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TG Footy Tracgic - DexterCommunity, first off the bat; I apologise to you all for my player “endorsements”. Maybe my “pick of the week” is the SuperCoach version of Travis Varcoe’s Knee?

First week I suggested Docherty, (his next three games 76pt avg). Second week I put up “Bont”, (missed w/calf, returns with an 82). Last week, Jack Martin was suggested, (Subbed with 36 points w/ankle injury).

So this week, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Jump on Gary Rohan – He’s sure to average 150 from here on out, (because I’m psychic), and he’ll be your number one captain pick. You need him or risk being out of…. No… Just no… I can’t do it anymore.

Please, for the love of SuperCoach – let the curse end. (I’m looking at you; SuperCoach Gods).

This time I look at Paul Seedsman, he’s definitely a player to look at, (fingers crossed he doesn’t spud it now I have mentioned him!) Currently in only 1,286 teams (0.6%) and could offer you some PoD value, and may be a solid 80pt average player from here on out.

Priced to average 68.7, Seedsman offers us value. His first game was a sub affected 38SC and his second game was a 55SC from 80% ToG, but we need to remember; he had virtually no preseason due to hip-surgery. Seedsman was eased back in, getting increased ToG with each game back – he seems to be back to his best, with a team high 31 disposal 137SC game this weekend playing off Half-Back. If you exclude his sub affected score from round 1, he is averaging 96SC this year.

Surprisingly; this wasn’t Seedsman’s best game (in SuperCoach Terms). Round 10, 2013 – Pies played Brisbane, Seedsman played off Half-Back at the Gabba registering 28 touches (15 kicks, 11 contested) , 9 inside 50’s, 8 marks and 3 tackles for 145SC.

Seedsman can go big; but he also has the propensity to drop a 60. If he can bridge the gap between his poor games and his great games – we’re looking at a potential 80-85 SC averaging player. He’s shown the ability to have 100+ pt. games – but he’s more likely to get a 75-90.

Since 2013; excluding his 3 sub affected games – he’s averaged 81SC from 25 games, for 4 100+ games & 9 80-99pt games, with a low of 53 – RD14, 2014. (Pies lost to Hawks that game). In this time; he averages a respectable 86.6 in wins (excluding sub scores), and 76 in losses (excluding sub scores.)

Of the aforementioned games; he generally got a 75-90 from 18-22 disposals, and when he cracked 27+ disposals, he hit the ton. Will Seedsman get more of the pill in this Collingwood line-up? Maybe; it really depends on whether Bucks sticks with Seedsman off Half-Back or Wing.

 Here are his 2013-2015 Season Stats:

seedsmanOnly his hip worries me, really. Considering his injury history; both the 2014 and 2015 off-seasons he has gone in for surgery and missed a fair chunk of the respective pre-seasons because of it.

I think he’s not a real vest candidate anymore, especially since this last ANZAC day game. He’s shown he can dominate, in the wet too! He may get attention, maybe from a defensive forward, but I don’t think he’ll be the opponent’s number 1 target. Any tag that goes to Seedsman will likely hinder his output, as a majority of his possessions are on the outside.

The only reason I can think of to bring him in is for that D6 keeper spot, or a D7 loophole player towards the pointy end. If you bring him in, keep him. He’s definitely not a safe pick – this will be a risky, plums-on-the-table pick that could cost you a trade and be a masterpiece; or alternatively, have you swearing at me until you are blue in the face because you bought in a spud and had to burn 67 trades to boot him.

Seedsman is not for mine – as I’m looking to bring in some of the more proven guys in the coming weeks – but for those who like a risk or are strapped for cash.

Over to you Community… is Paul Seedsman worth a punt? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Should I hold Rich or trade (upgrade). He has a breakeven of 78 going into the Q clash


How do you think he'll score against the Suns? If you think he won't make his BE, then by all means trade him. Otherwise, he may have a week or two left of money to make.


Agree with Sarah, Pinidu.
Also, be mindful who you go to. Pant the fence.
Either up or down.


Thanks Dex, great article

General Soreness

Unless it is up to a proven premo or down to generate cash, HOLD!

isaac brill

Rocky Balboa needs to be recognised by Jock and the boys he is an absolute addict and loves it! Give him a chance!
By the way, great article DEX


Cheers Isaac

Darren Mead

Yes Mate, very committed supercoacher ranked in the top 1%, who could bring great things to the community. Absolute genius.


Should I downgrade Newnes to Seedsman or Ibbotson or hold for now?


If you picked him in your initial team then you have to hold, I had Thumper from day dot and has been giving me peanuts. His head was on the chopping board last week, luckily he pulled out a score of 83 SC points so I gave him another week…. loll. If he scores below 60 this week in the Q clash I won't be hesitating to click the trade button on him. Give J. Newnes 1 more week maybe and see how he goes…. Thank GOD I didn't listen to Jock about putting him in my team initially!


Newnes to Seedsman isn't a downgrade, that's a sideways trade.
I'd keep Newnes personally.


I had some spare cash so went newness to B.Smith. Might regret it but I have been wanting to cut that spud since the first week.


No point in bringing Smith in this week, or next week for that matter. His breakeven will be high for the next few weeks due to him scoring bad in the last two rounds. Wait a couple weeks and you'll get him much cheaper.


I get your point however at the same time his price is dropping so is Newnes. Tough one this one


Ibbotson if you have to but I would hold. Newnes played a tagging role last week contributing to his lower score. With weller possibly back this week it should see newnes increase last weeks score. I have him as well but with the backline rookies starting to drop away a little I would be looking at the ones with low job security like goodes or mcintosh (3 round average of under 60). If he can average around 70 to 75 he wont drop too much in price so if all goes to plan I would use him and make him one of my last upgrades. He has scored a 90 odd this year so shows he can score well but his disposal lets him down.


Exactly the trade i'm considering! Newnes > Seedsman. Yes it's sideways but waiting another week will cost 100k as they're basically going to swap prices at the end of R5. The 60k cash this week is bonus.

If Weller misses i'm doing it. I rate Seedsman highly and feel collingwood are going to try utilize his long kick this year. Ah-la Shannon Hurn.


Quality article Dex, I admire your pursuit for ultimate value. I won't touch Seedsman either, but he could be the perfect long term D7 for looping. Thanks again mate – another cracking piece.


Cheers Chicko.
Good cheap option now, just don't expect a 137, or even a 95 from him every week.


Personally waiting for more intel before investing into any premo defenders

I have accepted my dismal backline


We're all in the same boat Tulendeena. My backline isn't up to much chop either.

This year will be won and lost with out backlines I feel.

The Ranger

Nice work Dex,
I liked the look of Seedy last week. Not on my list yet but he's worth keeping an eye on.


Cheers Ranger.
He's definitely one to consider.

General Soreness

Great write up Dex. After what Seedsman did to the bombers on ANZAC day I cannot consider him. Whilst I rate him I reckon he will remain a good player not premo, notwithstanding the hip issue. His ANZAC day game was great but the bombers were not good or accountable. I, like you, am only bringing in proven premos at this stage.


Yep. Seedsman needs to show me more to be considered for my team – but he does offer value for those strapped for cash that MUST trade.

Was a bloody good game though 😉




Was a great game.


Personally I won't be trading in Seedsman this week just because he won the Anzac medal, you'll be burning a lot of trades if you keep jumping from player to player each week depending on how they performed on the weekend. He needs to show more but for me he is SC irrelevant, maybe next year? P.S. thank GOD I didn't bring in J. Martin last week after reading your article.


Yes, my articles are becoming a bit of a curse…
Seedsman has the position to get it done, but we just need the consistency.
Hence why i won't be bringing him in this week.


I currently have all these rookies, CEY, Cripps, Heeney, Vandenberg, Steele, Miller, Hogan, Salem, Clark, Lambert, Lonie in my forward and my midfield. Which 2 rookies should I trade out for Tarrent and Krak?


I went Heeney to Tarrant this week.
I swapped Lambert in guts.

As for the other rook, maybe Steele? He's not playing to generate cash.
Lambert should be kept, as we should avoid PAYING to move on a rookie.


I moved lambert on for krakour last week just so I wouldn’t have to pay massively to get a starting rookie. Limited if no options available for his price so krakour seems the logical choice. Consider it a sideways/corrective rookie trade which will make money immediately and more importantly give your mid field/forward bench depth


I would keep all your rookies! Still a lot of $$$ to be made by them, except for Lambert! He has to go…. HOLD HEENEY.


Dee if i trade Lambert, I would only be able to afford Krak, whereas if I do Steele and Heeney to Krak and Tarrent I will have $105,000 in the bank


Steele is closer to playing than lambert. Has been playing well for the twos and with palmer going down theres a chance he might be named in the coming weeks.


I'm moving Lamb > Tarrant, and Heeney > Krakouer this week.

I'd trade out Heeney and probably Lambert (sorry Dex) out of that bunch. Heeney will have his low score hang around for the next couple of weeks so his cash generation will be limited unless he knocks out a couple of high scores.

Lamberts shoulder is stuffed and I don't think he'll be back for another 4 or 5 weeks.

Rhys Palmers injury (6 weeks i think) may open the door for Steele, although he would be a prime candidate for the green vest. He may not generate cash, but should get some game time and be useful bench cover.


Steele and Lambert. Don’t trade Heeney yet


Ripper Dex. Nearly started him, but not for this stage of the year.


Second that


What do we do with Goodes???


Played well in the weekend for footscray so a chance come back into the side. Wait and see teams first as there a few injuries at wb.


That's Goodes problem though – a very good VFL player but cant convert that to AFL

last round Stevens, Hrovat and Smith came in for their first game this year. Stevens and Hrovat picked up niggles through the pre-season which held them back while Clay Smith has come back from his 2nd knee. Goodes will have to displace one of them and meanwhile Lachie Hunter has been BOG in both VFL games and is knocking the loudest.

Wallis will also come back into the 22 in 2 or 3 weeks

Injuries will happen and young players will need resting at times so Goodes will likely play again but I don't think it will be often


is Brodie Smith still a viable option down back?

Im looking at upgrading a rookie to bring him in next week as he has a high BE this week but not sure if I should go with him or someone else?



I would go ibbotson before seedsman. Similar price but ibbotson is more consistent bar his first round score of 50 something. His last three scores have been 85,88 and 100. Sometimes round one scores should be ignored as I remember a few years ago clinton jones and kane cornes went massive round 1 only to return to their normal spudfullness not long after. Going on this theory it could be said that premos who have have a bad round 1 could easily return to their high scoring selves. I think ibbotson has the potential to be the one of the best starting mid pricers that finishes with a significantly higher season average to what he started with. Was in my pre season team (went with newnes instead) and is very high on my watchlist.


Great write up Dex. Love these.
Although last week after your brilliant article on Martin, I went Bellchambers -> Martin at the last second…
Heh, oh well, hopefully Martin isn't out too long at least and I can use him a few weeks.
I was tempted by Seedsman at the start of the year, def one to keep an eye on.
I think this round I'm going to focus on getting Krak and Tarrant in. Possible players to cull are Heeney, Rich, Salem, Sheed, Cripps, Lonie, Hogan, Clarke.
Best option community? I'm thinking possibly Rich and Heeney (swinging a fwd/mid into the mid to allow for Tarrant).


Cant believe how many people dont have sheed, he starts in the guts some games and has a break even of 2…. hes a gem


What is he averaging? Haven’t seen or been following him.


Had him from the start as a POD, was concerned early on but now I'm very happy


I wouldn’t trade hogan, clark, cripps or rich just yet.Salem will make more money as well. Sheed(haven’t seen his scores or average so not really in a position to rate his performance so far) and lonie( although his 80 odd on the weekend will make him more money) look like the best options.


around 80 his last 3 games


Thanks mate, changed my view to salem and lonie. A breakeven of -3 is pretty hard to ignore, especially when averaging 80. Disappointed now I went with nvb instead as sheed featured in a couple of my pre season teams.


Thanks for the replies. Yeah, Sheed seems to have slipped under the Radar! Of the rookies to be potentially replaced, these are the breakevens;
Rich 78
vandenberg -21
Heeney 35
Cripps -86
Lonie -7
Clark -14
Salem 17
Hogan -24
I guess it realy has to be Rich and Heeney out for Tarrant and Krak..? Whilst both could make a bit more cash, I think the two rookies on the bubble will make more? They're both projected to rise around 80k this week alone.


I would use rich as an upgrade to a premium later in the season. Averaging just under 100 at 400k .More than most rookies and a good m6 or m7 at the moment. Think you will be losing points per round if you jumped off rich now. High JS and a good average. Hold and trade martin GC are terrible


Mmm.. on that note, Jack Martin's breakeven is 68… if he's not named he might be the one to go..?


I went heeney to Krak and 'luckily' had an injured mcgrath to tarrant which made my life easier, tough decision for you though, i cant see rich making to much more money so he might be your best bet


Lake out for a month. What do you think the flow on effect (scoring-wise) will be for Gibson?
One would think it helps with WhiteX job security.


Hard to say. Gibson still scoredbig on the weekend with lake going down early but if shoey gets pantsed gibbo will be the first to fill the number 1 defender role. Although t-mac, hooker and rance are scoring well in that role. White-x not a key defender so my thinking it wont have any effect on him.

Beady Eye

I was actually looking into this earlier today… I forget the specific numbers, but suffice to say over the last two years, Gibbo’s average without Lake is pretty shizen.

I was bad enough for me to reverse my Newnes > Gibson trade, put it that way.


I had gibson all preseason then my thought process went to scenarios with possible injuries to lake and frawley which made me change to shaw (my no dickhead policy abolished in the process).


Some analysis on the NVB v Heeney debate.

On the assumption Heeney averages 66 for the next 3 and 5 weeks respectively his price rise after 3 and 5 weeks will be $33k and $63k respectively. On the assumption NVB averages 80 for the next 3 weeks and 78 for the next 5 weeks his price rise after 3 and 5 weeks will be $39k and $69k respectively. These averages and price rises come straight from the system. My view given that I would say that there is more certainty that Heeney would exceed his predicted average than NVB is to trade NVB.


Thompson coming back has and will affect NVB scoring as ellis yolman has gone past him imo. Don’t think there is much more money to be made from him whilst heeney if he plays has a better chance to improve scoring. But his 7 will hurt his money making potential for the next couple of weeks especially if he has another down game.


Sean I’ve been debating this one all week. Took out lamb for Tarrant as a no brainer then have looked at my team with krak replacing vb and heeney. What you’ve just shared was really helpful mate and I was leaning towards vb and now I’m certain. Thanks very much


want to bring in tarrant this week
option one is trade out lonie/salem/clark (leaning towards lonie at the moment)
option two is swing tbc with cox (ruck bench) and trade cox to tarrant
option three trade TBC straight to tarrant (least favourite option at the moment as i believe ruck cover will be needed)
currently forward line is Gray, Swan, Martin, Hogan,Salem, TBC, Clark and Lonie
opinions would be very appricated


Option 2 for mine. Lonie predicted to make another $70k over the next three week.


Could be an option I have Henney in there


That’s what I’m currently leaning towards as TBC probably will be on the bench in the fwd line


option 4 is swing Gray/Swan/Dusty to the Mids and trade a mid rookie


Could be an option I have Henney in there


Is $76,000 enough money in the bank going into this round?
I'm a bit worried.


i dont really know how much everyone else is going in with but im going in with $250,000


Im going in with $250,000


Not really. As long as you have the right rookies generating cash and not too many premos bleeding cash. Thats really crucial. I have 150K with 25 trades after getting in Tarrant this week. I am quite comfortable with that.

Just watch your trades, be as discliplined as you can in saving these where possible. I know players that have already burnt through 8 trades after round 4.



I would stay away from Gary Rohan and have a good look at Zac Dawson. I can see him getting at lot of time in the guts with the Fremantle midfield being so weak at the moment 😉


Hi Community.

I already have Krakouer. Traded him in last week for Tom Lamb. Now just need to make one trade to get in Robbie Tarrant.

I have two viable options here,

1- Trade out Salem to get in Tarrant and pick up $125K towards the warchest.
2- Trade out Heeney, move Swan to midfield from the forward line and trade in Tarrant in the newly vacated spot (Swan) in the forward line.

There is a possibility Heeney does not play this week so I can use him as a mid emergency loophole option.

My question is this, which of the two options is best/strategic, the Salem trade or Heeney trade? Personally I am slightly leaning to trading out Salem. (For "bye" planning reasons- Hogan, Lumumba and Vandenberg in my side as well at the moment)

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.





Should I get both Tarrent and Krak into my team this week? I can do this, but I will need to hold Goodes for yet another week. My question is, is it necessary to have both Tarrent and Krak in my team? Or should I just have one, if so, which one?


Get krak and tarrant in ya team. Even if Goodes does play this week he won’t go down too much, whether krak and tarrant if the play will make heaps of $$$


if you have someone like saad in your midfield swap im with goodes into the backline and then trade goodes for krak


Dane Swan could miss on Friday night.

Has a sprained ankle and was spotted in a moonboot earlier this week. Only completed light training yesterday.

What bloody next!!

Source: AFL website


Spot on as always, Dex. Seedsman was a heavy preseason favor and probably would’ve made my R1 squad if he played some NAB and was good to go. Another ship has sailed player.

Be interesting to see how the defs play out in the next 3-4 rounds. See who the real premos are and who are the pretenders.


Thanks Dex. I’m a pies man mate and would love to see Seed get a good run of games under his belt before considering him coz he’s been inconsistent. Having said that he’s not out of the question because as most people here are saying my backline is very thin at the moment and I have no idea who the top 6 defenders will be.


Looking to do 2 trades this week boys.


wines —> krak
lambert –> tarrant
leaves me with one premo down but a great war chest.


heeney/NVB –> krak
lambert –> tarrant

if i do the second option it will still leave me with 100k or so but leaves 550k (wines) stuck on the bench for another week.


Wines is listed at 3-4 weeks. If you will hold him, then option 2.

I think that too long to have a premo out for and would normally corrective trade to a premo. If you agree with that, given you are bringing in 2 rookies, the correct approach is option 1 if you consider NVB will a) score more than other rookies and thus have onfield or b) make his break even.

Option 1 for mine.


If you have enough bench cover do option 2


whats everyones trades this week? would like to know if anyone has any other good ideas 🙂


heeny to Tarrant or Salam to tarrent? Then upgrade Parker to Fyfe


Malceski > Hodge
Geary > Seedsman


Seedsman Lol

Major Mooseknuckles

Dex would like to throw out a couple of names I think are looking like valid selections for your thoughts. Regarding premo defs: Harry Taylor & Bachar Houli. Taylor seems to be punching out some consistently significant scores ditto Houli.