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Patch’s Panic Room – Round 7

Published by Patch on

Patch - Supercoach Panic Room MasterWell, well, well, community. I wasn’t sure I was going to be here today after Lekdog’s awe-inspiring Thursday Night Podcast broke the site’s motherboard.

But it has been fixed and here we are. We were expecting to put the old team on autopilot for a few weeks and sail through to the byes with a bit of upgrading, a bit of downgrading, generally taking things pretty easy.


Not happening.

The midfield has fallen apart, with Sloane, Ellis-Yolman, Heeney, Glenn and Jordan Lewis all missing this week. We’ve got to jump on Dan McKenzie, but beyond that it’s whack-a-mole to fix your side. Let’s get into it!



Rory Sloane is due to miss four to six weeks with a cheekbone fracture, which means we have to trade him out, locking in a loss of $100’000. He’s averaged just 68 in his last three games, which have all been injury affected, after his phenomenal start to the year. Those without him, lick your lips: he’ll be dirt cheap after the byes. Or.. perhaps he won’t be out as long as we think? This from Barron:

Isaac Heeney has done a knee and will be gone for six. Has to go, especially with Sloane, Jordan Lewis and Cam Ellis-Yolman on the bench for some, you can’t keep him. Lost a lot of his cash generation with that 7 and now a 41. On the bright side, his absence locks Tom Mitchell into the Sydney side, and hopefully into the midfield. Check out Chicko’s write up of him on Monday for more.

The go-to rookie in the defensive line, Adam Saad, has gone down with a hamstring. He misses this week, and probably next week as well. His breakeven is low and he’s going to play every game he’s fit for when he’s back, so hold.

Josh Glenn is out with an ankle. This is why we don’t jump the gun on rookies unless we have no other option. Those of you with him have to hold – should only be a week. Likewise, Cam Ellis-Yolman should be back next week, according to the crows.

Joel Selwood is in the clear following his absurd level of swelling in Friday night’s game last week. His hand was absolutely massive, but medicos cleared him of a fractured hand and he will be right to play!

Kade Simpson has hamstring tightness and pulled out of last week’s game. He hasn’t pulled up well enough this week to play. If you’ve got him and can cover both him and Saad, hold. If not, you’ve got to assess your risks and maybe use some sneaky DPP to cover.

Ben Newton – dropped. A sign that he should be culled. At a breakeven of 62, he wasn’t going to be making much more cash anyway. Brenden Whitecross and Jed Anderson have also been omitted, for anyone still with these two, they’ve been dropped.

Jake Carlisle suffered a nasty neck injury this week and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Essendon hope he plays, but highly likely to be a late out. Not that anyone has him, mind you.

Harley Bennell ­has come back into the Gold Coast side, however they couldn’t suspend him if they wanted to at this rate.

And to top it all off, unverified reports of Patrick Cripps tweaked his ankle this morning would have him have to pass a fitness test before playing on Saturday. Keep an eye out for any further news and if I hear any I’ll tweet it.

..and then there’s this from Jake.. anything to this community?! Argggghhhh:



The midfield. Fix that. Upgrade is you can – the podcast and Lek’s weekly video – run through options in depth, talking about Priddis, JPK, Parker, Dangerfield and others, and if you need a defender Dex has got you covered, but the difficult think to manage in coming weeks will be dealing with culling rookies while managing injury and trades.

Briefly, this week you need to move on Heeney and possibly the three Melbourne rookies that aren’t Salem: vandenBerg, Newton and Hogan. While these three shouldn’t lose cash unless they have a stinker, their days of cash generation are over as their breakevens sit around their average. Newton isn’t even playing. We should look to move some of these on in coming weeks. The rest can be kept this week, and we’ll reassess next week.



Going to alter this to list SC relevant breakevens instead of the top 5 and bottom 5.

Eddie Murphys

-72 – Dan McKenzie
-67 – Josh Glenn*
-32 – Schade
-8 – Adam Oxley
-5 – Jake Kelly
-4 – Adam Saad
12 – Nathan Krakouer

Dan Aykroyds:

Tom Rockliff no longer has the highest breakeven. The time to swoop is coming. Be ready. That says, Deledio needs to actually play football for his price to go down.

206 – Brett Deledio
199 – Tom Rockliff
169 – Todd Goldstien
164 – Rory Sloane
162 – Dyson Heppell
147 – Joel Selwood and Lance Franklin


 They are dropping like flies and it’s hard to keep track of who is playing and who isn’t, added on to new players who I may not have picked up, or may not be as fantasy relevant. If I miss a rookie you have and you want me to slot him in, let me know in the comments and I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’ll cover the major rookies here.


No Saad makes this irritating, as he is the first picked. Fortunately, none of our defensive rookies are a sub risk.

J. Kelly


Decimated this week. No Heeney, no Ellis-Yolman, no Newton, doubt on Cripps. In round three, the thought of Touk Miller being the #1 onfield rookie now would have had be laughed out of town, but desperate times lead to desperate measures. However, Miller has proven himself now so deserves it.





Okay, I know it’s actually Liam McBean, but if I can get me a Simpsons reference into an article by gum I will. The ruck section is pretty irrelevant anyway because they’re not onfield. Oh well.


I don’t expect Salem to do what he did last week again, but if you can loop him do so. Both Lonie and Krakouer look like they might be sub (#TheKrak might not even make the team looking at the extended bench) so proceed with caution on those two.


Good luck community!


 Catch me on Twitter here:

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I also forgot my weekly ode to Brett the 'Mu-um, I don't wanna play football this week!' Deledio, who is reported as being "a week by week" proposition for the Tigers. He's been named but LATE OUT will be a consistent problem for this gentleman this year. Do yourself a favour and "un-have" him, if you are yet to move him on and are able to do so. Otherwise… I feel for you.


Thoughts on trading McIntosh to Schade? Or just hold? Schade would have to play on my field (Saad, Hodge) this week and potentially next week, but the trade opens up an upgrade this week. What do you think?


McIntosh with a breakeven of 32 should make a bit more cash, and Jake Lever next week looks a much better proposition. Unless you've got Byrne and want a FWD/DEF link, I'd wait a week mate!


Cheers mate!


news on cripss worrries me, especially wiht anderson, yo man and heeney all on the pine


It's not good news. I'd be trading Heeney if I were you, Splinter. Not going to make us much more cash. But I'm the same; Wines, Sloane and CEY on the pine.


But who to trade to? Need a playing rookie unfortunately if we don't want to cop a donut


If you don't have Dan McKenzie, he's your man.


Feels like it's gonna be one of those weeks… Assuming the foetal position now.

Stellar write up, Patch.

General Soreness

Great summary Patch! Luckily most of the outs do not affect me, Hogan going regardless.


What to do with Simpson? Trade to Gibson?


The power of suggestion on Twitter is alive and well.
Gee I hope that is not right, Have enough problems at the moment.
Hogan and Cripps could destroy my team this week I was only going to make 1 trade but may be forced to make 2 just to field a full team. Even then I might not have one.


It is indeed Old Ocker. Difficult to verify news on Cripps so we may be safe. Ditto Hogan. Or at least I hope so!


Really good write up again Patch.
For me this week Heeney to McKenzie is locked away, but now with the news on Cripps im tempted to go Cripps to Priddis. Thoughts on this trade community??


I'd hold until we hear more news, Liam, but if he's out and it's an option I reckon it's a good move. Big fan of Priddis.


Solid trade Liam, Don't have him too many other drama's … It seems if they are in my team I break them and trade them


Handballs way too much to be truly Supercoach elite.


Hey patch who should I bring in Goldstein or Jacobs?


Goldy, closely followed by Goldstien with a side serving of Goldstein. Heard the Crows are looking to bring in Jenkins or O'Reilly (likely Jenkins) to help shoulder his ruck load. So Goldstein.


Thanks mate!


Hey there community, first time poster!

Just wondering what your thoughts are on trade what option I should go for this week. I have 25 left and 45k in warchest:

D: Shaw, Higgins, Oxley, Newnes, KMac, Saad (Goodes, Hamling)
M: Fyfe, Shiel, Beams, Selwood, Griffin, Parker, Cripps, Miller (Heeney, CEY, Vandenberg)
R: Blitz, Maric
F: Martin, Swan, Grey, Bont, Hogan, Tarrant (Clark, Krak)

1: VBG > DMac (via Saad sling)
Hogan > Goddard
2: VBG > DMac (via Saad sling)
Hogan > Titch
3: Bring in JPK and eliminate the risk of having no midfield bench cover if Cripps is injured.
4: Bring in McDonald and start building defence.

Basically wondering what community's thoughts are on what has the best bench cover for this round + where I should start focusing on keeping in mind falling premos for upcoming byes.



Welcome bringonbronson! Lovely to have you posting mate!

It's a tough call. firstly, I feel Heeney should go before vanders, but think him to McKenzie is a great trade. I'd bolster your backline beyond that. Strong mids, good forward line, so Tom McDonald is your man (according to Dex.)

Super Rabbit

Surely Sheed is in your best onfield rookies?? 100 last week, avg of 73. Happy I have him.


Absolutely if you've got him! I sometimes struggle to keep up with them all, as I said, and he pops up in very few teams! If you've got him, whack him straight onfield Rabbit!


So many headaches for a SuperCoach 'newbie'. Was looking to do only one trade this week.

1) Want Mundy for Sloane but leaves me with only $43K in the bank and another player on the dreaded Rd 12 bye.
2) So I might go Priddis to Sloan and have about $102k.

This second option allows me to go Hogan to TMitch bit that would then leave me with on $21k in bank, another Rd 12 bye guy and a feeling that TMitch is not a keeper forward. I really would like someone to explain to me if this is a worthy move or not (don't worry about me being a threat, I'm ranked 51202 at present).

My current team is:

D: Gibson, Johnson, Newnes, KK, Oxley, Dan McKenzie, (Saad*, McIntosh)
M: Fyfe, Pendles, Griffen, Parker, Cripps, Vandenb, Sheed, Sloane* (CEY*, Wines*, Krak)
R: Grundy, Maric (Read)
F: Gray, Swan, Martin, Salem, Tarrant, Clark (Hogan, Lonie)

Looking for words of wisdom, thanks community


sloan to mckenzie
hogan to tmitchel

like every one else


I like Piddis a lot as a selection and your mids are in need of bolstering. Sloane-Priddis fits the bill nicely in my eyes. Nice to see someone else has held Ollie Wines! Can't wait for him to be back next week!


Thanks Patch, yeah super keen on Wines having a big year even with his injury.



In what order would you trade out Hogan, Rich, Sloane and Heeney?

I'm thinking of keeping Sloane and Heeney as they won't be dropping in price and Heeney later. Prioritising cash at the moment.


That's trading Heeney later*


In order; Heeney, Rich, Hogan, Sloane. Sloane might be back in 2-3 according to the news coming through (should be some tweets from Barron popping up on the article soon) so he's almost becoming a 'wait and see'. I've decided to hold.


Great article as always Patch, I love to read this on a Friday night and get prepped for the weekend. Just wondering who you think would be better to trade in out of Titch and Goddard. Opinions greatly appreciated


Goddard. I'm not sold on Titch, despite a lot being so. He'll kill us over the next 6 weeks and average 105, but beyond that he will slow and his role will change when Heeney returns (I feel.) Goddard is finding form and is a very nice selection.


My Current Team is:

Shaw, Simpson, Kelly, Newnes, Oxley, McKenzie, Saad, McIntosh
Fyfe, Selwood, Beams, JPK, Parker, Cripps, Vandenberg, Miller, Steele, CEY, Krak
Goldstein, Maric, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Hogan, Clark, Tarrent, Lonie

Was thinking of going Vandenberg and Hogan to Pendles and Lever via DPP's.


I really want to get rid of Simpson/Kelly. Was thinking of going Kelly to Smith next week when he is under 400k, but I'm liking the looks of Simpson to Birchell/Gibson. Thoughts?


I'd move pops Kelly on first. Simpson a high chance to return next week.


what's Lever's job security like, is there anyone that would push him out of the side


Henderson came back into the team and Lever wasn't dropped, so I would say medium to high


He's rated pretty highly down in Adelaide so I reckon he's pretty safe provided he doesn't stink the joint up. Next week he looks a certainty to slot in.


Hopefully Mr Injury will keep his hands of the Lever!


I have Sloane and Simpson

I was thinking Sloane to Pendles and Simpson to McKenzie, but would it be worth holding Simpson and trading out Hugh Goddard instead?

Have 5 injured players this week 🙁 Sloane, Simpson, Saad, Yolmen, Heeney and rumours about Cripps and Hogan.


I wouldn't trade out Goddard – should come in at some stage. If you have KMac you could pull the trigger early on him to get McKenzie in.. Either that or trade Heeney for him. Try to hold Simpson unless you have no other option.


What will Rocky's BE be next week if he scores 100 this week?


His price would be 453k with a B/E of 74.
That is a pretty close estimate.


Arousal curve intensifying.

Sc newby

Really?? I find that hard to believe with that donut still in calculations, I think rocky will bottom out in 2 weeks,
Feel free to prove me wrong and provide me insight into how break evens work lol


next week his 97 and score this round will calculate his BE,


The zero score goes out of the equation for next week.
If he gets 100 this week the calculation is made on his 97 and hypothetically this weeks 100
Price will go down 41k New b/e worked out on new price and the 97 and 100. which will be 74 based on the 100 this week.
I am not good at explaining the formula but it has been used for years, I have it in excel for ease of use.
I am getting too old.

Never doubt the Old bloke when he says he is right.

PS: My calculation on Steve Johnson last week was within 1k and 1 b/e point.


Im not sure what his BE will be, but if he score 100, he'll drop about $20k.


Actually, if he scores 100, his BE might be as low as 95? Not sure though, seems low.


Be about 435. If he goes 120 will be 445-450k


His projected price drop by $56k is based on him meeting his average. That is currently 56.25 due to injury and concussion. If he scores above 56 his price drop will be less than $56k and his break even will drop. If he scores 100 his price should drop by approximately $20k and his break even should fall to about 90. If he scores 100 the following week his price will increase by $5k and his break even should remain at around 90.


I thought that may be the case SBS. Thanks for the confirm


Hey Patch, who to field out of goodes and mcintosh?


If Goodes isn't sub, I'd play him, but if he is; McIntosh is your man.


Great stuff, Patch. Love a Simpsons quote, even a semi-forced one!


Thanks Barron. Nice work on the essential scouting report too, mate. Not sure what I'd do without it!


Lonie, Clarke or krak on field ?




Is Hogan out? Saw the tweet but Ive heard or seen nothing????


Not sure. Information is scarce at the moment, ditto on Cripps. Just got to keep watching.


Ok thanks mate…….Great write up!!!


Not sure why he would be out??? Havent heard anything of an injury unless the Demons are going in a different direction????


Hi community this week I have 5 mids not playing before trades. So I'm in a bit of trouble
140k in the bank
Back: Shaw, Oxley, SAAD, lumumba, newnes, hibberd (Mcintosh, Mckenzie)

Mids: Fyfe, Pendlebury, SLOANE, Parker, Cripps, Vandenberg, Miller, HEENEY (LEWIS, ELLIS-YOLMAN, ANDERSON)

Ruck: Jacobs, Naitanui (O'BRIEN)

FWDS: Martin, Swan, Gray, Hogan, Tarrant, Krakour (Salem, Clark)
All players not playing in caps. I'm thinking I have to get rid of Sloane and Heeney and have a few options
1) Heeney – Tom Mitchell and Sloane – Barlow (don't like this as sydney and Freo have same bye round)
2) Heeney – Lever and Sloane – JPK (would put Mckenzie in middle) also don't like this as Lever has only played one game
3) Heeney – Docherty and Sloane – Tom Mitchell (once again Put Mckenzie in middle) also don't like the fact I'm getting a guaranteed 100 a game from at least one player

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated even if it is another trade. IMO the trade that I'm leaning to is number 2.
Thanks in advance community


Bloody tough, Sully. I'd also take option number 2. I hate jumping the gun on rookies but there's not many other options for downgrades.


Thanks patch great article by the way been a tough week would you go JPK or Priddis im leaning towards jpk


Hey Sully Im in a very similar predicament mate.
If it's any help I've decided:
Sloan – Priddis
Heeney – Lever
I already have JPK and Priddis will work better for me through the byes.
However knowing my luck Priddis will go down this week ..

Pee Wee

Hey Patch,
I'm thinking of downgrading a couple – Whitecross to Lever, and van Berlo to McKenzie – what do you think? Sitting second, and this will give me a spare $300,000 for the bye onslaught


Absolutely on van Berlo to McKenzie. If you can cover Whitecross for one more week do so, but if you don't have bench cover send him packing! Bring on the double upgrades!


McBean is a forward this year not a ruck


*drops to knees*

Never let the truth get in the way of a good Simpsons reference. Thanks for the head's up though Dee!

Sam Loy

Little Liam is finally growing arp.


What is my priority, trade out Kelly, Vandenberg, Hogan, Simpson, pick 2


Kelly, Hogan, Simpson, vandeBerg, but if you have no cover for Simpson he moves up one spot.


Where are all the rookies.

With so many fallen premiums hitting their lows I was hoping to double-down grade this week and have some cash to get Rocky & B Smith (or sauce) next week. McKenzie is one downgrade, but there is no-one else.

I'm thinking of taking a punt on either stretch or lever, who do you suggest this week?




Pull the lever early mate.


jpk or priddis for sloane?




Look, you can't go wrong with either. Priddis has the easier draw and saves you 25k, but I think JPK might average a tiny bit more. But Priddis – that 25k might become very useful soon.


so ur vote is priddis?


Toss a coin. I'd go JPK.


Great stuff patch love your articles, I will be trading Heeney for McKenzie and Netwon for Mitchell. This opens up my DPP back and forward and I will still have 190K on bench for bye rounds. Will be going KMac to Lever so building a nice war chest for bye rounds


Thanks Emma! Very solid trading plan, I like it!


Holding Sloane this week as I’ve already traded Heeney for Pendles last week.

Hogan – Titch


Saad – Lever

For me

Risky with Jake Lever but i did the same with McKenzie last week trading out Newnes.

151k in the bank next week to bring in Goldy and Rockliff for Sloane and TBC

Then hold until the byes providing no more injuries haha


Dont trade out Saad!


Absolutely agree with AmericanMagpie here, you've got to keep Saad. Hold off on Lever for a week and reassess. He might do a Glenn!

Sam Loy

Got a bit of a conundrum, community.
I've got the cash to double upgrade, with Titch being one of them.
If I do this, I miss out on bubble-boy McKenzie, and will do a double downgrade next week to Lever and (maybe) Stretch.
Or, I paint the fence this week, bringing in the bubble-boy, and paint the fence next week, bringing in Lever.
What do you reckon?


I'm a big fan of painting the fence. McKenzie will be essential in making cash for the year; and Stretch won't match that cash generation. 1-up, 1-down for me.


Hey community just wondering on your thoughts
jpk or priddis for sloane? also hogan or heener out for lever, alrdy have dmakenzie.


Heeney for Lever. Back your gut; there's bugger all separating the two of them.


Thoughts, ive gone sloane to goddard, then move gods to fwd line next week,
And heeney to schade in defence via mckenzie swing.

Im thinking schade now cause next week is going to be probably mckintosh to lever and one of mid rookies upgraded to fallen premo.

Or am i just losing it?


Schade isn't a bad selection – Gold Coast have to play anyone who is fit. He won't bust out huge scores or make you more than 150k, but will be a reasonable selection.


That was my thoughts, and at least he is an option to downgrade to in defence as they are running out, lever looks like the only one next week. Have to get coin in the chest soon so having a playing bench option is better than just a bottom price random non starter. Glenn and lever next week for downgrades.


Likely to be Stretch and Lever next week for me as getting a premo and DMac this week.


Who do I keep Kade Simpson or Sloane? both injured.


Keep both if you can, but if you have to trade one, Sloane.


15% of SC has brought in Titch. That is the largest jump on a mid pricer I've seen all year. Bigger than the Bont I think. I'm sure someone will correct me though : )


They'd all have to be first year players. Surely?


Agreed. I haven't brought him in. I got burnt with him last year, I'm very wary this year.


Some well respected names from these pages are getting him. Big risk v big reward.


Great stuff patch
Just wondering who is a better option to trade in for Hogan
Parker via dpp
or Goddard

Sc newby



Agree goddard is a much better option


Ive got Goldy & TBC as my two rucks.

They play each other tonight and I'm worried TBC could get smashed.

Going to put the VC on Goldy as a bit of insurance.


Another great article Patch, what are your thoughts on my trades this week?

Rich down to mckenzie

Sloane to Gray.

Then next week i can go hogan to jpk or selwood via gray dpp

Would love to know your thoughts community


are you getting Rocky next week?


yeah also going vandenberg to rocky


Carlisle a late out as predicted. Good work Patch.


I've got a dilemma. At the moment i'm copping a donut in the mids (Lewis, CEY, Glenn, Anderson)
My first trade is Hogan to Mckenzie leaving me with about 166k

Option 1: Take the donut like a man and upgrade Hogan to Betts / T Mitch (only like 3k off the Bont) :((((

Option 2: Upgrade CEY to the Bont (Other mids are Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Lewis, Griffen)

Also with captains…

Option 1: Goldy as VC with Fyfe or Gray as Captain

Option 2: Fyfe as VC with Gray as Captain (do this by checking how well Fyfe is playing prior to the Tigers/Pies game. If he's playing well then substitute Lambert onto the field for Swanny making him an emergency). Problem is that i have Hogan also on the bench so i can't put an emergency on him….


Who to bench

Clark, Tarrant or TBC???


TBC, up against goldy and his highest score this year is 82.

cow roll

Clark. i can't see how Dees midfielders are going to get the ball.


Don't think the Dees mids will kick it to him if he gets it anyway


Think that's why he left in the first place.


Yeah he got pretty down about it apparently

cow roll

For VC, should I go for Goddard or Goldy?


Goldy, up against TBC tonight. Expecting a 130 from him.


lever macenzie or mcintosh on field pick 2


also hogan or clark for loophole


Kmac an Clark

Sc newby

What's the news on cripps??? Is it reliable

Pieman 74

Love your work as always Patch. McBain/McBean Simpson’s reference -GOLD!!!!!. You’re description of the midfield could not have been more accurate. I have Lewis, Ellis Y and Heeney on the bench and Sloane, Glenn and Newton on the field. Here is what I am thinking:

1) McKenzie/Lever for Heeney or Newton

2) Mundy, Pendles or Mitchell for Sloane.

3) McKenzie for Newton and Heeney for Krak (or anyone).

Any thoughts?


I like the idea of Pendles for Sloane and then McKenzie for probably Heeney.


Thanks Tuk. Have already gone Heeney to Mckenzie. Trying to decide whether to keep Sloane and trade Newton to Mitchell or go with Sloane to Pendles as you have suggested. What is the better option ? First one leaves me with more cash.


Trade Newton

Al D

Ziebell Vs Mitchell… i am wanting jack Ziebell more. plz tell me im stupid haha

Sc newby

Won't be top 6 ave fwd whereas titch has a good shot if he can befriend horse
But shark move for sure


Your not stupid 😉


Rich to Priddis? (Missing TMitch in the process)
Bellchambers/Hogan to TMitch (Missing the lowest Priddis is likely to be)

Really hoping Rich stays around to above BE so I can maybe instead change him to a Rockliff next week or even Priddis at a higher price, but if I don't take Mitchell now his boat is likely to have sailed. Any tips?




G'day Community,

Just a quick one, I know that I need both Fyfe and Gray in my team by the end of the year and I didn't start with either of them, I was wondering who is a priority to get in this week?

Would be trading out;
1. Heeney for Gray
2. Hogan for Fyfe

I'm leaning towards Gray due to his significantly lower BE (67 v 145) but Fyfe is a walk up captain choice and I can also see a benefit in a reliable captain.
Thoughts Community?


Fyfe is essential


Well you should have both by now!!!! If you don't well then you aren't serious about SC!!!!

Chefs Arsse fc

I have 500k to purchase a fwd. who should I get?


goddard dpp


Harvey or Goddard..?
I have Gray, Martin, Swan and Dalhaus



Chefs Arsse fc

Please help. Titch, betts, bont??



Chefs Arsse fc

From one magpie to another, I thank you sir.


No worries mate!!!