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So who reckons they have it in them to knock your old uncle Jock off at Moneyball this weekend?

Jock Reynolds Supercoach GodTo demonstrate to you the incredible girth of my plum – I’ve decided to whack my weekend Moneyball teams down below for all and sundry to have a look at.

We’ve created three leagues this weekend – one for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. It’s $10 in with the kitty split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Staphy, Calluminati, NBAU23, Stewy’s Soldiers, Stoney821 – I can sense you out there. I can sense you sitting back with a smug look of satisfaction on your dials after taking out the cash winning our Moneyball leagues over the past fortnight. Sitting there grinning like Cheshire Cats.

I challenge you blokes to come up once again against the unrelenting MIGHT and POWER of Jock Reynolds this weekend.


Here is how I’ll line up this weekend. Show me your teams in the comments if you have the intestinal fortifications…













In all seriousness – would be interested to hear of anyone out there in terms of the strategies they use to get the edge in this format.. let’s get the discussion cranking..

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Let's stick to Supercoach Jock

All this other stuff is

"Bloody shit!




Agreed! higgos voice!


I seem to remember a podcast last year when you denounced betting advertising on your site because of impressionable young visitors to your site. Go back on your word much?


@ dismayed

are you appalled, outrages, perpetually offended mate?

Take walk under a car.


its not betting when YOU control the outcome. No different from being in a supercoach cash league.


Mate, bookies love fools like you!


I don't gamble, mate. But I am not against having a wager between friends, and I consider most of this community as friends. It's called putting your money where your mouth is so feel free to join the Friday night Moneyball comp and take a fool's money. astrofrankie is waiting.


It's gambling mate, just wrapped in a friendly coating!


Remind me not to invite you to any poker nights. Your righteousness would kill the mood.


Didn't say it was right or wrong champ, simply said it was gambling! Shame, you would clean up at the table with me (the bunny) there!


How is this anything like a betting website? Theres a massive difference between a cash league and sportsbet's supercoach points over/under markets. Atleast get your facts right before you talk shit about someone else


Jordan de Goey is a must at that price on Friday!


Love it jock.
Plums out for the boys. Saturday team
T McDonald , k Macintosh


Blah blah generic hatred of advertising etc etc stop making money blah blah……ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL???

Jock and the boys have toiled for years…YEARS…on this site for extremely little return. Just think about that for a second.

We all get told to pursue what we want to do in life, and if you work hard enough it will pay off. Has Jock not worked long and hard enough to begin to make some money? All our content that brought us to this community is still there, now there's just a bit extra and some colourful pictures that you can choose to ignore if you wish. IS IT THAT HARD TO DO if you don't appreciate it??

Finally, how do you even know whether Jock is making any money out of this? Is it possible he is covering his costs to run this magnificent website? Maybe he's just doing a mate a favour and trying to get him started, who knows!

Jock mate, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I think I speak on behalf of the majority when I say that I don't mind articles like these, and the advertising on your site, even though they don't interest me. We absolutely love and appreciate your hard work Jock!


Moneyball isn't jock's site, its a bit like your mum going to bingo as she knows when she purchases her 4 bingo tickets that the most she will lose is the $40 it cost her for those 4 tickets this is the same.

Moneyball is a GREAT idea for those who want to have a small bet against some friends or trying to win while playing against the great one in Jock, Ive played 3 moneyball games with Jock and he hasn't won one yet that I've been in.


the Jock games will be very hard to win, the quality of opponents best in the land. An idea will be to jump into some other leagues of non-Jock mentored players and take their money.

Jock MK2

Tigertanic has composed a well thought out & coherent analysis of a period of time Linford- concerning a site you actually CHOOSE to use ( and now abuse).
Not sure any thought what so ever went in to your comment..??
All of us that are mature enough can surely make our own decision on what to read &/or play………
Grow up buddy.


Normally I wouldn't bother but ….
Really Linford, is that really what you wanted to say ??
I should hope not. Not a wonderful reflection of ones persona.
Have a nice day :]


Linford Shulman – we don't take to kindly to your type around here!

This is a positive community mate and if you want to troll their are plenty of other sites out there for you to do that on. This isn't one of them. We have something you are clearly lack. RESPECT


I think I know who the idiot is!!!!

Linford Shulman

Big talk from a box


1. McIntosh, K
2. Shaw, H
3. Saad, A
4. Lumumba, H
5. Johnson, M
6. Oxley, A
23. Brown, N
24. Goodes, B

7. Fyfe, N
8. Bontempelli, M
9. Neale, L
10. Griffen, R
11. Selwood, J
12. Ellis-Yolmen, C
13. Heeney, I
14. Hill, B
25. Newton, B
26. Cripps, P
27. Cockatoo, N

15. Goldstein, T
16. Leuenberger, M
28. O'Brien, R

17. Gray, R
18. Swan, D
19. Franklin, L
20. Martin, D
21. Hogan, J
22. Clark, M
29. Lamb, T
30. Tarrant, R

142K left! Help


If Cripps isn't named, you could turn him into Rich! You might even do it if Cripps is named, or you could choose Newton instead. I for one would trade Cripps for Rich in a heartbeat.

Be patient with your backline. Money will start pouring in once our cash cows fatten up this year!

Your midfield is pretty solid, but you could do that trade suggested above, otherwise again be patient!

Hold on Leuey for now, I doubt he's gonna lose you money, its just a matter on whether he can make money, but something to look forward to later is turning him in into an in form ruckman.

Forward line looks good, other than the rookies on the bench. If Tom Lamb isn't named, I'd strongly consider going for Jack Lonie or even that McGrath fella from Brisbane, just don't expect him to stick around for too much longer.

Good luck mate!


your selection of Brad Hill is inspired! He looks like going to another level this year.

Tarrant isn't doing much on your forward line, I would trade him to a cash cow NVB.

The Bont

Is the scoring system in this the same as SuperCoach? Cheers

Linford Shulman

Na, u get 5 points for any disposal, 7 for tackle, 2 for mark, 2 for free for, -4 for free against, 4 for goal.


do you have to be 18 jock?


yeah, you do need to be 18 jimmy.


As with all gambling websites, DUR!!!


Must be 18 and an Australian resident.


I’m with those that want to keep this site gambling free.

Appreciate Jock, Higgo and Crouching One need to make some money for the time they put in though…

Frankly I’m astounded they don’t do better on the sponsorship front given the site traffic and specific market.

Just count me, and judging by the number of comments many others, out of this stuff.


people have a pretty simple choice, play or don't. Use this website or don't.


We are all playing Supercoach for a crack at $50,000. All things being square, you have a 1 in 200,000 chance of winning. A 25 cent bet at 200,000 to 1 odds would result in a payout of $50,000. Therefore, if you are using more than 25 cents worth of internet data over the footy season on Supercoach related activities, you are making a bad bet.

To win the Supercoach Cup you must at minimum spend $60 by having a digital subscription to Herald Sun or affiliated papers. Odds of winning are 1 in 32,768. For a $60 bet at 32,768 to 1, the payout should be just a tad under $2M. Yet the prize is a measly 2015 Nissan NP 3000 Navara valued at only $50,000!

The Supercoach website is sponsored by Sportsbet, who offer $250 worth of free bets upon making a new account *conditions apply*.

I suggest continue on your high road and maybe contact Supercoach – and let them know that you want to be counted out of 'this stuff'


good point Frank. Everytime I log onto Supercoach, there is a Sportsbet ad at the top of the page.


They need to bring in money somehow to keep this site running, I think a lot of people forget that.

I have no problem with this. It's pretty relevant to us as fantasy footballers, and its a bit different to gambling which involves a lot more luck. Pretty good odds in this, so with some skill you can increase those odds, and a bit of luck thrown in and you might win.

I can't believe the people that are complaining about 'gambling'. If you are that against it I don't know how you can watch footy with every second ad being a sportsbet one.

Keep up the good work guys, will have a go at Moneyball in the coming weeks


"and its a bit different to gambling which involves a lot more luck"…Haha, read that to yourself again out loud champ!


Wow really cant believe some of the commenst on here no 1 is forcing you to join. Plus most of the leagues are like $2 to join for a payout of $32 hardly gonna be forcing ya kids to eat cereal for dinner with those margins. For sure there are $50+ entry leagues but really ya got no 1 to blame if your gambling money you dont have its calles self control.


Got my team in for sunday

M.Clark Motlop
Fyfe Lewis O’rouke
S.Hill Hodge Smedts