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G’day community, another week, and another week of supercoach carnage! After last week’s check-in, I’m glad I stack fat with my two rucks in Goldy and Maric – both rewarding the faith – there may be a lesson in that!

This week my check-in will focus on the dilemma we face in our backlines. It is giving me an elephantitus sized headache and I do not believe I’m alone in the pain which down back is giving me…..…down back.

 I’ve gone with the theory that the best players to have as defenders are rebounding half back players who spend time up on the wing or running through the midfield – a method that has been tried and tested from when BJ Goddard, Deledio, Malceski et al made this territory their own. Interestingly this year, the formula has yielded mixed results. I’ve run with Shaw, Hibberd and Newnes plus onfield rookies of Saad, Oxley and Kmac – all very similar players and all who are raising my ire as none of them feature in the top 10-15 defenders so far in 2015! I know coaches have also run with popular mid-priced picks such as Kolodjashnij and Goodes. Some of last week’s most popular trades included Luke Hodge and Adam Oxley. So I’m looking into where I / we may have got it wrong.


So who does feature in the top 10 defenders?

Interestingly, the big power back men are at the top of the charts. The Top 3 are LJ Hooker, Rance and T-Mac – all averaging midfield type numbers between 109-115 per game. Note, Gibson, McGovern and Hurley also feature inside the top 12 defenders. So what is driving the scoring of these big behemoths? Well, it looks like marks, specifically, intercept marks and plenty of them. With the buzzwords of zone defence, the press and third man up – it looks like the “team” defence has boosted the supercoach points of players who can read the play, zone of their man or get across to cut off a pass to key position forward and mark the ball inside the back 50.

Here is a quick table of these big men and their marking ability.

Player (Average ranking in brackets)

Marks (average per game)

Cale Hooker (1)


Alex Rance (2)


Tom McDonald (3)


Josh Gibson (6)


Jeremy McGovern (7)


Michael Hurley (11)


As you would have read in the magnificent Jock Reynolds magazine, it has been found that an aversion to key position players will be rewarded with more consistent scoring, in particular avoiding key position forwards until they experience the mid-season buffalo jump. However, down back it may be a different story. As long as your key position defender is an intercept marking defender, it means more disposals and greater supercoach scoring (vs. your “golden fist” style of defenders – ie. Nathan Brown of the Pies). My chief concern is that we only have 4 rounds of data to work from in 2015 and I’m not sure this trend can maintain its momentum. There is a saying in investment markets that “the trend is your friend”. I caution applying this theory to soon into the supercoach market. For example, in 2014, Cale Hooker started the year also on fire, only to fade badly as the year wore on. By year’s end, the trend was not your friend!

So what do are you going to do this week? What line needs the most attention?

We have a couple of players on the bubble, some of them down back. Will you downgrade a rookie to upgrade a defender? We must use our trades wisely at this time of year to ensure we have enough powder for the inevitable carnage. Chicko’s Chumps is likely to do one trade this week.

How about you? What are you going to do?

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Hit me with your thoughts community and please tweet me @chicko_lcs with any questions or dilemmas of your own.



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I am holding for now.

I cannot fargon why is everyone so keen to trade Newnes? His scoring is about on par with his price, and he is capably occupying a spot with mid pricer output of around 72, whilst even defensive premiums struggle to score any better i.e. Smith, Shaw and Hibberd. For the 20 point gain you can expect from the trade, your focus should be on your rookies being traded down and then up, where you will make far more money and gain far more points than worrying about Newnes. My advice is keep Newnes as a D5 or 6, until you are almost at full premium and then roll him over into a better premium if he is still just being average.

As an example of why trading him is a bad idea, a stack of people traded Newnes out last week to Brodie Smith, only to see Newnes slightly outscore Smith!


I have come to my senses splifflicator. I was thinking of moving Newnes on this week but have had a change of heart when I woke up this morning. LOL Despite having had greater expectations (And still do) about Newnes' output and scoring so far this season, I now also see that there are better and smarter options out there. Despite my backline not being great, I do have Mc Govern and Shaw as well which are both travelling OK. I have all the right rookies. (Oxley, Mc Intosh, Saad)

The only move I am considering is getting rid of Taylor Walker in my forward line to get in Tarrant. Already have Krakouer. This will generate me some serious cash for the warchest and allow me to trade up to fallen premiums not only in my backline but potentially other lines as well.



Would you suggest to stay firm on Kolo too?


Hi Danny,

If you have Kolo, there is no real urgency to move him on, especially after he was pretty serviceable with 83 SC points this weekend. I would definately stay firm and not use up a valuable trade here. It is not like he has dropped a lot in price. He even went up a little this week and has a pretty friendly breakeven of 76.

Gold Coast plays Brisbane this week which could be a pretty friendly round for him scoringwise. The percentages tell me to hold and chase Robbie Tarrant this week!

Hope this helps


I think the biggest problem isnt who to trade to but who to stick on the field. I too have thumper but after his pitiful performance the week before he sat on the pine while macintosh saad and oxley all hit the fail button. They all will make us more $ but their mere nature of being def rookies they are always a chance to spud it up and three on the field can really backfire. But until they reach their potential gonna ride the wave but think thumper has gained an on field guernsey this week.


I agree Scot,

Thumper is hanging in there and holding his own. Brisbane next week might be just the motivation to get him cranking. If I had him, I would hold him for now. I have Newnes and sticking with him this week after a having meltdown about his output this weekend.

Just gotta stick to structures for now.

Make sure you get Tarrant this week.



Probably but I have paid no attention to how he is playing or what his role is under Eade, despite actually going to the game on Saturday night. So I don't feel too comfortable offering advice on him.

They play Brisbane this week who are just as deplorable at the Suns, hopefully he can get off the leash and bang out an 80+. I would ask, Do you have other concerns apart from Kolo this week? If no, then possibly trade him. If yes attend to those first, i.e. Get Krak and Taz in.


I have Goodes to get rid of, and to a lesser extent Ahemd Saad up forward who now won't make any cash until after the byes. They both need to go this week, that means I only get Krakouer and instead of taking Tarrant, I am going to turn Goodes into Hooker or BSmith, leaving me with $93k in the kitty.

So i'm turning over two rookies and bringing in a rookie and a Defensive premo, meaning Newnes is now D5 and a rookie D6. i feel this should add plenty of points (more than 50 in Hooker over a rookie) and still give me some extra cash making ability up forward.


Well said Spiff!!

I've looked at removing Newnes but there are simply more pressing issues in peoples (and my) team this year.

I'm currently sitting around 1,100 in the rankings and have only made three trades (Ablett, Lambert, Goodes). Even though my 6 defenders only averaged 65 this week just gone, I don't want to rush into changing them as you have mentioned above, only to have picked up another unpredictable defender.

I think a smart way to approach the defenders is to wait at least until the byes, the so called "underperformers" are still doing well enough to score consistently and hold their price.


There are plenty of premium defenders dropping in price (Smith, Simpson, Shaw) so, we can upgrade Newnes in a couple of weeks for a fallen premium.


2 trades for me this week,
TBC down to tarrant
heeney to krakour

gives me 300K in the war chest to upgrade 2 rookies to fallen premiums next week 🙂


or do you think instead of TBC, keep him for ruck security and trade out salem instead?


Hi Chris,

I agree with lekdog. TBC is not dropping in price, despite his scoring being modest. What if one of your key ruckman goes down? That would either cost you a donut or forced correctional trade.

He might do alright this week against the Saints. I still have him and want to see if he does a "Maric" this coming week.
Maybe there is another really poor performer to target in your forward line to get Tarrant. I have Taylor Walker. NOT HAPPY with him. LOL



I think if you have Belch you should keep him


I can see both sides to the TBC debate. All our forward rookies are flying so it's hard to find a suitable candidate to switch out for Tarrant. Also fair to say he's been mildly disappointing as I think we all thought he would've generated more than the modest $17K he's earned us in the first month.

But yes TBC's ruck cover potential could prove handy at some point which is the only real reason you may continue to hold him.

FWIW I'll be keeping him myself for now but I doubt I'll still have him in another month from now.


I think keep TBC … He is a special case this year … ‘The swing man mid pricer who ends up as your f7 if all goes well kind of guy’. I don’t think he is one to cull … Still too early with possible exception of heeney


Would agree with Lek and Brook here Chris. Keep him as a F7 swinger if one of your ruck men take a rest or break down.


All this talk of Heeney this week. If you ignore this week just gone what would you have expected him to appreciate to fully fattened? Guaranteed it would be higher than his current price. Much. Waste of a trade for mine. He just becomes a sower burn than the other guys, but he should still fattened pre his bye round.

Hold him.


True but Kraks and Tarrant are mightily attractive cash cows this week and Heeney may the best option to make that happen for certain coaches.

I'll be keeping Heeney for the very reasons you mention above and have other avenues to bring in Tarrant this week and already have Kraks in my forward line.


I'm considering the move to TBC to my ruck bench cover. Trade out M Cox to bring in Tarrent or Krak. I see the potential to bring in fwd cash generating rookies that will potentially score higher than TBC and this adds another cash generating player into my side? It is a lot of money to sit on the bench but if I can see a fwd rookie generating 200k+ I see that as a viable option,


been considering the same thing

not sure losing the fwd/ruck link (coupled with loophole options) is worth it – can see the need to swing belly back to forwards as coverage there also.

need to sleep on it.

Bog rat

I think it's a great move


Great article mate, I’ll be upgrading brown to Seedsman this week. That bloke is a gun. He would have been in my starting team had he not been injured.


Cheers MarcoPolo, Seedsman looked bloody good against the Bombers that is for sure. Brown will give you 50 every week, ok for bench cover – just ok. So worth the upgrade if you have the coin.

Ben Bretel

chasing points


I saw all I needed to see. Has loads of talent and will play the running role up the wing. Was just waiting for him to look fit.


Averaged 45 odd before the weekend


I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when everyone else misses the boat! Am a Collingwood supporter mind you, but I love the way he plays. Will score points if he stays on the park.


You should take off your rose coloured glasses


He has lots of talent for sure but I would hold another week to see if he backs up his 137.


Yeh i've calmed down and am holding another week aha. very high on my radar tho, all his scores have been sub or injury affected. I don't expect 130s obviously, but an 80-90 average for a <$400k player = value.


You've let them talk you out of it Marco. Trust your gut. When the arguments against come flying at you it tests your resolve. If you feel strongly go for it. None of us actually know, some are convinced they do though.


Oh he will be in my team, just next week. I don't really lose anything by not selecting him this week. I like it when people disagree with my opinion, creates PoDs.

Funky Kong

I wouldn't get to hyped by Cale Hooker I believe he may be a trap, The man scored well UP to round 8 AFTER THAT he only managed to hit 92 points ONCE!!!!!! and threw out common scores of 20,30,40 and 60!!!!!!!

Stay strong and back your the defenders you started with and wait a few more weeks to get a better grasp on whats happening down there.

If there's one thing you should strongly look at doing which is somewhat defender related is look to Robbie Tarrant, the man is a SuperCoach foward this year but is soley playing down back and is killing it playing a intercept type backman racking up points.


Couldn't agree more Funky Expect Tarrant to be the number one traded player this week.


He could increase in value by 200k in 2-3 weeks. Handy $$.

dean billman

Who do you rate down back as keepers so far this year Funky?


I still think i'll be looking for Defenders who are getting a lot of Mid-field time.

I had my eye on Kelly (cats) last week, and very happy I held onto Thumper.

Cutler from bulldogs looked good this week, but I don't think he is a keeper.


Cutler is a Lion


yeah, he still looked good


Hey guys

Going pretty solid so far

Scored 2074 with sloane captain

Wondering who to trade

Most likely going to trade Nelson for krakour

Then either Salem/clark to tarrant

Or newnes to McDonald

Thanks for your help community


Nelson to Krakouer… Other trades are too risky


So you wouldn’t suggest trading in tarrant?


Clark to Tarrant.


How many trades have you made so far? If 4 or less then get both in.


Holding firm in defence

Holding firm on any underperforming premiums

Not upgrading any midpricer stepping stones yet

will be looking at bringing in one or two more cash cows (Tarrant, Krak) to replace any underperforming ones


my plan at the moment is to trade out goodes swing mcgovern back along with shaw,higgins ,henderson and newnes.
Trade out heeney swing lambert to mid and trade in both krak and tarrant and have 462k in the kitty ready to upgrade to a premo and/or bolster the war chest.
I considered trading out newnes and having $600k+ because so far he is averaging less than henderson,mcintosh,saad and is the same as oxley. What do you guys think?


Scott Thompson intercepts marks well. Maybe a Kade Simpson? Defenders will always be up and down.. I’m thinking a hibberd, Simpson or Thompson


Hey Chrissovan, agree, I have Hibbo but would look at Kade simpson at the right price – that is a fallen price.

Mr chan

Yeah kade at 474k looks appealing and can bust out huge scores. It’s an 85pt average.
But who I’m looking for is a keeper.

Is Kade playing more half back or wing?


Thinking hibberd may be turning the corner myself, newnes to hibberd, newnes not terrible but want to differentiate my team.


Nice Chicko. I'm moving Wines on this week to Mundy and sacrificing The Lamb to become Tarrant. Nearly 300k of warchest to use when appropriate.

I'm convinced these big guys will drop in price and in output, so will stick fat with KK and Newnes until we see improvement from Simpson, Hibberd and the like.


Cheers Patch, love the Wines to Mundy move and the Lamb to Tarrant move is a must. Bang Bang with a warchest to go bang bang bang when the time is right. I tips my hat to you good Sir.


Check the port website injury update. Wines gets his cast off this week and they are saying 3-4 weeks. I held him as I decided to take Vandenberg through the loophole. Was contemplating Sloane, so dodged a bullet and saved a trade.

I am going to leave Wines on the pine one more week as I have better ways to bring in Tarrant and Krakouer. If things go well in his recovery he may be then only 2-3 weeks away and may save you 1-2 trades if you keep him unti he returns.

Good luck

General Soreness

Great write up Chicko. I hate the defensive line every year, this year is no different.


Cheers General, there are so many average players down back at the moment that there seems to be almost no reward or penalty unless you got lucky with one of the early leaders. Will be interesting to see how many of them finish in the top 10. That might be an idea for an article later this year!


And I think "hate" is putting it nicely.


My defence is great so far (with the single exception of Jack "Pre-Season" Newnes). Jeremy McGovern has been one of my best pick-ups of the season to date. Such a handy player. Always high in %DE.


I've got the coin to trade out Goodes for a premium, I'm tossing up between Harry Taylor and Hibberd. Thoughts?


I'd swing the way of Gibbered scrofl. But take that with a grain of salt as, 1. i have him, and 2. i'm a Bombers man


Lambert to Tarrant
Kmac to Tmac


i'd say tick tick to those two T-mitch


Not completely sold on Tmac just yet, keep in mind Melb have an insane draw over next 6 weeks (Freo, Swans, Hawks, Dogs, Power, Magpies – all at home except Port, how did they manage that?).
Plus Kmac still has a little more $$ to be made (BE 28).
Save your trades, you're gonna need 'em this year!
Tarrant a must so like your first one.


I’ve been watching him from rd 1 as he looked like he had arrived that day and has not disappointed since. He’s the real deal IMO. As is McGovern by the way, but he doesn’t have as much support around him as T-Mac does who I think is a better option.


What do you think about these trades?
J. Anderson > N. Krakouer
T. Lamb > R. Tarrant

Or I can do K. Lambert and I. Heeney instead? Thoughts…


Keep Heeney. Like your first call


lambert injured


Lambert or Heeney to Robbie Tarrant?
Will swing Krakouer to Mids if trading out heeney


Keep Heeney – injury dependent.

I N Pieman

Love ya work chicko. I’m covering the defensive line
With toilet paper this week & concentrating elsewhere. 4 weeks is not enough evidence. So many KPP looking good smells like a trap to me. No need for Hookers. Tinder much better! They cost nothing


GOLD Pieman! Completely agree, it is the last line I intend to upgrade. Think it can wait – no real reward or punishment for waiting. I too will be concentrating elsewhere in the next few weeks. Love the tinder reference btw!


Only decent KPPs I would say are relevant this year would be Gibson, McGovern, Rance and Tom McDonald.


Walker has a breakeven of 147 this week. After his disgraceful 26SC points against the dogs, he is likely to drop significantly in value. He is just too inconsistent for me, and pehaps he is not enjoying the captaincy responsibility.

I am getting in Tarrant at the expense of Walker. It will generate me $275K on that trade alone, and then likely another $125K once both players are repriced. Thats $400K all up. Ca Ching!!! That cash will come in very handy for fallen premo upgrades etc.

Walker may come good, but the cash on offer here is has forced my hand. Tex is out and Tarrant is in.

Hope it helps

Rodger Brook

Im holding Heeney unless injury is 3+ weeks. Waiting for docs report


I still have Wines on the pine. Should I send him all the way down the Krak and also trade Tom Lamb to Tarrant? It’ll give me around 410k. Need the cash I think.. My war chest is more like a lunch box at the moment.

Currently looking like;

MID – Fyfe, Sloane, Pendlebury, Selwood, Griffen, Rich, CEY (VandenBerg, Wines, Heeney)

FWD – Gray, Martin, Swan, Hogan, Salem, Clark (Lonie, Lamb)

Disco Stew

Get rid of Clark or Salem for Tarrant?


surely you have someone else you can trade (and stop calling me Shirley)


I’d take Salem outt of those two. Don’t think he’s going to go far over $330k anyway. Tarrant will go past him in value in about three weeks. No great loss


Krakour and Tarrant are a must in my side
but how should i trade them in?
lambert and lamb out?
or downgrade someone like a heeney and a lamb
or a clark and lamb for them


Crouching One said not to have two lambs

dean billman

I'm gong Lambert and Lamb to Krak and Tarrant.


J.Pittard early bolter or possible top 6 def?

Krak & Taz look like the wiser trades this week although means early culling trades are GOLD


Thinking of walker to torrent and newness to pittard. Leaving 300000 for upgrades next week. Already have krak


Likely do the same next wk, wish I had pulled the trigger last wk made no trades giving newens another chance, pittard will have already appreciated close to $100k while While newens leaking $50k+ the opposite of buying low selling high


Now thinking Gibson not pittard.


Hawks will have lake and Frawley out for a little while, MAY affect gibsons scoring in the short comings


Maybe McGovern


McGovern looks solid plenty of ball in the back half


Early bolter. I'm quite surprised at his scores to date for this year.


He is that running of half back type defender loves a run and bounce extra responsibility with the kick ins
But still not proven, would have been a great day 1 selection


I want to get krakouer and tarrant into my side this week, however i sill have goodes in defence, as well as having to field all 3 of saad mcintosh and oxley. I think my first trade will be:

McGrath to Tarrant

Which trade is more important between getting goodes out for anyone (have 360k in warchest) or getting in krakouer and fielding all 3 defence rookies for another week?


Get Krakouer first Paul. He’s cheap and on the bubble so will make you some good cash. Next week you can upgrade Goodes. I’m in a similar boat mate. I have the rookies down back. It’s not ideal but there are not many premium defenders you urgently need. In fact it gives you another week to assess which defender to move to.


get krak. more money and same points scored or more. as well as chance to look for another week


Looking to do 2 trades this week boys.


wines —> krak
lambert –> tarrant
leaves me with one premo down but a great war chest.


heeney/NVB –> krak
lambert –> tarrant

if i do the second option it will still leave me with 100k or so but leaves 550k (wines) stuck on the bench for another week.


I’m in same boat. Going Lamb to Tarrant and NVB to Krak. Think Heeney has another $100k in him just take a few more weeks. I posted above re Wines. Want to see if the injury update reduces to 2-3 weeks and if so think I might keep him and save the trade. Good luck


And think circa $300k for NVB is close to his fair value price, so happy to move him on.

Captain Pugwash

Lambert to Krak – Trade 1
Lamb to Tarrant – Teade 2

Pitty we don’t have 3 trades or Webber (WB) would be a lock for the year. The boy has a HB/BP spot for the rest of the year.

The # of left footers in the Dogs team is growing… Very Hawks-ish…


hmmmmmm, he must have learnt something during his time at Hawks


Great article Chicko, I'm staying firm on my def structure for the time being!
Need some advice community.
Must bring in Taz and Krak like everyone else but who to trade out?
I'm thinking Lambert for Taz and either Wells or Heeny for Krak. Heeney out gives me around 350k but wells out gives me over 500k
Time to downgrade the midpricer flop or cash in on what Heeney has gained so far?


Thanks Braveheart, I am always very wary of mid-pricers. I would punt Wells and possibly hang on to Heeney, or if you are in need of a loophole contender then you could trade out both Wells and Heeney and slot Lambert at M11 and your warchest would be massive – ready to upgrade a few players in the next few weeks.


or I could go :
lambert to krak
goodes to tarrant via def/fwd link
and hold heeney depends how long he's out.


Hold Newnes or trade? Who to?


Hold him Nash. He’s getting the ball just needs to use it better. May end up your D6. At the moment there are not many defenders screaming to be chosen. Your trades are gold

The Patty Catz

I still believe mid pricer defence strategy will be the eventual winner – Higgins, Lumumba, Newnes are fine picks, hold. If you picked the more than 1 premo defender youve lost money on other lines that are giving far more output.

My backline is Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, Lumumba, Oxley/Saad/McKintosh

Its not amazing, but noones defence is amazing, I reckon i could almost leave that until after the byes given noone is shooting the lights out at this point!


I have KK and Ibbotson and almost traded them for Kelly (cats) and Smith (crows). pretty happy I know how to reverse trades.


Sunday evening rage trading out of the way, woke up, deep breath, reverse trades. The trades I normally allow myself to make sideways fix ups to my team have been spent on LTI's. Glimpsed the light at the tunnel after Saturday night only for it to all come crashing down Sunday night.

Nailed my starting rookies, feel it's too early to jump off now. There will be others.


My current forward line is: Gray, Swan, Walker, Hogan, Salem, Clark, (Lonie, Lambert). I currently have 147k in the warchest. I want to go Lambert and Walker to Tarrant and Krakour, thus leaving me with 6 players under 300k, but freeing up plenty of cash. Is this too light or just right?


Krakour and Tarrant are a must in my side
but how should i trade them in?
Option 1:trade both lamber & lamb for them
Option 2 trade Clark or Salem or heeney for them
Option 3 trade one from each option


option 1 by a fair margin




Option one by a mile mate. Both lambs have long term injuries


Option one doesn't look to baaaad.


Silence the lambs!


What do people think of the job security of the big Krak with Wines and Impey to come back, or will Impey get the boot in favor of the Kraknado??

I'm tempted to get him and Tarrant in, but in reality my rookies are performing pretty well, I don't really have anyone I want to trade at the moment.


Hold Heeney. For me it’s nvb to krak and lamb to tarrant


who is the best possible defender to bring in?

already have shaw and simpson.

Im thinking Smith, Hodge, Gibson


Possibly Hodge, has a sky-high ceiling


I would think he has a high chance of missing a few games


Last week was my first bad week in defence , total scores so far of
R1 517
R2 549
R3 507
R4 358
my top scoring defender was 72 . As much as I want to get rid of newnes, I don't know who to go to, so I'll just be holding until everything becomes a bit more clearer, and the rookies are fat.

Sc newby

I went into round 1 with
newnes Kk Haynes saad macintosh oxley goodes and brown
They are all still there and the only one I'm real dirty on is goodes, but while he isn't playing I'm happy to wait for a cow to get nice and plump so I can slaughter him nicely and upgrade goodes to someone worth upgrading to once the smoke has settled and it's clear to see! defence was always the big concern this yr and spending less was always my plan for it
Currently in the top 1% with a very risky backline and happy with how all is progressing

Ole United

Hey community,

little bit stuck on what trades i should do this week,

am thinking the trade ins of Tarrant and Krak,

do i trade out K Lambert and T Lamb, or should i be trading out NVB and T Lamb?



It’s time to silence the lambs.

Ole United



NVB or Heeney to Krak


One of Bellcho Clark or Salem to tarrant..

Cash up for goodes upgrade next week..



NVB he has a break even the same as what he is averaging and Heeney just needs one good score to start making cash again.


I got NVB 2 weeks ago but hes dropped off alot quicker then i thought..


If you got Belch for ruck cover hold him.


Rumors Gray won't play this week vs Adelaide with a calf injury. Source: AFL website

Not looking good


If so, no dramas. Gray will therefore be my forward emergency loophole, Heeney my midfield emergency loophole and Read my captain loophole.

Lets see what happens


Exactly. Well said, TopHawk1.


D: Shaw, Higgins, Newnes, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (Brown, Goodes)
M: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, Shiel, Neale, Griffen, Judd, Rich (CEY, Vandenberg, Heeney)
R: Goldy, Maric (O'Brien)
F: Swan, Martin, Salem, Hogan, Clark, Krak (Lambert, Lamb)
180k in the bank

Want Tarrant in this week and unfortunately I cant work a straight swap from Goodes to him in any way, so i'm probably gonna swap up Tom Lamb to him. Also want Patty Cripps, but I traded him out of my team before round 3 and I don't know whether or not it would be worth bringing him back in.

Players I want out: Goodes, Newnes, Lamb, Lambert
Players I want in: Tarrant, Cripps

Will definitely go Lamb to Tarrant this round, and will probably stick fat with Goodes and Newnes, so that leaves getting in Cripps (for 80k more than what I traded him out for 2 weeks ago). I think I will probably go Heeney to Cripps, as Heeney's BE is 36 and he was the sub last round, which can't be a good thing.

Thoughts on these trades (especially the Cripps one), and whether or not I should do any other ones or if there are any glaring holes in my team.

Much appreciated


You've traded Cripps already, no sense trading him back. If Kelly is named again for Adelaide then him for Goodes would be a better trade, but given your rookies I think you are better off holding that trade and then trading Goodes up to a premium in a fortnight.


Hi Doc,

I think Cripps has slipped away mate. SAVE THAT TRADE. Crippsy has risen $83K this week and as they say in sharetrading, "The cream is gone". Keep Heeney as a mid emergency/captains loophole for now. He could still be of some use to you whilst he is out out for 2-3 weeks. Heaps of cash upside here still once he returns.

Definately get rid of Lamb to go to Tarrant. Thats a no brainer.

Just my take,

Cheers mate

Trab Pukcip

Why don't you get rid of Rich to Tarrant switching lambert to mid. WIll give you almost 300k to upgrade the backline and at least then you will only have 1 non playing reserve on 2 lines. Plus rich has just about peaked and Tarrant should give you at least the same if not better scoring. Just my opinon


Newnes > Kelly(ADE) frees up 300k for the warchest. IF the limb is bleeding too much chop it off.
Saad/Oxley/Mcintosh will play defensive roulette for the time being. I mean they can't score worse than Newnes has been


"The Trend is NOT your friend." Wiser SC words have never been spoken, Chicko. Fantastic piece about easily the biggest thorn in our sides.


Was heeney injured in the maych vs freo?


no just was playing terrible


He injured his ankle but the good news is his substitution was only precautionary. However, if he plays next week I think he is likely to get the green vest.

skate or die

keeping in mind i have all the right rookies, should i hold on heeney and k lambert or trade now for another playing rookie?

You BloodyRippa

Like everyone else…. I want Krak and Tarrant.
I'll bring one of them in for Lamb. To get the other one in should I…..
A. Trade out Saad (St Kilda) from my forward line. He isn't setting the world on fire. But to use Jock's terminology, he is a warm body.
B. Trade out Heeney. But I think he has more $$$ to make.
C. Swap Belch onto my ruck bench and leave him there. Then trade out my non playing ruck/fwd rookie (Read). And rely on injured players to loophole with (currently Gray)




keep belch you cannot waste a 300k player to sit on your bench


Not sure on that one. Got TBC for insurance. Can sit on the bench in fwd or ruck and only use if required. Go on go for option C put Em on the chopping block.

3. votes

I want to Get Krakour in this week, should I trade Heeny or Cockatoo for him?

Am also interested in getting in Tarrent, have Tom lamb as my current f8 but am looking to trade salem for tarrent as he has just about maximised his price and I get more money in the kitty by downgrading Salem. any help?

Disco Stew

Trade Cockatoo for Krakouer definitely


Definately. Does Polly want a Krakouer? LOL


Topshelf Tophawk!


Thanks SC. Had to take this opportunity to take this Krakouer. LOL


Gordo D Magnificent

It it better to trade out tom lamb to robbie tarrant and lose cash, or trade out heeney and sub krakour to mids and trade tarrant in and make cash

You BloodyRippa

If it were me, I'd definitely trade Lamb and hold Heeney. Heeney should start making cash again and cover the temporary loss. We won't see Lamb again for quite a few weeks, if at
all this year.


Trade Tarrant in for Lamb? How can you loose cash on this trade?

You lose 30K "on paper" on this trade today and then be AT LEAST 80K in front after Tarrant's price resets after round 5.



toughest decision of my supercoach year is deciding whether to trade heeney to krak….. hmm

paul a

thinking the same heeney good but doesnt get a lot of possesions ,points have come from goals cant see him doing this every week ,gut feeling!


G'day Community i was interested on how many trades everyone currently has, i've currently got 25 trades left after all the injury carnage


26 for me


Hi Ted,

I have 25 now, after getting Tarrant in tonight.

Its a delicate thing between holding trades and pulling the trigger to move forward.



I’ve used just 1 trade. Gaz to JPK.

2nd trade will be Lamb to Taz (already have Krak)

cow roll

25 🙁
1 correctional
4 injuries

I scored 2247 and my opponent got 2248.


Four plus one also.


6, 4 injury, 2 correctional (Oxley/Vandenberg in, miller/goodes out) (wells, bartel, wallis, lamb out)


Two trades at the end of round 4: Gaz to Fyfe, and Goodes to McDonald.

Definitely trading this week – getting in Krak and maybe getting in Tarrant. Just not sure he'll make it through the next month and a half without getting injured.

Cyril is Delicious

How many trades do we have left at the moment? I currently have 25, and am thinking about trading this week? Just don’t want to go to hard to early. Cheers!


Hi cyril. That means you have 25 trades left…If you dont want to go hard and not trade, you will still have 25 trades left.


NVB to Krak is obvious is my midfield.
Want Tarrant but my only forward tradeables are Salem, Clarke, Lonie and TBC. TBC is off the table as he is there for a reason. The other 3 have insanely low breakevens so I decided not to waste a trade.
Then it dawned on me …
Swap TBC with my non-playing bench ruck (Read) and then Read for Tarrant. Keep your back up ruck and get the cash cow 🙂
Read is only there as a loophole and he plays early this round. Also Goodes, Heeney and (hopefully not) Gray can serve that purpose.

Addendum … this may be a bad decision if I run out of trades in 12 weeks . Thoughts ??


Are you happy with that much cash sitting on the pine?


Not really.
But he is probably not going to get a run in my forward line anyway with his current scores.
I still think having a backup ruckman will come into play for many teams this year. Can't see any rookie rucks so TBC as bench ruck cover may be the best (albeit expensive) option.


TBC down to Tarrant, and use the cash to bring in Ryder into your forward line as a keeper in a couple of weeks when he drops a bit in price.
He will also act as Ruck cover, but only if required, whereas having $300k on your bench is a waste.


I'm liking that strategy if the cash is available for the upgrade,


Hey … Now that's got me thinking. Ta.


I like it mate, I don't have TBC myself, but if I did he would be on the pine anyways ,all of my Fwds bar Lonie are averaging more than him . Brings in a big cash cow , and you still have you ruck cover.


Thanks Guys,
May be a moot point if Oxley and McIntosh get dropped though 🙂
Knock on wood …


id go salem to tarrant. Salem is a low scorer and playing freo will affect his score even more this week. Im in the same situation but luckily had Mcgrath to trade.


Salem has a breakeven of 17 this week.
I know he hasn't been brilliant but he still has a lot of cash to make.


oh he does too, i got told itd gone up to around 40, my bad


I like it. Salem fairly priced at 272 K with tough matches ahead. Remember the upcoming byes. Hogan, Vandenberg and Salem.

Salem to Tarrant. The higginator likes it. I almost went Taylor Walker to Tarrant.

Tex and Newnes both have "stays" this week.


would you suggest Salem to Krak?
Almost went Heeney to Krak but i really dont want to use that kind of trade


If Heeney gets a rest that sounds good, but he still has money to make.
Difficult week with so many appreciating rookies and a couple of must-have trade ins.


I have newnes and vanberlo but no cash to spend but I need to trade lambert for tarrant. scaranberg for newnes to bold? any better options?


id keep newnes for now


Mav Weller will be back this week negating the failed "Newnes as a tagger" debacle.


I am a footy tragic and I love supercoach.
A question to anyone who is that way inclined …
How did Rivers score more than Selwood in the Geelong game?
Look at the stats. I don't think I understand the scoring system anymore.


im pretty sure supercoach is based on how much impact the player has on the game so obviously rivers had a bigger impact than selwood when it comes to things like disposal efficiency and stuff but yeah im a little confused too


But I was at the game. Rivers had no impact, didn't kick a goal and was relatively unsighted. He had 1 disposal in the last quarter when the game was on the line.
Selwood impacted the game more than anyone(except Goldstien).
I won't post all the stats but they are worth checking out 'cos I can't get my head around it.
P.S StKilda supporter and don't have Selwood in my team.


maybe the point coordinators had rivers in their team this week haha


Maybe 🙂


I don't agree with it but, Rivers had 11 touche's at 90% efficiency, 6 marks some of which were intercept marks, no clangers, no frees against.

Selwood had 29 touches but at only 55% efficiency, plus 7 clangers & 3 fees against, with his 10 clearances couple marks and couple frees for he should've at least hit 100pts Imo but I can see why he didn't.


Just find it funny that Walker and Van Berlo were “must-haves” after Rd 1&2. Now everyone trying to get rid of them a.s.a.p. Take a deep breath, draw up a rough plan for next few weeks and stick with it.


TBC to Tarrant
Heeney to Krakouer.
makes $300,000
Look to get Ryder in the FWD line in a couple of weeks.
TBC career high of a 80 ave has gone to poo with the new ruck rules.
Also lets me get Rocky in a few.


give him one more week cause they play against st kilda. and will look to fight back against their anzac loss against collingwood


Folks need your advice

I want to downgrade Brett goodes, who should I pick which will give me good cash return and have job security too.

Look forward to your responses

Thanks folks


That's the holy grail of supercoach rookies… good job security with cash generation!! I think Whitecross would be your best bet, he's more of a sideways trade from Goodes though. Can't see Kelly (crows) or Andrews (lions) staying in their sides long term. Kelly will be out once Cheney returns.


No point wasting a trade bringing in someone who will struggle to make $100k, don't waste your time, wait for a gun rookie defender to come in and take his spot.


Looking at holding one of P. Hanley or B. Crouch in my draft league until they are fit. I'm assuming they wont be good to go before the end of the bye rounds.
Which one should i choose?



Rick Grimes

Any love for Whitecross? I have a non-starting D8 and the cash to get him in. Will he ramp up the scoring or is 60 his lot?


No point wasting a trade bringing in someone who will struggle to make $100k, don't waste your time, wait for a gun defender to come in and take his spot.

I currently have Hamling as D8 and its quite useful using him as the loophole so I get a look at a rookies score before I have to choose if I want it or not.


There is no doubt Whitecross is capable of a lot better than scores of around 60. Is one worth keeping an eye on this week. He has played 2 matches and scored 42 SC points in game one and 61 SC points in game 2. This is a positive trend for him as he has come back from a long injury lay off. If he backs up with an 85+ this week he must be considered at around $220K. Would have gone up a bit but would still be good value to grab at that price. I would not pick him just yet, too early to call.


Heeney or lambert out?

The Ranger

Same dilemma for me, I'll be waiting to see if Heeney is named.


I think Heeney plays this week, if not he only misses one, so get rid of Lambert because he won't make you anything for at least a few months, look to get Lambert back in possibly as a downgrade target later on.


I'm looking at going NVB to Krak and using Lambert as my donut if required , thoughts anyone ?

Trab Pukcip

The only problem with that is Tigers play first on Saturday so it essentially means you can only loophole/emergency him with players from carlton/geelong. I guess if you have cripps, it could be worth a shot.

The Ranger

I posted this earlier in a thread but I'd like to get the wider communitys opinion….
Is Tarrant worth culling a rookie for if all your rookies are getting game time and earning money?
Not all of mine are earning quickly (I'm looking at you Jack Lonie) so is it worth the trade to make some fast cash?
Tarrant stands to go up 100K this week….


Its hard to say….

I wouldn't be looking at burning a trade to get rid of Jack Lonie for the sake of Robbie Tarrant.

Tarrant will do well to average 70 for the rest of the season (I'm a Kangas supporter) and Lonie could do about the same, I think burning the trade for the chance of more cash is a waste of a trade.

If you don't have a clear cut rookie to trade out to get Tarrant in, its probably not worth the trade.

Locked and Loaded

Good point answers my question. Saad to Krak for me

Locked and Loaded

Is having 24 trades and 233k in the warchest a good position to be in at the end of this week. Currently have 26 trades and 15k??


Money in the Bank doesn't really give you an idea of how your tracking. I think upto the end of round 4 you can make 6 or so trades to try and correct your team and have them sitting about right. Then you probably want to hold steady until the bye rounds to give yourself the best shot.

Locked and Loaded

Thanks Avzmo a problem in the past for me is running out of trades too early. Tracking quite well at the moment and looking to get in both Krak and Tarrant but for me do you really need both trades are golden we all know that?


305K with 24 trades after this week…. Ranked 1,235 in the land! #proudhappy


1,239 Sorry….


What are people's plans with Higgins, Newnes, Judd and Rich? Any of them worth shipping out yet?


no except rich, he forfilled the purpose of being a stepping stone and now has a high BE


Keep Higgins he is doing very well in a unpredictable back line this year
If you have bigger problems than Judd then fix those 1st
Rich is nearly ripe to cash in though one more week and can make abit more coin
Newnes will improve, he holding price and can't do much worse, just one of these years where u have to hold ur backs and upgrade everything else 1st then back line last


I'm thinking of trading out McGrath but who is a better pick Krak or Tarrant?

Then I might trade Bennell for Sheil?



If you can trade Krak into your Mid it gives you a Mid/Fwd option


Yeah I can move him in the mid I have Lambert there on the pines….but I have Gray to and he might not play again this week???? I cant trade out Gray but I'm willing to part with Bennell.


you shouldnt waste a trade on moving sideways from bennel to shiel.
with swallow out for a while, bennel might see some more midfield time but isnt that hard at the contest.


ok thanks….actually shiels would be an upgrade but Your right I forgot Swallow was hurt


Get both Krak and Tarrant in


No brainers this week at The Kings of Leon.
Ahmed Saad to Taz and Lang to Kraks
$400K in the kitty and an overall rank of 1638, lifes good.


Yeah I guess…..who are you players?

Locked and Loaded

How many trades does that leave you with? Curious to get a gauge


out of the four which 2 will score the most
Bellchambers, Tarrant, Clark and Lonie


TBC against saints I actually think will score a good one here 75-80 points
Tarrent if he trends again anywhere between 85-100 points i reckon
Clarke could kick a bag against Nth Melbourne could…. Might score less than TBC this week
Lonie no

In order I think Tarrent, TBC, Clarke and Lonie this week


i can loophole between tbc and mason cox.