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Dex Files – Marcus Bontempelli

Published by Jock on

Concrete Booking Agency

TG Footy Tracgic - DexterCommunity, I think I need to clarify this segment to you. I used the wrong analogy last week. I mentioned the “player of the week” – this may have confused you. What I’m getting at is; this segment is more about the “value pick of the week” or similar.

The player I select may not have smashed out a 150, or even been in the top 50 scores for the week – just a value selection for our teams.

Now, this week I look at Marcus “Bont” Bontempelli.

Gee-Whiz, this kid can play. 2 weeks in a row, he’s knocked out 120+ scores with a 126 and a 142. At 422k; if you started him – you’d be tickled pink! He’s on the bubble (so to speak) and even if he scores a 94, as projected; he will rise by 50k this week. What we need to work out is:

Is he worth a trade if we don’t have him?

We need to remember; “Bont” is only in his second year. Make no mistake – the kid will be a star, but will he get the “second year blues”?

I don’t think he will.

Let’s look at his numbers this season: Bont is averaging 24.5 disposals (15.5 kicks, 13.5 Contested) at 68% DE, 3.5 marks, 10 – I repeat TEN – tackles, 6 clearances, 1 rebound 50, 7 inside 50’s and 3 clangers for 134 SC from 85.5% ToG. Granted; he hasn’t been tagged – he tackles and he can win his own ball.

Yes; only two weeks have passed, and yes; Dogs have won both games – BUT… let’s say Bont averages 100 from here to the bye – which considering he averaged 95 in the nab challenge from similar ToG and similar game stats – he should appreciate around 110k.

One thing a lot of people are mentioning is the “certainty” he will be tagged. Yep, I think he will – but look at his numbers, he’s a tackling machine (4 pts per tackle) and a shade over 55% of his disposals have been contested. I don’t think a hard tag will affect his output drastically. I think the Doggies new game-plan suits his style of play and consequently – his SC output.

Last year, with McCartney as coach and being sub once, “Bont” Averaged 15.9 disposals (8.3 kicks, 7.5 contested) at 67.3% DE, 2.9 marks, 3.4 tackles, 2.3 clearances, 1 R50, 4.2 I50’s, .9 goals and 1.6 clangers a game. He averaged 76.8 SC in this time.

Take out his sub game, his SC average jumped to 82.8 in a turd of a Dogs team, and in his first year. He’s only going to get better community.

The question is – these are all hypotheticals by the way – if he averages 100 until the bye; he should be around 535k, and if a super-elite like Selwood drops a spud; you could move him on for a Selwood pre-bye, for effectively a straight swap.

What are the risks of trading to “Bont”?

There is really only one I can think of – unless you plan on keeping him.

If “Bont” drops a 60-70 point game, his appreciation will be severely stunted. He’ll either make little coin, or even lose value.

Have a backup plan for the event this happens.

Will you downgrade him or will you keep him? Don’t sideways from “Bont” if you decide to trade him in.

Does a prospective 110k appreciation warrant two trades?

I remember last year – it was post round 2 and Cotchin hadn’t given me much. I wasn’t happy, and I remember our good friend Pieman called in that week and suggested a move that I too was contemplating – Cotchin out, Matt Thomas in. WHAT?

“You must back your premiums” we always say. I say, yes this is true. But post round 2 trades are your correctives. Thomas was averaging 120 from his two games; Cotchin was averaging an ordinary 101 (for a 570k+ “Premium”).

I moved on Cotch for Thomas for an immediate 322k in kitty. Thomas only averaged 82 for the time I had him (Cotch averaged 100 until bye), I moved Thomas on in round 6, making 122k. Not that much in the scheme of things – but it did let me instantly upgrade Rohan pre-round 3 and I had enough cash left over next round to move Caddy up to Breust. Admittedly I should have gone Gray – but what I’m getting at is one downgrade can get you enough funds to upgrade 2 or 3 mid-priced players.

Aren’t trades worth gold though?

We’re always going on about plans, and I’m going to re-iterate this sentiment. If you plan your trading, you should do fine – even if you get thrown an LTI.

At the end of round 6 last year, I’d already used 8 trades, but I’d moved in 4 keepers and made around 5-600k in funds (mixed from rookie appreciation and risky downgrades that paid off).

I planned to use the funds to move on an underperforming player, with the aim to strengthen my other lines – I worked for me, and it is something I’m planning on doing this year again.

For me, “Bont” will come in with the aim to move him on by his bye to a super-elite. (I will be downgrading an under-performing premium). Thus making me money and only (hopefully) suffering a small drop in output.

I can see plenty arguing that I’m trading too aggressively; I say it’s a viable strategy to make money.

Is “Bont” a keeper?

Libba is out for the season. Everyone knows this; but what you may not know is – including NAB 2015 – “Bont” averages 110 SC without Libba in the team.

Combining 2014 (McCartney coach), Season 2015 and NAB 2015, “Bont averages 102.42 SC.

“Bont” averages 79.4 with Jong in the team (110 this year including NAB).

He averages 103.8 with Wallis in the team (122.5 this year including NAB).

I’ll just say, if “Bont” is averaging 110+ by the bye – I will keep him. It’s as simple as that.

Well Community, What are your plans for “Bont”? Is he a keeper or is he fool’s gold? We would love to hear from you below.


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Nice article!


Had the bont in my team all pre-season…traded him out at the last minute for TBC so I could afford R.Gray. Regrets? No because even tho TBC is not exactly on fire, he will still make a good 50-100k, and Gray will avg 115 for the rest of the year

I think the bont may avg 100ish if lucky….however I will say I'd be happy if I started with him because he's going to give a good output at least for the short term, and give you 100+k cash generation that you could flick off for a premium whenever you like.

Personally I wouldn't trade him in because I think we've seen the best of him and he's not in my long term plans, however I do think he will average around the 95-100 mark for the rest of the year, so you really can't go wrong if you were looking to bring him in.


Also provided TBC averages 75ish on the year, he will have done his job as my security for Nic Nat's groin, and I can flick him off or bench him right before finals for a premium

The Patty Catz

Ive got TBC in that F4 spot, its nice to have the ruck secruity, but geez are we missing the Bont train?


Great article dex i feel youve covered all the points that i was looking for a bit of info on. Wont be bringin the bont in myself just cant quite work it. I have the choice of Fasolo to B.Smith or A.Rance Cripps to NVB or Salem to The Bont i think im goin with Fasolo to Rance gaining hopefully a top 5 defender. Currently ranked 1178 hope i can keep improving keep up the good work


Do you think i should get the bont rich or shiel as risky moneymakers

General Soreness

How many underperforming premo's do you have? I would condone a GAJ to Shiel, Cripps/Salem/Clark to Bont move, despite the risk.


I have andrew swallow , luke parker and joel selwood.
Both swallow and parker have high break evens should i downgrade one?

General Soreness

I would have no hesitation in pulling the trigger on swallow, if I had the luxury of a trade. Therefore if your rookies are solid and no other forced trades, you could afford this luxury.

General Soreness

Hold Parker and Jelwood.


Don't forget Parker's game last week was almost certainly affected by his concussion the previous week. Very few players who are concussed one week and play the next have good games. I can think of Bartel and Selwood as being two who had poor games following concussions. Parker probably should not have played but I guess medical staff know him best. For the same reason, out of interest, keep an eye on Brodie Smith, if he plays this week.

The Patty Catz

Im happy Parker had an average consussion affected game last week – he now becomes a POD for us Parker owners.
Im also pleased Lewis didnt go too big so he stays less picked from the Gaz dumpers – Lewis will go nuts this year.


I’ve decided to do this General. Gaz to Shiel and Cripps to Bont. I ve got a gut feel that it’s Shiels breakout and the Bont will give me early season points while making me cash. It’s risky not taking Sloane or jpk for Gaz but I’m gonna take the chance.

General Soreness

The brilliance of the strategy is so compelling, had to put my socks back on.

For those that are able to adopt this strategy (which is not for all, Dex is quite clear in his reasoning) this may go some way to making your supercoach season.

I am highly unlikely to bring him in as my under performing premo's did so round 1, and the round 2 score is the reason they are called premo's. That is I cannot see anyone I want to downgrade for the coin. Accordingly if he goes at 110 average I will pay the premium at that time. Additionally I cannot see a situation whereby not selecting will cost you your supercoach season.

However for those that choose to adopt this, the back up plan for the Bont failing will make or break a few SC teams imho.

Again Dex pure genius mate.


I have a question both General and Dex:

What if you have a mid-price who hasn’t performed in the opening rounds? (e.g. Wells).

Would a GAJ to JPK and a Wells to Bont be a good move? It feels quite good at the moment but would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. Great write up Dex!


It also opens up DPP (as an added bonus)

General Soreness

Would not hesitate to do that move Tappa.


Hey General,

what about if you had enough for shiel too? I mean Gaz to JPK and Wells to Shiel

General Soreness

I like that even more, Shiel will outpoint Bont no worries, but will cost more as well.


Cheers General 🙂


Two games against two below average teams, for two wins. cant see him scoring 130 against teams like Hawthorn or Sydney. People want to get him expecting the same output as rounds one and two. 95-105 is the max he'll average. Not saying he isnt a gun – he is, but not going to continue to produce the same quality scores


I'd take 95-100 from this point on Matthew. Means he should grow in about $115k in value. And if he averages 100, I think that would be enough to justify his position as F6 or swinging bench cover come late in the season.


I’m with you Chicko


This is exactly my thinking at the start of the year and why I have him and not Martin. Enable me to start with Gray, Bartel, Swan and Bont at F4. Martin will go through a cold spell and can be upgraded later. Would I be happy to have him at F6 at end of the year. Bloody oath. If he looks like tiring towards end of year will be an upgrade to fallen premo for me.

Bigger issue is bloody GAJ. Said all season to big a risk to start and then last couple of days did a GAJ team and started the bloke. Want to shoot myself now. not really just trades and cash I could have used better at start of season. Started with Smith instead of upgrade. Well it is not as if I am in the boat alone. 🙂


Great read mate cheers.
I started with him and have obviously been stoked.
Not sure I would be trading him in though this week if I didn't have him.

The Patty Catz

This year like no other, Ive noticed people are falling into traps.

Preround 1: If you picked GAZ like everyone did you made that mistake.
Round 1: If you brought Tex in after round 1 you made a mistake.
Round 2: Bont is talk of town now, he plays hawks next, hasnt been tagged properly yet. I think he is this weeks 'popular trap'.

Think of the advantage you have if you dont pick him and he starts getting sub 100. Im not getting this young legend in as a POD!.

Matthew Trathen

Thanks Captain hindsight (re Gaz).

The Patty Catz

That wasn't hindsight. He hurt shoulder 8 months ago, and he didnt play NAB, and he was working hard to be fit for round 1. Highest priced player with a cloud over his head isnt hindsight, its common sense?


Agree Patty! I'm thrilled with my decision not to pick him, the warning signs were all there.




Gaz to jpk or Lewis and tbc upto bonts ? Am seriously still considering this move ..


Certainly considering this move myself


Why are you considering it. Is it a stepping stone to a premo or for a keeper for the year. If a keeper you have lost the points already and is more likely to average 95-105 rest of the year maybe lower. If as a stepping stone cant you make more money on a rookie that is missing. TBC to Bonts might get you 30 points a week. Rookie can get you 40-50, save cash and be an upgrade.

Me i want smith and cant get him this week. So GAJ to JPK/Sloane and Lambert to NVB. Next week may be downgrade Maric to TBC and upgrade KK/Goodes to Smith.


If you have TBC in your forwards as ruck cover, you will be playing with your structures too much. If you have no bench ruck cover, you should think seriously about holding TBC

Asada Bin Testin

Haha those that don't have him are all too quick to suggest he's not worth bringing in and he'll sprout spud shoots! I just want to get him to the bye rounds, see where he's at and make a judgement call thereafter. Injury aside, he's a set n forget until after round 9!

Rick Grimes

Has played nobody. See you on here Monday and we'll discuss how he went against the Hawks.


Rick, will be here. Kid is a superstar. looking forward to see how he goes over next 5 weeks, I expect him to average 100 against premo teams. If he doesnt then my bad. It is a game of risk remember.

Asada Bin Testin

Haha i'm up for the challenge Rick! Probably can chat about it around 4:30pm Sunday arvo rather than wait till Monday!


A lot of social media talk with GAJ being downgraded to the Bont then swinging Bont into the forward line. Too big a risk maybe?

General Soreness

It will be for some and only time will tell. Where is McFly with his Deloreon when you need him.

D Man

That’s what I’m thinking. Bont could be one of the top 6 fwds come season end, if not at least he’s made you some cash


Well if you keep him it doesnt matter if he makes you money, and if you trade him out it doesn’t matter if he is a top 6 fwd at seasons end

I N Pieman

It was a ballsy call last year on Cotchin. But it paid the table & then some. We got to full premo faster than almost all. I’m considering an unspeakable act this week which I’m sure you can figure out.


I can see you do it Pieman – GAJ TO THE BONT!


INP has not, No Way, Fridge will visit and kick the bejezuzzzz outa him

I N Pieman

Chump move chicko. Big ball move


This has article has changed my plans.

I was going to go Ablett to Sloan, Cripps to NVB.

I will now go Ablett to Bont, Goodes to Oxley. $450k in the kitty, Cripps to Sloan rd 4.

Good plan or am I just taking myself for a ride?

General Soreness

Good plan.


Great article Dex.
Without boring everyone with my team structure my decision this week is …..
Swan or Bontempelli into my forward line ??
Swan is proven and looks pretty safe to be a top 8 forward. He also has a much better draw over the next few weeks.
Bontempelli looks awesome though .
Hard decision.

General Soreness

I went with Swan over Bont from the get go, proven over unproven. But I expect my decision will be ratified before seasons end with Swan providing a larger total SC score.


Thanks General.
That's how I am leaning , just trying to ignore the hype.


I went with both. Swan to me reeked of potential risk. But a bit of research answered my questions and so started with him. I found the money for bont by going 4 Mid Prem and Wells. If I didnt have both at this point in time I would be doing Swan over Bont.

Not sure what to do with Wells figured i would keep him until byes. Hope the bugger plays and stays on the ground. If Scott "manages" him I going to have to downgrade him toosweet.


I’m trading B Goodes to the Bont this week. Under performing dog out. Performing dog in. I also had him numerous times preseason but couldn’t quite afford him. Team looks right with him in. Expecting him to be a great f6 season keeper at worst.


SO many contradicting articles on this site. /sigh Go sheep grab the Bont

General Soreness

The articles provide the tools.

You have to build it using those tools.


They all have different opinions, which is good. If u want a team thats the same as every I other team then go follow some other paige.


I see what you did.there


Tossing up 2 strategies to deal with Gazza:
1. Gaz to Lewis – B Goodes to Oxley, Obviously extra $300k in the bank for my next upgrade. Or:
2. Gaz to Bont- Bont & Lambert switcheroo, Lambert to Rich.

Thinking the Lewis strategy is lower risk, but Bont could pay Huge divs. I am torn!


If you plan on trading bont out later, go #2, but I reckon #1 is the smarter move, because lewis is a definite keeper whether bont may not be a keeper, so #1 has less chance of losing you a trade and I reckon oxley should go up in price a fair bit


Great Article!

Creates more questions for me….

Rich, Shiel, Bont all in calculations for me

Gaz –> JPK. Wells to the above, not sure which.


I wouldn't trade Wells sideways. Either do it for cash – so go down to a Van Berlo if you don't have him, or upgrade Wells to a keeper. If you think Bont is a keeper – then that's the best option. The third alternative is to leave Wells and just make the one trade


Spot on, keep looking at Wells and how to get Smith into backline. Heart says trade brain says sit on my trades so, No downgrade or upgrade for Wells at the moment.


Is Bontempelli really a must have? He is in an out of my team and I cant make up my mind. How do we think hell all do against Hawks, Adelaide and Sydney?

I N Pieman

Great question & that’s why I’m letting him slide. Think the young enthusiastic pups will tire. And if he gets a hard tag & surely it’s coming how will that affect him.


I agree Pieman. But, geez he does look good. Watched both games and just delivered the ball well which will help his cause.

sam siddall

Agree pieman

sam siddall

Hes so badly priced if he was 360k id be all over it


Imo, I dont think hell score over 100 in the next 3 weeks.

sam siddall

Only get him if u dont need 2 get the right rooks in and have an underperformed prem or have enough to upgrade a rook who isnt going great eg cripps otherwise dont do it


Scored 42 last year against Sydney and 59 against Hawthorn … but he was only 18 and the dogs have a better set up this year …. interesting dilemma

sam siddall

Already got tex walker cant have both but plan on going the cloke jb move with tex for lids or selwood with dwan in my mids when both drop hope tex can go 100+ this week to set it up


Great article, Loving it Dex

Super Coach wisdom in need!

Is it better to trade Gary to NVB this week and have 600 grand in bank, I am seriously considering it because I feel like I need the cash generation from NVB more than I need the extra 50ish points that Super premo will score over him.

Is 50 points worth more the 60k he will go up?

Thoughts Community

My other trade this week will be H Goddard to Oxly

sam siddall

Go nvb i reckon aslong as u upgrade with that cash next week i just left 125k in bank to get mcgarth nvb in 4 goodes and cripps

I N Pieman

Oxley is a must have. Good move. Like your thinking with Gary.


I'm doing something similar (Gary to Bont, Cripps to NVB), but on the proviso that I spend that money soon. Like Selwood next week.



Good article bont is a 100% forward keeper! for you those with ablett, it is a simple downgrade bont/tex for ablett and under performing rookie, you then have 2 keepers instead of one! Plenty of midfielders are misfiring early so there will be plenty of value in the midfield when rookies mature! Get on these 2 they won't let you down


Goodes to bruce or hunt and cripps or newton to vanberlo?

sam siddall

Not worth wasting a trade with goodes unless ur going up or down dont go sideways


just thinking about bruce's price jump for the next two weeks and been able to bring in a keeper after that. what are your thoughts on getting in vanberlo?


Sideways trades. No


Could be classed as correction I don’t really see Goodes rising a lot

General Soreness

I do not like any of these Gordo.


Completely agree with General on this one Gordo.


Its wrong to say he hasn’t been tagged, Adam Selwood tagged him round 1


Make that Scott Selwood


the guy who played not much footy with ankle injury… yeah definitely not the bloke for the job round 1….doesnt count imo


Great work Dex. I was at the Rd 1 game and Sellwood actually tagged him. The Bont's half time score was average and it was a dominant quarter in the 3rd and then followed into the last that scored him the points. Sellwood may well have played the second half with the injury that now has him out for 3-4 weeks, so not sure on whether that allowed him off the leash. However, I was impressed that he did not let the tag, nor a quieter start for him perpetuate for the whole game – normally a second year blues scenario. He is a massive midfielder, e.g. as big and imposing as a JPK or Fyfe, covers the ground the ground quicker, has arguably better use by foot and almost has Fyfe's level of coordination. I was lucky enough to grab him up front and I can see arguments both ways if you don't have him between getting him in or putting on your future watchlist.


Martin to Bont? Could, Should and/or Would you do it?
Martin, potential high ceiling, low bottom, inconsistent – projected to drop 15k
Excellent write up on Bont here. High potenital – projected to increase 50k this week alone…
I'm tempted.
I also have Swan..


martin is a keeper he will be one of the top forwards this year don't waste the trade


Cheers Gordo. I think I'm actually just going to sit and hold trades…
I have Goodes (and rest of must have rookie defenders), who I wouldn't mind ditching… but for who??? Jackson Ramsay?
I have Lamb who I wouldn't mind switching up for Hogan (have Salem, Clark and Lonie as other rookies)…
Nothing in the bank atm to work with, so might just wait on cash gen.


if you can i would defaintly go lamb to hogan. I'm having the same problem with goodes think of going to hunt or bruce just for there price rises over a couple rounds then been able to straight swap them to someone i can keep all year


The time for this decision was preseason. Dusty inconsistency has p'd me off for two years now but always had him. This year I will grab him at Byes time and hope the mongrel doesnt spud it in the finals again. So Gray, Bartel, Swan and Bont and bloody happy with it. Salem, Clark, Hogan and Lamb as rookies. My forwards are set until bye time at the moment.
My backs are a disaster? Problem is I have the good rookies and cannot afford the premo's my mid pricers are struggling but early days and outside of Smith who will average a 100 down back?


Keep dusty


G'day Tofor – I wouldn't get rid of Martin for The Bont


Dusty BE is high this week because of his 53 in rd1. That’s gone after this week. His 139 will then be in the calc for 2 weeks which will create an increase in his price. If he goes down $15k this week he’s just as likely to recover that back the week following.


remember he is a mid fwd so u could always try if u have some money bring bont in by a rich etc just a idea


I have Minson and TBC. I am not fussed with TBC as at his price will still rise in value even if he averages 75. At 500k I am a bit concerned with Minsons average of 78 and 60 last weekend which is shithouse for his price and with a breakeven of 137 is sure to drop in value. Not sure whether I should upgrade to Goldy or sideways to nic nat or any other ideas????need help

brucees pasted jocks

you've chosen your ruckmen now stick with them. too late to change now- you had unlimited trades for months leading up until round 1.

or to put it another way- let me ask you this. Why did you choose to start the year with TBC and Minson?


I wouldn't trade out TBC right now. Essendon just played arguably the two of the toughest teams in the comp and their draw opens up for the next 3 weeks. I expect TBC's scores to rise.


I think Minson to goldy is a good trade no matter what but only sideways trade him to nic nat if you have spare trades and no other corrective trades


Hold. You can trade Minson anytime, right now there is no reason to think he will be any worse than any other ruck option. Get your rookies sorted, ditch a failing mid pricer who won't come good. Right now Minson is scoring you points and there's more money to be made else where if that's what you're after.


Hi guys, great article.

I have both lamb (wce) and miller (gc) in my side and have concerns about future playing time.

Community, what are your thoughts? Hold or trade?


Hold hold

I N Pieman

I think lamb will see plenty of game time. West coast need players. Miller still a low BE. Unless you have a glaring miss sit tight


No real glaring hole as such. Was thinking Nathan vb and perhaps Sinclair from st k. That kid is hard at it.


Thanks guys


Hold Lamb. I think he should play this week with Tunbridge.

Jamie (cont)

-'s injury.


With frawley out for sometime will gibbo play as a key defender


I think the Hawks will find room for either Spranger or shoemakers. Gibbo will be free to do what he does best


What about white x?


Minson out for bont by swinging TBC into ruck. Thoughts? Will pocket 80K from this as well.

Don't feel I need ruck cover any more and need another good option up forward as I have gray and swan rest are rookies and mitch Clark. TBC scoring similar to Minson anyway. Also had all the rookies needed from start only problem is I had Patrick cripps who I will probably trade to van Berlo.


Thinking the same

brucees pasted jocks

LOL don't need ruck cover anymore???? what makes you think that?? do you know how many ruckman have played all games in a season? Its in jocks book. AND youre choosing to keep TBC over Minson? email me some of that stuff youre smoking. TBC was already sore after game 1 and that weak dumpling will be giving you donuts in the next month- guaranteed!!!

they even upgraded mckernan before others because they know after round 1 TBC is close to cooked.

on avge you will need at least on 6 occasions ruck cover- or 6 donuts if you prefer. but there will be ruck problems and donuts this year that is guaranteed- and everyone will have to waste a trade brininging a ruckman- that's only if they have the cash available on the round they need to do the trade.


You make some good points and I gave given it some more thought. I am weighing up two options:
1. Minson->Bont; Cripps->NVB
2. Goodes->DEF rookie; Miller->NVB

It’s a tough one … Pros and cons on both sides. Ruck cover is just one if the issues.

I must admit, option 2 maybe the more sensible option. Gives me 11 solid rookies (including cripps, but not lamb) and a solid basis for following the trading plan outlined in the magazine.Could easily pick up the bont as part if that, even if he is more pricey.

The trade off will be possible loss of points between the bont and Minson. However, over eight week @ 20pts differential I am only looking at 160pts. This could be made up thru def loophole, ruck cover plus a saved trade. I also get to see how the bont goes against good opposition.

As it turns out, I may be more likely to trade Goodes out if he is named! If he is dropped, he keeps his value and works as an emergency loophole. Gotta love this game!


what about dahlihaus or bennell from the suns as I have bomp dahlihas bebbell Hogan cark Hawkins think this weekend the hawk and cark will takes bags of marks ad kick bags of goals against a week suns back line those 2 over the next 3 or 4 weeks will do well I think I have swan in the midfield


Dex do you reckon rich is a better pick?

The Pensta

tossing up Cripps>Rich or NVB myself….


Hey community!

I am having trouble with 1 player.

This player is Travis Boak. He cant handle a tag and is only averaging 75, which in my opinion is shite.

Would you rather trade Boak for a 580K Mid? If so Who?


Would you rather swap Martin or Bont into the Mid so I can get a 580K FWD? If so who?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


If this your only problem you are doing well.

Keep Bock

General Soreness

Danger, Heppel or go to Shiel pocket some coin and get him on the up, he will rise to $580K then pick off whomever you like. If he hasnt turned into a keeper that is.


Get on Wines!


Only high priced forward I would consider would be Gray. If under 580 Dangerfield. I am hoping to get Boak for b'all come rnd 8/9/10.

The Pensta

One trade will be Hambly>Oxley, other trade – Cripps>Rich Or NVB or Lambert>Salem? Thoughts….


I'd hold onto Cripps for now.


Haven't got the Bont as yet… But wondering who everyone thinks will be say the 'Top 8' forward eligible players this season? Surely at say an average of 90-100? He'd be in and around that conversation. I'm not wanting him as a mid like many people are suggesting.. purely as a forward.. Upgrading him from Rookie Lamb with the extra money from GAJ.

General Soreness

Top 8 will go between 100-110. He is in and around the conversation if he goes 90-100. A steal if he maintains 100 average at his price.


I guess a top 6 forward would average 100+ to be considered one of the best. Then 7-10 would average 95-100. I think Bont should be capable of averaging over 95 due to the amount of monster tackles and finds his own ball really well. I was also playing on upgrading Lamb too (if you read below).


Is Shiel the real deal ?

General Soreness

I believe so, will he be a top 8-15 mid by years end……maybe, on current form yes.


Similar to General. Think he is. I've got Shiel in my draft team and couldn't be happier. Gun. Unlikely to cop a tag with Ward, Griff and Treloar in the same midfield.


I see Bonti as an upgrade target if he turns into a premium. I want to wait and see if he can score this well against the better teams. The dogs have some tough matches coming up.

brucies pasted jocks

yeh great thoughts- but this is SC not DT so which team you play is irrelevant.

many players in lower teams score highly against the better teams!!!!!

in fact how many times over the years have you thought to yourself 'gees my premo scored that low against GWS/melb/stK'???

Infact a lot of premos score poorly against bottom teams- and that's a fact. DT and SC are totally different.


should i get rid of cripps


Differing thoughts on this one Bobby. I have Cripps and will likely trade him down to a rookie on the bubble in my forward line. I can also see why you might wait and see if he plays this week and what he produces to see what price rise he gets. by waiting, you obviously miss the chance to pick a rookie on the bubble.


Hold. For now.


Cripps is likely to get support and games at Carlton cause they need a body in the contest. Think Miller is a bigger problem and for me lambert was even bigger problem. Last year on review my biggest mistake was trading too much and too quick.


Can I have some help please?
My trades are gary to Bont and Lamb (if he isn't named) to Pavlich. The reason why I got pav is that his BE is 3 and is 459k. His scores so far have been 136 against port and 128 against geelong. So, if he gets another 110+ against a depleted WCE backline, he'll probably move up to 510k. If however he starts backfiring like he always does, he will probably be up at around 550k where I can upgrade him to a proven FWD premo. Thoughts?


G'day Stevo, perhaps have a listen to Jock on the podcast about Pavs tooth length. He does normally start quite well, but if you are looking at him as a keeper then I would wait. I really like Pav as a player, and he is a gun. Not sure though he is for the world of Supercoach this year. I'd hold fire.


Now that is a Shark move!


-Appreciate it Chicko, I'm probably not gonna keep Pav, key forwards are never keepers to me (except for buddy). Like I said above when I think he will peak in price which I hope is over 550k i upgrade him to a proven FWD premo. I've only got Pav for the quick cash n points grab.
-Derek, I considered it a shark move too haha. I actually have EXACTLY 0 remaining salary left over…


Wasting trades. Upgrade to players you want in final rounds at the end.


Dex, just when I thought I had my trade or two sorted for this round, you release the hounds on this outstanding piece of research.

In terms of some of the comments on this loop, yes The Bont has been prolific in the first two rounds, yes he is likely to cop a tag, yes the young Doggies may tire BUT if he can keep tackling at 7-10 tackles a game then the floor in his scoring is raised and he gets anywhere between 28-40 points without touching the pill. For this reason alone, I am thinking seriously about bringing him in and maybe keep him as a long term DPP for finals as a F6 or F7 swinging into M8 or M9 cover.

Thank you Dex, a tremendous amount of thought has gone into this little beauty.


Chicko, great thinking and best explanation of why to bring in Bont and how he fits your strategy. Top stuff mate.


Lambert to CEY or nvb?

General Soreness

CEY for mine


Go CEY, saves 100k and will have similar output


Thanks guys. Was favouring CEY but a lot of talk of nvb as a rookie option so had me thinking.


Bont was tagged both games, first by Scott Selwood and then by Dustin Martin


Wouldn't say tagged Chaz, it was said that Dusty "ran head to head" with Bont as you could tell by them both being off the chain racking up around 30
If you have Bont bloody well played by picking him but i'm not bringing him in because i doubt he'll be a top 6 fwd by years end


Agree… You trust this guy in the final rounds or its another trade gone…


Josh kennedy(syd) or Jordan Lewis


You won't go wrong with either Rob. If you need some further food for thought. Check out the pre-season article Dex wrote on Lewis and that I wrote on JPK. It will only serve to make the decision harder. I've started with Lewis in my squad and targeting JPK and Sloane as upgrade 1 and 2.


Geez Chicko I like the way you think mate. DG from GAJ to JPK or Sloan for me. I am going JPK with upgrade to sloan later. Lewis I am not yet comfortable with. I have to get Pendles and Sloan as 1/2


hi community thoughts on
savage or mcdonald
prestia or jack


McDonald and Prestia.


Savage and McDOnald are awkward midpricers and have both had easy runs in the first two weeks so i'd steer clear
Prestia and Jack are interesting PODs, i like prestia with Gaz being out for a little bit but i think Jack with be overshadowed by JPK and Parker as the year wears on


Gaz to shiel and bank 230 k
What are your thoughts ?? 🙂


Yeah I did that, but also Upgraded Cripps to Bont


Me too George!


Have you got JPK and Sloan. If not they're proven performers and shiel has had really easy opposition so far, wait till he plays a top 4 side and struggles to make 70/80


thinking of going 1 of these 3 options would love your thoughts

1: Trade GAJ- JPK then upgrade SHEED OR CRIPPS to RICH?
2: Trade GAJ- LEWIS then upgrade SHEED OR CRIPPS to BONT?
3: Trade GAJ- JPK and hold CRIPPS and SHEED?


Wait and see if Cripps is going to play and where. If he's sub/bench go to rich assuming you have NVB because i think that's a sign that mick doesn't rate him enough for much time on the ball
Bont has such a tough run coming up so i don't think he'll be averaging 100 in another 4-5 rounds so i'm not jumping on his bandwagon
Up to you with JPK or lewis, go with your gut
Good Luck!


i dont have nvb hahah


nvb is solid. i like option 2


I like 2 a lot. However, if Cripps is named hold him. You can't really judge a performance from a rookie after his first game, I was there and watched Cripps and he looked like he was adjusting to AFL in the first quarter, then started racking up points in the second half


3. Keep your trades


If I was going to do one of these it would be GAJ – Lewis and Sheed to Bont. Bont should be a keeper at F6 or M8/9 Assumes Lewis will be a keeper. Rich is not a keeper.


Plan has always been to get 95 average out of Bont as a Fwd, either keeping or upgrading to a top 6 if others start surpassing him. I’m confident he’s actually going to hold at least a 100 now though

He was tagged in the first game (Selwood) and broke it


just need some help i'm not sure who to get out of jack Mundy and Shiel


Shiel. Higher ceiling.

brucees pasted jocks

As much as I love watching Cyril and testing the industrial and tensile strength of the elastic stitching in the front of my trackie dack seams when I see the young lad play I love my SC ohhhhhh its almost as speshal…

But year after year Brucies Pumpers (hidden team) has noticed a trend with his scoring and trading.

Brucies Pumpers always start well and score of around 2100 and 2200 and then once trading begins the score seemingly drop for a few weeks. Infact a lot of times it takes the Pumpers (previously called the YankJackers) until mid season to score 2500+ scores. Yet I see round 1 scores of 2400+ which would mean with a score like that who needs to trade? with just under 2300 round 2 this year I think the Pumpers will be patient with trades. My first ever team BruciesPorkSword was banished to the lower percentages but not this year. After going from round 1 40,000 ranking to a round 2 ranking of 8000 I will be holding trades. Or this team will fold at the end of the season if its not a high percentile finish and I will start planning for BruciesMeatedPipe 2016 campaign


Pure genius, Dex. Was considering going to from Beams to Sloane but this beaut has me reconsidering. Can't argue with the moola and flexibility to upgrade it will grant. Only thing is contingent if Bont can either keep at it or not hit the 2nd year blues round 3. As you pointed out, the tackling proficiency will definitely help when he's struggling with the harder tags. He doesn't need 30 possies to go 110+.

Well done, my friend!

Your #1 Fan from Brooklyn


Was thinkings similar Tf, Beams to JPK or Mundy as a pod. I've been fortunate with the right rookies so wasting a sideway trade doesn't hurt as much. Beams just hasn't clicked at the Den and JPKs and Mundys inside work and DE are both awesome.

The extra 100k will come in handy too.

Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Thoughts??


Think you can't go wrong with either JPK or Mundy, Brewmaster. Both steady ton masters. First year I haven't had both on my team. Big scores won't come in bunches but they'll deliver most rounds than not. And rarely go down with injury.

Right now struggling with the same sort of move to Sloane or the long-term trading benefits of going to Bont. Hmmmm.


No doubt Beams will find his feet, but I'm not that patient. A weakness of mine, and always loved picking the best from the best teams. Both Swans and Freos mids are looking strong.

Beams may drop 30k and Mundy add 30k so makes the decision easier.

It seems I've talked myself into the clean hands of Mundy.

Thanks for reply, best of luck.


Bonts is a must I think.

I started with Bonts and Sloane, both are awesome to watch. So good luck with picking one over the other. Sloanes consistant 120+ are too hard to ignore.


Same impatience, I'm afraid. As long it isn't rage trading and you're backing your decision with a firm understanding of what the gains and losses could be, can't fault that. That said, I've given myself just this corrective. No more. Backing the rest of the premos.

Best of luck to you, Brewy!


If Cripps doesn't come in this week is it time to trade him to someone like van Berlo?


Cripps should play. Was just a sore back last week