The Standing Room – Round 3

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11083867_809215515841934_9018198388225981870_nG’day Community! Welcome to The Standing Room for round 3.

A place to chew the Supercoach fat about the round in progress. How are we all getting on – what are the dilemmas you’re facing for the rest of the round – and as we move towards a critical round 4?

I’m on 1748 with Fyfe, Wallis, Minson, Harry Taylor and KK still to play – I’ve taken Rory Sloane’s 140SC on the captain loophole. How is everyone else travelling?

Remember Club Jockolians – next installment of the Club Jock Podcast will be out Tuesday night this week. Join here. 



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1465 – 14 played – Sloane as Capt.


1670 with Gibson, Minson, Bennell and Fyfe Captain


Mid range for me again this week, 1700 so far with Fyfe captain, Selwood, Clark and Naitanui to come.


1746 4 to go fyfe as cap


1583 with Bont, Bartel, Fyfe Captain Nic Nat and Saad


Thanks for advising against a Cripps to Rich trade Jock! Missed out on 4 points but saved $140k and trade! Genius!


Standouts for me so far was Beams 138 – Glad I hung fat!!! Swan 150 – back to his piggy best, Sloandog's 140 – traded for Gaz – I'll take that for captain and Goldy 110 very consistent.
Amongst the rookies was The Ox 97, Cripps 89, Yollman 104, Salem 66 MacIntosh 64 Hogan 62 Vandenburg 65, OK for Rookies
1770/18 with captain Sloandog


1391 with SMitch, Enright, Bennell, Clark, Saad to play. Still have Goldy’s 110 to count (E on my bench with Read on field as C loophole) + Swan 150 as VC loophole to count as well. Hoping for around 2100, which means I need to average around 90 with players left – unlikely but not impossible!


1476 with 6 left to play, including Fyfe as captain. Parker and Martin are killing me – have to seriously consider my options with them this week.


No. Stick with your premiums. They will reward you.


Parker is killing me too, but gotta stick fat with him. hes a gun

I N Pieman

1415 with 8 to go. That includes sloan as c. Many underperformers but it seems nobody has dodged that. Spuds galore!


I had Ellis-Yolmen on the bench, Again! Oh well, Heeney was nearly as big.
1609, Sloane as C and 6 still to play.


1607 w/ fyfe as capt, gibson, clark and saad to play


Over Griffin, thinking of trading in Sloane but so is everyone else, any thoughts of someone else, I’m warming to Jobey

I N Pieman

Griffen is a tough one. I share the pain. Big call on what to do with him. Trouble is if you trade him he will score 150


I reckon hold Griffen, he'll come good


I hear you mate. I took griffin coz he was too cheap to resist but he’s too inconsistent. As soon as I can downgrade a rookie I’ll add that cash to griffin to grab a reliable premo like jpk or Watson.


I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on that one myself Neale.

Really wanted to get Sloane in before this weekend but had other big picture cash cow priorities to deal with instead.


1349 with Lewis, Fyfe, Burgyone, Clarke, Sadd and Nitnat to come. Going Lewis into Fyfe for captain. Will struggle to get to 2000 as I had JPK and Parker 🙁 and some poor rookie bench selections.


Looked great early with Ox and Cloke firing. Saturday turned to poo..

Put vc on Sloan but buggered up the loophole with Lonie stinking it up. Had Lamb good to go for the C but would have had to take Lonie’s 30 as the E. Decided Gray would go well enough to not justify doing that…

Vanderberg and Hogan on field. Cripps & Heeney on bench. Wines and Patfull below expectations. A round of what couldabeen.


Take Sloan 280 (vc) with Hogans 62

or roll the dice Fyfe and M Clark?

Trab Pukcip

Ask yourself which result you would be UNHAPPIEST with a) taking a very good vc score and fyfe still beats it OR b) taking Fyfe as captain and he under performs…..I think the answer is pretty clear buddy!


I have the same dilemma. i've taken the point. Even if Fyfe scores big it can't be much more than 140


I'd take Clark over Hogan. Clark's 100th game sure to produce the goods, also against a weak GC side

Trab Pukcip

Any news on wines injury??


I’ve heard it’s a dislocated wrist so that might be 4-6 weeks unfortunately.


And I just traded him in this week. Just my luck


Early report is stating a month out minimum


1793/18 taking Sloane's VC score. Clark, Saad, Nic Nat and Fyfe to play


1346/16, Fyfe(C) better get 140+ #fingerscrossed. Poor Sub selecting this week.

Rick Grimes

Saad or Ibbottson on field?




Captain loophole with Swan 😉 15 played 1565, pretty happy with the round so far!


Final teams #AFLHawksDogs – Hill out for the Hawks, replaced by Hartung. Bontempelli out for the Bulldogs, replaced by Hrovat.

Subs: Anderson (@HawthornFC) and Goodes (@westernbulldogs)

I N Pieman

The Bont is out. 30,000 who traded him in must feel guttered


One little Bont is rested and everyone loses their minds, the super coach world will have gone into turmoil with this one aha. This entire season so far has separated the wise super coachers from the young. many many lessons being learned every week! LOVING it!




I traded him in as a keeper so not so concerned. Was expecting 80 today and have lonies 37 to fall back on. More annoyed I didn’t put the emg on hogan. Traded the bont in for Minson so I picked up more cash than I would have next week. Not ideal but not gutted … Yet! Hope he plays next week though


I’m just devastated I’ve got to put myself through the turmoil of to bont or not to bont for another week! Just stopped myself this week don’t know if I’ll be able to next week! The Goddard-bont may just happen…..


rolling the dice with selwood as captain.

is this smart or am I better off sticking with Fyfe?

Gold Rush

SS wet slippery, Perth – arousal peak day.

the sprinkler

in this weather you can guarentee Jelwood will get a head bandage. Head bandage = high SC scores for Jelwood


Was waiting on the Bont call. Missed getting Sloane in yestetday. J Lewis or J Selwood in for Ablett?


Fellas 1576/17 sloanes score yet to count and 5 to play: Saad,Clark , Fyfe,nic nat and Lewis. How am I going?


decent, looking at about 2100

The General

A question community…

Trying to take Sloane loophole, was going to captain Lamb, but now Bont is out, would need to have 2 forward emergencies (Clark, Salem). Will both emergencies count if there are two donuts are in the forward line?


Both emergencies will count.

Select up to FOUR emergencies. Emergencies from your reserves list will replace up to four non-scoring players in your starting line-up in matching positions only.


Yes both Es should count if you have a double donut in one line. If you only have a single donut you just get the lower of the two E scores which is why it's rarely implemented but it SHOULD work for your very particular purpose.

the sprinkler

yes they should

Dustbin Feltchers

bont out!!


I work at melbourne airport and just spoke to ollie wines on ports way through. He has dislocated his wrist and reckons 2-3 weeks.

the sprinkler

more like 4-6 for that injury


1412 with Gibson, Saad, KK, NicNat, Bartel, Clark and Fyfe (c) to come.


1525 with Swan as Capt.
Nic Nat, Bartel, Bennell, Selwood, Saad, Clark and Fyfe still to play. Hopefully crack 2200

Swan loophole was great. Higgins proving to be a valuable risky pick.

in a close league game I have Nic Nat, Bennell and Bartel VS Neale and 165

Will be close but hopefully can take the chocolates


Leave bont on field for salem’s score or sub bont for Clark?


OUT Lamb IN Honechurch or Dickson?


Or Bennell?


of those two Honey will be more consistent


Wait another week and keep your eye on Krakour. An extra round with loophole too.


Danger mouse stunk it up as my VC loopy. Not sure on Fyfe or Selwood as captain. Leaning towards selwood….. Surely he's ready to explode down at the cattery against a poor form gc team. Also Gonna trade gaj for Mundy. I reckon Picken will be a pest to Lewis all day. What are your thoughts?


Got the vc on Sloane, captain on Fyfe. I'd be mad not to lock in the 140 wouldn't i? Please confirm community.


C on Fyfe


Now I'm also thinking I should loophole hogan score as Clarke won't have great conditions to work in today. Who's with me?


Yep you are mad


yes you'd be mad


Take the 140


Use da loophole 140 is as good as gold


Thanks all! Lock it in eddy!


Yes…. That would be mad!


Yep. Take the guaranteed 280 mate. Fyfe may get a few more but if he has an off day or is injured you’ll kick yourself


leave VC on sloane. At best, Fyfe scores 150 and u gain an extra 10 points.

At worst, Fyfe scores 105 and you lose 35 points


Who to put as captain, Selwood or Fyfe?


Fyfe safer bet but selwood due to bounce back and crap weather may = lots of contested possies. I’ve gone fyfe


1777 at this stage. Sloane as C and with Fyfe, Selwood, Minson, Saad and Clark still to come. Bachar Houli was my bearded surprise packet this week with a 150!


I've never heard of a "bearded surprise packet" but it sounds good.


Not the best week, however par score might only be 2100 this week!
15 played for 1386 – fyfe (c), jelwood, bartel, clark, wallis, nicnat, saad to come.

Just too many 70s this week. Ive got wines 😕
If he is 2-3 i keep, heeney,vdb, cey are going well enough. 4 weeks and he’s gooooonnnnneeeee.


Hodge going bonkers!


1553 with Jelwood, Fyfe, Saad, Clark to come, + Tom Read ( =+140 Sloane VC) and Nic Nat ( E for Read) so still hoping for 2100-2200

Favalinko u Beauty

Whats the weather like at the cattery? Risk Clark in the wet or take Bellchambers 70


Take Beams 138 or risk fyfe as captain?

Favalinko u Beauty

I would play it safe and bank the 138 but saying that I hope Fyfe goes large as I have the C on him


1744 with Nic Nat, Priddis, McGovern Clark and hogans score to be added. Stoked I didn’t follow the pack with Bont, Sheil, Wallis or trade Cripps. All while not trading Ablett this week quick should help hopefully



Quick one

Saad or Kolodjashnij to be on field?


Gold Rush

Saad has the results till now.


Take the safe option of Salem’s 66 or roll the dice on M Clark going large without Hawkins?

Favalinko u Beauty

Same dilemma worried by the wet weather, not a good day for tall forwards


hodge on 105 at half time!


Learnt a hard lesson. Shark moves are hard. Went ziebel as a pod for lids. Should have gone with conservative swan. Live and learn. Would have rather a late out then the four and forced trade.


Hi community, would be interested in thoughts on Tom mcdonald birchell and houli as defenders after this weekend all look good and mcdonald scored good against the crows in the wet playing on tex walker.

the sprinkler



yep he only scored 5. My fwd line has coped a hammering this week with that and the Bont not playing


Struggle town for me, will be extremely lucky if I can crack 2000 this round


If he misses another game I'm trading him out


HES GONE FOR 4 WEEKS. hes going bang bang thursday night. atleast he didnt loose any value


Grrrr, looks to have cost me wins in both my leagues 🙁
Unless Fyfe scores like 200.


Wow, what a genius I was (not)! Had 380k to play with after the Hallahan to McGrath trade, and thought why not trade Cripps to Shiel? 1 trade and 300k later, Shiel scores only 50 and Cripps scores 90 odd! Better hope the 2 Giants midfielders in my team (Shiel and Griff) step up as the year progresses, as I see them both potentially being season long keepers. I didn't watch the GWS/Sydney match, and can someone who did give me some insight as to why Dylan scored as badly as he did?

Also I am planning on offloading Brett Goodes next week, but I don't know who to… Any suggestions? I will possibly have more than my current 80k in the bank if I have to trade Bartel…



Shiel was hard tagged by Josh Kennedy. It wasn't even a run with role. I was amazed that Sydney sacrificed Kennedy for Shiels.


Wait a couple of weeks after Bartel comes back, he’ll be a bargain after today’s zero score.


Lewis got 41 disposals and only got 107? How is this right?!?


???? Someone


Just the way the points get allocated, Roughead and Hodge went large when the game was still tight, but it is madness


But Lek how is that possible he only needs to go at 70% eff to get 130


I’ve been trying to warn people about getting hawthorn players. Bad for SC. Share points too much


But lewis is a gun that will avg 120


went for slone instead of lewis… happy!!!

only hawk i ll think about getting into my team is the big rough


I've got Sloane to only mids that stuffed were Parker and Griffen


60% DE and had 7+ clangers

Gold Rush

Heap of Clangers!


61% DE, 7 clangers, only 7 contested possessions (Koby had more). Didn't do much to influence the game


Agree. Worst 41 possession game I have seen.


Touk Miller having a good game finally. Reckon he will still go up in points a fair bit


Ross Lyons up to his usual tricks? Fyfe with only 14 poss near the end of 3rd as Dockers are pummeling the Eagles. Has he been playing deep forward pocket?

My round has gone down in flames had the C on Fyfe, and had Bartel. Was figuring on about 2160, now be lucky to make 2000.


Oops my bad, was start of the third, not the end.


I managed mid 70's or less from newnes, griffen, danger, higgins, gray, wines, belcho, parker, salem, KK, clark, saad, Bartel.

Had lonie as cover for Bont assuming bont would play and having a gamble,

Bartel and wines could be out for a while, Fyfe as captain.

Time to rebuild community, I can only go up from here.


Trade arse, Bang Bang!


Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, What do we do with Shane Mumford?

98 and 108 now a 61! Like he wasn't gonna lose money anyway, Seriously considering trading him and Griff out…
Both too inconsistent for my liking.

Is mummy worth the 612k? Looking to upgrade ( After price changes 🙁 ) to Goldy as he has pulled three top notch performances in a row!


Go Mumford to Brodie Grundy this is a risky move but will pay off, no 1 ruckman set to average 80 will max 450k and you will have 300k in the we, you then go griffen too a super premo.

The Roughnuts

Looking at SC now and I have done the exact same thing.

Mummy to Grundy – obviously risky but Grundy looked pretty good and is clearly the No.1 ruck at the pies.


After copping Sidebottom, I’ve now been hit with Wines and Bartel this week. All that pre-season research can’t predict this! With the cash I’ll lose from Wines and Jimmy, I will actually have to go down a premium and restructure. Although, maybe I could still get the Bont as he didn’t play, and maybe upgrade Wines to Sloane. It’ll be tight though. Have $97k in the war chest, any advice appreciated.


Bartel won't lose any cash as he missed last week


Loving that Neale is doing so well tonight, he’s going to suck a lot of people in now


Had him since start of season. 95, 108 and 170 for $468k. Got him as a speculative pick. Not sure if I'd pick him up after his price rise, if that's what you mean, but I doubt he will average much less than 105-110 for season. Watch his game, you may be surprised how hard he works, not surprised at all by the 170.


losing by 1 point is brutal



I’m feeling your pain. I lost by 6 and had Bartel


I lost by 6, had Bartel and C on Fyfe , also had Parker,griffin,mummy,Gray Simpson all with average rounds. Rookies out scored my premiums on average. If I didn't have 2-3 injuries every week newnes would have been gone also, looks to gather the pill, but does nothing with it .

The Ranger

Bloody carnage everywhere.
Took the C off Swan once Pendles was named and then took it off him after he only got the 107 and put it on JPK who proceeded to spud it up even more!
Bartel down, Gray with a 73, Mumford 61, Simpson 78, Griffen 77….painful, painful week.
Lowest score for a few years.
Off to find a beer.

cow roll

Same mate 🙁


Can somebody explain to me how the Captain loophole works this year seeing as how you cant make your captain a bench player?

I'll just have a guess and say you put somebody you know will score 0 on the field and make your emergency a player who will certainly score, and make that player that will score 0 on the field your captain, still getting the emergency score as well as the points for your vice captain. Is that about right?


thats how it was last year and year before and the year before. CAPTAIN STAYS ON FIELD


what to do with Griffen?


personally I'm sticking with him. he's underperforming obviously, but points per dollar there's worse out there, and I get the feeling as soon as I dump him he'll hit a purple patch like he tends to do.


Is 2100 around par this week or higher?


Downside – Had a terrible round like many others

Upside – Midfield bench scored 271



You know your score was sad when fantasy outscores supercoach.


I hear you westy…


What an injury trainwreck this round was.

Wines, Knights, Ziebell, Wallis, Morris, Bartel, Mc Govern, Bontempelli, and Lonergan. Just to mention a few. Dont have all these guys in my side BTW. If I did, I would be dangling off the lemon tree in the backyard. LOL

I would like to preserve trades where I can at the start of the season but I might have to pull the "corrective trade" trigger again this week.

Any thoughts?


At least McGovern got 100. I’m hoping for good news about his injury,


Hey Community!

I thought Jamar was going to be a great POD for me but i was wrong.

Currently i have 121K in the bank and i am looking to trade him.

Any suggestions?


it is time to get rid of Brett Goodes. Do we think Whitecross will be playing much this year as he may be a good trade for Goodes? i already have Oxley, Mckintosh and Saad,


I think Dogs have a few injury problems. Goodes should still get games


3 best fwd prems and 3 best def prems???


Fwds: Gray Swan Franklin/Martin
Def: Smith Shaw Simpson


Thoughts on Dion Prestia?


Had him from the start Tom. He is a little nugget and loves possessions. Was a lock for me from the start. Has flown under the radar a bit, not for long though. He is flyin.


Terrific round. 2289. Ranked in top 100!


Nice work Matty, where are you placed overall?


Ah just figured out top 100 IS overall! Great work buddy!


Haha typo. Made myself sound better than I am. Top 1000 not 100 haha. Im ranked 989


got griffen, wines, and wallis :/ wallis especially brought my score down. what to do with them?

Dean Billman

Wines out for a month ish, Wallis didn't look too good. They will be your first priorities this week I reckon


Got 2098 this week, better than last week thanks mainly to having VC loophole on Swanny!
This Week thinking of trading Nathan Brown to Oxley, Brown not guaranteed of getting 32 BE and best case won't make much more anyway. Oxley, even though I've missed out on the $74K rise will still increase substantially as BE is -95. Technically it's a sideways trade but it seems to make sense. Still leaves me with $428K in the bank.
My only other immediate issue is Lids – do I cut my losses or persevere? Side after trade:

DEF: Lumumba, Saad, Enright, KMac, Oxley, Newnes (Goodes, Goddard)
MID: Sloane, Pendles, Rich, CEY, Heeney, Parker, NVB, SMitch (Vandenberg, Anderson, Lambert)
RUC: Goldy, Maric (Read)
FWD: Swan, Gray, Bennell, Hogan, Clark, Saad (Lids, Lamb)

Ben Bretel

ranking 689 team is set thanks for the help community

Dustbin Feltchers

is there a podcast tonight??



Dig Dug

what time does the podcast usually come out?



The Roughnuts

What are thoughts on Grant Birchall community?

Lowest avg since 2011 has been 88.9 with the others being 90+. Tag will always go to Mitchell, Hill or Smith. Is 28 and in the prime of his career. Only 3% of people have him and has great duriablitly. It was only 2013 where he hurt his knee that he hasn't played over 21 games during the year. Priced at $477k, I'm a hawks supporter and have always rated birchall but he is a great POD for defence I reckon.

I'm downgrading Mummy to Grundy and then Trading Goodes to Birchall as my backline is weak and needs strengthing so I can bank some early wins in my cash leagues.

Arguments for or against Community?


Birchall is always solid, ave between 89 and 95 for last 4 years and would expect similar again. Like most rebounding defenders he will be a bit up and down particularly as hawks have a few guys that can play that role but over the long term you get what you pay for.