing list this week.

      many rookies will fatten up this week, coming off a great score last time they played.


      Even my other rookies are set to increase in price if they can score ok


      Have already got rid of Hogan, Salem & Vandenberg, and Oxley is going this week.

      I think I need at least another $900k increase in my rookies to reach full premium, this could happen in the next 3 weeks.

    Timmmy · 22/05/2015 at 09:25

    Yes. But some potentials maybe playing this week (Dawson and Edwards) and hopefully Steele finally gets a well deserved run soon.

      The Ranger · 22/05/2015 at 10:17

      I think it's always like this Rick, hopefully a few will pop up soon.
      What you can do is keep an eye on who is getting named on the emergency lists, who's doing well in the magoos, who's getting talked about in the press, who was talked about preseason.
      In short, do some research on who you think will get game time at some point even if they're not actually playing at the moment.
      Steele, Goddard, Dawson, Edwards, Ellis, Lambert, and Maynard are all on my list of potential downgrades.

    Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 14:10

    That exactly why I've downgraded to this week. Not great scores but good JS considering nothing much else is on the rookie horizon.

      Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 14:10

      to *Lever

chevvy · 22/05/2015 at 08:12

Is there any rookie defends other than lever to bring in?

At a better price too?

Bought in mckenzie last week


    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:34

    nah mate, nothing
    me personally im holding on Lever
    im waiting for the next set of rookies to be on the b ubble

Liam · 22/05/2015 at 08:20

Great stuff boys loving it.
is rocky a must this week community????

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:34

    in the podcast Jock says he isnt a Must
    but if you dont get him you need to be able to explain why and have a solid plan

      derek · 22/05/2015 at 08:52

      I think his ribs are pretty sore and he is playing injured.

      He will still score better than his price, but I'm not convinced of the big scores until he is 100% fit. The more he plays and the less rest, the longer it will take to get back to 100%. I'm getting him after his bye round.

        @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 08:56

        everything your saying is true and makes sence

        theres really no right answer

        either option is a good one. one thing everyone agrees on is that he is a LOCK at some point this season

          derek · 22/05/2015 at 10:17

          The only reason I'm considering him is his price. I didn't have him in my plans at all until his price dropped below $480k. (Sam Mitchell Starting price) to good not to consider.

          We know how the output of players when they are carrying an injury – poor (Zorko etc). Honestly, he shouldn't be playing!

            Liam · 22/05/2015 at 11:04

            Was thinking Touk miller to rocky after rocky's bye

Kinnas · 22/05/2015 at 08:57

G'day Community,

Ready to trade Vandenberg, have $335k in the bank so can afford my pick of the bunch, thinking i can get rockliff in next week for Cripps, already have Fyfe, Gray, Ward….. Suggestions on who to bring in???


    Kev · 22/05/2015 at 09:15

    Nice problem to have, kinnas. Check out player averages and go with your gut

David · 22/05/2015 at 09:05

Gibbs will av over 100 from here on great choice great price!!

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 09:09

    i like the positivity being generated here
    anyone else with some kind words???

Mitch · 22/05/2015 at 09:07

Top 6-8 forwards by season end?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 09:13

    and a smoky

    derek · 22/05/2015 at 10:01

    hopefully my final team will be:

    Goddard, Swan, Dusty, Gray, Bartel, Buddy

Kev · 22/05/2015 at 09:12

Would be interested to hear your justification, wheels. His scoring has been very up and down and Carlton's next 4 is Geelong, Sydney (A), Adelaide, Port Adelaide.

If you're desperate to trade Hogan to a midpricer the piece on Ziebell in the week was a nice read.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 09:15

    My only justification is as follows
    Bottomed out in price
    Low BE


    He cant possibly do any worse can he????

    It was either him or Kieran Jack as i dont have any Syd players except for T.MITCHEL

General Soreness · 22/05/2015 at 09:13

Ripping podcast as always gents, thanks for the kudos.

Rocky a must, just get him in.

jimmydowland · 22/05/2015 at 09:13

Guys i reckon we hold off rockcliff till at least next week, he wont go up too much and will still be a bargain. not overly convinced.. i want to see how he goes this week. i reckon we get in Parker, break even is lower , will go up in money this week and is great form. better option this week than rockcliff

what do you guys think?? jock?

    Matt · 22/05/2015 at 13:59

    If you have the cash then I agree. I however don’t have the cash so I will bring in rocky

Mitch · 22/05/2015 at 09:23

Need a bit of help guys

Team is
backs – shaw oxley newnes kolojasni (however you spell it) mcintosh, saad, n. brown hamling
mids – fyfe, pendles, beams, selwood, parker, griffen, mller, cripps, vanbenberg, yolmen, mckenzie,
rucks – goldy, maric
fwds – swan, goddard, d.martin, gray, tarrant, krakour, salem, m.clark

with only 60k in the bank i need to cull someone to make some cash for a upgrade which im really unsure on
looking to bring in rocky when he shows a decent score

can anyone gimme some advice who to bring in and get rid of now?
24 trades left

    derek · 22/05/2015 at 10:09

    salem has to go.

    Vandenberg & Oxley are near their price top, if you were looking to cash them in it would be this week. (Oxley has some nice games coming up, so maybe Vandenberg to go.

    You have some nice rookies that have plenty of cash to be made yet, CEY, Cripps (one more week only), Saad, McKenzie, McIntosh, Krak, Clark, tarrent, miller….all great rookies and all going up in value. Hold them for now.

    Priority would be to get a premium defender. not many standouts, who is on your wish list for defence, get one of them that have bottomed in price and lock them in.

    Midfield can be upgraded as you cull the cows.

    rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:15

    possibly salem > mcinnes then vandenberg > rockliff leaves you with $56k

Zoomer · 22/05/2015 at 09:26

I might take a punt on Stevie J – What do you guys think

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 09:29

    risky but Steven bloody Johnson is a bloody good footballer and a very proud man
    he wants so bad to be SC relevant

@wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 09:29

cool heads prevailed.

Hogan and Vandenberg

Rockliff and K.Jack

20k left in warchest.

Did consider Gibbs over Jack, but i gave that man a swift kick in the ass and realised the error of my ways

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 11:39

    Jack will share points with other swans mids but there appears enough to go around. Treloar? Value here in an improving GWS side.

Nato · 22/05/2015 at 09:53

What are the communities thoughts on the better rookie of Lever and McKenzie?

I didnt get McK last week and they are at a similar price this week (not having McK is almost a POD now)


    derek · 22/05/2015 at 10:13

    I would put McKenzie slightly ahead. Mainly because of his DDP.

rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:07

Good day Community,

I will most likely be joining the shoal this week in bringing in Rocky, but whoever I choose to bring in I will have 1 mid on field spot open to selection. Who would you place on field from Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen, Miller, or Krakouer?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:22

    i have gone Miller
    just signed a new contract and coming off some great form

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 11:40

    Do u have a non playing mid ie Heeney?

      rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 11:53

      no i don't unfortunately, vandenberg is the other on the bench

Matt · 22/05/2015 at 10:18

Can someone please clarify how the bye rounds work in terms of scoring? How many players scores count per round – is it 18?

    rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:49

    top 18 scorers on field

Jeremy · 22/05/2015 at 10:26

490k to spend on a defender. Thinking Rance unless anyone has a good objection/alternative?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:22

    Rance is due to have a stinker sometime soon
    hold until then , grab him cheap
    = happy days

    @Rem_Wah · 22/05/2015 at 16:02

    Burgoyne, Docherty, Birchall are some options

Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 10:29

VANDENBERG > Rocky (changed mind)

Oxley > Docherty

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:23

    Ox to Doc is a wasted trade
    hold Ox

      Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 12:13

      Wasted trade?? How do you figure?

        Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 12:15

        Ox is a rookie that will eventually need culling. Probably at his peak price right now and has been subbed twice this year. What I'm getting at is Dochertybis performing well and a solid upgrade option.

          @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:23

          Last 5 Round Avg for Docherty = 83.8
          Last 5 round Avg for The Ox = 85.6

          Doc has only risen 24 k in price all year and priced at 438k he isnt that good, take out that one score of 140+ and he is a mid level mid pricer

          Stay with the Ox

          @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:26

          Further to that
          Last 3 round Avg for The Ox = 94.67
          Last 3 round Avg for the Doc = 94.33

          What i am trying to say is this is a clear sideways trade

          Do not do sideways trades ever – especially Mid Pricer for Mid Pricer

          Remember to always paint the fence with Every Trade (unless LTI Premo Mid)

          Go for Heath Shaw or another Premo DEF such as RANCE, HOULI, ENRIGHT

BorisMorris · 22/05/2015 at 10:30

SC Team – $224,500 bank, 23 trades

DEF – Shaw, Newnes, KK, Savage, Oxley, Saad (Lever, Hamling)
MID – Fyfe, Pendles, Parker, Lewis, Griffen, B.Ellis, Miller, Cripps, (McKenzie, CEY, Vandenberg)
R – Goldestein, Grundy (Cox)
F – Swan, Gray, Martin, Goddard, Krak, Clark (Hogan, Lambert)

Thinking of a few options:
1. Upgrade Vandenberg to either Treloar, Rocky or Selwood. Make only the one trade.

2. Vandenberg > Buddy (via Lambert DPP). Opens up a FWD DPP link for me.
Oxley > Rocky,
or Oxley to a DEF under $470,000

I wanted to offload Hogan and Vandenberg but dont have the funds to upgrade both to players i want. Can't see any good rookie options this round either.


joey · 22/05/2015 at 10:35


Need some help, which one is best?

1) Oxley and vandenburg for Ziebell (swing into Forwards) and Rockliff


2) Will Minson and Vandenburg for Sam Jacobs and Rockliff

    rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:50

    option 2 – i'd hold oxley until round 12

      joey · 22/05/2015 at 11:07

      I kinda want Ziebell though as a POD. Should I do Jacobs and Ziebell, then next week get Rocky in and swing Ziebell into my Fwd line?

        rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 11:40

        I like it mate!

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:23

    Sauce and Rocky

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 12:49

    Big Will has to go mate. If he can't get a game this week after last weekend's ruck shenanigans then I'm not sure when he ever will.

    One of the burn men of the year unfortunately albeit somewhat of a head scratcher.

      joey · 22/05/2015 at 17:30

      Hey thanks SCaddict, what are your thoughts on Ziebell and Jacobs?

    murray · 22/05/2015 at 14:11

    option 2 easily

      joey · 22/05/2015 at 17:30

      What about Ziebell and Jacobs?

Slatsy · 22/05/2015 at 10:35

Is anyone else considering Stevie J as a POD over Rocky at the same price?

    Barney · 22/05/2015 at 10:39

    I’m going Stevie J. Could go big against Carlton

    rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:51


    Nato · 22/05/2015 at 10:59

    not for me. Stevie is too inconsistent these days.
    Long teeth

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:24

    nah mate
    rocky over Steven Johnson
    unless you bring in both avoid SJ

    Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 11:29

    I looked at him closely.

    He looks like he's coming into a bit of form now (scored at 1.43 ppm coming on a as a sub in rd 4 and scored tons in rd 6 & 7) but he's burned me for the past 2 years. Can't bring myself to do it.

Nathan · 22/05/2015 at 10:41


Oxley to Lever
Vandenburg to Rockliff


Mcintosh to Lever (keep oxley)
Heeney to Rockliff

    rosco_peco · 22/05/2015 at 10:51

    Mac & Heeney for mine

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:25

    Hold Ox
    Hold McIntosh
    Vandenburg to Rocky = Good Trade
    Hold Heeney one more week and see if any rookies bob their heads up
    or build the warchest and make Heeney a Premo

jimmydowland · 22/05/2015 at 10:59

oxley to burgoyne ?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:28

    One of the best swaps for Ox that i have seen.

    However i cant stress enough to hold Ox, find another way to get Burgoyne (upgrade a MID Rookie option, bring Burg into ya MIDS then in the next couple of weeks swap Burg into DEF and upgrade a DEF rookie to a MID premo

      jimmydowland · 22/05/2015 at 14:49

      why are your holding ox?

@wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 11:27

Holding Ablett?
You and Higgo are crazy
Ablett has a BE of over 200

Pendles BE is nearly 190

Trade Ablett to Rocky IMMEDIATELY

Use the cash to keep in the warchest or upgrade another rookie in your FWD / MID lines

Get Pendles post bye

chevvy · 22/05/2015 at 11:27

Still holding onto ablett!
Out of curiosity where are you ranked?

Ryan · 22/05/2015 at 11:29

Hey guys, anyone considering treloar over rockliff? Averaging 106 and has some massive scores this season, cheers community

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:40

    Rocky cheaper
    Go Rocky

THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 11:30

Can get any midfield am thinking Parker or Kennedy or Priddis or Beams ?


    THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 12:33

    Anyone wanna throw there 2 cents in here please lol Reallynot sold. Have literally done everyone and reversed it LOL.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:42

    Priddis or Beams
    Flip a coin

      THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 12:44

      Thanks. Was leaning towards Kennedy. Priddis has really only had that one huge game? Beams has been pretty solid but has Parker turned it around and ready to explode? Lol. So confused 😐

        THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 14:32

        Anyone else with some thoughts?

          Brookesy · 22/05/2015 at 14:47


            THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 15:02

            Who I'm feeling the most, though has least likely to blow up in price.

            Beams is likely for a big rise as is Parker.

              Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 15:16


                THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 15:32

                Lol second I see.

                Anyone else? About to make a call. Got training this arvo!

                  THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 16:21

                  Community tell me thoughts :


Glenn · 22/05/2015 at 11:51

Cripps > Rockliff

Is there any real need to do it this week what is the potential cost to me of waiting a week and having one more look at Rocky?

    THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 12:25

    same plan, doing next week

    SCaddict · 22/05/2015 at 12:41

    If you don't have any other trade priorities this week you may as well as pull the trigger now as it's only going to cost you a bit more next week. But yes it could wait a week if you'd rather do other stuff right now.

      @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:43

      i agree ^^^

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 12:42

    No cost. Cripps should go up $15-20k if he scores around 90 and Rocky won’t go up that much. So if that is your trade wait a week and you will be better off.

      Jimi · 22/05/2015 at 14:04

      Yeah but you're talking pocket change really, also if you pick up some injuries that affect your trade priorities it could make life difficult next week. If you're going to do it anyway pull the trigger now if you can.

        TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 16:04

        No arguments here vanders to rocky done and done.

          TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/05/2015 at 16:18

          Just saying if cripps is your trade can wait a week as long as the unexpected doesn’t happen.

Ethan · 22/05/2015 at 12:11

should have gone ages ago

Brandon · 22/05/2015 at 12:13

Hey community just looking for thoughts on my trade situation

I have Lonie, Macintosh, Oxley, VDB who are are nearing their plateau in price

VDB is an obvious must trade for me and I’m going to rockliff, a prooven premium who I believe will turn it on starting this week!

My second trade is for cash generation

I have Glenn already (however he is still on the bubble), so I’m looking at Lever. Would it be wise to trade oxley or Macintosh?

At the moment I have traded oxley, given that Macintosh has the round 11 bye and will be available in rounds 12-13 where I am low on players

I feel like keeping Lonie this week on the pine will also be a chance to loophole Mitch Clark who I am certain will go big this week!

Any other ideas on my Oxley/Macintosh debate?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:44

    Lever will score like Nathan Brown from the pies.
    Very slow burn

    I say Hold in DEF and see what other rookies pop their heads up in the next week or so

      Brandon · 22/05/2015 at 14:50

      Just not much availability for cash generation at this stage, and given adeladies injury problems a big game from lever this week could cement a spot for another 5 weeks which will allow for some cash generation

      Reports saying scharenberg is close to returning which is a promising downgrade option given the hype, also hamling and Goddard are yet to play. Liam Dawson is another good choice who’s debuting this week too

      I am also watch listing Shane Biggs this week, who was initially in my starting team. Essentially the tom Mitchell of footscray! I can see him avoiding the best and becoming a cripps like player who is a contested ball freak! Can make 150K downgrading Touk miller in afew weeks when he is on the bubble, and I reckon Biggs would be a solid M9-11 on the bench come finals

Ryan · 22/05/2015 at 12:16

g'day community need some help!

should i do these trade?
Vandenberg > Rocky
Griffen > T.mitchell

Vandenberg > anyone (probably parker who seems like value)
Salem > rookie

    THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 12:24

    id go top

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:44

    Vandeberg to Rocky
    Hold Griffen

      Ryan · 22/05/2015 at 13:04

      griffen is a peasant and is killing me and everyone haha! not keen on t.mitchell??

        @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 13:48

        yea very keen on titch
        i got hi last week.
        i just think you need to hold on griffen, he is a gun player, thats why you picked him in the first place.
        look for another way to get titch

Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 12:18

Having a debate with wheels above haha. Thoights on whether Ox to Docherty is a wasted trade. I honestly believ not Ox at the end of the day is a rookie who has done well for us and needs culling. Docherty is performing well and can only see him getting better. Thoughts?

    Ryan · 22/05/2015 at 12:33

    will docherty be a top 6 defender?

      Kev · 22/05/2015 at 14:38

      Currently 10th, averages 1.5 less points than Picken in 6th. So yeah, I reckon he can be a solid D4-6

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:49

    At the end of the day if you can justify your trade and your not pulling the trigger for the sake of chasing points then go ahead and do the trade.

    The community wants to hear wisdom as well as advice

    If you do trade Ox for Doc, let us all know why you did it, you may have thought of something the rest of us has not, however i think you should avoid the trade and i have explained to you why.

    One thing to remember, is just because someone is a rookie does not mean they are a immediate CULL

    Some rookies can become keepers. i would urge you to hold the Ox until the byes at least.

      Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 13:03

      Wheels I'm on this site to get some of the best advice i have received while playing SC. For me personally I don't believ any rookie should become a keeper they are rookies for a reason and need to used as cash cows. Oxley for me is at his peak price right now and Docherty provides a reliable choice down back in a defensive area which is cause for much pain this year. Who thought TMac would be where he is now? The reason I'm jumping on is the guy is a gun hence why many have jumoed on ie Lekdog in particular. Also it gets me closer to premo team quicker. I will have one defensive spot to fill and I will wait to get the best.

        @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 13:56

        You cant say all rookies have to be used as a cash cow..
        single minded approach…

        You may not remember a special player by the name of Jared Polec from a season past? became a keeper in many a team…

          Kev · 22/05/2015 at 14:35

          Polec already had 3 years in the system before moving to Port. Was a high draft pick (pick #5 from memory) but struggled with injuries/opportunity at the lions. Cant really compare him and Oxley.

          Agree with Locked above, can't form emotional attachments to rookies. Ox has done an admirable job, might squeeze an extra 10-15k from him, but he has reached his ceiling price

            brook · 22/05/2015 at 15:23

            i agree that some cash cows can become keepers but it is very rare. barlow was on track before his injury in 2010. i dont think oxley fits that category but worth holding … i will upgrade him before his r12 bye all going well

              Liam · 22/05/2015 at 15:26

              I'm doing Kmac to docherty

                Locked and Loaded · 22/05/2015 at 16:02

                Oxley and Polec are completely different yes and Polec I think was kept by many as a keeper as teams ran out of trades. Anyway Docherty I understand isn't the best option and Carltons run over the next four is tough although I honestly believe he will be more tham serviceable down back in many teams

        @wheels_1987 · 25/05/2015 at 08:17

        hope you listened and kept the Ox…..

demon · 22/05/2015 at 12:23

considering whether to bring in rocky or jacobs this week.
jacobs has mummy and sandy up next and his big scores were against weak teams.
How do people think he will score against them?

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:50

    rucks are so fickle this season , i would suggest Rocky
    However both Mummy and Sauce are good value this week
    Think hard and justify your choice

DWhit · 22/05/2015 at 12:29

The dilemma:

Have vberg, oxley, salem…

No fwd bench cover..

Not sure who needs the kick out the door this week out of those 3

    Ryan · 22/05/2015 at 12:31

    oxley can survive he might even get close to reaching his BE this week versing gold coast! no bench cover means get someone in for salem and probably vberg also

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 12:51

    I like Ryans Answer
    Time to go….
    V-Berg and Salem !!

    Keep the Ox

      DWhit · 22/05/2015 at 15:02

      Is there any rookie fwd on the bubble?

Trab Pukcip · 22/05/2015 at 12:56

People going H to H should bring in rocky but players going for overall can afford to hold off the Rocky trade till after the Byes IMO. He is quoted as stating he is still not training with the main group due to his ribs. Will spend time up forward guaranteed and if he does go berko and score well, really, he is only going to go up moderately in price and will still be a bargain after the BYES. I'm not convinced he is worth picking up PRE BYE due to his injuries, you may get a 100 here or there from him! It will be after the BYES I think we will see him start pumping out some big scores! I'm going against the majority and leaving him till after the byes.

    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 13:52

    Big Balls
    I like it and i like your justification.
    Im in two minds, and im going for overall rank,

    Leave Rocky and see what happens
    get rocky

    i just cannot refuse him at that price, its like going to a servo and filling up the car when petrol is a $1.20 per litre

    dont really need it coz im on 3/4 of a tank but we all know tomorrow the petty price will fly up to $1.60

    Crappy analogy i know but everyone needs petrol in their car

    unless you drive a electric car

      Trab Pukcip · 22/05/2015 at 14:22

      Haha, nah I like that analogy mate!!! But you've got to throw in there that your car just isn't at 100% at the moment due to a few accidents (bloody women drivers) and no point driving it whilst it's not quite right. If you wait a few weeks till it's been repaired paying that extra 40 cents won't mean that much as you are enjoying your driving much, much more……(wait I've lost myself :))

      Seriously though, im in the minority but I don't think holding off is going to burn us! I'm just going to go with my gut.

Pieman74 · 22/05/2015 at 13:47

Greetings community.

I have a full team on the field but no forward bench coverage. I am also starting to think about the upcoming bye rounds and would love your thoughts about which of the following options sound the best this week:

1) Sloane to Parker/Priddis/JPK and Lonie to McInness
2) Van Berlo to Rockliff and Lonie to Mc Inness
3) Option 1 but Lonie to Dale (WB)
4) Option 2 but Lonie to Dale (WB)

Any thoughts/feedback greatly appreciated.


    @wheels_1987 · 22/05/2015 at 13:59

    avoid Mcinnes
    you missed his bubble and the 84 is his best score

    wait one more week if you can and get someone like Dale, or who knows another rookie may bob their head up

    If you have green lights on your 6 FWD's then you may not need bench cover, waste of a trade in my opinion bringing in McInnes

    Kev · 22/05/2015 at 14:28

    Understand your want for bench cover, but neither of those are great options. Just hold for now

      Pieman74 · 22/05/2015 at 15:54

      Thanks wheels_1987 and Kev. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. My only concern is that my team is not great at the moment (only averaging 1700 points per round) and sitting mid table in both my leagues and need to start winning more consistently to match it with the top teams in both leagues. At this stage, all my forwards are playing, however, as we know last week there were late withdrawals and I don't want to be left with a zero as it could cost me a crucial win.

      I'm also worried that when Sloane returns he has a very high break even score and will lose more money while Van Berlo and Sloane have reached as much as they can price wise.

Paul · 22/05/2015 at 14:12

Who should I upgrade to McDonald in Defense? Lumumba, Oxley or Newnes? Or should I save the trade. Cheers guys.

    Kev · 22/05/2015 at 14:27

    For me, paying over 500k for a defender is overs. If you don't mind Oxley/Lumumba/Newnes in that order

      Tyler · 22/05/2015 at 14:47

      If I get value from a defender over 500k, I'll take that anyday. Don't mind paying 530k for a player who consistently scores around 120 and has only had 2 sub-100 games of 95 and 97. So Paul I would upgrade Oxley. He's probably at the peak of his price right now

Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 14:55

who to bring in between rocky heppell or parker

    THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 15:35

    Good question. I've rotated between all of them, Beams and JPK for trades tonight.

    I can't bring myself to lock Heppell in.

    Rocky has another week before is urgent lock.

    Parker might have a steep rise not sure of his BE.

    JPK i don't think will jump to much.

    Beams has a bit of a jump coming I think. Maybe look at him if you haven't got.

      Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 15:41

      What about this
      parker this week
      rocky and dids next

        THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 15:42

        U got Beams?

        I get Parker and Rocky, Not sold on Delido. Plus I got Martin Maric Rance so I don't want any more big money Richo.

      Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 15:49

      no I don't have beams
      mids are fyfe, pendles JPK J selwood s johnson r griffen then rookies

        THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 16:09

        I'd toss up between Beams and Parker

      Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 16:13

      only thing that worry be about parker is that I have JPK and Tmich they all cant have big games every week

        THEBEARD · 22/05/2015 at 16:19

        I wouldn't worry. JPK is proven. Mitchell has shown others wrong 3 weeks running. Parker was unstoppable last year and now looks lie he might be on the right way. Although again I'd look at Beams if you had that problem.

          Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 16:26

          only thing with beams is that I wont be able to get rocky and dids next week if I went that way

Don · 22/05/2015 at 15:10

Parker or JPK the better option?

    Pete444 · 22/05/2015 at 15:15

    JPK by a mile

      jmy7 · 22/05/2015 at 17:23

      ive got both, because i got parkers this week as his BE is 42!! so if you want him, i think the time is now! thats my thoughs.

lol · 22/05/2015 at 15:40

Brown to Docherty
V-Berg to Lever


Vberg to Lever
Hogan to Rocky?

if I do the first one I will have to field either brown or Lever for a week

tomp · 22/05/2015 at 15:47

do we think Bailey Dale has good job security? starting on field this week

my trades depend a heap on whether or not I downgrade next week.

Liam · 22/05/2015 at 15:47

Need your help community.
Rocky or Docherty???
Thinking of bringing in Rocky for Miller in the byes.

jmy7 · 22/05/2015 at 17:12

Awesome listen boys!!!
So I need to play two of the three.. who do I pick??
Ellis-yolmen, Cripps and Miller
just need 2, would love some thoughs community

    NickyV · 22/05/2015 at 18:11

    Yolmen and Cripps. Unless you can do the Emergency loop hole. If possible, put Cripps on the bench and see if he gets a decent score.

NateCrows · 22/05/2015 at 17:18



oxley or Kmac to Lever?
Holding Sloane ranger and going VDB to Priddis.

Rockliff in next week for one of rookie backs through DPP or Cripps, want rocky to score well before i jump on….


    NickyV · 22/05/2015 at 18:08

    That's a hard one. Kmac's break even is 49 and he is averaging 67, Oxley's break even is 95 and he is averaging 82. This makes me think we should keep Kmac. But I need a rookie on my field, I am comfortable with Oxley on, Kmac makes me nervous and won't get above 70. That makes me want to keep Oxley. If we want in Lever, trading Oxley would give us 100k more for next weeks trades. This makes me want to keep Mcintosh again. It comes down to what you think will help your team.

    NickyV · 22/05/2015 at 18:10

    I like you idea with rockliff and Parker. I also am waiting for Rocky to show me a hundred before I use a precious trade on him.

      NateCrows · 22/05/2015 at 18:19

      it's a gamble Kmac or Oxley will be on field. Only difference is oxley is a rnd 12 bye and i few too many AND i think i like the 100k better. Kmac can still get a good score just not as likely as oxley.

      Going with VBD to Priddis and Oxley to Lever, gives me 135k so i could go Miller or Cripps to Rocky when i need to. Holding Sloane will be in top 10 and can cover him. Unless 2 pull out…

Gobbledoks Pride · 23/05/2015 at 09:33

How are all us average footy fantantics fairing out there in Supercoach world after round 7 Community!

"Gobbledoks Pride" Ranked 24,978 going Super NOT!!! Six months of preparing for 2015 Supercoach ONLY TO HAVE Primo's in Delidio, Bartell, Simpson, Ablett, Lewis out injured/susp add midpricers in Bellchambers, Wallis, Thumpa Kolodjasnij all underperforming or injuried had major major CARNAGE!! Also stuck with NicNat, & Spud Griffen STINKING MY TEAM UP!! plus sheepdog Salem and a Bulldog named Goodes just poo!!

return of the V · 23/05/2015 at 11:53

Just want to get the size of my kahuna's out there Jock. Gone for Oxley to Lambert this week. 300k in the bank to upgrade to Cripps to Selwood and Ellis-Yolman to Beams next week. Bruyn manouvere people!!!

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