PODCAST: Community Night Round 3

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Supercoach 2015The Circle of Fantasy Life.

It took a call in from an old mate of the community night podcast to remind me of an undeniable fact. When a Great King falls – the way is left clear for another Great man to take his place.

It’s a podcast about priority at the trade table. A podcast about reflection on greatness.. and anticipation of greatness to come. But mostly its a podcast about making sound Supercoach selections in the lead up to round 3.



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NVB > Krak in a few weeks people, golden trade.


Krak hasn't cemented his spot yet, but lets hope so


Hi Jock I couldn't get a message in tonight but was wondering if you could help me out . I was stupid enough to trade in Leuy last week and now am not sure what to do with him these are my 2 options
A) Leuy to Bont via TBC
B) Pendles to Shiels and Leuy to Goldy


Dear god hold pendles. luey to bont


Thanks Lek worried a bit about Pendles injury but will hold him.


Some Supercoach wisdoms to keep me company on the drive to work tomorrow! Cheers Jock!


Rejoice, here come the rookies


Need guidance community – are people trading out Kane lambert? With him out I've got no bench cover in my forward line. Should I bring in Jayden McGrath or Jack Lonie? (Already have Salem, hogan, Clark)

Leaning towards McGrath, although having Lonie works out better in terms of bye structures.


I am looking to trade Tom Lamb to either Van Berlo (as id swtich Krak to the fwds) or Jayden Mcgrath?


So problems just like most..any help would be fanbloodytastic

I have GAJ and S.Selwood with pendles and cripps ( hopefully these fellas will get up) and 68k warchest 30 trades

I was thinking maybe a double down of GAJ/SSelwood to Vandenburg/Hogan with a DPP swing, this would only be for cash generation but burns a couple of trades.

The next would be to keep structures to a fyfe or sloane (ablett) and rich/ NVB/Vandenburg (SSelwood)
or possibly go something like fyfe and mundy?

My mid setup is GAJ,JPK,Pendles,Lewis,Griffin,SSelwood,Cripps,CEY,Heeney, J.Nelson, T.miller?

Any thoughts would be great..


Jeez, thats a tough one…

I like the idea of getting both rookies, but realistically, I don't think you can go without Fyfe's points if you only have VDB's points in comparison. I'd do Fyfe and a rookie if it was me…


Trade Ablett for Fyfe and Selwood to vanderberg and pocket cash


Yes I think this could be the option, the only other plan is bench ablett , move selwood to vburg and move lamb to hogan, then go fyfe next week as he will only go up a few grand?


or trade miller/lamb to vburg/hogan, then trade selwood/ablett next week?


Ok I think i will go, ablett/selwood out, swing r.gray mid trade in hogan/vburg. (i think too valuable not to have both should make 250-300k)

I then have 977k in the kitty plus netting ~150k next week (hoges and vandy), then move lamb/miller on next week, swing gray back the middle then i have miller/nelson plus money 13-20k to bring in fyfe/mundy or sloane/mundy and have rookies that can fattened properly..

what a hurdle!


Dont know how sound this theory is, but being rnd 3 leaves huge opportunity for you to get both rookies this week and pocket the cash and next week or week after you bring in a selwood type or a couple of fallen forwards. Id allow for a loss of 60 points per premium, per week. So for 120 points you might save 2-300k


G'day community!
Was hoping somebody could help me out, I've got Touk Miller on my bench, but have the money to trade him out for Van Berlo. Do you think its worth it?

Cheers, Jake


If you've nothing else pressing, I think it's a solid move. Van Berlo will make more money in next few games than Miller looks like he'll make all season.


Thinking of the same trade, looks pretty solid to me atm


Miller is at least getting games, and I reckon he will pick up as the season goes along. All he needs is one 80+ and he's making plenty, but for those desperate to get in VanBerlo go for it!

Harry. B

Thanks Jock.
Ablett to Sloane, Danger or Treloar?




Sloane or JPK or Fyfe (but you probably already have him)


I want to bring in nvb and McCarthy, but I can only do 1 as I had to trade Ablett out. Which trade should I do

Miller/cripps out for nvb or

Lambert out for McCarthy

If the nvb trade who should I trade out cripps or miller?


B/w Miller, Cripps and Wells I traded out Miller. I think we've seen enough from Miller….not yet seen enough from Cripps.


Here is my thinking…

THIS WEEK – G. Ablett > D. Rich + B. Goodes > K. McIntosh

NEXT WEEK – P. Cripps > Premium Midfielder

I think that Rich can make around 150k for me and he has a fantastic BE!!



At first I was shocked but I saw Ur plan for next.
I like this move a lot.
But what if cripps comes out and scores 100 what would u do then?


Then I wait for his BE to level out then use the cash to upgrade


I've done Ablett > NVB + B Goodes > Oxley – all my rookies are now set.

Next: Miller > Sloan + Geary > Smith/Docherty

Needless to say I think this is a great move and you should do similar.


Wisdom needed Jock! Currently I DO NOT have Bont. The only way I can get him in as I am going Ablett to Sloane (No cash flow) is swapping Bont to Swan. I could also upgrade Mitch Wallis to Bont but I love the bastard to much!

Is it worth is or should I give him a miss?


Either you've a split personality, or you're using a selection of fake names?!


Haha my brother posted a question above. I forgot to change the name!


Give him a miss mate, he will be good but not worth restructuring to get him


Wisdom needed Jock! Currently I DO NOT have Bont. The only way I can get him in as I am going Ablett to Sloane (No cash flow) is swapping Bont to Swan. I could also upgrade Mitch Wallis to Bont but I love the bastard to much!


Don't ship Swan. Be a shame to ship Wallis before he makes money too. If they're your only too options, I would give Bont a miss and see how he goes over next few tougher matches.

If you want him enough, would Ablett to Bont and use cash next week ruin your structures too much?


I agree, i am a doggies fan, and would really would have loved to be able to get the bont into my team, but if he doesnt fit your structure, or you have to break structure just to get him in, its not worth it, look at corrective trades this week, jump on those rookies you miseed out on.


So S.Selwood is my only trade this week and I jumped onto Bont. After listening to the Podcast, a seed of doubt has been planted in my mind. So who are some good options around 440k (MID and FWD, have Lambert to swing).


D.Rich $348
NVB $215
Ziebell $449 (NDS is out so could go even better)
Neale $468

Higgins $410 (FWD/DEF swing)
The Pav $459
McGovern $443 (fwd/def swing holding wce back line together)
Betts $426 ( nice POD)
Texas $438


Thoughts on keeping Cripps instead of a sideways to NVB? Saves a trade and his JS still looks good and better if the Blues were to keep on their word of 'Rebuilding'.
Thanks community!


Same problem mate, only also have miller so I might be trading him to nvb


I’m keeping him mainly because i need 1 trade for Ablett and one for Lambert , Cripps named this week and won’t lose money as it’s only his 2nd game shame to miss NVB on the bubble though.


I reckon cripps will go ok


Ablett to Sloane.Lambert to Honeychurch or Hogan not sure which, any help?


I would go hogan, will play every week


Thanks Cam think I’ll go that way.


Need our help

Looking at Hamling to Oxley…… What do you think?


No brainer. Oxley is in the best 21.


Snap no brainer

The Ranger

Jock, need ya help mate, Hogan or Vandenberg as an up grade?


Assuming you've an Ablett esk trade to make as well, otherwise I'd say both. Both have rippin' break evens (only 10 difference in favour of Vandenberg) so your right to have questions. I'd suggest that the vest risk on Vandenberg is enough to tip it such that if its a field spot I'd say Hogan and a bench spot Vandenberg.


Goddard > Oxley
Cripps > NVB
Goodes > Oxley
Miller > NVB


Goddard to oxley and save the second trade


If have cash hold goodes on bench. Goddard onto oxley and miller to nvb and enjoy the ride on the gravy train ๐Ÿ™‚


Whatever you were drinking Jock, send me 2 cases of it!

Epic effort from the community and the FOF!

I…am…PUMPED. Bring it on, Round 3!!!!!!


Hahaha it's a beautiful thing!




Got some spare cash from the Gaz trade and want to premo my def line asap! So…

Goodes to Rance, Murphey or someone else? Looking for season top 5 def keeper!


Cant go past Smith.


Haven't made any trades and have all the right rookies but do have cripps and lamb and feel I am a bit light up forward; community Should I make any trades this week? This is my team:
Saad, A
Geary, J
Newnes, J
Hibberd, M
Oxley, A
Pearce, C
Fyfe, N
Pendlebury, S
Wines, O
Wallis, M
Griffen, R
Polec, J
Selwood, J
Heeney, I
Ellis-Yolmen, C
Vandenberg, A
Cripps, P
Maric, I
Minson, W
Cox, M
Gray, R
Swan, D
Hogan, J
Bellchambers, T
Clark, M
Saad, A
McGrath, J
Lamb, T


By the time I scroll to the bottom of your team, I’ve forgotten who was at the top.


The team isn't anything fancy,


nope don't thinkso….hold em!


You need to get McIntosh into your defence.


Yes he does..great pick up, drop Clancee of the overflow


I got him and had him from the start


must of forgot to put him in defence and also heath shaw


just give up


Have lambert and miller. 1 trade left. Miller -> NVB, or swing lambert to the midfield and bring in McGrath? Could afford McCarthy and Dickson if I wanted but worried I'm getting sucked in by the doggies start. Cheers lads


i'm doing miller to him and won't look back
trust a proven player and ex captain over people who've played a couple of games

Canny the Manny

For those with Josh Gibson down back for the hawks or those considering bringing him in, just be wary that with Frawley's injury, Joshy Gibson will most likely give up his loose man down back role therefore his high scores. Just something to consider.

Dean Billman

I've got Gibson and I'm thinking that too mate.


Hey guys, I currently have ablett and I do not have hogan at the moment. What’s the best option at the moment? Thinking of going ablett -> NVB for cash generation and Tom lamb to hogan. Just worried about losing a premo, so my other option is to go ablett -> sloane? What are your opinions? Thanks lads


As stated in numerous articles over the week, you selected Gary as a super premium elite keeper who will knock out captains scores. Therefore I think you should be looking to bring in someone who will knock out big tons week after week. You could follow most and go Fyfe and Sloane and JPK who are all fantastic options. Or you could be a bit riskier and hope shiels form continues or a Dangerfield or a wines type. Messing with your structures if you replace Gary with NVB in my opinion.


Agreed. If you can get in one of Sloane or Fyfe this week you should.

Ryan K

Lonie or McGrath?


Apples and oranges Ryan
I'm going for neither because they won't go up by enough to warrant a trade to bring them in and then one to upgrade him as well later on


Hi jock and community, think I will be going 2 trades this week which will be goodes down to Oxley and ablett down to either lewis or jpk. Would love your thoughts out of lewis or jpk as I already have fyfe sloane and pendles. Thnx guys.


Both completely valid options, but at a toss of a coin, I'd go JPK.


I'll be trading Ablett to Sloane because I think Sloane might average 125 from now until the byes and Lambert to Van Berlo using my Bont swing (sorry Jock for going against your advice last week) because I think Van Berlo will score and make more money than Lonie. I think everyone should always look at when the person they're trading out and trading in play, if the person you're trading in (Sloane and Van Berlo) is playing before the person you're trading out (Ablett, Lambert) I suggest you wait until the final teams come in so you know the person you're trading in isn't a late out because there might not be something worse than trading someone in before the first game starts which is when you can't reverse and then they're a late out. It happened to me last year with Mummy


Best option for leuy?


Btw I already have goldy


Nic Nat.


Would the best option be to trade Wells to a Wallis or NVB (on field) or trade Lamb to McGrath (on the bench)?


NVB, cheap, easy draw, solid scoring, will make a ton of cash and great JS.


NVB, cheap, easy draw, solid scoring, will make a ton of cash and great JS.


What is a trade worth?

I am trading Ablett to Fyfe with my first trade this week.

Question is do I use the second trade to upgrade Miller to NVB? Miller is currently on the bench, and I can't see that changing, NVB would also be on the bench or a loophole score at best. So it's not about the points. I don't consider NVB a keeper, and he would be traded out around the byes (or earlier).

But NVB will probably make at least $150k more than Miller, but will take 2 trades (1 to get him in, and 1to upgrade him), that's 1 more trade than if I just traded out Miller later.

Is a trade worth more than $150k?

Help please, and I know that an extra $150k would mean getting to premium team earlier.


Miller will end up making at least $120k bye round11, more if he can chuck at least one 80odd in there. So in you're If he's not on field I can't see the value, so save the trade.


Could go A.Swallow to NVB. Swallow due to bleed cash and was picked to make a quick 50-80K.


Mind went blank with all this info….. Gone Gazza > vandenberg and lambert > hogan to correct all rooks.

600k in the kitty. Not sure if this is a waste of a trade having so much money in the till instead of going a super premo but I feel it’s more important getting the rookies right which they hopefully should be now. :/


Am I nuts?


Get a premo in this week. There will still be rookies to pick up next week, so you don't need every single one of the current crop this week. Get in Fyfe or Sloane.


Need to dump Tyson and S Selwood this week.

Currently tossing up between bring in Sloane and Van Berlo, other option would be Rich and one of Jack/Dangerfield/wines/Shiel/Mundy. Leaning towards the first option at the moment.


I looked at Sloane & NVB also, but left me with 3 Crows in the mids. Prob doesn’t matter as eventually 2 will be moved on I guess.


Any one trading like me

Ablett to van berlo
Goodes to oxley

Then use cash to upgrade miller next week to Fyfe type?


e flicked Gaz for Swan (will move fwd next week) and upgraded Hamming to Rory Laird….

But it just doesn’t feel quite right…

T/U – keep Swanny he’ll be a top 10 fwd and Hamling is nowhere near a game
T/D – Gaz to Wines, Touk Miller to NVB?


I have traded, then reversed trades at least 10 times this week. I have traded Beams down to Van Berlo and traded Lamb to Swan and have $93k left. This leaves me with 4 premium mids but strengthens my forwards and these are my first trades. I figure, i will get Rockliff, Ablett Pendles after mid season as my rookies will hopefully appreciated over $300-$350k. Thoughts???


My prem mids are: Fyfe JPK Parker Griffen
My prem fwds are: Gray Martin Bartel Swan – aim to get Franklin in soon which leaves one spot for best performing fwd around mid season break.


I’ve got the same sort of problem… Worried about weakening my midfield too much by bringing in van berlo (who would be m6 with rookies filling out the last 2 spots). Personally I’d hold beams, will be top 10 mid….


The only thing is my fwd emg are lamd and krak/lambert and only have 3 prem fwds. Van berlo will only get 70-80 but i plan to trade him in a few weeks for a selwood who will drop in value


Who should I trade Ablett for Fyfe or the bom


Fyfe or Sloane either would be excellent.


Rookie corrections:
B: McIntosh Saad Goodes N.Brown
M: CEY Heeney Miller Cripps Lambert
R: M.Cox
F: Salem Clark Hogan Lamb
I have 2 trades, don't really have any issues in prems due to bypassing GAJ at start of season so just wanting to get the right cash rookies in so I can upgrade my mid pricers ASAP. Any must haves on the bubble? Any must trade outs? Can I hold Lambert and Lamb if they aren't playing or are they first out? Hold Cripps for one more week or flick? NVB or VBerg in, or both? Help much appreciated!!


I would say you need Vandenberg in and probably NVB

Favalinko u Beauty

Lambert out Vanderberg in


Vandenberg for Lambert, Oxley into def for either Goodes or Brown.


Wells to van berlo, luenberger to Franklin next week or

Wells to bont, luenberger to b smith next week

Feel as though Franklin might explode but option 2 gives defence keeper and possible forward keeper…..I just don’t know, leaning to no. 2 thoughts???


If you're willing to take a risk with Bont, go for number 2.


I have Ablett, Brett Goodes, Cripps and Miller I'm looking to get rid of.

This trade is definitely happening. Ablett to JPK. The Rest I'm unsure of.

Brett Goodes to Hamling or Goddard? Already have Oxley, Saad, McIntosh

Cripps to NVB. Reason? Cripps got dropped and hasn't proven himself. NVB has been a proven performer, in a winning team, and should make cash quickly. This will still leave me with over 100k to hopefully upgrade KK next week.

Miller to NVB. This trade will not leave me with much cash left.


Guys bontempelli will kill them, he is much better then macrae who averaged 100 in his second season, plus you can pick him fwd


Just not sold on him yet. Proven he can beat up weaker teams. He should get more attention over the next 3 weeks against the Hawks, Crows, Sydney (a). Will judge him then

I N Pieman

Completely agree Kev. If he tears the Hawks swans & crows apart I’ll take my hat off to him. They are 3 teams that if they see a big threat will move heaven & earth to stop him. And they plenty of options to do so. Will be interesting. I smell a trap.


Hey community! I am more focused on playing for league win than overall rank. I know everyone has being saying and in articles over the week, you selected Ablett as a super premium elite keeper. Therefore we should be looking to bring in someone who will knock out big tons week after week ex Sloane or JPK. I have a different idea. What do you think of these trades:

Ablett to Van Berlo
Tom Lamb to Jaden McGrath

Then next week, if one of Miller, Cripps or Newton spuds it up this week and their break even is high. I’ll trade one of them to a Sloane or JPK. As Sloan or JPK prices won’t increase as much next week then the cheaper bubble boys would be. This grants me more cash generation for the long run for the league win. Thoughts community


What is a higher priority, trading luey or getting my forward rookie bench right. i have lambert and lamb and looking to bring in lonie or mcgrath


Get the fwd bench in order and have someone ready to step up. Probably Lamb to Lonie, but I'm also looking at McGrath right now – not certain that Krak will have the rolled gold job security in a few weeks as everyone hopes.


Hey everyone

Thoughts on gaz to either lewis or shiel ??

Let me know what yous think ! Thanks !



Rick Grimes

Lewis is the proven premium. Shiel has killed it against weakfish opposition. He shouldn't get the tag and GWS are pretty competitive, so there is every chance he'll maintain a high average. I'm really tempted but am going to hold for another week, if Beams stinks it up it may be a straight swap.


Laird, Savage or Shenton?


I’m looking at Laird


Savage, huge meters gained numbers means he’s the man at the saints imo


Keep Goodes, low b/e an is a warm body. Oxley/Mac/Saad are the only options down back.

Cripps wasn't dropped, had a back niggle last week. Was only 3 weeks ago that he racked up 32 touches against the Cats in nab 3. Keep faith. NVB isn't killing it, a wasted trade when you're just gonna trade NVB again down the track.


thoughts of going dayne beams down to NVB?


Beams should come good soon, only trade if your using the money for something wise ๐Ÿ˜›


What’s wrong with Beams?


G'day Jock and community,

GAJ > Sloane and KLambert > Heeney

Hanging with BGoodes/Jaksch/Cripps/Miller on the benches this week due to the above trades, and then looking next week to re-assess the rookie situation and possibly look to go Rich > JPK or similar.


I've got Goodes, Brown and Hamling in my DEF. Want to get Oxley in. What would you do?


I've also got Miller and Lambert who I'm keen to move on.


Guys first time posting after much reading and your expert opinions are defs needed!!

Have GAJ and Cockatoo. I have Fyfe, Pendles, Sloane
These are my options
1. Ablett > Heppell/ Cockatoo > Rich
2. Ablett > JPK/ Cockatoo > NVB
3. Ablett > Bont / Cockatoo > NVB
Am I missing any other rookies that are cheaper than NVB that can make me cash I have Vandenberg, CEY, Heeney, Miller, Cripps.



Option 2 mate, JPK should be a solid keeper. You have the other solid midfield rookies so NVB is a good pick.
I like Heppell I'm an essendon man, but not sure if he is a keeper yet. If you get in JPK this week you can always get in Heppell later in the season when we have more of an idea how he is going to go this season.


Jock, Legends of this wonderful community

1 spot in my midfield and 4 players to choose from; Vandenberg, Heeney, P. Cripps and Touk Miller
Who gets the nod?

Cheers guys


Had the same dilemma am going with Heeney v GWS the others have tough games. I know GWS are 2 from 2 although Sydney will give them a reality check this week


How do you loophole your forwards as im not sure who to field out of Lonie and Clark


Tom Lamb. Fwd $117 and trapped on one game.

Time to take him to the slaughter? What is the word on his job security now that he's played one and missed two? Is he the next Relton? 2015's answer to Tom Clurey? I'm tempted to cut Lamb and bring in McGrath (already having Lonie, Hogan, Salem and Mitch Clark). What do people from the West know about Lamb?


Is it worth trading Tom Lamb to someone like a Jack Lonie?


Or Jaiden McGrath even?




I am Loony for Lonie – lock it in.



Lamb will play plenty of games this season, Having a staggering price appreciation will only benefit your team.

Agent 57

G’day community

This is the first time I’ve ever posted something on the Internet. This community seems an awesome place to start.

Do you reckon Will Minson is a season long keeper? With the new ruck rules, I’m not sure whether Minso does enough around the field not to be plopping out average scores on a regular basis. I can see his value dropping and maintaining around a low to mid $400000 meaning that it would be harder to upgrade to a Goldstein type who might maintain a mid $500000 value and regularly chip in with consistently good scores.

What do you reckon? Upgrade to a Goldstein while there isn’t too big a difference in price. Rucks are complete bastards to figure out this year.

Anyway best of luck for the weekend community.


I am trading him out this weekend … Don’t think he is a keeper … Go to Goldy if u can


Hi Agent 57!
Welcome. Couldn’t agree more, this is a great community for any SC enthusiast!
Yes, its apparent that new rule changes regarding hitouts have the potential to negatively impact ruck scores. In my opinion, I think the phobia in selecting proven premium rucks has been overstated. I opted to go for a set and forget combo in Goldstein and Mumford. They may bleed a little cash, but I still expect them to average over 100, and find they are still value as I expect them to outscore the next level of Rucks (Maric and Mins on) by 20+. Goldy has pulled a 100 and a 154 and Mumford a 96 and 108. Still not bad given the ruck doom saying!
IMO it’s worth getting Goldy.

3. votes

Should I consider trading Cockatoo to Van berlo or hold a few more weeks and if he is performing poorly, trade down to Krakour


I have Goldy and Minson in the ruck and TBC up forward, should I bring TBC into ruck and trade Minson for Robbie Gray?

Also took a chance on Troy Menzel at start, 87 excited me, 23 frightened me. Should I get him out or hold another week and trade out goddard for oxley?



Yeah….but no. Same as me, but I'm holding the TBC switch for now.


Hi community,

I've got Lumumba and don't see him making enough $$ or scoring enough to be a keeper. I'm thinking either Docherty (have a feeling he'll be reasonably consistent and score enough to be a keeper) or I've got enough for Brodie Smith, who looks to have at least picked up where he left off last year, not to mention Adelaide's draw and their form. Thoughts?


Hi guys. Thoughts on who to trade out between Cripps and Newton?


I think Cripps has better js


Newton to vanberlo? And Is it worth trading lamb to McGrath or lonie in the fwds currently my last bench spot there


Cripps to NVB or hold??






Wait and see

Locked and Loaded

I see your haste in not wanting to miss out on NVB but Cripps must be held I'll be trading out Cockatoo for NVB if that helps


Great solo show. I am Loony for Lonie, no brainer.
Also, The Bont will run on and score well in 2015, only Langford can shut him down, unfortunately – He will.


Cracking Podcast as always. What do you reckon of getting in A. Rance or T. Mcdonald + 100k in the bank? Rance premo but mcdonald make coin?



You BloodyRippa

My two bobs worth for this week……with all that Ablett cash to spend…..don't waste it on spuds or splash it around on players who are at the top of their form after 2 games. The money you spend this week (and the trade you use) to get someone like Taylor Hunt will look terrible in a few weeks time.
Focus on this….. what do I want my midfield to look like come round 18. Will you need some cash in the bank to get Rockliff and Ablett in later? Replace Ablett ONLY with another rolled gold mid who is good value at the moment. Bontempelli? As Jock said in the podcast…. he is young. What kind of shape will he be in at the end of the season? This week you can get Jordan Lewis for well under 600k. Next week you might get Selwood for under 600k. These guys are hardened warriors who will be delivering at the business end of the season. Grab one like this and pocket the change. Its a better long term move.


Cockatoo to van Berlo or Goodes to Oxley.


Coq au Vin


I'm letting the Cocky fly free this week!


Gaz to Sloane & Goodes to McDonald
Gaz to Sloane & Lambert to Hogan


You probably wouldn't want to miss out on Hogan.


Option 2


This is doing my head in community!

I'm thinking Bont is a keeper – F6 worse case. Has a great run in SC finals against weak opposition that he has scored well against in the past. Yes, high risk in terms of second year blues and future tagging, but great reward!

Struggling though to fit him in, it's basically coming down to:

1. Gaz to Dangerfield and Miller to Bont
2. Gaz to Sloane and save a trade. Wait for Miller and other rooks to fatten, then bring Bont in as a premo if he proves to be legit. Miller has been pretty poor over first two weeks but still low breakeven, and could be a slow burner that still makes me $150K.



Depends if u think Danger will be consistent enough and in top mids at end of year or close enough to it.
I’m torn on Bont too as i agree at worst he could be F6. I was gonna trade Lids for Bont but have enough cash to go to JPK via switch so will prob do that and wait and see on Bont.


hey guys.

struggling with a decision to make

goodes to oxley


lambert to van berlo

already got cripps and think he needs another crack..
and was oxleys game last week a one off.

what do you guys think

and goodes was on my bench anyway so oxley will be too


As per podcast get rid of yr injury worries first ie Lambert.


Who will score more up to the byes? Goodes and Zorko? Or Docherty and Bontempelli?


Prob option 2. Goodes (assuming you mean Brett) a vest risk. Zorko can be very up and down


Two trades this week are:
Lambert to Lonie & Wells to Shiel
Lambert to Lonie & Wells to Rich.

If I go to Shiel I will have 1k in the bank, but I don't know if I'm shooting myself in the foot
by not having rich to make cash. Shiel would almost be a keeper if I picked him.


Have you got NVB might make more cash than Rich. I’m personally not 100% sold on Shiell.


sloane or kennedy


Thoughts plz? Have Goodes and Hamling, only rook I need is Oxley. Also only have Lambert as a trade out option and looking NVB. Already have 150k so I could go hamling to oxley and still lambert to nvb. But thinking Goodes for the extra cash so I can jump on a Fallin. Option 3 is probly Goodes to oxley and leave lambert there, missi.g NVB but will have 250k and possibly a TBC to Jelwood after 1 week.


If you can get Hamling to Oxley and Lambert to NVB they would be solid trades.
Hamling isn't getting a game and lambert is out for a while and I can't see him getting straight back into the side anyway.
Your better off getting rid of Hamling and Lambert rather than Goodes, Goodes still has a chance of playing, they do not.


Thanks mate, that does feel like the best option. The thought on Goodes is unlikely to make even 100k, so I can take the cash now and use hamling as a backline loophole (not adverse to using this strategy, currently ranked in top 2% with a juicy looking team) Im a doggies supporter and can see hamling getting 6-10 games this year starting in about a month. He is only an injury to Talia or similar away from cracking the 21. performing well in the VFL.


The beauty of starting the year with Fyfe, Sloane, Lewis instead of Ablett or Rockliff, Pendles i still have a moderate heart rate and can focus on more genius/stupid moves this week like my decision to bench Hogan and play Lonie


Thinking the same thing.


Hopefully the crows spank the dees and it pays off. cant see Hogan going much bigger than Lonie this week either way.


Would anyone else start oxley over ibbotson this week ?? Thinking oxley could go big again against the saints and ibbotson will get an average score against WC


Can you loophole oxley fri night game. Ive got both these players also but no loop unless Goodes out. Im backing Ibbo in but not confidently.


No loophole option unfortunately but I'm leaning toward Oxley for now


thoughts on lamb to mcgrath or lonie?


I’m thinking the same


Salem or Hogan on the ground??? Was thinking of loop holing one or the other on the bench as emergency if they score 80+ Lamb goes onto the ground Mitch Clarke onto the bench and hope he doesn't kick a bag against GC.


i benched Hogan for Lonie, There will be plenty of ball in the backline for Salem to get though keep him on.


Gooday Community!

Wondering who should cop the VC out of Sloane, Danger, Gray, Swan or Dusty?

Need two on field in my defence out of McIntosh, Oxley and Saad.

Need two on field in my forwards out of Clark, Salem and Hogan.

Cheers For All Thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚

X man

who to bring in for Clancy of the Overflow (or underpants)?? he really stinks.


Hi community and hello Jock "THE DON" Reynolds.
Looking for some guidance plz peeps. Ablett & Lambert = Lewis & Rich or the Bont & Van Berlo and $300,000 left in the war chest. Already have Fyfe, J Selwood, Sloane, Pends, Griffen and all major rookies in the guts


Lewis and Rich.

Consider JPK at 612k if you have enough cash.


Thnx riley went that way. didnt have quite enough for JPK. so glad l did, the bont probably out now


Ablett to Sloane. What a great fixture Adelaide have first half of the season, time to get onboard.
Have all the obvious rookies but worried about Wells, already having injury niggles rnd2.
Thoughts on trading Wells to Rich/NVB purely for cash generation or just ride out wells until first opportunity to upgrade?


Hold lamb or trade him to McGrath or lonie


Hi guys just needing a few different points of view.
1) I have Krakouer as a MID and looking to maybe use a trade where I take Tom Lamb out for VanBerlo (and put Krakouer up fwd)
2) I keep Krakouer as a mid and look to trade Tom Lamb out for McGrath.
My head tells me VanBerlo as he has job security and higher scores per round but also it changes my structure slightly through bringing Krak up fwd.
I already have the FWD and MID rookies that you "need" just tossing up between these 2 options.
Help please?


Personally I would take option 1. Ex Captain and plenty of experience in NVB over a handful of games in McGrath. Reckon NVB will peak at higher price and will always avoid the snot vest.


Thanks mate, totally agree. I will bring in NVB as a starter for tomorrow as its a wet Adelaide oval vs Melbourne!


Is a Lamb or Lambert to Lonie or McGrath even trade worthy? Obviously the latter are going to increase in value, but how much, enough to warrant a trade? What do peeps think?


Hey fellas

Looking forward to this week!

What’s everyone thoughts

The Bont or Shiel?


Read every second comment above. Most of them are about the Bont… You would be picking Shiel as a keeper… remember that.


Hey Guys

Apart from Ablett to Sloane

Should I trade Bewick for Oxley or trade out Deledio for The Bont

Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚




Ablett to Sloane, Wells to Swan (with move to fwd line in 1-2 weeks).

Does this make sense? Uncertainty over Well’s Achilles and BS saying he needs to be 100% or no game. Allows me to get Swan in before a price rise and will strengthen fwds next week where I am only going to F2 with Premo’s atm.


I signed up for intense debate but for some reason when ever I post it doesn't go though, I press submit and everything and I refresh the page comment isn't there.

Anyone had this same problem? or does anyone no how to fix it